A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 6:

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F and M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Fenrik growled in pleasure. It had been months since Jay had been under him and his mate was enjoying it as much as he was.

That Jay had asked for it was even better; as Fenrik started to thrust a bit faster, nuzzling his mate's neck, he couldn't help but think about what it meant about Jay's recovery in the past six months. Shi said that his recovery with them was going much faster than his general recovery, but it was still a step forward every time they pleasured each other, and this was a big one.

He lifted one hand from supporting himself to rub Jay's chest and tease his hard cock, relishing the rumbling purr as much as how Jay tightened his body around his cock.

Force, it was good.

Fenrik teased Jay's barbs, rubbing his prostate with his shaft as they both shuddered and moaned in building pleasure that was more than just physical. He kissed Jay's neck, then instinctively took the smaller tom's scruff between his teeth and instantly regretted it. Jay tensed, memories overriding knowledge of who was above him, inside him.

Fenrik released the loose fur and skin immediately, holding still and holding Jay close to him.

"Sorry," he murmured, reaching out to reinforce who was holding him in Jay's mind as the tom settled, his breath still quick.

"*I ... I'm sorry, love.*" Jay reached back, his mind still trembling with memories he couldn't rid himself of so easily. "*It's not your fault.*"

"It's not yours either," Fenrik reassured him, rubbing his chest lightly. "We're both okay, it was just a little too fast."

"Yeah," he sighed, more frustrated by how long he was haunted by events than either of his mates. He lifted his head and rubbed his cheek against Fenrik's.

The Panther returned the affectionate nuzzle, then pulled out of his mate with a low groan.

"You're doing a lot better than you were a few months ago, Jay," Fenrik pointed out, kissing his cheek and returned the soft one to the mouth when Jay rolled his head to kiss him back.

"I don't think ever got that 'patience' lesson very well." Jay tried to chuckle that ended with him pressed against his mate's body with his face buried against Fenrik's chest, the Panther holding him quietly as they both tried to settle from the unpleasant disruption.

"Mmm ... so, how's it going today?" Shivasta asked Jay, a few minutes after she'd laid down next to him in the gardens, watching the brightly colored fish in the ponds that had been a centerpiece of their relaxation together since they had first met, long before the thought of sex had come into their lives. It was just a few days after he and Fenrik had reached the limits of his comfort zone, but he'd been handling it well since then, including a fairly active threesome with Shi in the middle that morning.

"Pretty well," he smiled softly at her. "I'm trying to take healing as the lesson in patience that Master Essani never managed."

"Good," she smiled back, cocking her head slightly. "Think we've got company coming," she warned him, sitting up and looking around.

"Yap," Jay rolled to his feet to greet an Ithorian Master he didn't recognize. The hammer-headed humanoid stepped around a row of hedges, leaning slightly on his slim wooden cane.

"Knight Clawson, Shivasta," he said, nodding his grey-green head towards them, his two voices blending into clear Basic as Shivasta stood to offer a welcoming bow to the aged Master. "I hope I'm not intruding?"

"No, Master." Jay inclined his head politely. "We were merely watching the fish swim."

"A surprisingly worthwhile diversion," the Ithorian chuckled lowly. "I am Master Shen'ri," he explained. "I understand you two are the ones who developed those unusual robes last year?"

"Yes," Jay smiled slightly as he placed the name as the one who was going to study their creation further. "Did you have questions about them?"

"More about their creators," the Ithorian said easily. "Though I must admit, the work you two did was... intriguing. I haven't seen such techniques applied to robes before."

"Thank you, Master Shen'ri," Shivasta smiled. "You have seen them applied to other things?"

"I have," he agreed. "Would the two of you care to follow me?" He asked them.

"Yes, Master." Jay nodded, his curiosity piqued by the exchange so far.

The Ithorian turned, walking out of the gardens at a leisurely pace. He didn't seem to need the cane, despite his seemingly off-balance, hunched body. Jay and Shivasta followed him, both wondering where he was going.

"Have the two of you ever considered applying those techniques to your lightsabers?" He asked them conversationally as they walked along.

"The healing effects?" Jay frowned, trying to wrap his brain around the idea. He'd done a lot of things to his personal equipment, but a weapon that healed was too weird to him.

"No," the Ithorian chuckled. "Not merely attuning the crystals to yourself, but working the Force into all aspects of the design. Tuning it in such a way that any wielder can use it as effectively, even more effectively, than one of their own design."

"I hadn't thought of it as a positive thing to do." Jay admitted. "Most of my design work has been either for personal usefulness, or to keep someone else from using them easily if they are stolen." He managed to cut off the word 'again' from the sentence, but not his thoughts.

"An understandable precaution," Shen'ri agreed. "Though unless the wielder knows how to use a lightsaber, I have found that the benefit from crafting a truly exceptional one is minor compared to the tendency to remove one's own limbs. There are other benefits as well, primarily in increasing the range of materials one can use to build a lightsaber."

"Like what my people can do with ice?" Shivasta asked.

"Yes," the Ithorian nodded. "I suspect that, at some point, an ancient artisan from the Order accompanied them to Garosh."

"It wouldn't surprise me," Shivasta agreed as Jay looked between them with a decidedly curious expression. "Though I am surprised you know about the Migration."

"After I heard about your lightsaber, I did a little study of your people's history and legends," the Ithorian explained.

"According to some of our old legends," Shivasta explained to Jay as they walked along, "the Ice Walkers came to Garosh thousands of years ago. It's not an official interpretation, but among the Stormwardens, there are some who believe that we were a group of miners and Jedi who were stranded on Garosh during one of the ice ages."

He opened his mouth to say something about not having anything left of those lightsabers or knowledge, then closed his mouth hard enough it jarred his teeth. "They changed a lot since, if it's true."

"The need to survive on a world without metal or the material to make power cells will do that," Shivasta pointed out. "Especially if the rest of the galaxy thinks you disappeared."

"Which, if that is what really happened, is likely the way things developed," Master Shen'ri agreed. "There was a time when many exploration vessels left; most of them never contacted the Republic again. It was assumed they were lost, or didn't want anything to do with the Republic. Either way, they were largely written off."

Jay closed his eyes for a brief moment and sternly reminded himself that this was just the way things were here. Morals and value on life and kin just didn't match up to what he still valued from his kittenhood.

"One day, I might actually get used to that." He sighed with a shake of his head.

Shi reached over and squeezed his hand lightly as they stepped into one of the main buildings of the Temple, making their way into a part of the complex near Jay's own lab space.

"I'm actually a little surprised we haven't run into each other before, Knight Clawson," the Ithorian said. "We tend to work in the same area much of the time."

"Oh?" He really took to the new subject. "I've meet a couple around here, Knight Zraii in particular likes my workshop. I can't say I've really looked at it as a social group."

"We often aren't," Shen'ri agreed with a chuckle. "Of course, people who tend to work on a project for days without realizing they should stop and eat tend not to meet very many others. Knight Zraii's very skilled at what he does; I've worked with him before, but he never really took to the artisan training."

"What is an artisan?" Jay cocked his head slightly, guessing this may well be headed towards an offer of it.

"In many ways, it's similar to what you do," Master Shen'ri explained as they reached his lab. "However, we tend to focus on crafting lightsabers and other more traditional items. It's a mix of artistic craft, Force use, and technology, and not an easy art to learn. I think it's worth it, though."

Jay nodded as they stepped into a space that bore many similarities to his own, though it had less technology and more things that Jay identified as transitional arts and crafts. It was definitely designed to suit its user; assorted plants decorated the room from place to place, and the heat and humidity were a bit closer to what Jay preferred.

"You're not entirely sure what a practical use of the skills I've described so far would be, are you?" Shen'ri asked Jay as the door closed behind the three of them.

"I can see too many uses to name, Master." He chuckled weakly and scratched the back of his neck. "I guess what I really don't get is what's so hard about it. Making a neutral attunement ... what you were talking about ... would be simpler than what I do to them to make it difficult for others to use. Most things prefer that state."

"It's not quite as simple as a neutral attunement," Shen'ri chuckled. "An artisan's lightsaber still works better for the crafter than for another. Knight Shivasta, what is the difference between a lightsaber another crafted for you, and one you made yourself?"

"I know that, for me at least, my own lightsaber just ... it's hard to describe," she admitted. "It's like the Force flows through it, and through me, more easily."

"The lightsaber becomes a sort of conduit between its creator and the living Force," Shen'ri nodded. "Knight Clawson, I believe you have a gift for sensing certain details about crafted objects; would that include the connection between an object, and the Force?"

"That is part of everything," he nodded. "It's usually the first thing that comes in, unless there is an incredibly strong imprint of a person, like with a Jedi's lightsaber. Those I'll see the person first, then other things."

"Take a look at my cane then," Shen'ri said, tossing it up into a grip about half-way along the slender wooden length, then over to Jay. "You should be able to feel it once you've got your hands on it."

The Kat gave it a curious look and reached out to close his hand around it.

He gave a sharp gasp as a lightning rod of Force hit him almost as hard as the impression of Shen'ri. Next came the massive tropical jungles of Ithor.

Jay closed his eyes briefly as the unusual sensation of light meditation without a workout flowed into him, leaving him physically a touch off balance by the rush of potent imagery and energy he hadn't felt since the first time he'd picked up his father's Glovatrix.

"You see the difference?" The Ithorian asked him, letting go of the wooden rod and letting Jay get a feeling for what was probably the most unusual part of it; the subtle heft and swing of the baffor wood caused by the crystals mounted inside it. The 'cane' was really a double-hilted lightsaber, if he didn't miss his guess, which would make it radically different from any other he'd encountered.

"Yes," Jay nodded slowly, more than a little in awe of what he was holding, even as the rest of him was scrambling to translate it to his own use.

"*What's wrong?*" Shivasta asked him mentally, sensing his powerful reaction.

"*I just haven't touched anything this ... unique ... in a long time.*" He tried to explain, half-memories of when he was three and the object was his father's primary weapon. "*It's ... so far beyond my work ...*" He trailed off, at a loss to explain any more and simply offered the object to her. She wouldn't feel it quite like he did, but she would catch the basics.

"Unfortunately, there have only ever been a handful of master artisans," Shen'ri explained as Shivasta looked at the cane, almost as impressed as Jay was. "And actually crafting a lightsaber like that is... very draining. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said it took a little bit of the maker to complete one. Most lightsabers of that level are destroyed along with their maker, but the Great Library has a few dozen examples from over the centuries that have survived, kept stored away in case we should ever need them."

"I have a long way to go, and I thought I'd done good work on mine." Jay shook his head slightly, his respect for Master Shen'ri on the level that his great-grandfather had.

"Your work is admirable, Knight Clawson, don't make that mistake," the Ithorian chuckled. "But at this point, you are working mostly with the technology. If the two of you are willing to put in another two decades or so of study and training, I would like to take you on as apprentice Artisans. It would, of course, be around your existing duties," he added, nodding towards Shivasta.

"By the time you were done," he explained, "you would be able to develop similar lightsabers, of virtually any material you chose. I use baffor wood; my mentor was an Otter who used coral for his. But consider the investment of time; by the time most Jedi complete the artisan training, the Council is nearly ready to consider promoting them to Master based solely on experience, regardless of whether or not they have trained a Padawan."

Jay blinked, half surprised to find out that training a Padawan wasn't the only way to make Master. It wasn't that big a deal, he'd accepted being a Knight for life long ago, but it had appeal just to realize it was there.

What really caught him though were the skills on offer for only another twenty years of study. Skills he had already begun to develop on his own and expected to take a lifetime without getting anywhere close to the item he's just handled.

"I would be honored to learn to be an Artisan," Jay bowed deeply to Master Shen'ri, no doubt in his mind that it would be worth every minute and every frustration.

"As long as we can work around my duties as a healer, I would be equally honored," Shivasta agreed, bowing and offering Shen'ri's 'cane' back to him.

"I will only need to know your schedule," he smiled, taking the baffor-wood lightsaber back. "I will have to ask that the two of you only teach these techniques to somebody you intend to train completely in the art. It is not something that dabblers take to well."

"I understand, Master." Jay inclined his head in acceptance of the restriction.

"As do I," Shivasta nodded. There were similar restrictions on some healer skills... and more stringent ones on some of them.

"If the two of you can meet me back here tomorrow, then we can begin," Master Shen'ri said, his voice suggesting the smile his alien face couldn't make. "It is an honor to have new students, particularly ones who might be able to teach me something," he said, nodding slightly towards the robes that were still on one of his lab tables.

"We will be here." Jay inclined his head, rather eager for it. "We've made a couple improvements in the set we made for Knight Aren." He smiled a bit sheepishly, though he was proud of the accomplishment and what it offered his mate when he couldn't be there. "I can never leave things alone when I can see how to make an improvement."

"A good sign," Shen'ri chuckled. "Bring in your notes, if you can, though I imagine your mate would rather prefer you not bring his robes in without him in them."

"You should hear the discussions they have when Jay has an idea while Fen's teaching a class," Shivasta chuckled. "We'll see you tomorrow, Master Shen'ri," she smiled, bowing again, the Ithorian returning the gesture more shallowly.

"Thank you for the offer." Jay bowed as well before they turned to leave, each excited in their own ways for what was to come.

Master Shen'ri watched them leave, turning back to his work and setting his lightsaber on a nearby bench. A few moments later, the intercom beeped.

"Come in," the Ithorian said, already knowing who was there. The door slid open, and Master Noloth stepped in, his brightly-colored frill of scales flattened along his body.

"You have gone through with the offer then?" He asked his old friend.

"You already knew I was going to," Shen'ri chuckled. "Though I did consider your concerns; I would have asked six months ago, if not for them."

"Knight Clawson's issues with the Dark Side are still unsettling," Master Noloth pointed out. "If he should turn in the future...."

"If he should turn in the future, I would rather already know what he is capable of than find out the hard way," the Ithorian pointed out. "Besides, I doubt that he will. Particularly not if he can be occupied with something constructive for the next few decades, hmm? Weren't you the one who pointed out that the greatest threat was that he would be sent on a mission alone?"

"You have a point," the Lizard conceded, moving towards the desk and running his claws along the robes. "The two of them do some fascinating work," he admitted, almost grudgingly.

"It would be a shame to deny them opportunities to do so," Shen'ri agreed. "I suspect you would have been quite amused by Knight Clawson's reaction to my lightsaber, from what I've heard of you talking to him," he chuckled.

"Probably quite like mine when you made it," Noloth chuckled. "So, are you going to be busy for the rest of the day?"

"Only for a few more hours. I'll meet you in the main sparring chamber for practice once I'm free."

"I'll see you then," Master Noloth nodded, inclining his head politely and turning to leave.

"Oh, Noloth!" Shen'ri called after him.


"H3 to G2, checkmate," he said, his voice carrying a trace of amusement. Noloth frowned for a moment, then laughed and shook his head.

"We'll start a new game during our practice," he chuckled. "I'll be sure to have the baffor fruit ready for when we're done." With that, the Lizard turned and left to arrange for the evening's diversion, already planning his strategy for the next round of mental dejaarik with his old friend.

"Game for a little work on putting notes together for tomorrow?" Jay glanced over at his mate as they walked past his workshop.

"Works for me," she nodded easily, stopping by the door to the lab. "Going to have to collect 'em sooner or later, might as well get it done now."

"And better now," he glanced around the semi-organized chaos that was his workspace and began to gather datapads and crystals, "than when we're due somewhere in half an hour."

"Especially here," Shi giggled, starting to help him out. "As much a gift as you've got for working with these things, you'd think you'd have learned how to use a filing cabinet by now."

"Inbred paranoia." He smirked back at her. "Anyone else would be lost."

"That includes your mates, you know," she teased, turning towards a pile of sketches and notes and starting to straighten them out. "Think I've found 'em ... we really should've put these on datapads from the start...."

"You seem to do fine," he stepped up behind her and slid his arms around her waist. "Sometimes it's easier to think on paper." He murmured with a nuzzle to her neck.

"I got lucky," she chuckled, pressing back against him lightly.

"We both did," he kissed the side of her neck, his hands slowly slipping further down when she didn't object.

"Mmm ... I think you're thinking a different sort of lucky," she murmured, reaching back with one hand to rub his hip lightly.

"Maybe," Jay chuckled lightly and rubbed his hardening cock against her ass through their robes. "Will I be?" He breathed hotly against her soft blue skin.

"Mmm ... right here?" She asked him, licking her lips as an invisible pair of hands slid inside her robes to cub her breasts.

"It's as private as anywhere ...."

"Mmm ... which isn't what really appeals to you right now, is it?" She asked knowingly, rubbing back against his crotch.

"N-no," he admitted with a hitch in his voice. As much as he knew she'd probably catch the mental imagery that was really turning him on, he'd never expected her to suggest it.

"Mmm ... think you'd settle for one of our hidden places in the garden, instead of the pond?" She asked him, leaning back to nuzzle his cheek.

"Yes," he shivered in excitement and hugged her close, his nose buried in her long, thick hair before his hands slid away sensually so they could walk to the garden without garnering too much attention.

"Hold on," she grinned over her shoulder. "Who says you're going to get away with teasing me like that without following through in here?"

"So just what kind of appetizer do you have in mind?" He grinned and pressed close again, his hands sliding up her sides to tease her breasts again.

"Mmm ... anything you're up for," she rumbled, pressing back and wrapping her arms around his.

"*What about in the ass?*" He caught her interest and pushed her back to lie on a half cleared table.

"Mmm ... sounds good today," she grinned, pulling her trousers down, her eyes staying on her mate's well-muscled and aroused body as he did the same.

"Lube, or your own juices?" Jay leaned over her for a fierce kiss.

"Lube, if you've got it," she asked once their lips parted. "Right here, while we're still mostly dressed," she added with a grin.

"I have it," he reached out with a hand as a small container pushed its way out from under a pile of things to come to him. "But you look so luscious there, all spread out." He murmured and knelt to nuzzle her sex while he lubed himself slick and smooth for her.

"Oooh ... spread out I can do," she groaned, reaching down to rub his ears lightly. "You and Fenrik play here often?" She asked.

"I kept it here for you too." He chuckled and sank his tongue deep into her slick body. "*I wasn't always so relaxed about things, you know.*"

"Mmm... glad that's not an issue anymore," she rumbled lowly, laying back on the workbench as he worked the sensitive flesh between her legs until her entire body was quivering. "Gods, the things you do to me, kat...."

"*It's just the beginning.*" He promised and stood, pressing his hard cock deep into her ass even as a Force-dildo began to work inside her sex.

Shivasta whimpered, wrapping her arms around his back needily and squeezing down around his length. "Oh Jay," she moaned.

"*Love you,*" Jay shuddered as he drove into her body, not at all concerned with holding back the pleasure he felt or gave.

"Love you too," she replied breathlessly, reaching out to touch his mind and let him share in her own pleasure and affection for him, milking his shaft with her ass as he breathed hotly against the exposed skin of her shoulder.

She panted and moaned softly, raking his back with her fingertips. She couldn't help the healer's part of her mind that was keeping close track of his reactions, of whether or not they were pushing his limits. He was skirting the edge, she could feel it, but she could feel the pride and self-respect that came from it too, from the pleasure given and taken in willingness.

"*Close,*" Jay whispered silently, his teeth bared against her bare shoulder as his body tightened in the swirling pleasure that came from his cock buried so deep his in lover and spiraled out to his balls and up his spine.

"Please Jay," she whimpered, her own body right on the edge between his body's attentions and the telekinetic fingers probing her sex deeply. "Fill me!" Shi cried out even as he lost the little control he'd been maintaining and shot hot ribbon after ribbon of come into her ass.

That was all it took; she cried out lustily, her body spasming around his, her fluids flowing out of her sex and down around his cock, dribbling down his balls.

"*Missed this.*" He murmured softly even as his body was still quivering from the pleasure.

"So good," she murmured, drawing him close for a deep, heated kiss. "*Good?*"

"Very," he smiled and nuzzled her before slowly pulling out with a shudder to dress. "Still up for a slow lovemaking in the garden?"

"Mmm... definitely," she rumbled, kissing him again before pulling up her pants. "Assuming nobody stops us and sends us to the showers instead," she winked.

"We'll just have to make sure no one catches the scent that would care," Jay smiled and leaned against her with one arm around her for a nuzzle. "It feels good not to freak out."

"Almost as good as to not have you freak out," she agreed with a kiss and warm nuzzle. "Love you, Jay."

Doruth twitched his ear as a finger teased it. He was trying to meditate while both cubs were mercifully sound asleep, but the adult playing with his ear was going to have none of it.

On the other hand, when he opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the rich blue harem-silks his mate was wearing, he decided that he could meditate another night.

"Been a while since you've brought that out," he purred.

"Far too long," Tes grinned at him and gracefully danced away, towards their bedroom. "Care to play, my master?"

"Mmm ... we'll have to try and keep the volume down, but you already know the answer to that," Doruth grinned, rolling to his feet and followed her swishing tail and playfully enticing movements that still affected him the way they did twelve years and two litters ago.

"Ooo, is that a challenge?" She turned to look at him and licked her muzzle hungrily. "I do so love a challenge."

"That's why I keep making them," he grinned, pouncing on her and knocking the two of them back to the bed, claiming a hungry kiss that was returned with equal fire despite the submissive role she'd claimed.

"No dance first, master?" She rumbled, her legs spread as she rubbed her bare sex against him.

"Later," he rumbled deeply at her shiver of excitement. "After you have my seed dripping down your thighs. Mmm ... just me, or prep first?"

"Just you," Tes breathed hotly, her hands on his ass, pulling him against her. "Please, just you." She whimpered in anticipation.

"You beg so nicely," he rumbled, kissing her hungrily as he shifted to shed his robes, his eyes never leaving the show his mate put on stretching her arms over her head and teased herself into whimpering with her own tail. "And you are so easy to get wound up," he added, kissing his way down her barely clothed body slowly. He inhaled her scent, licking and suckling her nipples to hardness as he started to pick up the subtle shifts of her early heat.

"Ohhh, you are so good at it." Tes whimpered, her hips lifting to rub her swollen sex against his short fur. "Fuck me, please."

He considered teasing her for a bit longer; her scent was incredible like this, and he could think of very little he'd like to do more than go directly to the source.

Fortunately for Tes' patience, fucking her hard and fast was on the short list. He moved up to kiss her again, plundering her mouth with his rough tongue as he sank his thick, barbed length into her body, catching her scream of pleasure in his mouth even as he rumbled. Her body was tight and slick around his cock, her body and mind radiating the intensity of pleasure that nearly drowned him.

He started thrusting into her, purring deep in his chest as he searched for the parts of her hot, slick sex that he knew would pleasure her the most.

"Mine," he rumbled deeply.

"Always," Tes cried out as she lost control of her body with the first ripple of an orgasm.

Doruth muffled a roar with her mouth as he came with her, pumping his seed deep into her body, wonderfully familiar after a decade and a half as mates. From the first touch to the lax pleasure as they calmed down, they knew each other so well no words or hints were needed anymore.

He kissed her deeply as he started to come back down, nuzzling and nibbling at her neck.

"Care to give me that dance now, or want to stick to this?" He asked her with a rumble.

"Keep fucking me, handsome." Tes shuddered in anticipation of the utter and total use of her body the first time she'd worn this outfit.

Doruth pulled out of her with a groan, rolling off her body slightly.

"Up on your hands and knees, tail high," he rumbled menacingly. "Gonna make you howl."

"And scream," she shivered and quickly obeyed, her legs spread wide for him and tail high, offering anything he wanted.

"Among other things," he grinned, mounting her from behind and sinking into her dripping sex again, starting to thrust hard and fast, their mixed juices leaking out around his cock as he forgot about quiet in the familiar pleasure and intoxication of their favorite game.

Her howls in his ears and pleasure in his mind, he grabbed her ruff in his jaws and her hips in his hands and put every ounce of his strength and knowledge into taking her pleasure as high as it could go.

He felt Tes' scream, her body tightening around his as she came, as much as he heard the piercing shriek of pleasure.

Then, rather than the more expected pleasure of his own release, he felt small, yet still incredibly sharp, teeth and claws sink into his back and shoulders. With a cry of pain, he reached back, trying to get a grip on Nasim, and get the cub off his back, before he thought to use the Force to pull him off and hold him where he couldn't do any more damage.

"Cub!" Tes snarled as much in fear for them both as in reprimand to the half-breed youngster.

"*No hurt mom!*" The defiant cub snarled back at both of them, his thought half feelings, half actual words. He did an excellent job of looking fierce for being held in the air by an invisible hand.

If it weren't for the pain, Doruth would have been tempted to laugh as he realized what had happened.

"I wasn't hurting her," he said, wincing as he tried to keep his voice level. As much as he wanted to yell, he had to admit that his response to hearing Tes scream out of nowhere would have been similar, but more painful.

"*I hope you can find a way to prove it,*" he told Tes mentally.

"*He wasn't hurting me, Nasim.*" She reached up to take the cub in her arms and cuddled him. "*We were practicing making more babies.*"

"*You screamed.*" He stared at her and wrinkled his nose at the smells.

"*We do that when it feels good sometimes.*" She tried to explain as she stood and walked out of the bedroom to put him back to bed. "*You are a great protector, but mommy doesn't need protecting from daddy.*"

Doruth reached around, touching one of the bite-wounds and wincing, focusing a bit to try and close the seeping cuts. He was definitely beginning to develop a fondness for the idea of welding the bedroom door shut some nights. At least Abayomi hadn't been with him.

"*Dor!*" Tes's mind was half-panicked from the other room. "*She's gone.*"

"What?!?" Doruth ran over to the bedroom, seeing Abayomi's bed empty. "Does Nasim know anything?" He asked Tes, turning to grab his robes. She'd probably gotten out; it didn't look like somebody's taken her, and he was sure he would have heard, even being in bed, if there'd been a struggle. But he was sure as hell not going to leave her to her own devices, no matter what had happened.

"*Bored, wandering.*" Their male cub answered as Tes settled him with much crooning and assurances.

"I'll go get her," Doruth told his mate reassuringly, pulling his robes on just as the intercom chirped. "Oh now what can that be," he muttered in irritation as he went to open the door, tying his robes.

Greeting him at eye level was his youngest daughter, held up by the scruff in a Force-hold and looking very sheepish.

He blinked, wondering what the heck was going on just before Abayomi floated into his arms and he looked down, realizing that Master Essani was there too, her fur a pale pink.

"Sorry," he said sheepishly. "Seems somebody managed to sneak out after bedtime," he said, trying to be stern despite the urge to hug his daughter and just be grateful she was back and hadn't gotten into too much trouble. "I hope she didn't do any damage to whatever she was after?"

"*I'm used to it, Master Doruth,*" Essani chuckled mentally.

"I think we need to invest in Force-proof locks for the doors." Tes observed dryly even as she hugged her daughter tightly, grateful she was back. "I hope she wasn't too much trouble, Master Essani."

"*Not as much for me as it seems she was for you... ah... Master Doruth?*" Essani said, looking up at the Panther. "*Is something...*"

The Panther quickly moved to step in front of Tes, only just then remembering that she was still in her costume and dripping his seed, the entire apartment smelling strongly of a mix of blood, sex, arousal, and panic.

"Abayomi wasn't the only cub to get out at an inopportune time," he explained sheepishly. "We'll make sure she understands not to hunt kushiban in the future, Master Essani."

"*Very well, Doruth,*" Essani said. "*I'll let you two get back to your evening,*" she added, stepping back from the door and starting down the hall.

"*Would it be wrong to add a bit of Suggestion to keep them asleep tonight?*" Tes asked her mate silently as she walked to the cub's room to put Abayomi to bed.

"*Not at all,*" Doruth agreed, doing so as Tes set the Panther-Wolf into her bed, then moved to lock the door, leaning back against it with a groan.

"I formally apologize to the Kaminoans for not believing them when they warned us hybrids could be a handful," he muttered, shaking his head.

"Come on, let's wear that unexpected rush off now that we know they'll stay in place." Tes put her hand on his arm. "I'll ask Jay to fix the doors in the morning."

"Mmm ... think you're up for the dancing this time?" Doruth asked her with a chuckle, kissing her and moving back towards the bed.

"Anytime, for you my brave warrior." Tes chuckled softly and twisted into a playfully sensual dance for her mate.

Fenrik stretched out languidly, muscle shifting beneath the dark fur of his powerfully built body as he sensed Jay and Shivasta coming home much later that night. He ducked into the bathroom, starting the shower up towards the right heat for Shi, and then hurried back out to take his seat and grab a book, making it look like he'd been reading when they got home.

The pair opened the door, not quite arm in arm, but as close as Jay ever got to such a blatant display while wearing his robes in public.

"Sorry we're so late." Jay called to Fenrik even as he realized the shower was already running. "Are we that predictable?" He glanced at the Panther smirking behind his book on the couch.

"Oh, I'll admit, it wasn't entirely a lucky guess," Fenrik grinned. "Y'know, I thought I was the one who was supposed to be teaching the Initiates."

"Huh?" Shivasta asked, cocking her head, then starting to blush a deep purple as she caught on.

"No ceilings in the gardens, loves," Fenrik chuckled. "Fortunately, the student by the window was old enough that he's probably already getting curious on his own," he winked as Jay's cheeks started to burn.

"How'd you find out?" Jay swallowed, then shook his head and began to laugh.

"He was looking out the window during class," Fenrik chuckled, standing up and setting his book off to the side. "We were just low enough for me to make out what was going on. You two put on one hell of a show when you want to, not that I needed to tell you that," he grinned, moving to take them both in his arms and kiss their burning cheeks.

"And here I thought we'd found a private spot," Shi chuckled weakly.

"At least it wasn't a Master." Jay shook his head and kissed the Panther back. "Now is that shower for three?"

"Mmm ... only if two get a bit of a chill," Fenrik admitted. "I set it for Shi, figured you'd want to clean up first," he said, nuzzling the Ice Walker.

"And it lets the two of you get nice and dirty before you clean up for dinner," she smirked back, still blushing. "Don't think for a second I don't see straight through you."

"I'm not complaining," Jay kissed her and gave her a playful shove towards the bathroom.

"Hmph!" Shi sniffed, pouting playfully. "I know when I'm not wanted!"

"Hey, if you want to be wanted, I'm sure we can come up with a way to work in a third," Fenrik grinned. "Besides, I've been teaching all day while you two cavorted in the gardens!"

"Mmm ... true," Shi giggled, moving back to kiss them both playfully, and then head into the shower.

"So, where were we?" Fenrik asked, kissing Jay tenderly.

"I think we were naked to start with." He rumbled, recalling when it had gone badly. "And you were feeling very good inside me."

"Want to try that again, or something a bit farther back?" The Panther asked him, nuzzling his neck and working his hands under Jay's robes even as telekinesis and hands work his own off.

"Just don't grab my ruff, okay?" Jay smiled and kissed him soundly. "The rest was really good."

"Works for me," Fenrik purred. "Bed, or want me to take you right here, upholstery be damned?"

"Bed," Jay laughed easily and pulled him towards the bedroom. "I've had enough of strange surfaces for one day."

"Mmm ... and here I thought I could take you into being taken on the balcony across from the Council Spire," Fenrik smirked, following him into the bedroom eagerly, taking him in his arms and pulling him down into bed.

A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 6: Healing

NC-17 for M/F and M/M
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is High
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

40 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written April 26, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Ice Walker, Kat, Kushiban, Panther, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Rape Recovery, Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Doruth Parn/Tes Ramaris, Jay Clawson/Shivasta Stormwarden/Fenrik Aren

Blurb: Interlude. Six months of Knighthood have done wonders for Jay's self-esteem and stability, enough so that Master Artisan Shen'ri is ready to offer him special training. As for Doruth and Tes ... they are introduced to why the Kaminoans said what they did about half-breed young.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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