A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 3:
A Triad Formed? part 1 of 3

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F and M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Jay took a breath and tried to catch himself as his telekinetic grip on himself began to slip. He twisted his body as he recognized his landing zone would be the small lake he had been flying over so he'd dive instead of crash. No guarantee he'd survive, but at least it increased his odds of getting out of this with only a few broken bones and not become a blood-slick on the calm water.

The fall was just long enough to give him time to wish he'd told somebody what he was going to be doing, or at least where. His body wrenching painfully as he hit the lake. He could almost name each bone that he felt break, fracture, or dislocate, his body burned with pain; he'd made better dives before. Of course, it wasn't like he usually dove from over two stories into one of Coruscant's decorative lakes without setting up for it to be a dive first. He managed to get to the surface, gasping for breath and trying not to black out as he struggled for the shore and didn't even think as his mind howled for his Master in desperate self-preservation.

The blood in his mouth, breathed into his lungs, leant a metallic tang to his awareness he hoped he'd never know again. He felt something hard and technological press against him, helping him get to shore before his body submitted to its damage and the knowledge that his speeder wouldn't let him drown.

He offered a small prayer to Bastet and the Gods of his youth to let him live past his first year as a Padawan before he blacked out.

Jay's mind whimpered as memories of his last few conscious moments replayed themselves to his gradually increasing awareness. Obviously someone, or maybe his speeder, had gotten him back to the Temple. No hospital smelled, or felt, like it.

"*Jay? How are you feeling?*" Master Essani's mental voice, the concerned tone of it and her familiar scent, were a comforting presence. Her question also raised an odd point; he was feeling a lot better than he was supposed to given how badly he knew he'd hurt himself.

"*Better than I should be.*" He managed to focus enough to reply, his eyes unwilling to open just yet but his mind starting to come around.

"*You have Padawan Shivasta to thank for that,*" the kushiban said softly. "*What were you doing? I've seen people attacked by kath hounds who were in better shape than you were!*"

"*Flying,*" he murmured silently, the slight jumble of mental images with it telling her exactly what he'd been doing, and that it wasn't the first time, just the first time it had gone wrong. "*Hit the lake, bad angle.*"

"*We'll have to talk about this later,*" Essani sighed mentally and reached out to brush his shoulder with her paw. "*You need to rest; we've fixed the worst of the damage, but your body still needs to recover.*"

"Most Masters can't do that!" A light feminine voice gasped in shock in the physical world, drawing Jay more fully into it.

He grudgingly opened his eyes, and focused on the indistinct form above him before blinking a couple times. Sky blue skin, perfectly smooth and soft, framed deep blue eyes that he could easily get lost in.

"*Rest, Jay,*" Essani insisted gently.

"*Yes, Master.*" He murmured and let his eyes close to drift off again.

"*Padawan Shivasta,*" Essani said to the young woman mentally, "*please keep an eye on him? I'll speak to your Master about it.*"

"Yes, Master Essani," she nodded, gently brushing her hand across the tangle of deep red hair of Jay's forehead that cover fur of nearly the same shade. "Do you want me to call you when he wakes up again?"

"*Only if I need to make him stay here,*" the kushiban said, shaking her head as her fur started to return to its normal white from the deep grey it had been since she'd heard Jay's mental scream and brought him back. "*Thank you, Padawan.*"

"I understand, Master Essani," Shivasta bowed deeply to the small Jedi. "I will see to his care."

Jay murmured, a soft, indistinct sound as he drifted awake, sharply aware of the absence of his Master.

"Feeling better now?" A vaguely familiar voice said to him.

"A hell of a lot better than I should," he answered as he struggled to piece together what had happened since the moment of stark terror when he realized he was going to hit something hard.

"You just about said that before," the blue-skinned young woman smiled. "Do you remember waking up last time?"

"Vaguely," he cracked on eye open before getting them both to focus on the blue face that had been over him before. "Mostly Master telling me to rest after she was sure I was alive."

"She wasn't the only one who wasn't sure you were going to stay that way. I'm glad I was able to help you as much as I was, though Master Essani wasn't going to let you go before your time without a fight. If I hadn't been able to heal you, she would have."

"Sounds like I'm in for a couple lectures, not just the one on doing stuff too early," he chuckled weakly, his eyes taking in her sleek, smooth skin, the eyes he definitely remembered now, the way she had her long, thick hair in several large, loose braids the color of her eyes... and the white ice-storm tattoo on the left half of her face. That marking type that was unique to the handful of races that didn't have fur. All in all, she made a striking statement in cool, calming, blue. "Thank you."

"Probably, though they're well-meaning ones," the young woman smiled. "Padawan Shivasta, in case you can't remember," she added, reaching out to take his hand in her slender one and give it a gentle, friendly squeeze that he returned reflexively. "You can call me Shi, if you'd like."

"Thank you, Shi," he smiled at her, a bit of concern in his eyes. "Was she mad, or just upset I got hurt?"

"Concerned," she answered easily. "I don't think anybody's seen her fur that deep a grey in a long time; she was worried about you, that's all."

"I never meant to worry her," he sighed softly, then cracked something of a self-effacing grin. "Never meant to hit the water like that either."

"I should hope not!" Shi chuckled. "You're the same Jay who hotwired his training 'saber a few years back, aren't you?"

"Yeah, that was me," he chuckled a bit, increasingly grateful that he was only a little muscle and bone sore now. "The first of too many lectures about not trying things before it's time."

"Well this one'll earn you another," she chuckled. "Though that you managed it well enough to get into any trouble is actually kinda surprising; a lot of Masters can't really fly."

"Probably because they don't bother to," he gingerly stretched his lean body without moving much. "I've got flying in my blood. It's just too interesting a possibility not to pick up."

"Well, the lecture this time will probably include a 'have somebody watch you' attached to it," Shi smiled. "Though I'll bet it was very impressive until you lost it."

"Not really," he smiled a little sheepishly. "I've barely got to the 'moving as fast as I can walk' stage. Nothing like what my goal is."

"Considering what happened as fast as you were going, that's probably a good thing," Shi pointed out. "So, what is it you're up to when you're not trying to prove that gravity isn't something to be worried about?"

"Proving physics doesn't exist and reminding people that technology works better when you're nice to it." He smirked playfully. "And watching corp. recruiters turn bright red when I tell them I'm not available at any price, because I'm a Jedi."

"Or working on it at least," she smiled. "Good to see somebody that dedicated. Though from what I've heard of the things you tinker with, I can see why they're after you."

"Well, they'll just have to coax things from the Council," Jay winked at her. "I'm spoken for."

"Not too loudly, I hope," she chuckled. "Enough room in your schedule for a friend yet?"

"Sure," he smiled and brushed her hand with a finger. "Just not an employer."

"I'm not nearly that demanding," she chuckled, smiling as she reached up to rub his shoulder lightly and felt the low vibration of a purr building up.

"Good," Jay smiled, the pleasure of such a simple touch relaxing him. "You don't seem all that shy."

"You come up with a better nickname and I'll think about it," Shi smirked. "Besides, you didn't know me when I was first starting out here."

"True, I was a few galaxies away at least at the time." Jay chuckled playfully and shifted to press against her hand. "And most of what I'd say in compliment wouldn't be taken that way my most." He admitted.

"I have a feeling I haven't heard all the interesting stories about you," she observed, raising an eyebrow as she scratched the base of his neck, then up to his head, just behind his pointed ears and smiled as the platonic, but intense, physical pleasure from him washed over her and his purr deepened as his eyes slid shut.

"No doubt," he groaned softly and pressed against her fingers.

"You like that, huh?" She asked him with a fond smile, shifting to 'chase' the point that she thought felt best for him and got both a very relaxed patient and a very heavy presence of pleasure that all but saturated the room.

"Yes," he groaned, his head shifting to help her unconsciously as the pleasure worked through his body to make him tingle all over.

"Mmm ... you're just a big crevasse-cat at heart, aren't you?" She chuckled, enjoying the empathic spillover.

"Mmmm, not gonna say no if they like this," he purred throatily and arched a bit. "You're good."

"Thank you," she smiled. "And they do," she added with a chuckle, moving her hand down to scratch his jaw lightly as he shivered and rolled over. His head tilted as he propped himself up on his forearms and they both began to loose track of everything but the intense pleasure her fingers created.

"*Healer Shivasta,*" a slightly hesitant young voice caught the edge of her awareness. "*He's getting really loud.*"

"*I'm sorry,*" the young woman replied mentally, reluctantly stopping, just rubbing Jay's shoulder lightly. "I think your shields go down when you get that wound up," she murmured with a gentle smile as she tried to coax him back into the real world.

"It's not my strong suit if I'm not trying to hide." He murmured softly and relaxed down till he was resting his head on the pillow of his crossed arms.

"No need to hide," Shivasta murmured, rubbing his back until he was asleep, then returning to her studies with a fond smile for the slightly younger feline.

Tes grinned down at her bound lover. As intoxicating as he was in charge, this was just as good, and did wonders for soothing the injured Alpha pride of her status among the Jedi. It was oh so much sweeter at times like this, when she was in full on into her fertile cycle and truly insatiable. It was her first cycle since their mission had been declared successful; it passed through her mind that that also meant it was the first one when they were both officially a pair in the Order's eyes.

"It's going to be long and slow tonight, Jedi." She rumbled before kissing ever so gently, her body just close enough to his so he could feel her body heat.

"Mmm ... I don't mind long and slow," he grinned up at her. He knew he could get out easily if he wanted to, but for now he was more than content to let her be in charge. "Especially not with a beautiful woman like you in charge."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," she laughed and kissed him again. Very slowly she nibbled her way along his jaw and down to his neck, which saw liberal nips with sharp teeth, but none that drew blood.

"Mmm ... it's only flattery if it isn't true," he groaned, pressing against her as she gave him a bit of the pain that could turn him on and sucked the blood from the small punctures. A low sound came from his throat when the first drops of her juices splashed against his cock from her raised hips.

"Mmm, true," Tes grinned and gave the wound a small lick before nuzzling her way down to his nipples to suckle them to hard pebbles. It didn't take her long. As much as he was turned on by and enjoyed dominating her, he enjoyed being put on the bottom just as much.

"Ooh, damn you are good at this," he rumbled, breathing deeply.

"I am an Alpha." She grinned up at him; her throat against his chest so he felt every tiny vibration and emphasized her raised hips that he couldn't sink into. "And I love driving you crazy." She added before nuzzling her way down his chest to his abs.

As potent as his scent was right next to his cock, even with the way it made her mons ache to have him deep in her body, she resisted the urge as she nuzzled and licked everything but his cock, sheath and balls while she worked the velvety soft fur of his inner thighs.

"You're evil too," he groaned, his cock rock-hard and aching for attention, from what she was giving the rest of his body and her heat-scent. "Anybody... nnngh... ever tell you that?"

"You, every time I tie you down." Tes laughed throatily, her own arousal heavy in the air around them. "Now," she rumbled and ghosted a finger along that straining flesh to lightly catch several of the slender barbs that caused him such pleasure. She grinned at the way his cock jerked and pulsed and he gasped each time. "What should I ask for in exchange for taking this beast deep into my body and ride you till your throat is raw?"

"Oh," he groaned, trying to arch up against her fingers. "What is it you want?"

"I want," she paused, her mood shifted abruptly as she leaned forward and took his mouth even as she closed her fist around his cock and stroked him until his body was quivering under hers. She let his mouth go just as she felt the roar building and squeezed a little tighter around his pulsing cock until it shot his seed between them, soaking both their fur in the pearly liquid while his voice rattled the room. "Pups." She finished with a much lighter kiss.

It took him a moment to put what she'd said together with his question. The process wasn't made any easier by his body trying to wind down from the orgasm she'd just given him, well and truly unexpected at that point.

"Wolf pups?" He asked once he started to put it together and felt his wrists being released.

"Yes," she kissed him gently again and lay against his chest to nuzzle him. "Wolf pups. Our pups ... I can't carry them anyway, so timing's not as much of an issue."

He wrapped his arms around her, nuzzling her back and kissed her lightly.

"You have a sire in mind? Or are you looking for a father for them instead?"

"I'm not looking to replace you," she nuzzled him reassuringly. "And realistically ... I'm going for a Jedi. Unless you really get along with a Wolf of good breeding that might be interested, he almost has to be just a sire."

"Especially since I know you want an Alpha already," he nodded, rubbing her back tenderly. "What would you do, while you were about to have them and just after they were born? Not exactly the best time to be gallivanting across the galaxy," he chuckled slightly.

"I'd probably stay at the Temple; pick up a few more skills." She smiled softly. "I'd have plenty of unattached Wolves to play uncle and aunt. And I'm sure the Force-sensitive ones would be snapped up in short order, as long as the Order understands that any that don't make Jedi come back to me, not some JediCorps job."

"You'd have an attached Panther to play father too, if you wanted it," he murmured softly. "At least as much as I could, with my duties. Be a good time to start training a Padawan too; spend the first few years at the Temple while the kits were starting to grow up."

"Any that stay with us," Tes nuzzled him. "Are you thinking of young for yourself too?" She smiled warmly and traced a finger down his chest. "You would make a fine sire."

"Not Panther kits," he rumbled, shaking his head slightly. "With you, some time, maybe. But like you said, that's not quite as time-sensitive."

"Some day you'll have to tell me what happened." She kissed him gently and nuzzled his jaw, right along the pleasure points. "But for now, thank you for giving me pups by another." She murmured and hugged him for another lingering kiss.

"I will," he promised, "some day. And you're welcome... thank you, for being willing to let me help raise them."

"Slow and gentle?" She murmured and rubbed her body against his.

"I think I can manage that," he rumbled softly, kissing her tenderly as the two of them surrendered to their gentler passions.

"What did you mean, being a couple of galaxies away?" Shivasta asked Jay curiously, scratching between his shoulder blades idly as the two of them rested by one of his koi ponds. She was dressed in a lighter outfit than she had been in the infirmary, a light skirt and halter-top that seemed out of place given the slightly cooler weather that had most of the Temple's inhabitants tying their robes a little tighter. A datapad with some of the Jedi lore they'd been studying was on the grass nearby, discarded as they'd turned their attention to koi-watching and back-scratching.

"When I was eight, I blind-jumped myself to this galaxy from where I'm from." He explained with a low purr for her attention, the fingers of one hand dangling in the water to tease the fish. "All we're sure of about where I'm from is that it's far enough away that there is no clue as to where it might be and the transmissions from here haven't reached there yet."

"That's probably at least galaxy or two away," Shivasta agreed with a murmur. "What was your home like, if you can remember?"

"Home was an exploration colony warship," he smiled softly and let those memories drift to the surface. "We were planet bound, in a colonization cycle, three times that I remember, including the time when I sent myself here. She was new as far as the ships went, younger than me, but her computer and parts of her remembered a lot longer because they were scavenged. But mostly I remember my folks, and a big stuffed animal with white fur I always slept with."

"So that explains those rumors Master Essani kept putting down," Shi smiled. "It had seemed a little odd that one of the Initiates would always be disappearing to the room of a Councilor. Did your parents have your gifts as well?"

"Yeah, it's a lot easier to sleep when there's someone warm and snuggly there, and she enjoys it too." He smiled slightly. "And yes, my father had the Gift, as does my grandmother, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather, and most their descendants."

"The Force is strong in your family," she said respectfully. "Was that recognized in your galaxy, or hadn't they discovered it yet?"

"It's not recognized the way you do, or as 'The Force', but it is well known that Clawsons are a gifted line and that we have our quirks for it. It's not nearly as common, or as varied in effect, as here."

"Or if it is, it's hidden by the people who can use it," she nodded. "My people were the same way until recently."

"Possible," he nodded, relaxed and feeling good. "Just about anything is possible. Did they hide because they were feared?"

"More because it was an edge we weren't expected to have," she admitted. "Warfare was common on my homeworld until the last few generations. When people believed we had allies beyond their understanding, they were less likely to try and take our hunting territory. Knowing that it was my family's sensitivity to the Force would have reduced it to a skill they could learn themselves, given the time and talent."

He nodded. "A good reason to keep it secret. A secret advantage is so much more useful than a known one. Not letting it be known as a talent of your family would keep the mate-raids from getting debilitating too."

"It's a bit more widely known now," she admitted. "Though some tribes still think we have 'storm demons' helping us. The peace has lasted about 50 years now though; I understand that they've even started training sensitives from other tribes. I'd left before that started happening though," she admitted, though she didn't sound like she regretted it very much.

"Now how we handled it, or how I would have, but maybe it'll work out or the best."

"Time will tell," she nodded, scratching his back a bit higher. "Your family just kept quiet about it?"

"Not really. We sought it out in others and brought them in as our mates. At least the ones that weren't our enemies already. It was a very different political scene from what your world sounded like. We had a largely peaceful world a century ago. No world government yet, but the wars had been over with for a couple generations.

"Then the first Omega showed up. What you'd call a Dark sensitive. It was the first recorded appearance of anything like my Gift. In defense of his city, great-grandfather Jake, the first Clawson, used the Gift against them. We've been public knowledge since, though not many realize what it is, or what we are.

"It would have been better if we could have remained secret, we're as feared as those we fight, but it is how it is."

"It's how sensitives on many worlds were treated," Shi nodded a little sadly. "Until they became organized enough to present a face to the galaxy that people could learn to trust, if not understand."

"I'm not surprised," he nodded. "I can hardly blame those that know, the leadership, for being afraid of us, for all we're their best defense. We're their worst nightmare when we turn after all."

"Now that's a universal truth, it seems," Shivasta murmured. "The heroes always make the worst villains."

"Because to be a hero, you all but have to be well beyond the norm, and nearly unstoppable." He nodded. "A favored saying of those who need us and hate it is that it takes a Clawson and their partner to stop a Clawson. It's not wrong either."

"Your family usually works in teams, don't they?" She asked, looking over at him.

"Always," he nodded. "We aren't very safe to leave alone for long. Usually a mated pair or team of four, but somebody needs to be there. The one that went bad ... he was alone. It's the price for what we can do. We're kinda dependant on another to keep us sane."

"Another of your kind, or just another who's close to you?"

"Just somebody's who close," Jay explained easily. "Someone worth dieing for. It has to be an attachment that is strong enough to keep the Darkness at bay. Which usually means someone with stronger morals than we have." He added with a soft chuckle.

"I hope you find somebody," she said softly. "Though it sounds like Master Essani is doing for now," she added with a smile.

"Yes," he smiled warmly and purred a little deeper as he thought of his Master. "I'm sure they've been assessing your suitability for a couple months, ever since our first study session." He chuckled. "Several of them are very unsettled by the idea that I might be a solo Knight for any length of time."

"I can't really blame them," she admitted, smiling softly at him. "It sounds like you'd be happier with a partner anyways... and I can't say that I'd mind that, Jay."

"Me either, and I'm not the solo kind," he murmured. "I'm going to be a scholar, not a warrior, but it doesn't make much difference. Clawsons aren't meant to be alone." He blinked, and then glanced up at her. "You have a lot going for you, that way." He smiled a bit shyly. "Healers tend to stay at the Temple too, don't they?"

"Unless we're needed to help somewhere," she nodded with a smile.

"That's good too," he said quietly as he watched the colorful fish swim. "Enough excitement would find me without a partner who wants to go hunt it down, like great-grandfather got to deal with."

"Excitement's all well and good, but it's better to find sorts that don't try to kill you," she chuckled, leaning over to kiss his cheek lightly.

"That shows up often enough anyway," he grinned at her playfully and went with his urge to grab her and rolled them both into the koi pond.

"Ack!" Shivasta let out a started squawk as she was soaked, then laughed, the two of them struggling with each other for a bit before they finally came to a rest against the edge of the pond. Jay half on top of her, looking into her deep blue eyes as they both panted a bit. She hesitated for a moment, and then leaned up to brush her lips against his in a tentative, feather-light kiss.

She felt him kiss back a bit, his body's mildly aroused, but his mind wasn't clicking into what she meant. They were both still for a moment, then a flash of bright colored motion in the corner of his eye caught Jay's attention and he kicked off the side of the pond and was after it.

She took a deep breath, calming herself slightly as she climbed out of the pond and sat, watching Jay swim as she hugged her legs and curled up slightly. For once she was glad he was as easily distractible as he could be. A slight shiver ran down her spine as she thought about what had happened, though it had nothing to do with being wet, or the cool weather.

It had much more to do with how close the situation had come to getting completely out of hand. It was lucky that Jay hadn't seemed to put everything together quite yet, the reputation his comments had given him aside.

So while Jay chased after fish, she thought long and hard about what had almost happened.

"*Jay?*" Essani walked into her Padawan's room after several hours of hearing the confusion and mixed feelings that were troubling him. She'd meant to let him sort it out himself ... but by this point, it didn't look like he was going to manage that. "*Did something happen with Shivasta today?*"

"She kissed me," he responded, answering her even before he'd completely processed the question consciously. That came a moment later with a deep blush.

"*I see,*" the kushiban said, hopping up onto the bed next to him. "*Is that all that happened? She asked, hoping to get a feel for how far it had gone.

"Uh-huh," he nodded, flushing a bit more. "I kinda kissed her back, then bolted. Haven't been that freaked out in a long time."

"*You're not the only one,*" Essani murmured after a quick check with Shivasta's Master. "*What about it upset you?*"

That question forced Jay to really settle down more than he'd managed on his own. He took a deep breath and tried to make sense of the chaotic jumble of reactions in his mind and body that masked the core fear that they swirled around.

He glanced sideways at his Master uncertainly before he finally answered her.

"It's a huge step towards growing up," Jay said quietly, the quiver that his voice didn't convey was clear to her in his mind. "Towards having to face the Demon and trusting someone that much. I wasn't expecting it. I hadn't even thought about it. I was just abruptly there and I wasn't ready for it and I panicked."

"*I think you're right, and that she feels the same way." She told him and felt the kit relax significantly. "Jay... do you think you want to be more than friends with her eventually?*"

He reached out to gently stroke Essani's soft ears as he tried to follow that idea to somewhere that made sense.

"I like her. She's nice, and she has a presence I like being around. Her touch feels good. She's the kind of person that would be a good mate." Jay sighed softly and let his eyes close.

"I'm also very lonely." He admitted quietly. "I don't want to make a poor choice because it's the only obvious one. I think part of me was still kind of expecting to be back with my family for this; to learn how to handle sex and playmates and mates and partners and how not to get messed up by it."

"*All important points,*" Essani agreed, snuggling close to him. "*Especially that last one... love evokes very powerful emotions, and I'm sorry to say you're only feeling the start of them.*"

"They'll make or break my fight with the Demon," he shivered, though he accepted its reality. "Who I choose for a mate and partner will make more of a difference in resisting the Dark than anything I learn here, more than anyone else can do. It's usually something everybody gets involved in. Not just making sure a prospective mate is a good match for us, but making sure they understand what they're getting into and helping with the rough parts."

"*For what it's worth, Jay, we will help you as well as we can. Including helping to find you a mate who can cope with what's involved.*"

"I know," he shifted to nuzzle her in appreciation that came without reservation or doubt. "It's just not quite as comforting as having family that not only knows personally what you're going through, but have generations of experience in making it work. I'm starting to have an idea what great-grandpa Jake went through. No one knew about the Gift or the Demon or any of it to help him. I'm grateful I'm not that alone."

"*And we won't let you be,*" Essani promised. "*Though you have to keep something in mind, Jay. Whoever your mate is, if they are Jedi, there are other issues to be considered. Especially the type of love it sounds like your family needs to stay strong. It's not something that tends to come easily.*"

"It's why we tend to have lovers and mates from among our own, those families that formed SWAT back in great-grandfather's time. We share a culture, an understanding." He nuzzled her between gentle scritches. "What added issues do Jedi bring to the field?"

"What you've already heard about trying to control your emotions," Essani explained gently. "You know how difficult it can be to remain calm and in control as it is normally; love brings a whole new set of feelings into the field. Jealousy, new types of fear, passions that can take control of you in a heartbeat.

"The Code doesn't say that love is to be avoided, but several Masters feel that it's a great risk for a Jedi to give in to. Master Noloth being one of the more vocal ones," she admitted, "though Masters Shan and Surool do an excellent job of keeping him from being too vocal about it. It's very much a personal issue, but it's something that might add complications to getting involved with a Jedi."

"It sounds like it's something that will just weed many potential mates out," he considered it, and mostly just felt pity for those who avoided love for the hurt it could bring. "There are always a lot of people who don't want to get that involved. Here they just have an excuse other than 'I don't do that' or 'I've been hurt before' for it."

"*Just don't want you getting too frustrated if you end up looking around and having a relatively difficult time of it,*" she explained. "*Is there anything else you want to talk through?*"

"I understand, Master." He managed a smile and scritched between her ears. "Is Shi okay?"

"*She will be, with time,*" Essani nodded, enjoying the attention. "*She's more disturbed by letting things get out of control, though Master Temrin says she's very glad that fish distracted you.*"

"It didn't," he murmured. "I kinda figured it'd be less insulting to be distracted by a moving target than to freak out in front of her about something she did."

"*I doubt she'd have been insulted Jay, but that was a good choice,*" she nodded.

Jay smiled with a bit of relief when he spotted Shi in one of the smaller libraries for their usual study season. Master Essani's words had done remarkably little to reassure him she wasn't going to disappear on him.

"Hi, Shi." He said softly in greeting as he sat in the chair across from her, giving her a little extra space.

"Hi," she said, smiling at him softly, her blue-skinned cheeks flushing a light purple. "Jay... about what happened...."

"Forget it happened?" He offered hopefully.

"That'd probably be best," she nodded, sounding slightly relieved. "I'm sorry though, for upsetting you."

"It's okay," he reached across the table to squeeze her hand gently. "I think I was more startled than anything. It comes with some serious emotional baggage for me. You didn't have any way to know."

"Still should've watched myself better," she smiled, returning the squeeze gently. "So... still friends?"

"Definitely," he smiled in honest relief. "If we can't forgive little things, we're in a world of trouble." He added with a half-grin.

"Very true," she smiled back, rubbing the back of his hand with her thumb. "Though we might want to cut down on the scratching sessions a little," she giggled.

"If you want an incentive to get me to bed, you found it," he snickered, though he was serious as well. "It feels good."

"I know it does," she chuckled. "Believe me, I can feel it too. That's just the reason really," she admitted. "It's a little too easy to lose track of a few things when you're feeling that good."

Jay cocked his head a bit and considered her before he nodded in acceptance, if not comprehension. "Not stop it completely, I hope."

"Hardly," she smiled. "I'm just trying to keep from screwing up again, not punish us."

"Shi, you didn't screw up." He told her remarkably firmly and squeezed her hand. "You just startled the hell out of me. I don't think I'd mind if it went a little slower," he lowered his voice and blushed a bit. "You do feel good. I'm just not quite there yet."

"I'm not honestly sure I am either," she admitted. "So how 'bout we just agree to take it a little slower... see if it happens again some time when we're ready for it."

"Sounds good to me," he smiled shyly. "I do like you."

"It's mutual," she smiled fondly, blushing a light violet. Her blush became much deeper as they both heard a deep voice from the stacks of books nearby.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Doruth asked with a chuckle as he walked up to the table.

"No," Jay managed, his voice nearly a squeak and his cheeks burning, though he grinned too when he recognized the big Panther and Doruth quickly had an armful of Kat hugging him tightly.

"You've been gone forever." Jay grinned with the complaint.

"I've been a little busy," Doruth chuckled, hugging Jay back. "After I was done on Ambria the Council decided to make up for five years of not being able to send me every which way in the galaxy. And you've grown up some in the past few years," he added, stepping back a bit and looking the lanky adolescent over approvingly. "So, who's your friend?"

"Shivasta," he shifted to face her with a smile. "Doruth Parn, who got me out of two years in hell and to here."

"A pleasure to meet you, Jedi Parn," Shivasta bowed respectfully as she stood.

"The pleasure's mine, Padawan Shivasta," Doruth answered easily, returning the bow. "And Doruth, please. I might be a Knight again, but I'm still not too worried about formalities."

"Very well, Doruth," she nodded. "Should I go let you two catch up?" She asked Jay.

"Catch you at dinner?" He nodded a touch reluctantly.

"Yeah," she nodded with a warm smile, picking up her datapad and heading out after giving him a quick squeeze on the shoulder.

"So, is she just a friend, or are you as far ahead of the curve as you were the last time I saw you?" Doruth asked Jay with a half-smirk.

"Just a friend," he rolled his eyes, though it did nothing to hide the bright red under his fur. "Maybe more later."

"Good," Doruth chuckled, "on both counts. So, how's it going? Heard that Master Essani decided to take you on as her Padawan last year."

"Yes," he smiled, the warm affection he held for the kushiban unmistakable. "Though apparently I have a talent for turning her fur grey." He admitted with a bit of embarrassment. "Something about trying things before anyone expects me to."

"There are very few languages with words for how little that surprises me," Doruth smiled. "Go ahead and sit down, by the way, we'll probably be talking for a while. Just don't go too far with pushing the envelope, okay? I heard about that little flying mishap; you've only got so many lives, kit."

"And I've already used a few of them," Jay nodded and settled easily in a chair. "I think that one's going into the books for future generations for 'what can happen when you don't use common sense.'" He chuckled weakly and shook his head. "I did manage to scare the hell out of myself with that landing. Though it is how I met Shi too."

"You manage to make everything work out for you one way or another, don't you?" Doruth smirked, sitting down across from Jay. "So, what have you been up to, besides turning Master Essani's fur grey and meeting new friends?"

"And basic training that I can probably teach in my sleep now?" Jay snickered. "Mostly making corp recruiters turn red in frustration. Drives them nuts that I'm not interested in money much."

"It's good that you're not," the Panther chuckled. "Would've thought they knew enough to try not hiring a Jedi away, but maybe they figure you're new enough you might not be too attached to it yet."

"Or they don't realize I am one till I point it out," he shrugged with a bit of a chuckle. "It's unusually at a tech convention, and I tend to go in civvies."

"And, of course, you take your designs with you to show off," Doruth guessed, shaking his head. "Should've known you'd find some way to keep tech at the heart of your life."

"Sometimes," he chuckled. "Sometimes they just gather when an engineer gets that glazed over look when I start talking over his head by mistake. Or when I casually mention how to make something work better. But how long are you going to be here? I can get some upgrades done on the Gurath. I'm sure he needs some TLC by now after three years of your maintenance efforts." He teased lightly.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were happier about the ship being back than Tes and I," Doruth smirked.

"Ah, you know I like you." Jay pouted, though there was a grin just under it.

"Depends on if we get sent off on a mission." He chuckled. "Barring that, we might be doing a bit more wandering over the next few months, but we'll be back for a couple years after that while I start training a Padawan and we both get used to having pups around."

"Pups?" Jay blinked. "Did I miss something in reproductive biology? She's still a Wolf, right?"

"Yes, she's still a Wolf," Doruth chuckled. "And so was the sire, one of the Knights on Ambria. She was getting to the point where she wanted to be sure she had pups while it was still safe and she had somewhere to raise them that wasn't as dangerous as wandering through the galaxy."

Jay chuckled at his own mistaken ideas and shook his head. "Sometimes I forget that that's even an option. Couples seem to be just about all there are here, except for courtesans."

"You're also spending most of your life around the Jedi Temple," Doruth pointed out. "Around here it's unusual enough to be a couple for most races. When you start traveling more you'll find differences. Cereans, for example."

Jay paused a moment as he retrieved the information on them from the Temple computer and nodded. "I'd prefer a male and female over two fems," he chuckled at the unusual monarchy where it was the males that had more than one female and not the other way around.

"Just pointing out that you weren't stuck in a completely monogamous galaxy," Doruth chuckled. "For now you probably want to stick to getting around to one though."

"Yes, but which side?" He snickered with a wink. "There are a lot of attractive guys here too, you know."

"Very true," the Panther smirked. "Though it looked to me like you were leaning more towards fems a few minutes ago."

"Well, there was an attractive fem here a few minutes ago," he pointed out easily. "Now there's a handsome tom. Both work nicely."

Doruth paused and regarded him seriously. "Are you hitting on me?" He raised an eyebrow slightly as he thought about how best to handle this.

It got Jay to pause, not having expected to get that far, or at least not expecting quite that response.

The color rose under rusty fur before he nodded, much more subdued and nervous. "Yes." He said softly.

"Jay...." Doruth thought it over, trying to figure out what to say. "You're a good kit, Jay. But I'm not really the sort of guy who's the best choice for a first partner."

He could all but read what was going through Jay's mind just from his expressions. The surprise he'd expected, that it didn't lead to disappointment or anything else negative, was a bit of one. He nearly groaned internally when he caught a flash of that analytical, plotting look cross Jay's eyes that he knew too well.

"I understand," Jay inclined his head in acceptance of Doruth's reasons. "So how is Tes doing?"

"Well, though she's still getting used to being pregnant," the Panther chuckled; hiding his uneasiness about what Jay might be planning behind his training. "You'll find somebody, Jay," he added. "I'm sure of that much."

"I know," he nodded much more easily, though he was still a bit flushed. "You're just as close to family that I have here. Master Essani ... it just doesn't work."

"Uhm, no," Doruth said, making a bit of a face. "She's cute, but not in that way...."

"And soft, and fluffy, and really nice, and important to me ... but ...." Jay let the sentence trail off into what they both understood. "So did the sire join Tes' pack?"

"No," Doruth answered easily. "We figured that three Alpha personalities on the ship, even if only two were Wolves, was a good way to have one of us kicked off of it."

"Probably," Jay snickered. "Or some seriously wild parties."

"Followed by one of us getting kicked off the ship," Doruth smirked. "So we passed up on that. Besides, he's kinda married to his work on Ambria already."

"And you two are hooked to the Wandering Jedi life." He grinned. "You really think you can handle two whole years sticking in one place?"

"I'll probably be finding a Padawan to start training, so we're kind of forcing the issue," Doruth chuckled. "First year or so is usually spent around the Temple except for emergencies anyways, so it works to put the two together."

"Hopefully you manage to pick another wonderer. Or you'll have one miserable Padawan."

"It's something I'm looking for," Doruth nodded. "And why I wasn't too worried when I heard Essani had chosen you," he smiled. "It would've been nice, but now... I think you'd be happier here."

"Thanks," Jay smiled a bit shyly at him, more relieved than he'd ever admit that Doruth was okay with his choice. "She is very good to me."

"I'm sure she is," Doruth smiled. "Think you'll be able to make time to see Tes, the ship and I some time in the next few days? I'd ask about now, but we have an appointment with the Council that I have to get to fairly soon."

"Sure," he grinned eagerly. "As long as I get my studies done, Master Essani's not very strict about when in the day."

"We'll sort something out," Doruth smiled, standing up. "Have a good night, okay Jay? And enjoy your dinner date," he winked.

"I plan to," he grinned back with an utterly devilish look.

"*Welcome home, Jedi Parn, Custos Ramaris.*" Master Essani greeted the Panther/Wolf pair warmly when they entered the Council chambers to about half the full assembly. "*What request do you have for this Council?*" She asked a little more formally, though the golden tones of her fur left little doubt she both knew and approved of it.

Doruth wondered idly if Jay might have something to do with that. Not that he was particularly worried one way or the other; more likely just a coincidence.

"We request permission to marry from the Council, Master Essani," he said, inclining his head respectfully. Master Shan wasn't present at the moment, leaving the kushiban as the senior Councilor. Not that he was too worried that they'd refuse permission, but having somebody who clearly approved in charge did help to soothe his nerves a little.

"Because your bitch is carrying?" Master Ryul's words sounded like an insult, but Tes' reaction have Doruth the heads up he needed to realize that they weren't, or at least not enough to call him on. His tone was decided disapproving though; there was no mistaking that.

"No, Master Ryul," Doruth said firmly. "Because my Custos and pack-mate deserves recognition as my mate after being such in all but name. The decision to approach the Council with this request was made before Tes was carrying. It simply takes time to arrange such a meeting, and biology doesn't yield to bureaucracy."

"Who is the sire?" The grizzled black Wolf asked in a slightly more civil tone.

"Knight Tallerin Ryzish," Tes spoke up with some pride and received a fractional nod of approval from the older Wolf.

"Do you intend to continue at Knight Parn's side while they suckle?" He asked rather pointedly, though his manner held more concern than disapproval.

"No, Master Ryul." She inclined her head slightly. "I plan to stay at the Temple until they are weaned."

He nodded with slightly more approval for her choice.

"We both realize that pups that age have no business being anywhere near field duty, Master Ryul," Doruth said respectfully. "If necessary, I can take on missions for the Council alone, though I had been planning to take on a Padawan during at least part of that time, begin the training that would be best conducted here."

"Rather early to take on a Padawan," Master Noloth pointed out from his seat near the edge of the room. "Particularly given your history, and your current request. Many Masters have difficulty splitting their time between family, their duties, and training a Padawan."

"I am aware of this, Master Noloth," Doruth admitted, inclining his head towards the Frilled Lizard. "However, given that the Council recognizes my talents for missions conducted far from the core worlds, it seems more sensible to take on a Padawan during a period when I would already likely be spending more time at the Temple than normal.

"It is a logical plan," Master Kareth admitted from her own seat. "Particularly given that your duties, after taking on a Padawan, would likely be less far-flung for a time." The rust and grey-furred Vixen seemed to look through him, almost as though she was gauging Doruth's responses. And, in all likelihood, she was.

"*Are there any further questions?*" Master Essani asked the rest of the Council mentally. Each of them gave a small signal in return that said there were none. "*Does anyone here object to granting their request?*" With only half the Council present, any objection would need to be addressed before they came to a decision either way, but again the replies came back that there were none.

"*Jedi Knight Doruth Parn, Custos Tes Ramiris, the decision of the Council is to honor your request for permission to marry. You may make the arrangements as per your customs. And congratulations,*" the kushiban added, the golden tint of her fur deepening as she inclined her head towards them respectfully.

"Thank you Master Essani, Councilors," Doruth smiled, bowing his own head.

"Yes, thank you." Tes bowed more to Master Ryul, her head tilted slightly to show her throat in acknowledgement of his rank over hers before they were dismissed to make way for the next petitioners.

"So, how did things go with Doruth?" Shivasta asked as she sat down at Jay's table in the cafeteria that evening.

"Pretty good," he grinned. "He's still with Tes, though she's gone all maternal on him and is going to have pups in a few months. I think he's pretty happy about it, even with the crimp it'll put in his travel. He's looking for a Padawan too."

"That's good," she smiled. "Though wouldn't it be kits?"

"Nah, they're all Wolf. One of the Knights on Ambria sired them. Doruth's just their father."

"Ah," she nodded. "Didn't know he was mated to a shewolf. Do you know if they'll be staying around the Temple more once they're born?"

"That's the idea," he nodded. "At least she will be. He'll be around a lot more for a while once he chooses a Padawan."

"That will probably keep him around," she agreed. "At least with that ship you told me about they'll have plenty of space for everybody once they start traveling again," she smiled. "You like him, don't you?"

"Yeah," he nodded, his voice a lot more subdued between bites. "He's a good kat, and he got me out of hell. Nar Shaddaa's not a fun place to spend a couple years."

"Not from what I've heard," she agreed, working on her own dinner. "Did something happen?" She asked, looking at the younger kat's eyes before he dropped them to pay attention to his meal.

"No," he sighed and shook his head. "Nothing's likely to either."

"That's the problem, hmm?" She shifted to sit next to him, squeezing his shoulder lightly as she guessed what had caused the sudden shift in her friend's attitude.

"I was kinda hoping," he leaned into the contact even as he shuffled the reaction behind stronger shields to keep those noticing it to a minimum.

"I'm sorry," she said softly. "Might have something to do with being mated," she pointed out. It also occurred to her that Jay's age might have something to do with it, but she wasn't sure if that was a good thing to bring up.

"And he's got issues with being first," Jay managed a shrug. "I was pretty much expecting his reaction, I just wanted to be wrong."

"It's all right," Shivasta smiled slightly. "Besides, between his family that's on the way and training a Padawan, it'll probably be easier to try again later on."

"I know," he smiled at her and buried the way his brain was screaming that the whole point was to have Doruth be first with a desire not to have to explain why again. That practical part of him that had known since he was eight that he wouldn't have the luxury of having older kin show him how things worked and how not to get hurt shunted that much more of his heritage away to where it wouldn't get involved. "I've got plenty of time."

"Right," she nodded. "He might even change his mind eventually. Other things you can do until then," she smiled softly, leaning over to nuzzle him lightly and felt as much as heard his breath catch at the surprisingly intimate touch.

"Thought we were going slow?" He murmured with stern control of his heart to keep it out of his throat and not even sure how to control what was happening lower down.

"Sorry," she blushed, pulling back as her cheeks turned to a light violet. "I didn't mean it like that...."

"It's okay," he managed a shaky smile. "It's a kat thing."

"Probably closer to a 'Walker thing," she admitted. "It's not quite that intimate a gesture with my people, I forget that sometimes."

"Walker?" He glanced at her, grateful for the distraction and change of subject before he did something truly stupid.

"Ice Walker," she explained. "It's what my people's name translates to, roughly."

Jay nodded and reached over to squeeze her hand gently with a half grin of both amusement and concern. "At this rate, 'going slow' isn't going to be a week."

"Well, my Master wants us to take as much of that week as possible, after last night," she chuckled slightly. "I think she was as surprised as either of us were."

"I don't think Master Essani was, but I'm beginning to doubt there is anything that can surprise her." Jay chuckled with a shake of his head. "She was pretty worried though. I don't think this was high on the list of things she was looking forward to."

"Surprise, no, though you manage to give her grey fur often enough to count," Shi teased.

"This time wasn't one," he chuckled. "Except maybe a little surprised about the extent of what happened, given how we both reacted."

"Honestly, I'm glad nothing more did," she smiled. "As much as taking it slow might not be that slow, I think it'd be better if we didn't do that quite yet."

"Me too," he smiled shyly at her. "You might want to finish eating before we draw any more attention."

"Yeah, they're probably wondering why you're so quiet," she teased, moving over to work on her meal again.

"And why you keep turning purple," he grinned teasingly.

"That most of them have figured out by now," she giggled, wondering what they might be doing afterwards ... and how they'd keep it from going farther than they wanted.

Later that evening, dinner done, the sun setting over Coruscant, Shi and Jay were studying on one of the many balconies along the Temple Spire, somewhat secluded and offering privacy for meditation or reading.

Among other things, Shivasta was thinking. She put her datapad off to the side, stretching out after an hour of reading over thousands of years of theory and interpretations of the Jedi Code. She moved a bit closer to Jay, looking out at the sunset.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" She asked him softly.

"Yes," he smiled, first at her, then at the uniqueness that was Coruscant's sunset and shifted a little closer to her. As much as he wanted the contact, the touching they had had before, he was nervous about it now too.

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of this view," she murmured, reaching up to rub his shoulders lightly with one hand, slowly starting to scratch the back of his neck again and felt as he nearly moaned as all kinds of tensions fled his mind and body.

"No, or any nice view really," he began to purr and happily submitted to whatever she had in mind. It just felt too good to be touched to care right now.

"Mmm... Jay?" She moved to face him slightly; hesitation and uncertainty clear in her dark blue eyes that caught his attention more than her words.

"Yeah?" He searched her face for a clue where this was going.

"How slow?" She asked, not quite sure how else to word the questions in the back of her mind.

He stared at her, taking a significant moment to figure out what she was saying.

"How slow..." he repeated, trying to find an answer in himself and not having much luck.

"Stay dressed?" He suggested hesitantly, not sure how else to put limits as it started to really sink in how little he knew about even the physical end of things that happened before actual sex was happening and it was all instincts.

"Works for me. Don't be afraid to let me know if it's too much," she murmured, leaning close and kissing him softly, her hands around the back of his neck, rubbing and scratching lightly, but loose enough that he could pull back if it was too much. As much uncertainty as she could feel, backing away wasn't on his agenda.

"Mmmm," he murmured and shifted closer to run his hand along her sides, giving into the desire to feel her body with his hands and against his chest.

She murmured something; she wasn't entirely sure what, as shivers passed through her skin. She kissed him again, her cool lips pressed against his warm fur as one of her hands shifted to explore his back and sides, rather than simply scratch them. She felt him arch against her and groan softly in pleasure and kiss back harder, not knowing what else to do but try to get closer to her.

His groan was matched by one of her own, her tongue slipping out to caress his lips lightly as she closed her eyes and started to let instinct take over, tempering it with the mental reminder that it couldn't be followed all the way. Then an even stronger one as she felt Jay start to let go and truly feel the arousal of the situation and her presence.

Jay shuddered and opened his mouth; his rough tongue ghosting over her cool lips in an invitation he didn't completely understand was wasn't fighting.

She gasped slightly as their tongues touched; she'd known his body was warmer than hers, but not quite how much warmer until just now. Or how rough it was. The descriptions did nothing to prepare one for actually feeling a tool meant to remove flesh from bone against the sensitive flesh of her mouth.

Still, she didn't let it stop them as she deepened their kiss experimentally, her hands stilling as they just focused on holding him close and trying to keep the moment without feeding the fire she could feel inside her any more than necessary. The fire rising more slowly in his body did nothing to help her. Neither did the feel of her breasts rubbing against his tightly muscled chest through both their robes.

She was glad she'd chosen to wear robes today, instead of her usual outfit. It probably would have been half-off by now.

"Gods," she moaned softly between kisses, making up in enthusiasm what they lacked in skill. "Mmm ... Jay...."

"Yeah?" He rumbled as his mouth found its way down her jaw to her neck where his teeth and rough tongue made even more of an impression. "You taste good."

Her breath caught, the intimate touch stealing any thoughts she'd had as a soft, pleasant groan escaped from her throat.

"You like?" He breathed hotly against her soft blue skin, wondering if he'd found a hot spot for her.

"I like," she agreed, nodding slightly, his breath at that point between unusual and uncomfortable that was almost impossible to describe. Her hand roamed his back, trying to return some of the pleasure he was giving her with touches to the points along his body she knew he particularly liked.

"Good," he murmured and went back to exploring every inch of exposed skin with his lips and tongue. His hands got a little bolder too as one slid between them to caress her breasts, his body heat easily felt through the creamy cloth covering them.

"Oh Jay," she moaned softly, her breath quickening between the moments when it caught in her throat. She hadn't meant for things to go this far honestly, but she had no real clue how to stop it just yet, even if she wanted to.

Which she wasn't entirely sure if she did.

She couldn't stop the whimpering cry that escaped as his head moved down to nuzzle her breasts, almost mouthing them. She pulled back slightly, trying desperately to catch herself while she still could.

"Jay," she gasped, "s-stop!"

Even before her next breath his hands were gone and there was a good half arms length between them as he tried to settle his breathing and ignore the tingling tightness in his sheath that was demanding his attention like never before. "Sorry."

"Don't be," she murmured, putting a hand to her chest, still able to feel his body against hers, though the sensation was fading.

Even if the memory was doing anything but that.

"You did stop when I asked," she pointed out, smiling at him slightly.

"Yes," he acknowledged, still a bit reluctant. "I wonder if it's always like this." He murmured as adult behavior started to make a lot more sense.

"What parts of it?" She asked, chuckling weakly as she started to calm herself down.

"The intensity, how it feels to touch, be touched." He swallowed and regarded her softly. "You do know about felines, right?"

"What about them?" She asked, reaching out to stroke his cheek gently. "I know about the roughness, with your tongue and ... other things," she admitted. "I'm not worried about that right now... once you get used to it, it's kinda nice," she blushed.

"Good," he breathed a small sound of relief and leaned forward to kiss her lightly. "Tes usually ended up pretty bloody."

"I trust you to keep that from happening as much as you can," she said softly, returning the kiss and running her hand down his chest. "And I am a healer in training," she pointed out with a soft smile, "for what you can't." She pressed back slightly, her hand lingering on his arm. "We should probably be getting back soon," she said, just a little reluctantly.

"Yeah," he murmured, at least as reluctantly. "Before one of them comes looking."

"See you tomorrow, same time as usual, right?" She asked, looking up into his eyes hopefully.

"I'm looking forward too it," he smiled and leaned forward to kiss her lightly before he stood, a little too aware that he was close to not letting it stop there.

Shi stood up as well, lowering her eyes slightly as she blushed.

"Jay? Thanks... that was good," she smiled, hugging him briefly before walking out and back to her quarters.

"Yes, it was." He murmured before following her and doing his best to get his body under control before he got back to his quarters.

Master Essani hopped down the halls to Master Jienhui Ursal's quarters, running over in her mind what they needed to work out before their Padawans decided to work it out for them. There was little doubt in her mind that Shivasta was good for Jay, the kit had truly blossomed in the last few months now that he had a companion near his own age. It was not without risks, however, particularly when Jay was a bit older and starting to face his inner demons.

That would prove risky for both of them... though, at the same time, it was hard to deny that Shivasta could prove the difference between Jay being able to face it or not.

"Greetings, Master Essani," the massive, black-furred Bear said softly as she opened the door to her quarters to let the kushiban in, the fur of her ears tinged silver with age.

"Greetings Master Ursal," she chirped in her spoken language that so few here understood. It was usually a pleasant distraction to come talk with the healer; today, it was a little more serious.

"Come in," Master Ursal said easily, turning out of the way. "Thank you for making time to speak with me," she added, honestly grateful.

"It is always good to talk to you," her fur rippled a light silver-gold in many remembered evenings of entertaining discussions. "But when it involves a Padawan, I would never turn you away."

"Especially not when it involves both of ours," Ursal nodded, moving to take a seat on a large couch built to handle her large, muscular frame. She gave a welcoming gesture towards a smaller set of cushions laid out for Essani, mulling over where to start.

"How is Jay coping with this?" She decided to start.

"With much more forward thought than one his age should even begin to have." Essani sighed with a click of her long front teeth. "Which considering he's having difficulty separating adolescent exploration from pre-mate behavior, it is a good thing."

"It's good that one of them is," the Black Bear chuckled slightly. "Shivasta does care for him, but she's not really prone to thinking very far ahead, more so than most young adults. Do you think it's healthy to let them keep exploring like this?"

"She is very much the kind of personality that would be of great help as he grows up," she nodded slightly. "But it is a dangerous path for her as well. How much have you heard about Jay's particular issues?"

"Enough to know that he will have to grapple with the Dark Side more than most will," Ursal said. "I'm afraid that I don't know too much more than Shivasta does on that count, and he hasn't explained all the issues to her yet."

"From his descriptions, his family has a Dark Side creature of significant power attached to it. Something that takes a very personal interest in corrupting them throughout their lives. An influence that he believes cannot be defeated alone. She will not face it directly, at least she is not likely to, but his emotional bonds to those close to him are what will allow him to remain Light. The one of his family that turned Dark was notable only in that he was alone with only the Demon, as they call it, for company."

"That is an issue," she nodded grimly. "Though one she will be well-prepared to cope with by the time I'm done with her. You believe that Jay is willing to consider her as such a mate then, once they are older?"

"Yes," she nodded thoughtfully. "He is concerned that he is responding primarily from adolescent hormones and being the only one of his kind here, but he also describes her quite accurately as having all the qualities that will make a good mate for him. He hasn't mentioned the difficulties having young will be for them, but he is also from a strongly polygamistic society for both genders so it may not be something he thinks about as a real issue.

"She is from a similar society," Ursal nodded. "She will also want children by him eventually, if they continue as I believe they will. Her people tend to take their first mates relatively young. The age has been increasing lately, but it's very possible that by the time she is a Knight she would be married and ready have children on her homeworld."

"Jay's family seems to have less structure in that, but then the first four generations happened ... less than willingly." Essani clicked her teeth in displeasure. "His father's generation was the first to actually choose to have children, and those came much later in life. It has left its mark on him. I really do not know if he would welcome, accept or reject the idea of children. He doesn't know yet."

"I certainly hope that wasn't the norm on his homeworld," Ursal frowned. "I can see why that would be an issue, especially as proud of his heritage as he's known to be ... there's no sign that he thinks that's normal, is there?"

"Thankfully it is not." She shook her head a bit. "It is something he is proud of them for having survived, but there are no indications that it was even acceptable for his kind, much less normal."

"Good," the Bear nodded with a deep rumble. "It's bad enough on worlds where it's acceptable when they keep it to themselves. I suppose we have to decide if there's anything that should be done about their relationship."

"I am concerned that Shivasta may not want the deep emotional bond he will need with her. It is not a common way for us."

"Nor for her people," Ursal agreed. "But I believe she is capable of it, given time. If he wants one soon, there may be difficulty. But if he is willing to wait, to build the bond... I'll talk with her; see if they're already heading towards trouble in the future."

"He will need it before he faces his Demon, which will not be for a decade if things go as planned. Not until he is ready for his Trials."

"I understand, and I'll make sure she understands this. She does care for him Essani, that much is clear. I'd been worried about that, honestly, though it sounds like it's a good sign."

"It is for him, yes." She nodded. "It is possible he will find another before then as well, but it would be good if it is not necessary. Matchmaking is not my strongest skill."

"Which only proves you're Jedi, not perfect," Ursal chuckled. "If you would like, if it doesn't work out with Shivasta, I'm sure we'll be able to help try finding somebody for him."

"It would be good to have help before it has to go any further than us," she nodded. "He does need a mate, and I would prefer one that will stay close to the Temple overall. He doesn't need another warrior in his life."

"He plans to take a more peaceful path himself then?" Ursal asked approvingly.

"A scholar and designer," she chirped happily. "Though he is under no illusions that it may not be the path that chooses him."

"Fitting paths for him," Ursal smiled. "Though it does raise one concern... he isn't opposed to the idea of leaving the Temple for field work, is he?"

"No," Essani chuckled. "He just does not wish to go hunting for trouble when it will happily come find him, to use his words. It can not be easily denied he will do well at anything he sets his mind to."

"I don't doubt it," Ursal nodded. "Something that can be said of most promising young Jedi. I simply wanted to make sure there wouldn't be problems between he and Shivasta on that count. Healers may be able to stay at the Temple much of the time, but we do have to go into the field sometimes yet."

"As will he, from time to time. His Gift, even at this level, is far too valuable to some field missions to avoid them even now. That will only increase when he is a Knight and in full possession of his Gift's abilities."

"Very true. That may prove a curse, eventually," Ursal cautioned. "I'm sure you recognize it already, but he could easily find himself spread far too thin, given that most Jedi can't communicate with machines the way he can."

"We know. Fortunately my position on the Council will allow me to keep an eye on his mission load even after he is a Knight. I am quite sure he will not do it on his own. That is also something that that he has a long heritage of if his stories are even partially accurate. They are quite dedicated to helping, even when it is not in their best interest. Something far too many Jedi are like."

"And that healers are especially prone to," Ursal chuckled a little ruefully. "Something very difficult to train somebody with the ability and desire to do good not to do."

"Something I know you are still guilty of." Essani snickered. "Not that anyone here is likely to complain about, but I remember what you look like after a mission."

"The worst lesson to have to teach any PadawanPada is the one the Master hasn't yet learned," she smiled slightly. "And I am going to have to teach Shivasta one of these days. I just hope it's not for some time... not before she has to learn the real meaning of it, at least."

"Yes," she agreed. "Some lessons can only be learned the hard way. Some of us never learn them."

"Let's just hope that learning them doesn't break the learner, especially in Shivasta's case," Ursal nodded softly. "More healers are lost that way. A more pleasant subject, perhaps?" She suggested.

"Well, I believe our Padawans are on their way home, and will probably appreciate some privacy for a while." Essani clicked her teeth in amusement and flushed reddish-pink. "Perhaps take this to one of the gardens?"

"Am I going to have to have another talk with Shivasta about not going too fast?" Ursal asked, rising from her seat.

"Not if Jay's state is any indication." She chuckled. "I doubt they did more than kiss."

"Which, for a teenager, can be more than enough to make things awkward," Ursal chuckled slightly. "Let's move to the gardens before she comes back. Last time something like this happened, I swear she looked more like a twi'lek when she saw me."

"I have no doubt," Essani giggled and flashed a deep pink of amusement. "Jay has fur to cover his reaction. It's not even always enough."

"No, it's not," Ursal agreed, moving to lead the way out of her room, holding the door open for Essani. "Shivasta, on the other hand, turns this lovely shade of purple."

Fenrik rumbled softly at the scent of a heavily aroused and frustrated male feline. This was exactly what he needed, and no doubt exactly what the other tom needed too. He licked his whiskers back and sniffed the air, following the pheromone trail as much as the Force ripple his target's potent physical state were creating.

He rumbled deep in his chest when he caught sight of his target. The Force was being kind to him tonight. It had handed him the very tom he'd been watching for three weeks in a state he wasn't likely to refuse a quickie, and quiet possibly could be convinced to stay for more.

There were times he truly loved having his Master's quarters all to himself while he was on a mission without him.

He'd just have to figure out how to approach this properly. Rumor mill had it that Jay was probably seeing Shivasta seriously after all.

"Hey," he said, his voice friendly as he walked up behind Jay and saw the younger tom wince fractionally at being caught. "What's up?"

"Hi," Jay managed a smile for him at he glanced back and felt his breath catch at what could easily be a fifteen year old Doruth. "I think I've seen you around."

"Probably have," Fenrik admitted. "I know I've seen you around. Master Essani's Padawan? Jay Clawson, isn't it?"

"Yeah," he nodded, shifting uncomfortably to make his arousal a little less obvious. "What's your name?"

"Fenrik Aren," the Panther said easily, offering Jay his hand. "So, what's got you all wound up?" He asked, deciding a direct approach was probably best right about now. He thought he'd misjudged when Jay looked ready to bolt, but he did stay.

"Nothing, really." He stammered, thrown badly off balance be being on the receiving end of his own teasing, only he wasn't so sure the Panther was teasing him.

"Relax, Jay," Fenrik smiled. "You just seemed a little tense, thought I'd offer to help you work it out a little."

"It's okay," he managed not to mumble and shifted to start back to his quarters despite what the lower half of his body wanted and suggested he do with this attractive Panther his own age.

"It's not a problem Jay," Fenrik offered, reaching out to put a hand on the younger tom's shoulder lightly enough that he could still pull away, but enough that he was keenly aware of the power in the older Panther's body. The conflict in Jay's body was obvious, even without bothering to try and sense it through the Force.

"I can tell you'd like a little help," he added with a soft rumble that went most of the way to breaking what was left of Jay's resistance.

"I ..." he started a denial, then let his eyes close for a moment and felt the warm power that called so strongly to that part of him that wanted the strong warrior. His next breath drew in a deep lung full of the Panther's scent that did as much to arouse him as the time on the balcony with Shi had.

"My quarters are private, for now," Fenrik offered and went with a gut instinct to risk it and leaned down to kiss Jay, drawing him close against his body as the lean tom wrapped his arms around his neck and kiss back until they were both almost breathless.

"My Master's on a mission; won't be back for some time...."

"All right," Jay rumbled agreeably even as the back of his mind was trying to figure out when he'd lost control so completely.

"C'mon," Fenrik rumbled back, starting to lead the younger tom back towards his quarters. "It's not far."

"Good," Jay rumbled and pressed closer as he gave in and stopped fighting the desires completely.

Fenrik was just glad they didn't run into anybody on the way; he was fairly sure that this probably wouldn't be approved of. Soon enough, they were in his Master's quarters. He turned as the door closed, drawing Jay close and kissing him, licking the younger tom's lips tentatively and felt them open willingly.

The first touch of a rough tongue against his sent such a spike of desire through Jay's body he felt ready to explode right then. He closed his eyes and let go, feeling how incredibly right this was on a level even more primal than his instincts.

Meanwhile, Fenrik's hands were busily working their way under Jay's robes, the intoxicating scent and feel of the incredibly aroused tom against him encouraging his explorative touches as his powerful fingers finally worked through dark red fur and felt inexperienced hands working his robes off to explore the hard-muscled body and sleek black fur under them.

Neither were completely sure when they had finally shed all their clothes, but then Jay was on his knees, nuzzling and licking Fenrik's heavy balls, full sheath and arched cock with it's barb-hairs just beginning to break the surface around the head and still contained in the sensitive bumps along the rest of the length that had only begun to show below the head of Jay's.

"Oh yes!" The Panther hissed, leaning forward against the wall and panting heavily as his cock was explored with tongue and fingers and the side of Jay's face before he took the tip of Fenrik's cock into his mouth to suckle and lick it, teasing the handful of exposed barbs with his tongue.

Fenrik rawred and reached down, rubbing Jay's ears and the back of his head almost instinctively, thrusting lightly into the wet, welcoming mouth as his shaft seemed to get even harder, if it was possible. Even as good as he felt, he could feel that Jay had never done this before and he'd have to be careful not to hurt him when his brain began to bliss out.

"Oh fuck," he groaned as the smaller tom began to purr, adding vibration to the rest of the sensations assaulting Fenrik's cock. "Jay... not long...."

In response, he sucked a little harder and ran his tongue around the cylinder of spongy, bare skin at the head of Fenrik's cock. It earned him a roar of pleasure that was cut off in the middle as Fenrik clamped his jaw shut, his cock spasming as his seed spurted out into Jay's mouth.

Even expecting it, Jay couldn't even begin to swallow all the gooey mass that shot into his mouth, leaving most of it to flow out, coating Fenrik's cock and soaking the fur of his groin before dripping to the floor while the rest oozed down Jay's chin and throat.

The Panther panted as his spent shaft slipped from Jay's lips, then got down on his knees to lick some of the sticky fluid from Jay's throat. He could feel the tension such an intimate and vulnerable touch caused, and that it disappeared before he could stop.

"You ever done that before?" He asked with a rumble.

"No," Jay breathed, trembling in his own arousal.

"You're very good at it for your first time," Fenrik grinned. "Mmm ... want me to return the favor?"

"Yeah," he trembled slightly in anticipation.

"Stand up then," the Panther rumbled. "Unless you want to get to my room first?"

"Either works," Jay breathed and claimed a kiss, his tongue probing deep into Fenrik's mouth. Fenrik returned the kiss with every ounce of the passion behind it, tasting his own scent on Jay's breath.

"Room," he said simply as their lips parted. He stood up along with Jay, starting towards the smaller quarters just off from the main room. When they were there, he turned to kiss Jay deeply, running his hands down the younger tom's body hungrily as he guided him towards his bed.

Once he was sitting on the edge of it, Fenrik started kissing his way down Jay's body, rumbling deeply as Jay spread his legs and leaned back with a groan.

"Oh, yeah," Jay rumbled and arched into the contact wantonly. He was rewarded with powerful fingers fondling his downy-furred balls as the smooth underside of Fenrik's tongue caressed his rigid cock. Jay moaned, his body shaking and right at the brink from this first touch by another person.

He took a shuddering breath as his claws dug into the bedding with a sharp cry. His balls tightened and cock quivered before the first shot of come burst out.

His older lover closed his eyes, taking Jay's seed on his muzzle and throat almost by necessity before he wrapped his lips around the still-hard cock hungrily, starting to bob his head up and down its mostly-smooth length as the come continued to shoot out.

Jay tensed as he was gently pushed down on the bed before a slender finger slid around the furless pucker of his ass. Still, he knew this came next and he quickly relaxed, willing to embrace the full extent of a male lover as long as it kept feeling this good.

"Let me know if it's too much," Fenrik rumbled up at him, moving his finger to the side and running the bottom of his tongue lightly around the tight ring of muscle, slicking it and trying to relax Jay at the same time.

The sound he got in reply was a gurgling mix of intense pleasure and surprise, then a longer moan and shiver of pleasure.

"Oh, yeah." Jay closed his eyes and grabbed the blankets, trying to ground himself enough to not miss a moment.

"How far do you want this to go?" Fenrik asked, pausing in his attentions long enough to for Jay to catch his breath.

"Got lube?" He asked, unwilling to go much further without it.

"'S'why I was asking," Fenrik nodded with a chuckle, ghosting a warm breath over Jay's shaft, making it quiver and harden a bit more. "I've got some."

"Wanna feel you in me," Jay moaned softly.

"I was hoping you would," the Panther rumbled with a broad grin, moving to fetch the lube. He squeezed some out, starting to coat and stretch Jay's pucker carefully. He'd only done this twice before, but he'd learned to take a little time already no matter how hard it was to wait when his partner was hard as a rock and whimpering for more.

Their size difference made it even more important. He really could hurt Jay if he wasn't careful. It was enough to keep him focused past the sounds and smells of his lover until he felt the last trace of discomfort fade with three fingers sliding slowly in and out of Jay's ass. Fenrik was willing to bet he could get him to come again before he sank into the hot virgin ass waiting for him.

The temptation was strong enough to make him hold of a bit, taking Jay's shaft into his mouth and suckling hard as he stretched and probed his ass with his fingers.

"Gods!" Jay cried out at the unexpected assault. His body arched into Fenrik's mouth as he came hard, his body squeezing tightly around the intruding fingers as a second load exploded into the Panther's mouth.

Fenrik swallowed as much of it as he could, some dripping out of his muzzle to join the rest that stained his dark fur as he pulled his fingers out of Jay's body and slid up along it, rubbing his rigid shaft against the younger tom's spent balls.

"Oh, wow." Jay groaned, his body trembling in the aftershocks. "You feel so good," he murmured and pulled Fenrik's head down for a searing and somewhat sloppy kiss.

"Not half as good as you do," Fenrik rumbled as their lips parted, their seed mixing in their fur. "Mmm ... wanna roll over? Probably be a bit easier that way."

"Okay," he nodded and reluctantly moved far enough away to roll to his hands and knees, his tail to one side as he looked back at the Panther, his entire presence radiating his desire.

"That's better," the Panther rumbled, pressing up against Jay's back and groaning as he slid his shaft into the younger tom's hot, well-stretched ass.

"Ohhh," Jay moaned softly at the new sensations that felt so incredibly right. The small part of his brain that wasn't absorbed by pleasure tried to work out why he went so willingly with Fenrik when doing even half of this with Shi still made him uneasy, for all the pleasure of touch was the same.

"Fuck," Fenrik groaned, long and low. "So tight!"

Jay was beyond words, his body and mind overwhelmed by the incredible pleasure and rightness he was feeling with this tom over him, filling him, rubbing against his back and ass and balls and thighs.

Fenrik started to thrust into him, slowly at first, each motion sending pleasure tingling through both of their bodies. He pulled out almost all the way, sinking back in, gradually speeding up as he nuzzled, kissed, and licked at Jay's neck as Jay got hard again and began to thrust back into each stroke.

Their bodies shuddered, each motion drawing them closer to another release their bodies wanted so badly. It wasn't long before they reached it. This time, Fenrik didn't even try to muffle his roar, pumping his hot, thick seed deep into Jay's body, the tip of his shaft rubbing against a spot inside the younger tom's ass that sent bolts of pleasure shooting through him.

"Yessss!" Jay roared a moment later, his balls tightening up against his body as his seed spilled into the blankets below him and his body tightened around the shaft deep inside his guts.

Fenrik actually whimpered softly at the tightening, milking sensations around his spurting cock, panting hard as he tried to sink himself as deeply into Jay's body as he could before it was over.

"Ohhh, gods," Jay gasped, trembling and spent and still intensely aroused by the presence of his lover.

"So good," Fenrik murmured softly, gradually shifting the two of them onto their sides, his shaft still deep in Jay's ass as they willingly surrendered to sleep and contentment. Jay didn't even consciously recognize when his Master asked him where he was and didn't ask him to come back to their quarters.

Jay woke up the next morning to the very welcome feeling of a warm mouth and rough, eager tongue working his shaft and moaned, reaching down to rub Fenrik's ears sleepily.

"Mornin'" the Panther mumbled around the cock in his mouth, rumbling deep in his throat.

"Morning," Jay gasped as his brain clicked completely into the physical world. "Ohhh, good morning."

"S'posed to be," Fenrik grinned, turning his focus back towards Jay's morning wood, and giving it a good reason to go back down.

"Ohhhh!" He groaned and thrust up into that hot mouth, his body trembling as he got close to the edge now that his mind was well and truly with events and relishing it. It was the fingers against his ass that pushed him over, reminding him oh-so-pleasantly of how last night's final games had gotten started as he exploded into the Panther's mouth without reservation.

"Mmmm," Jay murmured as he started to come down a bit and stroked Fenrik's ears. "How about you?" He purred softly.

"Mmm ... care to return the favor, or want to take me under that pretty little tail of yours again?" The Panther asked, looking up with a grin as he licked a little thick, off-white seed from his lips.

"Come here, you." Jay grinned and pulled Fenrik up for a lingering, hungry kiss while he reached between them to stroke the bumpy cock that was so much more sensitive than his own.

"Oooh... mmm...." The Panther's noises quickly became less coherent, but more heated, as Jay stroked his shaft and they made out. His breath came more quickly when Jay's fingers found his free barbs and began to play with them, tweaking each with a carefully unsheathed claw while his thumb ran around the spongy, cylindrical head just above them.

"Not long, Jay," Fenrik warned him, pre leaking from his shaft.

"Good," Jay grinned at him and pumped faster while his mouth demanded everything Fenrik had to give. And he gave, loudly and in copious amounts over Jay's belly, chest and hand as Jay continued to stroke and kiss him until he came down. Then he moved on to rub Fenrik's chest and kiss down his neck.

"Can I be on top this time?" He crooned, his hands roaming over the powerful body.

"Just make sure you use the lube too," Fenrik nodded, kissing him deeply. "Mmm ... in here, or want to play in the shower?"

"In here," he giggled and squirmed out from under him to get the lube and froze, his eyes going wide in a mixture of surprise and embarrassment at what he saw at the bedroom door. "Shi?"

"Th-the door opened," she half-stammered in explanation, her own eyes wide, her cheeks flushed a deep purple. "I... I...." With that, she turned and bolted from the room, but not before even Jay sensed the near-wave her emotions sent through the Force.

"Knew I should've double-checked the locks," Fenrik murmured. "Jay, you and her... are you two serious?" The rumor mill said they were, but he honestly hadn't thought Jay would've gone along with his invitation the night before if it was likely to cause any trouble between them.

"Maybe," he snapped himself out of the surprised stillness and squirmed the rest of the way out from under the bigger tom. "I better clean up and find out what that was all about." He said apologetically with a fairly heated kiss.

"You'd better," Fenrik nodded, returning the kiss. "Want some help in the shower? Just cleaning up."

"Mmm, sure." He purred softly. "Maybe we can pick this up later."

"We'll see," the Panther smiled, standing up and licking Jay's cheek lightly. "Now, let's go get you cleaned up so you can sort out what's going on with Shivasta."

"Cub, what happened?" Master Ursal captured her heavily distressed Padawan in her arms as the door to their quarters closed.

"Jay he... with Fenrik...." Whatever she was trying to say was broken up as the young woman buried her face in her Master's thick fur, crying.

"Oh, Shi," she murmured gently, letting her cry the strongest of the reaction out as she stroked her long blue hair comfortingly. It took several minutes, her Padawan shuddering and shaking, though the tremors through her body, and that her stormy, conflicting emotions were creating around her, gradually subsided.

"I don't even know what's wrong," Shivasta whimpered after a few minutes.

"It will be all right, Shi," Ursal rumbled gently and continued to stroke her hair. "It can be a very bad shock if you aren't expecting it."

"I wasn't," she murmured. "Gods I wasn't... even with last night, we were both so nervous about it...."

"And this morning you see him very much at ease with someone else," she murmured understandingly and wrapped Shi in a blanket of loving warmth that was both physical and in the Force. "Have you discussed relationships with others with him?" She asked as gently as she could. "What his cultural norms are? Or his personal inclinations?"

"Not yet," Shi admitted. "Not directly."

"If you think you can forgive him being with a male, it might be good to try. Before either of you go further." Ursal said gently and licked the worst of her Padawan's tears away. "You could have seen many things, cub, beyond the obvious. I do not believe he meant anything hurtful by what he did."

"What if this has... what if this isn't the first time?"

Ursal looked down at her and nuzzled her gently. "What if it is?" She asked back gently. "Does it change what is between you, the truth of anything he has told you?"

"He said he didn't have anybody else," Shi nodded slightly, pressing close to her Master's comforting presence. "At least I thought he did."

"Then be sure that is what he meant, and that he was with Fenrik before then before you think ill of him." Ursal advised gently. "There is a great deal unknown about this."

"I know, Master," Shivasta nodded slightly. "I... I should try to calm myself down, before I go look for him."

"Go meditate in the frozen garden," the graying Black Bear advised her. "He will come to you when it is time."

"Yes Master," Shivasta nodded, stepping back and trying to straighten herself out a little. "Thank you," she added gratefully before she left.

Jay shivered slightly and fluffed his fur against the biting cold of the frozen garden. He appreciated the still white beauty of the place, but it was not his idea of a nice spot to hang out. It was cold for a warm-weather kat like him, but very much home to the cold-worlders like Shi. Not even his nose wanted to work well as he tracked her to her meditation spot near a waterfall held still in ice.

He found a spot where she could sense him and settled in for her to acknowledge his presence. It took a few moments, though he noticed the shift in her posture that said she'd realized he was there before she spoke.

"Hi," she said softly, lowering her head slightly.

"Hi," he said uncertainly and didn't move. Even with what Master Ursal had told him, he was still very much at a loss as to what had happened. "I didn't mean to upset you." He tried for a general apology, and it was true. He hadn't meant to upset her.

"I know," she nodded slightly. "Jay... you and Fenrik... how long has it been?"

"After we headed home last night." He said quietly. "It just felt so right, he's male, a Panther. I didn't ... it didn't occur to me that I shouldn't, because of us."

"And we never talked about it," she pointed out with a soft sigh. "I over-reacted Jay, I'm sorry. I just ... when I saw you two, and you seemed so comfortable with him ... I guess I got jealous," she admitted.

"He's a guy, Shi," he pointed out with a confused sound. "And a Panther, and a warrior. It makes a difference, at least for me. It ... that's ... Shi, I care for you. You're attractive and you're very good for me. But girls, and healers ... it doesn't come very easily for me. Any of us, really. Father said it's just how our brains were wired. There's what's best for us to stay out of trouble ... and there's what attracts us and makes us comfortable and feel safe and at home. You're the first, he's the second. I'm not really old enough for girls either."

"All right," she smiled slightly. "I hope you're more comfortable with me eventually... maybe soon. You want to go somewhere a little warmer to talk?"

"In time, yes," he smiled back in relief. "You really do make me want you," he dropped his eyes a bit, "and yeah, it'd be nice to be somewhere above freezing."

"You would never last back home," she smiled, blushing a bit at his compliment. "And thank you." She reached out, taking his hand and squeezing it gently. "Come on; let's head out to your koi pond."

"Maybe somewhere more private?" He suggested softly and drew her close. "Maybe I can make up for the shock a little?"

"What did you have in mind?" She asked, wrapping her arms around him reflexively.

"Whatever will let you believe I do want you," he kissed her lightly. "What's between me and Fenrik has nothing to do with what's between us."

"I believe you," she murmured, kissing him back softly. "Come on, let's find somewhere more private... my quarters, maybe?"

"All right," he agreed with an involuntary shiver for the cold. "And good."

"Come on," she said, stepping back to take his hand and start out of the frigid, icy room that reminded her of home so well. Before long, they were back at the rooms she shared with Master Ursal, whom she noticed was long gone.

"Thank you," she whispered softly, leading Jay into her room and sitting down on the edge of her bed after they made quite sure the door was closed and wouldn't open without warning.

"I'm sorry about interrupting you two," she murmured softly, taking Jay's hands as he sat down next to her.

"It's all right," he murmured and nuzzled her. "We should have locked the door. He's okay, we'll be okay."

"And I should've known better than to walk in when it opened," she admitted, blushing slightly. "Jay ... before we do anything, before anything else happens ... we need to talk, sort a few things out."

"I kind of figured as much." He nodded seriously.

"How much do you know about how your people, how your family thinks about relationships?" She asked him.

"Most of the basics," he nodded. "Not a lot of the specifics and legal stuff and how it actually works."

"Is having more than one mate normal?"

"Yeah," he chuckled sheepishly, finally remembering that wasn't always the norm. "Most of the time we're mates to the rest of our team, and usually someone on the outside too for kittens. Guys usually have a mate of each gender at least. Femmes do if they like both. At least when it's not Lifemate level, a guy isn't the same as a girl. I'd have asked you first if it was another female. It didn't occur to me to since he's a guy."

"We don't usually think of it as different," she admitted. "I... well, relationships are complicated for my people, at least when you're not raised with it. And I wasn't," she chuckled weakly, "at least not for more than a few years. Would it be okay if I asked you to check with me, if you can? Fenrik's okay, now that I know, and Doruth is fine if anything happens between you two, but I'd like to know if there's going to be anybody else."

"That's cool," he agreed easily. "No problem."

"Thanks," she smiled slightly. "Do you think you'll be seeing Fenrik again?"

"Probably," he blushed slightly. "I want to."

"You like him?" She asked with a slightly better smile, shifting on the bed to draw him closer.

"I like how he makes me feel," Jay purred softly and nuzzled her as he snuggled against her cool body. "The strength and safety when he holds me."

"Different from how I make you feel?" She asked him, rubbing his side gently while he snuggled against her and they both relaxed from the stress and conflict she'd felt before.

"Yes," he murmured. "You're very different. Calm, soothing, but you aren't a warrior, a protector. It feels different. Maybe 'cause he's feline too."

"Do you love him? Or think you could, at least?" She asked, moving an arm around his back.

"Don't know," he shrugged. "I barely got his name."

"I wasn't sure if anything else might've developed faster," she chuckled slightly, rubbing his back.

"That's later," he nuzzled her with a chuckle. "It's going the reverse of with us."

She blushed slightly, tipping his chin up to kiss him tenderly and felt the soft rumble of arousal it brought in him.

"Do you want us to go the rest of the way?" She asked him softly.

"Only if you're sure," he breathed in sharply. There was no doubting he wanted to, though. "It's not why I went with him."

"Do you mind going slow?" She asked him softly, kissing his jaw line lightly as he groaned. "I've never done this before."

"No," Jay gasped with a shiver. "Nether have I."

"Let me know if I do something wrong," she murmured, turning to press him down to the bed beneath her slender, cool body. The surprise that rippled across his frame with an intense spike of arousal came just before his arms wrapped around her and pulled her down, against his hot, aroused body for a kiss as demanding as anything she'd felt before.

"I will." He murmured and ran his hands down her back to feel her ass and gently spread her legs so she was straddling him. "You let me know too," he rumbled seriously. "I didn't pay much attention to how with a femme."

"And I never learned much more about how with anybody," she admitted, groaning slightly at the feel of his hands running along her body. She pulled back slightly, shedding her robes to reveal her slender body. Her pale, rich blue skin quivered as Jay's hands caressed their way up her abs and stomach to gently fondle her breasts as he tried to remember how to breathe.

With a deep moan she leaned back down, kissing Jay deeply and pressed close to his own body as she started to open his robes while he explored her cool skin with warm hands and a hot mouth until she pinned his arms to his side getting his robes off.

Finally, she worked them off, leaving them both nude on her bed; his arousal as visibly obvious to her as hers was to him by scent. She pressed close to his warm, furry body and nuzzling his neck softly, rubbing his sides as her breasts pressed against his tightly muscled chest.

"Oh, gods," Jay moaned and thrust his hips up against her smooth, cool flesh as his hands ran down her back to squeeze her ass. He pulled her hips up a little further so his full erection could rub against the only other bit of hair she had, a trimmed triangle just above her sex. As they kissed he shifted to slide the tips of his fingers down the crack of her ass to caress the slick split in her mons with a feather-light touch.

"Ooh..." She moaned softly, sliding her damp flesh along his body. "That's good," she murmured softly, pressing against his shaft as she rubbed against the smooth, hard length that made him pant and shudder.

"Yessss," he hissed and gripped her ass tightly, guiding her motions into his own as his cock slid into the slick valley between her lower lips. "Close. So close." He gasped and closed his eyes as his body tensed, his motions becoming more erratic and sharp as he pressed into the cool slickness and growled in need.

"So hot," she groaned, her own body tingling inside, the pleasure shooting through her beyond most anything she'd felt before. "Gods, Jay, please... ooh...."

"What?" He got out between gritted teeth, holding himself back for the moment.

"With me," she gasped, her juices leaking out and down his shaft, "so close!"

It was all he could do to keep his claws sheathed as he thrust up hard and pulled her hips down with a roar, his burningly hot seed shooting across her clit to land on his abs before his cock began to rub it into her sex with each thrust and grunt that pumped more between them.

She gasped sharply, her body tensing in his hands before she sealed her lips against his, kissing him desperately as she came hard, her body hungrily clenching, aching to be filled.

He held her there, her mons pulsing around his twitching shaft as they both calmed down a little.

"That was good," he murmured and kissed her hungrily again. "Very different too."

"Good different?" She with a murmur as their lips parted, nuzzling his neck.

"Yeah, a good different," his breath caught as their hips moved when he ran his hands up her back, then down to caress her breasts with his thumbs.

"Mmm ... that feels good," she murmured, kissing him lightly. "Think you'll need some attention before you can handle another round?"

"Not really," he chuckled with a bit of a blush under his fur and rubbed his still-hard cock against her sex before he tightened his grip a bit and rolled them over to put her on her back. He rumbled and kissed down her neck to nuzzle her breasts even as his hands rubbed her thighs.

"Oh...." She moaned softly, rubbing his back and scratching at his neck and ears lightly. "Jay... is this going too far? Little late to ask now, but... mmm...."

"I'm okay," he rumbled as he stretched to lie next to her and kissed her while his fingers began to slide along her lower lips.

"Oh yes," she moaned, his fur adding to the sensation of his touch against her most sensitive flesh as she wrapped her own hand around his shaft and stroked him lightly.

"Ohhhh," Jay shuddered, his concentration broken for a moment as he caught his breath. "The nubs," he moaned as he ran a finger around her hard clit.

She nodded slightly, her breath catching as she worked on teasing the tiny bumps just below the spongy head of his cock with her fingers much the same way he was working her clit. His mews as he buried his face against her shoulder and began to thrust into her hand added enticement to the way he squeezed and rubbed her clit and sex.

"S-Shi ..." he began to tremble and worked his free arm under her back to hold her tightly.

She wrapped her own free arm around him, holding him close and kissing him hotly as she stroked his shaft faster, paying special attention to the tiny spots that were making him feel so good.

His breath quickened as pleasure began to disrupt his fine motor control, turning his rubbing into pressure against her clit. A deep growl pressed his clenched teeth against her soft skin with a shudder. Burningly hot liquid splashed across her hand, side and belly even as sharp claws made pinpricks in her skin.

Her own breath quickened, the mix of pain and pleasure pushing her closer to her own orgasm. She pressed her body against his, crying out as her next climax rippled through her young body.

Gradually they both caught their breath and pressed close, Jay licking the pheromone-rich sweat from her skin for a high that didn't let him soften. Her pleasant moans for his exploration turned into a sharp gasp when he buried his muzzle against the richest source of the intoxicant and began to lick her sex of its juices. She reached down, rubbing his ears and the back of his head, doing her best to focus on giving him even half as much pleasure as he was giving her.

She could feel his control begin to slip, something blurring his mind as he lapped at her swollen and twitching sex until he actually nipped her clit. Not enough to draw blood, but enough it was a little more pain than pleasure even before his rough tongue attacked it.

"Ow! Jay!" She pushed his head back, panting hard, looking down at him apologetically. His tongue was just too much, at least that side of it. She hoped he'd change his focus instead of just going back for it again.

"Sorry," he mumbled and lowered his muzzle slightly to lap at her lower lips before he pressed his tongue experimentally into her body.

"Ohh...." She groaned deeply, leaning her head back. As much as it had been too much on her clit, it felt incredible inside her like that, the powerful, hot muscle scraping her tight insides against and again while his muzzle pressed against the outside. She lifted and spread her knees a bit, shuttering a bit in surprise at the spike in intensity it caused.

She couldn't help herself from tightening her hands against the back of his head, pressing his muzzle against her even more. She could feel the way his mind clouded as he licked more eagerly the closer she got to the edge again.

It didn't take long for her to come again, her smooth, blue-skinned thighs tightening around his head as she moaned deeply, giving him a rush of her juices and scent as a reward for his efforts. It made him hungry in an entirely different way and he moved up her body to kiss her almost desperately, his hard cock rubbing across her sex as he sought to sink into her body.

As badly as she wanted him inside her, and she did want it badly, she remembered what he'd said about not being ready. And the troubling way he wasn't thinking clearly.

"Jay," she panted, pushing him back slightly. "Jay, stop...."

For a second she though he wasn't going to listen, but despite the way he was panting, he stilled, looking down at her with a bit of a wild look in his amber eyes.

"You didn't want to do this," she murmured, sitting up a little bit and rubbing his back. "Maybe I can do something else for you instead?"

He nodded slowly and kissed her more gently. "A shower maybe." He rumbled, still seriously turned on. "Your smell ... never knew anything like it."

"Thank you," she blushed, reaching down to rub his shaft lightly. "Maybe in the shower I can return the favor? Or here, we can always clean up later...."

"Shower," he decided despite the moan she caused. Then his breath caught for an entirely different reason. "Crud!"

"What?" She asked, looking over at the clock, her own eyes widening as she realized that they were both very much late for when their training usually started.

"Yeah," he blushed brightly. "Share a shower? We're already late, we might as well not smell too much of why."

"They probably already know," Shi pointed out, still blushing. "But yeah, that'd probably be a good idea." She grabbed her robes, and then something occurred to her. "How hot do you usually shower?"

"Hot, but right now I could use a cold one." He found the last of his clothes and poked his head out the door to see if there was anyone in the living space waiting to pounce on them.

Fortunately, there wasn't.

"That probably would be a good idea," she blushed, grabbing the rest of her own clothes and moving up behind him, holding her robes up in front of her. "It looks like Master Ursal isn't...." She blushed even more.

"She says we should get the shower and quit worrying about being caught. She also says that if we're not out in thirty minutes she'll come in to make sure we're staying on track...."

Jay choked, nearly loosing his footing as he bolted for the bathroom. "Cold shower. Definitely a cold shower."

The two of them were finished and dressed again in record time, well before they had to worry about the thirty minute "limit." Shi gave Jay a quick kiss before he left, but for once they managed to keep it at that.

Before long, Jay was tearing through the halls back to his own quarters as quickly as he could. All he could really think about was just how much trouble he was probably going to be in when he got back.

As the door opened, he was greeting by Master Essani sitting on the floor next to it, looking up at him with the closest thing the kushiban had to a stern expression, her fur a deep, almost maroon color.

"Master," he bowed to her. "My apologies for loosing track of time."

"*Sit down, kit,*" she said as her expression softened slightly, her color lightening. "*We need to talk.*"

"Yes, Master." He did as told, really not wanting to hear whatever she was going to go over before he had a chance to work out what had happened for himself.

"*I'm not going to scold you for what happened,*" she told him, hopping up onto her own seat, turning to look at him. "*Normally I might, but your situation isn't normal, and it's something your culture encourages. But I hope you see that you have to be a bit more careful about it?*"

"Yes, Master," he bowed his head. He really meant it to. Running on instincts was something he really needed to work on avoiding, or at least controlling better. They didn't have much place here, at least not the ones he tended to end up using.

Essani's color seemed to drain away back to her normal white, and she sat down calmly. "*You nearly hurt somebody you cared about today Jay, though unintentionally. This is what I meant, when I warned you about the emotions involved with love and sex.*" There was no reproach in her mental tone, simply a gentle, almost motherly tone. "*You need to think things through a little bit more in the future. And to try and not lose yourself when you're intimate with somebody.*"

"Yes, Master," he bowed his head again even as he added 'and learn the local rules' to that list. All together, he rather wished that the last two days hadn't happened. Or at least that Shi hadn't kissed him in the pond. It had led to too much he wasn't sure of now, events and knowledge that scared him in retrospect and brought too many doubts to his mind.

Essani stood and walked over to him, nuzzling his arm gently.

"Go meditate for a while, Jay. You need to sort things out ... but don't be afraid to ask for help, of myself or the other Masters."

"Thank you, Master," he lifted a hand to scritch her almost on reflex before he stood to find his favorite spot deep inside the Temple's Shadow Garden to work out what he was going to do.

Doruth watched the assorted Jedi practicing in the gym with interest. He remembered the long days he'd spent honing his own skills just a little too well, but it was worth it. Looking around, he realized that the skill levels varied as much as they always had. Some of the Padawans, Knights and Masters were as good as he was or better, some of them were worse. More of them were worse than the last time he'd spent any real time here.

There was one particular Padawan he was focused on though. Fenrik Aren. He'd heard about the relationship the Panther was starting to have with Jay, and wanted to get to know him a bit better. Watching him now, practicing despite his Master's absence, he was struck by how much the younger Panther reminded him of himself when he was younger.

With a Temple upbringing, of course.

Still, he had to wonder if that had something to do with Jay's interest, given what he'd said the other night.

"Padawan Aren?" He asked once Fenrik had finished his kata.

"Yes, Jedi." He brought himself to a relaxed stance and faced the Panther twice his age with the respect do to any who had passed their Trials.

"You're not bad," Doruth observed. "Would you care to join me in practice?"

"Thank you," he bowed slightly and smiled a bit eagerly. "I would enjoy an opponent."

"Would you prefer to start out on the offensive, or defense?" Doruth asked with a smile of his own, drawing his lightsaber and igniting the bright blue blade as his opponent's brilliant white one flared to life and Fenrik dropped into an easy defensive stance.

"Defensive," he chose his weaker skill.

"Very well," Doruth nodded, shifting into a formal attack stance. He centered himself, then made a few light, probing attacks that he knew Fenrik would be able to parry easily, trying to read the younger Panther's fighting style. It wasn't a surprise, well, not much of one, when it became clear that Fenrik was both aggressive and of varied style for his experience. Doruth expected Fenrik held the same place he did: top in his class.

A few more experimental strikes and Doruth was getting flashbacks of what he must have looked and fought like fifteen years ago.

Except for one small difference. Fenrik, so far, still fought by the rules. It was helpful that their styles were so similar; most of the flaws were the same.

"Watch your left," Doruth warned him. "You favor your strong arm too much."

He couldn't help but appreciate how well Fenrik responded to a correction he no doubt had heard many times already. The kit was as serious about correcting his flaws in live combat as he was about the katas. A distinction that marked a sharp difference from what he'd seen of Jay's training. He didn't like fighting a live target with a lightsaber, though to be fair no one else particularly liked being around it either when the Darkness in Jay began to flair at having a target.

Jay just didn't understand the difference between sparring and fighting yet. He always went to the latter... and the way he responded to it was something Essani would probably have to work on a lot before he was ready to become a Knight. Fenrik didn't have any issues with that yet.

"I'm going to change things up a bit," Doruth warned the younger Panther. "Just block for now, but try to focus on anticipating what I'm going to do before you see me start to do it." He relaxed a bit, making sure he did give Fenrik enough warning, though not making it too easy for him. He started to mix it up, dropping out of the formalized dueling techniques Fenrik was used to and working in some of the personal techniques he'd developed.

He felt as much as saw the teen focus a bit more on the Force that could truly tell him what was coming. He wasn't as skilled as he was in the formalized pattern, but his Master and experience had clearly begun training him well for the real world. Strike, dodge, parry ... they easily fell into an understanding of just pushing Fenrik's limits that came a bit too easily for not being Master and Padawan.

"You're doing well," Doruth complimented him after a few minutes. "Now, go ahead and mix some offense in. Watch for leaving openings when you're getting ready to attack."

Fenrik nodded and did his best to keep his defenses up, even not striking on most of the occasions when Doruth gave him an opening that would force him to give the older Panther one in return. They were both peripherally aware that they had drawn a small crowd, including one slightly pregnant shewolf, and Doruth couldn't help but approve that it didn't change Fenrik's focus at all.

It wasn't long before Doruth stepped back slightly, lowering his lightsaber and holding it off to the right. He smiled fractionally when it was mirrored instead of Fenrik extinguishing his saber and held there for the couple breaths that were expected for good form.

"Thank you, Jedi." Fenrik bowed and extinguished his saber, Doruth's own fading.

"You're welcome, Padawan," Doruth smiled, bowing his head respectfully. "Are you expected anywhere, or are you free to talk for a brief time?"

"I am free. My Master is away on a mission." He grinned slightly, though it was obvious to most that he'd much rather be with his Master on that mission than with free time on his hands at the Temple. Something else that stood in strike contrast with Jay, who would likely be happy if he never saw field missions.

"Then why don't we go grab something to eat and talk a little once you've cleaned up," Doruth suggested with a smile. "I'll meet you outside the gym." As Fenrik nodded and hurried off, the Panther turned to Tes, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek as he holstered his 'saber.

"I'll see you later," he told her softly as the small crowd dispersed. "I just want to talk with him a bit about Jay."

"Just try not to scare him too badly." She chuckled and kissed him back. "Jay's getting old enough to make his own choices."

"I'm not trying to scare him," Doruth chuckled. "Just making sure Jay's making a good choice. Try not to flirt too much with the Jedi you practice with," he winked. "Don't want things getting too rough," he added, rubbing the small swell of her belly gently before he left her to watch the sparring, and he went to meet with Fenrik.

He was only about half surprised to see the teen waiting for him just outside the gym's main door, his robes in order and his tail swaying lightly.

"Knight Doruth Parn?" Fenrik asked him politely.

"Yes," Doruth nodded. "Though you can call me Doruth, if you wish."

Fenrik nodded and grinned at him a bit nervously. "I'm not going to hurt your kit, sir." He said seriously.

"You guessed what was coming up, hmm?" Doruth chuckled, smiling some. "I'll admit, I do want to talk to you about him. Though he's not my kit, not really at least."

"There aren't that many reasons you'd pick today to notice me, Doruth." He pointed out politely with a curious look. "Then it's not true that you brought him here and petitioned for his acceptance?"

"That is true," Doruth corrected him, leading the way from the gym towards the cafeteria. "But he's not mine by blood, and I doubt he'd say he thought of me like a father if you asked him. By the way, what do you prefer to be called? Padawan, Fenrik, something else?"

"Fenrik," he nodded and kept pace easily and held his peace about Temple gossip that said Jay definitely did consider Doruth is local next of kin.

"All right," Doruth nodded easily. "At any rate, he's a great kit. His real parents are probably worried sick about him, but there's no telling how long it'll take them to get to this part of space ... if ever. And I do care about him," the older Panther admitted.

"It shows," Fenrik smiled a bit. "Both ways. He thinks a lot of you if talk is anything to go by."

"He's mentioned it," Doruth chuckled, blushing slightly beneath his fur. "At any rate, you can see why I'm interested in talking with his new boyfriend."

"I'm not sure I am," he admitted as they walked and rubbed his neck. "His girlfriend hasn't had her say yet, and Jay didn't have a clue what the deal with her was."

That explained the ruckus Doruth had heard about that led to finding out about Fenrik in the first place.

"Is it true she caught you two together?" He asked, stepping into a lift.

"Caught implies we were doing something wrong, sir." He pointed out firmly but politely. "She did walk in and see us together, yes."

"I hadn't meant to imply that, Fenrik," Doruth said appraisingly. "Though I can see why that would cause problems for all three of you," he admitted. "You want to keep seeing him, assuming he comes to an agreement with Shivasta that allows it?"

"Yeah," he nodded thoughtfully. "It may sound presumptuous, but I don't think it was an accident that I came across him last night."

"The Force works in mysterious ways," Doruth granted. "There are some issues you would need to be aware of before the two of you got into a serious relationship, but I want to check with him before bringing them up. He prefers to keep them private," he explained.

"The Dark in him?" Fenrik nodded as the lift came to a stop. "I kind of figured he'd bring it up if this was going to be more than a one-nighter."

"I wasn't sure if you were aware of it yet," Doruth nodded. "And he probably will. He likes to keep it under wraps, but he brings it up with people who should know, that he trusts." The two of them got off the lift, walking the rest of the way to the cafeteria.

"I don't blame him for it, but anyone who's seen him spar with a real opponent can feel it in him. My Master said it was probably fear-triggered, not anger or bloodlust based."

"In a real way, it is," Doruth nodded. "A couple years on Nar Shaddaa on top of his background before that, and he's used to fights being for his life, not for practice."

"Ouch," Fenrik winced in sympathy. "That's not a fun place for a mission. No wonder he's grateful to be here."

"Most people who've spent any time living there would just about kill to even be in the slums here," Doruth chuckled slightly. "I was just glad I could get him out of there. He's paid me back for it at least three times over too, without my asking for more than help getting us both off-planet."

"Can't say I'm surprised," he smiled slightly at the older Panther. "He's well known for being generous to his friends. And just as well known as someone not to get on the bad side of." He added with a bit of a chuckle.

"Oh yeah," Doruth agreed with a chuckle as the two of them fetched their meals and found seats. "He can make your life so miserable if he wants to."

"That tech-talent he has," Fenrik sat down with a grin. "It tends to blind-side folks to. It's not exactly an obvious gift."

"No, and when you're lightsaber turns off in the middle of a fight it's not exactly something you're thinking is going to happen," Doruth agreed with a chuckle.

"No," Fenrik blinked. "I hadn't heard about that one. That's nasty."

"I imagine Master Essani's done her best to train him not to do that except in a real fight," Doruth chuckled. "From what I understand, he had a bad habit of using his tech talents to solve most of his problems early on. Effective too," he observed.

"As tech-intensive as this world is, I don't doubt it," he nodded thoughtfully. "He'll be quite the unique field operative if anybody manages to talk him into it. I expect he'd be good at it too."

"Probably," Doruth nodded. "Though it sounds like he would prefer to stay in the Temple as much as he can."

"What I heard too," Fenrik nodded. "I heard it's why he's with Master Essani and not you."

"Yeah," he admitted. "And he's more scholar than warrior. Master Essani is a much better fit for him."

Fenrik nodded, not about to question a choice of Master.

"What was Jay's life before Nar Shaddaa?" He asked quietly as they ate.

"From what he told me, he lived on a colony ship," Doruth explained. "There was an accident that ended up with him on Nar Shaddaa and his ship light years away with no clue where he was. As much as he loved space, I was a little surprised that he wanted to stay on one planet," he admitted. "Though I suppose being able to fly off whenever he can get into a fighter helps. He could probably tell you more about his life before, I didn't ask too much about it. At the time, it seemed better not to make him focus on it."

Fenrik nodded and took a few bites, working on just how to ask what he wanted to know without asking Jay directly.

"He was about ten when you found him?"

"About," Doruth nodded. "Assuming he was tracking years right. Makes him about thirteen now," the older Panther pointed out, his meaning clear.

"With more skill than anyone with the experience he claims should have," he said quietly, watching the Knight carefully. "Something he probably didn't pick up here."

"If you're asking how he made a living on Nar Shaddaa," Doruth said, shaking his head, "that's not how. He was a petty thief, not a part-time hooker. But it sounds like his family was pretty loose, relationship-wise. Kit knew way too much about sex for any ten year old when I met him."

"There are worse things to be naturally talented at," Fenrik chuckled a little self-consciously. "It just didn't seem to mesh with somebody who'd gotten his first kiss two days ago."

"I'm surprised it's taken him so long," Doruth chuckled. "Shivasta?" He asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"From what I've heard," he nodded. "They hadn't really gotten past necking last night. I was half surprised he went with me, much less stayed the night."

Doruth fought the urge to ask Fenrik what he'd been doing making a suggestion like that to somebody as young as Jay. After all, they were a lot closer in age, and it had come just hours after Jay had hit on him.

"You two friends before that?" He asked instead.

"Not really," he stayed still despite the urge to put some distance between himself and Jay's guardian. "We met a few times since I got here."

A couple years ago, he might have had to put that distance between the two of them. As it was, Doruth's displeasure was noticeable, but he didn't seem angry.

"Was he your first too?" The older Panther asked, pretty sure he knew the answer already.

"No," he admitted quietly, his tail down and head slightly lowered in instinctive submission to avoid angering his better. "I've been with a couple other guys. He was acting older than me when I came up," he pointed out quietly. "You don't usually get into girls till your mid-teens."

He actually preferred that answer, honestly, and he couldn't refute the point that if Jay'd been making out with Shi beforehand, it made him out to be significantly older than he was, something Fenrik would have had little way of knowing until they were undressed and well too late knowing Jay.

"How did it happen?" Doruth asked quietly, but firmly. "I can guess that you asked him, but why'd you ask him, and how'd it work out?"

Fenrik swallowed. In retrospect, he'd done plenty to get himself in serious trouble if the Knight or either Master involved took offence at it, even if it wasn't technically wrong. Just Jay's age, something he hadn't even thought of until things were over with, could look bad. It was just two years different, and Jay was into puberty with the first of his barb hair nubs, but it could be made to look very bad.

"Even before my Master left for his mission, Jay had my attention." He said quietly, trying to put the events he'd never questioned in order. "He didn't spend much time alone though. I never really got a chance to talk to him. Last night I was looking for company, and he wanted it, badly. I wasn't expecting him, I just did what I usually do and walk until I catch the right scent.

"I offered to help him wind down. We kissed, I think I started it, but he was in charge so fast. We didn't get much past the main door to my quarters before we were kissing and touching again. He licked and mouthed me as soon as he got my robes were off. Didn't take him long either." He paused to focus himself enough not to cause too much of a ripple.

"When I asked him how he wanted it, he asked to have me in him." Fenrik shook his head a bit. "I made the first move, but it wasn't my ideas past that."

Doruth mulled it over for a few minutes. It didn't sound like he'd taken advantage of Jay; he certainly didn't believe he had. Jay probably wouldn't either ... and, unless Essani was going to raise the issue, that was what mattered. Jay did have the right to make his own choices, after all. Even if they weren't necessarily the brightest ones ever.

"When you found out who I was, you said you weren't going to hurt him. Make sure you keep that promise, unless he gives you a damned good reason to break it."

"I'm not suicidal, Knight Parn." Fenrik looked at him seriously, it all too clear in his manner that that was just what he considered hurting Jay to be, and that it wasn't entirely do to the protectiveness of the other Panther.

"I wish you luck with him then," Doruth said, bowing his head slightly, "assuming you're with him after he sorts things out. Just take good care of him when you can."

"Thank you," Fenrik inclined his head, more relieved that he'd realized for a while. "I will."

Doruth stretched slightly as he walked back to his temporary quarters after talking with Fenrik. It had actually gone fairly well. He'd still have to talk with Jay later, but it could wait. The kit needed his meditation time and as the door opened, he caught sent of something that needed his attention more. He chuckled and started to undress once the door had closed, then stepped the short distance to the bedroom where Tes was laid out on the bed, her attention on the lower two pair of tits that were starting to fill with milk for the pups that had begun to show in her swelling belly.

"Want some help with that?" He asked her, licking his lips as he took in her body. As much as he loved the sleek, muscular look she usually had, there was something very appealing about her like this too, so full and round with new life.

"Always," she grinned at him and extended a hand in welcome. "Everything's getting sensitive."

"Mmm ... even these?" He asked, quirking an eyebrow as he took her hand, kneeling by the edge of the bed and licking her much smaller secondary breasts tenderly.

"Ohhhh yeah," Tes gasped and arched into the contact as she ran her hands along his shoulders. "Especially those."

"Mmm ... good," he grinned and rumbled, licking at them, suckling lightly at the swollen mammaries and their hardening nipples that made her squirm and moan more than teasing her breasts normally ever managed.

"Ohhh, Doruth," she rubbed his ears and spread her legs, encouraging him to both continue and to move lower. "That tongue of yours is indecent." She shuddered in raw pleasure.

"But you love it anyway," he grinned up at her, nuzzling over to the swell of her belly, licking her navel tenderly, then down to her slick sex.

"Raaoowwww!" Tes howled and gripped whatever her hands were near as her body quivered so close to an orgasm it hurt. "Ohhh ... Doruth." She shuddered and pulled away a little. "Want you in me." She breathed sharply and curled up to kiss him hotly. "Without getting yelled at again. Healers gave me a new ... lube-stuff to use."

"Mmm ... to put in you, or on me?" He asked with a rumble, returning the kiss hungrily.

"On you," she licked the side of his jaw and reached between them to stroke his nearly full erection. "Promised it wouldn't dampen anything, but they're really wound up about scarring right now."

"I can understand why," he rumbled. "Mmm... you want me to put it on and let us see if it works, or mind if I try giving you a little TLC first?"

"When have I ever objected to anything you wanted?" Tes breathed hotly and kissed him. "Just need to put the lube on before you get serious."

"I will," he promised, kissing her tenderly and moving up to lie down beside her. "Let's see what it takes to make you whimper my name, hmm?" He ran his hands down her front, caressing her breasts and belly before ghosting his fingers along her swollen lips.

"Very little," Tes murmured, then moaned and spread her legs for him and snuggled against his broad, flat chest.

"Then we'll probably be moving on soon," he rumbled, licking her muzzle tenderly, shifting one leg to help hold hers up as he fingered her sex, holding her close with his free arm.

"Yes," she shivered, her tail wagging against his balls as her sex quivered around his gently exploring fingers. "Ohhhh, yessss."

"Like that, hmm?" He rumbled, rubbing her clit lightly, then reaching down, circling the hot, wet entrance to her body with a dark-furred fingertip.

"Ohhh, Doruth." Tes whimpered and arched against him, spreading her legs further, silently begging him to fill her.

He pressed a fingertip into her slightly, teasing her a little more as he rubbed his own rigid cock against her ass.

"Tell me what you want," he rumbled deeply.

"I want that hard cock of yours where your finger is," she whimpered and pressed back against him. "Want you to fuck me."

"How badly?" He asked with a deep, lusty rumble. He knew he was just teasing her; he was already reaching for the lube they were going to use with his hand, leaving her pussy unattended.

"Bad," Tes whimpered hotly and shifted a bit so his cock slipped forward to rub across her hot, slick mons.

"Mmm ... guess I'd better get inside you then," he rumbled, kissing her as he spread the thick green gel over his shaft. "Can't deny you anything," he purred, pressing into her with a deep groan. The coating the gel provided transferred the tightness and warmth of her sex perfectly, pulling at his barbs as he started to thrust into her.

"Oh, Gods!" Tes howled and stretched out along his body, relishing having Doruth inside her without any pain. Each slow thrust drew a fresh rumble from each of them as he held her against his chest gently and fondled sensitive breasts.

He savored the sensations as he licked and nuzzled her neck and shoulders, his powerful body rubbing against her back and rubbing all her breasts with his hands as he sank himself into her body time and again. As difficult as it was, Doruth kept his body strictly under control as her pleasure mounted and her body gripped him more and more tightly.

"Ohhh, Doruth." She moaned as she gave into her pleasure.

"Mmm ... Tes," he rumbled, licking her neck as he thrust into her sex a little faster. "So hot...."

"Fill me with your seed, Doruth," she cried out sharply, her body milking his cock. "Tell our pups who their father is."

He let out a roar, coming hard and pumping his seed into her deeply as her body milked him for every drop.

"Oh, yes!" Tes squeezed down around the hot smoothness deep in her body, panting as they came down slowly.

"Mmm ... you like it with that, hmm?" He rumbled softly, contentedly, fondling her breasts as his hands strayed from one set to the other.

"Yes," she murmured and turned her head to kiss him lightly. "It's nice not to have it hurt."

"I'm sorry about all that," he murmured, returning the kiss. "Have to thank whoever came up with this when you see them next. They outdid themselves."

"Yes, they did." She murmured and shifted to face him for a lingering kiss. "And the pain is not your fault, Doruth. I knew before you ever touched me what I was getting into."

"Mmm ... still, glad they figured out a way around it," he murmured. "After all," he winked, "only way you liking sex more is a bad thing is if you end up working me to death."

"I have faith that's not possible," she grinned and snuggled against him. "You just bring it out in me so much."

"Mmm... I do my best," he rumbled, nuzzling her fondly. "Love you Tes," he murmured softly.

"I love you, Doruth." She whispered back and claimed a lingering kiss. "More than I thought was possible."

"Hey, Shi." Fenrik called out to her softly as he walked up to her studying alone by Jay's favorite pond the morning after she'd walked in on Jay with him.

"Hmm?" She looked up, surprised to see the Panther there. She hadn't been too surprised that Jay wasn't there, honestly, but she'd just thought that meant she'd be studying alone. "Hello, Fenrik. Care to sit down?" She asked politely.

"Thanks," he settled down a respectful distance. "I was hoping we could talk a bit ... sort thing out between us."

"And between us and Jay?" She guessed, though it wasn't hard to tell that it was at least on his mind. "I'm sorry about yesterday," she opened up, something she was getting a little too used to saying. "Jay and I did talk about it."

"Yeah, well, I really should have locked the door." He blushed a bit. "He was just really distracting right then."

"I ah... think I've got an idea what you mean," Shi blushed a light violet. "He can be remarkably distracting when he sets his mind to it...."

"Yeah, he can be," Fenrik smiled fondly. "But mostly I came because we both care about him and we both want to stay in his life. It'd be good if we got along too."

"That it would," she nodded. "Though, just so you know, I don't mind you two seeing each other yet," she added with a smile. "Don't know if Jay would've told you yet."

"Not yet," he let out a small breath of relief. "Thank you."

"Neither of our people have ever really believed in sticking to one partner," she smiled slightly. "I was just a little surprised to see he'd already found another."

"More like another found him, but yeah, I get how that can be pretty rattling." He nodded seriously. "It's not something you usually expect."

"No," she agreed, leaning back and relaxing a bit. "You don't mind sharing?"

"No," Fenrik shook his head easily. "I don't mind. I'm not really into femmes yet, but if he's happy, I can't really object."

"I don't think he's really into femmes yet either," she admitted. "At least not as much as he likes males. So," she smiled, looking over at the Panther sitting next to her, "truce, friends?"

"Truce, friends," he smiled back. "And give him two or three years. You'll probably see a real change after his barbs start breaking through."

"So about your age?" She asked curiously.

"Yeah," he nodded, blushing a bit.

"What'd I say?" She asked, giggling a little.

"Just reminded me I'll probably be interested in you in a few months." His flush deepened. "It complicates things a lot."

"Uhm, yeah," she agreed with a blush of her own. "It would. Though I doubt Jay'd mind too much," she chuckled slightly.

"Probably not," he nodded slightly. "It's not like who sired the kits is an issue."

"No," she agreed. "Even if it was possible, it wouldn't be an issue for a long time."

"Very true," he nodded and cocked his head a bit. "So how did you two end up together?"

"I help heal him after he found out why you're supposed to wait until you're a Knight before you practice flying with the Force," she chuckled slightly.

Fenrik blinked a couple times. "He got far enough to require a healer from the crash?"

"He has a talent for trying things before he's ready, and making it farther than he has any real right to," she nodded with a slight smile. "He doesn't talk about it too much, obviously."

"I'm beginning to feel sorry for Master Essani," he murmured with a shake of his head. "And why she has him. Not many Masters could handle a Padawan like that."

"He's getting better about it from what I can tell," Shivasta chuckled. "He seems to be focusing on what he's supposed to be studying a bit more, so it's not as risky when he focuses on what he wants to."

"I expect Master Essani has added a few instructions for experimental time too, like 'don't try new things without me around'." He chuckled slightly. "At least for potentially dangerous ideas."

"I wouldn't doubt it," she nodded. "He said himself that he had a bad habit of turning her fur grey."

"At least she changes back," he cracked a grin. "Most turn grey from us and stay that way."

"Am I the only Padawan here who doesn't delight in leaving her Master new colors?" She asked, looking over with a slight smirk. "The chlorophyll incident aside?"

"Oh, most don't delight in it," he chuckled. "We just do it. Though I bet the green Bear was a bit of a sight."

"To my credit, I only managed that once," Shivasta chuckled. "And Master Ursal thought it was funny too. Not that I did it intentionally. Other than that, all her grey is natural."

"You're both Healers too," Fenrik pointed out with a smirk. "You guys never seem that inclined towards pranks or crazy behavior."

"That's because we have to keep you warriors and scholarly types on the straight and narrow," she smirked back. "Besides, if we managed to get ourselves hurt doing something like that, who'd patch you guys up?"

"And who'd be able to lecture us about not doing stupid things." He chuckled. "It doesn't come across quite as sternly when the lecturer is as guilty as the lectured.

"Very true," she chuckled. "Mmm ... though from what I've heard, Essani comes close with most of the lectures she's given Jay."

"Yeah, but she's his Master. It's different."

"True," she nodded. "Though it is a little odd to think of a Master as pulling some of the pranks she has."

"True," Fenrik chuckled lightly. "She never did grow out of prankster mode. But she's a rabbit. An odd sense of humor is required to get along when nine-tenths of the known universe conceders you either food or a pet."

"True, though it's amusing when somebody tries to treat her like either," Shivasta smiled. "I still remember this time not too long after I was here, some Panther cub tried 'hunting' her."

"Picked him up by the scruff and explained why you make sure something's not sentient before you go hunting?" Fenrik chuckled ruefully, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh," Shi giggled. "Sorry...."

"It's okay. Everybody who hunts gets that one. I did learn after the first round, after all."

"Which is better than a lot of others manage," Shivasta nodded. "Like that Navik creep, before he had himself shipped back to Rodia. Don't think he ever really accepted it."

"Yeah, him." Fenrik snorted. "You'd think they'd know better than to bring in certain races. Some just aren't capable of being socialized right, no matter how Force-sensitive they are."

"Fenrik," she said, frowning slightly. "There's always a chance. It was worth that much, even if it didn't work out. Who knows? Maybe some day he'll figure out where he went wrong."

"Maybe," he shrugged. "But most of the Jedi killers out there were trained here. They shouldn't be turned loose like that when they fail. We're making the Dark stronger that way, and loosing good Knights in the process."

"And only a handful of Jedi, Knights or otherwise, ever are turned loose that way," she pointed out softly. "There's no chance for redemption after death."

"Is that what they teach Healers?" He asked quietly despite the slight bristle of fur. "Make you fight death that much more."

"It's also true, as far as anybody knows," she pointed out softly.

"They're twisting the truth for you," he sighed. "Death is redemption. You rejoin the Force when you die. It's the ultimate redemption."

"Not if the hold of the Dark Side is too strong on you," she pointed out. "If the spirit fights rejoining the Force. And if it's not strong enough, then they can to the light without dying, make amends for their crimes, whatever they are. Either way, what does it say about us, if we're willing to kill somebody for something they might do in the future?"

He regarded her, and then shook his head sadly. "It says that the people in charge are willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of innocent lives rather than killing a few very dangerous people when they first knew they were trouble."

"The ones who killed the most we never saw coming," she pointed out. "Exar Kun, Malik, they were both well on their way to being Knights in good standing when they turned. Revan was nearly a Master, and if Knight Parn hadn't stopped him, Master Zykell would have devastated entire worlds. These are the people who've dedicated themselves to slaying Jedi, and they were Jedi until they turned. Nobody saw it coming until it was far, far too late."

"Because no one wanted to believe it, or it happened fast." He countered quietly. "It's not something that concerns us either, any more than why a government would let a disease ravage a world unchecked for years before calling for help. I get sent to pick up the pieces for the Council's mistakes, you get sent to pick up for health departments. Both could be avoided if the people in charge would see what was happening and act on it."

"I think we should just agree to disagree here, at least for now," she said quietly.

"Sure," he accepted easily. It wasn't a debate even his Master got far with very often. "So how did it go with Jay after he caught up with you again?"

"Well, we sorted out what had happened," she explained. "I misinterpreted ... well, pretty much everything," she admitted.

"Like what?" He asked, his tone quite gentle. "Maybe I can give you a heads up on any surprises that are coming."

"We'd been friends for weeks before kissing came up," she explained, blushing slightly, "let alone anything more. When I saw him in bed with you like that... well, I assumed you'd been together longer, and he'd told me that he didn't have anybody. So it started out just being a shock, and from there, I started to wonder if he'd lied to me about being alone, or other things he'd told me."

"Ah, no." He flushed a bit himself. "I was just lucky. You never left him alone long enough to have anyone else. I was looking."

"I didn't think I monopolized him that much," Shivasta blushed. "He explained it... he's just a lot more at ease with toms right now."

"I seriously doubt he wasn't enjoying it," Fenrik smiled slightly. "And yeah, welcome to feline biology. He'll figure it out on his own in a couple years if you don't teach him sooner."

"What is it about feline biology that makes males more interesting?" She asked. "You mentioned it earlier, but not why."

"Female felines usually need the extra stimulation of the barbs to have the right kind of orgasm to conceive," he explained easily. "So until they come in and a male can actually sire kits, interest in females is usually minimal. Interest in sex starts with the first nubs though. It's two or three years between the two when males are interesting but females aren't. He's just barely got his first nubs; it'll be a while before the barbs come in."

"So that's why those were so sensitive," she mused, her eyes getting wide as she realized what she'd just said.

"Yeah," he nodded. "It's nothing compared to what the barbs feel like though."

"I'll take your word for it," she blushed. "At least for now."

"You'll get your chance in a couple years," he nodded easily. "I don't see Jay taking off on you."

"I hope not," she smiled softly. "Though I don't know that he's gonna take off on you either. Thanks for finding me, Fenrik," she added. "It's good to get a chance to know you."

"It seemed like a good idea," he smiled a bit. "You'll have him a lot more than me after all. You're both staying at the Temple mostly, I think this is the longest stay I've ever had here."

"Just hope we don't both end up off-planet on a mission for too long," she chuckled. "No telling what's going to happen to him without us to keep an eye on him when Master Essani's too busy."

"He'd find someone else." He chuckled easily. "It's just how things tend to work. He's not the kind that takes walking alone well."

"Very true," she nodded with a smile. "He needs friends, at the very least. I'm afraid I have to get going," she said, sitting up. "Master Ursal won't be too happy if I'm late for my lessons again," she chuckled slightly.

"No, they never are," he nodded and waved her off.

The next day Shi went looking for Jay. She eventually found him swimming in one of the Temple's ponds, his robes at the shore. She could tell he was fairly well relaxed; there was something about how he moved through the water that seemed much more like his old self. She sat down by the edge of the lake, watching him with a soft smile.

They'd both been doing a lot of thinking the past few days, though he'd done more than she had. Talking with Fenrik had helped explain a few of her questions, and erased any doubts she had about her ability to share Jay.

She waited for him to climb out; she wanted to talk with him next, see how he was doing. She couldn't help but look him over appreciatively as he climbed up on the large flat rock and sprawled out on it to dry off. She also couldn't help but blush as she noticed his half-hard shaft. She walked over, leaning back against his rock.

"How's it going?" She asked him.

"Better," he nodded, rolling his head over to look at her. "How are you doing?"

"Pretty good," she smiled. "I talked with Fenrik yesterday. He's a nice guy, though it's definitely easy to tell he's a warrior at heart."

"I noticed, believe me." Jay chuckled. "It makes quite an impression."

"Mmm ... in case he hasn't told you, we've decided we'll try to be friends, and that we can share," she smiled, shifting to kiss him on the cheek lightly.

"Good," his tail patted the rock lightly and he rolled a bit to kiss her back on the mouth. "It'd be rough if you didn't like each other."

"Philosophical differences, but not anything we can't ignore or sort out," she smiled, nuzzling him lightly and reaching up to scritch his chest. "He did mention something though, that I've got to run by you before it's an issue."

"Mmmm?" Jay rumbled with a deep purr.

"Well, he explained why it is that felines don't get interested in females for a while," she explained, smiling at him. "And he mentioned that he might be developing an interest in me in the next few months."

Jay blinked and looked at her curiously. "News to me." He murmured. "But if you two get along that well, I'm fine with it."

"Mmm ... don't know if we will or not," she admitted. "But I wanted to clear it with you first. After all," she smiled, "fair's fair, right?

"Fair's fair," he chuckled and nuzzled her.

"And he said something about getting more interested once the barbs come in," she shrugged slightly. "Instinct thing."

"Possible," he nodded. "And just some exposure'll help too."

"Mmm ... well, we can work on that some," she smiled. "So, you have things sorted out better now?"

"Yes," he leaned the rest of the way to his side and kissed her. "Mostly it was coming to an understanding of why I did what I did, and what I wanted to do now."

"And what did you decide?" She asked him, scritching his chest lightly as his arousal slowly mounted.

"Mmmm ... that I made a mess of not figuring it out first, but I want you both in my life, for different reasons."

"What did you make a mess of?" She asked him. "What part, at least? After all, you're hardly the sole source of the mess the past few days have been in general."

"I made a mess of my part." He shrugged. "I didn't check to find out what your expectations were and I didn't find out before I went with Fenrik that you'd be okay with it. It's not like I don't know I'm not back home. Running on those social rules is just unreasonable."

"Well I made a mess of mine too, if that's the case," she smiled softly. "Went off without knowing what had happened, what was happening. What your expectations were. So, just for the record, let's just each blame ourselves and not worry about it, okay? We've taken care of it."

"Works for me," he rumbled softly and ran his fingers along her soft blue neck.

"Mmm...." She shivered slightly, rubbing down his chest towards his stomach. "Decide anything else, beyond that you want us both in your life?"

"To take my time to make this work," he murmured and guided her down for a kiss. "As little or as much as that means."

"It doesn't have to mean being uncomfortable," she murmured, returning the kiss, closing her eyes as she got into it. "No farther than you're comfortable with, whether you think I want it or not."

"I know," he rumbled and ghosted a hand over her breasts behind the light robes she was wearing. "I could feel how badly you wanted it, and you still stopped me." He kissed down her jaw and neck. "Thank you for that."

"You're welcome," she murmured, shivering again. "Mmm ... should we find somewhere more private?"

"Suggestions?" He rumbled and rolled to his feet down to the grass to get his robes.

"Anywhere we're not likely to be found by wandering Masters or people who won't let us live it down," she giggled. As he pulled his robes on, she walked up behind him and hugged him impulsively. "And maybe somewhere I can give you that shower I promised before we saw the clock," she whispered.

"That rules my room out," he turned in her arms and kissed her soundly. "Essani likes the sonic kind."

"Mine?" She offered. "Master Ursal kind of made an offer; she won't interrupt unless she has to or we're supposed to be somewhere in ten minutes."

"Works for me," he chuckled and nuzzled her. "I'm not due anywhere until after dinner."

"Then we'd best get going," she smiled, kissing him tenderly and rubbing his back before they broke apart to walk to her quarters.

Shivasta really had no doubt that everybody they passed on the way back knew that something was up, though she hoped they didn't know what. The trip back to her quarters was much longer than she wanted it to be by the time they finally got there, and she drew Jay close for a kiss that he returned with a fair amount of passion and explorative hands that worked under her light, loose clothes.

He didn't say a thing as he began to kiss down her neck, his hands under her short top to caress her breasts, his thumb taking special care in circling the hardening nipple when he found it.

She moaned softly, her hands working along his own back to find each point she could remember that would wind him up.

"Shouldn't we get to the shower?" She asked him, groaning as his furry fingers teased her nipples.

"Mmm, that's a good idea," he shivered in a combination of her touch and the thought of having her under water, even cool water.

"Let's go," she grinned, leading the way, shedding what little she was wearing on the way. "Mind if I set the water?" She asked him, climbing in ahead of him.

"Go ahead," he nodded as he stripped, taking a little longer than strictly necessary to watch her slender sky-blue form move and licked his lips in the hunger her backside raised in him. He wasn't sure if she'd realized the effect it had on him, but after she'd set the water temperature where she wanted it she leaned back up, playing her hands down along her body to accentuate her lean curves.

"Join me?" She asked him with a seductive shyness.

"Anywhere," he rumbled and stepped under the spray that made her skin glisten. It was shockingly cold, below what he took for a cool shower, but after an instinctive shiver he tried to think of it as rain and ran his hands up her trim body, his mouth lavishing attention on her breasts.

"Oh yes," she groaned, reaching down to stroke his sheath and fondle his balls, water streaming down her body and matting his fur. She could feel the pleasure her touch caused, but as he knelt and kissed his way down to the trimmed triangle of dark blue hair above her sex, she could feel that this was pushing his temperature comfort zone pretty seriously.

"Want to move to my bed instead?" She offered, realizing that it was definitely chillier than he liked.

"Mind if I warm up first?" He looked up, willing to pleasure her first.

"If you want," she smiled. "Just want you to enjoy this too, y'know?"

"It won't take much," he promised with a kiss to her sex before he stood.

"I'll meet you in my room," she promised, stepping out and grabbing a towel to dry off quickly before she wrapped it around her waist and walked out of the room. She could feel the heat on her back at the water temperature went up a solid thirty degrees and he groaned as the chill was burned from his body.

She shivered a little, though not from the cold. Just imagining being under that water almost hurt.

They'd definitely have to lay off playing in the shower.

It took her a moment, but it sunk in that it wasn't just the physical chill that had made him uncomfortable. Something about the cold triggered instincts that spoke of dangerous places and things to fear.

She lay down on her bed, stretching and waiting for him to follow her in, untying the towel and getting ready to open it when he was there. It didn't take him long; his fur was still a bit damp as he walked in.

"Sorry," Jay rumbled as he knelt on the bed to kiss her. "I'm just not built for those temperatures."

"It's okay," she rumbled, returning the kiss and laying the towel aside. "What about in here?" She asked, knowing that her room was probably still below what he was used to, for all that he hadn't complained before.

"In here I have my fur to make up the difference," he purred and kissed her softly, one hand trailing along her breastbone. "It's cool, but you warm me up."

"Why don't we see just how warm I can make you?" She offered, stroking his side and pressing into his hand. "Might not be in the shower, but I do still have a few plans for us, if you're in the mood to play...."

"Definitely," he shivered in pleasure and began to kiss down her neck to her breasts again.

"Mmm ... oh no you don't," she rumbled playfully, pulling him up for a kiss as she rolled over on top of him. "My turn to use my tongue this time," she smiled, kissing him deeply before she moved to nuzzle his neck and start kissing down his chest.

"Anything you want," Jay moaned softly and relaxed after his initial startled reaction. It didn't stop him from running his hands along her body, taking in her soft, cool skin that was so different from Fenrik's sold fur-covered heat.

She licked at his furless nipples lightly as she moved down his body, her tongue cool against his skin as her fingers worked his sheath and balls, slowly coaxing him to hardness. It wasn't a difficult task, she could feel the pleasure that wasn't completely physical every touch caused and he had no inhibitions about voicing it with a small multitude of whimpers, moans, groans, rumbles and purrs.

His hands didn't still either, their marked heat a wave that ran over her back and shoulders, encouraging her to go further down to where his cock was stirring in it's velvet-soft sheath. And lower she went.

When she reached his groin, she started to nuzzle it, lick at it, anything she could think of to draw his young cock out of its hiding place. His voice, as much as his body, told her what he liked best and she nuzzled him more, using her tongue and mouth on his balls as he peaked out; the spongy, cylindrical head rewarding her efforts along with his moans and pleasure.

She ran her tongue around the head, moaning softly at the heavy, musky taste. She took him into her mouth, far cooler than he was used to, but just as enthusiastic as she coaxed him out and teased his nubs with her lips and tongue.

He stiffened instantly with a sharp cry of raw pleasure that turned into a drawn out whimper; his entire body reacted to the bolt of sensation by stiffening even as he submitted completely to her attentions.

She moved her head up and down his length, playing her fingers along the nerves and pleasure points around his crotch, thighs and the furless pucker of his ass. She suckled on his shaft lightly, closing her eyes and focusing on pleasuring him. The sensations pouring off him, their utterly unguarded and unfiltered nature, was a distraction that made it more difficult to focus than when his instincts began to take over and he thrust his hips up into the cool, wet warmth.

For a few brief moments, she tried to find some way to keep focused, but quickly gave in to sheer instinct, moaning around his cock and pressing her finger into his almost painfully hot body. She let his reactions, both emotionally and physically, guide her to what felt best for him, her own arousal quickly mounting as his peaked.

"Sh-Shi," he shuddered, his hands working in her hair as he tried not to hurt her as his control of his hips began to slip.

She ran her tongue along each of his nubs, hungry for his seed, almost not hearing him as she worked him towards the edge, then over it with a roar. His hips jerked up sharply, shooting the gooey strings into her mouth with each thrust and it's matching cry of pleasure so intense it was nearly painful.

Shi pulled back sharply, but managed to keep his tip in her mouth, swallowing the intensely hot, bittersweet liquid as it poured over her tongue.

Once he'd finished, she pulled off of him, nuzzling his sticky shaft lightly, memorizing his scent and taste before she moved up along his body to kiss him lightly, pressing close. He wrapped her in an embrace and rolled them over, putting her on her back.

"My turn," he rumbled softly as he nuzzled his way down her neck, his hands exploring her body with a relaxed hunger he didn't try to control.

"Just wanted to be sure I got my turn this time," she teased playfully, moaning as his furry fingers and the hard tips of his claws played along her body, exploring to find the pleasure points that she knew by training.

"Ever had a fantasy about me?" He rumbled, his breath hot against her bare skin as he nuzzled her breasts, giving every inch of sensitive skin attention.

"Ooh... a couple," she admitted, blushing and moaning softly. "We're probably not really ready for those though...."

"Involving something besides my tongue inside you?" He guessed with a rumbled, his rough tongue swirling around her nipple until it was a hard pebble he couple play sharp teeth over.

"Mhm," she nodded, her breath quickening as he slid one hand down, his palm flat across her stomach. "Mmm ... you have any more our speed?"

"Maybe," Jay rumbled, his fingers teasing her mons with a feather-light touch. "Most involve Fen too. Or playing like guys do."

"Mmm ... not quite yet," she said apologetically, rubbing the back of his head. "But at least we have something to work towards," she giggled, before moaning as his fingers played along her slick sex.

"What about this?" He murmured against her neck and gently slid one finger inside her body.

The sharp gasp of pleasure and arch of her smooth body answered as well as anything else could. Her body tightened slightly around his finger.

"Good," she moaned.

"Like that, do you?" Jay smiled and slowly slid his finger in and out, mimicking the action of stretching a male lover out. He pressed a second finger inside her and shifted so his palm rubbed against her clit while he occupied her mouth with his own.

She pressed up into his hand eagerly, her smooth tongue dueling with his rough one as she scratched and rubbed at his back, relishing the feel of his hard body and harder cock against her even as she ached to have him inside her for real.

"You want me inside you?" He offered softly, his body and mind keyed up to mimic the act of his fingers even as the idea triggered instincts of dangerous things that should scare him off ... and made it even more enticing.

"A-are you ready yet?" She asked, her breath quick as she kissed his neck hungrily.

"Willing to try," he shivered in pleasure as his cock rubbed against the curve of her hip. "Shouldn't even think you're interesting yet, but I definitely do." He murmured and kissed her, his fingers rubbing the inside of her body.

"Mmm ... I'll take that as a compliment," she groaned. "Just stop if it's too much for you, okay?" She said, looking at him seriously.

"I will," he murmured, a shiver of excitement ruffling his fur as he removed his fingers, sliding the slick fur around her clit as he shifted to settle between her legs, her lower lips spread open by slick fingers to expose the small, deep purple opening he pressed his rock-hard cock into slowly.

"Oh Gods," she groaned, raking his back with her fingers as she pulled him close and wrapped her legs around his waist even as he began to thrust.

Jay could only shudder with a groan, the tight heat, so much cooler than Fenrik but still intense, closed around him. He squeezed his eyes closed and whimpered at the sensations and instinctive drive to pound into her. It took all his focus to keep his teeth off her tender skin so his hips had their way with her body.

Shivasta could only moan and whimper as he pounded into her, his shaft spreading her virgin sex.

"Oh Jay," she whimpered, pressing back into his thrusts as her body twitched and spasmed around him. It drew a suddenly powerful thrust as he snarled a roar and pumped a load of burningly hot seed deep into her with each motion.

She cried out in pleasure, almost screaming as her sex clenched down around his, milking it for every drop of his essence as she clutched his furry body close to her smooth one until they were both spent and panting for breath.

Jay murmured something indistinct and rested his head on her chest; his body both exhausted and keyed up beyond anything he understood was possible. He didn't particularly want to move, but he didn't want to stop either.

Her hands rubbed his back as she worked on recovering herself, her mind still spinning from everything that had happened.

"Mmm ... me on top this time, maybe?" She suggested, catching on that he wanted to keep going, for all that some parts of his body didn't necessarily agree.

"All right," he murmured, kissing her lightly.

She rolled the two of them over carefully, keeping his hot cock inside her body as she kissed him deeply, starting to move her body against his as they explored each other's pleasures.

Jedi Knight Doruth Parn glanced at his mate-to-be, the nervousness at a formal ceremony carefully controlled so he showed a flawlessly settled exterior to the small gathering in one of the private gardens of the Temple. Almost everyone present were in Jedi robes, the only exception was Tes' mother, who wore the subdued finery of a successful Wolf merchant who hadn't left her warrior tenets behind. It left him with few doubts where Tes had gotten most of her nature from.

He felt more than a little out of place here at the center of a half-moon of onlookers who represented both their 'packs' and extended family. Despite knowing practically everybody there well, the preponderance of Wolves, mostly Tes' adoptive extended family since she'd come to the Temple three years before, made him feel a bit like an outsider. The only people there who weren't Wolves were Jay, Fenrik, Master Essani, and Jolani.

Still, looking over at Tes, at ease and happy to be making this official, he knew it was worth being a little uncomfortable. Besides, they'd been over the important parts time and again; he knew what was going to happen and what he was expected to do and say.

He was still running over the less obvious over in his mind when a subtle shift in the gathering brought his attention forward to the male Wolf, his fur graying with age, that was approaching to officiate the event in full Jedi Master robes. He almost showed his surprise when he recognized Master Ryul, then spotted Master Karyk not far behind him, her presence nearly masked by her own skills.

He glanced over at Tes, wondering if she'd known who was going to be in charge and saw a bit of surprise, and that she was more than a little in awe that the Council Wolves had chosen to do this. He certainly hadn't been expecting them. From what he understood, they might have been expected to officiate the marriage between two Masters, but between a low-ranking Knight and a Custos just about any Wolf Master, or even a high-ranking Knight, was acceptable.

On the other hand, there was certainly no doubting that they had the right to if they wanted to. He just had to wonder why they wanted to.

"Greetings Alpha Ryul," Doruth bowed his head in the greeting that Tes deemed the most important thing to get right in the entire event.

"Greetings Alpha Karyk," Tes matched his motion, directing it towards the other female that was mate to Alpha of Alphas among the Jedi and a Wolf of great rank in her own right.

"Greetings, Alphas," Master Ryul returned the greeting without bowing, his tail and head high in the dominant posture that he didn't use normally. "What business has been called before the greater pack?"

"The formal mating of Alpha Doruth Parn and Alpha Tes Ramaris of my pack," Doruth answered easily and received a nod in reply.

"Are there any who object to this mating?" His strong voice rang out across the crowd.

Doruth offered a silent prayer that he'd made a good impression with Tes' mother, and that nobody else would decide she deserved better than a Knight who'd run away from the Order and returned. He knew that just about anybody there could stop this right now if they wanted to. At least anyone willing to fight him, and possibly Tes, over it if they were not willing to back down. He knew without looking that at least a couple pairs of eyes went to Knight Tallerin Ryzish, the sire of Tes' pups and the one with the best challenge claim.

"Very well." Master Karyk stated after an excruciatingly long time that wasn't even a full minute and focused on the pair again. "Doruth Parn, what do you bring to this union?"

"I am a Jedi Knight," he answered easily. Despite the accomplishment it represented, he knew it meant remarkably little to bring in among those gathered here. "And am able to provide well for my pack, now and as it grows."

Master Karyk nodded acceptance and shifted to look at Tes. "Tes Ramaris, what do you bring to this union?"

She took a small breath before answering. "I bring the wealth and holdings of the Ramaris packs as its Lord Alpha's sole heir," she claimed her heritage for the first time in almost ten years. "We claim three Heroes and two Jedi Masters from our packs in the last century. The pups I carry are strong and the Ryzish have accepted that they are Ramaris and will carry on our bloodline and my place in it. I have successful led a pack in trading in the outer rim, have completed Custos training and survived the field with a Jedi."

Master Karyk nodded again; ignoring the nearly silent murmur of surprise that swept through those gathered and the pride of the elder Ramaris at hearing it.

"Who is the senior Alpha among you?" He asked formally.

Doruth was grateful for the question; it helped to remind him what was going on after hearing about Tes' heritage and inheritance for the first time.

All in all, it was enough to make him feel a little odd as he closed his jaws lightly around Tes' for a moment in the proper answer of 'I am'.

"Very well." Master Karyk accepted the statement and cast his attention back to the crowd. "All have heard their standing. All know their intent. Do any object to this union of packs?"

Another short moment took an eternity to pass while they waited for an answer that didn't come. Doruth relaxed inwardly, half-convinced that Tes' mother would have objected once he found out who she was.

"Then let it me known and accepted by all that Doruth Parn and Tes Ramaris are now mates and joint Alphas of their pack, and each is to be accepted by the other's family as kin." Master Karyk rumbled with his full authority as the excitement and approval gathered in the howl that nearly drowned out his last words. "*Good life,*" he added silently to Doruth before slipping away to allow the party to start.

Doruth watched as Jay practiced his lightsaber style with Master Yamari. As much as the kit didn't enjoy combat, he certainly seemed to enjoy practicing, at least with the blue-furred Mouse. He wasn't half-bad either, though her technique was much more graceful than Jay's own with the half-century of experience she had on the kit.

Not really a surprise honestly, but it was interesting to watch the two of them in their dance-like motions, similar to but quite different from Doruth's own. He even caught the beginning of what would become a rather unique set of moves in Jay's flowing motions.

He smiled slightly as the pair separated and signaled the end of the match, extinguishing their lightsabers with a bow. His smile spread as he realized that at no point during the match had Jay lost control the way he was prone to. He stood up, walking down to the two of them where he could be seen easily.

"Master Yamari," he said with a respectful bow. "Any objections if I kitnap Jay for a few hours? I did check with Master Essani, and she approves of giving him a little break."

"Of course not," she smiled warmly up at the much bigger feline. "He is learning his lessons very well."

"It looked like it," Doruth nodded. "At this rate, they'll end up turning you into more of a dancer than a scholar," he teased playfully, reaching down to squeeze Jay's shoulder.

"Hardly a bad thing if I'm any good at it," he grinned back unrepentantly as they headed out of the gym. "So what are we doing?"

"Well, from what I've heard, you've spent the last three, four years almost either in the Temple or going to some tech convention," Doruth explained with a chuckle. "So I talked to your Master, and she agreed it'd be a good idea for you to see some of Coruscant. Besides," he smiled warmly, "be good to spend a little time with you that isn't in the middle of a personal crisis for one or the other of us."

"You're not going to get an argument from me," he grinned, his tail swaying happily. "In civvies or as Jedi?"

"Civvies," Doruth smiled easily, his own tail swaying. "We'll be taking the Gurath," he added, "so you can change there after you've grabbed some clothes."

"Very cool. What's on the agenda?" Jay almost vibrated in excitement.

"Mostly general sight-seeing," Doruth explained. "Possibly pay a visit to the Senate building, if it interests you, but mostly poking around the tourist traps that you don't find unless you know your way around. And Tes said something about wanting to hit the shopping district," he chuckled.

"Be afraid," Jay snickered.

"I know," Doruth chuckled. "I sensed a great disturbance in the Force when she told me. Like thousands of credits crying out in terror... then suddenly being silenced."

"Oh ... that's mean!" He grinned until his cheeks hurt.

"True though," Doruth chuckled as they walked back towards Jay's room. "At least the sinking feeling in our bank balance. Though she's certainly entitled about now; she needs to find a few things that aren't quite as tight with the pups on the way."

"And I doubt she's done any shopping to speak of since she met you." He nodded. "At least not around here."

"Not seriously," Doruth nodded. "Certainly nothing to get her ready for a litter of pups."

"Maybe we can sneak away and not get stuck with porter duty." Jay winked with a mischievous grin.

"And here I thought mind-reading wasn't your best suit," Doruth smirked. "Though there are enough people there who'd be happy to do the job for us."

"True," Jay nodded. "And droids always behave for me."

"Porter droids behave for anybody," Doruth chuckled as they reached Jay's quarters. "Why don't you grab yourself some clothes, I'll wait here."

"Right," he nodded and ducked inside, coming back a moment later with a neatly folded set of general wear clothes in his arms.

"Great," Doruth grinned. "Now, let's get back to the Gurath and get ready."

Jay looked around as the nature of the building around them changed from the chaotic bustle of government to the somber stillness of the Hall of Heroes with its statues and perfectly polished floors and walls. His head and ears dropped down, almost the kind of submission kits usually displayed to the Council the first time they comprehended who they were facing.

"Everything okay, Jay?" Doruth asked, squeezing the kit's shoulder lightly. He could understand the impact; it could be imposing to know what each statue represented ... and, given Jay's talent for reading objects, it was probably even stronger for him with everything these statues and memorials must have absorbed over the millennia some had been here.

"Yes," he nodded slightly, still in complete awe of what he was feeling, hearing, from the memorials. "It's just ... they're almost here." He struggled to explain having the statues so impregnated with their events that it was almost as potent as having their real ghosts there telling the stories.

"If it's too much for you, let us know," the Panther told him softly, watching as Tes' attention was caught by assorted Wolves in the Hall and she moved off to watch, touch ... sometimes even commune with her own kind held in such respect.

"I will," Jay nodded and striated a bit, though the aura of extreme respect never left him as they walked slowly down the great central hall with it's alcoves for each heroes memorial.

"Anybody in particular you want to hear more about, or just want to listen to them?"

"Anyone here you knew?" He asked curiously, his attention drawn to one statue in particular. A young Weasel in Jedi robes, his lightsaber a glowing sea green as he held the classic defensive position.

Jay's hand ghosted over the written inscription without activating the holo-recording and he smiled shakily. "This is who my family is, Doruth."

"More people I know of," Doruth admitted, looking up at Charmis Missuri. "Now he's one that didn't make the Order happy. Not all of it, at least. He died like a Jedi though, whether he was one or not. Went out facing the beasts of Malys VI when they were besieging the natives. Left the Order when they decided they didn't have any place helping against natural phenomena."

"Who did you know?" Jay asked him quietly.

"Down more towards the end of the Hall," Doruth explained, leading the way to a statue of a shewolf dressed in the rich clothes of a noblewoman on the third level of statues. "Anwyn Solace; friend I met on my solo mission. Didn't know her too well," he admitted. "She was killed evacuating a hospital during the bombardment of Dantooine; the survivors petitioned to have her recognized here. Not all the heroes are warriors."

"She was brave though," he cocked his head a bit. "Not many would risk their life for a people not their own."

"I know," Doruth nodded, smiling a bit. "Just commenting on it. Most of the people here were warriors, or did something that made the entire galaxy stand up and take notice. She's one of the exceptions."

"Another odd one is Arkennin Tyos, the inventor of the hyperdrive." Tes nuzzled her mate, drawn to him by the distress clear in his mind and looking to help keep his dignity intact. "He's one of the few recognized for contributions to science, rather than an event or action."

"Yeah, but you'd have to be one hell of a hypocrite not to include him," Doruth chuckled, grateful for the shifted focus. "After all, he basically made the Republic possible. About the only Arkanian here too," he noted as they walked past the statue of a tall, furless male with four long fingers and featureless eyes."

Jay cocked his head, respectful of the brilliance required to accomplish what the Arkanian had, but not so sure it qualified for a place here. "A hero?" He questioned. "For creating a piece of technology that would have happened anyway? He risked nothing."

"It might've happened anyway, or it might not have, at least not for a longer time," Doruth pointed out. "It's also a factor of how people get in here. There are a lot of heroes that'll never get in here, for one reason or another. The Senate decides based on the petitions they hear; it's why Arkennin Tyos isn't the first statue there. Nobody thought to sponsor him in until after the Hall already had several occupants."

"Politics," he sighed and nodded, acknowledge that nothing happened without it, not even recognizing heroes. "I really shouldn't be surprised."

"Necessary evil, kit," Doruth pointed out gently. "Though they don't do too bad a job of it, usually."

"I know," he managed a tolerant grimace. "There are far worse ones than here."

"Definitely," the Panther nodded. "At least here they're mostly honest politicians."

"As honest as the species gets at least." Jay snickered.

"True," Tes chuckled. "It is a relative thing."

Jay nodded, even as his attention was drawn to vixen in Jedi robes. "Why would a Hero be so feared?"

"Because that particular hero didn't just save the Republic, she almost destroyed it," Doruth explained. "Jedi Revan, eventually Master Revan, defied the Order to lead the Republic forces in the Mandalorian Wars. She was pretty much the sole reason we won it too," he said respectfully. "But when the Wars were over, she, her Padawan, and a good part of the fleet disappeared beyond the Galactic Rim.

"When Revan returned, she had become a Sith Lord, and gathered an army that nearly destroyed the Republic. A handful of Jedi were sent to kill her, but they captured her instead. She redeemed herself by turning back to the Light, facing her old apprentice and defeating him, destroying the ancient artifact they had used to build their fleet and crippling the Sith army. The decision was made to include her here for her role in the Mandalorian Wars more than for what happened after, but her full story is in the archives."

"Did she ever say what happened? What made her turn ... both times?"

"She never said what made her turn to the Dark Side," Doruth said, shaking his head. "What redeemed her... the Council of that time used a technique that suppressed her identity and memories. They had hoped that she would simply fade into obscurity, at the time, but she returned and they decided she needed to be retrained. She was adamant about one fact, once she found out who she really was. What made her resist the Dark Side that time was the support of her allies. An odd bunch to say the least, and each one just as likely to lead her to the Dark as to the Light, but together they helped her stay on the straight and narrow."

"Sounds right," he nodded, now very curious about what had turned her evil. "Friends can make or break any path in life."

"That they can," Doruth nodded. "Want to stick around here a bit longer, or look around a few other places?"

"Let's see something else," he grinned up.

"How 'bout a visit to the Coruscani Zoological Gardens, then we go hit the shopping district?" The Panther offered, looking from Jay to Tes for their preferences.

"Works for me," the shewolf grinned, her primary interest clear.

"Sure," Jay snickered, a bit curious about the idea of collecting animals.

"Let's go then," Doruth smiled, chuckling slightly at the thought of how perfectly normal the day had actually been so far.

"Hey," Jay smiled a bit seductively when Fenrik opened the door to his quarters later that night. "Free for company?"

"Sure," the Panther grinned. "You've been pretty scarce today."

"Doruth katnapped me for a day of fun," he grinned and slipped inside, claiming a kiss when they had a little privacy.

"Mmm... and now you're looking for a different sort of fun, hmm?" Fenrik rumbled, returning the kiss and wrapping his arms around Jay lightly.

"Yap," he grinned unrepentantly and ran his hands down the bigger tom's chest. "And you're it."

"So, have a good time with him?" He chuckled as his hands explored Jay's lean body.

"Yeah," he chuckled and nuzzled in. "A little weird when nothing went weird, but it was fun. Tes was a terror in the shopping district though."

"Only you would think nothing weird happening was weird," Fenrik smirked, giving Jay an affectionate nuzzle. "So, wanna tell me about your day a bit, maybe let me help you wind down while you do?"

"Oh yeah," he licked his whiskers and slid one hand between them to fondle him. "We hit the Hall of Heroes, the Coruscani Zoological Gardens, Eternal Falls ... and even a few shops that were interesting." He added with a wink.

"Mmm ... do I want to ask?" Fenrik rumbled, slipping Jay's robes back off his shoulders and kissing his neck lightly to an appreciative purr.

"Only if you want the lecture of your life for 'encouraging' me," Jay snickered as he made short work of opening Fenrik's robes. "Doruth was a little freaked that I recognized things he didn't."

"I'm surprised he let you into a shop like that," the Panther rumbled, working Jay's robes off and running his fingers through dark red fur, tracing some of the stripes and spots with his fingers. It was moments like this that made it so hard to remember that Jay's nubs had just started to come in. He acted ever so much more experienced.

"Don't be fooled, the pregnant one runs everything." He snickered and arched into the pleasant contact before he began to kiss his way down the broad black chest in front of him. "And she thought it was funny as hell."

"Mmm... I'll bet you did too," the Panther rumbled, rubbing Jay's thighs, then reaching around his front to stroke his sheath lightly. "So, you get anything there?" He asked with a smirk.

"Uh-hu," he nodded with a rumble and bit of a blush. "For later," he stretched up to lick Fenrik's jaw.

"Mmm... works for me," Fenrik rumbled, turning to kiss Jay soundly. "Can I taste you?" He asked with a deep rumble, reaching down to fondle Jay's young balls lightly.

"Ohhh, any time you want." He breathed out softly with a moan and let his eyes drift closed as Fenrik trailed kisses down his jaw and throat. He knelt slowly, nuzzling his way down Jay's chest to his crotch, licking his sheath slowly.

Fenrik rumbled at the arousal built, the light but distinctly make musk permeating his nose while he gradually encouraged Jay to full hardness before taking him into his mouth while Jay moaned and rubbed his ears. It was a little like when he'd played with a Wolf, but instead of the most sensitive parts being a ring at the base, Jay's were just under the head.

And he tasted all feline.

He licked at the tender nubs lightly, bobbing his head up and down Jay's shaft as he rubbed the younger tom's ass. His own shaft was getting harder every moment, the taste and smell arousing him like little else could. Jay's historic willingness and enjoyment of being well fucked only added to the anticipation.

"Ohh, yeah." Jay shuddered and thrust lightly into the mouth pleasuring him and his fingers worked Fenrik's velvety ears. "Want you in me." He groaned.

"In my bed, or out here?" The Panther rumbled, looking up at him and teasing his pucker with a fingertip.

"Shower?" He rumbled, the first time he'd really associated the fact that he was a lot more turned on by water than most folks. "All wet and slick and humid air holding our scent there."

"Mmm ... I think we can arrange that," Fenrik grinned, standing and kissing Jay soundly. "You go get the water ready, I'll grab the lube from my room."

"Right," he rumbled excitedly and darted for the bathroom, happily soaking wet and lightly playing with himself with a hungry look for Fenrik as the Panther walked in.

"You don't waste any time," the Panther rumbled, climbing into the shower and pinning Jay to the wall with a hungry kiss as the water soaked his own fur. "Mmm ... turn around and raise that tail of yours, and I'll give us a reason to have to clean up."

"Oh yeah." Jay licked his whiskers as he turned around, moaning deeply with his lover as his ass was spread open by Fenrik's thick, hard cock.

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