A Heritage of Power 1: Jake's Story 2:
A Night of Pleasure

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs set the phone in her living room down with something akin to shock. After two years, she had expected he'd forgotten completely, but now they were on their way.

Two years ago, Razor had come to ask for her help, and Jake had ended up in her bed. She had never been able to shake the feeling that it hadn't been completely consensual, for all she couldn't find anything to tell her otherwise. Now, two years of healing and a year of field work behind him, Jake seemed to have decided that it was something he wanted more of ... with his partner no less.

That thought sent a shiver down her spine. Just the idea of being between the two of them was enough to make her wet.

And it was something that meant she needed to get ready; after all, they were on the way already. She started into the other room to change and tidy up a little bit.

She'd interacted with both of them on an official basis since the strange fiasco with Dark Kat, of course. Occasionally on an unofficial one, but not too often. Something like this was out of the blue, to say the least. But, thinking back to that night two years ago and the second tom coming over, she could definitely count it among her pleasant surprises lately.

She had just slipped into a lacy teddy in her usual pink and a matching pair of stockings and panties when the light knock she'd learned to associate with Jake quickened her pulse again.

She smiled at the thought of how he'd probably react to her outfit; unless he'd loosened up a lot, Chance would probably just about have to be there to keep him from passing out. She started out into the front room, checking at the peephole quickly to make sure it really was the cinnamon-furred tom before she opened the door.

"Hello," she purred in welcome, stepping back to let Jake and Chance in, and let them get a good look at her.

"You are looking very good, Callie." The burly tabby rumbled while Jake was still processing what he was looking at.

"Thank you," she grinned as Chance managed to get Jake inside the front door and closed it behind the two of them. "Jake? Do you like it?" She asked, knowing she was teasing but not really able to resist as she swished her long, fluffy tail behind her.

"If he doesn't, then I need to check him for a pulse," Chance smirked. "Though at this rate, I just might have to do that anyways.

"Oh, I think we can come up with ways to make sure he's got a pulse," Callie winked.

"I'm not that dead." Jake protested, though his attention was focused on the expanses of pale, creamy peach fur and the rich pink that concealed very little of it. His memory was more than enough to fill in the gaps.

"Have to say, I was more than a little surprised to get that call. Whose idea was this?" She admitted with a soft rumble as Chance came close with a hungry look.

"Mine," Jake admitted, his voice a low rumble as he watched his partner move in on her.

"Mmm ... and is it your idea that I play with your partner first?" Callie rumbled, backing up against the wall as Chance closed the distance between them, fairly sure that this was something the lean tom wanted to watch. She kissed the tabby deeply, parting her lips and letting him explore her mouth as she started to unbutton his shirt.

"Something about as fun as it was to do, he wanted to see it." Chance chuckled deeply and snapped the thin string holding her panties on and slipped his large fingers into her damp sex.

"Oooh...." Callie purred, pressing into his touch as she worked his shirt open, only to have her hands guided down by Chance's free one. "Good to know he didn't forget."

"Just like before." Chance whispered in her ear before kissing her again.

"That is a difficult thing to forget." Jake licked his whiskers back, his gaze intent and his pants already tight.

"Skipping the blowjob though?" She said teasingly, kissing him back and running her hands down his back, reaching around his broad body to massage the spot above the burly Tabby's tail as she rubbed her thigh against the growing bulge in his crotch.

"No." Jake rumbled in anticipation.

"He's still getting used to getting off on watching." Chance grinned with a wink at his mate as he hand his hands along Callie's shapely body. "Not that you'll notice him much longer."

"No problem," Callie purred. "Just checking," she winked, sliding Chance's shirt off the rest of the way and slipping her hand down into the tabby's pants to stroke his shaft beneath his jeans. "Mmm ... somebody's not going to take nearly as much prep," she teased, sliding down to her knees, taking Chance's jeans along with her.

"Somebody's been looking forward to this for a couple days." He chuckled, then groaned and let his head fall back when she took the tip of his cock between her soft lips. "Oh, yeah."

"Lucky for Jake he didn't give me the same warning," Callie grinned, giving his barbed length a slow, hungry lick as she fondled his balls and reached back to run the tip of her finger around the tabby's pucker, making sure he didn't react badly. Jake sure hadn't, and she doubted Chance would, but there was no telling with the macho types.

And Chance was definitely the macho type.

She could feel a touch of surprise, then a deep rumble as he pressed back into her finger.

"Somebody didn't give you all the details," Callie smirked up at him, pressing her finger into his ass and shifting to take his shaft fully into her mouth, suckling the tabby's thick, musky cock. It was exciting, as was the realization that Jake was definitely getting turned on by her performance.

"He's sexy when he's off guard." Jake chuckled with a deep breath as his eyes roved over the display of opposites engaged in pleasure. This was better than watching the team. They were fighters, every one of them. Callie wasn't, and Chance ... he'd never tire of watching that buff body.

Callie, for her part, wasn't objecting at all to Jake watching. She inhaled deeply, picking up his arousal mingled in with the potent musk of Chance's as she added a second finger to the Tabby's ass, working his barbs with her rough tongue until he was on the verge of orgasm, slowing down, deciding to tease him for a little bit, and give Jake a better show.

It was an effort he appreciated as he leaned back against a wall and unzipped his jeans to tease himself lightly through the white fabric of his underwear. It was even better with the fear and uncertainties of that day two years ago long gone, and he intended to make it last.

Callie grinned, looking up into Chance's eyes as she fingered his ass and slowly worked his shaft. This was even better than she'd imagined before they'd gotten here, knowing that Jake was getting off on watching them. She stood, kissing Chance heatedly and rubbing his shaft against her sex.

"Ready for the next part?" She asked with a deep, lusty purr.

"Always, hot stuff." He grinned down at her and shifted to sink into her hot, slick body. "Exciting, isn't it?" He whispered into her ear with a groan. "To know just looking at you can turn him on like that."

"Oooh ... think it's more looking at you," Callie purred, wrapping her arms around Chance's back, her legs around his waist as she let the powerful tom lift her up and start to take her with gusto. She flexed the muscles of her sex around his length, milking him and kissing him hungrily.

"Mmm, he's always got me." The tabby chuckled and pressed her against the wall, his entire body flexing and rippling in the effort, and to show off for his admirer. "You're a novelty in this."

"Good to know," Callie chuckled back, leaning her head back and moaning in ecstasy as Chance's shaft rubbed her most sensitive spots. "Mmm... feels so good," she groaned, scratching his back lightly with her claws.

The tabby didn't reply with words, but his thrusts became sharper, his breath more ragged, even as Jake added a soft groan to the exciting melody of pleasure in the room. Callie could see him out of the corner of her eye, the even movement of his hand along his cock as he slowly pleasured himself. She gasped as much from surprise as pleasure when she met his amber eyes and realized that he really was looking at her.

Just then, whether because of the extra thrill of knowing that or lucky coincidence, she felt her insides clench around the barbed length deep inside of her. She pressed desperately, needily against Chance, her pussy milking his cock as she climaxed hard.

"Oh, yeah!" Chance managed before he roared with a powerful thrust that shot his seed all the way into her womb, their pleasure feeding off the other's reactions in a outward spiral that left them both breathless and needing the wall for support.

"Mmmm," Callie mumbled when a hand slid across her breast, drawing her attention to the expanse of dark cinnamon fur standing next to her.

She turned her face, kissing Jake tenderly, opening her eyes to look into his deep amber ones. "Bed?" She asked with a lazy purr. "Or you just want to join in here?"

"Bed." Chance answered for him with a wink that took a moment for Jake to understand.

Then he grinned and helped support her as Chance pulled out of her and set her on her feet. "Yeah, the bed is easier." He agreed and swept her up in his arms to carry her to her large bed.

"Mmm ... forget how strong you are sometimes," Callie purred, nuzzling and kissing Jake's chest as she was set down and he knelt over her for a solid kiss while he lightly fingered her sex, dripping with Chance's juices as well as her own.

"Just because I hang out with the walking tank over there." Jake chuckled and spread her lower lips to sink into her with a single motion while Chance relaxed back against the wall, now free of all his clothes.

"Oh yes," Callie groaned and wrapped her arms around the lean kat on top of her, her legs spread wide as she leaned up to kiss him hungrily. It was only a moment before the sharp thrusts and his moans made her realize that he hadn't come watching his partner take her, but it had brought him very close.

Chance rumbled as he watched Jake claim a hard, demanding kiss and pound into her with the eagerness of waiting too long. It was a rare sight to see the lean tom so unabashed and drunk on pleasure. The only other time he'd seen Jake like this was the threesome with Vale, but then Vale had his own special bond with the lean tom. It wasn't like what Chance had with Jake, but it was the second strongest in Jake's life, just above Midnight.

The tabby shook his head sharply and focused on the enticing sight before him; Jake had his jaws around Callie's shoulder, his hands had her wrists pinned above her head and the ripple of her muscles was a sharp reminder of what she could make you feel. Every growl and thrust brought Jake closer to the edge and he wasn't fighting it.

Callie was pressed against him submissively, working his shaft skillfully as she mewled in pleasure, his barbs digging into slick, sensitive flesh. Chance's cock was getting hard as a rock again just watching them as she tried to work Jake over the edge. It didn't take long before he bit down on her shoulder with a muffled roar and slammed into her for the first burst of seed to be emptied into her eager body.

Callie moaned in pleasure, scratching his back lightly as her own body spasmed and drew every drop of the lean tom's cum into her hungry sex. She rolled over on top of him once he released her shoulder, kissing him hungrily as she raised her tail invitingly for Chance.

The tabby was on the bed with them in an instant, kissing the back of Callie's neck and rubbing his cock up against Jake's, drawing a deep groan and shudder from the smaller tom as he began to thrust again. Chance grinned down at him and pressed up into the peach-furred shekat's tight, hot, wet body.

Callie squeezed her eyes shut and moaned deeply as the two shafts stretched her pussy to its limits. Her body shuddered as they set up a counter rhythm; one pulling out as the other pressed in. She shivered again and whimpered as they found their rhythm and and lost themselves to it.

She tried to keep pleasuring the both of them, but it wasn't long before the two toms pistoning into her body had reduced her to whimpering and kissing Jake hungrily as the two of them mated her, seemingly forever.

Her entire body felt like jello when she felt Jake's rhythm change; his thrusts harder, sharper, close to the edge. One of his hands left her back to explore the powerfully muscled body above hers, his touch skilled and knowing just how to push his mate into an orgasm with him.

Chance rumbled deeply, biting down on Callie's scruff as his own thrusts shifted, matching Jake's as he braced himself on the bed, his balls tingling. They pulled up close to his body as he groaned around the fur and skin between his teeth, pumping his seed into the willing shekat between him and his mate.

"Incredible." Jake whispered, his body still trembling as Chance continued to lazily rub against him inside Callie's body.

"More than," Callie moaned, panting softly and nuzzling Jake's neck. "Oooh... afraid I need a bit of a breather though," she purred, reaching back to caress Chance's thigh. "Don't think you two'll have any problems coming up with something to do?"

"Never have before," the tabby grinned down at her and his mate before slowly pulling out of her, drawing moans from them both.

"Oooh... hope you don't mind if I watch," Callie grinned. "Tit for tat, after all," she winked, climbing out from between the two of them and kneeling next to the bed, cum dripping from her sex, mixed liberally with her own juices.

"Not at all," Chance grinned as he lay down next to Jake and kissed the lean tom hotly while Jake rolled up on top of him. They proceeded to make out until they had recovered enough to rub each other to hardness. With a slightly regretful moan Jake broke the kiss and lifted himself up in a sensual display of the male form and pleasure as he guided Chance's hard cock deep into his body in a single smooth motion without bothering to prep himself.

Chance groaned deeply as he reached up to rub Jake's chest with one hand and his hip with the other as the cinnamon tom lowered himself onto his thick, barbed length. Callie purred as she watched, enjoying the show immensely. The two toms were incredibly hot together, and very clearly in love with each other. It only made the display more incredible to know she was privileged to watch something not that many people would be allowed to.

Chance ground his hips up against Jake's, groaning as his barbed length worked in and out of the smaller tom's ass. He reached down, grabbing Jake's ass and pulling him against him with each thrust, his tail lashing between his legs as Jake made a shameless display of himself for his mate, the fact that there was a watcher long since forgotten.

Callie decided to remind him and climbed up on the bed behind him to press her breasts against his back. She reached down to stroke his cum-slicked cock with her slender fingers, moving in time with Chance's thrusts up into the lean tom's ass. The deep moan and counter-thrusts Jake made into her hand broke the pair's rhythm for a moment, but they quickly adjusted.

"Close," Jake whispered in warning, something that only encouraged Chance to shift his angle a touch, sending a web of raw pleasure across the lean tom's body.

Callie pressed her nose into Jake's neck, inhaling his heavily aroused scent deeply, shivering to her core at the thrill of pleasure it sent through her. It grew even stronger when Jake cried out with a roar, his hips bucking into her hand as his ass spammed around his mate's cock.

Finally, Chance groaned, his balls tightening as he filled Jake's ass deeply with his thick, hot seed.

"That never gets old." Jake panted softly as he tried to catch his breath.

"You guys are incredible," Callie purred, taking her sticky fingers from Jake's cock and licking them clean. "Mmm... so, are you two planning on staying the night?"

"Yes," Jake murmured as he relaxed back, relishing the feeling of being so full of his mate.

"Mmm... good," Callie purred, relaxing them all down onto the bed as Chance wrapped his arms around Jake. "We can play around a bit in the morning then maybe," she rumbled as the trio snuggled in together, Jake against her and Chance against him.

"Expect so." Jake chuckled softly and nuzzled her before closing his eyes with a content sigh.

A Heritage of Power 1: Jake's Story 2: A Night of Pleasure

NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is PWP
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

17 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written November 16, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). PWP, Voyeurism

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong/Callie Briggs

Blurb: A bit of smutty fun that was suggested in part 1 but didn't happen, namely a night of fun with Jake, Callie and Chance all in one bed.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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