A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9.99:
Ice Walker Promotions

by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"It is so good to be home," Kanna sighed happily, practically jumping as she and her Master made it back to their quarters.

"The warm one at least," Shi chuckled slightly, following her in with a small case that contained the results of their recently-ended trip to Garosh. Jay and Fenrik could both feel the slight, well-hidden hurt at her Padawan's comment, and general attitude towards the world that was a second home for her.

"It's good to have you back." Jay smiled slightly, the affection he wasn't showing visibly glaringly bright in the Force.

"Sorry we couldn't take you along," Shi smiled back, moving to hug Jay warmly, pressing her fact against his furry neck. "But you boys had a mission to handle. Mmm... love you.

"And us cats don't like the cold." He chuckled and hugged her briefly before they got to their quarters. "So what was this all about?"

"Not just the cats who don't like it," Shi murmured softly, pulling back and smiling. "And I was going to collect some parts for my 'final exam' with Master Shen'ri."

That raised an eyebrow from her fellow Artisan student as he turned to face her with an amused, and rather bemused, look on his face. "Just what are you planning you make yours out of this time?"

"Not ice," she chuckled. "Thought of it, but then I started thinking about the logistics involved. Instead, I'm working with blue quartz for the casing, with sheeloth-leather for the grip. Getting everything polished right is going to take some work, but it should be worth it."

"Of course, you would pick the nastiest critter on the planet for your leather." Jay shook his head and went into the kitchen to make a pot of tea for them all. "Is she as close to her Solo as I think?" He asked when he saw the other Ice Walker, now in her early twenties, head into the bathroom for what was likely a long, relatively hot shower to get the perpetual chill of Garosh out of her bones.

"She is," Shi nodded. "As soon as I can figure out a fitting mission for her, probably. She's already passed every other Trial. Hell of a good fighter, for a Seer; it shows that she'll be working with Jenna."

"She takes after her Master." Jay chuckled. "Who is a hell of a good fighter for a Healer."

"And of course I did," she added with a slight smirk. "You would've preferred I used crevasse cat? I like fur on the living, myself."

"Sorry, no." He shuddered, having a hard time thinking of them as animals after he'd had sex with two of them, no matter how drunk he had been at the time. "That's a little too close to home."

"My point exactly," Shi nodded. "Sheeloths are a lot more useful, and it has a traditional tie too. Kanna might not care much for tradition, but I've managed to trick her into a couple of them. Going along on one of the hunts among them."

"She went on a hunt for that critter?" Jay raised an eyebrow, pausing as he took the tea box down.

"Not alone, Jay," Shi said quickly. "And she wasn't even handling the main part of the hunt. Elan and I took care of that," she explained, mentally bracing herself for the reaction she was expecting from her mate when she felt his gut twist into an icy knot.

It was sweet, how protective he was of her, but sometimes he went way overboard with his 'Healers do not fight' reactions.

"You ... hunted that Sheeloth?" He swallowed, staring at her.

"With help, Jay," she pointed out, not mentioning that most of the help was just in tracking it. "I wasn't in any serious danger."

"It's a ton of bad temper with a cryogenic breath weapon and you don't call that dangerous?"

"Not when you know it can do that and how to get out of the way," Shi pointed out. "Jay, the databases don't include this, but it's pretty easy to tell when it's about to use that breath weapon. And when you have a lightsaber, it goes down remarkably easily."

She knew when he bit his lower lip that it was over. She'd made her point well enough that he remembered she was a Jedi, and all Jedi could fight very well by galactic standards, even the Healers. It'd be a moment more and he'd shut the protective instincts up over this incident.

"I was perfectly safe, Jay," she reassured him, putting a hand on his shoulder lightly and kissing him. "Elan and Kanna were both there if anything had gone wrong."

"And I wasn't." He murmured and rested his forehead against her cheek.

"Jay, you had other things you had to do," she pointed out softly, nuzzling his cheek. "Besides, you would've been miserable there, and you know it," she added with a smile and a wink. "This way, I only had to listen to Kanna gripe."

"I know," he sighed and pulled her close. "I just hate it when I'm not there with you."

"I'll take you with me next time, promise," she smiled, rubbing his back lightly and got nuzzled for it.

"Care to tell Fenrik it's safe to come out now?" Jay tried to chuckle as the water began to boil.

"That Panther's smarter than he gives himself credit for," Shi chuckled, kissing Jay lightly and turning to go to their room, before her eyes snapped wide open and she turned, bolting for the bathroom door.

"Jay, open this now," she told him. "Something's wrong with Kanna."

The door opened before she finished talking, both felines right behind the Ice Walker that rushed to her Padawan's side in the lightly steaming shower.

Kanna was huddled up in the back of it, her eyes wide and staring, her face almost completely blank. Shi reached over, turning off the shower and putting a hand on the nude Ice Walker's shoulder.

"She's lost in a vision," she explained briefly, before reaching out to try and pull her focus back into the real world.

"Want Master Ursal?" Jay asked even as Fenrik backed out of the room to give Shi space. He was out of his depth and knew it.

"No," Shi said simply. "Not injured, just too deep." With that, the older Ice Walker reached out across her bond with her Padawan and niece, stretching out to touch her mind and show her the way back to the here and now.

Jay and Fenrik simply stayed back and kept an eye out for both real world dangers that were almost unthinkable at the Temple, and if their mate lost her way and needed help despite her words.

Fortunately, after a few moments, Kanna blinked and looked up at the three older Jedi in the bathroom with her, then blushed fiercely and grabbed for her robes, sitting near the shower.

"Out!" She practically squeaked, covering up her now-violet skin the best she could.

"She's okay now," Shi said seriously, standing and backing out with her mates.

"What was that all about?" Jay asked quietly after the door closed.

"She had a very strong vision, from somewhere on the Outer Rim, that wasn't expected," Shi explained. "Her attention was ripped out there, she couldn't get back without a little help after that. Still not sure what the vision was though."

"Sounds like she's getting to the stage she'll need an actual Seer to guide her through the last of that training." Jay said quietly as he returned to the forgotten tea and poured three cups, a fourth ready for Kanna when she was ready.

"It shouldn't have happened," Shi pointed out. "I haven't heard of a vision that strong in over a decade, and I've talked to every Master Seer who was willing to, so I'd be ready for the issues that might come up."

"She's in the right place then," Jay kissed her cheek. "We're all a bit on the extra-ordinary side. At least it happened when you were close."

"Very true," Shi nodded slightly. "If it weren't for our bond, I don't know that I would've been able to reach her. It's like she was in the Rim."

"Not anything like any of our visions," Fenrik nodded thoughtfully. "Hopefully it'll be more like yours than either of ours."

"Here's hoping," Shi nodded, looking over at the bathroom as the door slid open and a rattled Ice Walker stepped out.

"That was not something I really want to do again," Kanna said with a shudder.

"Ones that powerful are rare." Jay smiled reassuringly at her. "Do you remember much of it?"

"A lot," Kanna nodded, taking the glass of tea she was offered and swirling it around, looking into the dark, steaming liquid, her hair still damp. "There's something happening on Hoth. Not sure what, but there's something there that wants to be found." She looked her Master in the eyes.

"I have to find it," she said. "Alone."

"*I think you were just handed her Solo.*" Jay commented silently, picking up Shi's mental agreement.

"Are you sure you can handle finding it on your own?" Shivasta asked her niece.

"No," Kanna admitted, something that surprised all three of the older Jedi. It was the first time any of them had heard her seriously doubt her ability to handle something that seemed to have been put in front of her. "But I know that I don't have a choice. Whatever this is, I'm meant to handle it on my own."

"Very well," Shivasta nodded. "We'll get a ship set for a possible prolonged trip to Hoth. Just make sure you come back, all right?"

"That I am sure I'll do," the younger Ice Walker said with her more typical cocky grin.

"I'll get Kalrass tripworthy." Jay said seriously. The ship hadn't been used much in decades, but he had been getting it ready to give to Jenna and Kanna when Kanna was Knighted. Tes had long since handed it over to the general pool, which didn't usually know what to do with it, and was more than happy when he took an interest in it.

"Thank you, Jay," Kanna said, bowing slightly. "You might want to make sure the guns are ready, and linked to give me the best chance of hitting what I'm shooting at. I think I'm going to have a little trouble there."

"Will do," he nodded easily. "I'll upgrade the targeting computer while I'm in there."

"You're expecting to run into trouble?" Shivasta asked her.

"It is going to be my first solo-mission, Master," Kanna pointed out.

"True," Shi nodded slightly with a bit of a smile. "Just be careful. When do you expect to be leaving?"

"As soon as possible, Master," Kanna said easily.

"Then we'd better work on making sure you're really ready for it," Shi nodded. "Let's get everything set up."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shivasta closed her eyes, trying to drive off the slight headache she felt as she finished working on her latest Artisan's lightsaber, the final masterpiece that would complete her final training.

"I can see why there aren't more 'sabers like this," she murmured. Even without training Kanna for the past few months during her trip to Hoth and solo-mission, this one had taken most of a month, and that was after she'd finished hand-polishing the crystal for the casing. There was a dull throbbing in the back of her mind that even her healing gifts couldn't touch, and she had that mixture of peace and uneasiness she always felt after putting so much of herself into a project.

But she was done.

She closed the crystal casing, wrapping it with the leather for her hand-grips, finalizing the piece with the Force-reinforcement she'd learned over the last few years, since her previous upgrades to her first lightsaber. The crystals were the same now, but she'd changed the casing, working the crystal until it was identical to her old metal one.

She stood up and started out of the Frozen Gardens, knowing that Jay and Master Shen'ri would be waiting outside as she holstered her ice-blue quartz 'saber and went to meet them.

Jay was still years away from finishing his own Artisan training, though that was from constantly getting sidetracked on projects and creating various items, like his lightsabers, in a form that took him much longer than her more traditional ones. For each lightsaber she built, he effectively did four; four that had to function as a single weapon. He'd probably be gone for weeks when he got to the final stage of creating his final set.

It was kind of strange, really. He'd always been more technical than she was, still was in all fairness. But when it came to this work, it just seemed to fall into place more easily for her. He tried to force it too much, in the end. But when he did get it, he got it completely. He explained it once in that the Force, using it, never came naturally to him. He was used to 'listening' to its flow, but to actually use it was something he had to force. To use it by just letting it happen didn't come easily to him at the best of times.

"I have completed my 'saber, Master Shen'ri," she told the Ithorian outside the Gardens with a respectful bow. "Icefire," she said, almost as though she was introducing the weapon she took from her hip, offering it to him for inspection.

He accepted it from her, smiling as the powerful images of ice, snow and storms invaded his mind. The cold, still exterior covering a fierce interior that was willing to fight for all that wasn't its first purpose. The paradox was answered by the final image; this 'saber was meant to protect, and everything about it made that almost painfully clear.

A few moments to confirm that, physically, it was up to the level of a technical and artistic masterpiece, and the aged Ithorian handed it back to her.

"Well," he chuckled in his familiar, dual-toned voice, "it seems I was right that one of you could finish before I started to think about retiring seriously. There is just one test remaining for you, Shivasta, though I'm sure you can handle it. You will have to face off against another Master, armed with a similar 'saber, to prove that yours is clearly a match for it."

"Very well, Master Shen'ri," Shivasta nodded, putting Icefire at her hip again. "Who is my opponent?" She asked him respectfully, though she was pretty sure she already knew. There weren't many, other than the Ithorian herself, who would qualify.

"I am." He said simply. "It will be before the full Council and other Artisans, so it will be a few days arranging."

"I will be ready, Master Shen'ri," Shivasta said, bowing to the older Ithorian and making a mental note that this might be a good time to find somebody using a double-saber to practice with for a few days.

"Good." He nodded and turned to leave. "I will inform you when it is time."

"Congratulations," Jay purred softly and gave her a hug.

"Thanks," Shi smiled warmly, returning the hug. "Now I've just got to find somebody who fights like he does," she chuckled, "get a little practice in before the final match."

"I know a few," he chuckled softly. "The double-blade is where mine started. I'll introduce you after you eat."

"You just had to remind me I haven't done that for a couple days, didn't you?" Shivasta groaned, her stomach taking the opportunity to remind her a little more loudly. "Come on; let's hit the cafeteria before I decide to raid the gardens for berries or something."

"The cafeteria has much better food." Jay winked as they began to walk. "But they tend to frown on hunting in the gardens."

"So let's just get going," Shi chuckled. "Any word from Kanna lately?"

"Nope, but she's fine. Probably fuming about the weather, but fine."

"Here's hoping she finds whatever it is she was supposed to find and gets back soon then," Shi smiled. "It'll be good to have her back."

"Yeah. I think Jenna would agree too. She can't wait to have her partner back."

"Or for them to really be partners," Shi nodded. "Kanna's been looking forward to it too. Heaven help the Order once those two are working together again," she chuckled.

"Maybe they'll finally stop staring at us every time something happens." He snickered.

"Only if we stop giving them reason to," Shi smirked back.

"Guess that's never going to happen." Jay shook his head. "If it hasn't by now ...."

"It never will," she finished for him. "We are slowing down though. Now they only look at us when something shows up that nobody knows what it is."

"Well, figuring that out is kinda why they let me in in the first place." He cracked a grin despite the self-deprecating comment.

"So that's why you keep making those," Shi giggled as they reached the cafeteria. "Job security?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Shivasta bowed to Master Shen'ri, across the dueling chamber in the sparring rooms. The Council was watching, along with the handful of other Artisans in the Order. Jay was there too, sitting alone for the first time in a while since Fenrik was on a mission.

All of them were here to see how her final project and skills held up against those of the oldest Master Artisan currently living. She was just grateful she wasn't expected to actually win this fight; just make a good showing of it. It was a test of her lightsaber more than her skill at combat.

As she stood back up, she ignited her lightsaber, the silver blade and crystalline hilt both uniquely striking as she brought it up into a ready stance as Master Shen'ri did the same and lit his forest-green double-blade, it's polished wooden hilt in marked contrast to her glittering one.

She could feel Jay's excitement at her final test, his certainty that she had done more than well enough, and the nagging worry he couldn't help that she might get hurt somehow.

"*I'll be fine,*" she reassured him and focused on the match, waiting for the aged Ithorian to make the first move.

The instant he moved, lightning fast despite his age and a body not designed for it, she was grateful she'd not only practiced against the double-blade, but had listened to the warning not to underestimate his combat ability.

Green blades danced around her silver one; she was forced to dance back and forth, blocking each end of the deadly weapon her mentor used. She leaped over him, blocking his attack as she whirled over his head, and landed behind him, making an attack that was blocked handily.

To those observing, the two Artisans weren't dueling as much as their weapons were, the Force flowing through the dueling chamber and guiding each of their actions and reactions.

It was quite enough to take Jay's breath away as he watched the Force-flow more than the combatants. It was something he'd always heard about, always known and desired to be able to do, but had never actually see it before. This was beyond what even the best combat masters did ... they let themselves become part of the Force. Here the very weapon was, and it connected its wielder to the living energy around them in a very real way.

Both Jedi moved with swift, precise motions that managed to be fluid at the same time. Shivasta would spot a small opening and strike at it with a swift, darting blow, only to have Shen'ri block it at the last second. They weren't evenly matched, Shen'ri was definitely the better fighter, but it was close.

It was over just as it began, with an unmarked signal that was as likely from the Force itself as either combatant, and both stepped back to the edge of the circle and dropped their lightsaber to the resting position.

The two bowed to each other, the Ithorian's gesture filled with the respect he felt due any equal in his art. Three blades were extinguished, and the three other Master Artisans watching stood, matching their elder's bow with similar gestures appropriate to the twi'lek, Otter, and Hawk making them.

"*Good work,*" Jay purred, his mind warm with pride and appreciation of what she'd accomplished even though only a small smile crossed his face.

"Congratulations, Artisan Shivasta," Shen'ri said as he stood up straight. "You have taken to your lessons well. Carry them with you, and let Icefire serve you as well as they do."

"I will, Master Shen'ri," Shivasta smiled. "Thank you." She stood, turning to meet her mate as the gathered audience started to break up, having observed what they needed to make sure that Shen'ri's judgment of Shivasta's progress was correct. Jay could practically feel the internal grin of his mate as she hurried out to meet him, keeping what composure she could.

"Congratulations," he nuzzled her, pulling her into a hug only after most had left the hallway. "That was impressive."

"Thanks," she smiled warmly, returning the hug. "I'm surprised it went as easily as it did... that was the weirdest duel I've ever had!"

"I'm not surprised. It looked pretty odd too," he grinned and let her go before they began to walk back to their quarters. "The weapons were fighting as much as either of you."

"About how it felt," she admitted. "Though not the 'sabers. They're unique, but they don't really have a personality or a 'soul.' They're definitely parts of the Force though. They're not alive, but they're about as close as you can come without actually being that way," she said, trying to explain something she'd come to understand instinctively over the past two and a third decades.

"Just don't try to explain that to anyone who doesn't mostly get it already." Jay chuckled.

"Mmm... I think I understand why Artisans don't teach what they do to Padawans though," she smiled. "Besides the simple skill requirements, could you imagine having even tried to get half this stuff while we were still Padawans?"

"I'm thirty years past that point and I'm still having a time wrapping my brain around some of it." He laughed easily. "Back then just wouldn't have happened."

"You're getting there," Shi smiled. "A few years more and you'll be finishing up the same way I am."

"I know," he smiled slightly. "That manipulate while still going with the flow is my hang-up. I'm getting it, but it is so not natural."

"Just wait," she smiled. "You said that about the first two grades of Artisan 'saber too."

"And I'll keep saying it about the third till I get it." He agreed with a low chuckle.

"Yeah, and when you do then you'll...." Shivasta trailed off, cocking her head slightly before she grinned.

"Mind a little detour before we head home?"

"No," he cocked his head at her. "What's up?"

"We've got a Panther and Ice Walker inbound," she explained, turning to start for the landing pads. "They just picked up each other's ships on their sensors, I think."

"Well, that's a first." He shook his head. "You knowing before I do."

"And just how often have we had my Padawan coming back and eager to show off her new friend?" Shi asked with a chuckle. "I think she was successful."

"New friend?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I'm not entirely sure about the details, but it sounds like she managed to find a holocron that was calling out," Shi explained. "She was adamant about never wanting to go to an ice world again though," she chuckled.

"Somehow, I expect she didn't put it nearly so politely."

"Well, no. It was closer to 'See? This is a hint! Somebody out there is trying to tell me that if I keep going to worlds like this, I'm gonna end up in a glacier somewhere!'" Shi consented with a bit of amusement as the two of them reached the landing pads where two familiar ships were preparing to land. "I swear, she's worse about cold than you are."

"I've got fur and a nice warm bedmate or two. She doesn't have either." Jay pointed out with a chuckle.

"Yeah, but she should have twenty-degrees of comfort range on you or so," Shi pointed out with a smirk as the Kalrass touched down first, the Sharufa taking a few moments more to find an empty berth large enough for it. "You take the Panther, I'll take my Padawan?"

"I'm not about to object." He grinned and headed for Sharufa with a grin.

"*Just remember, no fair pouncing him and dragging him to the private rooms without me!*" Shi teased mentally, moving to the Kalrass and waiting for the door to open. She noticed that the hull was scorched slightly, but that it was all cosmetic damage from the look of things. Apparently it had been a good thing that Jay had improved the fire control systems on the large fighter.

"*Yes, yes, we'll wait for you.*" He promised ... assuming Fenrik was willing to wait at least.

"Welcome back," Shi smiled as her niece walked down the ramp.

"Good to be back, Master," Kanna smiled, as Shivasta noticed a second, very old, lightsaber at her Padawan's hip next to the small pouch Kanna wore for when she spotted something small that caught her Seer's eye. "Turns out I was right about a fight; there was somebody else there, trying to get to Knight Kiral."

"He would be who called to you?" She guessed, knowing it wasn't anyone she knew.

"Yes," Kanna nodded. "I've got his body in cold-storage on the Kalrass, I don't know how it'll handle warm conditions for any real time. It's... kinda creepy, really," she said, just how much of an understatement that was clear across her bond with Shivasta. "He ended up out there back before the Great Hyperspace Wars even."

"That's a long time ago," Shi nodded with an understanding of why the lightsaber looked as primitive as it did. "How did he end up all the way out on the Rim back then?"

"Chasing a Dark Sider," Kanna explained. "He crashed there in an ice storm, couldn't make the repairs before his injuries finished him. And he wanted to be taken back to the Jedi, rather than 'recovered' by the people who were searching for him. I'll be able to explain it all to the Council a bit better, I think."

"They'll probably be ready for you soon." Shi nodded and guided her Padawan inside. "He'll stay on board well enough until then."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Master Essani and the rest of the Council gathered on the shortest notice they had in some time, having just discovered that Padawan Kanna had returned from her solo mission. All twelve were struck by the unusual nature of this mission; they'd assigned their share of solos to Padawans before, most others being assigned by the student's Master.

This was one of a handful of times a Padawan had been given a solo by a vision, had requested a mission of his or her own. They expected that the report would be just as unusual as the beginning had been.

"*Please begin, Padawan Kanna,*" Essani said as the Councilors settled in to listen, from herself as the smallest up to the massive draconian body of Master Ty'thri'ku'mo.

"Thank you, Master Essani," Kanna said with a polite bow. "As the Council was told before I left, I had a vision of Hoth over a month ago, of something that I was meant to find on my own. I left on the Kalrass as soon as it was ready, after confirming that the Council would allow me to go.

"On reaching the ice-world of Hoth, a brief scan revealed that there was another ship on the planet. Using the Kalrass' sensor masks, I touched down outside of visible range of the ship, and began to walk there."

"Why walk?" Master Dyba asked him, the entire Council knowing Kanna's distaste for dealing with ice worlds fairly well.

"The Hoth planet is a small, out of the way world surrounded by asteroid belts, Master Dyba. It is typically avoided by all but pirates and smugglers."

"And Jedi looking into mysterious visions," Master Charn said with a slight chuckle.

"Yes Master, but I rather doubted that any other Jedi had received the same vision I had," Kanna answered with a bit of a smile.

"Please, continue," the Panther said, gesturing for her to do so.

"Suspecting that it might be a pirate or smuggler camp, I approached mostly to confirm my suspicions before returning to the Kalrass and continuing my search. I found out that it wasn't nearly that simple.

"The ship wasn't a pirate or smuggler ship; it belonged to a group of Potentiates led by a Badger. I wasn't able to determine his name for certain. I only caught it at a distant, and the wind was loud."

"*Meskin.*" Master Essani didn't even ask. "*You did well to escape with your find.*"

"I almost didn't, Master Essani," Kanna admitted. "Though that may have been the name. He had been Jedi trained, I could tell that much. His helpers hadn't; I think he taught them himself. I realized that they were excavating something, so I used the Force to hide myself while I waited for them to stop for the day.

"Unfortunately, they managed to retrieve the body of an ancient Fox, Knight Kiral, before that, and they began to search him, confiscating some of his personal effects. I didn't see any other recourse; I attacked the group of them, taking advantage of the element of surprise and a localized snow storm I summoned to try to retrieve Knight Kiral and his effects."

"Was anything damaged or lost?" Master Jolani Panthera asked.

"They damaged the power pack for Knight Kiral's lightsaber when extracting his body," she explained, taking the archaic lightsaber and offering it to the Tigress, pulling out a severed power cable that screwed onto the hilt. "It was clearly of a design not used for thousands of years, according to my records, from the earliest days of lightsaber technology."

Shivasta's eyes went a bit wide when she realized she actually recognized it from her Artisan training.

"One of the very earliest, Masters." Master Shivasta added quietly. "Roughly 10,000 years prior to the Great Hyperspace Wars, possibly even earlier."

"That matches with the records we have of a Knight Kiral, a Fox." Master Kareth said, working with her datapad to look the long lost Knight up. "He was lost while hunting a Dark Jedi."

"*Did the Potentiates' leader escape?*" Master Essani asked.

"Most likely, Master Essani," Kanna admitted. "He wasn't able to locate me in the Force, so I took advantage of the snowstorm to simply retrieve what I could and get back to the Kalrass to escape. As the Council knows, while I'm not a poor fighter, I'm not as skilled as some, and I could tell I wasn't nearly as skilled as he was.

"They came after me in their ship after I escaped, but I lost them in the asteroid belts near Hoth and disabled their hyperdrive before returning to Coruscant myself. Depending on whether or not they were able to make it to a colony with parts, or make repairs on their own, they might still be trapped within a light-week or so of the Hoth system."

Master Kareth nodded and made a note to send a fast ship to find out.

"What else did you retrieve?" Master Ty'thri'ku'mo asked solemnly.

"A holocron left by Knight Kiral with his body, and the body itself. It's currently in cold-storage on the Kalrass; I wasn't sure how it would respond to warmer temperatures than the glacier it was found in." She explained and handed the holocron over to Master Kareth.

"What does Knight Kiral wish, before he can rejoin the Force?" The great Drakon spoke again.

"I believe he has already Master," Kanna explained. "He only wished that his body would be found, and not taken to serve Dark Siders. His spirit seemed to have moved on already, but much of his personality was stored in his holocron. I'm not sure if he knows how to create them, but he was willing to discuss how to re-record them," she explained, opening her pouch and pulling out the small crystal that contained the recorded personality of at least one Jedi from the Dark Ages of the Jedi and Republic alike, a period when records were typically sparse at best.

"*Is there anything else you wish to add, Padawan?*" Master Essani asked quietly.

"Only that Knight Kiral did wish to have his body cremated properly, Masters," Kanna said, inclining her head respectfully. "If you ask his holocron, he'll confirm that. And, while it hardly matters anymore, he was unable to complete his mission successfully."

"So noted." Master Kareth nodded in return.

"*Is there any question of her suitability as a Knight?*" Master Essani asked the other Councilors privately. She received the various negative responses quickly; nobody had any complaints about her performance at all.

"*Padawan Kanna, the Council thanks you for retrieving the body of Knight Kiral, and responding to the call from the Force that led you to him. We will arrange for his body to be dealt with properly, and his effects treated as they should be. We have also decided to bestow upon you the rank of Jedi Knight; congratulations to yourself and your former Master.*" The kushiban said evenly, though her approval and pride in both the new Knight and Master were impossible to miss in her mind or light golden fur.

"Thank you, Masters," Kanna said, bowing with a slight smile.

"*Do you still wish to be partnered with Knight Dyreth?*" Master Essani asked.

"Yes, Master Essani," Kanna nodded as she stood. "Assuming she is still interested. I was going to speak with her after leaving."

"*Knight Dyreth?*" Master Essani reached out to the Panther waiting in the observatory below the Council Chambers. "*Do you still wish to be partners with Knight Kanna?*"

"*Yes, Master Essani,*" the Panther replied easily. "*Just waiting for her to finish up before helping her move.*"

"*Please come to the Council Chamber, then.*" She said before shifting her attention to Shi. "*Master Shivasta,*" she emphasized the Ice Walker's new rank, "*You are dismissed.*"

"Thank you, Masters," Shivasta said, bowing again before turning to leave. She nodded fractionally to Jenna as the Panther passed her on the way out of the lift as she entered.

"*The Council understands that you wish to be partnered Knights now that you have both passed your Trials.*" Master Essani addressed them both.

"Yes, Masters," the two of them agreed.

"Having been trained together as Padawans, we've learned to use each others talents and gifts to supplement our own," Jenna explained. "We work together quite well."

"*The Council has reviewed your records and performance and is inclined to agree.*" Master Essani said with a bit of warmth in her words. "*You may not always be on the same mission, however the Council recognizes the strength of your knowledge and will consider missions accordingly. You are both dismissed until called upon.*" She told them.

"Thank you, Masters," the two said, almost in unison, bowing at the same time before turning to leave, practically buzzing inside.

A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9.99: Ice Walker Promotions

Het Level is Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

36 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written May 9, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Ice Walker, Kat, Kushiban, Panther

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Jay Clawson/Shivasta Stormwarden/Fenrik Aren

Blurb: Interlude. Shi finishes her Artisan training while her Padawan is on her Solo mission.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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