A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 7:
Investing in the Future

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Class dismissed." Fenrik holstered his lightsaber as his advanced combat students started to file out of the large sparring chamber. He watched one of them in particular as she chatted with one of her friends. Jenna had been one of his star students for over seven years now, almost since he'd started teaching. Combat, philosophy... somehow, she always managed to find her way into at least one of his classes.

Now that she was about twelve, and old enough to advance to the next stage of her training, he felt it was about time to take the hint the Force had been giving him, before somebody decided to break out the two-by-four.

"Jenna, would you stay here for a few more minutes?" He asked her.

"Uh-oh, what did you do now?" Her friend asked her with a chuckle. The young Rodian was living proof that not all his species were like Navik, mercifully. He was also usually one of Jenna's partners in crime when she was in trouble for something.

"You could stay here with her if you'd like, Gren," Fenrik smirked. "I'm sure one of you would answer that question for me soon enough."

"No need, Knight Aren." Gren said hurriedly and got out of the room while the getting was still good.

"What is it, sir?" Jenna faced him, sure she wasn't actually in trouble.

"How did things go with Knight Zraii the other day?" Fenrik asked her, starting to straighten up the room as he talked.

"Rather well," she couldn't think of why he was asking. "I wouldn't mind him as my Master."

"But he is not who you feel was meant to be your Master," Fenrik nodded slightly, picking up the unspoken qualifier from her. "You've been doing quite well in your classes, though you're starting to reach the limits of what is available to most Initiates. Have you ever considered the possibility of becoming my Padawan?" He asked her.

"I've been waiting for you to ask, sir." She smiled slightly at him; the emotional pleasure that washed over him in a wave impossible to miss.

"Then consider yourself asked," he smiled back. "Sorry it took me so long, but I wasn't sure if you'd prefer one of the others who've asked."

"I would be honored to be your Padawan, Knight Aren." Jenna smiled brightly and bowed deeply to him. Her expression went uncertain after a moment. "Umm, where will I sleep?"

"We have extra rooms for our Padawans," Fenrik explained, returning the bow. "We'll just have to confirm it with the Council and you can move in to one of them. Have you met Kanna yet?"

"The Ice Walker?" She asked to make sure. "A little. We don't have many common interests. She's always hanging out with the Healers and her aunt."

"And she's a bit younger," Fenrik nodded understandingly. "Unless she chooses a different Master, she'll probably be Shivasta's Padawan before too much longer. Are there going to be any problems having the two of you living next to each other?"

"I don't expect so, Master." Jenna shook her head. "She doesn't seem to be a jerk."

"I never thought she was," he chuckled. "Come on; let's go make sure there aren't any objections from the Council."

"Yes, Master." She grinned again before putting on her best Jedi face and followed him out.

Jay purred deep in his chest, content and relaxed between his mates and happy on a level he hadn't really felt in years. It was good not to have jitters anymore, though he wasn't about to suggest they stop the long, tender lovemaking that they'd all gotten used to over the years where he couldn't handle much else.

"Shi, Fen," he murmured, snuggling in between them with a contented sound. "Would it be okay with you if I spent a night with Doruth?"

"Huh?" He felt both of them shift to look at him with slightly perplexed looks.

"With Doruth?" Shi asked him, despite being pretty sure that she'd heard right the first time.

"Yes," Jay nuzzled her.

"Mmm... what brought this on?" Fenrik asked, nuzzling Jay's neck from behind.

"I'm not skittish anymore," he reached back to squeeze his mate's side. "He said I had to wait until I was a Knight, by then ... I couldn't take what he said he was like."

"Had a crush on him when you were younger?" Shi asked, nuzzling Jay's neck lightly, trying to figure out why he'd be interested in a tom twenty years older than he was just now.

"No," he shook his head and kissed her gently. "It's a cultural thing. My father should have been the one to introduce me to sex, Doruth's as close to a father as I have here. I don't think I explained very well then, but he said I'd have to be a Knight first. I don't need the instruction anymore, but it ... a rite of passage, I guess. One of the things that happens on your way to being an adult."

"He might not be too comfortable with it yet," Fenrik cautioned, hugging Jay close to him. It sounded like a very unusual cultural thing, but Jay wasn't exactly from a culture that would be considered normal by anybody's standards. "It might not have just been rank for him."

"It wasn't," Jay chuckled weakly. "That I was thirteen really didn't help. I expect the timing of when I asked him and when I was with you first was why he grilled you about it."

"And the fact that he is the closest thing you have to a father here," Fenrik pointed out with a chuckle.

"That might be something else, Jay," Shi pointed out. "I don't mind if you're with him one night, but he might not be comfortable with being with somebody he thinks of kinda like a son. It's normal for you, but for most of the cultures around here that'd be... abnormal, at least."

"He can still refuse." He sighed, hoping it wouldn't be the case, but knowing it was likely. "It's not like he promised or anything."

"Just didn't want you to be surprised if he did," Shi murmured, kissing him softly. "It's normal for your people... not too strange for mine...."

"But very unusual for mine," Fenrik finished. "And Doruth's, by extension. He might be okay with it though. I know he sleeps with guys, in general. Not so much now, but before I was his Padawan."

"And I'm hardly a thirteen year old virgin anymore." Jay chuckled and nuzzled Fenrik over his shoulder. "Thanks for letting me try."

"You're welcome," Fenrik smiled, kissing Jay lightly. "Stay here for tonight though yet, okay? Tomorrow we can let you try to play with the Panther while Jenna gets settled in."

"I wasn't planning on going anywhere tonight," Jay smiled lazily. "I'm very comfortable where I am, and besides, I need to get Tes to okay it too, before I even get to asking Doruth."

"Yeah, I would not want to be caught with Doruth if she wasn't fully aware of what was happening," Shi giggled. "And you guys thought I was bad."

"You don't come with natural weapons." Jay snickered and kissed her. "Or a vicious temper."

"Or four Padawans for kids," Shi agreed, snuggling in. "Mmm ... maybe one, eventually," she murmured. "Sleep well, loves."

"With five more who will be soon." Jay chuckled and relaxed. "Sleep is good."

"That it is," Fenrik agreed, snuggling up with his mates as Jay turned out the lights. "Sleep well, loves."

Jay was peripherally aware that Shivasta was working on her first Artisan lightsaber, likely intended for her niece, nearby. Master Shen'ri was keeping a discreet eye on both their work without hovering. Even after seven years, it was still weird to be able to do these kinds of serious manipulations to a lightsaber with other people around.

When he'd built his own set, it had taken six months undisturbed on an almost deserted world to get the pair to turn out well enough to be worth keeping. Granted, since then he'd learned a great deal about Force manipulation as a Padawan, and then as an Apprentice Artisan, but it was still a little amazing that this version of his design had taken two months and that was with other duties and staying at the Temple.

If he accomplished what he was trying for Jenna would be able to use it as easily as one she'd tuned to herself. It was going to be important if she continued her training in the SWAT Form with him. The double-saber she was using would do for the basics and his unlit hilt was good for some katas, but she'd need one of her own, a real SWAT lightsaber, to get much further.

He knew it would be the emerald green to match her eyes, the color she wanted in her own lightsaber. That part, at least, was easy. Understanding everything Master Shen'ri was trying to teach him, that wasn't nearly as easy. Some he had to take on faith in his teacher until he had experience to understand it with.

"Don't think about what you're doing, Jay," the Ithorian cautioned him as he worked. "Let the Force guide you; open yourself up and put a little bit of yourself into your work."

He'd thought the last part was figurative up until recently; it was exhausting work, building a lightsaber like this one. It wasn't just the admittedly complex work to balance everything perfectly or tune the crystals just right either; it was channeling the Force through himself and the blade alike.

This was a part of the design that Shivasta had taken to much more easily than he had; as a healer, she had a talent for manipulating the flow of the energies around them. He was far more used to telling the Force what to do, or simply observing without interfering. The skills that truly required letting it flow and going with the flow while still manipulating it; healing, seeing the future and such were things he had difficulty with at best.

Still, the idea of leaving part of himself with his creations wasn't new to him. Occasionally scary to think about, but nothing new. It was just the how of it that was so much more difficult. He could manipulate technology, like he did with his own set. He could take an object and force it into what he needed, effectively converting it to energy and back into the matter and form he wanted.

This ... this was something in between and it was hard for him. There was no brute force involved. No forcing his will upon the world. It was getting what he wanted in a way that was completely alien to him.

He'd even had to call it a day early, or simply walk away, more than once when the literalness of his mind proved too inflexible to deal with the Artisan path for a time.

Usually by the time Shi came and found him for dinner the calmness and random energy patterns of the koi pond had soothed him and he was ready to go back the next morning. He refused to give up. He knew he could master this, with time and effort. It was worth the effort too. Every time he managed to make it work, whether with a crystal, the housing, a lens, any component... any time he managed to make it work, there was a feeling of peace that was almost alien to him. In that moment, he managed to not only ignore the Demon, but to make it stop completely.

He almost didn't hear the click of the two halve of the hilt locking together, but he felt that single perfect moment as everything fell into place and he completed the 'saber.

"Very good, both of you," Shen'ri said approvingly as Shivasta's blazed to life, the blade a pale blue-violet, something she'd said she saw in a dream and Shen'ri had encouraged her to make. It had taken some work, changing the crystals themselves with the Force, but that was just one of the skills the Ithorian had helped them both refine from the very basic lessons in it they'd received years before.

The praise drew a smile from Jay, but the rich emerald green double blade of his own creation got more of one as he spun it in to create a glowing shield of energy with a practiced hand.

"This will work nicely for her." He murmured to himself, pleased with the work.

"I understand that both of you are planning on giving your blades to your Padawans?" Master Shen'ri asked them. "Or your mate's Padawan," he added with a nod towards Jay.

"Yes, Master." He nodded and stopped the twirl, extinguishing the blades. "She wants to learn the SWAT Form. The double-blade she has works, but it was designed for the shorter weapon this is."

"Yes, Master Shen'ri," Shivasta confirmed, extinguishing the blade she'd just made. "At least once I have one," she added with a chuckle. "I haven't yet approached the Initiate I'm hoping to take on; I'm not sure what the rules are for taking a Padawan while going through the Artisan training."

"Just don't let your training interfere with theirs," the Ithorian chuckled. "It might slow you down a bit in here, but training your Padawan takes precedence."

"With three Jedi and only two Padawans in the house, I think we can manage making sure everyone actually sleeps." Jay smirked at Shi. "At least one of us has their common sense intact at any given time.

"Understood, Master," Shivasta nodded. "I will probably approach her tomorrow."

"Very good. Since the two of you plan on giving your new blades to others, there will be a slight delay on the next phase of your training. I want the two of you to upgrade your own lightsabers to the full potential you can currently manage. If you need any help, feel free to come to me, but I imagine it will be easier than what you have just done, since you both already have the basics down."

"Understood, Master." Jay nodded easily. "I would rather do that work in my own workshop. Two double-blades will take some time to upgrade. Likely longer than Shi's."

"I expected as much," Shen'ri chuckled. "If nothing else, a certain Ice Walker is going to have to upgrade her lightsaber in the Frozen Gardens," he said, glancing at Shi as she blushed slightly.

"I didn't exactly plan on having to shut down the regulator inside it," she admitted with a chuckle.

"Or you can work in the CE chamber in my workshop." Jay offered. "It can be set to those temperatures."

"Thank you, Master. Do you want us to return here before we have finished?"

"Only if you have questions," the Ithorian answered easily. "Or need assistance. For the most part, I expect you will both work where you are comfortable until you have completed the upgrades."

"Thank you, Master." Jay bowed to him. "We will see you when we are ready for our next lesson."

"Good day then, Knights," the Ithorian said, his voice suggesting a smile as the two of them left.

"That was something else," Shi murmured as they left the laboratory. "And what's the CE room?"

"Controlled Environment. It's not a room so much as a back corner of the workshop I set up to store and work on environmentally sensitive things. It's basically a small room sized regulator."

"Ah," she nodded. "No offense, but I think I'll at least try working in the Garden. It's a bit more peaceful there, for me, and not too many people use it anyways."

"If that's what makes you comfortable, I'm not going to object." He smiled at her, brushing his fingers along her bare arm in an unusually public display of affection.

"You're in a good mood," she smiled, holstering the second 'saber and leaning over to kiss his cheek lightly.

"I think ... I'm finally getting used to the idea that it's okay to show I care for you in public." He said softly. "That, and well ... there have been a few moments that the Demon ceased to exist. Not for real, but for me. I don't even know how to describe what that feels like, not to have that presence in my mind. Peace seems too shallow a word."

"It is okay," she smiled, reaching up to touch her collar. "I know I don't bother hiding it when somebody asks what this is for. And I'm glad you've been able to get away from it a bit. The past few years, that thing's been more trouble than usual."

"It's had something to work with," Jay smiled softly and allowed his fingers to linger on the fine black leather around her neck. "You've had the most to do with taking that away from it. You and Fenrik."

"It's the big reason they haven't completely banned Jedi taking mates," she chuckled. "We can be strong for each other," she smiled. "Come on; let's get back to our quarters before Fenrik thinks he has to go hunting for us."

"And finally give Jenna what she's been waiting impatiently for." Jay chuckled with a slight smirk. "She's only been looking forward to it for a year."

"I told Fenrik having you help him with that demonstration match was a bad idea," Shi smirked. "At least she's the only one who was really fixed on it."

"The only one who couldn't build a suitable lightsaber on their own at least." He chuckled. "Master Sarapas sure was fascinated. I have never felt so weird in my life, a new Knight teaching the next Dueling Master of the Order how to fight."

"He also picked the techniques up in a couple months," Shi pointed out with a chuckle. "And it's not guaranteed yet. Doruth could end up taking it instead, depending on how things work out."

"Oh, he could have the title if he wanted it, he just doesn't want anything to do with the Council."

"True," Shivasta agreed. "Almost a pity; I think he could do a fair amount of good there. Of course," she chuckled, "he and Master Noloth would probably be growling at each other most of the day. At least Master Sarapas gets along with him fairly well. Maybe it's a reptile thing," she mused. The snake-like Thississpian got along with Master Noloth best out of just about anybody they knew of.

"Most likely." Jay snickered at the mental image of Doruth glaring down Noloth. "Only Essani to keep the peace. It could be fun."

"And very frustrating for both of them," Shi chuckled as they got close to their quarters. "At least Doruth seems to catch on pretty well that that wouldn't be the best idea."

"Not to mention his patience level with politics." Jay smirked and opened the door.

"After my solo I can't blame him," Shivasta chuckled, shaking her head. "And to think, the Odona family is among the more ethical bunch. Looks like Jenna's getting moved in nicely," she observed, looking at the Panther moving around her new room on the far side of the large living/dinning/kitchen space from the triad's bedroom.

"Initiates rarely have much beyond their robes," Jay nodded with a smile. "Jenna! When you have a moment."

"Yes, Knight Clawson," she called back, setting down whatever she was working on and hurrying out to meet him.

"Normally your Master would make you this, but with your interest in the SWAT style, you really should have a lightsaber to match." He smiled and unclipped the weapon he had just finished to offer to the young Panther.

It was impossible to miss her reaction, though she did try to keep her face from lighting up too much as she accepted it and nearly hugged Jay.

"Thank you," she said eagerly, unable to keep the pleasantly surprised tone out of her voice. "It feels... different," she admitted after a moment, the hilt in her hand.

"It is my first Artisan 'saber." He explained with a pleased smile on his face. "It will work for you as well as a lightsaber you built and tuned to yourself, though don't expect to get out of building one for yourself to show you can."

"That's a few years down the line yet," Fenrik chuckled as he stepped into the room. "At least that long."

"Yes, Master," Jenna nodded, holstering the hilt the was longer than a normal one but shorter than the double that she'd been using up till then, still trying to keep her excitement toned down with mixed results. She'd been waiting for well over a year for this.

"You've got a self-controlled one here, Fen," Jay teased his mate. "I don't recall any of us being so contained."

"You didn't know either of us when we got our first 'sabers," Fenrik teased right back, kissing Jay's cheek lightly. "You have everything you need, Jenna?"

"Yes, Master." She nodded and bowed politely before going back to her room and shut the door for them to have some privacy.

"Mmm... so, good day in the lab?" Fenrik asked his mates as he was greeted with nuzzles and kisses that were more normal for a greeting than the polite smiles they'd shared so far.

"Very good," Shivasta agreed. "We both managed to finish our first new 'sabers. Shen'ri wants us to work on upgrading our old ones before we head in next. I'll have to speak with Kanna before I get too deep into that project though."

"Yeah, we'll have two teenagers running around here shortly," Jay snickered.

"You say that like we don't already have two teenagers running around here," Shi teased playfully.

"Excuse me? Only two?" Fenrik smirked.

"Okay, three, but only some days," the ice Walker giggled.

Jay grinned conspiratorially at Fenrik. "I think we need to remind her, before she goes and takes on a Padawan."

"Depends on how you plan on reminding her," the Panther winked.

"Well, there is always holding her down until she begs for mercy." He rumbled in anticipation.

"I rest my case," Shi smirked, starting off towards the bedroom. "Here we have a young, innocent, impressionable Panther in the other room, and listen to you two."

"She's the one who closed the door, love," Fenrik chuckled. "She's not that innocent. And I noticed you're not complaining," he added with a grin.

"Of course not," Shi grinned back. "I'm not stupid after all."

"No, and neither is she." Jay smirked and elbowed Fenrik. "She knows a good quality male when she sees one, after all."

"Jay, Jenna's not even a teenager yet," the Panther pointed out. "She's probably just been flirting with some of the guys."

"Just daydreaming," he snickered as they followed Shi into their bedroom. "But I have to agree with her favorite. He's very handsome, and quite a skilled lover."

"Now I know you're just teasing," Fenrik said, rolling his eyes as Shi climbed onto the bed.

"You'll see." Jay smirked and jumped him, rolling them both into the bed with Shi.

"The kids are in bed, we're all dressed up, I have the tickets ... anything else before we go?" Jay asked as mates with a glance at each, more than slightly appreciative of the fine show they made in the elegant civilian clothes he'd arranged just for this night.

"Mmm ... you, ready to relax?" Shi asked him with a smile, kissing his cheek lightly. "Everything's going to be fine, love."

"Yeah," Fenrik chuckled. "Nobody's going to try and blow the place up this time."

"Gods, they had better not." Jay rolled his eyes as they headed out. "Though I can't think of why anyone would want to hit this place. It's hardly high profile after all. Just with an excellent dinner show."

"Disgruntled drama critics?" Shi suggested with a giggle.

"Nah, they blow up in the review columns." Jay smirked, much more relaxed than he ever was in robes.

"Around you, I wouldn't want to have money riding on that," Fenrik smirked back. "Seems everything's a little more explosive when you're around."

"Nonsense," Jay shot back, though he was in a decidedly good mood. "I just get sent to trouble, whether or not it's happened yet. Jedi do that, you know."

"Mmm... if we make it through tonight without anything going boom that isn't supposed to, we'll consider that that might be the reason," Shi giggled as the aircar taxi pulled up in front of the Temple for them.

"We will." Jay set his jaw with a look that all but dared the universe to screw up another event.

"We're just joking, Jay," Fenrik chuckled, climbing into the back seat and waiting for his mates to follow.

"I know, I know," he smirked and slid in so he had a mate on each side. "You'd be disappointed if I didn't react and you know it."

"True," Fenrik chuckled, nuzzling Jay lightly as Shi climbed in last. They didn't look like anything more than a trio of people who'd been visiting the Temple right now, and they were taking advantage of the anonymity and Jay's willingness to relax about physical contact with it.

"Serinton Theater." Jay told their driver.

"Sure thing," the Otter in the front nodded, pulling off as the trio snuggled in back.

"Wow," Fenrik couldn't help but murmur when an attendant at the Serinton showed them to their private box seats for the show that would start in half an hour.

"Thank you," Jay nodded to her and guided both his mates to sit down and enjoy the mixed drinks already waiting for them.

Shivasta picked up the dark brown drink she preferred, sipping it as she looked down at the stage.

"Do I even want to know how much?" She asked, glancing over at Jay.

"Less than my birthday," he smiled and kissed her cheek. "Small theater, even top notch small theater, doesn't charge nearly what Kallarak does."

"And we're actually going to get to watch the show on the right day this time," she smiled back, returning the kiss as Fenrik tasted his own drink.

"And I'm not on a mission during it," the Panther chuckled.

"Both are good things," Jay smiled and relaxed back. "Dinner will come shortly before the show starts." He explained as he sipped his rainbow drink with different layers of alcohol and flavors separated by density.

"What's the show again?" Fenrik asked, settling back to enjoy his low-alcohol cocktail.

"Tambrin's 28th Symphony to light and water." Jay purred, looking forward to it immensely. "It's incredible as a holo, live is unbelievable."

"You and water," Shi giggled. "Though I remember the holo, you're right."

"And we have the best seats in the house," he smiled at her and slid a hand along her leg. "Privacy is something you don't get at Kallarak."

"Mmm ... we don't have that much privacy here either," she smiled back, kissing him lightly and found her mouth captured for a moment in a passion that had nothing to do with desire.

"Maybe not, but it's more than usual." He smiled and leaned against her lightly. "Besides, the show is too good to miss."

"Which you just might do if you're not too careful with those fingers if yours," she chuckled, leaning back as Fenrik moved to press against Jay's other side and Jay happily settled between them with a contented and utterly relaxed sound.

"*I love you two.*" Jay murmured silently, his mind settled and happy in a way he rarely managed.

"Jenna?" The Panther glanced over at Kanna, waiting by the door of the kitchenette, as she looked for a snack. "Think you can answer a question for me?"

"I'll try." She nodded and found a bag of spiced dried meat as the hot water boiled for tea.

"You have any idea why so many people around here think that what our Masters and Jay have is so unusual?" The younger woman asked, moving over towards the fridge to snag an apple. "I know most Jedi don't take mates, but it's not like it's actually against the rules."

"Well, part of it is that a triad, all three being mates with both others, hasn't happened in a long time." Jenna poured the water over the tea leaves and let them steep. "I think part of it's also Knight Clawson. Anything that he's involved in seems to be considered unusual."

"Probably because he is," Kanna chuckled. "Guess the thing that's weirdest is, if it's so unusual now, then why did they let them get together as long ago as they did. I mean... Jay wasn't much older than we are."

"Between Knight Clawson and Master Aren, I don't think they had a choice." Jenna snickered and sat down at the table to wait for her tea. "Not if they wanted to keep three Jedi in the Order."

"That sounds about right," she mused, taking a seat opposite the Panther. "I'm sure Jay would have left; he doesn't seem to like the idea of letting somebody tell him not to do something without a real good reason for it."

"And his mates are any different?" Jenna snickered and munched on the jerky. "They're all willful and stubborn."

"Master Shivasta might have put up with it," Kanna chuckled. "She's a Healer, they put up with people giving 'em news like that better."

"Yeah, but would she have stayed when they left?" She asked thoughtfully as she poured her tea and offered Kanna a cup.

"Thank you," the Ice Walker said with a polite nod, letting the steaming drink cool before she tried to drink it. "And I don't know... she might have. I don't know her that well," she admitted. "I think she'd kind of adopted the Jedi as her 'clan' at that point."

"Not something Panthers have much of," she considered over her steaming cup, letting the fragrant herbs and heat seep into her body and senses. "Clawson does though, but there's something else going on there. He's as much a Jedi as anyone I know, but I can't shake the feeling that he's got other things going on that are even more important to him."

"I don't get all of them either," Kanna agreed. "He's... complicated. Like it's not just him all the time."

"It's possible." Jenna mused. "He's not a local race. Anything could be going on. It wouldn't be the first time a race or family had a group bond or something."

"And that would explain some of the things I've seen," Kanna agreed. "It's like there's something else there sometimes, but it's really far away."

"You've got a Seer gift?" Jenna perked her ears up.

"Kind of," Kanna said, shrugging slightly. "Only sometimes. It's not too strong yet. Mostly I just see things a little bit before they happen, or notice things like connections between people. It helped out during tests sometimes," she admitted with a giggle.

"I bet," she snickered. "It'll probably be useful figuring out our Masters and their mates. Talk about a set of tangled connections there. I'm not sure I even want to know how Shivasta got Jay as a mate two, maybe three years before he should have been ready for females."

"There's a difference for felines?" Kanna asked curiously. This was one of the several subjects she hadn't been able to find much on; sex ed wasn't exactly a prime topic around the Temple.

"Yeah," she nodded. "I've already gotten the lecture, 'cause Knight Toquin caught me looking a little too much. Around twelve or thirteen boys start getting interested in boys, but it's not till fifteen or sixteen that they're physically mature enough to be interested in females. Double-stage puberty to keep more of them alive long enough to actually breed."

"Weird," she mused. "It's more all-at-once with Walkers, I think. Anything like that with girls, like you?"

"Nah," she shook her head. "It's only the boys that get violent about it."

"Well the boys around here don't seem to get too nasty about things," Kanna giggled. "Though from what I've heard, I can see where that'd get dangerous if they got going too early. Nasty enough when Jay visited home."

"Around here, they've got a Master on them by the time they're even interested in other boys." Jenna pointed out with a snicker of her own. "But what happened on Garosh?"

"One of Master Shivasta's cousins challenged Jay's right to be mate to a member of the clan," she explained easily. "Jay accepted; didn't hurt him for the long-term, but mostly because he was good about controlling himself."

"I wouldn't have wanted to that guy before the Healers got to him." Jenna shook her head. "Even seven-eight years ago he would have been a good fighter." She cast a glance at the shared bedroom. "'Bout the only thing more dangerous between getting between loyal mates, is between a mother and her cub."

"Well, they weren't mates yet, as far as the clan was concerned," Kanna pointed out. "It's a little complicated. But yeah, from what Master Shivasta told me, a few inches different and her cousin wouldn't have made it to the celebration a few nights later."

"At least it all worked out in the end," she nodded thoughtfully and sipped her tea. "I sure wouldn't have wanted to be the one trying to tell him he wasn't good enough for his mate. Any of them."

"I wouldn't want to be the one trying to tell either of them he wasn't good enough," Kanna chuckled. "To judge by the past couple nights, they really wouldn't agree."

"Oh, yeah, they must be the noisiest Masters in the Temple." She couldn't help but grin. "It's fun to listen to though."

"Master Shi's already banned me from meditating while they're playing," Kanna giggled. "I didn't actually see anything, but... well, they're not just noisy physically."

"No kidding," Jenna licked her whiskers back. "Only reason I haven't gotten that yet is 'cause I heard them talking to you and kept my mouth shut. They're way too fun to listen too."

"So you hear, instead of see?" Kanna asked her curiously.

"Most of the time," she nodded. "It takes a lot of effort to send any of my senses elsewhere, but when I'm meditating, I can usually hear them physically, and catch the feelings in the Force. It can get pretty intense sometimes. It feels really good though."

"Think you're hitting the 'you'll get it when you're older' age Master Shi told me about," Kanna giggled, sipping her tea now that it had cooled down. "Few years off for me yet. But yeah, they're definitely noisy. Just hope they don't ever catch you listening in," she winked.

"At least not until I'm old enough that Master Aren won't freak out when I play with a boy of my own." Jenna grinned. "Knight Clawson's already informed me that won't be for a while yet. And to stop looking at his mate that way." She tried to fake an innocent look.

"I have a feeling you and Master Aren are so not going to have a normal Master/Padawan dynamic," Kanna giggled. "You just aren't the sort to think of him as a parent."

"Not if I can help it. I know way too much about him already." She winked knowingly. "Especially how good a mate he is. Clawson's cute, but, well, he's handsome and a lot more."

"He's also about twenty years older than you," Kanna pointed out, shaking her head. "I'll take your word for it; just not interested yet myself."

"You're also not a Panther." She nodded. "There is something to seeing one of your own kind naked like that that isn't there with others."

"Whoa, when did that happen?" Kanna asked, raising an eyebrow. She had a feeling somebody would have heard something about that.

"Oh, he wasn't erect or anything, but I got a good look in the workout room showers a few months ago." Jenna grinned dreamily. "He's very well endowed and looks great without his robes."

"Just be careful if you ever try making a move," the Ice Walker pointed out, shaking her head. "There's Jay, and Master Shi, and then there's what could happen if you did hook up with him...."

"I won't, at least not until Clawson stops glaring at me about it." She shook her head. "But it makes for very nice daydreaming. I could do a lot worse for a sire too, when I'm older. He's got good genes."

"True," Kanna nodded. "Wonder if he and Master Shi will ever have kids."

"If they have young, it'll probably be by all three of them, or only one." Jenna pointed out. "Master Aren and Clawson might be genetically compatible, if they weren't both males, but neither of them is even close to compatible with an Ice Walker."

"I know," Kanna nodded. "But you must've met Abayomi and Nasim? Or seen them at least? Panthers and Wolves shouldn't be able to mate either."

"They were genetic creations. They have to be. Science, not biology, made that happen. I don't know who, but I kinda understand the how. Once you get to that, three parents are pretty much as easy as two."

"Probably," Kanna conceded. "Don't know how they'd do it. In which case, all three of them could... that'd be one strange looking kid though," she mused.

"Not much stranger than if it was just Masters Aren and Shivasta." Jenna pointed out. "But, yeah, a feline/furless mix would look a little odd."

"Probably either be somebody who'd actually be built for Garosh or a furless Cat," Kanna mused, then shuddered at the last thought.

"Neither one sounds all that attractive to me," Jenna admitted. "But a furless Cat is just ... a sad idea."

"You don't come from a world where the summers average near-freezing at the equator," Kanna pointed out. "I don't care if it's the ugliest thing the gods ever made, if it lives there and has fur, it's at an advantage. Don't know why Master Shi ever decided to go back to that place, even briefly."

"Eww," Jenna made a face and shuddered. "That is just nasty. Why would anyone want to live there?"

"Depends on who you listen to," she shrugged. "But the closest they come to agreeing is we got stranded after the glaciers hit, and no more starships arrived until long after we'd dropped back to a culture that could survive there. Beyond that... I dunno, guess some folks are crazy enough they've gotten to like it."

The young Panther nodded. "Being territorial is hardly a rare trait. When a group has been in a place long enough, it's home and many aren't willing to leave. I'm just glad I don't have to go to ice worlds much."

"Don't blame you," she chuckled. "Coruscant gets real hot sometimes, but it never gets down as cold as Garosh was. Even being born after the Republic was giving us heat and modern supplies, I remember how miserable it could be. Don't know how they made it for a couple thousand years before that."

"Maybe by not knowing anything else?" Jenna suggested. "Garosh wasn't found until real recently, I think. My mom liked to say that thinking about things you can't change just makes it worse. Focus on the positive and all that."

"I mean just the surviving, not the being miserable part," Kanna pointed out. "Weird thing is there's a bunch of the clans who still want things that way." She shrugged. "I'll be honest, I might miss my family a little, but most of what I remember from that place says I'm glad I'm here instead."

"Knight Shivasta could probably answer that why a lot better than I can." She admitted. "I'm kinda hoping to never see Garosh or Hoth."

"I can sympathize with that," Kanna grinned, finishing off her tea. "Thanks for this, by the way."

"No problem," she nodded easily with a slight smile. "Want to try to actually get to sleep before they get back?"

"Probably a good idea," Kanna chuckled. "Wouldn't do to get in trouble this soon after moving in," she grinned.

"At least not any more than we've already managed." Jenna nodded with a snicker of her own and stood to put the snack away before heading to her room to dream of grown up Panthers and what they could do.

A few hours later, the triad was snuggled up together in bed, well fed, entertained, and sated.

"Mmm ... you were right about the show," Shi murmured, kissing Jay's cheek lightly.

"Good," he murmured and snuggled between his mates with a contentment they were all getting more and more used to.

"You ever think of having kits with me, Jay?" She asked him softly. "And Fenrik?"

"Yes," he sighed softly, his good mood dulled by regret. "I can't."

"Why not?" She asked, kissing him softly. She knew he knew about the technology involved; all three of them did, and how to get access to it. Just then, the biggest reason occurred to her.

The Demon.

Jay simply nodded. "Jessie was a genetic creation, Jake and his father were used to create her without their knowledge. It's not enough to break the link, and I won't do that to a kit, without family to send them home with. We don't belong here."

"I'm sorry," she murmured softly, hugging him along with Fenrik. "I didn't think of that... it's not entirely genetic though, is it?"

"No," he admitted. "Children conceived after the Clawson dies aren't affected. They're bright and loyal, but have neither Gift nor Demon."

"So it's not something that could be worked out," she murmured with a slight nod. "What about children you raise?"

"I'd welcome any child you have," Jay lifted her chin to kiss her lightly. "Whether with Fenrik or an Ice Walker. My genetics just can't be involved while I'm still breathing."

"And after, with any luck, we'll all be too old to bring up kids," she murmured. "Do you want to raise kids, with Fenrik and I?" She asked him, silently gauging his reactions as he worked out how to answer that in a way that he could stick with for a while.

"Sometimes," he finally sighed and rested his head against her shoulder. "Sometimes it just riles me that they'll be gone in two years."

"You too, hmm?" She sighed and kissed his neck gently. "I'll be honest... I'm not sure I'd want to do that either. Not sure how Tes did it."

"But you know they'll be Force-strong, especially if you have them with Fenrik." Jay reached back to the Panther and squeezed his hand. "I don't know if I could raise them, here at the Temple, knowing they are strong enough, and make the choice to deny them the opportunity to be Jedi. I know I'd be teaching them, intentionally or not. It'd get messy."

"We know, Jay," Fenrik agreed, kissing Jay's neck. "It's why we're asking you before it's a moot point."

"Afraid I'm not much help in deciding," he sighed and closed his eyes slightly. "I really don't know."

"Think you helped more than you know," Shi murmured, nuzzling him gently. "None of us are really sure... and that's the best sign we shouldn't go that way that I can think of."

"Maybe in a few more years," Jay murmured. "When the girls are older. They may be all the kids we want to deal with. It's not like we have to choose while you're still fertile." He nuzzled Shi gently.

"No," she agreed, cuddling up close. "Though before we have to head out on missions again some time might be good, generally. Mmm ... sleep well, okay Jay?"

"Shi, you don't go on missions." Jay chuckled softly and settled in for the night.

"Mmm ... point taken," she chuckled, settling in and rubbing Fenrik's side as the trio snuggled close.

Doruth settled into the distinctly unfamiliar seat of one of the Order's acknowledged lightsaber masters as Tes settled in further back in the crowd that was gathering. Today was the day for Jay; he was being tested against his best "student" in the SWAT Form, Master Dal Sarapas. The Thississpian looked almost like he was asleep where he stood in the demonstration chamber, opposite Jay with his serpentine tail coiled beneath his humanoid body and long, flowing white hair, but Doruth knew very well that he could move from that position in the blink of an eye.

It felt very strange, being here to judge the combat between a Knight who was developing a new Lightsaber Form and the only Master who could seriously challenge Doruth in a duel. Very, very strange.

He had to wonder a little why they were paired against each other. Jay was damn good at what he did, but he was no real match for Sarapas, not even in his own Form.

"*Testing him, love.*" Tes smiled gently at him from the bleachers. "*Several Masters still doubt him.*"

"*I would have figured it out,*" Doruth replied silently, chuckling mentally. He focused on the scene. It was traditional for the best student of a Form to be the one tested at this stage, so that alone would keep Jay from realizing the true test that was going to happen.

Doruth only hoped he passed it, though if there was anybody who could handle Jay if he snapped, it would be Master Sarapas.

The last few stragglers gathered, taking their seats. It was mostly warriors watching right now, Jedi who wanted to see the new Form and judge whether or not it would be worth joining the three others who had learned it from Jay or Master Yamari in the past eight years.

The signal was invisible, Doruth nearly missed it himself until the action started.

Jay opened on the offensive, controlled and precise, four glowing blades on each side crackling and snapping as the pair began with the easy formalized moves most duels began with.

Master Sarapas moved with serpentine grace, his tail moving swiftly along the floor of the arena as he defended against Jay's attacks, predicting and matching him, blow for blow, with ease that would make one almost think he had developed the Form.

It wasn't long before they'd run through the basics, proving that Sarapas did have a grasp of them.

Then it moved on to the advanced maneuvers and a true duel.

Sarapas was the better warrior, no one doubted that, but anyone who'd watched Jay fight knew just as well that the tom could be dangerously unpredictable in what he tried and how he fought.

It was an interesting mix to say the least.

Master Sarapas had worked with Jay and Master Yamari alike for months; he knew how the younger tom fought intimately. As he made his way around him, circling and staying in constant motion, he was careful to watch the secondary blades as they blinked on and off.

Jay's gift let him work faster than any of his other students could; the lightsabers simply wouldn't hurt their owner, requiring much less focus on his part than on that of the students who had to work the internal switches telekinetically.

As effective as the SWAT form was, the master duelist simply didn't expect it to ever achieve a great deal of popularity.

It was a sentiment that its founder agreed with. Jay had never intended it to be common.

He started to go on the offensive, using his flexible lower body to his best advantage to dart from one side of Jay's body to the other, focusing his attack and keeping Jay from focusing his defenses to match them.

The greatest threat among the tactics used regularly was his block. As unsettling as it was to most Jedi to block a lightsaber with their hand, it was something Jay did regularly. The small arch of energy that protected his hand and the hilt was effective, and it allowed him to rotate either side of his 'saber into a body hit.

Even when it was expected, it could be difficult to counter.

The Thississpian had found one tactic that usually worked well, and that was to counter with a similarly unexpected attack. When Jay pivoted his 'saber, Sarapas countered by spinning his tail around to try and grab Jay's leg. The younger Knight leaped up above the muscular length, slashing at it with his 'saber, but Sarapas pulled back before he even had to deactivate the blade.

As Jay landed, he pressed the attack, punching at him with the hilts, prepared to meet Jay's defense with a similar offence.

He could already read in Jay's body language and the Force itself that the fight was over. He had won. Now it was a matter of how long it would take the Knight to realize the same.

Sarapas darted back, ready to hasten that decision. He coiled his tail beneath himself, then shot upwards, Force and powerful muscle propelling him over Jay's head and behind him. He twisted in mid-air, knocking Jay's extended blades out of his way and slashing with the hand-guard protecting his grips. Jay's robes were scorched by the hair-deep cut, the older Master being careful not to do more than char the surface of the cloth.

Surprise radiated from the feline for a moment, then he stepped backwards to the edge of the ring and angled his 'sabers in surrender.

Master Sarapas returned the gesture, bowing his shaggy head as the two of them extinguished their lightsabers and turned towards the judging Masters.

Master Ryagurl rose with the others sitting in judgment.

"Thank you Knight Clawson, Master Sarapas," the powerful Tiger rumbled. "You are dismissed. We will send word when we have made a decision."

"Thank you, Master Ryagurl." Jay bowed deeply to him and walked off the mat to join his mates near the door.

Doruth stood along with the Masters who would make the decision, following them out of the demonstration room and to a side chamber where they could discuss things in private.

"An impressive display," he opened up as the door slid shut behind him. He recognized a few of the moves Sarapas had used against him recently too; the Thississpian had been incorporating the new Form into his techniques for months.

"Yes," Master Ryagurl nodded in agreement. "Not as impressive as his first, but he has made a fine teacher."

"It will never be a common style." Master Seimon commented. "It does, however, meet all the requirements to be accepted as the seventh lightsaber Form."

"I do question its utility to a Jedi who isn't wielding his... rather unique form of lightsaber," Master Bas'rath said. "However, it does meet the requirements. I see no reason not to recognize it as a Form for... what does he call that style of lightsaber again?" The Lioness asked.

"I do not believe he has named it, though I would call it the same as the Form they go with. The Form can't be used without it, and it's not well used without the Form." Master Seimon offered, his spined feline tail twitching slightly in amusement.

"A SWAT lightsaber?" Master Ryagurl considered it for a moment and nodded. "Unless he says otherwise, it works."

"I'll ask." Doruth said and reached out to catch Jay's mind before the Knight got to his workshop. "*What is that lightsaber of yours called?*"

A pause confirmed that Jay hadn't really thought about it much. "*SWAT. Same as the Form.*" He finally decided.

"*Thank you.*" Doruth sent and closed the connection. "A SWAT lightsaber. And I can tell you from experience that the form is not entirely useless without the attendant 'saber. Master Sarapas has adapted some of the techniques to paired single-blade techniques."

"I do wish that Knight Clawson had chosen a somewhat more... traditional title," Master Bas'rath observed. "But barring objection, I believe we should enter the SWAT Form as the seventh."

"No objection, though the title is appropriate," Doruth cracked a small grin. "It's an acronym from his homeworld, for Special Weapons And Tactics. I asked when he first chose the name."

"It certainly fits then," the Lioness agreed. "Master Doruth, if you will see that he is informed?"

"Of course, Master Bas'rath." He bowed to her politely and left to talk to Jay, the other Masters filtering out behind him.

"I'll be taking the cubs and staying with the pack tonight," Tes informed her mate simply as she cleaned up after dinner. "You have company."

"Uhm... okay," he said, cocking his head as he stood to help with the dishes. "News to me. Your mother coming over?"

"No, Jay is." She smiled slightly. "It seems you have unfinished business with him from before we were married."

"Huh?" Doruth asked, thinking back. "Now what...." He trailed off as it occurred to him. "Uhm, Tes? The business he might have in mind is a little...."

"Personal? I know. He asked me if it was okay to ask you again." She smiled warmly at her mate and put a hand on his arm. "This is important to him. I can't say I get it, but it was hard to miss when he talked to me."

"What did he give you?" Doruth asked, rubbing the bridge of his muzzle lightly. "He seemed to want to learn about sex but... hell, twenty years later, most of that with a pair of mates, I think we can safely say he doesn't need any advice I could give him."

"It's a rite of passage, I think." Tes leaned back against the counter. "Part of their coming of age rites. Since you're as close as he has to kin here, he chose you for it. Why he waited this long after Knighting, or chose now, I didn't ask."

"I can probably guess, but I won't for now," Doruth murmured, thinking for a moment. "About how long before he comes up here?"

"You've got an hour." She regarded him curiously.

"We still have those millaflower tabs from that mission to Kuat?" He asked her.

"Yeah," Tes cocked her head slightly at him. "In the med-kit. Why?"

"It's not that Jay's not attractive," Doruth explained, "but I'm still not really all that sure of whether or not... y'know. Like you said, I'm about the closest he has to family. It's... well, it kinda feels like I'd be sleeping with my son. Figure if I take a couple of those, it might help me loosen up enough that doesn't bother me."

"You can tell him no, you know." She reminded him gently even as she walked to the medkit they kept convenient, tucked behind the couch.

"You don't think I should though, do you?" He pointed out, as much as asked.

Still his mate paused before she stood with two pills in her hand. "No." Tes admitted quietly, understanding more than she cared to admit. "He is not your daughter, that inbred young could come of this. He is not a child any more, but your age when we met." She offered him the pills. "He is hurt inside, love; still that thirteen year old boy that did his best be do was he was taught and was turned away by the person he saw as his father. That part of him will never stop hurting, wondering what is wrong with him, until this is done. Turn him away this time, and he won't ask a third time."

"And there's nothing wrong with him," Doruth sighed, taking the pills. "Just that with my people, what he's asking for is so far from normal it's not funny." He swallowed the pills, knowing it'd be about an hour before they really started to work. "So really, I can't say no, and we both know it."

"It's only one night." She kissed him gently, proud of her mate. "Who would have thought it would have turned into all this when you rescued us that day."

"Mmm ... I know I didn't," Doruth admitted, returning the kiss. "Love you, Tes."

"I am proud of you, Doruth." Tes smiled and hugged him. "Not just for tonight, but for everything you've done in the last twenty years."

"And you're probably the only one here who thinks I'm anything more than a borderline maverick," he smirked, kissing her back. "Mmm ... too bad you've got to get going soon," he murmured, nuzzling her lightly.

"Don't sell yourself short," she smiled fondly and kissed the bridge of his muzzle. "You could have that seat on the Council that Sarapas' is expecting to take, you know. Never mind all the young Jedi you've given the Order."

"Mmm ... don't worry, I won't," he chuckled. "I was referring more to the fact that most Jedi don't think it's necessarily a good thing that I've been able to handle more than one mission by stacking a pazaak deck at the right time," he winked, making her giggle.

"True enough, but most haven't lived through what you have either." She nuzzled him affectionately. "Last I checked, most of the best field agents are just such mavericks. It's why they're the best."

"You do realize that I'm teasing just as much as you are?" He asked her with a chuckle. "Hope the kids aren't too much trouble for you and the Pack tonight. At least Abayomi and Nasim cooled down after they got into the crèche," he chuckled.

"They'll make spectacular Knights in a few years." Tes smiled in motherly pride. "I'd better get going, love."

"See you tomorrow," he smiled, kissing her again. "Here's hoping everything goes well."

"It will," she assured him with a smile and went to gather their most recent litter of Panther-Wolf cubs to be out of the way for the night.

Jay let none of the nervousness he felt show to those around him as he walked to Doruth's quarters. After twenty-one years at the Temple, he was good at this particular form of concealment. He wasn't perfect at it, but it had been useful as a Padawan, and all but a sanity saver in the seven years since.

It was kind of strange, in its own way, the timing of life in this place. Many had taken a life in combat by fifteen, were not really adults until their mid-twenties, he'd be in his late forties before he got out of training, and sex ... it barely seemed to exist to most.

He'd had two mates by fourteen, and no children, while Doruth and Tes hadn't met until their thirties and had already given thirteen kids to the crèche and more to come.

He'd had two mates by fourteen, and no children, while Doruth and Tes hadn't met until their thirties and had already given thirteen kids to the crèche and more to come. It grated on him at times, that he couldn't have children here. And they were all oddities; most Jedi never took a mate, let alone had children. They recruited most new 'followers' from outside Force users.

He was never going to be the head of the family, his oldest sister, an adult when he'd been born, held that position after their father, but he was strong in the family Gift. His children would have been a great boon to the family. There were days, more frequently now that he was old enough to be preparing for his first kit's adolescence, that he resented being stuck where he was.

He pushed it all out of his mind as he rang the chime.

The door opened, and he walked in to see Doruth seemingly meditating, though it was clear to his other senses that the Panther wasn't. Not really, at least. There was something a little unusual about him, besides the fact that he was sitting still, though he couldn't quite put his finger on it.


"Hey, Jay," Doruth said, snapping out of his meditation with a bit of a smile. "I hear we have a little unfinished business?"

"Yes," he murmured and settled next to the older tom who'd brought him off the street and showed him a life he could respect living. As much as he didn't want to be, Jay couldn't help but be as nervous as he'd been almost nineteen years before. "I doubt I explained myself well when I approached you to be my first lover."

"You were also just thirteen," Doruth reminded him. "And I still think of you like a son. What you were asking me then... Jay, there was no way I was going to be able to provide it, even if it was a part of your culture. That young, it would've been as out of line for me as it would've been right for you."

"And now?" He looked up at the Panther, his soul laid bare in his amber eyes. Those eyes... they never could conceal the truth very well.

Every word Tes had said was true, and Doruth couldn't deny it. Not seeing it for himself.

He saw too, that Jay was willing to walk away a second time and never bring it up again, if he was asked to. Jay was here in an act of selfish need and wouldn't force another just to satisfy that now any more than he would nineteen years before.

"One night," Doruth said softly. "And no expecting me to keep up with a tom 20 years my junior," he added with a slight quirk to his lips.

"I won't." Jay promised with relieved smile and a quirk of his own mouth. It was also where his certainty about what was going to happen ended. It wasn't a night he was meant to lead.

"Anything I'm supposed to do in particular?" Doruth asked him, not sure if there would be or not.

"I'm not so sure." He admitted awkwardly. "The idea is so you don't get hurt, or hurt your partner, when you find a playmate your own age. A few simple lessons to make it go smother." He dropped his eyes briefly, then looked up again. "I don't need those lessons anymore, but there is still a hole inside where the affection and care that night should have been." He leaned forward and slid his hand along the Panther's jaw to draw him into a gentle, lingering kiss. "*Just love me tonight, Doruth.*"

"*I already do, Jay,*" Doruth reassured him, returning the kiss. "*Just a different sort of love, usually.*" He ran his tongue around the much younger tom's lips, remembering the last time he'd been with another guy. He couldn't help but be a little grateful that it had probably been this morning for Jay.

Doruth felt the reply, wordless and understanding, as Jay opened his mouth in invitation. He felt the pain, both nineteen years old and seven years old, fade and surge at random moments as Jay opened himself up in a way he rarely did even with his mates.

Doruth started working Jay's robes off, standing along with the younger tom and starting to move them towards the room he usually shared with Tes. If she hadn't come to him about this first, this wouldn't be anywhere near happening. As it stood, he had enough millaflower in his system and understanding of why in his head to be going along without much difficulty.

He definitely wasn't getting any complaints from Jay as their robes slid to the floor and hands explored powerful, trained to perfection bodies.

Doruth pressed Jay back against a nearby wall, kissing the side of his muzzle, then down his neck to his chest to moans of pleasure and desire that echoed across the Force.

"Switching okay?" He asked, working Jay's trousers down and fondled his balls lightly.

"Yes," he groaned and spread his legs for the older tom, more than willing for anything Doruth had in mind.

"Good," the older Panther rumbled, licking Jay's nipples and fondling his sheath. It was an effort that was quickly rewarded by the hard, rough shaft of a full adult emerging to be stroked. Despite the submissive body language Jay gave and the light touch of his hands, there was no missing how much he wanted this.

"Lube?" Doruth asked him, nuzzling his hard, firm abs, approaching his rigid cock.

"No need." Jay gasped sharply in pleasure as the tip of Doruth's tongue slid across the head of his cock. "Oohhh."

"Will for me, but that'll wait," Doruth purred, continuing the sound as he took Jay's cock into his mouth. He played his tongue along Jay's barbs, suckling him as his throat sent vibrations down his thick length.

He had to admit, it had an intoxicating effect to be with another Jedi. The way another with the training could control their body and share pleasure and desire without words. Tes has learned the trick, and clearly so had Jay. Every movement, every pleasure was echoed lightly across the Force, reinforcing what they were doing.

"Oh, yes." Jay growled hotly, his hand fondling Doruth's velvety ears.

Doruth rumbled deeply, pulling off Jay's shaft for a moment to wet a finger with his spit before taking him into his mouth again, pressing that finger up against the tight ring of Jay's ass. It slid in easily, Jay's body long accustomed to being penetrated and just as accustomed to associating it with pleasure and caring.

He probed Jay's ass, quickly adding a second finger and searching for his prostate as he sucked him off, fondling his balls with the other hand, his own cock hard as a rock beneath the trousers he was still wearing. He could feel Jay tremble under the attentions, close to an orgasm.

"*C-close.*" Jay whimpered, his hips already bucking slightly.

"*Don't hold back,*" Doruth told him. "*Want to taste you.*" It had been years since he'd done this; just once or twice with one of the males in the Pack when they'd accept that he could take a vaguely submissive role without giving up his 'rank.'

Jay had no such hang-ups. His hands closed around Doruth's head and he threw his head back with a roar as his balls tightened to pump their contents into Doruth's waiting mouth.

The older Panther drank down the thick, bittersweet ropes of seed being pumped into his throat. Once Jay was done, he licked his cock clean, rumbling and nuzzling his sheath.

"Ready for more?" Doruth asked him.

"Yes," he murmured breathlessly, stroking Doruth's ears.

"Face to face, or want me against your back?" The older Panther asked, not knowing Jay's tastes. He felt the hesitation, the definite appeal of both choices.

"*Against my back.*" Jay finally breathed across their minds even as he turned around and lifted his tail invitingly.

"How do you like it?" Doruth asked him, standing and pressing against his back, taking his cock and pressing it against the tight ring of muscle.

"Hard and fast." Jay groaned in anticipation.

"I can do that," Doruth rumbled, then thrust up into Jay's stretched ass, groaning as his hot, tight body squeezed down around his barbed length. He bit down lightly on Jay's shoulder, reminding himself forcefully that this was definitely not Tes, and that the same rules didn't apply.

He fucked the smaller tom hard, enjoying every moment and how much Jay was enjoying it, the sounds and motion of sex that was going well, but it was a long way between 'hard and fast' and leaving his bedmate a bloody mess.

Even if Jay had wanted it, and from the low echo from Jay's mind he probably did enjoy it, Doruth was sure Shi would kill him if her mate returned in need of her help.

Still, with Jay's mental encouragement, the older Panther let himself speed up, slamming his cock against Jay's prostate and gripping his cock tightly, stroking it hard and fast. It didn't take long before Jay began to whimper and tremble as the pleasure built up and his body tightened, milking the thick length inside him even before he roared with his release against the wall and all over Doruth's hand.

Doruth let out a roar of his own, pumping his seed deep into Jay's ass, his dark, furry balls pulling up tight against his body as the intensity of the moment swept them both away.

He moaned softly as he came down, his cock twitching in Jay's ass and the younger tom panting after coming twice so quickly.

"Need a bit of a break?" Doruth asked him, purring deeply.

"No," Jay purred and turned his head to nuzzle his lover. "You feel very good."

"Thanks," Doruth rumbled. "It's been a while. Want to try and make it to the bed?"

"Sure," he chuckled softly and licked Doruth's muzzle affectingly. "Maybe I can show you a little tongue work?"

"Mmm ... want me to go clean up, or want to do the honors yourself?" Doruth asked, returning the affectionate lick even as he felt the sharp spike of arousal that marked a serious kink in his bedmate.

"I think I'll do it," Jay grinned up. "In the shower."

"Like water, huh?" Doruth chuckled, pulling out of Jay with a groan, reaching down to finger the younger tom's dripping ass lightly.

"Very much," he groaned and pressed back into that touch, excited by the very though of getting wet.

"Then let's get into the shower," Doruth purred, bringing his sticky fingers up and dabbing a bit of his seed onto Jay's nose, kissing him lightly. A part of him wondered how much of his relaxation with this was the millaflower... and he hoped it was more than it felt like, just now.

It didn't matter, really. Jay wouldn't be back like this. One night, and one night only. They both had mates that were inclined to keep it that way.

"Mmm, yes." Jay rumbled in appreciation of the view he got from following Doruth to the bathroom and being reasonably self-controlled while the water heated.

"After you," Doruth rumbled once the water was steaming up the showers. He quickly realized that Jay had a taste for putting on a sensual show and under the rain of hot water was his element.

Every move, every strand of fur that was wetted, was an erotic act to the exotically marked cinnamon tom. His long hair, seven years worth of growth now, streamed down his back as he moaned in pleasure and offered up his body to the experience that the hot rain was for him.

"Pretty kitty," Doruth rumbled, climbing in after him and pressing Jay's back against the tiles of the shower as he kissed him hungrily.

"Mmmm," Jay kissed back just as eagerly. "*More before we clean up?*"

"Want to see your face when you cum this time," Doruth told him, lifting one of Jay's legs and half-wrapping it around his waist as he pressed his cock up against his well-stretched ass. It was a maneuver that his lover helped as much as he could with.

They both groaned, cut off by a kiss as Doruth began to fuck him, taking in every pleasured expression Jay offered up in the steam.

The Panther took his time this time, the water and heat soaking into their muscles as he slid in and out of the younger tom's bowels. He grazed Jay's neck with his teeth, licking at his neck tenderly. Every move, from hard to tender, was welcomed and encouraged.

"Ohh, yesss." Jay groaned as his cock filled out again between them, hardening in response to the pleasure building inside his body again.

"Like this, huh?" Doruth rumbled, groaning a bit as his hard abs rubbed against Jay's barbed shaft, teasing him with his fur as his own cock throbbed in Jay's ass.

"Yes," Jay shuddered and tightened his body around Doruth, eager for every bit of contact he could get.

Doruth sealed his mouth against Jay's, thrusting into him, lifting him off the tile of the shower slightly with each forceful push. He groaned into Jay's mouth, his balls already twitching and eager for release. He felt Jay began to whimper into his mouth, the smaller tom's body twitching with each thrust as it was pushed closer and closer to the edge.

With one more deep, lusty groan, Doruth squeezed his eyes shut, pumping another load of his seed under Jay's tail, his barbs raking the kat's prostate. It was enough, along with the raw pleasure he was radiating, to bring a third growling orgasm from Jay.

"Mmmm, maybe a little break now." Jay mumbled with a loopy grin on his face.

"I think so," Doruth panted, nuzzling his neck as they slowly slid apart and Jay got his feet under him. "After we get cleaned off."

"Mmm, that can be as fun as the sex." He chuckled and reached for the shampoo to start working on Doruth's chest.

"Yeah," the Panther chuckled, taking the bottle and starting to work on Jay's fur too. "Though I think both of us could use a little time doing something that isn't pelvic."

The playful glitter in Jay's eyes made him wonder just what he'd said to put whatever idea was in Jay's head in there, and what he was in for.

"You won't get a complaint from me." Jay smiled at him as he worked his way down Doruth's chest and purred at the attention to his own.

"Okay, what did I just get myself into?" Doruth asked with a chuckle, working the shampoo into Jay's fur and down his body, the light scent of the shampoo blending with their musky scent in the steam.

"Nothing you'll object too, promise." He smiled with a throatily purr, his hands massaging the Panther's abs.

"That doesn't exactly narrow things down just now," Doruth chuckled, kissing him lightly before Jay knelt and slid his tongue along Doruth's sheath while his hands worked on the Panther's thighs.

Doruth rumbled deeply, rubbing Jay's soft ears and the back of his head. Though the contact was only intended to clean, he'd be lying if he said that was the only effect it was having on him. He moaned and let his head fall back as Jay moved down to take one of his balls into his mouth, lavishing it with attention as the fur was cleaned.

"Mmm ... planning on returning the favor?" He asked as his cock started to swell again. It was nights like this he was grateful for feline endurance.

"*Eventually,*" he chuckled softly as he turned his attention to the other black orb in front of his nose. "*There is cleaning left to do.*"

"Just making sure you weren't going to leave me hanging," the Panther purred, scratching Jay's head lightly as he was pleasured with the slow affection that could be simple cleaning, or the beginning of a long round of foreplay. "Mmm ... damn you're good at that."

"*I wouldn't*" Jay purred at the praise as he let Doruth slid from his mouth and ever so slowly licked and nosed his way back to the furless pucker under his tail.

"Oh fuck," Doruth groaned, turning in the shower and raising his tail to give Jay better access.

"*Not for a while yet.*" Jay murmured between their minds even as his tongue made a slow circle around Doruth's entrance. "*Prep first.*"

"*You know what I meant,*" Doruth chuckled back mentally, bapping the back of Jay's head with his tail and making the younger tom snicker.

Jay promptly got even by folding his tongue in half, rough side in, and pressed it into the Panther's body.

He just replied with a deep, pleasured groan, pressing his forehead to the wall as the sound echoed in the shower and his ass was tongue-fucked. He almost whimpered when Jay spared a hand to reach forward and began to roll and fondle his balls, occasionally sending a finger trailing up his half-full sheath.

"Thought I was supposed to be teaching you," he managed to get out with a chuckle, his cock hardening the rest of the way quickly.

"You want me to stop?" Jay asked with an almost innocent tone as he lifted his face away from Doruth's ass.

"You know the answer to that," the Panther rumbled. He wasn't sure what to make of the snicker, but it was soon the last thing on his mind when that tongue was back at his body, licking the outside between ventures inside.

"Mmm ... think I'm just about clean enough," Doruth rumbled deeply, his cock rock hard and leaking pre-cum. He shuddered lightly as Jay kissed his way up his spine, a finger teasing his ass gently while a tendril of Force brought the lube to them. Not a normal use of Force, but definitely an appreciated on right now.

Then Jay's fingers were slick with the thick goo and one pressed inside Doruth's body easily, stretching and probing with an steady confidence in his skill.

"Mmm ... thanks for remembering," Doruth groaned, spreading his legs and bracing himself for what was going to come. He had little doubt that despite the careful prep and patience displayed in foreplay, when it finally got down to it, Jay wasn't going to be going for slow and gentle. It wasn't how he'd reacted so far as the bottom, and the teasing nips he gave while his fingers worked only reinforced the idea.

"*Ready?*" Jay asked softly, hungry to be inside but unwilling to push to fast.

"Ready," Doruth nodded and felt the emptiness as Jay's fingers left his body. "Go ahead."

He groaned deeply as his scruff was taken in by a pair of strong jaws and his ass was opened up by a single smooth thrust of a well-lubed cock.

Jay held still as his lover adjusted to the invasion, then began to thrust smoothly, his hands on Doruth's hips to hold them still as the Panther was taken.

Doruth couldn't help a whimper of pleasure as he felt Jay fill his ass, his barbs raking him slightly through the thick gel on his cock.

"Oh yes!" He moaned, squeezing down around Jay's length, milking it with his body and was rewarded by and increased energy in the thrusting that made his cock quiver. He threw his head back with a groaning roar when Jay upped the intensity as he reached around and began to lightly stroke his thick, black cock.

Doruth tried to hold off as long as he could, milking Jay's shaft as his own throbbed in the younger tom's fingers. In the end, it didn't last long. His roar echoed around the shower, his seed spraying against the wall as he came hard. He gasped, cries dragged out of him with each thrust Jay made into his spasming body. A skilled hand kept him hard and twitching, strong jaws held tight on his scruff as Jay continued to fuck him.

He reached back with one hand, grabbing Jay's hips on instinct and pressing back into his thrusts, savoring the feel of being taken by another tom for the first time in ages.

Doruth groaned deeply as he felt his balls pull up close to his body, seed rushing out of his shaft early the next morning as he woke up to the end of a blowjob from his unusual bed partner.

"*Morning.*" Jay greeted him as he swallowed and lapped up the thick come.

"Morning," Doruth murmured, reaching down to rub Jay's ears lightly. "Get what you needed last night?" He asked him.

"Yes," he smiled and rubbed into the hand, a soft rumbling purr in his chest. "*Thank you.*"

"You're welcome," Doruth smiled, pulling him up for a gentle kiss, though not nearly as heated as those they'd shared the night before. "Sorry I couldn't give it to you before."

"It's all right," Jay nuzzled him. "I understand it wasn't because you didn't care about me."

"Good," Doruth murmured, returning the nuzzle. "You should probably get back to your place, so we both have time to clean up before meeting our mates."

"Which would be decidedly rude smelling of another tom so much." He chuckled and kissed Doruth softly before sliding from bed, his body clearly turned on, and just as clearly it wasn't something Jay cared about.

"To say nothing of Tes and the cubs coming back to the room smelling of the two of us so much," Doruth chuckled, climbing out of bed himself. "It was a good night, Jay," he smiled, giving him an affectionate scritch between the ears and felt the tom lean into the touch with a soft purr as they dressed.

"Yes, it was." He smiled up at Doruth and rolled his head to kiss the Panther's fingers before they parted and Jay put on his Jedi face for the walk back to his quarters.

Doruth watched him leave, then headed into the shower to clean up before cleaning the smell of sex out of his quarters.

"Mmm, Jay's coming back, and he's feeling better." Shi smiled as she sprawled on top of her own exhausted Panther.

"Good," Fenrik murmured. "Hope he's not too wound up; don't know that I could handle the both of you too much right now," he chuckled, kissing Shi lightly. "If this morning's any indication, maybe we should try and find him another boyfriend," he winked.

"I don't think so." She pouted, pretending to be insulted. "He's mine."

"Mmm ... not just yours," Fenrik grinned up at her, licking her nose playfully. "Though really, you were in one hell of a good mood this morning."

"Part of it's his condition," she smiled softly and relaxed on his chest. "Ever since ... well, I've been keeping a bit more of an eye on him than usual. Whatever happened last night, it's really helped him."

"Good to know," Fenrik murmured, scratching her back lightly. "Let him get his shower before we pull him in to spend a little time with us?"

"Well, if you're too worn out to play, we'd better." Shi snickered. "You know what water does to him."

"That's for sure," Fenrik chuckled, snuggling up with his mate. "Mmm ... hope everything went well on Doruth's end too."

"Me too," she murmured and closed her eyes, content to wait for Jay to clean up and come in of his own accord.

A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 7: Investing in the Future

NC-17 for M/M
Het Level is Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

82 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written May 2, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Ice Walker, Kat, Kushiban, Panther, Wolf

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Doruth Parn/Tes Ramaris, Jay Clawson/Shivasta Stormwarden/Fenrik Aren, Doruth/Jay Clawson

Blurb: Interlude. New Padawans, maternal drive, a new Form acknowledged and settling the past all hit with the triad's eighteenth anniversary.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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