News: December 11, 2008

Major updates on the older stories. I'm finally making time to get stuff on the site that should have been posted years ago. If you care to keep track of my progress, there are approximately 1400 stories that should be on this site.

News: July 1, 2006

Added navigation to the front page. I'll be adding descriptions of what they are as I have time.

News: July 17, 2005

DragonsFic was reborn as FaF-Fic, the links have all been updated.

News: June 15, 2005

Well, all my Yahoogroups were deleted, so the ones referanced here are no longer in existance. I will remake them, hopefully next week.

News: May 3, 2005

At 8 parts, the title of A Heritage of Power 3-13 finally got to me. Not that The Path Between Light and Dark is incorrect, far from it, but the odd part numbers got to me.

So I renamed the parts for the entire series. It's still A Heritage of Power #, but now the central character's name is on it and for Jay's Story, I made more interesting, and shorter, titles than The Path Between Light and Dark book/interlude #..

The text didn't change, just the subtitles.

So it's now:
A Heritage of Power 1: Jake's Story: For the Love of a Partner
A Heritage of Power 2: Jessie's Story: Daughter of the Future's Past
A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 1: Lost Kitten Found
A Heritage of Power 4: Jay's Story 2: A Padawan To Be
A Heritage of Power 5: Jay's Story 3: A Triad Formed?
A Heritage of Power 6: Jay's Story 4: One Knight Hunting
A Heritage of Power 7: Jay's Story 5: Trials and Pain
A Heritage of Power 8: Jay's Story 6: Healing
A Heritage of Power 9: Jay's Story 7: Investing in the Future

For the curious who are following the series, Jay's Story has 3 more short parts (under a 100kb-ish) and one more long one planned, in that order.

A Heritage of Power is likely to continue. A 5th generation in the family has already been developed, though we're not as sure what we're going to do to him yet.

News: November 24, 2004

Those of your who have visited before may have noticed that the site has once again gone under a revamp. This time it's actually how I want it. I finally learned enough to get it right. All that is left is to add all the older stories (at least a couple thousand of them) while keeping up with the new ones.

It's going to be a long process.

In the meantime, our work can also be found at:
Rauhnee's Homepage (her solo written stuff, very old)
Our SWAT Kats stories
Rauhnee's SWAT Kats stories
Our Fic mailing list, has most of our newer stuff