A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 8:
Scores to Settle

by Fur and Fantasy
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"Don't look now," Fenrik chuckled, shaking his head as he pulled a slip of paper out of the pocket of his civilian clothes. "But I think we just lost my Padawan to the locals again."

He, Jay, and the newly absent Jenna were on Trianii, the capital world of a cluster of systems controlled by one of several of the Galaxy's races of Panthers. Their mission had gone well, and they were taking a little downtime before going back to Coruscant, enjoying the novelty of being on a feline-dominated world for the first time in some years.

And, for Jenna, of being on a world where the boys weren't just interested in a newcomer, but also weren't restricted by Jedi reluctance to play around.

"I dare you to tell me you're surprise." He chuckled softly and dressed in the flowing shirt and form-fitting pants he favored. He wasn't about to say it, but having the kids truly absent for the first time in over four years was something he was relishing every moment of.

"Only by the fact that she waited until after the Trade Federation representatives agreed to the terms that the yu'nar set, rather than heading out as soon as we'd transmitted them," Fenrik chuckled, shaking his head and pulled his shirt on and they double-checked their appearance. "Sometimes I worry that that girl's going to get herself into trouble like this."

"At least she's learned how to control her fertility." Jay pointed out quietly as they headed out into the busy streets filled with Panthers and a smattering of other felines. "She'll probably grow out of it, or find a mate who can keep up."

"I know," Fenrik nodded with a smile. "It just worries me once in a while. So, we've got a night or two before we head back home; anything in particular you want to do?"

"Check out what an all-feline world has to offer a couple old mates," he chuckled and leaned on Fenrik's arm. "It's been ages since we've been on one."

"Very true," Fenrik purred. "Pity Shi wasn't able to come along."

"Well, yes, but I'm enjoying having you to myself for a while." Jay smiled softly. He loved their mate dearly, but sometimes his natural predilection for males made it difficult to be interested in her.

"I'm not going to complain," Fenrik grinned, pulling on a jacket distinctly reminiscent of the ones his old Master had worn when he was posing as a gambler. "Besides, she's not that crazy about the sort of music they're usually playing at the clubs we hit."

"Murr, have I reminded you recently how hot you look in that outfit?" Jay licked his whiskers back and nuzzled his mate.

"Mmm ... down boy," Fenrik chuckled. "At least wait until we hit a club where that sort of thing fits in."

"Spoilsport." He snickered and toned it down a notch. "I'm not the only one who thinks you look good, though."

"Mmm... probably fortunately, Jenna's already found herself a boyfriend for tonight, if that's what you mean," Fenrik smirked, kissing him lightly.

"A couple of them, knowing her." Jay chuckled. "The locals are checking you out too."

"Like you're not getting your share of attention?" Fenrik pointed out, wrapping an arm around Jay's waist and pulling him close, his hand ghosting along Jay's thigh slightly. He grinned internally at the spike of arousal he felt from his lover.

It was going to be a fun night.

"Wait till we get to a dance club and they find out our endurance." Jay winked.

"And that's just endurance with the vertical type of dancing," Fenrik winked back. "So, have any given club in mind?"

"Thunderbolt sounds like a good one. Master Essani would probably kill us both if we went to Warlords." He snickered. "Though after that place, we might not care."

"After that place, we might not be able to walk," Fenrik chuckled. "Let's hit the Thunderbolt, at least at first? I've heard rumors about the Warlord that you want to be sure you keep a hand on top of your drink most of the time, if you know what I mean."

"Between the two of us, I think it's safe enough." Jay rumbled softly, one of his very few moments of getting off on public display simmering. "But Thunderbolt first. Actually get some vertical dancing in before things get interesting."

"If you'll let us," the Panther smirked. "At this rate, I half-expect to be pulled into an alley."

"If I thought I could get away with it, I would have by now." Jay grinned at him, his eyes glittering with mischief.

"Not on this planet, love," Fenrik laughed, shaking his head. "You push the line enough playing in the gardens."

"We forget who can see one time twenty-two years and you act like we're always fooling around in public." Jay rolled his eyes, though there was nothing but good humor behind it.

"I try," the Panther smirked, kissing him lightly. "Besides, around the Temple, that's about enough to qualify."

"True," Jay made a face. "A bunch of prudes sometimes."

"Sometimes," Fenrik agreed. "Though now that I'm not a teenager anymore, I can kinda understand why. It's something that's still changing. With any luck it'll go back the other way before Jenna's expected to get respectable."

"Or she'll find a male to settle down with about it and be more discrete." He nodded. "Face it, if the three of us hadn't been together, we'd have been much more visible that way."

"I already was," Fenrik chuckled. "Master Kiris had just finished giving me a serious talking to about it before his last mission," he added, the sadness he still felt about his first Master's death obvious to his mate, though well hidden from everybody else.

Jay gave him a mental hug, but kept his outside unchanged. "I would have been much worse that you. You and Jenna like sex. I'm driven to have a mate. It wouldn't have slowed down until I found someone I could trust like that."

"Man, that could've been messy," Fenrik chuckled. "You're just lucky you managed to find mates who aren't Kel Dor or something."

"I'm surprised I found one who wasn't feline." Jay observed dryly. "But yeah, a Kel Dor would have been so ugly. A helium-based atmosphere is a hell of an obstacle."

"Just imagine being one of them, and having to live out here with the rest of us?" Fenrik pointed out with a bit of a shudder. "No wonder they've gotten so good at making breathmasks."

"It still amazes me that they'd ever want to." He shook his head slightly. "It's ...." Jay's voice trailed off as he spotted a familiar face that had never quite left his mind. A face that the entire Republic had been hunting for thirteen years.

And that Jay had been hunting harder than the Republic ever had, for a much more personal reason.

Fenrik took Jay's hand just in time to keep him from bolting after the Tigress he'd spotted.

"Careful," he warned his mate gently.

"She is not getting away this time." He rumbled and pulled out of his mate's grip. His hatred and rage tightly constrained but definitely there as he darted after Blackstripe.

Fenrik swore under his breath and followed.

"*At least make sure it's the right person!*" Fenrik warned him mentally.

Jay's reply wasn't words, but the mental snarl he gave to the idea that he wouldn't be dead sure was a bit of a relief, even if the way he chased the Tigress now doing her best to lose them wasn't.

Fenrik quietly prayed that he'd be the one to catch up with her first. He honestly didn't want to know what might happen if Jay was.

Without a way to get between them, it was something he was likely to find out as the locals got out of the way in a hurry. On a world of mostly warriors, everyone recognized a hunt when they saw one and weren't about to get in the way of it. Especially not when it was one outsider after another.

A burst of speed and Jay tackled her, sending them both rolling and ending with him pinning her larger form.

The Force wrapped around them and the Tigress froze in response to Jay's silent command.

"*Don't harm her, Jay!*" Fenrik warned him, pouring on the speed to catch up with the smaller tom and put a restraining hand on his shoulder as Jay growled at the woman under him, the war between his training, his internal sense of justice and the Demon demanding revenge all but visible on his face and very clear to the terrified Tigress frozen in place under him.

"We have her, Jay, it's only our place to catch," Fenrik warned his mate quietly. "*Please,*" he added mentally. "*Don't give in to it now.*"

It was enough. At least it was enough to silence the Demon.

Jay's own morals were another issue.

Even as he stood Fenrik felt Jay call on the Force again. This time it was a bundle of Darkness, pain and violation inside the white energy that sunk into Blackstripe's body and mind.

"Follow us." Jay ordered her with gritted teeth and turned towards the spaceport and Sharufa.

Fenrik followed behind the shell-shocked Tigress and his mate, wondering just how the hell he was going to explain all of this when they got back.

It wasn't that he didn't feel Jay had been justified, even if he'd done much worse ... he just wasn't entirely sure if the Council would agree.

Jenna flicked an ear as she neared Sharufa. It was quiet; she expected the toms to either still be out or asleep by now. It didn't feel right though.

Something was seriously off inside.

There was a female on board too.

Definitely not right.

She slipped her hand down to her lightsaber and reached out to her Master, only to find him very worried about something.

"*Master?*" She asked quietly.

"*It's safe, Jenna,*" Fenrik told her. "*We just had a run-in with somebody ... important. It'll be fine,*" he told her, though she could tell he wasn't quite as confident as he tried to sound.

"*All right Master.*" She unlocked the hatch and boarded, following the disturbance in the Force to home in on her Master and Knight Clawson.

Jay was sitting there, an empty teacup encircled by his hands as he stared numbly at the wall, his mind completely elsewhere as he tried to work through whatever had happened. Fenrik was there with him, but seemed mostly to be watching him.

Jenna could tell it was less for lack of trying to help, than for lack of ability to do so. It was terrifying in its own way, to see her Master so helpless to help the person who mattered to him the most.

"*Jay?*" Fenrik asked mentally, trying to reach his mate.

"Yes?" Jay almost glanced up, the motion aborted before it began.

"Want some more tea?" Fenrik asked him. "Or maybe head to bed? It's tomorrow already."

"*And what can I tell Jenna?*" He asked silently.

Jay rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed. "I should try to sleep." He stood and caught Fenrik's hand, squeezing it as he leaned against his mate. "Meditate if I can't."

"*Tell her whatever you need to. She shouldn't be scared by my problem.*"

"*Not scared, Jay,*" Fenrik reassured him, starting to lead him to bed. "*Just worried for you. You going to be okay?*"

"I recovered from far worse." He leaned against the Panther. "I just haven't thought about it in ... years, really. I know I told the Council I'd do that ... just never thought it would happen."

"All right," Fenrik nodded, supporting his weight and realizing that telepathy wasn't very comfortable for his mate just now. "Jenna, I'll be with you in a few minutes."

"Yes, Master." She politely waited for the galley door to close, then turned to fix a pot of soothing tea for them both while Fenrik got Jay settled in bed.

She couldn't help but wonder just what had happened. She had no idea what sort of person they could have met here who'd have an effect like that on Jay. No doubt it was the female in the holding cell that she could sense, but she didn't feel all that Dark. Badly messed up, probably in need of a mind-healer, but the prisoner did not feel like the kind that would mess up a Jedi that badly.

A few moments later, Fenrik was back, looking distinctly tired to his Padawan's familiar eyes.

"Sorry you had to see that," he said softly. "It's some baggage from Jay's solo mission."

"That long ago?" She stared at him in surprise closer to shock. "What did that woman do to him?"

"She's a high-ranking member of the Southern Dianogas," Fenrik explained. "Jay interfered with their operations on Coruscant when I was on a mission, then was assigned to deal with an operation of theirs on Alderaan on his Solo. She ordered that he be dealt with and broken as badly as possible. They came very close to being successful. She's dealing with his memories of the events right now; I imagine that by the time we get back to Coruscant she'll be more stable."

"He never acted like he'd been hurt that bad." Jenna murmured quietly as she thought back to when she'd first seen him after he'd been knighted. Her empathy may not have been great, but he seemed so self-assured and controlled. It couldn't have been more than a few months after it happened. "I just saw what he was like behind closed doors, when no one else was watching."

"He did a very good job of keeping anybody else from seeing it, Jenna," Fenrik explained. "When he wants to, he's excellent at keeping his emotions hidden. When you managed to see his eyes, you could tell. It was a rough time for all of us, and this might well be a nasty setback for him."

"It might help too, when he's recovered from the initial shock." She added softly, hoping her Master would understand she meant well. "It's not the Jedi way, but revenge has its place in the healing process. If he's held on to the pain and need to hurt her this long, doing just that may be the only thing to cleanse him of it."

"I doubt the Council will agree," Fenrik pointed out with a bit of a sigh. "Especially not with what I felt when it happened. He came very close to crossing the line today, possibly even stepped across it."

Jenna glanced down and offered him a cup of tea from the steaming pot.

"What will happen to him?" She barely whispered.

"I don't know," Fenrik admitted, taking the glass and sipping it quietly. "They won't eject him from the Order, I'm sure of that. The Jedi have forgiven far, far worse acts of revenge than this, to say nothing of mass murder and treason. But I'm sure they'll find something."

"Trust the Council to do what is best in the long run." She said as much from rote as actually believing it, but it was soothing nonetheless. "They know better than we do."

"Usually," Fenrik admitted with a slight chuckle. "And I do trust them, Padawan. It's more Jay I'm worried about than them."

"He survived worse," she tried to say reassuringly. "He'll recover. Especially once Knight Shivasta gets her hands on him."

"I thought I was the one who was supposed to be reassuring you?" Fenrik asked with a chuckle, leaning over to kiss Jenna's cheek lightly. "With any luck, he'll be doing better as soon as he's come to grips with what happened. I just didn't expect him to shut down like he did."

"Maybe that's a good sign." She looked up at him. "If he's in shock at what he did, maybe he understands what went wrong. Why he shouldn't have done that."

"Assuming that's the root cause," Fenrik nodded. "If it is, then I think we're okay. If not ... it could be ugly, if he's stuck inside something from back then."

"Yeah," she sighed and sipped her tea. "At least we're not that far away from home and Healers. Maybe he'll be better in the morning. He's always been strong."

"I hope you're right, Jenna," Fenrik nodded, finishing his tea with a sigh. He also hoped it wouldn't be another seven years before Jay was all right again.

"If you do not mind, Master, I would head to bed now." Jenna said as she stood to clean up the few dishes.

"Go ahead, Jenna," Fenrik smiled, standing to help her. "Try not to let this bother you too much."

"I will try," she nodded slightly. "Rest well, Master." She added as she headed towards her quarters on the small fighter-transport.

"You too, Padawan," Fenrik smiled, cleaning the dishes quickly and starting back to his room.

He only hoped that Jay was sleeping peacefully. He knew better, he could feel it across the bond they shared, but he could hope.

Golden eyes opened to greet him when he walked in. Eyes full of fear and shame that where nothing like the way he was after his Solo.

"She'll be all right, Jay," Fenrik told him softly, climbing into bed to find himself with an armful of disturbed mate. "I can tell that much."

"I'm not sure to be relieved or more disturbed by that." Jay murmured as he pressed close. "I shouldn't have done that. She deserved it, but I shouldn't have."

"No, you shouldn't have," Fenrik admitted, nuzzling Jay lightly and rubbing his back as the tom slowly relaxed. "At least you realize it. We'll have Shi take a look at her when we get back."

"So much for a nice easy mission." He mumbled. "They're never going to let me out of the Temple again, at this rate."

"They'll let you out, just not unsupervised," Fenrik tried to joke, one that made his mate wince.

"Already true." He mumbled.

"Sorry," the Panther murmured, kissing him gently. "You didn't do any permanent damage... you stopped before you got that far."

"Part of me regrets that," he sighed. "She's caused so much pain. The legal system can't even begin to do justice."

"Jay, her crimes are against the Republic," Fenrik pointed out. "It's their job to decide what her punishment should be, not ours."

"It doesn't change that justice will never be done." He sighed, his eyes closing briefly. "I know it shouldn't matter to me, it's not my job ... it still does." Jay buried his face against his mate's broad chest. "*Justice can't be done here. Not for her, and not for the people she's hurt.*"

"What would justice be?" Fenrik asked him softly.

"I don't know," he murmured. "She turned against the Republic because those who hurt her were never punished, because she saw it all around her and no one cared. She cared enough to try to change things. Then she hurt more people." He sighed dejectedly. "The real cause, the one who set this chain of events into motion, will never pay for any of their crimes, and her story is not alone."

"You can't fix everything, Jay," Fenrik said softly, nuzzling Jay's forehead. "What happened to her?"

"Too much," he shuddered. "She'll be fine because what I did to her is nothing compared to what she's been through herself. She knows how to break people because she's been there. People ... I'll never understand how people can do that to each other."

"Some people just don't care about others," Fenrik said softly, holding Jay close. "She still won't be able to hurt anybody else after this... and you never know what people might find out. The Force has a way of seeing that justice happens, even if it takes a while."

He nodded and tried to believe. Sometimes it was easy; this close to the pain of others, it wasn't nearly so simple.

"Have faith, Clawson." He whispered to himself, pressing close to the warm, powerful body in bed with him. "Just have faith for once."

Long ago most of the Council had made a point to being here when Clawson made a report of any kind. He rarely had a dull mission or report, even when they were dull, and few of them were dull.

Master Kareth groaned internally when she saw the pair of Knights and one Padawan enter the Council Chamber. The mission may have been a success, but obviously the unexpected capture of Blackstripe had done much more than any of them had let on. He wasn't as bad as when he'd returned from his Solo, but he was something of a mess when you looked past the perfectly controlled exterior.

She had to give him credit for maintaining appearances when he had no right to be able to. Pride may be something the Jedi discouraged, but in this case he put it to a very proper use. He made the Order look good, even when he was ready to crack inside.

It sent a ripple of concern and displeasure through the gathered Masters, the familiarity of the state drawing confusion and curiosity from those who had not known him so long. It was a curiosity that was quickly dispelled by those that already knew.

"*Report, Knight Aren.*" Master Essani began the formal part of this meeting. Finding out what was wrong with her former Padawan would come later.

"Our primary mission was successful, Masters," Fenrik started easily. "We went to the Trianii cluster as requested by the Trade Federation's representative, and found the people there eager to reach a settlement with the Federation. They had already effectively defeated them in battle, and they had religious strictures about meeting under the conditions the Federation was insisting on.

"Negotiations, to be frank, would be a polite term for it; they simply wanted the Federation to repair the damage that had been done in the brief war between their people, to leave their space, and not to come back any time soon. The Federation was only too happy to agree; they'd been expecting rather firmer censure for their aggression towards the Trianii Panthers."

"*And Blackstripe?*" Master Essani got to the subject that had no doubt caused the distress they were sensing for the three.

"We encountered the Tigress after negotiations were complete, Master Essani," Fenrik explained. "We were in the spaceport and Knight Clawson saw her. We chased her and apprehended her before she could escape again." It was painfully obvious that he wasn't giving all the details about what had happened, and just as obvious why.

"*Knight Clawson?*" She focused on her former Padawan.

"I hurt her more than was needed to stop her." He said softly, not even trying to fight the effect of the Council. "I tore into her mind before Knight Aren stopped me."

"How much damage was done before he did?" Master Kareth asked softly.

"Nothing permanent," Fenrik said. "Once -"

"Master Kareth asked Knight Clawson, Knight Aren," Master Noloth warned the Panther.

"My apologies, Masters," the Panther said, inclining his head.

"Nothing permanent, because of her own past." Jay answered quietly. "I gave her my memories of what she ordered done during my Solo mission. I was not gentle when I got information from her. It left her shaken and bruised, but not very injured."

"Contrary to your intentions to do more damage," Master Noloth said, knowing it was true. While even he couldn't really blame Jay in the long run, it was clear that something like this had been a possibility they'd all seen for years, and ignored too long.

"Correct, Master Noloth." Jay inclined his head.

Master Ty'thri'ku'mo Mython lifted his triangular head on his long neck to regard the Knight evenly.

"You neither regret your actions nor believe they were right." He began, his voice a low rumble that filled the large chamber. "Yet you have not let go of your anger in this."

"I know, Master Ty'thri'ku'mo. Sometimes I cannot accept it is not my place to care about justice and the welfare of the people, all people. It hurts too much to know and not be allowed to act."

"*You have faced injustice before without reacting like this,*" Master Essani pointed out. "*Was justice your motive, or revenge?*"

"Revenge, Master." He answered simply. It was justice to him, but justice was not what drove him in those moments. "The anger still in me is from the reason this all happened. She is not insane. She is not Dark. She did not act in a moment of emotion or need. She tried everything she could before turning to violence to change a system that does not work. What she did was wrong, but it was less wrong than what was done to drive her to it, and I added to her reasons to continue."

"And what do you feel should be done about this?" Master Noloth asked him.

Jay was silent a moment, his gaze steady against the Frilled Lizard's, before he answered.

"The legal system, and the society that created it, needs to change to protect all the people, not just those with money and the luck to be born in the right place."

"You do not expect this, however." Master Ty'thri'ku'mo commented.

"I have enough understanding of the sheer size and complexity of such a task to realize it will take centuries of concerted effort by those in control to make a dent in the problem."

"Do you feel she is able to say who victimized her before she joined the Dianogas?" Master Kareth asked him.

"Yes," he nodded. "I found most of them. Most are also already dead."

"We will want descriptions of those who remain," the tri-colored Vixen said easily. "What do you feel should be done about your conduct?"

"They are in my report." He nodded, then paused to think about her question. It wasn't an answer he really had a solid idea about. Home didn't even have laws regarding telepathy. The Republic laws didn't apply to Jedi, and even those that might apply to this were few and far between.

Jedi punishments ... he honestly hadn't ever thought about. He had always just accepted the Council's or his Master's choices when he did something wrong. It was usually meditation. Sometimes a lot of it. That seemed ... inappropriately mild given he'd just mind-raped someone, even if it wouldn't affect her for long and was done in a moment of pure rage.

"I do not know, Master." He eventually admitted.

"*Please wait outside, Knight Clawson,*" Essani told him. "*We would like to speak with Knight Aren.*"

"Yes, Master." Jay inclined his head and stood, leaving without an outward indication that anything was going on.

Inside, they all knew he was in turmoil on several levels.

"Do you believe he would have caused permanent damage if you hadn't stopped him in time?" Master Kareth asked the Panther once Jay was gone.

"He would have by the time I did stop him, if her mind wasn't already used to it," Fenrik admitted quietly. "And it would have been intentional. I do not believe it was only his desire, however."

"You believe the Demon was influencing him?" Master Charn looked directly at the younger Panther.

"In part," Fenrik nodded. "Knight Clawson's temper is short, I'll be honest. However, his telepathic skills aren't typically up to what he did without more focus, something he didn't have time to take advantage of. Given what I saw in the Force, I believe the Demon was assisting him, at the very least."

"What was his condition up to the point he saw Blackstripe?" Master Ty'thri'ku'mo asked.

"He was in a good mood, affectionate, cheerful. We had just completed our mission, and intended to spend the night on-planet before returning to Coruscant. He was looking forward to a little time on a world with more felines on it. When he saw her, she became his total focus in an instant. I barely had time to notice her myself before he took off."

"And after you had her in the holding cell?" Master Sarapas asked calmly.

"Once he realized what he'd done, he practically went into shock," Fenrik explained. "He spent the rest of the return trip trying to come to grips with it, while I worked to make sure that my assessment of the damage done was accurate."

"*Do you believe he would have attempted to do this to Blackstripe without the influence of the Demon? Master Essani asked quietly.

"Yes," Fenrik admitted just as quietly. "I do not believe he would have been successful, and I believe he would have stopped himself before getting even far enough to know that for sure, but I believe he would. To him, it was revenge, but it was a just one."

"Revenge is not the Jedi way, no matter how it might be justified." Master Noloth pointed out.

"I understand, Master Noloth," Fenrik nodded. "As does Jay, to judge by his reaction to what he did."

"Padawan Dyreth, do you have anything to add to this?" Master Jamni lifted her slender muzzle to join the conversation.

The teenage Panther started, clearly not having expected to be addressed.

"Nothing that hasn't already been said, Master Jamni," she told the Wolf quietly. "I wasn't present when she was captured, and from what I saw, Master Aren's assessment is accurate. Knight Clawson was very disturbed when I saw him afterwards."

"*Very well.*" Master Essani nodded slightly. "*You may leave. We will summon Knight Clawson when we have decided what to do about his actions.*" She narrowed the focus so only Fenrik heard her. "*Take care, Fenrik. This will not be pleasant for him.*"

"*I know, Master,*" Fenrik agreed just as privately, bowing with Jenna and turning to leave.

"Well," Master Noloth started once the Council was alone. "What are we going to do about this now?"

No one, despite his efforts, missed the distinctly 'I told you so' flavor to his mind.

"What we do with any Jedi who looses control and makes a mistake." Master Zraii stated. Despite being the newest member of the Council, the insectoid Verpine had no problem staring the Frilled Lizard down. "Despite his actions, it is clear that Clawson has not gone Dark."

"Do you believe meditation will truly help him though, Master Zraii?" Master Kareth pointed out. "He has a way of not always learning the lessons he is meant to."

"He will not." Master Charn said simply. "Meditation only succeeds with him when he is already on the path you wish."

"He is also too ... submissive ... to authority." Master Jamni added, looking up to the other Masters. "He is a Beta, a follower. A strong, skilled, and self-assured one, but he is a follower by his very nature. He may be feline in form, but his mind is canine. To truly learn requires a teacher, a challenger, of his own rank and status within the Order. Anyone else is accepted without thought."

"That does explain why Fenrik could teach him some things quickly when no Master could." Master Yamari nodded thoughtfully. "It also makes this situation difficult."

"*Particularly since I'm not entirely sure anybody of that position would know how to teach him the lesson,*" Master Essani agreed. "*Though I believe he grasps a portion of it. It's the final stage, the why, that he doesn't recognize yet.*"

"At the very least, he needs to be taken off missions in the foreseeable future." Master T'qu'l stated. "What other censures would be of any good?"

"*Agreed,*" Master Essani nodded. "*However, censure will not help. I believe one of us will have to speak with Knight Shivasta or Aren, enlist their aid in explaining it to him.*"

"You are his former Master." Noloth pointed out. "You know more about him than any of us."

"*I believe I will speak to Knight Shivasta,*" the kushiban decided. "*Assuming we are agreed on our course of action, at this point?*"

"It is a start." Master Noloth consented. "What he did is far too serious for this to be all."

"None of us dispute that, Master Noloth," Master Kareth nodded. "However, the Council, this Council even, has forgiven far more grievous transgressions in the past."

"We have," he reluctantly agreed. No matter how much he believed that Clawson should never have made Padawan, much less Knight, he could not dispute the fact that as serious as mind-rape was, even he had agreed to forgive others of worse. The Council in general had forgiven wholesale slaughter of innocents and betrayal of the Order, throughout the history of the Jedi. "He must understand his transgression fully before he goes on another mission." He insisted.

"*I am the first to agree with you,*" Master Essani nodded slightly. "*What he has done is not acceptable, and we cannot take the chance that it will happen again.*"

"Agreed," Master Charn nodded fractionally and glanced around at the others, seeing agreement. Some had reservations, others believed in the young Knight, but all accepted the terms.

"*Master Kareth, if you will make the record? I will see that Knight Shivasta can help us with this.*"

"Of course, Master Essani," the Gray Fox nodded easily and began to do just that as the Kushiban stood, sending a mental message to Knight Shivasta to meet her in the Frozen Gardens.

A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 8: Scores to Settle

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Written May 7, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

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Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Doruth Parn/Tes Ramaris, Jay Clawson/Shivasta Stormwarden/Fenrik Aren, Doruth/Jay Clawson

Blurb: Interlude. When a simple mission turns into anything but when Jay spots someone he knows, his mates go face-to-face with his stance on law, justice and the Jedi way when it's very personal.

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