A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9:
Breaking New Ground

by Fur and Fantasy
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"Jay? Are you having any luck with that holocron yet?" Shi asked the kat as he worked in one of the Sharufa's meditation chambers, Fenrik piloting the ship back towards Coruscant.

"A little. It was badly damaged. I think most of the memory components are still viable, but the rest is a mess." He answered without looking up.

"Think Kanna might be able to help you reach the spirits inside?" Shi asked him. "She's getting a little... restless."

"It can't hurt," he glanced up with a tolerant smile. "She really was bored out of her mind, wasn't she?"

"Oh yeah," Shi chuckled. "Archaeology just isn't her field, unless she gets the chance to go 'looking' for what happened. Just didn't happen this time, not enough to keep her busy. She wouldn't say anything, of course, but... I can read her pretty well."

"A bored teen isn't hard to read, if you pay attention." He chuckled softly. "I'll try to entertain her. It was my mission after all that dragged her out there."

"Just see if she can help you get through to whoever's in there," Shi chuckled. "She could do to learn with being bored once in a while. Think us tagging along on Fenrik's missions might've spoiled her lately."

"She'll have a few years yet of tagging along on mine to teach her." Jay grinned up at his mate. "It's probably good she's not a Healer by training. She'd be bored all the time."

"You're saying that like Seers usually get any more action," Shi smirked back, kissing him lightly. "I'll go tell her you wanted some help, she'll be in here in a minute or two I'm sure. Just a few more hours until we make Coruscant."

"When the Seer happens to be partnered with a warrior they do." Jay winked. "Your Padawans may not share a bed, but they do just about everything else together. I think Kanna's missing her co-conspirator too."

"I know," Shi smiled. "Unfortunately, it's a bit easier to learn to be a warrior who can handle herself on a Seer's mission than a seer who can handle herself on a warrior's, so it's going to be a bit longer before she's ready for her solo. Jenna should be getting back from hers not too long after we're back."

"At least we'll have that," he nodded seriously. "And Kanna will have two warriors in the house to teach her how to fight well enough to be a warrior's partner. She has taken to the lightsaber and combat better than you did."

"Jay, there aren't that many folks who make Jedi who don't," Shi pointed out with a chuckle. "It shouldn't be too long before she's back with her friend again."

"Then go get her. I'll distract her for a bit." He chuckled softly.

"Will do," Shivasta nodded, heading out to go get her Padawan to work on interpreting the contents of the holocron they'd found.

"I returned Caor to the Corellian authorities after retrieving him from the Hutts," Jenna explained to the Council a few weeks later, just returned from her solo mission. "Once he was in their hands, I returned to Coruscant; he will be at trial on schedule, thanks to the smuggler's ship I was able to 'borrow' on Toydaria."

Fenrik nodded as he listened; his Padawan had done well. He'd known in advance that the Hutts were going to try and sell the Mouse witness back to the criminals he was going to testify against. He'd also known that Jenna should be up to the challenge, and she had been. Barring the Council's decision otherwise, he had no doubts that she had performed well enough to make Knight.

The vibe he got from the Council confirmed his opinion, though he doubted than Jenna could pick it up. Experience had taught him how to read these people quite well.

"*Very well.*" Master Essani had taken to her roll as head of the Council well. "*That will be all on your mission.*"

Fenrik shifted his gaze to the largest member of the Council, the glossy black Drakon, as Master Ty'thri'ku'mo Mython lifted his slender head and spoke.

"Padawan Dyreth, are you mates with Padawan Kenna?"

The Panther blinked for a moment, clearly caught off guard by the question, then shook her head.

"No Master," she said easily. "Only her friend."

"Have the two of you discussed being partners after she is Knighted?" Master Dyba asked.

"Yes Master," Jenna nodded. "We have worked well together in the past. My Force-sight isn't nearly as strong as hers, and we've trained together since we were both just becoming Padawans."

"*We will keep that in mind after she has finished her Trials, Knight Dyreth.*" Master Essani told her, her fur a light golden.

"One last question before you go," Master Noloth stopped either Panther from moving. "Are you still ... interested ... in Master Fenrik?"

There was a pause, and everybody could almost feel the blush beneath the Padawan's fur.

"No, Master Noloth," she answered, keeping her reaction to the years-old crush in check. It was true, technically. She'd become more interested in younger toms, ones closer to her own age, in the last few years.

The ancient lizard nodded and glanced at Master Essani to hand over the questions to her.

"*Then you are both dismissed, and congratulations.*" She told the pair. "Force be with you."

The two Panthers left, both of their reactions controlled, though nobody could miss the pride in Jenna's accomplishments both felt.

"Congratulations," Fenrik smiled warmly as they rode the lift down from the Council Spire.'

"Thank you, Master Fenrik," she smiled up, pointing out that he had much to be proud of too in getting her this far.

"You're the one who earned your rank today," he pointed out with a chuckle. "You did very well on your mission. I was a little worried you might get off-track when Caor was captured, but you handled it well."

"You taught me well. It was irritating, but between your own Solo and Knight Clawson's, I had good examples of how to handle it."

"I believe you've had quarters assigned to you already," Fenrik explained as they reached the bottom. "But if you'd like, you can stay in your old room for the night yet. Maybe a little private celebration of your promotion?" He offered.

"I would enjoy that, but perhaps tomorrow," she smiled secretively as they stepped out. "I believe Knight Clawson has other plans for you tonight."

"Probably," Fenrik chuckled. "Though if you wanted, his plans can usually put off for a few hours without serious harm."

"You get to tell him his dinner has to become a late night snack then," Jenna grinned briefly, then got her face serious again, even if she wasn't inside. "He's cooking."

"And you know this how?" Fenrik asked with a chuckle.

"I saw him bring the ryl powder out after my shower."

"That... yeah, think we'll delay your celebration until tomorrow," Fenrik said, frowning slightly as he thought about it. "I thought he'd gotten rid of that after his solo," he mused, almost to himself.

"Probably did," she nodded. "It hasn't been in the kitchen for as long as I've been there."

"I'd hope not," Fenrik chuckled slightly. "A decade or so is a bit long for that to keep... besides, as I remember, you probably would have gotten into it if he hadn't," he smirked, glancing at his former Padawan.

"How do you think I'm so sure it hasn't been in the house since I've been there," she winked at him. "Anyway, I said I'd take Kanna for the night, so my stuff's probably already moved. Have fun."

"Have a good night, Jenna," Fenrik chuckled. "Won't be long before they'll be running you ragged, trust me."

"Thank you," she bowed, almost teasingly, and headed down the corridor to her new quarters, leaving Fenrik to wonder just what was up during the rest of the walk to his own.

The Panther sped up a bit, walking back to his quarters. Jay hadn't even talked about touching ryl spice since he'd gotten home just before his knighting. That was over twenty years ago. He couldn't blame him either, given what had happened the last time he'd used some.

Of course, the fact that he was willing to probably just meant he was okay with the idea of losing control like that again. Still, it was unexpected. Exciting too. He'd never admit it, but he did miss the experience. Sex on ryl held an intensity in memory that little else matched, especially in the years right after Jay was knighted, when sex itself was a challenge to get threw at times.

He could understand the change, but it was good to have things improving.

He was half surprised when the door opened for him, the smell of spiced meat, fruit and vegetables filled the air that rushed out to greet him. Ryl was not among the scents, however.

He smiled at Jay, working in the kitchenette, and Shi, who was leaning against the breakfast bar counter between it and the dinning area watching him.

"Well, we have one less roommate for now," he said, stepping up next to Shi and kissing her lightly. "So if this is a celebration dinner, I'll have to go get her. Smells good though."

"Oh, it's a celebration dinner, though not for her Knighting." Jay chuckled. "I've been planning this since before she got back."

"Yeah, there's ryl shrimp for dessert." Shi smiled up at Fenrik.

"Any particular occasion?" The Panther asked with a smile.

"I think I can manage it," Jay smiled almost shyly, keenly aware of how much both his mates had missed what they'd had in their first ten years.

"Jay, it's not something you have to make yourself do," Fenrik pointed out, walking into the kitchenette and kissing him gently. "We miss it, but it's not like we don't like what we still do, y'know?"

"I know," he nuzzled his mate back and relaxed into the embrace. "I want to, for me. To take back what shi took from me."

"Just don't want you to have to push anything too hard," Fen smiled, heading back to watch his mate cook with Shivasta. "So, which one of you talked Jen into letting Kanna bunk with her tonight?"

"That would be me," Jay chuckled softly as he began to plate the meal.

"Do I even want to ask how?" Fenrik asked with a chuckle. "I know they're friends, but it's Jenna's first night with her own quarters."

"She also happens to like felines and ryl, and I know how to prepare it." He winked. "So I traded cooking lessons for Padawan sitting duties."

"Just hope she doesn't use them too often," Fenrik chuckled. "Last thing the Jedi reputation needs is a young Knight with a ryl fixation."

"I think you trained her better than that." Jay chuckled softly and handed the dishes over the counter so Shi could put them on the table.

"I hope I did," Fenrik chuckled, taking a plate and carrying it over with Shivasta.

"Don't worry," Shi smirked. "In a little bit, Kanna will take her solo, and then they'll have people there to make sure they don't get into trouble on their own again."

"She's trying to be reassuring." Jay winked back at Fenrik. "At least Kanna hasn't taken a fancy to felines."

"Hasn't taken too much fancy to anybody yet, as far as I know," Shi pointed out with a chuckle.

"Which makes her the most Jedi-like of anyone who's lived here." Jay grinned and returned to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine to go with dinner. "The rest of us are a bit on the sex-crazy side."

"Some of us more than others," Shi pointed out with a chuckle, kissing Jay as he sat down. "At least I think Jenna was heading that way before we got to her. I think the Council'd be leery of letting us train anymore if they thought it was living with us that did that to her."

"Believe me, she was." Jay nodded seriously. "She was already seriously interested in Fenrik even before I started to teach her the SWAT Form. I think she waited until after her first heat to actually try sex, but I didn't ask all that much."

"How is it you know more about my Padawan's sex life than I do?" Fenrik shook his head in bemusement and sat down to one of their favorite home-cooked special meals.

"Because you've been the subject for a good chunk of it, and I was more available to talk to." He chuckled. "I think she saw that I'd gone through the same thing, being interested in a guy a couple decades older than I was at that age."

"So did you give her the same advice, or will I not have to try and decide if I want to sleep with a woman twenty years younger than I am about when I'm thinking of retiring to full-time teaching?" Fenrik teased playfully.

"You should be fine," Jay smirked. "She just took the whole 'be interested in older toms' thing a bit further than she needed to, and you have to admit, you are a fine example of a male Panther. When the toms her age started getting interested in girls, she found them a lot more interesting. She might still ask if you'll sire a litter of cubs for her, but I think there are enough Panthers closer to her age she won't."

"Assuming she decides she wants them," Fenrik chuckled. "Somehow, I don't think she'd take to being a mother quite as well as Tes did."

"Quite likely," Jay nodded in agreement. "She doesn't seem like the maternal type to me."

"Just the type who's lucky she has a heat cycle," Shi chuckled. "I don't think I've ever had somebody quite that interested in the 'impractical' uses for body control."

"I sure as hell wouldn't trust the guy if I was a female in heat." Jay chuckled with a shake of his head. "At least she's smart enough to take care of herself."

"Even if she is a little indiscriminating when it comes to who she'll flirt with," Fenrik chuckled. "At least that was inside mission parameters."

"Whatever works," Jay snickered between bites of tender, marinated meat. "She used her smarts and skills to get in and out without a fight. It's not something a lot of Jedi could have managed."

"And she didn't actually end up in bed with the hutt," Fenrik chuckled. "Something I'm sure everybody involved is devoutly grateful for."

"I don't even want to think how that would work," Jay shuddered. "Tonight is supposed to be sexy."

"Then let's agree to never think of that subject again," Shi said with a matching shudder. "I have entirely too vivid an imagination."

"Which is usually a good thing." Jay leaned over and nuzzled her. "I know you put it to good use on missions without us."

"Yes, but just be devoutly grateful that I'm not a strong enough 'path that you heard what I thought of," she chuckled, kissing him lightly and taking a piece of fruit to eat, the warm juice trickling down her chin.

She wasn't surprised when Jay leaned forward and licked it off, his tongue sliding up to taste her lips while he was there.

Her lips parted, and she drew his rough tongue into her mouth, suckling it lightly before she pulled back.

"Think we're getting to dessert before we're finished with dinner," she smiled, leaning back and offering him a piece of meat that he accepted gently, licking her fingers clean.

"Oh, we are not missing dessert tonight. Not with ryl shrimp and tseren pears on that menu."

"I really hope nobody has anywhere to be tomorrow," Shi giggled, kissing him lightly. "You're really looking to make sure you've got any control issues licked, huh?"

"If I'm going to go for it, I might as well go all the way." He chuckled with a grin, though it was a completely serious topic and he had gotten this far the long, slow, painful way.

"True," Shi smiled. "Proud of you, Jay," she added, caressing his cheek lightly and basked in the warmth of his pleasure at the praise. Sometimes, it was the simplest things that mattered the most to him. It was too easy to forget that sometimes, with how complex their lives and minds were.

"Thank you." He purred softly.

"She's not the only one who is," Fenrik smiled. "Come on, let's finish the main course so we can start in on the fun part of the meal."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Jay smirked at him teasingly. "I'm having plenty of fun."

"Mmm ... but just think how much more fun you'll have after that," Fenrik winked.

"Mmm, you do have a point," he purred throatily and turned his attention back to the food on the table.

A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9: Breaking New Ground

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Written May 7, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Ice Walker, Kat, Panther

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Doruth Parn/Tes Ramaris, Jay Clawson/Shivasta Stormwarden/Fenrik Aren, Doruth/Jay Clawson

Blurb: Interlude. Ten years pass, and among his studies as an Artisan, training a few interested Jedi in the SWAT Form, missions and both his mates training Padawans, Jay has still managed to take the time and effort to work on his own issues. Now with Jenna's Knighting and his own release from probation, he has a special celebration planned.

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