A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9.99:
The Price of Survival part 3 of 6

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F, M/M, F/F, M/Herm sex, Violence and a bunch more
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Set course for Toydaria." Tes ordered as she walked into the cockpit where her mate was at the controls. "Our targets have been spotted, and Jay's loosing control fast."

"What happened?" Doruth asked, sending the course change command sequence to the Kalrass.

"He attacked his pregnant mate." She shook her head, still refusing to use their names. "The Wolf broke it up."

"Shit," the Panther swore quietly. "He really is starting to snap. Y'know though ...." He trailed off, clearly not sure he should say what he was thinking, for all he was sure Tes knew what it was.

"Yeah, I know, but the fallout if he did ... " She shuddered. "We want him alive."

"Yeah," Doruth nodded. "Just thinking too much. So, one of your cousins spotted 'em?"

"Yes, and got away without getting caught." She nodded seriously. "I'll go tell his mates we had a sighting."

"Just make sure they know how far he's going," Doruth warned her. "They'll need to be ready for it ... sounds like he's not going to give up when he realizes they're both alive."

"I will," she nodded grimily and turned to leave. "It's not going to be easy on either of them."

She walked back to the Gurath's larger workout room, where Fenrik and Shivasta would be practicing for the morning. She knocked just in time to hear their lightsabers extinguish, the door opening a few moments later to reveal Shivasta.

She didn't look it, but Tes could tell that she was just as tired and frustrated as Fenrik was.

"We got a lead on Jay's location." Tes motioned her back into the room with Fenrik.

"How good a lead?" She asked, walking in to join the Panther, both their interests piqued. "Any word on how he's holding up?"

"He was on Toydaria, in Hutt space, as of five hours ago when my cousin saw him and the other two." Tes paused, sighing internally at what she had to do. "He attacked his kit's mother at a restaurant, tried to kill her until the Wolf separated them. They walked out on their own, but it was close."

"He's breaking down," Shi murmured. "Though not the way I would've expected him to. How long until we're there?"

"A day. Actually landing on Toydaria could take a good deal longer." She said simply. "They have incredibly tight traffic controls. Ones that Jay can manipulate easily if he thinks of it."

"Think we'll be able to just wait for him to leave?" Fenrik asked. "If we're waiting for them in space when they head out, it'd be easier than taking the chance he'll just tell the system to keep us off-planet."

"We can," she nodded. "It has the risk of missing him higher, but much less trouble either way."

"Maybe one of us waits while the others go looking," he murmured. "Thinking about this too hard for now, we have to get there in the first place before this does any good."

"We will," Shivasta said. "We might not catch him this time, but we're getting close again. And if he doesn't end up killing anybody again, we might be able to get close enough to do some good."

"Sooner or later, we will." He nodded grimly. "Doruth has already set course?"

"Yes," Tes nodded. "You might as well go clean up. There won't be much to do until tomorrow."

The two nodded, heading off for the showers, doing their best to conceal their frustration with that simple fact.

Tes had to hope they found Jay soon ... for all three of them.

Mina whimpered as consciousness hit her. Her body arched forward to drive the rough cock deeper inside her as a tom took her, spooned up behind her with her leg lifted over his and a hand gently kneading her swollen breasts and a soft mouth around her shoulder.

"Nnngh ... J-Jay?" She asked, still not completely aware, her body burning for the orgasm she was right on the edge of as he took advantage of what he'd learned the previous night.

"*Yes,*" he purred deeply.

"Ah!" She cried out, her body spasming around his shaft as he rubbed her g-spot one last time, milking his barbs hard and fast. "Fuck!"

"*Morning,*" he rumbled with a moaning shutter muffled in her fur and gave into the pleasure of her body, his seed hot as it poured into her.

Mina took a moment to catch her breath, still working his shaft as she woke up the rest of the way and recovered.

"One hell of a way to say good morning," she purred, reaching back to rub his side. "Mmm ...." she moaned softly as he began to thrust again, the power of his body held tightly in check so not to hurt her.

"I always thought so," he chuckled against her shoulder and nuzzled it while his hands explored down her front to rest on the swell of her belly, cupping their kits as he made love to her and supported her body a bit with the Force.

"Oooh ... this is good," she murmured, putting her hands over his and rubbing her swollen belly lightly with them.

"Yesss ...." Jay drew a sharp breath and shifted his hips to press deeper into her, his teeth a presence on her shoulder that was erotic rather than controlling.

She kept a close watch on his mind, wary of the chance that he might start to go too far again, but otherwise working on enjoying the morning lovemaking. That he took the initiative and was this mindful of her and the kits was an excellent sign that she'd at least temporarily repaired the worst of the damage that had been done.

Janos rumbled to himself as he wandered through one of the reasonably well-hidden slave markets of Toydaria.

To be fair, the one he was visiting was less a slave market and more a brothel where you could take the employees home with you for a sufficient fee. But that was what he was looking for today; Jay and Mina were 'making up,' and he was feeling ill listening.

The two of them sleeping together was one thing, but he knew Mina had fed the tom a line of bullshit that Tembris would have balked at to get that far.

So he had decided to distract himself, taking a look around Adulla's "establishment" deep in the city they'd landed at. Members of all manner of different species were available, depending on your tastes. He hadn't even taken advantage of the offered 'samples' yet; he was simply enjoying walking through a place where he was unquestioned as an Alpha for once.

It went a long way to let him forget what was going on back at the ship, and if he saw something appealing enough, he might even bring Jay here later. Force knew the Kat needed a nice subby bedmate to work frustrations out on, and so did he.

He rumbled privately to himself as he saw a white-furred shewolf, clearly well-broken in. If she had been an alpha before, or even a beta, she wasn't now.

Maybe he would bring Jay down later. It wasn't like the slaves were kept in poor conditions here, after all. If you didn't know beforehand somehow, you probably wouldn't guess it. As odd as Jay's mindset and morals were at the moment, it was a good place to introduce him to the idea as an acceptable thing.

Except for the Twi'leks serving Adulla and her 'friends' in the back, but that was a standard condition he really didn't care to think about and wasn't about to get close to if he had a choice.

He glanced to the side at the shewolf's owner, a bright-blue, muscular T'surr, his black shoulder markings and imperious demeanor marking him as an experienced slaver.

Definitely somebody to steer clear of unless money was changing hands; he was a solid foot taller than Janos, with the mass to match, and probably almost as bad a temper.

The only advantage he didn't have was the blood-red Artisan lightsaber and the training to use it. Janos didn't need strength when he had that and his opponent didn't.

Even so, he'd prefer if it wasn't an issue. Killing a slaver in the middle of the slave market really wasn't the greatest thing to do, typically.

Unfortunately, in the course of trying to avoid trouble, Janos couldn't help but make the one mistake that guaranteed it.

Looking like he was afraid of the larger T'surr male.

He heard the words in the harsh, awkward language of the slaver, and felt a massive, leathery hand close around his shoulder. One of the slaver's 'assistants.'

"Wonder how much Adulla would pay for you," the assistant said in gravelly Huttese.

"Not enough to be worth your boss' life," Janos growled, brushing the hand away. With a little luck, that would be enough of a display to convince them he wasn't worth it.

More likely, this would get messy.

He felt the hand grab his arm, this time a decidedly controlling contact and reacted without thinking. The T'surr was sent flying as he grabbed the offending limb and put his own mass and considerable Force-enhanced strength behind the motion that ended in the bright-blue behemoth in a dent in the wall it slowly slid down while Janos twisted on his heel to face whatever was coming next.

His lightsaber remained hidden, but ready for a moment's need.

Two more of the vaguely crab-like creatures came after him as he backed into an area where he had some space to move without damaging any of the local merchandise. He gripped one of the tiny claw-arms of the first one to reach him, giving it a twisting spin that ended in a pained howl as the mostly-atrophied appendage came off in his hands, blue-green ichor seeping from the wound.

The second one hesitated; looking at him dubiously while the first of the three that had come after him so far picked itself up. The slaver said something in T'surrian, and the others nodded, moving after him again.

And he'd thought some Wolf-packs were single-minded about orders.

Still, there had to be a reasonable solution ... and it might work to his advantage. Without enough of a pause for anyone to notice, Janos reached out with his mind and ripped the relevant information out of the closest T'surrian.

As the wounded humanoid screamed in mental pain, he sorted through what he found.

Figured. The slaver didn't care what happened to his assistants; if they couldn't handle him, they didn't deserve to live. And if Janos couldn't defend himself, he didn't deserve to be free.

Damned T'surr ... thought they owned the galaxy, literally. Fuck reasoning with him; violence would be much more satisfying.

With a growl, his blood red lightsaber came out, bisecting one of the guards as some of the slaves screamed and struggled to get away from him, their chains the only things keeping them in place. The area opened up, the booths moving and shifting to give them space at the command of the Hutts watching the fight with interest.

Janos let a feral grin show as he focused on being as perfectly destructive as he could manage without pissing off the Hutts. He could come out of today a very rich Wolf. There was just an arrogant T'surr that he would be delighted to take down even without the extra incentive.

The hulking being grabbed a force pike that was usually used to keep the more recalcitrant slaves in line as Janos severed the arm of the other guard that hadn't fallen back. The Wolf made his way towards the leader of the group, snarling as a loud snapping sound proved that the T'surr wasn't inept with his weapon of choice.

Even so, despite the burning pain and shock that made Janos' heart skip a beat, he kept going, hacking the pike out half-way down the haft, taking one of the T'surr's hands with it.

The Wolf grinned at the sound of the larger creature's pain, savored the scent of alien fear as he used the Force to knock it flat on its ass.

"Next life, learn when to take a hint," he growled, sinking his blood-red lightsaber blade through the creature's heart. It spasmed for a moment, twitching as its body started to shut down, and then died.

Janos breathed deeply of his kill's death-energy and final moment before turning his attention to what was now his, by T'surr and Hutt law alike.

This was going to be interesting.

He extinguished his 'saber, noticing that the final uninjured T'surr had fled by now, and that the wounded one was silent, hoping to escape notice.

He noticed Jay's not-quite verbal presence in his mind, 'asking' if he wanted him there.

"Well done! Quite a show," Adulla said approvingly from her massive seat, the booths returning to their normal places. The brown, slimy slug's expression was clearly pleased. "Who is it that comes down here and deals with the one who's been selling my customers for me?"

Janos was glad he spoke Huttese; it would make it harder to get scammed here.

"Janos." He answered her. "*Might as well come, but no hurry.*"

"You're quite the warrior," the Hutt observed. "Perhaps I could interest you in a job to make up for the hassle?"

It was tempting, on a level, but even without the issues Jay brought up in his life, he wasn't so keen on the idea of working for a Hutt again.

"A generous offer, I am sure, but I have other obligations." He smiled at her slightly. "I am sure we can make a good deal on my new slaves, however. These are more than I wish to travel with."

He didn't need to try and read Adulla's mind to catch her disappointment, he knew the reaction well from other dealings with her species. He chuckled mentally; she'd been hoping he wouldn't realize he was now the proud owner of a decent shipment of slaves.

"Their former owner owed me money," she pointed out. "I will collect on that before dealing for the remainder."

"We can take that into account in the negotiations," Janos accepted. It was easier to give up the money than deal with the courts, even though the claim was iffy at best. It wasn't like he was desperate or anything.

"Very well," the Hutt conceded. As well as the price was reasonable, the slaves would make up for any losses. "Which of them are you planning on keeping?" She asked him.

"The white shewolf, and whatever my shipmates consider worth keeping." He said easily, pleased that they were only a few blocks away now. "Which will likely leave seven out of this group for sale, and all but one or two of what's on his ship."

"About his ship ... you already have one, you've said, yes?" Adulla said, sending a message to the port to do whatever was necessary, short of damaging it, to keep that ship landed. The slaver vessel would be an excellent addition to her fleet if he was interested in a low price.

"Yes," he nodded. "It would be up for sale as well, once we have inspected it to set a reasonable price."

"Excellent," Adulla nodded. "Will you want to be paid in credits, or Hutt coin?"

"Hutt," he said easily as he felt Jay start to look for him from the building entrance and gave the tom a mental nudge in the right direction.

"Very well," Adulla agreed. Janos could feel that there were guards around, working for the Hutt, as Jay and Mina approached.

On the other hand, he couldn't blame her for taking the precaution. He had just demonstrated a willingness to kill in her place of business.

As long as she didn't try to intimidate him out of what he had coming to him, it would be fine.

"I hope your friends are here soon," she observed. "It would be good to start bargaining, but I would rather not make such an agreement without knowing what the merchandise is."

"They are," he nodded and turned his attention to his ships mates slightly. "*Got into a fight, these ten,*" he motioned to the pleasure slaves in the booth before him, "*and what's on his ship, and the ship, are mine now. Pick one you like, I figured on selling the rest to her.*"

"Right," Jay nodded, his attention already drawn to a small, sleek black Minervan Mink that was actually making an effort to look attractive and attentive to him.

Janos could tell that the Minervan Mink had reasonably good taste; it wasn't too hard for him to figure out that she'd already decided he was the best bet for a reasonably comfortable life. She was probably right, for that matter.

He could also tell that opening the offer up to Mina might not have been the best of ideas. As she looked one of the Twi'lek slave-girls up and down appraisingly, he could tell that she had something in the back of her mind, just not what.

Something that no doubt would cause him grief.

"This one," Jay stepped up to the Minervan Mink and lifted her chin with his claw-tips so she looked up at him.

"And I'll take her," Mina purred, indicating a nervous-looking blue-skinned Twi'lek. Janos groaned mentally as he noticed the vague similarity between Mina's new pet and Jay's old mate; if she was planning something using that, this was going to be awkward.

"Those two and the white she-wolf then," he said, looking at Adulla. "The rest here are available, if you're willing to pay a suitable price."

"Hmm ...." Adulla's tail twitched; they'd chosen the three most valuable ones, of course. No matter, the rest were still worth quite a bit. Well-trained and already broken in ... they would make up the difference.

"One-hundred peggats," she offered.

"*They're worth that each on the open market.*" Jay flicked his damaged ear back, though he didn't growl, much to Janos' relief. "*Even wholesale these seven are worth at least three fifty, more like four; that's after her fees.*"

Janos' eyes flicked to the male Twi'lek standing next to Adulla, his green skin glistening with nervous sweat. His muzzle quirked into a smirk as he noticed the aide's datapad.

It never paid to have your accountant around when Jay was there.

"*Thanks for the heads-up, though I'll be shooting for a little under norm,*" he told Jay silently. "*Think you can shut down her second-string negotiators up there?*"

"*Easily.*" He kept his grin to himself and reached out to the guard's weapons with a 'request' to not work for a while.

"Maybe for two of them, but not for all seven," he said, his Huttese near-perfect. "Four hundred," he added, going above his target. If Adulla went for it, he'd be shocked, and very satisfied.

"Two hundred.*" She counter-offered as the pair fell into the negotiating banter they were both quite familiar with.

When it was all said and done, Janos pocketed three hundred and twenty five peggats and the Hutt claimed ownership of seven slaves worth at least twice that to her.

"I'll be in touch after I've looked over my new ship and whatever cargo's on it," he said easily. "Though you might have some competition for that, I imagine the crew might want it for themselves. Nice doing business with you, Adulla."

"A pleasure," the Hutt said politely, though both of them knew it was nothing more than being polite. "I'll make a starting offer of five-hundred thousand peggats for the ship and contents, so you know where I stand to start."

"Come on," Janos said, turning with Mina and Jay to retrieve their chosen slaves, the shewolf, Minervan Mink and Twi'lek already gathered together by a Rat working for Adulla. "Let's get trackers installed and then go take care of the rest of our new property."

Jay nodded after he flicked his mental gaze to check that the security tags that killed if too far from the transmitter were off and found them suitably deactivated.

"*You really enjoy being the Alpha,*" Jay purred privately to Janos.

"*I usually am,*" Janos pointed out with a chuckle, reaching down to rub his pet's head lightly before she stood to follow. "So, you three have names?" He asked them.

"Misha, Master." The Minervan Mink answered him with more spirit than the others showed before nuzzling up to Jay and earning a low purr for the honestly interested attention.

"Y'alla, Master," the Twi'lek said, pressing into the touch Mina gave her reflexively before falling into step with the rest of them.

"Vondra," the shewolf said, keeping her eyes low as she followed closely behind Janos, occasionally glancing around at others walking by and taking long, lusty looks at her nude frame. She tucked her tail up between her legs reflexively, a gesture not lost on her owner.

He'd have to work on that later. She was broken, but a closer look marked her as younger than he'd originally thought, and no doubt quite new to her pleasure slave status and condition, unlike the other two who were sold clothed. Even Misha's concealing-nothing outfit was still clothing.

"After we check out the ship, I think we could do with a little private celebration," Janos rumbled to Jay. "Let the trio get used to the ship while we get dinner?"

"Sounds good," he purred deeply.

"Mmm ... I'll take them back to the ship to settle them in after we're out of the shop," Mina purred as they stopped by the literal hole-in-the-wall shop of a Toydarian technician who could replace the tags their slaves currently had with tracking devices. "You two have fun tonight, hmm? I know I will," she said with a wink for Y'alla.

"Are you going to check out the new ship with us?" Jay asked.

"No need," she smiled. "You two know what you're looking at better than I do, and if there's any trouble, it would be better to keep certain people out of it," she explained, brushing a hand along her belly for emphasis.

It was a move that was definitely not lost on Jay, who nodded agreement as they left the shop, their new pets in tow.

Janos whistled long and low as they made their way through the massive slave-cruiser the T'surr used. The ship was large enough to handle dozens of passengers, and that was before they'd converted cargo space to hold slaves. The occasional stray blaster bolt explained the surprisingly docile T'surr crew.

Janos smirked to himself as he and Jay explored; he'd been right about what would happen if he told Adulla she might have competition. The Hutt had made sure that anybody who wasn't going to roll over and toe the line wouldn't be an issue anymore. Hutts were so easy to play if you knew what you were doing.

"So, what do you think?" He asked Jay as they worked through the slave quarters, the occupants in reasonable conditions compared to some he'd seen before.

"The ship's in good shape, good quality, and heavily armed." He said easily as he began to focus on the variety of non-pleasure slaves on board. "Worth probably half again her offer, maybe more, before you get to the cargo."

"Anything we want to pull off for the Sharufa?" Janos asked him. "Don't think we want to try and crew her ourselves, though I suppose we could see if any of the goods are trained to handle her. I wouldn't fly with a T'surr crew if my life depended on it."

"I can build better if we ever need anything this big," Jay shook his head. "It's a good ship, but not worth keeping." He paused as the rounded belly of a shecat caught his eye, and its contents intrigued his mind. "There might be a few slaves worth keeping though." He added as he approached the force-field protected cell containing the chocolate on gold tabby.

"We don't have too much crew space, Jay, keep that in mind," Janos pointed out, even as his mind went to one person in particular they might be able to clear out of her quarters if they kept this one. He checked the datapad he'd been given when he reached the ship, scanning the code on her cell door.

"She's not that small," Jay chuckled. "Especially with the pets sharing a room, there are still two empty ones."

"Name's Tami ... labor slave, bred to another one by the old captain. Seems he stumbled on the idea of trying to 'farm' some of the slaves. Guessing he didn't get too far with his idea before somebody else changed the crew's roster, since she's the only pregnant one on the manifest."

"*Her I don't care about,*" he dropped the force-field and stepped close to her. His hand ghosted over her large belly, a clear sign she was much further along than Mina. Two single set of tits at this stage also marked her as a distinctly different species of Cat. "*Her kits are worth keeping, though. Two, both Sensitive, strong enough to train.*"

"*Gonna be starting our own tradition soon enough, at this rate,*" Janos chuckled mentally. "You speak?" He asked the shecat.

"*We could do a lot worse for the universe.*" Jay smirked. "*Both sides need to have a reality check or six.*"

"Yes, Master." She responded. While already well-broken in, she didn't quite control a nervous look at Jay's hand as he examined her unborn young.

"First litter?" Jay looked up, focusing on her.

"No, Master." She glanced down after looking up at him. It wasn't hard to guess she expected he was thinking to breed her himself.

"Good," he nodded, his mind getting the rest of the information he'd wanted; she knew how to raise babies.

"How many kits have you handled at a time before?" Janos asked her. Five could be a bit of a stretch, if they managed to ditch Mina like he wanted to.

He'd just have to work on convincing Jay ... or at least keeping things no more cozy between the two than it already was. At least it was something Jay didn't seem inclined for, the slave's fears or not. The tom was thinking somewhere between wet-nurse and selling her when her kits where weaned.

"Nine, Master." She said submissively.

"*Wet-nurse for a Lion that bred all his females.*" Jay added silently from the images he caught from her. "*She'll do nicely taking care of all the kits.*"

"Good," Janos nodded. "We have three kittens on the way in a few months; we'll want some help for their mother. I assume you won't have any problems sharing quarters with the other three slaves we have?"

"No, Master." She said easily and honestly, for all it didn't matter if she really had objected.

"Good," Jay nodded and stepped behind her to place a hand on her neck and focused on altering its programming and behavior into a tracker. It left him with the option to turn it back into a bomb if she decided to run with the kits.

"We should probably call up that Toydarian from Adulla's place to replace her kill-switch," Janos said, oblivious to what Jay had just done. "Don't know what sort of range the T'surr have set."

"As long as we're on the ship we're fine," Tami offered helpfully, having seen the results of people leaving a little too often.

"I've taken care of it," Jay told them both easily. "It's a tracker now, like the others, but I can turn it back to a kill-switch if need be."

"You won't need to, Master," Tami said quickly, as Janos looked at him for a moment, and then shook his head.

"One of these days you're going to have to show me how you do that sort of thing."

"Just remind me when we actually have time." Jay quirked a grin at him. "Come." He told Tami and left her cell. "Let's make sure there's nothing else worth the room and board before we sell the ship." He added to Janos.

"Sounds good to me," Janos nodded as Tami followed them out.

Vondra sighed gratefully as she sat down on her bunk in the room she would share with the other two pleasure slaves and Tami. The pregnant shecat had arrived just a few minutes ago, before the old kat who'd come down to pick Misha out had rearranged the room.

The white-furred shewolf had no clue how he'd done it, but by the time he was done there was a bunk on each wall with a couple dressers and closets.

She'd been most grateful to find that there weren't fixtures for chains on the bunks, and that there were some clothes in the closet she'd checked. With his permission, she'd borrowed a light blue nightgown, finally able to put something on for the first time in months.

"This is so much better than the cells," she murmured, leaning back against the wall and glanced over at Tami and Misha, the two females as different from each other as night and day.

"And our owners much cuter." Misha grinned at her. "Much nicer in manner too."

"A lot more powerful too." Tami added quietly, grateful to be able to lie down and rest her back.

"*Anybody would be nicer than the T'surr," Vondra shuddered and sat on her bunk, pulling her legs up to her chest. "Even Adulla would've been nicer than them."

"They come a lot worse than the T'surr," Tami said quietly. "Hutts usually are."

"Yeah, the last thing you want to be is a Hutt's pleasure slave." Misha added with a nod. "These Masters may play a bit rough, especially her, but nothing like what we could have ended up with. I think your Wolf actually likes you."

"I hope so," Vondra nodded slightly. "Less likely to be so rough with me if he does, I'd hope. Don't know how you've handled it, Misha," she admitted, despite having a reasonably good idea it had something to do with the Minervan Mink being even more of a nymphomaniac than most of her species.

"I was born to a harem slave on Midriac and raised to be the same." She shrugged. "This is what I know. It can be a pretty good life with a nice Master and a taste for pleasure." She added more gently. "You haven't seen the norm for a pleasure slave yet. The T'surr weren't using you as a pleasure slave; they were breaking you for the job. Real life is usually pretty different than that."

"Real life ...." Vondra laughed, the sound disturbingly on-edge for a moment before she got it under control. "Real life was Corellia and at least having my own life ... it's just been a nightmare since then. At least it's starting to look better now."

"Have you even had anyone be nice to you in bed?" Misha glanced at the white shewolf, realizing just how young and abruptly she'd been dragged into this life the Minervan Mink considered so normal. It was probably as distressing as to her as if Misha had found herself stranded on a world without a Master.

"No," Vondra admitted, ducking her head with a blush that showed faintly through her white fur. "My family was pretty strict about that sort of thing, and after that 'nice' wasn't really on the menu."

"It can be," Misha gave an open offer. "I don't know about your Wolf, but gentle I'm good at."

"Are you sure?" Vondra asked her, looking up, then over at Tami, not sure if she'd mind.

"I can sleep through anything," the older shecat chuckled. "Don't worry about it."

"It's up to you," Misha reiterated. "It's not an order between slaves."

"I'd like that," Vondra nodded after a moment. "Though ... I don't have any real idea what to do," she admitted.

"That's okay," Misha smiled softly and moved to sit down on Vondra's bed to brush a gentle hand down the shewolf's chest, making the soft, silky fabric rub her breasts lightly. "Just relax and let me show you what it can be about."

"All right," Vondra murmured, opening her body language up, letting her feet touch the floor again as she leaned forward, tentatively kissing the Minervan Mink and found a soft mouth in return as the sexaholic displayed more restraint than she ever expected.

Misha slowly began to kiss her way along the shewolf's slender jaw and down her throat. Her hand ghosted over white-furred breasts still covered by the silky nightgown, earning a soft rumble of pleasure from Vondra. She could tell that she was nervous; the shewolf still wasn't entirely sure what to expect.

But, as she wrapped her stronger arms around Misha's body and stood, the Minervan Mink was pretty sure she'd get into it. Her hands worked through her dark fur, coarse white mingling with silky-smooth black and brown as both their skimpy coverings were removed and Misha took the opening to kiss, then lick, at the pale pink nipples peeking out from the Wolf's fur.

"Ooh ...." Vondra cooed softly, reaching down to rub the erogenous zone just above the Minervan Mink's tail slightly, then shyly ran a hand up between them to feel her breasts. The Minervan Mink pressed into the touch a bit with an approving sound.

"That's good," Misha breathed and nuzzled the Wolf's breasts, working to harden her nipples and rouse her body enough to smell it.

It didn't take too long; Vondra might not have done this before, but her body certainly knew how to respond. The shewolf caught one of Misha's nipples between her fingers, fondling them lightly as her breath started to quicken and her scent picked up her arousal.

The Minervan Mink made an approving sound and began to kiss and nuzzle her way further down Vondra's body as she ghosted the fingers of one hand across the Wolf's swelling lower lips.

The rurring whimper of pleasure she earned sent a thrill of pleasure down her spine; it was a lot better than the protests and struggles she usually heard from Vondra, being kept in the same part of the ship where she was being broken in.

The young shewolf turned to kiss Misha's forehead tenderly, licking her shyly just below her hairline as her long, fluffy tail started to wag a bit.

"Ready to lay down?" Misha asked as she knelt to nuzzle just above the Wolf's slowly wetting sex.

"Think so," Vondra rurred, stroking the edges of her small, rounded ears. "Mmm ... that feels good," she murmured, sitting on the bed first, not sure if she should lie down yet or not.

"Sex is supposed to." The Minervan Mink smiled at her and shifted to gently spread Vondra's legs to expose her lower lips and clit to the Minervan Mink's tongue and light fingers.

"Ooh ... guess nobody's ever cared to point that out before," the white-furred shewolf rumbled, spreading her legs wider, blushing deeply as Misha started to lick and finger her swollen pussy-lips. "Gods, Misha ...."

The Minervan Mink smiled and pressed her tongue into the slick space to swirl around her clit while her fingers pressed a little deeper to stroke the nerve-rich flesh. Her smile spread to a grin as she heard Vondra's moan of pleasure, tasted her arousal, and felt her body spasm slightly around her fingers.

She might be new to it, but she was fun to pleasure. She would be a delightful harem-mate while they were together.

Misha pressed her face a little closer, taking the Wolf's clit into her mouth to suckle and lavish it with her tongue and lips. She gently pressed two fingers into Vondra's body to finger-fuck her lightly.

"Nnngh!" The whimpering cry of pleasure was music to the Minervan Mink's ears as the white-furred shewolf started to caress her head and neck, pleasure filling her senses as clear, sweet fluid dripped down her fingers.

Such a sweet, innocent thing, to find this basic foreplay so pleasurable. It wouldn't take much longer, and nothing more advanced than she was doing now, to take her over the edge.

She flicked her tongue along her clit, burying her fingers into the shewolf's sex, and felt the tension build that told her it was about time.

Vondra tilted her head back, a long, whimpering moan escaping her muzzle as she fought not to howl, pleasure making her inside clench down around Misha's fingers hard, spasming with the first orgasm somebody else had given her that she'd wanted to have.

Misha continued to work her until the sounds of pleasure had died down and Vondra's body had cooled enough to stop quivering.

"That's what it's more about." The Minervan Mink smiled up at her.

"That was incredible," Vondra murmured, pulling her up for a shy, but tender, kiss that was returned eagerly. "Mmm ... want me to try and return the favor?"

"Anytime," she grinned back and shifted to roll to her back on the bunk with her legs spread. Vondra took her place beneath them, starting to explore her lover's body slowly.

"It's a new paintjob, but that is definitely the Sharufa." Fenrik commented as they came in for a landing after an excruciatingly long wait to be cleared.

"Can you tell if they're on-board?" Shi asked, looking at the familiar lines of the ship that had been a second home for decades. "If they're not ... we might have them, this time."

"Five life signs on board, all female. Two feline, one Wolf, one Mink, one Twi'lek. I'm as sure as I can be he isn't that close." Fenrik nodded, the weariness of weeks on the hunt and the pain of various attempts to contact their mate giving way to a controlled excitement at being so close.

"Let's just hope we're on time then," Shi nodded, her own excitement a little less controlled, at least to her mate's observation. "We'll have to find him yet, but that shouldn't be too hard here. Not like they wouldn't stand out."

"And if he doesn't realize we're here, sitting on the Sharufa means we will get a chance at him." He added with a worried smile. "He's sure to return eventually."

"You want me to tell the Gurath to get in the queue, that we've found him?" She asked, looking over at him as the Kalrass came in for its final landing.

"No, it's best if they remain ready to give chase in case they get on board. It's not like we can get out of here as fast as he can."

"Especially not if he plays with the control system," she agreed. "I just hope he's careful about the local air traffic when he tinkers with it, if it gets that far." The Kalrass touched down, letting the two Jedi prepare to wait for their mate. "Let's hope he didn't bribe to locals to tell him when we show up."

"If he was thinking like that, we would have never gotten clearance to land." Fenrik pointed out quietly. "Who needs to bribe locals when he can just have the system deny us landing rights completely."

"Assuming he knew which ship was coming," Shivasta pointed out. "The Jedi have a lot of ships ... it'd be easier for him to bribe somebody to tell him when Jedi show up, than to go for any of the hundreds of ships in the Order.

"Except that he knows the four ships that were after him on Tatooine, and that it's unlikely to change without one being damaged."

"Speaking of showing up, are we going to bother with our covers this time around?"

"We probably should." He sighed and stood. "The local bureaucracy has shown up."

"Ugh," Shi sighed, standing with him, glad she was already in 'costume.' "Very well, Master," she said, falling into step behind him, adopting the demeanor of the obedient pet she was going to act as while they were here.

It was easier for her than pretending she was actually part of the local trading culture.

"It won't take long," he put a gentle hand on her shoulder before they got to the hatch. "A couple peggats and the paperwork is over."

"Good," she smiled as the hull opened, revealing the Toydarian on the other side. "It's so dull having to sit while you do that sort of work."

"You make a pleasant distraction during it." The Panther chuckled and stepped up to the bulbous flying creature.

"Welcome to Toydaria; nice ship you have there," the port official observed, looking Fenrik up and down, quickly judging the Panther as being a smuggler or trader, and his companion as the pleasure-slave she was pretending to be. "Going to be here long?"

"A few days," Fenrik answered easily.

"So, what's the name of your ship? Bring anything here for trade?" He asked, glancing at Shi pointedly.

"Kendrin," he answered easily and ignored the look his 'pet' got. "And no goods this time. I'm here to see if Toydaria's a good market to add to my run."

"Oh, well, that I can answer for you easily," the flying blue sycophant said, flying back out of the way to let them down. "Toydaria's one of the best trading centers in the sector. Anything you care to trade, we trade it. Sooo ... what is it you're in the business of? Might be able to tell you who to talk to if you want to start doing business here."

"Foodstuffs, slaves, spice and weapons primarily, and whatever I get a special order for." Fenrik explained, faking the knowledge of a well-established route easily.

"Slaves and spice, eh? Hmm. Surprised I haven't heard of your ship before, we get a lot of those through here. But hey," the Toydarian chuckled, breaking the brief tension created by the thought that he might be getting suspicious. "I'm just a pad-pusher, right? Tell you what - - first person you'll want to talk to about that sort of stuff would be Adulla, the Hutt. At least if you're coming in to this starport. Coming in elsewhere ... that'll change," he shrugged. "But here? She knows everything."

"*Including where three new arrivals are, maybe?*" Shi asked Fenrik mentally.

"*They'll be coming back to their ship.*" He reminded her. "Thank you. It's not my usual cargo, but I get enough requests to check them out when a get to a new port. It's useful to know where to go to fill an order."

"Well, I should be getting along to the next ship, let you get to work," the Toydarian said easily. "Good luck finding a market; we can always use more traders around here."

Fenrik nodded and smiled slightly as the official flew off without even asking his name or getting a bribe. "*Back on board. For now, let's see if he comes back for the night.*"

"Yes, Master," Shi smiled, breaking character only after the hatch was closed.

Jay purred deeply as he took in a Toydarian establishment named "Talon's". It had been Janos' choice for an evening of fun pretending Jay was his pet, unless someone else got too interested. The Wolf couldn't have been happier with the suggestion either. To have the one person he readily submitted to be his pet for the evening, in public no less, was an erotic event even before anything had happened.

While the staff was mostly Toydarian, the performers were not, and not a Twi'lek or Bith band in sight. Morphs and others that were exotic even to Jay's experience were in relative abundance, and the clientele was attractive as well.

"Mmm ... been a long time since I've been here," Janos rumbled. "But with the bankroll we're looking at now, I think it's worth celebrating."

"Even without pushing her, you're a very wealthy Wolf now, Master." Jay purred and nuzzled Janos as he hung on the Wolf's arm like so many pets did when they truly adored their owner, or the appearance of it was desired.

"Mmm ... it is a shame to give up a ship that good though," he chuckled, drawing Jay up for a kiss. "But we've got better still. Now ... what will I do with you, hmm?" He rumbled, running a hand down Jay's side possessively.

"Let me pleasure you so they can all be jealous?" Jay suggested and leaned into the contact.

"That sounds like a good idea," Janos rumbled deeply, enjoying the absolute willing submission more than he thought was possible. This wasn't submission from fear, because the Wolf had or could beat someone into it, but submission because it was intensely pleasurable to the sub. "But let's get to our seats and get something to eat first," he chuckled, following the Toydarian server to their table before she buzzed off to fetch the drinks he ordered for the two of them.

"Mmm, an appetizer first, Master?" Jay rumbled and slid his hand up to brush the Wolf's groin.

"I think so," Janos grinned, his sheath already swelling as he sat and opened his pants, drawing Jay close for a kiss.

"Before we leave, you'll be sucking my cock with my cum dripping from your stretched ass," he promised the older kat with a deep, lusty rumble and felt the jolt of raw excitement the words drew from Jay.

The tom got on the bench and lowered his head to nuzzle the Wolf's groin. The move put his ass, clad in tight leather that concealed nothing, in the air for both Janos' appreciation and for the other customers.

"Mmm ... good boy," Janos rumbled deeply. He motioned towards one of the roaming performers, a Raccoon with a selection of assorted toys, to come over. A brief moment later, and he nodded, tracing his fingers lightly along the scars on the right-side of his mate's face.

"*You don't mind toys, I hope?*" He asked with a mental rumble.

"*Not at all, Master.*" Jay shivered in expectation as he took one of Janos' heavy balls into his mouth to lavish it with attention.

"Mmm ... that one," Janos nodded to the Raccoon, indicating the large, thick, barbed plug he'd selected a few moments before. "Don't worry about prep." The Raccoon nodded easily and removed Jay's tight pants to reveal his tight ass for all to see. He then pressed the plug up into Jay's ass, slowly stretching it and skillfully maneuvering the tip up against the tom's prostate.

Before moving on, he took a moment to start it vibrating lightly, the tip jumping and working the sensitive nub inside Jay's body as his good ear was caressed by the Wolf whose balls he was suckling.

"Going to let that ... mmm ... stretch you out for a while," Janos rumbled, as turned on as much by what he was hearing along their bond as the physical attention and view. Force, it was intense to have a pet who got off on this so much.

Jay let one ball slide from his mouth and breathed deeply of the heavy male musk before turning his attention to the other side.

Janos' thick, lupine shaft hardened quickly, emerging from his sheath as he continued to give all the attention he could to his pet, occasionally favoring his injuries, now months old but still attracting attention from the occasional passerby.

"This is a good look for you," he rumbled deeply.

"*It's a pretty good one for you too,*" Jay licked his way up Janos' cock, careful not to be too rough on the sensitive skin with his rough tongue. "*Anything out there worthy of my ass?*"

"Mmm .... You might be in for a little company, yes," the Wolf rumbled, scritching the back of Jay's neck lightly as he looked around and picked out a couple interested patrons he wouldn't mind seeing inside Jay.

"*Good,*" he slowly slide his mouth down around the Wolf's cock to set to the real effort of getting him off in a slow, controlled, explosion.

Janos groaned deeply, catching the eye of a Jaguar a few tables over who glanced down at Jay's exposed ass. The Wolf nodded and grinned, the spotted feline stood gracefully and came over, caressing Jay's ass for a bit before pulling the vibe out and turning it off.

"Got something that should feel better up there," he rumbled behind the older tom.

Jay could only whimper in eagerness and wiggle his ass a bit, his tail arched over his back in invitation. It was a feeling that drew another sound of pleasure from Janos.

Lupine hands caressed the back of Jay's head, powerful fingers running through his long hair as the Jaguar pressed his cock up into Jay's somewhat stretched body with an eager groan of pleasure, barb-hairs raking his entrance as Jay suckled Janos' swollen, throbbing cock.

It was a moment where Jay lost control, forgetting where he was and who he was with. Both males, one growing accustomed to it and one caught completely off guard, felt the complete ecstasy of the tom between them. The desire to be used and fucked until he couldn't move, to come and be come in until he couldn't take any more and then be pushed even further as he begged for mercy, for an end to the pleasure while he was still conscious washed over them in a call to action.

The Jaguar started to hammer against his prostate, reaching down to stroke his cock as Janos groaned, pumping his seed into his mate's hungry mouth.

"*Want me to start taking numbers?*" He asked mentally through his pleasure. "*You're starting to get a fan-club here.*"

"*Yes.*" Jay roared mentally as he came, his mouth still around Janos' cock and his pleasure spilling over into the general area to draw everything with a libido that could feel it. Not many understood why this feline pet was so interesting, but they responded to his call eagerly.

The Jaguar roared, pumping his seed deep into Jay's ass, pulling out just in time to be filled by the next comer, a well-built Stallion with chestnut fur that sank into him with a soft whinny. A lean, red-skinned Zeltron slipped beneath him, the powerful pheromones she released as she took his barbed shaft into her sex only added to the atmosphere that was rapidly leading to a gang-bang controlled only by the Wolf approving partners for his ecstatic pet.

A slender Panther came over, shucking hir pants and looking up at Janos with a wink. He grinned, pressing against hir back and slipping into hir feminine sex while he fondled hir breasts, and shi pressed her barbed cock into Jay's eager mouth.

It was a cycle that continued until Jay was so worn out that his mental call faded and focused back on the Wolf he'd come in with. The shift from complete slut to monogamous mate was rapid and only subtly apparent to all but Janos, who felt it more than saw it when Jay started to crawl into his lap despite the eager Tiger with a hand on Jay's ass.

"Show's over, handsome," Janos rumbled to the Tiger, pulling Jay up onto his lap and licking his neck, pressing up into him and making the very few thrusts necessary to make the last few hours' worth of arousal pay off before he just held Jay against his broad body. It was intensely satisfying to know, right from the tom's mind, that despite being done with others, Janos himself was still a very welcome presence in Jay's body.

The softly purring, completely sated and submissive male in his arms, so happy to be taken care of and surrender his authority, felt as good as any of the orgasms of the night.

"Think you're up for dinner now?" Janos asked with a chuckle, watching the Tiger leave.

"Yes, Master." Jay smiled loopily up at him, a level of adoration evident in his amber eyes that caught Janos a bit by surprise.

"You really do enjoy this, don't you?" He asked, chuckling as he licked a little cum from Jay's neck. He'd been fucked every way imaginable by now, by about half the patrons in the club.

"Yes, Master." Jay murmured, his eyes drifting closed in a contentment he rarely felt.

They heard the door open and close behind some new arrivals, everybody returning to their tables, partners, and meals as things started to get back to normal for the place.

"Mmm ... I think I see a place over there, Master," Jay heard an achingly familiar voice say. It sent an instant ripple of tension down his body, but neither his mind nor body was particularly inclined to care unless it had to.

A few seats at the table next to theirs were pulled out, a Panther and scantily clad, blue-skinned woman sat down. Jay felt Janos tense up as he recognized the Panther, but he didn't do anything just yet.

"*We're here for you, Jay,*" Shivasta told him mentally. "*Please, come home.*"

"*My kits are here.*" He replied quietly. "*I'm not your kind anymore.*" He nearly cried inside, the pain of going against everything he was born and trained to be fighting and loosing to paternal instinct backed up by voices he couldn't fight anymore, and wasn't convinced he wanted to.

"*We can bring them back with us ... we can help you,*" Shi told him, her mental voice soft and soothing. "*Jay, we still love you. Come back, it's not too late. I don't know what they've told you, but it isn't true. The Order isn't out to hurt you.*"

"*I'm past helping,*" he shuddered and closed his mind to her, but not before she caught an image of the Panthress he'd killed, and that he was violently against the Order touching his kits.

"*We need to leave.*" He told Janos, oblivious to the fact that he'd driven his claws into the Wolf's thick pelt and his body language was pure fear now.

"I'd guessed as much," Janos rumbled, wincing as he helped Jay disengage his claws and stood. He put himself between Jay and the two Jedi by reflex as an Alpha, even as he knew he couldn't beat the pair. Not without help at least, and he wasn't sure how Jay'd react to a fight right now.

"I'm afraid we can't let you do that," Fenrik rumbled, standing as well and meet the Wolf's eyes. "You're out-classed, Wolf. We don't care about you; we just want our mate back. Before you and your friend manage to destroy a good tom."

"Hey, no fighting in here!" One of the Toydarians protested, seeing the potential for violence in both Panther and Wolf.

"Then let's take it outside," Janos growled. "'Cause I don't think this is going to end any other way." He could feel the familiar rush of anger rising inside him. If this did turn into a fight, it would have to be a running one - but he couldn't much afford to be taken back himself, and Jay didn't particularly seem to want to go back with them.

Though to be fair, if he had, he would have sent him on his way easily.

All four Sensitives felt the Force rush into play a fraction of a moment before the tables and benches in the area went flying to crash into the Jedi.

"*Run!*" Jay all but roared at Janos and bolted himself, his mind reaching out to get everything set up so they could take off as soon as they got to the Sharufa.

Fenrik snarled as he pushed the furnishings out of the way, he and Shivasta taking off after the Wolf and Kat.

"Damn it!" He growled. They chased both of them towards the lift at the end of the corridor, the doors staying open for the escapees. He leaped forward - just in time for the door to slam in front of him as Jay and Janos disappeared into the lift and started towards the hangar.

"Can you do anything to stop them?" Fenrik asked Shi, turning back towards her.

"Not here," she said, shaking her head. "A storm that would ground the Sharufa would endanger every Toydarian out there."

"Damn!" He repeated, growling deeply and making his way towards the stairs.

This was going to be a long climb.

Everyone glanced at the pair, one in the nude, that hit the starport at full enhanced speed, but no one did more than glance. Every one of them recognized the look of two dangerous people being chased, no doubt by even more dangerous people.

It was never smart to get involved in something like that.

Jay and Janos hit the Sharufa, climbing on board even as the engines powered up and the ship started to close up for space flight.

"Here's hoping the queue's open," Janos growled, heading for the cockpit. "We'll have to get out of here fast."

"It will be by the time we hit it." Jay reminded him of what he could do to computers, but there was honest fear in his voice more than anything else. Not fear of the pair chasing them, but fear of what they meant.

"What's going on?" Mina demanded, stepping out of the medical bay to meet Jay and Janos.

"Toydaria just developed a Jedi infestation," the Wolf growled, pulling up and away just as Shivasta and Fenrik appeared in the hangar. "Everybody hold on tight!" He gunned the engine, grateful to see most of the other ships get out of the way as they rushed through the crowded space-lane leading towards open space. "I'm going to have to get creative ...."

"So get creative." Jay grabbed the co-pilot's seat and began to work on helping out, and delaying the Kalrass as much as he could.

Fortunately, the ship still listened to him fairly well. The engines were shutting down, and the traffic pattern would keep it from following them all that quickly once Fenrik and Shivasta got them working again.

"I know you don't like the place Jay, but we're heading for Nar Shaddaa for a few days," Janos rumbled, plugging the coordinates in. Suddenly, the ship was rocked by a blast that hit it as soon as it left the atmosphere. "Shit!"

"Gurath." Jay responded and locked Sharufa's weapons on to the larger ship to return fire, targeting its weapons systems and engines.

"Whatever ship it is, knock it out fast," Janos snarled, the ship rocking again. "Shit ... setting shields to double-rear, that should slow 'em down."

The Sharufa's ion cannons fired, bright white bolts flying through space and impacting the Gurath's fixed guns. It didn't take much coaxing to shut them down entirely after that. Jay was sure that Doruth and Tes wouldn't use torpedoes against them.

"We're clear," Janos said, turning and keying in the hyperdrive sequence. The Sharufa slowed for a moment ... then stretched out, being pulled into hyperspace just as the pilot activated the cloaking device.

They were safe ... at least for now.

A moment later, when Jay was sure they were out of immediate danger, he sank forward and closed his eyes, his mind in turmoil between turning himself in to protect his kits and knowing that doing so was worse than giving them to the Jedi to raise. He had no one in this galaxy that could teach them what they faced, the choices they had. As dangerous as it was to everyone he cared for, he had to keep running.

"Nar Shaddaa will be fine." Jay spoke quietly, his tone one of having set his mind to something unpleasant.

"That doesn't sound much like an 'it's fine' to me," Janos pointed out. "I take it you've been to Nar Shaddaa before?"

"I grew up there, from eight to ten." He said softly. "The Jedi found me there. Same with Doruth, one of the Jedi hunting us."

"Bad part of Nar Shaddaa, I'm guessing," Janos said. "For what it's worth, we can definitely afford better than that this time around. Hell, we could just about set up shop to rival some of the Hutts there. I've got the course set for the Ylesia system right now, by the way ... we'll use the ion drives to get out between Ylesia and Nar Shaddaa before cutting the hyperdrive back in to finish the trip. It's a pretty damned good route to keep folks from tracking you there."

"Good," Jay let out a small breath and stood, giving the Wolf a kiss. "I need time to make modifications on Sharufa."

"What sort of mods?" Janos asked him, returning the kiss briefly. "*And what was Mina doing in medical when we came back, if you saw?*"

"The kind to take us somewhere safe. These engines can't make the trip in acceptable time." Jay explained a bit evasively. "*I don't know, but probably putting her pet back together.*"

"Jay, what sort of place would be safe from the Jedi?" Janos asked pointedly. "I mean ... heck, we could even hide out in the Maw and they'd find us eventually."

"My home," he said simply. "Yes, they'll find us eventually, they have the directions as best as I knew them, but not before it won't matter anymore. No one else in this galaxy can build a trans-galactic ship."

"Trans-gal- now that's news," Janos murmured, shaking his head. "And a good reason to head for Ambrintha after holing up on Nar Shaddaa for a week or two," he admitted.

"That and we have two pregnant females and I do not want to oversee the delivery." Jay added and let a full-body shudder pass through him. "Right now, I need a shower and time to meditate on that design."

"No problem," Janos nodded. "We've got a few hours ... I could use some sleep as is. Just uh ... tell the ship to wake me up when we come out of hyperspace, however you is you do that."

"Done," he nodded and walked past Mina on his way to the shower and a lot of thinking even as a small droid flew in to clean up the co-pilot's seat where Jay had been sitting.

Master Zraii sighed as shi prepared to report to the Council. The bright-green Verpine had received the latest report from Toydaria just hours before, and while it was better news than before, it still wasn't good.

"Councilors, I have received news regarding the hunt for Jedi Clawson," shi began, stepping out into the middle of the circle. "Good, and bad."

"*Begin,*" Essani nodded, her interest keen. So was that of most of the Council, those who knew him well and otherwise. Most had not been present the last time a Jedi had been successfully kidnapped by Sith.

"The good news is that he was encountered, face-to-face, on Toydaria. There were no fatalities linked to his presence besides a t'surr slaver who attempted to enslave one of his 'crewmates,' and he was not responsible for it.

"The bad news is that he did escape, disabling the Kalrass' engines terminally and the transceivers on both ships. The report I have was received via a borrowed hypertransceiver. Worse, it seems that Knight Clawson has been convinced that returning to Coruscant will result in negative consequences for himself, and for the kits he seems to have sired. He will not return willingly; both his mates did what they could to talk him into doing so."

"Did they encounter him alone?" Jamni asked, keenly aware of how being in the presence of a 'packmate' could influence such a conversation.

"No, but they did not report any attempt to convince Knight Clawson not to follow them," the Verpine pointed out, hir mandibles clicking. "Further, Master Doruth and his mate have to break off from the hunt to pick up their newest litter from Kamino soon. I believe that we must take a different approach to this mission, effective immediately."

Essani nodded. "*You have a suggestion?*"

"I suggest that we send out a number of short range fighter-class vessels, armed with ion cannons, and equipped with a new sensor suite I have designed to search for the signatures of Stygian cloaking devices," Master Zraii explained, bringing up a holographic projector. "Base them out of an exploration ship converted to be a fleet carrier. Our explanation is searching for pirate activity, and following up on the confirmed Sith activity on Naboo.

"Further, I plan to send recently modified lightsabers I have designed to the best fighters with each set of fighters, and to Masters Fenrik and Shivasta." Shi changed the design, showing the relatively minor modification. "While not perfected yet, it will make it much easier to retrieve Knight Clawson without removing limbs needlessly. The design should work similar to a stun-baton, save that it is able to be used in a lightsaber duel effectively."

"What is its flaw?" Noloth asked evenly, knowing there must be one or it would have been presented to them by now.

"A secondary flaw is that it doesn't have the utility of a standard lightsaber," Zraii said easily. "It is a purely combat weapon. A graver issue, however, is that in simulations there's a one-in-ten chance that anybody with bioelectric tolerances below those of an average Jedi will experience a potentially fatal heart attack. However, for use against Knight Clawson and his 'crewmates,' it should function as desired. Bringing in unconscious, stunned captives, rather than dismembered corpses."

"Any additional risks to unborn young?" Master Jolani Panthera asked quietly, her focus on what would happen if they died due to a Jedi attack.

"I wouldn't recommend using it against the pregnant mate any more than I would recommend using a standard lightsaber," Zraii said seriously. "Mammalian design exposes the young to every risk the mother is exposed to, including ones they aren't prepared for. For the mate, I would recommend sedative grenades."

The Tigress nodded to that as the Council digested what it was being told.

"*Any further concerns before this is set into motion?*" Essani looked around the room at her peers.

"Only that we will likely have to receive Senate approval before sending even the small fleet proposed out," Noloth pointed out.

"That is the beauty of officially sending them out searching for Sith," Zraii pointed out, her mandibles clicking in something resembling smug satisfaction. "Since the Jedi Civil War, we have had standing permission from the Senate to take any required steps to end the Sith menace to the Republic. They were too busy rebuilding to revoke said permission."

"Then I suggest we get the ships crewed as quickly as possible," Noloth nodded. "Before there are any additional corpses to explain."

"*Agreed.*" Essani nodded. "Master Zraii, I leave the organization of this effort to you.*"

"Very well, Master Essani," the Verpine nodded politely. Shi turned to leave, already contacting hir assistants to begin making preparations for the mission.

"So," Mina asked as she and Janos ate late that night. "How the hell are we going to talk him out of this?"

"What makes you think we can?" He shook his head and slid meat-and-eggs meal onto a plate. "We haven't exactly had much success so far."

"He's talking about leaving the galaxy, Janos," she pointed out. "Now, I don't know about you, but I'm not sure about the idea of moving to a place where I know nothing about the people."

"What's the matter?" Janos grumbled. "Afraid you won't be able to con them without being able to speak the language?"

"Fuck off," she muttered. "I'm serious here, okay?"

"So am I." He snorted and sat down with his meal. "The destination's the least of my worries. How he's planning to get us there is. They've got Wolves there, if we actually make it, I'll figure it out."

"You don't think I'm worried about that either? If he really is from another galaxy, then anything he used to get here before doesn't exist or he doesn't understand it - and now he's trying to recreate it. There's got to be a reason he hasn't done it before. Besides ... some galaxies just aren't worth traveling through."

"The why is he hasn't had reason to." Janos informed her. "Those kits are why he's going now. I can't translate most of what he's been thinking, but what I can is all about getting those kits to someone who can raise them."

"And that's not bad news?" Mina asked, her ears flattening. "In case you haven't forgotten, we kind of owe them to a certain insubstantial somebody!"

"And one dead former Master." Janos added. "What I'm not hearing is any suggestions from you on how to fix it."

"He wasn't planning on doing this until we ran into his mates on Toydaria, right?" Mina asked him. "He didn't say anything about this before?"

"Right," he leaned back with a sigh. "Something about that ... I think he's convinced they'll never stop hunting him now. Sooner or later they'll capture him, he's right about it. He's planning for that eventuality, for the future of his kits."

"Well he's not the only one planning for it," Mina growled slightly. "Maybe I should dig through Tembris' files for worlds he'd been planning on hitting after starting to turn him."

"Go for it. It's better than what we've got so far." He nodded.

"Just try not to piss off any local Darksiders we hook up with, okay?" She muttered, finishing her drink and standing up, starting off towards her room.

"Like I'm the one most likely to piss them off," Janos muttered to himself. "Wonder what Vondra and the others are up too," he mused, working on his meal.

Vondra whimpered into Y'alla's sex, the young Wolf's ass in the air as Misha ever so slowly pressed her slender tongue into her body and she mimicked the action on the Twi'lek.

Skilled fingers worked her ears and the back of her head, Misha's claws teasing her clit playfully as the Minervan Mink worked her towards another orgasm. They'd taken a break earlier for a bit, but she'd recognized the slightly haunted look on Y'alla's face when she'd come in, and one thing had led to another.

On the other hand, this time, she wasn't about to complain about that.

The Twi'lek moaned, her pale blue fingers finding a spot on Vondra's neck that sent shivers down her spine as her body spasmed and flooded the Wolf's senses with arousal-scent.

"I see you three get along," a deep rumble dragged Vondra's concentration out of the pleasuring and to the muscular Wolf that had just walked in.

"Yes, Master Janos." Misha answered him easily.

The white-furred shewolf looked up at him, not meeting his eyes even for the brief moment she looked at his face before turning her head away. She shivered slightly, hoping that he wouldn't be mad about what he'd caught them doing without really having permission.

He reached down, gripping her slender muzzle and tilting her head up towards his with a surprisingly tender expression for a moment.

"Nobody said you couldn't play with each other," he rumbled softly before kissing her, tasting Y'alla's juices on the fur of her muzzle. "Just as long as you're up for playing with your Masters when they want."

Despite the words, she couldn't help but pick up on the fact that his interest seemed to have peaked when he realized she was a little afraid of him.

"Yes, Master." She whispered, not resisting him at all as she waited for him to give some indication of what he wanted her to do.

"Mmm ... why don't you and Misha come to my quarters for the night, hmm?" He asked her, standing and licking Y'alla's cheek. "I'm sorry for Mina," he told the Twi'lek softly. "The rest of us aren't like her, for what it's worth."

"Yes, Master," she nodded submissively.

"Jay's not going to need you tonight." Janos told the Minervan Mink, knowing exactly what her fractional hesitation was about, given it definitely wasn't about sex or him.

"Yes, Master Janos." Misha nodded and stood easily, not the least bit concerned by her nudity on the public walk.

Vondra seemed comfortable enough with it too, at least for the short distance to the master bedroom, where Janos started to undress. He peeled his jacket off, then his shirt, tossing them both to the side.

"C'mere, Vondra," he rumbled deeply, looking at her and spreading his arms. The move wasn't one she'd been expecting, or likely seen before, but she took the few steps into his embrace and nuzzled his chest in an attempt to do what he wanted before being told.

He rubbed her back lightly, kissing her forehead.

"They really did a number on you, didn't they?" He asked with a rumble. "You haven't been a Gamma for long, I'll bet."

"I'm not old enough to be anything, Master." She only just kept the bitterness out of her voice. "Not in my fam ... my former family."

"I was thinking about outside of it," he rumbled, licking her neck. The stiffness in her body did nothing to encourage him, even if she didn't do anything to resist either. He could feel that she expected to be taken, she was just uncertain how rough he'd be about it, or how much she'd have to beg before the pain stopped. "I know what it's like to have somebody try to break you like that. I can promise I won't continue where they left off ... but there is one catch. A small one.

"You're mine," he rumbled, lifting her muzzle up and meeting her eyes for the brief moment before she looked away reflexively. "Willingly." He kissed her, gently, trying to reassure her that he wasn't that sort of abusive.

"Yes, Master." She responded when his mouth left hers. She knew an answer was expected and what was expected, and pushed the still rebellious thought that he had a hell of a lot of gall associating the word 'willing' to anything a slave did.

"So, what have the two of you been up to?" He asked, accepting her answer for now and pressing her back towards the bed. He'd have to work on her in the future; he might not be the gentlest guy, but he'd be damned if he was going to treat her like the slavers probably had.

To have her lay down and spread her legs for him did little to encourage talking. She didn't make a display for him, or look like she expected to manage any more than to survive long enough to be allowed to limp away. She certainly hadn't been taught to enjoy her duties; she probably hadn't even been taught much more than how to not fight back as she was taken various ways.

He felt the strength of emotion there though, the hate and fire that reminded him a great deal of himself. The difference being that he never stopped fighting back and had the Force-talent to make his father regret it.

"I was teaching her that sex can feel good." Misha spoke up, sure that the shewolf wasn't going to. Vondra was already closing her mind off to what was happening to her body.

"Any objections to helping me continue the lesson?" He asked the Minervan Mink, laying down on the bed next to the shewolf and nuzzling one of her breasts lightly. Her skin rippled lightly at the touch, her nipple hardening slightly, but the shewolf herself was all but oblivious to what they were doing. "I think it's one she needs to learn."

"By all means, Master Janos." She nodded, her tone and manner in those words a lesson in contrast to Vondra's rendition. Misha meant it, and enjoyed her duties, be her partner male or female. "No male has ever touched her pleasurably." She added a bit off-handedly and began to gently finger the wet sex still thick in blood from the games in the other room.

Here though, it was only her body responding, not Vondra.

"Vondra," he said, making Misha stop and wait until he had his pet's attention, which did come quickly. "I'm not going to hurt you," he told her softly. "Pay attention, give me a chance to prove it?"

"Yes, Master." She nodded, though she bit her lip, leaving him little doubt how much she trusted him about it.

He couldn't blame her. It had taken him years to trust another guy; he still wasn't too crazy about bottoming.

All the more reason to handle this right.

He nuzzled her breast again, reaching down to join Misha in fingering her sex gently as he tongued her hard nipple, paying close attention to Vondra's reactions. He wouldn't be surprised to find out that the idea of foreplay with a guy as anything other than a beating was alien to her.

He knew, inside, that she was waiting for that to start, expecting that this was some kind of trick. Still, she did as she was told and it wasn't long before the first soft moan escaped her throat and her hips thrust up against his hand, seeking more of the contact that she couldn't deny felt very good.

For a brief moment, he saw the timid, far too innocent teenager of six months ago, before the beatings had begun and sex was something to dread.

He smiled softly, in what he hoped was a kindly look, as he shifted up to kiss her. That was the reaction he wanted out of her, at least for now. It would be a long time before he could play particularly rough with her without breaking any progress he made, but he could handle being patient for that.

"That's good," he murmured to her, tracing around her clit with the blunt tip of a claw. "See? It doesn't have to hurt."

"Y-yes, Master." She gasped softly and arched into the small black hands playing with her breasts.

"Some guys are very good." Misha added with a lusty rumble, her gaze lingering on the bulge in Janos' pants.

"Time for that later," he chuckled.

"I do hope so, Master Janos." She licked her lips and went back to seeing how many whimpers of pleasure she could draw from the white shewolf next to her.

"Why don't you keep yourself busy up here, Misha, I'll see what Mink and Wolf taste like together," he rumbled, moving down to climb onto the bed between Vondra's legs. Her tail flicked up, in the way for a fraction of a moment, but moved to expose her again before he'd even formed the thought that it was there.

"You can trust me, Vondra," he murmured, nuzzling the lips of her swollen sex lightly before he brought his long, broad, velvety tongue up her sex, then up Misha's in the same lengthy lick. He was rewarded by a soft sound from Vondra, and a much more eager one from the Minervan Mink, who shifted to make it as easy on him as possible.

He grinned, nuzzling their bodies where their sexes came closest to touching, inhaling both their scents as he continued to work their bodies with his tongue. He paused for a bit, licking lightly at the furless puckers just beyond their sexes, pressing a thick finger into Misha's ass after a moment to a moan of pleasure.

He was pretty sure Vondra wouldn't be up for that just yet. His tongue, however, was well-received. He could feel her begin to quiver sooner than her sounds would have indicated. He couldn't say he was entirely surprised. Encouraging a male had never been on her agenda, before or after she'd been captured.

He reached out with the Force, caressing her body gently, stretching out to her mind with a light affection as he slipped his tongue into her, nuzzling Misha's clit as he worked the shewolf's sex and probed the Minervan Mink's ass with his fingers.

Misha cried out first, her voice high-pitched and uncontrolled as she clenched down on the finger in her ass. Her motions and sounds excited the shewolf under her; taking Vondra right to the edge that Janos pushed her over with a deep lick inside her slick sex.

He rumbled deeply, his cock hard and thick in his pants as Vondra's body clenched down around his tongue like a vise. He simply enjoyed their orgasms, the pleasure of them washing over him in wave after wave that went straight to his cock. He slipped another finger into Misha's sex while she finished up and grinned at her even more vocal encouragement.

When they were done, he pulled out of both of them, rolling Misha off of Vondra and sliding up on the other side of the shewolf.

"Better than you expected?" He asked with a rumble, licking her neck.

"Yes, Master." She murmured, still panting and slightly flushed.

"Mmm ... good," he rumbled, running his hand down her stomach, then he looked over at Misha. "Up for a show?" He asked the Minervan Mink with a grin, starting to undo his belt.

"Always, Master Janos." She grinned and gave Vondra a kiss before catching the way the shewolf glanced sideways at his aroused groin as it came into view.

"I think he'd approve." Misha whispered to her, nudging Vondra into action.

She rolled to her side slightly, one hand hesitantly outstretched to cup and feel his full balls.

"Mmm ... that's good," he rumbled, his cock fully aroused by now as he reached down to pet her head lightly. "You like, pet?"

She hesitated, not sure whether she really didn't mean the 'yes, Master' that was expected. It did feel good, to have this gentle approval. The heavy roundness in her hand felt good too; good enough that her fingers trailed up a ways to stroke his sheath.

"Yes, Master." She murmured, an admittance she was almost afraid of.

"Mmm ... nothing wrong with that, pet," he rumbled, scratching between her ears lightly. "Like I said; I won't treat you ... ooh ... like they did." A little pre dribbled down his shaft as she fondled him lightly. "You want to watch me with Misha, or just explore a bit more?"

To be honest, he was rather hoping she'd want to explore.

Her answer was in action. Her hand slid down to fondle his balls again and she leaned forward to lightly lick the hot, dry skin of his hard cock.

Janos' breath caught for a moment in surprise before a low rumble of pleasure escaped his throat.

"That's very good," he rumbled encouragingly as Misha slid up behind the nervous shewolf and whispered in her ear while fondling her breasts.

It was enough to relax the still nervous shewolf into continuing her exploration of Janos' cock, one slow lick at a time as she tried to gauge what was going on with all the rules changed.

"Mmm ... it's okay," he rumbled, fondling her ears fondly. There was something about her that he liked, that made him want to have her enjoy being his pet. "Go ahead, enjoy it." He caressed her body through the Force again, rubbing her clit lightly as she continued to lick his cock, gathering confidence as he let her do what she wanted and didn't force himself into her body.

"It's good, isn't it, to have him moan like that?" Misha rumbled in Vondra's ear.

"Yes," she admitted with a soft sound for the attention of the invisible hands on her body. She drew a breath and took the tapered tip into her mouth.

He moaned again, deeply, searching for every hot-spot he could find on her head, one hand moving to rub Misha's head just behind Vondra's.

"That's very good, Vondra," he groaned, fighting the urge to take her head and start thrusting. She had little skill and less confidence, the grimace at the taste of his precum a reminder of why he was exercising so much self-control.

Misha whispered something in Vondra's ear and the mouth was gone from his cock as she licked her way down to his balls and then rolled over to her back to give him a bit of a show while Misha moved forward to take him with the skill of a lifetime and a love of sex of all kinds.

"Fuck," he groaned, taking Misha's head and starting to thrust lightly. Her, he could be more aggressive with, and intended to do just that. The Minervan Mink gave him no doubles that she adored the rough fucking just as much as the gentle. She was one of the few in the trade that was probably born to be exactly what she was.

He also intended to make damned sure that Mina knew she wasn't supposed to touch Vondra without him being there.

Misha began to use tricks and skills on him that he hadn't experienced before even as his eyes drifted down to Vondra's lower body where she was lightly fingering herself while her tongue worked his balls.

He reached down between the two of them with the Force, starting to play with Misha's body in a phantom promise of what he would do to her later. His pre leaked into her mouth as he caressed Vondra's sex lightly, helping her pleasure herself.

It was plenty of encouragement for the Minervan Mink, who went to work getting him off as quickly as possible, eager to have him fucking her hard.

He howled as her tongue lavished his slightly swollen knot with attention, his cock spasming in her mouth and pumping seed deep into her hungry throat. It was a bit like fucking Jay; the pleasure of getting him off and tasting his seed was quite real.

She licked him clean, then looked up, slipping his cock from her mouth with a wanton look. "Fuck me, Master?"

"With pleasure," he rumbled, pulling her up for a kiss. "Care to watch, or join us?" He asked Vondra, looking down at the shewolf between his legs.

"Watch, Master." She said softly, uneasy again, but not as much as when she'd first walked in the room.

"All right," he nodded easily, returning his attention to Misha, kissing her and rubbing his shaft against her pussy-lips, leaving Vondra to decide where she'd watch from. It was good, he had to admit, to have a female so enthusiastic about sex to sink into, and know that it wasn't faked in the least.

Misha groaned and squeezed down around him as she wrapped her legs around his hips, riding him even as he pounded into her.

In the periphery of his awareness he realized that the display was turning Vondra on pretty seriously. Watching the pleasure did make her want it herself. Her eyes were glued on where their bodies joined and the motion as primal and instinctive as eating or breathing.

Her next. It would be a faster payoff than he'd anticipated, but he was not about to complain about that!

For now, he thrust up into Misha, rumbling and leaning his head down to lap at her breasts. His knot started to swell further as his cock quickly returned to full hardness, rubbing the sensitive walls of the Minervan Mink's pussy while she squealed and moaned in pleasure and did everything to make him feel good and fill her with his seed.

"You're very good at this," he rumbled into her ear, groaning and fighting to hold back as much as she fought to make him come.

"Thank you, Master Janos." She grinned in real pleasure at the praise and moaned softly as he rubbed against her most sensitive parts.

His jaw clenched as he fought not to howl in the Minervan Mink's ear as he pressed up against the rough patch of her g-spot, his cock spasming as he sprayed his seed directly against the sensitive flesh, growling lustily as he came. The intensity of the pleasure increased as she came around him, her body pulsing and squeezing him in a rhythm that hit him hard.

He was sure he came again, but it was so close on the heels of his last orgasm he couldn't be sure. His knot was almost fully swollen, and he pressed up further, tying with her as he claimed her mouth hungrily and tasted himself in her mouth as she returned the kiss just as eagerly.

After all, not like he'd do all that much else until it came down anyways.

It was then that he realized that twenty minutes or more could be a very long time to keep Vondra aroused enough to still want him in her.

There were ways around that ... but he wanted to see if she wanted him in her now first.

"Think you're up for the next round?" He asked the shewolf, looking over at her with a half-grin.

She look back with a hesitant smile, flushing under her pale fur as she realized he was aware of her focus on how he'd been thrusting into the small black female under him.

"Y-yes, Master." She finally murmured. Despite the hesitation, she did think she meant it.

"Mmm ... mind if we cut this short, beautiful?" He asked Misha, licking her muzzle playfully. "Maybe I can lick something that feels a bit better while you make sure Vondra's got some moral support?" He added with a rumble, reaching out through the Force to give her the mental image he had, of her straddling his face and making out with the white shewolf as she rode his cock.

"Not at all, Master Janos."

He felt the mental grimace Misha kept completely off her face and out of her voice at the pain involved in starting to pull off his hard knot.

He reached up to grab her shoulders and stop her. "I do have a few tricks," he pointed out, focusing for a bit and forcing the blood out of his knot, making the swelling come down so she could get off of him without any pain.

"Thank you, Master Janos." Misha nuzzled him and gave his tapered cock a last squeeze as it slid from her body.

Vondra was nervous all over again, though the exchange made her a little more comfortable at the lusty look the other two gave her as she spread her legs and looked at Janos with a lump in her throat.

"It's okay," he rumbled, taking her hands and guiding her over his legs as he rolled to his back. "Any time you want to stop, say it, and we will."

He could see in an unguarded moment just how hard it was for her to grasp he had said that, much less that he meant it. Still, she nodded and settled over his groin, a moan escaping her throat as her swollen lower lips and clit rubbed against his slick cock and sheath.

It sent a shiver up her spine and closed her eyes for a moment before she lifted up to take him into her body from a position she'd rarely thought about and had never experienced.

Just the fact that he wasn't against her back, that she wasn't being forced to do this, made it feel infinitely better than what she'd been used to.

Janos pulled Misha up to straddle his muzzle, licking at her dripping sex hungrily and kneading her ass with his fingers as he thrust lightly up into Vondra's movements, though he still let her control most of their play.

It didn't take long for Vondra to get the idea of how to move and realize that it really did feel good to be full of male when she was slick and aroused ... when she was ready for it. It was a moment that froze her, that comprehension of how sex could feel so very good by reputation and had been so painful for her up till now.

Misha moaned and leaned forward, following Janos' instructions and kissing Vondra, drawing the shewolf back into moving with gentle, fondling hands on her breasts and subtly guiding her into a rhythm and position she knew would feel good for the white Wolf.

It didn't exactly feel bad for the grey one beneath the two of them either. He rumbled, licking his cum out of Misha's body as his cock throbbed deep in Vondra's body. He reached out through the Force, trying to tap into what both of them were feeling, knowing from Jay how much of a rush it could be.

Misha, not too surprisingly, was enjoying his attention and playing with Vondra immensely. Even for her kind, the Minervan Mink was into sex a lot and had decades of training and experience to back her natural desires.

When he tapped into Vondra, he groaned deeply. The pleasure from her was less intense; she didn't know how to move or take advantage of what they were doing. It was, however, so new to her that every thrust brought a rush to her body and drew another sound from her throat.

It was an entirely different sort of intense, one he couldn't even remember for himself.

He took one hand from Misha's ass, reaching down to caress the firm curve of Vondra's thigh, almost whimpering as he devoured the Minervan Mink's dripping sex and tried to shift himself slightly to make it better for both he and his young slave.

The shockwave of pleasure so intense it was painful jerked his body up into the vice-like grip of Vondra's sex as she howled a near-cry to this new kind of pleasure of coming hard with a male so deep inside her. Right on its heels was a rush of fear at this new pleasure-pain and the complete lack of control it brought.

While he wished there was something he could do about it, the feel of his knot tying with her sex as she came pushed him over the edge again, his balls emptying themselves into her hungry body. He moaned lowly into Misha's cunt, unable to do anything but enjoy the feeling of his orgasm and the too-rare feeling of his knot inside an orgasming body.

He groaned again when the worst of her fear faded with her orgasm and the pleasure of him still inside her and his knot became a warm presence in the afterglow instead of a source of panic.

Her hands moved down to slide up his broad body as she panted, trying to catch her breath and understand what had just happened.

"That's how it's supposed to feel," he rumbled, moving his muzzle out of Misha's sex and nuzzling her clit lightly with his nose as the Minervan Mink moaned again.

"Yes, Master." Vondra panted, trying to recoup her composure, the back of her mind debating whether she actually liked the sensation. Her instincts told her yes, but the out of control feelings were a too potent reminder of earlier experiences.

"Good," he rumbled, nuzzling Misha's thigh lightly. He knew it'd take Vondra a while to convince herself that her earlier experiences weren't normal; she'd been told they would be, and if most of Adulla's customers had bought her, they probably would have been.

But then, he'd gotten over it for the most part. She could too.

"Mmm ... any reason you two couldn't spend the night?" He asked, more formality than anything else as he guided Misha off his face and down next to him, Vondra still tied to his shaft. To be fair, he didn't even have to ask, but he wanted to give them the choice tonight.

"Only if Master wants me." Misha nuzzled up against him, clearly quite content to be where she was.

"No, Master." Vondra looked down at him, and their tied groins, not sure how to ask how long she's be sitting like this. Or if he intended her to have pups. Between stress and conditions, she'd long ago lost track of when her next heat would be.

"Mmm ... well, for the next twenty minutes or so it's a moot point for you," he chuckled, drawing Vondra down against him for a kiss, rubbing her back. "Jay'll be out for the night, I'm sure, so I'd like the two of you to stay with me tonight." He snuggled up against Misha lightly, Vondra's slender body warm against his front.

Sleeping with Jay was good, but there was something he enjoyed about being the unquestioned alpha, even in a furpile as small as this one.

Misha murred to herself as she cleaned up in the master bedroom's shower. Janos had used her with more pleasure than anyone in recent years, but now, with Vondra sleeping like a baby in his arms, he wanted to be alone with his pet. He was definitely a different kind of master. A very nice kind of master.

She hoped her master was as good, and it was time to find out. She was sure he hadn't left that one room, which meant he hadn't eaten recently. It was risky to bring him a meal, to interrupt him, but she hadn't survived so well this long by misreading her owners.

She smiled faintly at the two Wolves in the large master bed as she slipped out, clean and dry but naked, and went back to the room she shared with the other slaves to quickly dress in the silky harem clothes designed to conceal nothing and exemplify her assets and accessibility. It was a role she enjoyed greatly, to see the lust in the faces of those who looked at her and the way she could drive them insane with desire with just a few movements or a look.

Y'alla looked up slightly from where she was sleeping, then put her head down again when she realized it was only the Minervan Mink. Misha smiled at her before leaving for the small kitchen on the ship to fix something appealing for her master to arouse his desires even further than her body.

She wasn't a great cook, but she knew the best aphrodisiacs for all the major races and how to use them. The bottle of ryl powder on the shelf made her smile as she made short work of heating some meat with it as a dry rub, choosing a few other containers that smelled of the tom to go with.

Before long, the meat was sizzling in the pan, everything else for the meal prepared, and the rest of the ship silent save for the sound of the automatic systems running. It was odd ... it should have seemed peaceful, but the quiet was almost unnerving, tense.

This was not a particularly happy ship to be on much of the time, she could feel it.

She couldn't help suspect that much of the ill feelings were somehow the creation of Mistress Mina. She was pregnant by Jay, but stayed in her own room while the males shared a bed. It wasn't a very normal arrangement, and Mina was sadistic as well.

That much Y'alla had confirmed. She just hoped the kittens would restrain her interest soon; she enjoyed sex, but needing to go to medical afterwards rather defeated the purpose.

While the food finished cooking, she hurried back to her quarters to fetch a small makeup brush, returning to the kitchen and dipping the fluffy bristles into the ryl powder, starting to dust her fur with it lightly. She focused on the spots she knew would make the scent strongest; she intended to get a good start with her new Master, and this would just about guarantee it.

With a throaty murr for what was to come she got everything on a tray and set towards the room her master was staying in. She balanced the tray on one hand once she got there, keying the button to open the door and quickly taking it in two again, holding herself to make a display that would appeal to any hungers her Master might have as it slid open.

She nearly dropped the tray as her mouth opened in shocked silence. Of all the things she'd expected ... she couldn't even begin to comprehend the speed and deadliness her Master was putting on display for no one but himself. Bright, blazing beams of light arced through the air, occasionally blinking as they passed by his nude body. She could tell where the scars came from now, seeing this - he would only have had to slip once. The opponents such skill required to make reasonable was nearly unthinkable.

Recovering her composure, she decided to wait for him. She certainly wasn't going to interrupt the display. It was rather fascinating to watch too. She'd always heard about Jedi and their lightsabers, but to see it ... and this was far more complex than what she'd heard described. Those were swords, this was two double blades.

She was almost startled again when his movement came to a graceful halt and the blacklight blades disappeared into their hilts and he was suddenly facing her, his face unreadable and his weapons vanished.

"I-I thought you might like some breakfast, Master," she explained, holding the tray up in explanation.

He smiled slightly, and motioned to set it down on the floor nearby, sitting easily just outside the mat when she did so.

"Have you eaten yet?" He asked easily.

"No Master," she admitted, bowing politely. "I wasn't sure when you would be hungry."

"Then sit and eat with me." Jay said simply and picked up a fork to begin eating. He paused before the first bite, his nose twitching. "Are you aware of the effects ryl has on felines?"

"Yes, Master," she nodded, sitting cross-legged and taking a second fork. "I hope I didn't use too much; I assumed the supply in the galley was yours."

"It is." He nodded and considered things before eating. All things considered, the distraction might do him some good. He didn't like where his meditation kept bringing him back to.

Misha ate quietly, assuming that his decision to eat was a good sign. For now, she would just let the drug and her scent do the job. He knew what was coming.

It didn't take long, really, before the first visible signs of the ryl at work were clear. She smiled to herself when he leaned forward to kiss her, one hand sliding down her neck to cup her breast.

"Mmm ...." She returned the kiss, letting him control the speed. She murred lightly into his mouth, rubbing his sides lightly as his fingers worked her full, firm breasts. "Master appreciates my cooking, I take it?" She joked lightly.

"Yes," he chuckled and shifted to pull her to the mat, rolling on top of her to claim a hungry kiss and pinned her arms down.

She rumbled, everything in her body language submissive and encouraging as she spread her legs. She returned his kiss, suckling his tongue as he plundered her mouth, knowing that the ryl he'd eaten would only get stronger once the powder she'd dusted her fur with got into his system.

She moaned deeply when he shifted his hips slightly and drove his hard, rough cock into her body, his sheath pressed against her body with each motion as he began to thrust without reservation. She tightened around his body, tilting her head back to expose her throat to him as she milked him expertly.

She shuddered internally when his jaw locked around her exposed throat harder than just a demonstration of dominance required. He wasn't displaying the markings of a true sadist, not like the shecat did, but she'd be hurting before this was over in all likelihood.

She didn't try to encourage him too much in that, but she didn't protest either, rubbing his back lightly and whimpering softly in pain and pleasure. Despite the way his claws began to dig into her hips and his sharp teeth drew blood on her neck, he was also doing everything to make the pleasurable parts feel damn good to her.

She was half surprised to feel his claws retract some even as his fingers dug in harder, pulling her against his hips with each powerful thrust.

Half-surprised, but entirely pleased. She moaned lowly, her body clenching down around his cock like a vise as she came around him, milking him hungrily as his jaws came off her throat, his roar echoing in the small room as his seed flooded her body.

She moaned more loudly, clutching his back and working him with her sex. As her orgasm passed, she went back to work at pleasuring him and making a sensual display of herself.

The rumble of approval from above her as he nuzzled her neck was more encouragement that he liked what she was doing, as was the licking nuzzle that worked its way down to her exposed breasts, dusted with ryl.

Jay groaned as the pure dust entered his nose and mouth. A shudder passed through him as he let go and surrendered to the mindless intensity of the drug-induced rut rushing through him.

Misha panted softly, nuzzling her Master's neck a few hours later, when they'd finally both wound down and the ryl high was wearing off for him.

"Mmm ... you've never had somebody do that for you before, have you?" She asked him with a kiss, squeezing around his still-hard shaft.

"I have," he murmured, his mind snapped back to his Jedi mates and a rush of grief and loss. "It was a favorite on this ship not so long ago."

"I'm sorry," she said softly, nuzzling his cheek as she sensed the shift in his attitude. The scar on his face was a little disconcerting, but she'd seen far worse, and didn't let it bother her any.

"It's nothing you could have known," he murmured and nuzzled her back. "I hardly resisted the idea."

"Mmm ... very true," she murmured back, licking his cheek lightly. "You're very pleasant to serve, Master."

"Good," he actually chuckled a bit awkwardly. "I've never really dealt with slaves before."

"Mmm ... you're not particularly cruel, you're skilled in bed, it's not too hard to tell what you want ... it suits you," she chuckled, scritching his back lightly. "I've certainly served worse."

"You're unlikely to serve another." He rumbled and claimed a rather heated kiss. "Did I bruise you?"

"Yes, Master," she admitted, knowing he'd be able to tell. "It was worth it though," she grinned up at him.

"Mmm, let's see if you enjoy the fix to that." He gave her a bit of a wink and kissed his way down her body. While not completely recovered from the grief-heavy moment, he was working on perking up and putting it behind him.

"I have a feeling I will, Master," she smiled, rubbing the back of his head and the base of his damaged ear as he slid down between her legs to lightly rub her thighs while he focused healing energy through his tongue and bathed her badly bruised sex.

She moaned, first in a bit of pain, then in pleasure as she felt the damaged flesh heal and pleasure-nerves come back.

"Oh my," she groaned, scratching his neck lightly.

It earned a low chuckle from the tom. "Healing can be fun too."

"Mmm ... never had a Master bother with more than painkillers ... mmm ... before," she panted, licking her lips and spreading her legs wide.

"Have you ever had an empath for a Master before?" He asked between swirling his tongue around the rapidly healing flesh.

"No," she moaned, pressing up into his mouth. "Not that I know of ...."

"*What you feel, I feel.*" He explained directly to her mind. "*It feels much better when you're enjoying it.*"

"Nnngh ... then that must feel ... oooh ... really good just now," she panted. "Master Janos the same?"

"*It is pretty good,*" he rumbled with a mental grin and added a few images of her riding him as a 'what's next' idea. "*Yes, he is. Not as experienced in using the talent, though.*"

She moaned deeply, her body clamping down hard around his tongue as she came, nodding enthusiastically as he worked her through the orgasm, then slid up to kiss her and rolled to his back, a look of hunger on his face.

She slipped forward, then back onto his cock easily, returning the kiss as she started to work him with her sex.

"Mmm ... never really expected two Masters as nice as you and Janos when the old one got killed," she rumbled.

"I'll make sure Mina knows to keep her claws off you." Jay added with a half-growl, half-groan. "She's definitely not."

"Mmm ... I guessed," Misha nodded, kissing his neck lightly before leaning back to display herself to an appreciative set of eyes and hands that worked her body and breasts. "Oooh ... still up front, or want to try somewhere new, Master?" She asked him.

"What feels best for you right now." He rumbled, feeding on the thrill of her pleasure.

She pulled off his cock, slick with her fluids, and shifted forward to press his conical tip up against her anus.

"This," she grinned, then groaned as she slipped down onto his shaft, her breath catching with each barb as she rhythmically stroked her clit, one circle for each ring of barbs that entered her ass.

"Ohhh," Jay moaned, almost crying out as her pleasure mixed with his long affinity for being on the receiving end. He focused his actions on kneading her breasts and slid a small dildo of Force into her sex to rub up against him inside her as well as rub her in all the right places.

"Oh yes," she moaned back, squeezing down around both lengths inside her, rippling her muscles along his barbed length, not even questioning the how. She flicked her long, full tail against his balls, grinning down at him with her dark face and soaked in the real thrill of having a Master that got off on her pleasure so honestly and completely.

Life just didn't get better than this.

Jay squeezed his eyes closed, all but whimpering in the abandon she had and his own desire to know it again.

"So good." He encouraged her, offering her some of what he was feeling in return.

"Oh yes," she moaned, closing her own eyes in pleasure as she felt the circle of ecstasy between the two. She wasn't a sensitive, but Jay was still able to communicate just how incredible this all felt to him, which only made her pleasure stronger, feeding into his own.

All in all, it made for a very pleasant perpetuating cycle that quickly pushed them both over the edge, filling her ass with his come and the room with their cries.

Janos' stomach rumbled shortly before he did, waking up to the feel of Vondra starting to stir around mid-day. He rubbed her back lightly, kissing her as his brain started to wake up, realizing first that he had a female in bed with him who'd been willing before.

Fortunately, his brain remembered that she might not be as willing now before he'd done more than roll to his side, pressing his shaft against her thigh as he nuzzled her cheek.

The soft, slightly content sound she made encouraged him though. Even if she wasn't willing right now, she wasn't freaked out either as she responded to him, still half asleep but rousing quickly.

He tilted his head up, nibbling her ear affectionately as he worked a hand beneath her to fondle her breasts, working his other hand down to stroke the lips of her sex lightly. His efforts were rewarded by a soft moan of pleasure and her shifting to make touching her easier.

He could tell she wasn't completely awake, but she was enough with the situation to react badly if she was likely to.

She nuzzled him lightly, kissing his neck as he stroked her to slick wetness again.

"Where's Misha?" She murmured.

"Probably with Jay," he murmured back, nuzzling her neck lightly. "And having a fine time, if what I'm feeling is right. You remember last night?"

"Yes, Master." She blushed deeply.

"What do you remember?" He asked her with a rumble, curious what she'd taken from it ... and rather hoping it was pleasant.

She blushed even deeper and ducked her head a bit. She bit her lip before answering.

"You treated me like a lover." She managed to get out before her voice gave out.

"Did you enjoy it?" He asked her. He wasn't looking for details; those he could remember well enough, and she was already embarrassed enough. It was definitely cute, though. "Would you like that again?" He added, licking her neck. They way she shifted to give him a little more access was as good as any words. He could feel her interest before she managed to form the words that said much less.

"Yes, Master." She shuddered at his light touches and opened her body language up a bit more. Both her upbringing and pleasure slave training screamed against encouraging him, that he was still her owner and shouldn't be encouraged. At the same time, a pragmatic side of her added that an owner who treated her as a lover and mate, who cared about her pleasure, was a damn good thing and not to be put off lest he get rid of her to one who didn't. So what if he was probably twice her age? He was nice to her. That wasn't something that could be said of much in her life recently.

He kissed her, slowly, his tongue running along her muzzle as he stroked the swelling lips of her sex, then parted them and pressed the tip of one finger up against her entrance, just stroking the moist ring of muscle briefly before he started to press into it slowly.

Her body language was unsure at this. It wasn't something anyone had done before, and as good as his cock had felt in the same place, this was a little weird. Kind of good, kind of just strange.

Picking up on her discomfort, he pulled his finger back, kissing her and rolling her onto her back. That might be something to work on eventually.

"You can tell me if you don't like something," he reminded her.

"It's ... just weird, Master." She murmured and spread her legs for him, a bit more eager for what was rubbing against her now.

"Mmm ... you'll get used it," he rumbled, rubbing against her slick pussy-lips for a few moments before shifting down to press up into her hot, tight sex with a groan of pleasure.

"Yes, Master." Vondra drew a breath of pleasure in and squeezed down around him without thinking. With a soft whimper she brought her knees as high up against his body as she could, her ankles crossed in the small of his back.

He started to thrust slowly, licking her throat and shifting his weight to brace on one hand, sliding the other between them to fondle her breasts lightly. He couldn't help but smile when she pressed into his touch, both on her breasts and between her legs. While there was still an element of this being required to her, she was enjoying the attention too.

He rumbled, thrusting into her, her tight, hot body clinging to his. Her juices leaked out around his shaft as he kissed her tenderly, licking her lips to coax them open. It wasn't difficult; she was fairly well broken, but she was also as willing as she could be right now.

He groaned deeply into her mouth as her arms came up to hold onto him tightly as her body clenched around him, a shudder passing through her and her legs pressing him even deeper. His knot swelled with each thrust, passing in and out of her until it was too large to do so anymore and drew a howl from him as it stuck inside her body with the unique pleasure nothing else could bring.

With a deep, lusty rumble, he shifted to start grinding his pelvis against her clit with short, rapid thrusts that were meant to bring them both to orgasm quickly.

Vondra whimpered and shuddered, still unable to grasp the intensity of what pleasure could be even as it washed through her body and shot up her spine to block out everything but her focus on the sensations her body knew it wanted and still scared her pretty badly.

Janos howled again, pumping his seed deep into her hot, hungry sex, the sound echoing in the well sound-proofed room as his balls pulled up close to his body to spill their contents into a willing body.

"Y'know, every time I come back here, I promise myself it'll be the last," Janos chuckled, trying to make a joke out of it as they came in for a landing at one of Nar Shaddaa's numerous spaceports.

Jay had to admit one very uncomfortable thing as they'd flown in through the upper-class residencies above the slums. Add a few years of general neglect and smog, and Nar Shaddaa and Coruscant would be nearly indistinguishable, unless you knew the landmarks. They both had well-designed homes for the wealthy, places where they lived and did business and enjoyed themselves ....

And then you broke the skin of the apple, and found it was rotten to the core.

The big difference, at least for a Force-sensitive like him, was the glowing center of Light that was the Jedi Temple of Coruscant on one and wasn't on the other.

It was gray here. It wasn't a land of Dark yet, but there was no focus of Light on Nar Shaddaa.

Just desperation. How any Jedi could stand to live there for any period of time, like Doruth had, he really didn't know.

Probably the same way he had, by losing their sensitivity to it, or by being so desperate themselves that it wasn't that remarkable.

"You and me both." Jay added quietly.

"At least we're not going to be as limited in our movements as we were on Toydaria. And we've got enough money to stay out of the bad parts," Janos pointed out, reaching over to squeeze Jay's shoulder lightly as they touched down. "Just hole up for a few weeks, stock up on stuff we can sell for credits when we're back in the Republic, spend some time with the pets, and we'll be on our way to Ambrintha."

"And hopefully the last of seeing Jedi for a while." He nodded with a deep breath. He had to admit, most of his aversion to this place was the memories of those two years as a kit. He wasn't fond of remembering the time so close to when he'd still been with his family. It still hurt.

"This time I'm sure," Janos said certainly. "Scanners said that one of the ships was gone, the other seemed to be heading for totally the wrong place after they followed us."

"Good," he murmured and reached over to squeeze Janos' leg as they set down, then stood to go greet the welcoming committee.

"Just hope Keval the Rat isn't working here any more," Janos murmured as they started for the hatch. "That wouldn't be fun at all." He noticed the door to the slave quarters closing quickly, and the white-furred muzzle disappearing behind it. He chuckled a bit; Vondra was so not ready to be out and about around here for long.

"Think we'll go for an apartment?" He asked Jay conversationally as they waited their turn, a few ships ahead of them already.

"Any advantage to it?" He glanced at the Wolf, unsure why they'd want to stay off the ship.

"Space, mostly ... a bit more convenient to get around. That, and we've been staying on this ship for a couple months now."

"I take it that's unusual for you." He actually chuckled softly. "Sure, we can get a place to stay."

"Jay, I usually stay on a ship long enough to get from one planet to the next," Janos chuckled. "Like most people. The Sharufa's a nice ship, but there's something to be said for a nice, comfy apartment with room service and a four-star galactic rating. I'll even pay the rent," he added with a wink.

He wasn't expecting the uneasy shift in Jay's body language for a moment before the tom caught himself, but a second later he realized he should have. Jay was Jedi raised and had over half a century with the Order. That kind of luxury was probably as alien to them as it was generally believed.

"All right," Jay nodded, returning the slight smile. Neither one doubted he was doing it because he knew Janos wanted to be Alpha for a while, and the Alpha handled such things.

"Trust me," Janos rumbled, leaning over to lick Jay's unscarred cheek lightly. "We could all use a little pampering for a bit, you especially."

"Janos Miklar? It's been a while!" A cheerful voice said as a lean Ferret walked up to them. Janos' grin made it obvious that he both recognized it, and that it was somebody he got along with.

"Hey Tony," he called back. "So, you're working port now?"

"Yep," the Ferret nodded easily. "Better work than I was doing before, that's for sure. So, who's your friend?" He asked, glancing at Jay.

"Jay Miklar," Janos said easily. "Mate, met him a couple months back. The Azine still offering rooms? I know every time I come here the rumor mill's buzzing about some Hutt or another thinking of tearing the place down after it buys it."

"As if they'd tear down that money-maker," Tony snorted, shaking his head. "I think it's just an excuse to get people to fill up the cheap rooms, 'while they still can.'"

"Of course it is," Janos laughed. "The last three times it's been sold it's stayed in the same clan. And as I remember, every time it is, the rooms fill up in a day or two."

"Well, it's been a few years since the last time they sold it," Tony chuckled. "So it should be clear. Planning on staying there?"

"I've got two mates and four slaves to put up for a while, and I can't think of anywhere better to do it," Janos chuckled. "Jay, this is Tony Rendazza, an old friend of mine. Main reason I do keep coming back," he winked at the Ferret.

"You're just saying that because last time it was to keep me from ending up permanently belonging to Kobba," the Ferret chuckled, offering a small hand to Jay. "Good to meet you. Janos has pretty good taste, even if you're not the sort of guy he usually goes for."

"So what does he usually go for?" Jay chuckled and accepted the handshake.

"Younger, small - at least not built," Tony chuckled, winking at Janos. "Guys like me, fems - people he can put in their place when he's playing with 'em."

"That would explain his pet." Jay snickered easily.

"Hush you," Janos chuckled. "Jealousy doesn't become you."

"It's only jealous if you don't share," the Ferret grinned, glancing at Jay with a twinkle in his eye.

"Now that depends on our mood." Jay chuckled, giving the Ferret a more serious looking over.

"Mmm ... well, if you two end up in the right mood, Janos knows how to get in touch with me," the Ferret grinned, his own eyes roaming up and down both their bodies. "So, here to work, or just laying low for a while?"

"Laying low, and getting some trade goods so we can get credits when we're out of Hutt-space," Janos said easily. "I had a little run-in with some Jedi on Toydaria, managed to lose 'em but I'd really rather not find 'em again."

"Gotcha," Tony said easily. "Anything in particular I should be watching for?"

"Ship called the Kalrass and a Panther who was posing as a smuggler. His partner's a blue-skinned woman with a tattoo on her cheek, looks like a snowflake." Janos said easily.

"Also a Panther/shewolf pair on board the Gurath." Jay added quietly. "Jedi too, old ones. He'd probably pose as a gambler and drifter, she's a trader."

"I'm make sure word gets out that the ships should be given the red-tape special if either shows up," the Ferret nodded. "So I'm guessing you guys want to get moving pretty quick, huh?"

"Yeah, we do," Janos nodded, pulling out a small pouch and slipping five heavy peggat coins into his hand, passing them over to Tony. "So why don't we skip the formalities, you know I wouldn't be importing anything more dangerous than me."

"Yeah, but that means you could be hiding a baby rancor in there for all I know," Tony smirked back, putting two coins in the pouch reserved for official fees and pocketing the remainder. "The usual cabs'll be out there. Oh, and Janos? Watch yourself if you're heading down by Kobba's while you're around here. Keval's still steamed about the tail thing."

"Hey, not my fault the idiot tried to disarm me," Janos shrugged. "Thanks for the warning though."

"I think he got off easy if all you removed was his tail." Jay observed with a bit of a smirk for his mate.

"Long story," Janos chuckled. "But that's the part that really got him. See you around, Tony. Maybe we can hit a club some time," he winked.

"I'll look forward to it," the Ferret grinned as the two of them started up onto the ship to get Mina and the assorted slaves.

Jay looked at Janos dubiously when the large cab transporting the seven of them stopped at a high-scale clothing store.

"Trust me Jay, we'll want more than what we've got at this point to check in at the Azine," the Wolf said easily. "We're good enough to check in, but kinda close to the low end, and that's about all we could do."

"It will be nice to have something that fits tight in the right places," Mina mused from where she was sitting on the other side of Jay.

"All right," the tom acquiesced without debate and got out with his mates, their four slaves obedient and silent not far behind them.

"Won't take too long," Janos said easily. "I figure a set to wear in, an extra change, and then we can pick up more later if we want. Or have somebody else pick it up for us," he chuckled.

"Just how high-class is this place?" Mina asked, raising an eyebrow.

"It's not the best, but it's one of the better places on Nar Shaddaa," Janos explained. "Hutts have been known to stay there on vacations from Nal Hutta, for what it's worth."

"Not much, if it's anything like that swamp," Mina pointed out.

"Not unless you want it to be," Janos said easily. "I've stayed there as a guard a couple times, it'll be good to be the guest for once."

"It has to be fairly high end if I don't have the clothes to check in with." Jay pointed out. "Or that we need to get them here." He added with a motion towards the store where a set of clothes could run a year's pay for Nar Shaddaa's working class in the neighborhood.

"Yeah, but we can afford it," Janos chuckled as they walked in. "So, ladies first?" He asked as they were approached by a well-dressed Mouse sales clerk.

Jay nodded, looking around at the various racks with a critical eye for both construction and appearance, while Mina stepped forward to claim her rightful place as the ranking female.

"Welcome to Etwin's. How may I help you?" The soft silvery-white Mouse asked with a polite bow to them.

"We need some more formal outfits for myself, my mates, and our pets," Mina explained easily. "Preferably some that will still work over the next few months," she added, brushing a hand over her belly with a nod to the even more obviously pregnant Cat behind her.

"Of course," he smiled easily and motioned for two others to come foreword. "Basana will assist you." He motioned to a sleek white shecat that stepped forward and bowed to Mina. "Rass can clothe your other pets." He indicated a prim white Rat fem. "If the gentlemen will follow me." He looked at Jay and Janos.

"And something sexy for them as well." Jay added.

"Yes, sir." Both female assistants acknowledged his request.

"Something that will make a good display of my state." Mina added more quietly to Basana with a purr and covert glance at Jay. "He very much likes to know he has kits coming."

"Certainly, Ma'am," Basana nodded, leading Mina off as Rass led the slaves to a slightly different portion of the store, leaving Jay and Janos with their clerk.

"Well, looks like we're on our own then," Janos chuckled. "Fortunately, we're not completely hopeless when it comes to outfits."

"How much flair are you looking to have in them?" The Mouse asked, noting Jay's definite flair.

"A fair amount," Jay chuckled.

"It suits both of us," Janos said easily. "And being easy to move around in is a requirement."

"Understood, sir," the Mouse nodded. "I believe I know just the thing," he said, considering what both of them were already wearing for a moment before he led them off into another portion of the shop where the cloth and cuts were distinctly masculine.

"Well, looks like the girls are still shopping," Janos chuckled as he sat down next to Jay, dressed in a set of light robes that were cut close to his body. They'd still give him plenty of room to hide a blaster and his lightsaber later, and the dark-red fabric looked good against his grey fur. A couple similar outfits were already waiting to be picked up after they'd checked in; expensive, but he thought it would be worth it. "So, going better than you'd expected so far?"

"Yes, though getting to see the females try things on has its appeal." The tom chuckled with a wink.

"We can watch them at the hotel tonight too," Janos pointed out with a rumble. "And taking them off. Have to admit, I'm a little curious what they'll manage to find. Just hope it's legal in public," he chuckled.

"I'm hoping some of it isn't." Jay licked his whiskers back. "But most nightwear isn't."

"Of course not," Janos grinned. "But it would be nice to show them off in public once in a while, yes?"

"And make everyone else jealous of what we have." He chuckled and relaxed on the plush bench even as he reached out with his mind to check on the progress the others were having.

"Of course," the Wolf grinned. "How're they doin'?" He asked him.

"Vondra's taken charge in her group, they're almost done. Mina's being a pain." He shrugged. "So what happened with that Rat?"

"Keval?" Janos asked, snorting a bit. "He's a merc who likes to think he's better than me. Might be too, if we were in a dark alley and I didn't know he was there. We've had our share of run-ins; I've managed to piss him off each time."

"I know that one," Jay chuckled a bit darkly. "Mine's named Navik. Next time, I don't think I'll let him live."

"I wouldn't have let Keval the last time I ran into him," Janos chuckled. "But Kobba cut a deal with me. He needed a competent bodyguard he didn't have to pay more than he needed another slave hooker, so he traded Keval for Tony. So, as you might imagine, the Rat's exceptionally unhappy with me."

"Yes, I can imagine." He nodded with a low chuckle. "How did Tony end up a slave?" He glanced at his mate curiously, not really up on the slave-laws.

"He was working for Kobba when the Hutt decided it'd be a good idea to not have to pay him anymore," Janos said easily. "He was just a dancer most of the time, but that wasn't enough to cover all his bills, and Kobba arranged to have his 'special' customers sent to other people for a few months. Tony ended up owing a lot of money and Kobba 'offered' to accept the debts when it hit the courts. Same scheme puts a lot of people like him in that position."

Jay could only shake his head slightly, wondering why the Hutts bothered to pay anyone if it was that easy to get a slave even as it still riled him to see such abuse of the system and people.

"So how'd you get Keval?"

"I went to have a few 'polite words' with Kobba about Tony," the Wolf shrugged. "Keval was working for him as a bodyguard. When things got frisky, I took off the tip of his tail with my lightsaber and basically dismantled him. He wasn't my slave at that point, but Kobba offered to give me Tony in exchange for not killing him, which meant Keval had to cover Tony's value to Kobba."

"And his own medical bills." He nodded, looking up as the shecat shop assistant came up to them.

"Would you like to see what has been picked out before accepting it, sirs?" She asked them politely.

"Yes please," Janos nodded and stood to follow her towards the changing rooms. "They're ready then, I take it?"

"Yes, sir." She nodded and led the pair to where the three pets were.

A first look at Misha, dressed in a deep burgundy that flowed into her black fur and accentuated her slender, rounded figure and natural sensuality, took Jay's breath away.

Janos was rumbling too; it was an excellent choice, and one that was perfectly legal to wear in public. He knew there were a few outfits here that wouldn't be, and that she had probably chosen some of them. The Minervan Mink wasn't the least bit shy about her purpose or her desires.

Y'alla came out next, wearing a pale violet dress that clung to her figure nicely. It looked good on her, but he had a feeling that it had definitely been chosen with Mina's tastes in mind; easy to remove, and it wouldn't be a tragedy if it was torn some night.

He had to fight to keep his jaw from hitting the floor when Vondra stepped out. The powder-blue dress she was wearing was a perfect example of understated elegance, especially on her. It was cut just low enough to give a hint of what was beneath it, and the fine fabric clung to her body like it was cut to it. Darker blue patterns were woven into the dress, seeming to shift as the light shifted on it, making each movement eye-catching.

It wasn't as intentionally sexy as Misha's or Y'alla's, but it would fit nicely in any of a thousand different places that were far higher class than Janos would be interested in going. She wasn't overdressed for where they were going either, which was definitely a nice touch.

"Very nice." Jay rumbled in definite, unabashed approval of all three, though his gaze lingered on Vondra a bit longer than the others. Her choice, and what he'd caught when he'd checked on them, made him doubt she was even remotely as accustomed to her status as the others.

"Agreed," Janos rumbled. "Are the others similar to these?"

"One other set," the assistant nodded. "Do you wish to see the nightwear as well?"

No one could doubt that Misha wanted to show it off, and Vondra wasn't nearly so happy about the idea.

"If they want to," Janos said, looking at Vondra and hoping it was clear that she could say no if she wanted to. That could be a more private showing, as far as he was concerned. He smiled slightly when she stepped forward to slide in on his arm.

"You look good, Master." Vondra murmured in his ear as the other two disappeared into the changing room, Misha with a wink for her Master.

"And you're stunning," he murmured back, licking her cheek affectionately. "You picked this out?"

"Yes, Master." She smiled faintly, her body language much more comfortable than they'd seen in her before. "I recognize many of these designers."

"There is definitely more to you than I thought at first," he rumbled as he wrapped an arm around her waist. "I'm guessing that Misha at least strongly suggested what you should get for nightwear?" He chuckled lightly, having a good feeling that her dislike of the idea was probably at least in part a difference in opinion over what was sexy ... and what was completely inappropriate to be worn in public.

"Yes, and I even listened, though her taste in color is a bit more garish than I chose." She admitted with a slight shake of her head.

"I'd say she listened to you for daywear, then." Jay managed despite the deep rumble as his pet came out with an utterly unabashed saunter in a concealing-nothing 'outfit' in shimmering white that drew the eye to all the places it didn't cover her sleek black fur. It was by no stretch legal anywhere outside a bedroom or sex club, and the Minervan Mink relished in it.

"Mmm ... we'll get something a bit more your speed later," Janos promised. "Though to judge by what she's wearing, I'm looking forward o seeing what she picked for you," he added with a grin for the Minervan Mink.

"It's not that exciting, Master." Vondra blushed deeply even as Misha grinned at her.

Y'alla was out next again, her dark, nearly black outfit concealing a bit more, but still making everything available that her mistress might want access to ... especially her back, where faint hints of scars from prior owners could be seen. Janos noted that it was similar to an outfit he'd seen on several Hutt slaves before, almost identical even. It was clearly a submissive's gown, tight and restraining motion slightly, barely legal outside a sex club, and easily made less so with little effort.

It was a view that drew Jay's attention too, though not quite in the way a pleasure-slave would have wanted. He was looking at her scars, and trying to find an appreciation of the constricting outfit and just not quite managing it.

Mina would love it, though, both males were sure of it.

"She has another outfit that you two will probably like better," Vondra whispered to Janos softly. The Wolf nodded slightly; they'd go for both. Y'alla was Mina's first, in a way, it made sense she'd wear this one primarily.

"Is there anything else we should see?" He asked the clerk.

He was about to suggest showing the others, until he caught sight of Mina and Tami approaching them from elsewhere in the store. Mina was dressed to exemplify her figure and pregnancy, and much finer than Tami, but that was appropriate too, given Tami was a general slave and not expected to go out to dinner with them. She probably would, knowing Jay, and her clothing was quite good enough for it, but she was by far the least well dressed of the seven.

He saw Jay study the pair for a moment, then felt the tom's decision not to challenge it, even as he felt Jay's very sexual and protective response to Mina's appearance. He had to give her credit; she knew very well how to manipulate Jay without saying anything or being overtly provocative.

"I think that will be all." Janos nodded.

"Very well sir," the Mouse nodded, pulling out a datapad quickly and totaling up the prices. "You will be staying at the Azine, yes?"

"Yes," Janos nodded easily.

"We'll have the extra clothes prepared for pickup shortly then. The bill will be waiting for you there, simply make payment when the other clothes are picked up," the Mouse said easily.

Which, Janos knew, would also be the time when the trackers that were undoubtedly in the clothes they were wearing would be deactivated. A very efficient means of guaranteeing payment, on this planet.

Mina strolled up to Jay, giving him a lingering kiss that was returned without a thought. She turned slightly to show her best side to him and felt his arms slide around her to run down her sides and press her belly ever so lightly against his hard body.

"You like?" She asked with a purr, knowing the answer already.

"Very much." He rumbled, obvious to Misha more for the Minervan Mink's protection than truly being that enamored of the attractive shecat that was looking quite good to him.

"Come on you two," Janos chuckled. "Let's have Misha and Y'alla change back into their good clothes and go check in before I have to bail you out for going too far in public."

"Spoilsport," Jay teased him with a wink and allowed Mina to step back into a more acceptable embrace around the waist while the two pleasure slaves did as Janos had said. "I saw that look you gave Vondra."

"You also saw that it didn't go any farther," Janos pointed out with a smirk, giving his pet an affectionate lick. "And I'm the one who's supposed to have self-control issues."

"Now boys, keep it civil." Mina purred teasingly with an easy laugh. "And suitable for public."

"Yes, ma'am." Jay rolled his eyes, though he remained in a good mood.

"First thing we've agreed on in a long time," Janos chuckled slightly, seemingly good-natured for all that the words came with a vivid memory of what he'd seen on Y'alla's back.

He'd be watching to make sure that extra scars weren't something he saw too often.

Jay flicked his eyes around the grand entrance to the Azine. This was more palace than hotel to him, and it made him as uneasy as anywhere short of a Dark Side site.

None of them really fit in here. The slaves looked reasonably comfortable, at least, and Janos was clearly prepared for what he was seeing. Mina was about the only one responding with as much visible surprise as he was feeling. Vondra actually looked more comfortable here than she had since they'd first seen her.

He was so glad Janos had talked him into a brief stop to pick up some clothes that would fit in. Even only a couple changes was better than showing up at a place like this in what they'd been wearing on the Sharufa. They'd all need a couple more sets for here, plus the normal clothing they'd need elsewhere.

He had to admit, the relaxed look looked good on Vondra, and Misha knew how to look hot as hell no matter what.

"Come on," Janos said easily, leading the way in, his mates close behind and the slaves behind them.

"Welcome to the Azine," the doorman, a prim-looking Weasel in hotel uniform greeted them as they entered and Mina and Jay tried not to gawk at the grand lobby, it's fine marble, chandeliers, paintings, statues and the people even more decked out than the decor.

Jay caught himself quickly, and Mina did a moment later, both well before they reached the blue uniformed staff behind the grand check-in counter.

"I believe you have a reservation for the Miklar pack in one of your suites?" Janos said easily.

"Ah, yes." A Vixen smiled at him. "The penthouse is ready for you. If you would sign here, please." She gave him a lightslate and pen.

"Thank you," he nodded, taking the pen and slate and quickly signing, adding the print signature that would confirm his identity. "Glad we were able to find a slot on such short notice," he chuckled.

Of course, the Rodian who'd been planning on staying there in two days would be surprised to find out his reservation had been cancelled, but Janos didn't much care and Jay had been all too gleeful to cancel it.

"How many keys would you like, sir?" She addressed Janos.

"Three," he said easily. "One for myself and each of my mates."

She nodded and quickly typed that in before handing three slender cards made of gold to him. "Your butler will show you to the penthouse." She motioned to a perfectly groomed black and tan Hound approaching them.

"Welcome to the Azine." The canine bowed to them. "I am Thomin, your butler. If you would follow me."

The seven of them fell into step behind the Hound, following him to a lift that would carry them up to their rooms, listening to his polished rendition of the services the hotel considered exceptional or unusual that it wanted its best guests to know about.

The lift opened directly into the penthouse suite, leaving Mina speechless and Vondra giving a soft sound of approval.

Janos and Jay both caught the butler's quick assessment that he was dealing with a group that was less than accustomed to dealing with such wealth. Janos, at least, was familiar with it ... and the benefits of it. He'd been in these suites before, courtesy of a few employers who wanted to lay low without living down to the level of the place they were staying at.

The entry room was pristine, done in fine marble with gold, stone and gem inlays along with decorations similar to the public spaces, but even finer. Just this room was worth a half a million credits in material and crafting costs. The rest of the two-story apartment would be similarly lavish.

And no matter what happened, nobody would raise an eyebrow unless the Hutts took an interest in it. That was a benefit he didn't want to use, but if it came up, it'd be helpful. He already knew they'd arrange body removals if something came up.

He could tell, too, that Jay was being polite by moving with the group as they were shown around. The Kat wanted to get moving and assess the place himself for escape routes and weak points.

The tour was over fairly quickly; Mina was able to get the slightly shocked look out of her eyes, and between Janos and Vondra, they were able to confirm that they knew how everything worked fairly quickly.

"Well then, will you be needing anything right away?" The Hound asked as they returned to the entry a few minutes later.

"Yes, actually," Janos nodded. "We have some packages at Etwin's that we'll need packed up, and I'll need a month's supply of Vetoril delivered as soon as it's possible."

"Of course, sir." The Hound bowed to him and turned to go to his small office to arrange for both.

"Vetoril?" Vondra stepped up next to Janos as Jay headed off to run his own tour of the place and the other females headed to stake out their respective spaces.

"Cycle suppressant for Wolves," he said easily, not sure if she didn't know what it was or was just surprised he was ordering it. "I'm not particularly looking forward to joining the expectant parents around here any time soon. Hey, Jay!" He called off to the tom searching the place. "Double check the alarms near the fire escape on the second floor when you're up there!"

"Turned on and hooked up right so far." Jay called back without physically checking them yet. "I'll give them this much, they're good at security."

"They have to be," Janos called back with a chuckle. "So, why don't we get everybody settled in, hmm?" He asked, looking around and stretching out. "Think we've got almost enough rooms for everybody to have some space to themselves," he chuckled.

"That will be a pleasant chance." Vondra rumbled and kissed his cheek before making a graceful departure to claim her own room for the stay.

Vondra Santross took a deep breath and settled into a role she'd thought lost to her. The trappings were very much like home; the restaurant in the Azine hotel was fine enough to suit any of her kin back on Corellia. She was dressed as she was used to; everything but the group walking around to her was very much like home had been.

Jay, to her surprise, had settled in and was looking and acting the part of long familiarity with wealth in every way. Maybe he had been at one point, and lost it. His ship certainly had a flair and quality that spoke of much money put into survival rather than decoration. Much like the tom himself used his energy and time.

Despite Janos being the accepted Alpha of them, she could see in the reactions that Jay was being taken as the true authority and that she was the Alpha female, not Mina. It was strange, and a little dangerous if the shecat ever noticed, but it was also appealing. Vondra was recognized for who she was; a lady of wealth and breeding.

She had some of that by right too, as the Alpha's bitch. Even as a slave, her position on Janos' arm gave her some real authority that her natural bearing and upbringing only enhanced.

Of course, the fact that Janos didn't like Mina at all didn't help the shecat's status any; she was sure that Mina was aware of that, even she was by now.

"Welcome," the maitre'd said easily as they walked up to the lean brown Rabbit behind the small desk. "You are the new guests, yes?"

"Yes," Janos nodded slightly, relatively familiar with the way wealth and such hotels worked from watching various employers.

"All seven at the same table, sir?" The Rabbit asked politely, directing his comments to Janos even though he could sense that Jay held the final authority and Vondra looked to outrank the male Wolf by her natural bearing.

"Yes," Janos said easily. There wasn't any particular reason to split them up; after all, it would rather defeat the purpose of bringing their pets along to have them eat elsewhere, at least in his mind.

The Rabbit glanced down to double check the availability and picked up a handful of thin, small lightslates. "If you would follow me, please." He bowed to them slightly and headed into the posh restaurant.

The seven guests followed him, most of their noses working overtime to pick out all the various scents coming from the delicious food. They found their way to a large, round table in a relatively private room, taking their seats around it as the maitre'd handed them each a lightslate.

"Your server is F'rena; she will be with you shortly." He informed them by telling Janos. "Is there anything I can arrange for you now?"

Vondra gave Janos a look that was very easy to read; she did want something, but would not speak up without permission.

"Vondra?" He asked, giving her the permission as he surreptitiously glanced around to see what sort of drinks were being served without giving any outward sign he was doing so. Most seemed to be drinking some variety of wine, but stronger things and various non-intoxicants were apparent as well.

"Two bottles of vintage Resueneti shabinone resine for the table." She spoke smoothly with the easy manner of one who was familiar with what she was saying and exactly what it was.

"Of course, ma'am." The Rabbit inclined his head politely.

"That should do for a start," Janos nodded easily. "Mina, Tami, what would you two like?" He asked, knowing that even the wine wouldn't be particularly good for either of them at this point.

"Spiced hot milk." Mina decided after a moment's annoyance at having the wine off limits.

"Milk, sir." Tami said softly, much more submissive than any of the others.

"At once, sir." The Rabbit bowed to Janos and moved away.

"Good choice," Janos smiled to Vondra. "You're really taking well to this place."

"This is what I grew up with." She said simply.

"It shows," he nodded slightly, not bothering to ask how she'd ended up where he'd found her if that was the case. "Unusual, but helpful. Especially with me," he chuckled.

He caught that she held a comment back, something fairly sharp given the flare of hatred and something else from deep inside her, but there was no indication of it if he wasn't paying attention to the minds around him. Her manner remained flawless as a chestnut Mare delivered their drinks and poured the wine with an easy hand.

"I know some exceptional places on Corellia if we ever visit there." Vondra said easily.

"Maybe we will," he nodded, not sure if he wanted to ask about the comment later or not. Probably not, at least not yet. "A glass for the two mothers to be as well, please," he told the waitress politely as she prepared to leave the bottle. "One glass shouldn't be a problem."

After all, at least for a little while it wouldn't do to tick Mina off too badly.

The Mare nodded and easily filled the last two wine glasses on the table to the same level as the others, finishing off the second bottle of the wine that she'd brought for them before leaving with both empty containers.

Janos was about to pick up one to taste when he caught Vondra go stiff inside, a reaction that was quickly followed by Jay fixating on something nearby as he began to taste her fear.

His eyes shifted to what he felt most certain was the source of Vondra's reaction, the rest of his body concealing the motion. A buff white Wolf, coming in the main entrance. He was dressed to the nines, clearly comfortable with the wealth.

If it weren't for that and the color, Janos would almost have thought he was looking at a version of himself. He didn't think the newcomer was a sensitive, but that just made the aura of arrogance, and the nearly-visible promise of pain to anybody who challenged it, all the more disturbing.

Nobles were like that a lot of the time, but usually not so much you could feel it.

His hand beneath the table shifted slightly, resting on the grip of the holdout blaster hidden in his clothes. If it was necessary, he wanted to be able to fire quickly. He knew Jay was, both physically and with a set of Force-skills that Janos wasn't quite so comfortable using in public.

Despite her internal reaction, Vondra was still flawlessly composed to the eye. She was trying not to look at the newcomer, who was now clearly headed for them, but she wasn't nearly as skilled at it as the males.

"You must be the Miklar Alpha." The white Wolf rumbled with a manner than did more than just hint that he didn't consider it of that much consequence.

"I am," Janos said, looking up at him and meeting his eyes. There was a force of personality and natural domination there that actually made it a choice not to look away. "Though it seems you have me at a disadvantage."

"*He's trouble.*" Jay rumbled, not liking the newcomer at all.

"Vondrich Kamarn." He introduced himself with an easy arrogance. "It seems you have come into possession of something of mine."

"I was never yours, ken'thu." Vondra flattened her ears with the low growl, the first sign of aggression any of them had seen from her.

Only Janos had any idea how much of an insult she'd just given, but Vondrich's bared fangs clued the others in quickly to how much she'd succeeded.

"And even if she was, that situation has changed several times since," Janos rumbled, standing. It never did to deal with a dominance issue when you were beneath the challenger. Standing, he was on a more even footing - a couple inches above the other Wolf. "Personally, I'm inclined to believe her."

It was a moment that could have turned into a fight, and everyone in the area was watching cautiously least they had to get out of the way of the two Alphas if it came to blows.

"She is your pet now," Vondrich acknowledged, gathering his wits about himself quickly. "I can offer you more than she is worth to you."

"How much?" Janos asked with a bit of a chuckle in his voice. Not that he had any intention of selling her just now, least of all to an ass like this, despite her complete panic that the conversation had gotten this far.

"Five thousand." The white Wolf offered, his tone that of a beginning price, not a final one, as Vondra's heart sank. She knew just how many times that was the price of a top slave.

"Hmm ... let's say you're not completely insulting me and giving me your top offer, and that you'd go up to maybe double that ... you're still talking pocket change to me, pretty boy," Janos smirked, knowing he was getting under the other's skin already. "Even if you're right that it's more than she's worth, I don't feel like selling a new pet for an offer that rates petty cash. Why don't you go find yourself somebody more in your price range? Kobba's major domo usually has some cheap playthings on offer."

It was an insult not lost on Vondrich, who bristled.

"You should take the offer, ken'thu." He rumbled darkly. "Lest you get nothing for her."

The insult didn't matter in the least to Janos; he knew he wasn't blooded, and didn't really give a shit.

The fact that he picked up on the thinly veiled threat not just to himself, but to Vondra, he did care about.

"You listen to me, Dog-blood," Janos rumbled softly, baring his teeth for a moment as he brushed the pocket with his hold-out blaster up so the other Wolf could feel the barrel against him for a brief moment. "I'm going to pretend you weren't thinking what you were," he continued in a near-whisper. "But if you think for an instant that you're going to threaten me, my friends, or anybody in my pack, then you'd better go have a word with Keval about what happens to people who try that sort of shit with me."

"You will regret that, ken'thu." Vondrich growled and turned on heel to leave, giving a final insult by ignoring the very real threat that Janos represented by turning his back on the warrior.

"He'll be back." Jay commented dryly, a bit riled himself.

"I don't doubt it," Janos rumbled, taking his seat and shaking a bit to flatten his fur out. "If he does, I'm sure he'll give me ample excuse to rearrange his smug face for him. You two have history?" He asked Vondra.

"He made his fortune in the slave trade out here," she said quietly, taking a bit too deep a drink of wine to settle her badly rattled nerves. "He's been courting the daughters of several reputable families to gain access to the respect and access their name brings."

"Bastard," Janos muttered, shaking his head. "Well, if he tries anything, he'll be learning a very painful lesson."

"He's persistent and ruthless," she warned him quietly and got her flawless exterior back in place in time to face their server.

"So am I, when I want to be," Janos rumbled, settling in and getting ready to place their order.

Jay dropped onto one of the deeply padded armchairs in their suite with a soft, content sigh. Good food, a fairly relaxed meal, being treated like he belonged ... he couldn't remember the last time he hadn't drawn looks. Here, no one looked at him unusually. He wasn't Jedi, he wasn't treated like he was scarred, he wasn't anything they weren't expecting.

He couldn't help but purr softly when Misha settled herself along his side, snuggling it up against him and just as content as he was.

It was a good day to be alive, the first he could recall in some time.

"Now this was a good night, Vondrich aside," Janos rumbled, taking a seat of his own and trying to coax Vondra into his lap briefly. He couldn't help but be privately surprised when she settled there, though she maintained the prim manner her dress brought out in her. He felt her shudder at the other Wolf's name.

"True, though at least he backed down before it turned into a fight." Jay smiled and nuzzled his Minervan Mink.

"If he hadn't, it would've been his corpse," Janos chuckled, setting his blaster to the side and nuzzling Vondra lightly as she slowly relaxed into the more submissive, sexually available role she had in private.

"Mmm ... though he will be back," Mina pointed out with a purr, gratefully sitting down and leaning back with Y'alla kneeling between her legs on the floor. "At least as long as we're on Nar Shaddaa."

"It's not like he's that much of a threat." Jay pointed out, both his mates realizing at about the same time that he liked the way he was treated here by the staff and other guests. "Guy's not even a sensitive."

"Hey, I'm not gonna argue with that," Janos chuckled. "I figure we've got a good chunk of time before we have to worry about him seriously. Doesn't much matter what sort of money he has, unless he goes and hires a good chunk of the Exchange to come down on us, we can handle it. And I really don't think he's crazy enough to bankrupt himself over something like that."

"He's much more likely to hire an assassin." Vondra murmured uneasily. "He doesn't accept loosing. Not anything this valuable."

"And you won't be going anywhere you can't be protected," Janos reassured her, kissing her cheek lightly. "Like I said, unless he brings the whole Exchange down on our heads, assassins and bounty hunters alike, he won't be getting anywhere."

"I hope not." She tried to sound reassured, though she really wasn't all that much. Then she nuzzled him back and licked his ear. "Why don't we head to bed?"

Nobody missed the surprised expression on his face, but he returned the affectionate lick and helped her to her feet.

"Sure," he rumbled, standing after her. "It's been a long night."

"Yes, it has." Vondra smiled shyly and ghosted a hand along his side as they stood.

"Let's go," he rumbled, wrapping an arm around her side and leading her into their bedroom. "You're in a good mood," he rumbled, kissing her gently as the door closed behind them. He found the returned kiss a bit bolder than usual and opened himself up to her surface thoughts. He couldn't be surprised that she was grateful that he hadn't sold her, even for the outrageous sum. He was a little surprised that it made her more comfortable with him ... more confident in her place and herself.

"Maybe I'm getting used to you." She smiled shyly and slid her hands down his chest to lightly fondle his groin.

"Mmm ... maybe I need more people to try to buy you from me," he chuckled, rumbling and caressing her back as he looked for the zipper on her dress. "Though I like the idea of you getting used to me." He growled as the door buzzed slightly.

"Just a moment," he grumbled, pulling back slightly.

"The Vetoril you requested, sir." Their butler said calmly as the door opened, offering a small packet of pills in one hand.

"Ah, thank you," he nodded, taking the packet and closing the door as the Hound left.

"Will you need something to drink with this?" He asked Vondra, popping one of the pills out for her.

Vondra's dress slipped off her shoulders as he turned around, an almost wanton look for her on her face as she stepped up to him again and licked the small pill from his fingers.

He rumbled deeply as she swallowed it, caressing her muzzle and reaching down her body to stroke the lips of her sex lightly.

"That answers that," he rumbled, kissing her again. "You're definitely in a better mood."

"And you have too many clothes on." She quipped as she knelt to nuzzle his groin, leaving his hand near her breasts as she kept his attention on what her muzzle was doing while her hands loosened his pants.

"One way to fix that," he rumbled, petting her head before he started to undo his vest and shirt. He wasn't entirely sure what the change was about, but he was not about to complain about it.

He drew a sharp breath when he felt her tongue on his balls just before one was drawn into her mouth to be lavished with more attention.

"Oh fuck," he groaned, pausing for a moment to just enjoy the sensation before he kept working on pulling his top off, reaching out to sense Vondra's thoughts and reaction. It was a sharp reminder of how young she was and how inexperienced at doing this voluntarily. Her mind was focused on what little she knew about his pleasure and mostly on trying to do things she'd only heard about.

She was doing a pretty good job of it though; she'd get better with experience.

"Good girl," he rumbled, kicking his pants off and stroking her ears as his cock swelled and pressed against her muzzle. That was a moment when he truly comprehended how effective praise was on her. She had heard so little of it in her life she was very eager for the simple reward. It, and her own ideas, brought her mouth up to pay attention to the soft, bare skin until there was enough of it to fit between her breasts and still lick at.

"Mmm ... feel like experimenting tonight?" He rumbled, scritching her neck and groaning with pleasure as she found a particularly pleasant spot. He had to give her credit for paying attention too. She went back to that spot shortly after she'd processed his reaction.

"Some, Master." She answered before taking the top part of his cock into her mouth while she pressed her breasts around the lower half to enclose it in a furry cocoon that rubbed along the sensitive skin with every movement either made.

His only response was to groan, pumping his seed up into her mouth as he fought the urge to thrust up more, her breasts teasing his knot as it swelled.

He couldn't help but know that she really didn't like the taste flooding her mouth, though she did her best to swallow it and lick him clean, something she'd been trained to do and definitely didn't enjoy.

He pulled her up for a kiss, licking her muzzle affectionately.

"Mmm ... it's an acquired taste," he rumbled as she melted in his arms, and act of trust and desire more than the fearful submission of the first time. He guided her to the bed, nuzzling her neck.

"Such a good pet," he rumbled, rubbing her back. "So, how adventurous are you feeling?"

A spike of fear that this was a trap was quickly suppressed as she nuzzled him back and relaxed again.

"Fairly adventurous." She murmured.

"Okay," he rumbled, shifting down to kiss her breasts as he slid open one of his bags and pulled some of the lube out of it. "Remember, you can ask me to stop if you don't like it."

"Yes, Master." She arched into his touch with honest desire even as she slipped a little further into the pleasure slave mentality.

He reached down as the lube set down next to the bed, opening the jar before starting to stroke her clit, licking and nuzzling his way down her body to a series of moans and whimpers. He didn't have to watch her mind to know she wasn't faking it, though he kept an eye on how she was reacting inside.

It was a shame she wasn't as willing to take the lead just now, but then, with what he was looking for it wasn't really a problem.

He dipped his fingers into the lube, slicking them down nicely before he started to spread the thick gel around her furless pucker.

The reaction was instant and as far from positive as he could think of, though she didn't say anything. Her body tensed against her wishes, memories ripe with the agony of her training unwilling to leave as she squeezed her eyes shut and tried to push them away.

"I can stop," he told her softly, looking up at her. "I won't hurt you like they did though, if you want me to keep going."

"I -- will try." She said with difficulty, the trouble in her memories, not with him.

"All right," he rumbled, licking her sex tenderly, working his fingertip around her anus to get her used to being touched down there, taking his time and keeping a close eye on her real reactions.

It really was rewarding to know, right from her mind, that her reactions were scars from others and her upbringing that this was a dirty thing that only guys did, rather than anything to do with him. She was fighting to please him, because she wanted to please him.

"You're doing well," he reassured her, gently starting to press a finger into her, licking at her clit and trying to distract her with pleasure.

It worked too, to an extent. Vondra moaned and shivered, pressing into his muzzle without thinking even as her body tried to push his finger out.

He could feel that this wasn't anything she associated with pleasure, that it didn't feel good, but it didn't hurt either. That, in and of itself, was an important victory.

He remembered all too well trying to teach himself that it wasn't about pain, and knew that he could work around that over time. She just needed a good experience to start her that way. That was something he knew he could do if he let her, and it looked like she would.

He worked his finger in and out of her slowly, letting her adjust to it and working to pleasure her clit and sex as he did so, gradually working his finger in deeper.

She wasn't relaxing, but she wasn't hurting either. As long as it didn't hurt, he was making progress. For a first time after her training, she was doing very well.

He caught her low whimper as she bit her lip. He probably wouldn't get much further tonight, but she was still holding on to giving him the chance to teach her it could be good.

He worked his single finger into her up to the last knuckle, just holding it there for a bit, before he started to work in earnest on stretching her enough to accept another finger while she was still willing.

He pressed his tongue up into her sex as he did so, fingering her hard clit to keep her feeling pleasure along with any small amounts of pain.

This moment, more than almost any other, he was grateful he could read minds. Her pleasure was a minefield almost as bad as he'd been when he'd finally stopped his father's abuse.

He slowly pressed a second finger into her body, and knew an instant before she opened her mouth that this was over for the night. It was simply too much for her yet and she whimpered softly.

"P-please stop, Master."

He pulled out quickly, moving up to hold her close comfortingly, rubbing her back and nuzzling her neck.

"You did good, pet," he told her with a soft rumble. "Better than I expected."

"Thank you, Master." She breathed and shifted to rub against his body even as hers tried to make the open feeling in her ass go away.

"It'll get better," he promised her. "Promise. It'll take a while, but it will get better." He kissed her gently, and then nuzzled her neck, inhaling her scent. For all that she was unsettled by their experimentation, she was definitely still aroused. "Something a bit more normal perhaps?"

"Mmm, yes, Master." She rumbled, eager to encourage him in what she knew would feel good with him.

"Good," he rumbled, shifting back on top of her with an affectionate lick to her neck. He pressed himself up against her entrance, kissing her again.

"Ready?" He asked her.

"Yes, Master." She moaned softly and shifted her hips to urge him to slide into her. This kind of sex she'd already learned to enjoy with him.

He started to slide into her, moaning lustily as her hot, tight body accepted him, and he started to thrust slowly, savoring the feeling.

"Like ... mmm ... this side of you," he rumbled, kissing her hungrily.

She kissed him back with a growing fire, already beginning to accept that pleasure from his acts wouldn't be used against her and that pet or not, he did actually care about her and her desires.

It was more than she'd expected in a husband, for all her parents were picky for her. To find it in a slave-owner, and her owner no less ....

Janos rumbled, using the Force to caress her body lightly as he mated her. He shifted his thrusts a bit, searching for angles that made her feel particularly good.

It wasn't a difficult task. She had no concept of the idea of holding back, and knew he liked it when she made her pleasure clear. It was still a bit of a shock to them both when he rubbed against her g-spot and she howled sharply.

The older Wolf grinned, starting to hammer the rough patch with his shaft as his knot swelled and tied with her and her body tightened rhythmically around his. She brought her legs up to wrap around his hips and whimpered and howled as the pleasure overwhelmed her again.

He howled with her, the sounds harmonizing as he came with her, his shaft erupting inside of her and filling her tight sex with his seed.

Jay watched Janos leave with his pet, and gently scooted Misha off his lap to stand behind Mina's chair. He slid his hands down her chest and licked her ear playfully. "Why don't we let the pets play, and spend the night together?"

"Mmm ... or we could go for three," she rumbled, flicking her ear playfully and reaching back around the chair to rub his thigh. "I think you could do with having two attractive women tending to your 'needs,' don't you?"

"And you would enjoy having one to tend to yours." He chuckled lightly and tipped her chin up for a light kiss. "Which one?"

"Of course I would," she smiled, kissing him back and reaching down to stroke Y'alla's lekku lightly, earning a light shiver of pleasure from her. "Mmm ... you've never been with a Twi'lek before, if I'm not mistaken? Why don't we change that?"

"No, I haven't been." He consented as his hands slid up to cup her swollen primary breasts and played with them lightly, earning a lusty purr. "Misha, if you feel like finding company, you may go find it."

"Thank you, Master," the Minervan Mink smiled, moving towards the door. "Enjoy yourselves," she winked before heading out the door, leaving the three others behind, Tami discretely disappearing to her room.

"Mmm ... so, I believe the master bedroom is still unoccupied?" Mina purred, reaching up to rub the back of his neck.

"Yes, it is." He chuckled and drew her to her feet for a kiss. "I can already feel their life." He breathed, his fingers spread across her growing belly.

"Mmm ... in a few months, you'll be able to feel more," she promised, turning into the kiss as Y'alla stood obediently. "Let's go make sure they know who their father is, hmm?"

"And you feel too good to forget," he rumbled deeply and licked her ear as they walked to the master bedroom, Y'alla behind them.

"Sounds good to me," she purred. "You're in a good mood tonight," she observed, the door sliding open to admit them as she started to strip off her large dress. It was debatable whether Jay was more help or hindrance, but his hands and mouth moved across her body with little concern for whether there was bare fur yet or not. He just wanted to touch and taste her more than he wanted her naked.

"I suppose I am." He murmured across her lowest breasts.

"Mmm ... I'm not complaining," she purred, using the Force to ghost a touch along his body, paying particular attention to his crotch as her hands worked on his sides and shoulders. "Y'alla, a little help?" She asked. The Twi'lek moved to help Jay start to undressed as she could. While he didn't resist her efforts, he was far more interested in his mate's body than what was happening to his own.

"Good." He grinned and sank to his knees to lightly kiss her sex as Mina's dress pooled around her feet.

"Oh yes," Mina groaned, spreading her legs to let him at her more easily. "Mmm ... you like the way I taste?"

"*Yes,*" he rumbled with a shiver, his tongue working her clit in a slow swirl designed to draw out the pleasure while the caressed her breasts and gently slid his tongue inside her body.

She moaned softly, the muscles of her thighs rippling. She moaned again, more deeply, as Y'alla knelt behind her and rimmed her furless pucker lightly. Her black-striped tail locked up off to the side as her pleasure mounted, her mate and pet working her expertly to a drawn-out orgasm.

Mina cried out in pleasure, her body rippling as her juices flowed down her thighs and around Jay's chin. Y'alla stroked her hips gently, pale blue fingers playing through her fur as she worked with Jay to milk her mistress' orgasm out as long as possible.

"Mmm ... going to stay down there?" Mina asked Jay after a few moments, panting happily.

He chuckled softly and licked her lower lips in one slow motion as he picked up what she had in mind. "I like that idea."

"Oooh ... good," she purred, sitting on the edge of the bed as her legs started to get weak, spreading her legs. "Y'alla, why don't you occupy yourself pleasuring your master, hmm?"

"Yes, Mistress," the Twi'lek smiled, moving around to work Jay's pants off, kissing the back of his neck as he moved to get back at Mina's sex.

This time he gave her some assistance in getting him undressed while still paying attention to Mina. It didn't take long before Y'alla got a look at his fully hard cock and began to stroke it lightly to a soft moan of pleasure almost lost along Mina's.

The skilled pleasure slave kissed and nuzzled Jay's neck and shoulders, her lekku helping as she searched out his pleasure points, stroking his cock lightly as he ate out Mina, her pleasure at giving him pleasure clear and brought a pleasure of it's own to him that even she picked up on.

That was encouragement enough to him to turn part of his attention in the Force to stroking Y'alla's body and learning its pleasures.

It wasn't lost on Mina that he wanted to be inside that powder blue body tonight, memories of another blue-skinned mate just below his conscious level.

"*Mmm ... you can take her, you know,*" Mina pointed out, moaning in pleasure as she tightened her body around his tongue. "*We can both enjoy her.*"

"*Now?*" He rumbled, a mental image of the Twi'lek bent over on the bed with her face between Mina's legs and Jay between her own. It was a thought that sent a bolt right to his cock even more effective that the mouth currently pleasuring it.

"Oh yes,*" Mina moaned, enjoying the image as well as Jay's pleasure. Y'alla gave Jay's cock one more lick, then looked up at him as she sensed that they wanted something different.

"Your turn to be in the middle." Jay rumbled eagerly as he drew the pale blue woman to her feet and kissed her deeply.

"With pleasure, Master," she rumbled back, returning the kiss and reaching down to shed the short skirt that covered her below the waist, revealing her pale-blue sex, as hairless as the rest of her, as she caressed his neck with her lekku. "My mouth is for Mistress then, I assume?" She asked with a whisper.

"Yes," he nuzzled the appendages and caressed her body before lightly fingering her lower lips as Mina set herself up on the pillows, her legs spread for the pet that would be between them soon. "Do you want lube?"

"Oooh ... no need, Master," she moaned softly before she climbed on the bed to lick Mina's sex, long and slow. She spread her knees, her ass in the air, as the pregnant shecat reached down to rake her shoulders lightly with her claws, both women moaning.

Jay watched a long moment, savoring the pleasure that was so thick in the air, and got on the bed himself to finger Y'alla's sex until the Twi'lek shuddered in pleasure before pressing into her with a deep groan.

Y'alla moaned into Mina's sex, tonguing her hungrily as her body milked Jay's barbed length. She teased the shecat's anus with one of her lekku, rubbing her thighs and lapping up her juices as Mina shuddered with pleasure, digging her claws into the Twi'lek's back, a little blood seeping from the wounds.

The Twi'lek's pleasure at the light pain was more than enough to send Jay over the edge with a roar, the sensations of now mixing with memories from what seemed to be another lifetime to leave him shuddering with each thrust that pumped more hot come into Y'alla's willing body.

She came with him, crying out into Mina's body as hers spasmed, pulling at Jay's barbs as she drew his seed deep into her body.

Jay felt a thick presence wrap around his cock, stroking him inside of Y'alla and helping him fuck the Twi'lek through her orgasm. Mina panted, spreading her legs and grinning up at him over her belly.

"*You like?*" She asked him.

"*Force yes.*" He shuddered and almost peaked a second time right on the heels of the first. It had been so long since anything truly new had entered the bedgames he'd forgotten what it was really like.

"Oooh ... good," Mina groaned, her own body rippling as her juices flowed from her sex, her claws raking a short track through Y'alla's skin, a cry of pain more than pleasure coming from the Twi'lek before she caught herself.

Jay's reaction to soothe the pain and heal the wound was as much reflex as Y'alla's. He didn't even think about it, or have it distract him from his own pleasure, but he would remember in the days to come.

The confusion it caused in the Twi'lek was something else he would remember later, but Mina at least took the message, retracting her claws and caressing Y'alla's lekku lightly so pure pleasure echoed in the Force before Jay did begin to think about what had happened.

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A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9.99: The Price of Survival part 3 of 6

NC-17 for M/F, M/M, F/F, M/Herm sex, Violence and a bunch more
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is LowFemslash Smut Level is Low
Herm Level is LowHerm Smut Level is Very Low

180 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 15, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Cheetah, Feline, Ice Walker, Kat, Kushiban, Panther

Contents: Furry. Herm. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Femslash (F/F). Cannibalism, DarkFic, Genocide (Attempted), Mass Murder, Necrophilia, Rape (M on F), Rape (M on M), Rape Recovery, Relationship (Established), Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Slavery (Legal), Snuff (M on F), Torture, Torture (Sexual), Violence (Graphic)

Pairings: Doruth Parn/Tes Ramaris, Jay Clawson/Shivasta Stormwarden/Fenrik Aren, Jay Clawson/ Mina Callan/Janos Miklar, Various others. A lot of various others.

Notes: Thank you to Shane Nelson of http://www.ShaylaThePinkMouse.com for coming up with such an interesting character and race that he did with Shayla. No, she's not in here, nor any of his other characters, but some ideas are.

We have fun chatting on occasion. This came up when discussing what Doruth and Tes are up to when Shi and Jay are at the dig. Tes wanted more cubs, Doruth is remembering Nasim and Abayomi and the thought of litters of 4-6 like them that have followed in the years since ....

K: More accurately, he's saying something about preferring the idea of being sent out to track down Zykell and finish him bare-handed to the idea of trying to raise another litter like Nasim and Abayomi at this age (80, for reference). ^^()
R: ~giggle~ There were worse litters. Later ones had 4 or even 6 cubs as bad as that pair.
K: ~chuckles~ Doruth does ~have~ ears left, right? :-P
R: Of course, unless he refused to have the tears healed ;)
K: ~chuckles~ I just have this mental image of assorted Jedi hanging around the water cooler.
"Yeah, lost my hand fighting a Sith."
"The Emperor took off half my face."
"A Hutt got hold of me. You do not ~want~ to know what needed replacing afterwards."
"So Doruth, what's the story behind your ears? Nasty run-in with a Dug? Your old Master show up and try torturing you?"
"Fifty years of raising kits with my mate."
~dead silence and sympathetic looks all around~

Blurb: It's everyone's worst nightmare come true and it's not about to go easily for anyone concerned; Jedi, Sith, Darksiders, Clawsons or the universe at large. This is also the end of Jay's Story.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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