A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 3.5:
A Lesson By Force

by Fur and Fantasy
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Jay Clawson swallowed slightly as his Master left in the Kalrass. He knew he had to do this, and it had to be this way, but the very fact that both his Master and his mates were uneasy about leaving him along on the forest world made the necessary more difficult. That he knew exactly why they were nervous made it even harder. He could hardly blame them for it either. The Demon was a real concern for them all.

He understood what he couldn't explain though. He understood this creature instinctively. The fourth generation born with it in their head and as well as it knew him and them, he and his family knew it. Maybe not in words, but in instincts.

This was a world that the Demon had little hope of touching him on simply because it was a world that held no true treat that the Demon could help with. He was already too skilled in survival and combat to be threatened by any beast roaming this land and there just weren't any people or machines to mess up that balance.

There, Kalrass was far enough away it wasn't constantly checking in. Time to get to work.

Jay took a deep breath and began to walk, his eyes closed and his mind open. When he'd been asked what he was looking for on this out of the way world, he couldn't even tell the Council much more than 'the right place'. He'd honestly been a touch surprised when he and his Master agreed to this outing, even after he'd said that he'd expected it to take him months to finish his lightsabers. In a very strange way, he actually felt they respected what he was doing in going off on his own to find what was his center in his weapon.

Or rather weapons, as what he was building were unique.

He'd proven, two years before, that he could build a traditional lightsaber, and create a weapon of reasonable quality.

Now he was out to build his weapon; what felt right and natural to him. A weapon based on the rare double-blade, something his combat instructor Master Yamari knew along with an energy-whip, but it was also to be very much his.

This was something he truly appreciated about the Jedi. They had strong traditions and respect for the uniqueness of a fine weapon and how important it could be to the warrior to have their weapon exactly right. His may not be the norm for a Jedi's weapon-quest, but it was taken as one all the same.

It was one of the first times he felt as if he truly belonged among the Jedi, that neither side was struggling to understand the other. They understood his request because it was something they believed in as well. It was a sweet moment for him.

Now, here on Mantessa, he felt the peace of absolute silence on the machine band, something that had terrified and irritated him not so long ago.

At the koi pond, he had begun to suspect what he had heard of his great-grandfather's love of forest streams. The calming peace to be found there.

Here, now, he finally understood the joy of that silence and embraced it as the world's energy ebbed and flowed around him, guiding him, welcoming him as a long lost child.

It was strange and home all at the same time. It was energy he barely understood how to harass and yet it was cool and smooth and warm and enlivening all at once.

As he walked, Jay slowly began to understand what the Jedi meant by the Living Force.

It was alive, enticing, almost addictive.

It was alien.

It was home.

It made his heart beat faster and his soul calm down.

Without a sound Jay stopped and opened his eyes.

A glade in the forest, fed by a small spring they babbled out into a brook.

His entire body shivered in a pleasure more intense than any orgasm and he knelt there, in the dappled sunlight for hours, merely soaking up the purity of the place that struck him in ways he hadn't realized were possible.

With the sun setting, he finally moved, changing his position to kneel in line with the sun and bowed his head in offering.

"Lady Bastet, mother to all katkind and protector of fertility and the young. I thank you for seeing me threw my youth, that I may serve you and Lord Harikur in good stead.

"Lord Harikur, protector of the homeland and warrior of defense. I thank you for seeing me through these past few years so I may know the peace of this place and a home among the Jedi so that I may do what I was bred for."

He paused, feeling the need to acknowledge the Force somehow but not nearly as sure about what to say.

"Force; the Light, the Natural, the Living. I am slow to understand your nature, but I am grateful for the time given me to see and experience this place and your presence here. Jedi may not worship you, but we do hold great value in your will. I understand, now, what my Master has tried to show me for so long. I will endeavor to hold this lesson with me for as long as I hold the weapons crafted here."

After a moment he stood and walked slowly to the edge of the clearing.

"Naked we come into this world," Jay spoke softly, as much to himself as to any of the Powers or aspect of the Force that might be listening. "Naked we leave it. Naked we offer ourselves to create the next generation and give ourselves to them and the future they hold." He began to undress, putting his clothes into a neat pile inside a weather-proof bag.

"Naked I offer myself to this project, a gift to the future I many never be able to offer children to."

He closed his eyes, the tears already falling in grief for the loss. He was old enough to take his first shekat mate, old enough to be a father soon. His heritage, his grandmother and great-grandfather, may have hated that children were forced upon them, but his father and the ways of the space-born side of the family were who he remembered and the ways he held dear.

Even at eight he'd been looking around, seeing who had spirit and skill and looks. Even without understanding the how or knowing desire yet, he was already looking for a mother for his kits.

As the pain passed without so much as a whisper from the Demon, he picked up the parts and raw material to his new lightsabers and laid out a soft, durable blanket to work on.

Unlike what anyone had expected, the tools he'd brought would go unused, as would his family Gift, despite it being perfect for the job at hand.

It simply wasn't worth the difficulty to explain what he knew was going to happen here. Most would call it a vision, or precognition, but after what had happened on Korriban, the simple understanding of where he was to go and how he was to do this seemed inappropriate to classify into the same category.

Instead, he had asked to be left alone on this world for a time without much explanation, and no one had questioned the why.

So here he sat down cross-legged and picked up all six crystals that would eventually make up the heart of his weapons. It went against all his instincts, but this was how it was to be done, all at once.

Jay closed his eyes and lowered his head slightly, his focus on the items cupped in his hands. Without thought or idea how he was doing this, he opened himself up to the Living Force around him, allowing it to invade his every molecule.

He wanted to scream, his body to contort in rejection of a phantom pain that was the only way he knew to classify the intense experience he wasn't even remotely prepared for.

He wanted the alien pulse of life invading him to back off.

He wanted, more than anything, to have this feel as natural as the mechanical world did.

The sobs he couldn't stop wrenched his throat, but he held himself open to this force he could barely comprehend. Against everything he believed, he trusted it as his Master did. At least for a little while.

Conscious thought was not on the list of things Jay counted as possessing when the Force finally let him go well after dawn had graced the glade with dappled light. He'd long ago lost track of what he was doing to or with the crystals, other than what was supposed to happen.

They were far from the dark blue ones he'd brought with him. The perfectly shaped and polished stones now glowed with an inner light that was black as the night they'd been formed in and sparkled with a rainbow of all shades. Even in the light of day they shone as they rolled from his hand as Jay slid forward, unconscious.

Not nearly as far away as Jay'd assumed, his Master was taking advantage of her much greater skill and ability in telepathy to keep a mental eye on him without being in his awareness. He'd been too clear that he needed to be alone for this, but with his telepathic level, she could be out of his range but he would not be out of hers. It was a fine line, but one she deemed necessary to walk.

She wasn't surprised that he'd found the Force through building something, or while he was trying to at least. She was more than a little surprised at how it had affected him... concerned as well. Changing the color of a crystal shouldn't have been a torturous process, for him especially, or for any other Jedi his age for that matter. It wasn't the most common skill, but it was common enough that even Shivasta and Fenrik had learned the basics of it and Jay knew them very well. He'd been fascinated as soon as he found out it was possible.

She was glad she'd stayed in-system. If her Padawan endured pain, even phantom pain, like that just changing the color of his crystals ... she wanted to be there when he finished his lightsabers. He would probably need to be taken back as quickly as possible afterwards.

Jay groaned softly as he pushed himself upright well into the night. Hunger now drove him, not a project.

This too, he knew was a condition the Living Force had put upon him. He had brought two weeks rations to appease his Healer mate, but what he had to sustain himself through this process would be the life in this land and his own ability to evade detection.

He was a hunter and the Force demanded he submit to Life in its entirety, especially the parts he had long shied away from.

His dinner would be meat caught and killed and cooked or not by his own hands.

Shi would be horrified, he expected, especially once she realized he had little intention of cooking most of the time. It wasn't as if he couldn't. He knew perfectly well how to start a fire any number of ways and cook game of all kinds in the field. It wasn't uncommon for them to hunt part of their dinner when they went camping with Doruth and Tes. Both Panthers relished the intensity of being in tune with the Living Force and the cycle of life when it was an option.

He just didn't feel it was quite right now.

Just like most of his life he barely felt the Living Force, here, now, when he was immersed in it, he wasn't going to step out of it without good cause.

Once more he closed his eyes and let himself sink into the Living Force around him, trusting it, despite the difficulty, to lead him to dinner and that there was a point to doing things this way.

Jay was still shaking from the experience of killing when fully in tune with the Living Force when he washed his fur clean in the small spring near his camp. The blood from his prey, two large rodents, that filled his belly with meat warm from life rather than fire had also soaked his fur to the skin. He wasn't nearly as good with his claws and fangs as his mate or his Master. Both kills had been quick, but very messy, and eating without any of the trappings of civilization hadn't helped a bit.

He felt the intrusion of energy again, almost used to it now, and didn't resist it's calming effects or the simple knowledge that death had to be part of life.

It was also time to go back to work again.

Jay drew a deep breath, shook himself dry and returned to the items laid out on the blanket. He knelt to inspect his crystals, curious at their unique visual priorities even as he realized how much a part of himself they felt. This wasn't just the color change he'd studied how to do. This was what he had heard, spoken very softly of, by his father and kin.

It was the final expression of their Gift as it was viewed. Material was taken down to its atomic level, perhaps even further, and reformed into exactly what was desired. The ultimate expression of the theory that matter was merely energy slowed to an incredible extent and if you could figure out how to access it as an energy, you could alter it in any way you wished. E = MC2. As long as you started with the right amount of energy, you could create anything you wanted out of anything you had.

Though given what it had done to him just to create these crystals, he doubted it was a practical ability. Useful if you had the time or the desperation, but far from practical.

Creating the rest of the set was going to give draining a whole new definition.

A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 3.5: A Lesson By Force

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Written May 14, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Ice Walker, Kat, Panther

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Jay Clawson/Shivasta Stormwarden/Fenrik Aren

Blurb: Interlude. At sixteen, Jay has requested leave to go to Mantessa to build his first set of lightsabers.

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