A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9.99:
The Price of Survival part 4 of 6

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F, M/M, F/F, M/Herm sex, Violence and a bunch more
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Nine days of being treated like he belonged had done wonders for Jay, and both his mates could feel him settle and begin to relax. They both also felt the Dark begin to creep into him more, now that he wasn't half-panicked all the time. It was a moment of realization that did wonders for Mina's future plans, now that she understood the primary keys to manipulating him in the long run.

Janos wasn't so sure he liked it, largely because Mina did so much, but he wasn't worried either.

Still, that morning came with surprises as Jay nuzzled him when they'd finally worn each other out.

"Feel like hunting today?" Jay murred.

"Depends - hunting what?" Janos asked with a chuckle. "Certainly plenty of vermin around here that'd be fitting targets."

"Well, there are some suitably dangerous critters around, or we can hunt the two-legged kind of vermin." Jay grinned, his preference for the latter very clear to his mate.

"Mmm ... been a while since I checked up on the local bounties," Janos mused. "Looking for challenge, or doing something 'practical'?"

"A challenge," the tom purred. "And a good workout. We hardly need the cash."

"Vrblther?" Janos asked him with a grin. "You familiar with 'em?"

"Yes," he rumbled eagerly after picking the image from the Wolf's mind and matching it with the Republic name of the large green-skinned ape-like creatures with claws as long as his hand. "Good hunting, poor eating."

"Very poor," Janos chuckled. "Then, there aren't that many critters around here that you'd hunt that are. You know how to use a blaster rifle, right?"

"Never needed one," Jay shook his head. "Why?"

"Maybe never needed one before, but do you want to wade into a pack of those things with just a lightsaber?"

"Love, it's what my style was designed for." He chuckled easily and kissed him. "It's not like they're lightsaber resistant."

"And how, pray tell, am I supposed to have any fun watching you go slaughtering packs of vrblther, hmm?" Janos chuckled, kissing him back. "Your style might be good for it, but mine? Not so much."

"Where's the fun in shooting them, though?" Jay cocked his head a bit.

"Besides the challenge of having to drop most of the pack before it hits hand-to-hand range?" Janos chuckled. "There's more to challenge than raw danger factor, y'know."

"Such as?" Jay raised an eyebrow. While not quite a challenge to the idea, it wasn't anything the tom had considered in a long, long time.

"Skill?" Janos suggested. "Contrary to popular Jedi belief, a blaster isn't something the average idiot just picks up and bullseyes his target with at range regularly."

"Maybe not, but I can." He said quietly. "It's been a long time since skill came into play for me."

"You also said you've never used one before," Janos pointed out. "You might be a bit surprised."

Jay gave him a very doubtful look, but nodded. "It's technology, it's not likely to be a challenge."

"If we were target shooting, I'd agree," Janos chuckled, privately amused to have found such a simple thing that could confound the tom. "But we're talking about targets that tend to dodge here. And are surprisingly good at it."

"All right," he finally agreed, deciding it would be novel if nothing else. "Blasters it is."

"At least for the primary work," Janos chuckled, nuzzling him. "We'll take the 'sabers along just in case, okay?"

"Never go anywhere without them." He quipped with a shake of his head and slid out of bed. "A nice, leisurely shower, then see what we can hunt up?"

"Sounds good to me," Janos grinned, turning to kiss Vondra lightly as he slid out after Jay. "You've got the day off, pet," he rumbled to her lightly, following Jay into the bathroom.

Jay looked around the target range in the Nar Shaddaan slums that Janos had taken him to. The place had clearly seen better days ... of course, it had probably seen worse too. A lot worse, to judge by the repairs that were plainly visible to him.

"Just going to get in a little practice, make sure you've' got it all down," Janos said easily as they walked in, each of them with a well-used blaster rifle slung across their backs and dressed in drab hunting garb that blended in much better than what they'd been wearing.

"Do they have moving targets somewhere?" Jay asked as he spotted several people practicing in the simple setup.

"They should, though not ones that move quite like living targets," Janos confirmed, walking up to the counter and waiting for whoever ran the place now to come out. "That's a little harder to reproduce inexpensively, after all. Even combat droids tend to forget to duck."

"True," Jay chuckled deeply as a veteran of the combat zones came up to the counter to greet them gruffly.

"Two on the advanced range, Sparks," Janos said easily, recognizing the grizzled Badger, pulling out the coin for it. "'Bout a half-hour probably. Want to get in a little practice before hunting later."

"Right," the Badger nodded, pocketing the coins and jerking his head back towards the hallway that led to the area in question. "I'll be back to check on you when your time's up."

"There is a warped logic to having an owner who's more dangerous than most customers." Jay commented absently as he followed Janos into the advanced shooting range.

"A lot of the customers expect it," Janos chuckled. "Besides, if you had to enforce the rules somewhere everybody's armed, would you want to be doing it if you weren't a bigger threat than any three average customers?" He pulled his rifle down off his back, carrying it with practiced ease as they approached the far more private area in the back where they'd be working.

"Never really thought about it," he admitted, his rifle remaining on his shoulder where it was easy for him to move with, and made him seem less dangerous than his companion. It wasn't as if the firearm was going to be used if they did get into a fight.

"Well, as far as I know they haven't had any serious troubles down here in a long time, but it's usually a case of 'better safe than sorry.' And the fact that it usually changes hands because of intimidation," the Wolf chuckled, walking up to a shooting station. "Well, here we are. You want to go first, or watch me take a round?"

"Go for it," Jay nodded to him, his attention focused more on the technology and Force than the physical world.

"All right," Janos nodded, keying in a target sequence he was familiar with before raising his blaster to his shoulder and waiting for the first targets to drop.

He was aware of Jay's scrutiny through the entire sequence. While he had a solid performance, he couldn't help but wishing he'd done a bit better with his mate watching. The Kat was just too damn confident in his ability to do well with a weapon he'd never touched.

He might manage it, but there was a part of Janos that seriously hoped he didn't do too well. Not for ego ... well, not entirely ... but more for the fact that he didn't want Jay to be too cocky when they were hunting targets that fought back.

"Remember it kind of defeats the point to tweak with the automated systems." He added as Jay took his place.

"Right." The tom nodded and swung the rifle from his shoulder into position with a grace that came from knowing his body and physics on an instinctive level rather than an understanding of this particular item. "Pick anything."

"Okay," Janos nodded easily, cueing a different sequence that was at the same skill level he'd just used. Going too much easier would probably be dull for both of them.

Jay hadn't been lying, for all he hit all but one target. He really didn't know how to handle the weapon and it was painfully obvious to the experienced merc. What he did though, surrendering to the Force and his own instincts as a Clawson and well-trained Jedi warrior, still made for impressive results.

Results that irritated the tom, when it was over.

Janos shook his head at Jay's reaction.

"Y'know, given that this is the first time you've used a blaster rifle, most people would be floored that you managed that well," he pointed out. "A dozen targets, moving fairly rapidly, in a pattern you don't know? Takes some folks who do have training time to manage that."

"Most people don't have my training or my natural gifts." He said simply. "Hitting what you aim at is what we do."

"What training?" Janos pointed out seriously. "You picked up the rifle, wore it in, and used it for the first time. Talent only goes so far. Bet you'll peg it the next time we run the sequence, if you want to go for it."

"Jedi, and I would." Jay nodded. "How to let the Force direct your movements and knowing myself well enough to do what I try to."

"These aren't living things, Jay," Janos pointed out with a chuckle. "Force anticipation doesn't work as well with 'em. I'll start your sequence, then cue up an advanced one over here for myself, okay?"

"All right." He shook his head a bit and tried to lighten up. It was hard though, when he wanted to hunt real targets with his bare claws.

Jay flicked his gaze to the right, feeling the presence of a much more challenging prey than the easily killed, only semi-intelligent creatures Janos wanted them to go after. A soft rumble echoed in the darkness of the Nar Shaddaa night as he licked his whiskers back and focused on his mate.

"I'm going after more challenging prey." Jay grinned at him.

"Hold on, what?" Janos asked, looking over at him after dropping the last vrblther in the pack he'd been working on. "What'd you spot?"

"Something Dark." He rumbled, hungry for real action, his attention primarily on what he was after.

"You want backup?" Janos asked him quickly, hoping to get an answer before the tom took off.

"No," Jay murmured after a moment's hesitation. He knew, deep down, that the Wolf wasn't ready for this. "I want to be solo for a while."

"Meet you back at the apartment then," Janos nodded slightly. "See what Vondra does when she has time to herself," he chuckled. "Just be sure you call if you've got some trouble."

"I will," Jay promised and took off at a quick lope, his body low and focus as much in the Force as in the physical world as he tracked his prey.

It didn't take long for him to disappear into the dark tangle of Nar Shaddaa's slums. The area was rife with possible prey; criminals, thugs, bums, all manner of different people and things that wouldn't be missed. The buildings extended for kilometers, the shadows thick and giving him plenty of places to hide as he stalked his target.

The Rodian had once been a powerful hunter, Dark as many of his kind who were sensitives and survived long on their world. But it was the scent of his kind that drew Jay to him. His nature was of secondary concern; the tom didn't even care that he really was after dangerous prey now.

He could see him now; the Rodian's green skin was cracked in some places. It was clear that he'd been a Dark Sider for some time; the anger in him was almost palpable, as was the growing fear that his skills were weakening him while he was condemned to a place where weakness meant death.

He was a killer, had likely been a dangerous hunter before. Now, he was a challenge, but little more. He didn't even sense that Jay was there until the tom pounced on him with nothing more than Force-enhanced claws and jaws and a lust for blood.

The Rodian struggled, calling the Force to try and force the tom off of him, but to no avail. He rocked Jay back, but sharp claws bit into his hide just before Jay bit down on his throat, crushing his windpipe. The look and smell of shock and fear in the Rodian's eyes sent a rush through him like very little else could, an intoxicating sense of terror and pain and power like he'd never imagined.

That rush brought to mind the rush of killing in an orgasm that he'd learned not so long ago. He licked some of his fur clean and lifted his nose to the stale air, seeking a suitably female target to indulge himself with.

He caught a familiar scent in the air, mentally filtering out the blood and gore of the Rodian's death. Cheetah ... female, he thought. Something odd about it though ... and familiar.

A scream from the scent's direction decided it for him and he headed in the direction at a fast pace.

Even if she wasn't worth it, what was causing her scream was going to be amusing.

Darting through the buildings, he found the scene quickly, the Cheetah backed into the corner of an alley by a Skunk and a Hyena. None of them were particularly well dressed; they'd all clearly seen better days.

"C'mon, bitch, you know the deal - you find something, you share it, down here," the Hyena told the Cheetah, a makeshift knife in hand.

Jay licked his lips and hung back, angling for an appearance that would have the most impact on his targets.

"Get away! I haven't taken anything from you!" The Cheetah protested, the fear in her scent powerful. From this distance, Jay could tell what the difference was too.

She was really a shi.

"Yeah, well that's no reason for us not to get our share," the Skunk growled.

No reason but that they stood between a true hunter and what he wanted.

Jay grinned and snuck up behind the pair trying to get money from his quarry and grabbed the Skunk, pulling him back into a precise neck bite that paralyzed without killing.

The Hyena turned, shouting in surprise as the Skunk went limp and lashed out at Jay with his knife.

"Who the fuck are you?" He snarled as Jay moved with the speed and agility that just weren't seen there often.

"Jay Clawson." He smiled dangerously and made a lighting-quick move that ended with the makeshift knife on the ground and the Hyena's arm broken in two places before he went to the ground with a sickening crack of bones.

The Cheetah was terrified, watching, hir eyes wide as saucers as the Hyena howled in agony, the Skunk staring mutely as he was forced to watch the proceedings. A swift motion later, and the pained howl was silenced forever.

"Are you all right?" Jay stepped closer to the Cheetah, his mind carefully scanning hirs for the best way to get what he wanted.

"I - yes - you - why?" Shi stammered. Shi was grateful, he could tell, but the dirty Cheetah was suspicious too.

But he could sense that there was hope, under the suspicion.

"Habit," he admitted the not-exactly-a-lie and looked a bit embarrassed by it. "It's hard to pass someone in trouble and not interfere." He glanced at the dead Hyena and the Skunk who might as well be. "Overreact sometimes."

"Th-thank you," shi said, still looking a little scared and not the least bit ignorant of his deep scares or the fact he was soaked in blood from an earlier target than hadn't gone down so cleanly.. "I- they would've killed me ...." Shi was dirty, scrawny, but looked like shi would probably clean up fairly nicely.

Exactly what he was looking for.

"Look, why don't you come to my ship. We both need to get cleaned up." He offered with a gentle smile. "We can get a meal there too."

"Really?" Shi asked, extending hir hand to him. "I ... I don't have anything," shi said cautiously. He could tell that, in part, shi wasn't entirely sure shi could trust him.

He also knew that shi didn't think shi had all that much to lose.

He took hir hand in a gentle, reassuring grip. "Yes, really. I have plenty to share."

"Thank you," shi smiled shyly. "Where is your ship?"

"Local spaceport." He guided hir by homing instinct more than knowledge of the area.

"You're from up top?" Shi asked, clearly more interested now. "What are you doing down here?"

"Hunting vrblther," he chuckled slightly.

"Hope you had good hunting then," shi chuckled with a smile. "I've had to run from them more than I like."

"Twenty nine from three packs before I heard you." He said easily and paused in an open space large enough for Sharufa to land in.

"Whoa," shi murmured, impressed. Shi was only more impressed as the Sharufa arrived a few moments later, flying on down to meet them.

"Your shipmates are on board?" Shi asked him.

"No, that's autopilot." He chuckled as the hatch opened for them. "She's used to having to pick me up in weird places."

"Whoa," the Cheetah blinked, following him up onto the empty ship. He could tell that the Sharufa was glad to see him and he responded with warm feelings for the ship. It was very obvious to him that his companion wasn't accustomed to being on a ship.

He could also sense that shi was already scheming ways this encounter might get hir off Nar Shaddaa. Shi really had no clue what shi was in for, but hir intentions would make it that much easier to bed, and kill, hir.

"Come on, I definitely need a shower right now." He told hir easily. It was the truth too. He was soaked to the skin in Rodian blood.

"You want me to join you?" Shi offered, leaning against the wall as the Sharufa pulled away.

"If you'd like," he purred softly before heading back towards the master bathroom.

"I could use one too," shi admitted easily, following him. Now that shi was out of the filth of Nar Shaddaa's bowels, Jay could definitely agree with hir. Shi probably had fleas, possibly other things ... but he was pretty sure most of it would clean off with a hot enough shower and the shampoo he kept on hand for post-mission scrub-downs. "Where should I put my things?" Shi asked.

"If you don't mind fresh clothes, the trash." He said almost apologetically and motioned to a circular spot in the floor that opened at his words.

He could feel the surprised blink, and the pleasure at the offer, before shi stripped hir threadbare, dirty clothes off quickly, pausing for just a moment to check hir pockets and pulled out the handful of wupiupi coins that shi had nearly been killed for.

"Thank you," shi said sincerely, before putting the rest of the clothes into the trash, complete with any other occupants. Shi blushed shamefully as Jay noticed a small black speck hop up into hir fur from the discarded clothes.

"The shampoo will deal with them." He told her easily and turned on the hot water in the shower designed for three to comfortably play in and stepped under the hot spray with a groan of pleasure.

"Thank you," shi said again, nodding and following him in, drawing a sharp breath at the unusual sensation of the hot water beating through the thick dirt in hir fur. He could tell that shi'd probably groomed hirself for years. Where shi had been it didn't pay too look too attractive or well off.

He shifted a bit to put the streaming water on hir more directly and poured a large dollop of shampoo onto his hand. "Just relax and let it do its work." He purred at hir, already more than a bit excited from the kills and what he planned to do to hir.

"All right," shi nodded, hir sheath filling out a bit as shi picked up his scent and the excitement in it. Shi tried to make an attractive display of hirself as he started to clean hir up, though shi clearly wasn't too practiced at it. "Do you have anybody else on the ship with you most of the time?"

"Yes. They're enjoying hotel life for a couple weeks while we're here." He explained simply and began to work on hir fur and tense muscles. As exciting as the prospects of what would happen when he got hir to bed, this was very pleasurable too. "So Sharufa's good for a little privacy."

"Oooh ...." Shi couldn't answer with more than a wordless moan of pleasure as shi was cleaned, hir fur clearing up nicely. Now that shi was getting clean, the shampoo killing off the parasites in hir fur, Jay could tell that shi was older than he'd first thought; in hir late 20's at least, possibly older. Still, shi was attractive enough, for all that he could feel each rib easily beneath hir fur and lean muscle.

"It's nice to be touched like that, isn't it?" He murmured and nuzzled hir lightly, his hands a little bolder in feeling hir body beyond just cleaning hir up.

"Yes," shi murmured softly. "So long ...." Shi pressed back against him slightly, hir slender body trying to entice him with marginal skill. Despite going basically on instinct, shi could feel his increasing interest and the hard feline cock against hir back.

Jay slid one hand down hir body to lightly rub the heel of his hand against hir sheath while his fingers slipped under hir balls to stroke hir lower female lips lightly. The other moved up to cup and fondle one breast while he nuzzled and nibbled at hir neck.

Shi mewled softly, pressing against his hand as unfamiliar pleasure filled hir body.

"I've never been taken there before," shi murmured to him as he stroked the lips of hir pussy and rubbed hir swelling sheath with skill born of decades of practice with both genders.

Shi could feel the surprise ripple across his body, then the soft rumble of excitement.

"Do you want to be?" He murmured in return, giving her an honest choice despite his intentions for hir later in the night.

"Ooh ... m-maybe later?" Shi offered, hir cock peeking out of hir sheath. Shi rubbed his cock with hir soaked tail, shifting it out of the way. "I should thank you properly first ...." Shi rumbled suggestively and reached back to stroke him with a hand.

"Then maybe a good meal." He rumbled and thrust lightly into hir hand as he focused on pleasuring hir female parts.

"Sounds wonderful," shi smiled shyly, turning around to kiss him tentatively as shi stroked his cock and reached down to fondle his balls.

"Mmm, this you've had a little more experience with." Jay licked hir muzzle, then kissed hir again as he surrendered to the pleasure of hir attentions.

"Yes," shi rumbled, kissing him back with a bit more confidence. "Up front's about the only way I haven't been taken before," shi admitted, teasing his barbs skillfully as he groaned and shuddered. Hir hunger drove him to give into the building pleasure with a roar quickly, covering both their fronts with his seed.

Shi stroked him through his orgasm, and then knelt in front of him, licking his shaft clean and teasing his barbs before taking him into hir mouth.

That earned hir a moan of surprise before he reached down to gently stroke her ears and long white hair while his body responded eagerly, well-accustomed to multiple rounds, especially in the shower.

Shi rumbled, bobbing hir head up and down his cock, hir own shaft hard between hir thighs. Shi teased his barbs with hir tongue, fondling his balls as shi took him deep in hir throat.

"Oh, yeah." Jay rumbled and shivered in pleasure as shi worked him to a second orgasm on the heels of the first.

The Cheetah rumbled around him, squeezing his balls lightly and suckling him, then pulled back to nuzzle his length, the short fur of hir muzzle teasing him as he panted and leaned back against the shower wall, hot water raining down on them in a scene that hit almost every kink he had right now.

"You've definitely had some practice at that." He rumbled appreciatively.

"Mmhmm," shi smiled up at him, giving his shaft a long, slow lick. "Mmm ... I could get more, if I had time," shi suggested, kissing hir way up his body.

"The time it takes to get off this rock?" He chuckled knowingly and scritched hir ear before kissing hir again with a bit more possessiveness. "I can go with that."

"Mmm ...." Shi nearly purred into the kiss. "Sounds good. You mentioned dinner?" Shi asked hopefully.

"Yes," he claimed another kiss and reached down to stroke hir hard cock. "Do you want to get off first?"

"Oooh yes," shi moaned shamelessly, thrusting up lightly into his hand as shi wrapped hir arms around him, pre and water making hir shaft slick to his touch, hir barbs stiff and sensitive.

The position made their size difference, that shi wasn't even half his mass, very clear to them both as he worked hir cock with the skill of decades with a male lover and an honest desire to pleasure hir.

Shi pressed close to his body, moaning with ecstasy as hir balls pulled up close to hir body and shi sprayed hir semen up between them, onto both their bellies.

"Thank you," shi murmured into a gentle kiss he claimed as shi came down enough to stand on hir own.

"You are welcome." Jay smiled gently and shifted to get a bit more shampoo. "A quick clean-up and we'll get a good meal."

Jay couldn't help but chuckle to himself and wonder just how long it had been since shi'd had a real meal with good meat as he cooked a basic meal and shi tried not to salivate too much. Shi probably hadn't even heard of ryl, which was good. It would make its impact from the meat rub and spicing on the vegetables all that more potent.

Shi watched, trying not to look like shi was as eager as shi was. Jay smiled a bit; it was familiar, from what seemed like several lifetimes ago and was definitely a very different Jay Clawson. Shi brushed hir long white hair back out of hir face, still looking just a little dirty from the years of poor treatment. One washing hadn't really been enough to get it all clean.

"I wanted to say 'thank you' again," shi said shyly as he started to plate the meal for them both.

"You never did tell me your name," he commented with an indulgent smile as he set the plates down.

"Only name I remember is Sprint," shi admitted, blushing a bit as shi started to eat hungrily. It was clear that shi enjoyed the well-spiced meat especially, and just as clear that shi was probably half-starved, but trying to be polite. "Had another, but ...." Shi shrugged a bit.

"You've been down there since you were very young," he murmured softly, a level of empathy than surprised even him as he sat down and ate more lightly to savor the feel of the ryl starting to take effect. "I never lost my name."

"You used to live down here?" Shi asked him curiously, as much about him as the heat shi felt growing in hir body. "Or further up yet?"

"I wasn't this far down," he said easily, pleased by her reaction to the ryl and its effects. "I was hardly on the surface either."

"Long way between the two," shi nodded. "I ended up in the gangs when I was about six, Sprint was more useful than the name I had so it stuck. Most of 'em got wiped out over the years since."

"I doubt anyone I knew is still alive," he shook his head slightly. "Hell, I doubt any of their grandchildren are still alive. A Panther thought I was useful and took me away when I was ten. I haven't been back much since."

"Don't blame you," shi chuckled, shaking hir head. "Mmm ... this is very good," shi smiled, finishing hir meal. "What was the spice you used with it?"

"It's a mix, but the primary is ryl." He said easily after checking to make sure shi didn't actually know what it was.

"It's good, whatever it is," shi murmured. "Getting kinda wound up again," shi added with a blush. "Must've been too long since I've had a decent meal ...."

"It's hardly a bad thing to be wound up here." Jay chuckled and stood to walk over to hir and nuzzled hir neck and run his hands down hir sides.

"Mmm ... especially when you're interested to," shi rumbled, nuzzling his neck as shi stood and inhaled his scent. "Guess today's my lucky day, hmm?" Shi giggled, rubbing his back.

"It's not a bad one for me," he rumbled and slid his hand in to cup and fondle a small breast through the soft cloth of hir new clothes.

Shi kissed him tenderly, licking his lips submissively.

"Mmm ... right here?" Shi asked him with a near-purr, imagining just about anything he might want to do with hir. It wasn't so much that shi wanted something in particular just now, but hir scent and mind made it clear that shi wanted something to help work off the building arousal because of the ryl.

He smiled and urged hir to stand as he undid his pants just enough to let his rock-hard cock escape but not so much that they slid off and helped hir get hirs down around hir ankles before he pushed hir to bend over the table and pressed one finger into hir ass, still acting concerned with hir pleasure.

Shi moaned needily, raising hir tail high, the black tip twitching.

"Mmm ... have any ... oooh ... lube?" Shi asked, hir sheath already swelling, the sense that the simple request was one for a luxury shi wasn't used to clear in hir mind.

"Yes," he rumbled and leaned forward to lick hir ear before focusing on the drawer where it was kept in this room and floating the small bottle over. He slicked his fingers before going back to stretching hir ass.

"Thank you," shi moaned. "Feels good," shi added, hir tail swaying as shi squeezed down around his finger.

It earned a rumble of desire from the bigger male over hir and a second slick finger pressed into hir body to work hir open quickly. He brought his tail up to brush along hir sex, balls and hardening cock.

"Oh yes," shi hissed, pressing back into the touch, hir cock quickly hardening as shi milked his fingers. "Fuck me, please!"

"Anytime," he rumbled, the pleading sending a spike of desire through his body as he removed his fingers and pressed into hir with a single hard thrust and groan for the delicious tight heat.

"Ah!" Sprint cried out in pleasure, hir body tightening down around him, his barbed length spreading hir tight, slick ass as hir tail flicked against his chest as he began to thrust, giving into the ryl-heightened desires and thrusting hard and fast, his hands on hir hips to hold hir against him and keep from driving hir against the side of the table.

"Very good." Jay growled deep in his chest, his balls already beginning to draw up against his body.

"So good," the Cheetah agreed, hir cock rubbing against the bottom of the table, pre dribbling from hir tip as he hammered hir prostate and taught hir again that he was interested in hir pleasure too. Even when he was so close to his own orgasm, he made sure shi was enjoying it too.

Shi cried out, throwing hir head back and moaning ecstatically as shi sprayed hir seed against the bottom of the table, the thick fluid landing audibly on the metal floor beneath it.

Hir pleasure, and the muscle spasms that accompanied it, quickly pushed Jay over the edge to flood hir body a moment later with a roar.

Shi moaned, milking his cock with hir ass as shi enjoyed the feel of his seed flooding hir deep inside.

"Oh yes," shi panted when he slowed down and leaned forward to nuzzle her.

"That's what it's supposed to be like." He murmured as he caught his breath.

"Lot better than raw, fast, and no prep," shi murmured. "Mmm ... lot better."

"Still fast," he chuckled and pulled out of hir with a throaty groan. "Come to bed, and I'll show you."

"Sure," shi grinned, following him after tucking hir tail up between hir legs to keep from dripping too much as he led hir back to the master bedroom.

"Have you ever been tied up before?" He asked as he pushed hir down on the bed and kissed hir heatedly, rubbing his still-hard cock against hirs.

"Not willingly," shi admitted. "Willing to try though." He could tell the idea didn't thrill hir, but shi was willing.

Hell, shi was willing to try just about anything to keep him interested enough to get hir off this rock.

"Maybe later then," he rumbled and shifted to spread hir legs so he could sink back into hir ass for a little more fun before he got serious about fucking hir to death.

Jay lightly traced his fingers along Sprint's chest, staring at the passed out Cheetah herm with a frown.

Shi should have been so delicious to push and punish. He wasn't nearly as over his rape decades before as he'd led everyone, even himself, to believe at the time. He'd just pushed himself past it, not truly healed from it.

Then this perfect subject appeared and he couldn't bring himself to hurt hir all that much. Shi'd whimper in pain and he'd back off before he'd even thought.

This was not how it was supposed to happen.

Shi murmured softly, shifting in hir sleep to feel his touch. Maybe it had been a bad idea to pick somebody so much like what he could've been. Shi was a perfect subject ... looking at hir now, he could almost see "Stacey" there instead.

But the more he looked at hir, the more he saw hir as somebody else, who didn't do anything to deserve it. Somebody who'd been on his end of a rape more often than once.

Someone who's life was over before it had even begun.

It was a sad thing. A life without a purpose, without meaning ... no one would miss hir when shi died, or care how it happened.

No one but who killed hir, if that.

At least he'd managed to show hir a bit of kindness and pleasure before the end. It wasn't much, but it was all he could offer hir.

He just couldn't find it in himself to want to hurt hir anymore.

The only thing he had left to offer hir was a quick, clean death while shi slept.

He reached out to hir mind and soothed hir into a deeper sleep before he stood and slid from the bed to retrieve the most potent sleep-aid on board and prepared an injection strong enough to put hir to sleep permanently.

Shi winced slightly as the needle pierced hir skin, but that was all the reaction shi made. Before long, hir breathing slowed, hir body shutting down permanently and hir muscles relaxing.

Within a few minutes, Jay had a corpse in his bed for the second time in his life. This time, shi'd gone with something a bit closer to dignity.

It left the tom deeply dissatisfied and even more disturbed than before.

He put the supplies away and walked into the bathroom for a quick shower before dressing. He'd have to dump hir body where he found hir, and then he was going to do some house-cleaning on Nar Shaddaa's population.

Vondra rumbled softly to herself as she started to wake up, snuggled up against Janos' back comfortably. The past couple days had been surprisingly pleasant, the two of them taking some time to get used to their respective roles in their unusual relationship. She expected much the same today ... until she became aware of the powerful scent of blood in the bed with them.

Her eyes snapped open in alarm, revealing Jay on the other side of Janos. The tom was covered in dried blood from at least a dozen different species, to judge by the scent.

The white-furred shewolf trembled for a few moments, her eyes wide as she tried very, very hard not to scream, her panic and distress increasingly obvious both in her mind and in her scent.

"Nnngh ... what's wrong?" Janos murmured, starting to wake up, his nose working as he picked up the unusual scents in front of him.

"J-Jay." She managed to stammer, shaking badly against his back. "Blood."

Janos was awake in a flash, sniffing at Jay and feeling him to try and make sure it wasn't his. It was enough to wake the tom somewhat, mostly a half-conscious protest to his much-needed rest being disturbed.

"He's all right," he reassured her. "Damn ... he wasn't talking vrblther down there ...." The Wolf shook his head, his lack of surprise at the discovery almost as unsettling as Jay's condition as the tom settled back into a deep sleep. Janos doubted he'd so much as slowed down since they'd parted company. It certainly made the rumors of the vrblther being particularly vicious right now make sense.

"If you want to move to a different room, go ahead," he told Vondra softly. "He needs sleep, and he'll want me to stay here. We'll sort out what happened later."

"Th-thank you, Master." She hurriedly got out of the bed and pulled on a concealing, though still sexy, nightgown and tried not to bolt out of the room on her way to Misha's.

Janos sighed, shaking his head and shifting slightly away from Jay. Most of the blood was dry, at least ... there was still some that was wet, and he'd need to get them both showered and the sheets changed later. He couldn't really blame Vondra for reacting the way she did either.

He just hoped this hadn't been as nasty as things had been on Naboo.

"What have you been up to?" He murmured softly. After a few moments, he decided that Jay would just have to get his rest after getting cleaned up; there was no way he could sleep with that sort of mess in his nostrils. Janos took Jay's shoulder and shook it lightly.

"Jay? Need to get you cleaned up," he said softly, just loudly enough that he thought the older tom would hear him.

"Mmmurrrph," the tom grumbled, though whatever had driven him to slaughter so many people had run its course. He wasn't going to be any more dangerous than usual, and that the Wolf could handle.

A couple more tries got Jay to open his eyes reluctantly.

"Wha?" He blinked a few times, trying to focus on the face in front of him.

"Should be asking you that," Janos pointed out. "You're covered in blood and at least the majority of it isn't yours. Vondra's more than a little freaked, and I think you've made the news lately. Want a shower?"

Jay blinked a couple more times, then nodded as it registered that he should take a shower. He just hadn't had the energy to do more than crawl home. He vaguely recalled thinking he was crawling in with Fenrik during one of those bad missions where one of them did sometimes come back looking like that at night.

Gods ... there were times those days felt like they'd been decades ago.

In a very real sense, it was another lifetime.

Not even his lifebonds from that time were intact anymore, and his mind wasn't far behind them.

"Come on," Janos told him, helping the unresisting tom out of bed. "Let's get cleaned up while somebody gets things changed in here.

Jay nodded again and did his best to get himself to the shower, though it was clear to Janos that he needed the support a couple times on the short walk there. Jay's movements were from stiffness and recently abused muscles rather than injuries.

At least there was that much.

He helped Jay into the shower and turned the water on for him as the tom leaned forward to brace on outstretched arms as the water rained down on him and turned from a spray of clear water to a river of red.

"I'll be back in a minute," he told Jay, giving him a quick kiss before heading out to tell the butler to get the bedsheets changed and have somebody clean the door and rugs.

There was something to be said about a place where you could ask people to clean up a blood trail and they wouldn't bat an eye.

A moment later, he was back with Jay, climbing into the shower with him and found that he hadn't moved a bit, though he was significantly closer to his natural coloration.

The Wolf grabbed the shampoo, starting to work it into blood-caked fur and massage sore muscles to slowly more noticeable sounds of appreciation as Jay's body relaxed.

"What have you been up to?" He asked him, despite having a pretty good idea already.

"Burning off frustration," he murmured and closed his eyes, grateful for the help getting cleaned up. "Ending a lot of hopelessness."

"You got a pretty good bounty put out on a rogue vrblther," Janos murmured, cleaning Jay's fur. "Almost think there's more blood on you than fur right now ...."

"Quite possible," he accepted the statement, still pretty subdued. "Being down there got to me, I think. So much living without a point."

"Y'don't have any bodies on the Sharufa we're going to have to get rid of, do you?" Janos asked him, singularly nonplussed by the news. He had to admit, he knew what Jay meant. "I'd rather stick around here for a while yet, myself."

"No, no bodies on the ship." Jay shook his head and moaned softly as a bit pleasure at his mate's touch began to creep into the simple gratitude for the touch and cleaning. Now with the blood mostly gone, it was good to be clean again.

"Good," Janos murmured, moving him under the water to rinse his fur. "That came out easier than I'd thought it would," he chuckled slightly.

"It does when it's fresh," Jay nodded. "It's when it's had a few weeks to set that it takes a while to look like yourself again."

"Heh - yeah, I know that one," Janos chuckled. "Caught in the field once, only the occasional stream to clean up in, took a month before people believed I wasn't really part red Wolf. You might have a little trouble with Vondra for a while," he added by means of warning. "Nothing serious, but she was pretty freaked out when she woke up."

"I bet she'd never smelled blood like that before." He nodded in acceptance. "Not my intent, I just wanted to sleep somewhere safe." He added the apology in a murmur as his purr slowly increased to the dominant sound from his body.

"Hey, no problem," Janos smiled. "I know that feeling too. She'll just need a bit to get over it." He reached around to turn off the water and turn on the blow-dryers. "You're really beat, aren't you?"

"Yeah," Jay nodded and fluffed his fur a bit to help the drying. "Don't know for how long, but I don't think I stopped moving."

"A bit over two days," Janos offered. "C'mon, let's get you some sleep, the sheets should be changed now."

"Stay with me for a while." Jay murmured and nuzzled the Wolf as they stepped out.

"Of course," the Wolf promised, leading him back to bed, and the fresh sheets there. They crawled in, snuggling up, much more comfortable without blood caking Jay's fur together. It didn't surprise either of them when Jay settled into a deep sleep within minutes while Janos held him gently.

Mina purred lightly as she reached out to Jay's sleeping mind after he had returned, carefully pulling what she could about what he had done from it.

"*I think I'm beginning to see what you meant,*" she told the Demon mentally. "*You knew he would be reaching this point, didn't you?*"

"*Given the right conditions, yes.*" It rumbled back, clearly pleased. "*This is the point of no return for him. He can't face what he's done except by the excuses he's already created. This is what a sense of safety, acceptance and permission create in his kind.*"

"*The Jedi did well to keep him under their 'protection',*" Mina mused. "*Now, how do I control this?*"

"*In any real sense, you can not.*" It told her simply. "*They become more uncontrollable, and more unstable, as they grow Darker. What you can do is ensure that those around him do not reject his behavior. Surround him with people who either do not question or agree with his path. You can suggest things, try to make what you want appealing to him, but you have already faced his reaction when he feels like he is being pushed into something. The one who controls him must be a master manipulator and very familiar with his quirks.

"*He will choose a territory to claim soon, and take it by violence and intimidation. Once he has that, he may well settle and become manipulatable. Neither of the others who turned made it that far. Their kin hunted them down and stopped them. This time, it could well be different.*"

"*This time, only the Jedi hunt him, and not particularly well,*" she agreed with a purr. "*I intend to see that it is different this time. I do, however, need to make him willing to include me in his territory.*"

"*You carry your best method.*" It reminded her. "*He does not like you much, but as he grows Darker, he will care less about that and more about your value as a possession; your value for pleasure and kittens. Be wary though. His kin do hunt for him, and they are coming here. We have the time we need, but very little more than that.*"

"*Then he will need to be strong enough to fight them when they arrive,*" she rumbled. "*Between his gifts and the skills he can be taught ....*"

"*He can become the most dangerous thing either galaxy has ever seen.*" The Demon almost purred, a deep, throaty rumble of excited pleasure at the thought. "*Yes, and he is likely to see you of value if you can teach him as well.*"

"*Which means one thing ... I need to get him to Korriban,*" Mina told the Demon. "*Not for long, but for long enough to visit some of the places Tembris had planned ... I need information, and to build my own skills quickly.*"

"*You will want to do it soon, before he thinks either of you are too far along to travel.*"

"*Which will involve taking him from here, at least for a time ... this will be difficult,*" she mused. "*Even after a two-day blood spree.*"

"*The Kraken would be easier. He has an affection for that ship, a Dark Side personality.*" It suggested.

"*The Kraken? Tembris mentioned the ship,*" she mused. "*But isn't it under Republic control?*"

"*Yes, it is also something he can easily fix.*" It chuckled deeply. "*He can take any ship he wants.*"

"*Then we'll simply need to convince him that the Kraken would be prime territory for him to stake out,*" Mina mused. "*I assume this is possible, yes?*"

"*Yes, it would be,*" the Demon rumbled in pleasure at her idea. "*He does view large ships that way.*"

"*And it would be more than big enough to do the job,*" she purred mentally. "*Should I bring it up? Gently, of course.*"

"*Yes, he's unlikely to think of it himself. Watch his mind carefully; he is unpredictable at this stage. It should work though, even if he rejects it at first. Just let him think about it if he does.*"

"*I'll watch him,*" she confirmed, nodding physically. "*I've learned to do that more carefully by now. I suspect he wants to be rid of me when he can be,*" she muttered mentally.

"*Yes, he does. You will find that desire dimming now that he is not so Light-Side. He will not find your Darkness so unpleasant.*"

"*I'd been considering establishing a mutual interest,*" she mused, looking down at Y'alla and tracing some of her fresher scars. "*After that little incident on Naboo ....*"

"*Yes, that tendency will increase as well.*" It chuckled. "*It would work better with someone who actually enjoys the pain, but she will do as well. It will just take more care and time.*"

"*Mmm ... I don't know that hunting up a pain-slut slave will be all that easy,*" she chuckled. "*Let alone getting the funds from him for one.*"

"*If you can find one, I can arrange for him to 'forget' and leave the money for you to find.*" It chuckled gleefully at the idea. "*You have a valuable pet between your legs too.*"

"*I would rather use a pet I don't have plans for,*" she chuckled, groaning a bit as Y'alla started to pleasure her for the morning and ran her fingers along her lekku. "*She can't have an 'accident' with him until he's a bit more attached to her.*"

"*It will have much more impact,*" it agreed easily and began to fade into the background while the females had their morning pleasure.

Shivasta stood up in front of the gathering of Jedi Knights, some with Padawans of their own, some full-fledged Masters, though few with her experience. Kanna and Jenna were there, along with their Padawans - she didn't like the idea, but the Council had approved their request to rejoin the hunt, and they did have the experience. It was almost comforting to know the hunting party had the extra help, but frankly, it was more disturbing to know that they needed it, badly.

It had been over a month since Toydaria, and they hadn't had a sign of him since.

"As you know," she explained, "Jedi Clawson was captured by the Sith some months ago. Since then, he has been sighted on several worlds by the group of Jedi sent to hunt for him. However, despite killing one of his captors, we have never managed to capture him, and he has begun to fall to the Dark Side.

"However, we are still trying to capture him, rather than kill. It is true that he is beginning to fall, but he is not Sith, and he can be helped. He's sick, and needs to be helped. You've all been equipped with gear that will make it possible to take him prisoner, and you are expected to use it. You will also have to attempt to take his companions prisoner, in all likelihood. One of them is pregnant; she is the most important to capture unharmed. She is most likely one of the worst of the Dark Siders involved, but she is carrying innocent lives." She paused, waiting for any reactions from the assembled Jedi, grateful that the Force made it possible to hide her mental and physical exhaustion from the prolonged, seemingly fruitless, hunt. All they knew was another dozen worlds he wasn't on.

Reactions were about what she had expected; a mixture of disturbed, distressed and determined, but no one who actually objected. She knew Master Zraii would have chosen hunters for a lack of interest in killing Darksiders.

She'd have to remember to thank the Verpine later.

"Each of you have assignments to vessels and search areas. If you encounter the Sharufa, contact the rest of the fleet and begin pursuit. If possible, don't tip them off to your presence. You are hunting a Jedi capable of disabling your ship with a thought."

There were slight nods of understanding. All knew they were here on a dangerous hunt, though most were not personally familiar with Jay.

"Unlike most hunts, this one is likely to end more easily if we can encounter him off the ship." Master Fenrik spoke up as he surveyed the group. "I trust you have all read the profiles provided, both on Jedi Clawson and his captors. Keep them in mind in any encounter."

"If you have to approach to within ten kilometers of the Sharufa, do so only in fighters until it has landed. Getting too close to Jedi Clawson could allow him to shut off life-support on any vessel chasing him; we can't take that risk with non-sensitives," Shivasta informed them. "Are there any questions?"

"Has it been determined whether he was a target of convenience or the subject of plot?" A deep brown Ursine male asked.

"This was definitely targeted at him," Shivasta told the Grizzly. "It was months ago, but they prepared diversionary tactics and assassination attempts for everybody who would be in the way before capturing him."

Several nods greeted that, and an increase in concern.

She and Fenrik looked over the gathering, and without another question pending, dismissed the group to their individual missions.

A few days later, Mina was resting with Jay and Y'alla after another threesome; the three of them comfortably snug in their hotel room.

"Mmm ... Jay?" She murmured, tracing his faint rosettes with her fingertip and delighting in the light ripple of his powerful muscles.

"Yeah?" He nuzzled her, a hand on her growing belly as he enjoyed the feel of his kittens.

She paused for a moment, grunting as the kits inside of her decided to say they liked the attention by planting various limbs against assorted portions of her anatomy.

"I was wondering if you were thinking about where we should go after this?" She asked him.

"Home," he murmured with an indulgent smile for the antics. "A ship big enough to make the trip easy for whoever's coming."

"You've figured out how?" She asked him, cocking her head curiously.

"A fair chunk. It'll take a while to reconfigure the hyperdrive, but it's doable."

"Mmm ... what about the Kraken?" She asked him with a murmur, kissing his neck as he considered it.

"Quite suitable, really." He purred deeply, his mind going over the schematics and just how suitable the ship was to his needs.

"Why don't we see about retrieving him from the Republic then?" She suggested. "He doesn't belong with them, after all."

"He always was mine." Jay grinned dangerously, pleased with the idea, and having a ship that big and dangerous. "A very good use of time."

"Glad you approve," she smiled back, leaning forward to kiss him. "Mmm ... and our kits would be well protected there as well."

"Yes, they would be," Jay rumbled and kissed her back as his hand slid lower to lightly tease between her legs. "And plenty of space so no one goes stir-crazy." He added with a chuckle.

"Yes, that would be good ... especially if we can whip up a bit of a crew to join us." She kissed him, licking his lips. "Mmm ... now, where were we ...."

Jay couldn't help but be pleased that everyone, even those who would normally growl and glare, gave way to him. As much as he didn't like having Mina along in the slave-markets, he did approve of the reaction everyone had to him with her around.

No one would be stupid enough to challenge him, or try to claim her.

Not even the T'surr he saw in control of one of the booths. While it didn't look away or act submissive the way most people did, it was definitely aware of Jay's dominance and that Mina was his.

Jay found indulging her a pleasure in it's own way too. It was how he could indulge his kits while she still carried them.

He would have to find a good midwife Healer, and soon. The Kraken had a medical section that was more than advanced enough, but the crew was an issue.

He was aware of her mind stretching out through the Force, keeping an eye on the slaves in the area as she looked for what she was really interested in. The tabby shecat wasn't just looking at the actual slaves either; she was keeping half a mental eye on some of the customers.

"Ooh, that's interesting," she murmured, cocking her head slightly as she picked up on something. "Jay? What would you think of picking up somebody who actually knows their way around a medbay?"

"Buy or hire?" He focused on her and the direction she was looking.

"Buy," she purred, indicating a lean Raccoon in pleasure slave gear. "He's more than he seems, by far."

Jay licked his whiskers back and reached out with the Force to do his own assessment. She was right; he might not be a full doctor, but there was something more about him, memories of another time and place. He grinned before putting a game face on and walked over to the booth with the Raccoon.

"Greetings sir, how may I help you?" The deep brown Mouse running the booth asked Jay with a friendly smile.

"We're looking for a pet, one into pain." He said easily, his eyes on the Raccoon.

"Well, I can certainly provide you with that," the Mouse said easily, catching Jay's interest and motioning for the Raccoon to come forward. "I assume you don't have any particular bias for gender?"

"Not really," Jay chuckled softly and stepped forward to run his hand along the Raccoon's jaw and neck, judging his reactions.

He churred lightly, pressing into the contact and exposing his throat to further exploration, the lighter fur of his front occasionally broken up with bright nipple piercings, his sex covered barely by a small leather thong.

"Tamil here would be an excellent choice then," the Mouse explained. "He comes from some backwater planet in the Xagobah system, reasonably industrialized but not exposed to the outside all that much. As you can tell with a little exploration," he continued as Jay's fingers brushed along a scar hidden by reddish-grey fur, "he has proven to enjoy playing rough quite a bit. We've actually had to restrain him a few times, to keep him from being damaged goods," he chuckled.

"Very good," Jay licked his muzzle again. "We would like to try him out. If he suits our tastes, we will buy him."

"We have a private room in the back, sir," the Mouse said easily, lifting the barrier for the counter as Tamil gave him a playful pout.

"*The slave would rather we don't bother,*" Mina pointed out to Jay with a slight smirk. "*Though I don't know that we want to make that big a show of ourselves.*"

"He will get along very nicely with my Minervan Mink, then." The tom laughed easily as he and Mina walked back with the Mouse and Raccoon.

"You have another pet, sir?" The Mouse asked.

"Several," Jay answered easily and skimmed the Mouse's mind as they walked the short distance to the private tryout rooms.

He picked up his name easily; Nevin. He could also tell that buying Tamil after this might be interesting; there was another buyer interested in him. At least he didn't seem to be putting too much of a premium on the Raccoon; he was just trying to get a measure of this buyer and figure out how much he could get without upsetting anybody.

It wasn't long before they were at the private room, with a large comfortable bed and a tasteful painting covering the collection of toys and tools Jay knew would be there.

"If you want to test his tolerances, the tools are behind the painting," Nevin explained. "Just don't do anything that leaves permanent damage; you break him, you've bought him."

"Oh, I think we can avoid breaking him," Mina purred.

"We're not that inexperienced." Jay all but smirked before he closed the door and gave Mina a hand undressing.

"Mmm ... thank you," she purred, looking over at Tamil. "So, I know you can talk, pretty-boy ...."

"Yes, Mistress," Tamil said obediently, nodding his head. "However, it is impolite to do so in public without permission."

"Very well," she rumbled, taking her top off, her swollen belly showing clearly that she was carrying a large litter as she sat on the bed. "Mmm ... so, Jay, do we want him to stay dressed for a while, or show us all the goodies right away?"

"You know I prefer to see what I'm playing with." He rumbled and walked up to Tamil to cup the Raccoon's groin and trace his goods before cutting the leather thong off and continuing to feel the pet up. "Go pleasure my mate." He rumbled softly in Tamil's ear.

"Yes, Master," Tamil churred, moving over to the pregnant shecat and kissing her tender breasts, caressing her belly before one of his hands disappeared beneath it and found her clit, drawing a groan of pleasure from the woman about his age. The Raccoon's balls dangled temptingly between his thighs as he raised his striped tail invitingly.

"A good start," Jay chuckled and slid onto the bed to run his hands around Tamil's firm ass before driving his cock into the Raccoon's ass without a thought for preparation.

The cry of pain and pleasure around Mina's nipples sent a rush through both of them, the pregnant Cat reaching between Jay and Tamil to rake his back lightly with her claws.

"So pretty," she purred, moaning as he fingered her sex before she sank her claws into his back, drawing blood from the Raccoon as he moaned shamelessly, milking Jay's barbed cock with his body.

"Oh yes." Jay threw his head back and roared, his seed flooding Tamil's body as the exquisite pleasure of one who truly enjoyed pain rushed through him in a wave as intense as any pleasure.

The Raccoon moaned, his own cock hard as a rock and practically dripping with pre-cum as Mina laid back and spread her legs.

"*When you're done, want to see what sort of toys they've left us?*" She asked Jay mentally.

"*Sure.*" He chuckled and pulled out of Tamil with a raking of his claws along his rump. "*You want him in you, or is that pleasure for me?*"

"*Mmm ... him first,*" she purred as Tamil whimpered pleasantly, welts forming beneath his fur from Jay's claws, her own tracing bloody patterns along his back. "*But let's see what toys they have that might make it more interesting.*"

"*Quite a few, I'm sure.*" He purred and moved the picture to see what was available.

The array of dildoes, blades, needles, cock-rings, and other toys was impressive, even to Jay's experience. He spotted one in particular quickly, a cock ring with stiff barbs on the inside pointing each direction. It didn't look like it would dig in, but it couldn't be overly comfortable to wear.

"Oh, yes." He purred deep in his chest and selected that before turning to the bed again. "On your back." He instructed the Raccoon easily.

"Yes Master," Tamil nodded, rolling onto his back while Mina and Jay compared mental images, finding them distantly similar. It was clear that the Raccoon was familiar with Jay's choice, and eager for it as he held his erect shaft up for the barbed ring.

It won him a look of approval from the tom who quickly locked it in place and played with the positioning to get a feel for the effect.

Tamil bit his lip, trying to stifle a moan of pain as the stiff hairs raked his sensitive cock. Mina purred, shifting to her knees and leaning to kiss him.

"Mmm ... just imagine, being at my mercy with that ring inside of me," she grinned.

"Yes Mistress," Tamil panted excitedly, watching as she moved down to claim a kiss from her mate before straddling his hips and pressing his cock, ring and all, deep inside her with more grace than her state would have indicated while her mate rubbed his chest along her back and nuzzled her neck, his own excitement clear.

The Raccoon cried out as she tightened her body around his shaft and started to ride his cock, working the ring along him, pain and pleasure shooting through his sex.

"I think somebody needs to be filled up," she purred, grinning down at him and tugging at the small rings in his nipples.

"Then I'm plugging that mouth." Jay chuckled and used a bit of Force to shift the pair up so he could drive into the Raccoon's ass without any awkward positioning and began to pound into him, aiming for his prostate.

Tamil cried out again, milking Jay's cock with his ass as his eyes teared up a bit at the pain he was enjoying so thoroughly. Mina leaned back, kissing Jay hungrily as she worked his cock.

"*I think we have ourselves a perfect pet,*" she told him mentally, groaning as the Raccoon's cock grazed her g-spot. "*And toy for him.*"

"*Very much.*" Jay shuddered and almost whimpered himself in the emotional and physical sensations that were rushing over him from his bedmates. "*He is going to be so good.*" He added and slid his arms around his mate to cup and fondle her breasts.

She moaned, leaning back to make a fine display of herself as Tamil reached down to finger her clit beneath her swollen belly, his cock hard as a rock, his teary eyes shining with pleasure.

"You may come, as long as you can still perform afterwards." Jay told him as the tom pressed up against Mina's back and buried his nose in her rich red hair as he grunted, close to the edge so quickly it startled him.

"Yes Ma-aaah!" Tamil cried out, almost screaming as his cock throbbed, the barbs around his shaft digging in painfully as he pumped his seed deep into his Mistress' sex, the shecat moving her body up and down his length even faster as she savored the feeling, and the pain each movement caused the slave.

She wasn't at all ignorant of the way the fact that he enjoyed that pain affected her mate either. For all Jay was turned off by pain in someone who didn't honestly enjoy it, what it did for him when the victim did was a rush of its own.

She'd have no problems working with him in this environment until he didn't care about whether they enjoyed it or not.

Then Jay's roar near her ear shattered her concentration as he came hard, his claws digging into her breasts slightly.

"*Gentle,*" she warned him mentally, just before her own body spasmed in orgasm, milking Tamil's shaft as she moaned. She wanted to encourage Jay's sadism, but not towards her.

She felt the apology from him, even though he wasn't capable of forming words in the intensity of pleasure rushing threw him.

"*Want to play more, or take him home?*" Jay murmured as he nuzzled her and gently massaged her full breasts as he panted, coming down from the triple orgasm.

"*Mmm ... you did offer to take his mouth first,*" Mina pointed out. "*But after that, I think we should introduce him to the others.*"

"*As you wish.*" He chuckled easily and pulled out of their soon-to-be pet to climb to the head of the bed. He tipped Tamil's head back and smiled when the Raccoon opened his mouth eagerly.

The younger Raccoon nuzzled his master's balls, then took him deep into his throat as Mina kept milking his shaft, purring hungrily.

"Mmm ... that's a good look for him," she purred and leaned forward, kissing Jay tenderly. "And you are enjoying this," she added with a grin.

"Very much." He shivered and moaned deeply as he lowered his head to nuzzle and lick her swollen breasts and slid his fingers under her large belly to tease her sex and clit while she road their soon-to-be-pet.

The Raccoon whimpered pleasantly, thrusting up into his mistress and pleasuring his master with his mouth and tongue, his cock in absolute agony that he was enjoying completely.

"And he's all ours," Mina moaned, caressing Jay's neck and shoulders. "Ooh ...."

"Yes," he purred deeply, thrusting into Tamil's mouth as he soaked up the pleasure in the room, especially the pleasure derived from pain. It was an intoxicant that he'd never experienced so fully before and knew he was already addicted to.

The Raccoon beneath them reached up, taking Jay's hips and helping him thrust deep into his throat, the skilled muscles working him hard and fast, practically begging him for his seed.

It was a desire that Jay would be hard-pressed to resist normally. With the intensity of the pleasure, the pain, of Mina's full body before him and his kittens so clear to him in the Force and the physical, he didn't even try.

He roared in abandon, feeding his seed to the male under him.

Tamil drank his Master's cum desperately, pumping his own into his Mistress' body as his breath washed over Jay's balls from his nose, Mina moaning as she came again, her body sweaty and mostly spent by the time she was done.

"Mmm, that's a good look for you." Jay grinned after they'd recovered and pulled out of Tamil's mouth with a kiss for his mate.

"Mmm ... and you," she purred, pulling off of Tamil and looking down at his shaft, a little blood trickling down him courtesy of the ring. "And especially good for him," she grinned, undoing the ring and licking some of the blood and her juices off of his cum-covered length as the Raccoon smiled shyly.

"Thank you, Masters," he rumbled, groaning at the attention from Mina.

"We will be your new owners soon." Jay told the Raccoon with a smile and got up from the bed to head for the compact sonic shower for a quick clean up, Mina following him.

"I think he'll do very nicely," she purred, climbing into the shower behind him. "And he has medical training, I'm sure of it."

"Yes," Jay nodded and shook his fur out under sonic vibrations. "Not enough to replace a Healer for you, but a useful addition in many ways."

"And he can help us with emergencies ... work on his own injuries," she chuckled, cleaning her fur out. "Mmm ... don't think the kits like these any more than you do," she mused, putting a hand on her belly and stepping out.

"I'm not surprised," he chuckled easily and followed her back into the room to dress. "Tamil, clean up and get dressed while we negotiate your price."

"Yes, Master," the Raccoon nodded eagerly, fetching his bottom and heading in to the shower.

"I think he's been a little too enthusiastic for most," Mina purred, following Jay out to negotiate with the Mouse - only to find a Rat there, arguing with him.

Jay reached out instinctively into both their minds to find out what was going on.

The name he picked up on immediately was one that was familiar; Keval. So, this was the Rat who had so much trouble with Janos.

"Look, Nevin, you know Kobba was interested in that 'Coon. What do you mean another pair of buyers is looking at him?"

"Just what I said, Keval," the Mouse said, looking up into the Rat's eyes defiantly. "Look, I run a fair stall here - that means Kobba doesn't own my stock until he's paid for it, just like anybody else. Somebody else comes by, they might make me a better offer than he does."

"Be careful, or I just might make Kobba an offer for you." Jay sneered at the Rat, already planning a very painful demise and knowing full well Keval was free now.

"Who the fuck are you?" The Rat asked Jay with a return sneer. It was clear that he wasn't in a particularly good mood, but his mind was weak. It wouldn't be hard at all to convince him to go somewhere he'd be more vulnerable.

"The Raccoon's new owner." Jay said simply and stepped up to go face to face with Keval, a clear signal to Nevin to step back and wait for the customers to settle things.

The Mouse did just that, backing off and waiting for them.

"Yeah? Well unless you've paid Nevin off already, that isn't guaranteed yet, is it?" Keval sneered back, looking up at Jay without a trace of fear in his eyes.

His mind, on the other hand, was another issue. He knew Jay was probably stronger than him, and the scar on his face and missing piece of ear added to his menacing appearance.

It was a reaction that the tom did everything he could to enhance short of outright mind control.

"Well, now, that is true." Jay acknowledged. "On the other hand, I know Kobba is interested in him as a business investment and that severely limits the price he's willing to pay. Also, since you are here, he's not so interested that he came himself or summoned Nevin to deal."

"It just happens to be that I'm somebody he trusts. More than he can say about most of the people here," the Rat pointed out.

And, of course, that made him somebody Kobba valued, somebody Kobba would protect ... in his mind.

Jay knew better. Hutt didn't protect anyone but themselves. At least not against someone like him, who could make a serious bid for power by killing most and buying out the rest.

"So what's he offering for the 'Coon?" Jay cut to the chase.

Nevin started to respond, only to be cut off by the tom. He wanted Keval to answer.

"Kobba's offering seventy five to start," the Rat told Nevin, trying to sidestep the insult of being treated like the errand boy he was.

"And to end?" Jay snorted, dismissing the amount as nothing. Which it was, to him.

"Yeah? Well what's your offer?" Keval asked him with a snarl.

Jay cocked his head, regarding the Rat for a moment and dug into his mind for the answer. Then turned to Nevin with a suitably outrageous outbid by doubling it. "Two-fifty."

"T-two ...." Nevin's eyes were wide as saucers, a look that the Raccoon standing behind them with Mina matched for a moment.

"Sold," Nevin said quickly, knowing already that Keval couldn't beat that price without really pissing his boss off. There was no way the Hutt would pay that much for a hooker, not even for a pain-slut like Tamil.

"Hold it," the Rat protested despite that fact ... but he knew he didn't have much he could say about it.

Jay simply smirked and pressed a Hutt cred-stick to Nevin's and accepted the controller for the kill-switch in exchange.

"This isn't over, bastard," Keval growled.

"*Mina, why don't you take our new pet home while I deal with the Rat.*" Jay didn't even glance at his mate. "I'm sure it isn't." He grinned dangerously. "The Miklar pack doesn't forget, or forgive, after all."

"*Yes, dear,*" Mina purred. "*Mmm ... bring home footage, if you can?*"

"*Or you can join me when he's busy with Misha.*" Jay chuckled mentally.

"*I'll be there,*" she promised, mentally grinning more than he could ever remember her doing as she led Tamil out.

"Miklar ... what do you know about that bastard Wolf?" Keval asked with a growl. "He put you up to this, tryin' to make me look bad?"

"Hardly," Jay laughed easily. "Janos is my mate."

"Well, maybe I should send your boyfriend a message then," Keval muttered, reaching down towards his pocket.

"It's not going to work," Jay said calmly. "We are going to leave the market with this before it gets messy." He ordered with the bare touch of Force required to make the Rat obey.

"Yeah ... you're not worth it," Keval muttered, turning and starting to stalk away.

Jay smiled faintly and left as well, keeping a mental eye on the Rat and gradually steering him into the slums and then further down in a somewhat aimless wander that would put him into the kill zone Jay'd cleared a few days before.

As Keval recognized where he was, he started looking around more carefully, pulling his blaster out. It was clear he was expecting trouble.

Just not trouble that could shut him down completely.

"*Into the building.*" Jay told the Rat's subconscious mind. "*Safety in there.*"

It was always so much easier to get them when you were suggesting something they were already inclined towards.

Keval started to make his way into an abandoned building, his eyes everywhere but on the door as he made sure there wasn't anything already there waiting to ambush him.

Of course, Jay had already made sure there wasn't. At least not until Mina arrived and they entered themselves. He had no intention of letting anyone, or anything, spoil his fun.

Keval continued in, scoping the place out and making a tour of it that was distinctly familiar to the ones Jay usually made of a new place.

He'd be busy for some time.

"*Everything ready, dear?*" Mina asked Jay mentally.

"*Yes,*" he rumbled back. "*Ready to play?*"

"*Just tell me where to meet you,*" she purred, more excited than she'd been even while they were playing with Tamil. "*Our new pet is getting himself acquainted with the others.*"

"*We should have some very relaxed pets when we get back.*" He grinned over his shoulder to where her mental voice was coming from and sent her the location.

"*Agreed,*" she chuckled. "*I'll have a good cab bring me down there, don't think we want to fill Janos in until we can bring him a memento.*"

"*Not with what I have in mind.*" Jay licked his whiskers back and rumbled in excitement as he waited patiently for his mate to come and the games to begin.

Janos shook his head in bemusement at what the three actual pleasure slaves did for introductions and left them to their fun. He had to admit that the Raccoon was attractive, and definitely enjoyed pain more than Y'alla. It would likely be a welcome break for the Twi'lek. She had too many new scars already.

At least she seemed to have some taste for it ... giving, and receiving, to judge by the sounds coming from the room she, Misha, and Tamil were playing in.

Vondra, on the other hand, had been polite but declined to join them. Instead, the white-furred shewolf was out on the balcony, looking a little worried in the same dress she'd been wearing their first night at the hotel.

She was still just as stunning in it too. It did things to him he thought he was long past.

Getting the dress off her wasn't on his mind when he walked up behind her and slid his arms around her to nuzzle her ear.

"Whatcha thinking about?"

"Uhm ... things I probably shouldn't be," she admitted, blushing a bit beneath her fur. "It's not my place anymore ...."

"Then it's probably mine," he murmured and tipped her head up for a gentle lick along her muzzle. "Talk to me."

"It's about Master Jay," she admitted, pressing back against Janos. "He's ... I'm a little scared of him," she admitted. "And Mi-Mistress Mina."

"He'd never hurt you," he murmured softly. "And Mina has more survival sense than to try."

"I never thought he'd show up in bed covered in blood either," Vondra pointed out. "Has he ever ... done that before?""

"Not with me, but he has before," he nodded. "Usually it's in the field though, where you wouldn't be. It just means he got into a big fight and is too worn out to clean up before resting."

"Oh," she said, ducking her head and blushing beneath her fur. "I'd thought that he might have ... being Mistress Mina's mate and all, I wasn't sure how close their tastes were ...."

"He's into pain more than I am, but not nearly like she is." He nuzzled her lightly. "Jay's a warrior, like me. Blood usually means a fight, not sex."

"I'm sorry," she murmured, returning the nuzzle. "It was just ... bad timing, I guess. You two went hunting, he disappeared, then shows up a few days later all covered in blood, I guess I thought the wrong thing."

"Just remember it next time. He will likely do it again."

"I will, Master," she nodded. "Just not used to waking up to that," she smiled a little weakly, before looking back out off the balcony, across at one of the other nearby buildings. "It's been quieter than I expected."

"How so?" He nuzzled the crook of her neck and looked to where she was looking.

"Vondrich," she explained. "He wouldn't give up like this, not normally. I'd expected him to try something by now."

"He'll try, and he'll fail." Janos assured her. "It's how things will be."

"I hope so," she murmured. "He's persistent though. To be taking this long, he's probably working on something -" She was cut off by something zinging through between their muzzles, shattering the window behind them. She turned, her eyes wide with panic, before another shot caught her shoulder and sent her spinning to the ground, a plume of red from the wound spraying blood around the balcony.

Janos' ears flattened as he grabbed her and rolled into the room, his first focus on stopping the blood flow and immediate threat to her life.

Three more shots ripped through the curtain and into the floor, tracing his movement before he got the two of them out of the way, the last shot ripping his pants with a near miss. Some quick healing work and the worst of the bleeding had stopped, leaving Vondra whimpering in pain and clutching the wound.

The first miss had probably saved her life; if she hadn't twisted to see what had happened, the next shot probably would have gone straight through at least one vital organ instead of the meat of her shoulder. She was trembling, terrified and in pain, but she would live through it now.

Which left Janos free to deal with whoever had just volunteered to die painfully.

"I'm going to deal with that bastard." He growled and stood, pulling his lightsaber out and hit the balcony at a full Force-run, using its power and his own momentum to make it to the next rooftop and on towards the assassin's location, already locked in his mind.

It didn't take long to make it there, though he knew that he'd pissed off more than one guy in an air car on the way who'd made a convenient landing point. There was a Verpine there, the emerald-green insectoid chittering in a panic and bringing its crystalline shattergun around to aim at the Wolf it had been sent to kill, one of the glittering darts snapping by Janos' head, blood spraying from the shallow wound it tore in his skin.

It wasn't even painful enough to make the Wolf blink as he shifted out of the way of the next two crystalline darts in the volley and landed on the roof with the Verpine and a deadly intent.

It wasn't even a real fight; the Verpine only had the shattergun, and had been expecting to snipe both hir targets from a distance. Instead, shi got one more shot off, the gun making a loud snapping sound as the round went wild before Janos' lightsaber removed the insectoid's hands with the weapon still in it.

Next off came its forelimbs, cauterized by the weapon so it wouldn't die right away while the Wolf hacked off bits at a time.

At some point, he traded the lightsaber for the more satisfying tooth and claw, not stopping until the Verpine was practically in properly sized chunks to go into a stew. Wiping green ichor from his clothes, he spat at the remains of the assassin, satisfied that he'd dealt out a properly painful compensation for the attack on his pet.

And, with a little luck, left a message that Vondrich would understand.

He shook his fur out and gathered the Force again to go back to the hotel the way he'd left. It was better than walking into the lobby like this.

By the time he was back on the balcony, he could see a droid in the room working with Vondra, feel the anxiety and near-panic in the room. For a moment, his defensive response was to take the droid apart, especially when heard a pained whimper as it probed her shoulder to make sure the projectile wasn't in her, but he quickly controlled it.

The butler was watching the droid carefully, Misha and Y'alla very nearly panicked as they huddled together and watched with the Hound. Tamil seemed the most at ease with the situation, though it was clear to see that the Raccoon felt useless at the moment.

Janos walking in provided him with an obvious outlet for his impulses, and he was quickly at the Wolf's side.

"Are you injured, Master?" He asked.

"No," he shook his head slightly, but didn't object in the least to the Raccoon's knowledgeable touch as he closed the distance to Vondra and put a gentle hand on her good shoulder. "It's been dealt with, pet." He spoke softly. "It's over."

"No," she murmured, starting to relax as the med-droid injected her with a painkiller and sedative. "It's just beginning."

"Not once I get done with him, it's not." He promised, utterly determined to make it true. "He is not going to get another chance at you."

"Good," she murmured, drifting off thanks to the drug, her body going mostly limp.

"I have treated her for her injuries and for possible shock," the droid explained, looking up at Janos and scanning him. "Do you wish your own injures to be cared for? They are minor, but it would not be any trouble."

"I'll tend them myself." He said easily and picked Vondra up to take her to bed. Of all the times for Jay to be off hunting on his own.

"Very well," the droid nodded, trundling out of the room as Janos carried his pet into their room, the butler and Tamil working to calm the others down and get them into a better defended area.

"Hey, Janos?" Jay poked his head into the master bedroom to look at the Wolf holding a silent vigil over his pet.

"Hey," the Wolf said softly, stroking Vondra's hair softly as she slept off the sedative's effect and her rush from before. "You two have fun?"

"Sort of, what happened here?" He focused on what was clearly still wrong and walked in to sit on the bed next to Vondra and checked her condition himself.

"Vondra's old boyfriend decided to express his displeasure with our discussion," Janos growled. "Hired hit with a Verpine shattergun. She got damned lucky," he sighed. For the first time since Jay'd met him, he felt something unusual from the Wolf mixed in with his understandable anger; regret.

"I guess there's another head I need to retrieve, then." Jay murmured and leaned forward to nuzzle his mate lightly, a little bemused by how calm and centered he felt inside over the idea. "Is there anything left of the hitman?"

"Only if you're interested in Verpine stew," the Wolf muttered, returning the nuzzle lightly. "Frankly, I wouldn't bother with the pieces. And Jay? You're not retrieving that head," Janos said seriously.

"Are you going to wait until she's healed?" He glanced up. "You can trust me to take care of her while you hunt."

"Waiting until she's awake again at least," Janos said simply. "Want her to know it'll all be okay. And I want Vondrich to have enough time to hear about his hitman and get scared," he added with a growl, his anger nearly palpable.

"If leaving her with Mina was even possibly an option, I'd want to come with you." Jay rumbled, somewhat disturbed by his own excitement at Janos' rage and the Darkness it drew to him.

"I'm not leaving her alone here with her for an instant," Janos told him firmly. "I don't think she'd try anything, but I'm not taking the chance. I can handle Vondrich and his goons; be good to make sure I'm still in stalking form."

"I have no doubt you can; I just love a good kill." Jay licked the Wolf's muzzle appeasingly. "And Mina has no place anywhere near her. Part of why Tamil's with us. He's got a real taste for her kind of play, and he's got some medical training on top of it."

"And he's cute," Janos chuckled, returning the lick. "So, how'd your day go? Mina mentioned that this time I'd want details, but didn't say anything more."

"We ran into an old 'friend' of yours, who had the bad sense to pick a fight with me over who was going to buy that cute 'Coon." Jay chuckled a bit. "He lost more than his tail this time."

"Keval?" Janos asked, his ears perking up a bit. "Well, about time somebody got rid of him. Hope you found a way to do it that won't have Kobba wanting our heads?"

"I took him down to where the 'vrblther' slaughtered everyone. Plus he's only working for him, not indebted to him now." Jay nodded.

"If it was anybody else but Keval, I'd be worried, but I'll make an exception for that ass. He didn't cause any serious trouble in the market, did he?" The Wolf asked him with a bit of a nuzzle.

"No, he just ended up making one Mouse very happy over the price for that 'Coon." He snickered. "He had the bright idea to shoot me, which was when he stopped being in control of his own ideas."

"I'm guessing that was after you told him about me?" Janos guessed. "By the way, Tamil is it? He looks to be getting along real well with the others. Attentive guy too; when I got back, about the only thing keeping him from being on Vondra and trying to patch her up himself was the droid in his way."

"He has medical training, and that's very good to hear." Jay nodded. "He's also a serious masochist. I was hoping that he'd take some of the pressure off Y'alla, since both our pets are strictly off limits to Mina."

"I made that clear to Vondra earlier, in case it came up," he nodded. "Wasn't sure about Misha, though I'm sure they play when there isn't pain involved." Janos chuckled. "You should've seen the mood that Minervan Mink was in when you were out hunting. I think she almost managed to break the butler's composure a couple times."

"What, she didn't jump you?" Jay winked at him. "She's got someone who can keep up with her now. I think at least."

"Even Wolves slow down once in a while," Janos chuckled, shaking his head. "Her, I think even if she was as drugged up as Vondra here she'd be trying to fuck somebody."

"Or at least sprawled out with her legs spread in case somebody might get the idea." He snickered and licked Janos' cheek suggestively. "She does keep the others content when we want a little time to ourselves."

"That she does," Janos rumbled, kissing Jay lightly. "Speaking of which ... mmm ... you mind playing with Vondra in here yet? Promise I won't interrupt us the instant she wakes up," he teased lightly.

"I don't mind," he chuckled into the kiss and slid over into Janos' lap to wrap his arms around the Wolf's neck. "I've missed you."

"Mmm ... missed you too," Janos rumbled, kissing him and pulling him back down onto the large bed. "Now, why don't we see about getting reacquainted?"

"I like that idea," Jay nuzzled him and claimed a deep kiss as his hands explored his lover's upper body. "Game to be under me this time?"

"Mmm ... just take it slow, and leave us like this, and I'm game," the Wolf rumbled, far more at ease with the idea than he had been just a month or two ago.

"No problem," he rumbled and pulled Janos' shirt up to nuzzle the thick gray fur. "You know I want you comfortable."

"I know," Janos murmured, pulling his shirt off the rest of the way and starting to work on Jay's. "You're the only guy who gets even this far," he murmured, kissing the older tom between his ears as he nuzzled his chest.

He could feel the honor Jay felt at that statement, and the tom's determination to not do anything to disrespect that trust.

"Why don't I start with something a little more natural?" Jay purred and slid off the Wolf's lap to nuzzle his groin.

"Now that I won't argue with at all," Janos grinned, reaching down to open up his pants as he spread his legs for the tom to settle between. "Going to have to get these patched," he observed, noticing the tear in them from the attack for the first time.

"Something to keep our butler busy with, so Misha doesn't scare him anymore." Jay snickered and nuzzled the Wolf's heavy balls before drawing one into his mouth to be carefully lavished with attention.

"Mmm ... or we just tell him he can play too," Janos rumbled, reaching down to fondle Jay's undamaged ear and the back of his head. "Damn that's good ...."

"*I'm sure Misha would appreciate it.*" Jay answered silently so his mouth could continue to work the furry orb in his mouth.

Janos groaned, pressing his crotch up into Jay's mouth, the kat's rough tongue working his balls as the Wolf's cock hardened quickly.

"Mmm, that's better." Jay grinned as he let the furry mass slide from his mouth to rub his face against the hard length of furless flesh. "Nice and hard and musky."

"Mmm ... yeah, but you're the only one who gets to play like this," Janos teased with a lusty rumble. "Get up here ...."

Jay grinned and gave the Wolf's smooth shaft a long nuzzle as he shed his own pants to reveal that he was more than ready to play as he shifted around to offer his cock to his mate's mouth even as the Wolf's disappeared into his own.

Janos groaned, muffling the sound quickly with Jay's barbed cock, lapping at it briefly before he swallowed the thick, musky length into his long muzzle, rumbling deeply as they worked each other with a familiarity that belied the short time they'd actually known each other.

While he worked, Jay called a bottle of the special lube to him and began to work his mate's ass open, stretching him gently and slowly.

He could feel the habitual tension in the Wolf, but it wasn't nearly as strong as it used to be. Instead, he got a groan of pleasure, a warm, skilled mouth suckling his cock as a thick finger pressed up into his bowels.

He rumbled in pleasure around the cock he was working on and lightly brushed one finger against the Wolf's prostate, eager to get him off now that the Wolf was ready to be taken.

Lupine pre filled his mouth, just before Janos groaned deeply, pumping his seed up into his hungry maw, suckling his barbed shaft desperately.

It was a desire that Jay had little resistance to and he let go, flooding his mate's mouth even as he eagerly swallowed Janos' come.

Soon, the Wolf's balls stopped twitching, and he was licking Jay's shaft clean with a satisfied rumble.

"Mmm ... damn that's hot," he grinned, licking Jay's balls and the furless pucker of his ass playfully.

"Yes, it is." He purred and nuzzled Janos' cleaned cock even as he gently pulled away to shift around. "Ready?" He gently urged his mate to his back and played his fingers along his cock with one hand while the other coated his own cock with the special lube that would make it a smooth shaft penetrating the Wolf.

"As I'll ever be," Janos nodded, making sure Vondra was comfortable and they'd have room, giving her an affectionate lick before spreading his legs.

Jay nodded and ran his fingers along the Wolf's cock as he pressed into his body with a slow motion, ready to stop or back out if he went too fast.

Janos groaned, his body stretching to accept the thick intruder, squeezing down around it as he reached up to wrap his arms around Jay's neck and pull him down for a kiss that was accepted and returned as the tom began to thrust.

"*Force, you are hot.*" Jay shuddered, close to the edge despite having just come. Being inside a male who rarely bottomed always did this to him, and that wasn't changing.

"Company," Janos managed to get out between his teeth, groaning as Jay hit his prostate again, his own cock getting hard again a bit more slowly.

A few sharp breaths later and Jay roared, his head thrown back as he came hard deep inside his mate.

Janos groaned, milking Jay's cock, but still not quite ready himself.

Still, the bouncing on the bed and the noise were enough to get through Vondra's half-drugged stupor, and the shewolf started to come to, blinking her eyes to the bleary vision of her Master, his tongue lolling out of his mouth with bliss, being fucked hard by Jay.

Of all the weird things she experienced in this pack, that one she wasn't ready for. She gasped sharply, her eyes going wide as she half sat up.

"Ngh ... mornin'," Janos grunted. "*Jay? Game for ... oooh ... adding her?*" He was pretty close, he was sure, but if Jay was up for it ....

"Oh yes." The tom's gaze locked on her body, the eagerness to touch and pleasure her clear to them both.

"Mmm ... Vondra? Want to join us?" Janos asked her, putting his hands on Jay's hips to stop him until the shewolf had decided and was in place. "Just between us, with me inside you."

She looked nervously at Jay and his lustful look at her, not quite sure what to make of the way the tom quickly controlled himself.

"I won't do anything you don't agree to." He promised softly, a low sound of pleasure from the way Janos' body was still working him.

"Al-all right." She nodded, still not quite sure what Janos had in mind.

Janos pressed Jay up, stroking his shaft lightly with one hand and motioning with his head for Vondra to take him into her. "C'mon, pet," he smiled warmly. "Me in you, Jay in me."

She nodded and moved to straddle him, first across the chest and then slid back until she could reach between her legs to feel his hard cock and guided it into her body with a soft sound of pleasure.

"Oh yes," Janos groaned, drawing her close for a kiss, pulling Jay tight against her back. "Now this is incredible," he rumbled into her mouth.

The tom behind her whimpered softly. "Vondra ... may I touch?" He nuzzled her upper back, his hands at a loss as to what to touch with her off limits and Janos buried inside her.

"Yes, Master Jay." She murmured as she lifted her body up to give her Master an enticing view of her late-adolescent body as she road him.

She gasped in surprise as he cupped her breasts and kneaded them, her nipples between his fingers, before she relaxed into the touch and let it feel good.

Janos caressed her hips with his own hands, moaning as the two started to move in and along his body, his cock throbbing in time with his heartbeat, his ass milking Jay's shaft as Vondra's body milked his own.

He had to admit, watching his mate feel his pet up, her pleasure at the surprisingly gentle touch, was nearly as intense as the double-pleasure of their bodies working his own.

"So good." Jay murmured and leaned forward a little more to nuzzle Vondra's back. "*Think she's up for it?*" He asked silently with an image of him in her ass instead of Janos'.

"*No,*" Janos responded firmly, along with the mental image of her reaction to his attempts, let alone how she'd handle Jay.

Just then, he let out a low groan, leaning his head back as he pumped his seed into Vondra's sex, his ass milking Jay's needily.

"Oh, yeah!" Jay cried out and let himself go, filling Janos' ass again as he rubbed Vondra's breasts and pressed against her back as he came.

Janos kept grinding up against Vondra, then back against Jay, enjoying the feeling of both their bodies as his knot swelled up inside his pet and Jay recovered enough to begin to thrust again.

"Mmm ... are you sure it's going to be another two months?" Mina asked Jay, groaning pleasantly as Tamil rubbed her feet. "I feel like they're going to end up popping out and taking me with them at this rate."

"Unless things go odd because of the cross-breeding, yes." He nodded seriously. "It is time to find a good midwife Healer to tend to you both. Tami can't be more than a couple weeks away by now."

"Lucky her," Mina murmured. "Any ideas how to find one? You haven't been interested in hitting the Market while Janos is off hunting that Vondrich fellow."

"A sensitive Healer with midwife training?" He shook his head. "Those kind aren't slaves for sale, we'll have to hire one. It's mostly a matter of checking listings and finding someone who has the qualifications and doesn't mind an exclusive contract for a few months."

"And sorting through a lot who aren't really sensitives," Mina pointed out. "A lot of 'em don't know it, and I don't know all the orders and traditions in the area that might be mentioned."

"But I do." He said softly, a reminder of just what he could do with a couple hours and a networked computer. "What is more important is what you want in one, besides the basic requirements."

"Mammalian," Mina said easily, flexing her toes with a bit of a groan, enjoying Tamil's attentions and the playful lick he gave her ankle. "And a non-pred."

That raised an eyebrow, and Jay's displeasure. "Non-pred?"

"Just a preference," she said, shrugging slightly. "If it was a Cat that'd be one thing, but not a Wolf or something like that."

Jay nodded. "Anything else you want in one?"

"Somebody who isn't going to take it upon herself to make sure the cubs are 'rescued' from their parents," Mina growled lowly.

"There's a reason I won't call a Jedi." He grumbled, his belief that they were the most qualified clear. "Being on board the Kraken will help cool off any bright ideas like that."

"Here's hoping, though midwives are known to have a track-record of being stupid when it comes to children with potential," Mina murmured, Tamil nuzzling the insides of her thighs lightly to try and distract her from her mood. "Mmm ... I think that should do, probably. Though obviously, her skills at healing will be more important than her telepathic skills."

Especially if what Mina was starting to sense from her children was true.

"True," he nodded and stood. "We'll just have to keep an eye on her. I'll see about finding her, while you 'relax'." He chuckled lightly.

"Mmm ... sounds good to me," Mina purred, looking down at Tamil and flexing her claws as the Raccoon shivered in anticipation.

Jay just chuckled and shook his head as he headed out to start his search. That 'Coon was well worth his price for the peace he brought to the house. Mina had found what she needed and now she left everyone else in peace most of the time.

Y'alla still ended up cut sometimes, but not nearly as often, and she'd managed to get out some of her frustrations by giving Tamil what he wanted sometimes.

Fortunately, all the pets were currently occupied, Janos was out hunting up news on Vondrich and giving the Wolf hell, and Mina and Tamil would be busy for a long time.

Plenty of time for him to work.

He sat down at the desk in the study and began to pull up search criteria. Midwife Healer, Force-sensitive, feline, female, not Jedi.

It wasn't a long list; most people didn't list all those criteria. But it was long enough that he'd be busy for a while contacting them and doing the background research to eliminate any that had too many ties to the Jedi or other dangerous behavior.

He wasn't sure how long he'd been working before the door to his room slid open, a lean, slinky figure slipping in.

"Master?" Misha asked him softly.

"Worn Y'alla out already?" He chuckled in tolerant amusement for his pet's sex drive even though he didn't look up.

"Mmm ... she wanted to go shopping, I didn't think you'd mind," Misha smiled. "What are you working on?"

"No," he agreed easily as the computer continued to work its cross-referencing magic on the list that just kept getting shorter. "Trying to find a suitable midwife for our pregnant felines."

"Ah. Long, dull, slow work?" She guessed, moving closer and looking over his shoulder, draping her arms around his neck to nuzzle his undamaged cheek.

"Mostly watching the computer make names go away before I go talk to them." He nodded and nuzzled her back. "Not something I have to pay that much attention too." He rumbled lightly and shifted the chair back a bit to give her room in front of him.

"Mmm ... then perhaps Master would like a distraction while he waits?" She nearly purred, slinking around in front of him, kissing his collarbone, then down his body towards his crotch, kneeling mostly under the table as he spread his legs and stroked her hair as she undid his pants to nuzzle the velvety fur covering his sheath and balls.

"You won't hear me objecting." He purred deeply.

"Good," she grinned up at him, licking his sheath slowly to a low sound of approval and pleasure. "I've been known to have selective hearing about that sort of thing anyways," she teased.

"Such a nympho little Mink." He chuckled and lightly rubbed her small, rounded ears while he relaxed back and enjoyed her attentions. "You were a good choice."

She beamed at the praise, then licked around the entrance to his sheath. "Mmm ... would Master like me on his lap, then to get these attentions while he works?" She asked him, her eyes twinkling at the thought of him calling the contacts while she was sucking him off.

It was a thought that drew a groan of anticipation nearly as strong from him as he didn't resist the flow of her desires.

"You have a very dirty mind, my pet." Jay rumbled with a grin for her.

"And you adore it," she grinned, slipping up to rub her moist pussy lips against his sheath, coaxing his cock out while she kissed him. "Mmm ...."

"Almost as much as you do." He grinned and wrapped his arms around her, drawing her into a heated kiss as he grabbed her ass and pulled her into position to take his now hard cock deep into her body. "Ohhh, yeah."

She moaned lustily, milking his cock.

"Mmm ... so much better," she groaned, rubbing his back as he assisted her movements to make it as good for her as it was for him.

He leaned back and slid down in the chair a bit. It limited his thrusts to an extent, but it allowed them him to be buried even deeper into her hot, wet, eager body.

"So hot." He groaned and pulled her hips against his hard.

She kissed him hungrily, savoring the feel of his barbs and hardness inside her body. She bore down hard as she pulled up, then dropped on him quickly, moaning into his mouth. She was relishing every moment she had with a master who enjoyed her so much, and even more, valued her as more than just a warm hole to fuck. It was heaven to have one that truly enjoyed playing and her sense of fun.

Her master, too, was in heaven and not the least bit shy about letting her know he enjoyed her efforts as he took her hard, eventually working his head down to her breasts to lavish them with attention.

She threw her head back, her pale throat exposed as she cried out, her body spasming around his shaft, milking him desperately as she came.

She whimpered in anticipation when he held himself back, knowing he was going to wear her down into boneless puddle of pleasure before she'd kneel between his knees again to suck on him while he spoke with the various midwives left on this list.

One of Vondrich's guards looked around at his surroundings suspiciously, watching for any signs of activity. The Wolf had doubled his security in the past couple weeks, since things started getting strange. Rumor had it that customers were turning up scared and taking their business elsewhere, shipments of slaves had been freed or re-routed to other dealers, basically everything that could go wrong in the business was.

And it had Vondrich increasingly infuriated and scared.

The lean Ringtail guard was just lucky he wasn't assigned to one of the shipments. That was a job that was practically suicide these days.

Before he even had the chance to realize the irony of his last thoughts, his brain processed the sound of a lightsaber flaring to life just in time for his head to roll away from his shoulders.

Janos extinguished his lightsaber, jumping back up out of the skylight he'd come down through.

One guard down, a dozen to go. Then he'd be after Vondrich himself. He waited a few moments, just long enough for the security cameras to swivel around and find the decapitated guard....

The alarms sounded, and the Wolf smirked in satisfaction as he started moving towards the edge of the building, getting ready to stalk his real prey. That should make this a bit easier.

Guards rushed towards the fallen one, searching the area as Janos slipped from one hiding place to another. When he could get one of them alone, he would finish them off, enjoying the game of cat and mouse with the reasonably well trained security forces almost as much as the combat itself.

With a half-dozen additional kills to his tally, he decided to end the game, and dropped down beneath a column suspending the lookout post from the roof of the building he was working his way into, another hotel that was better known than the Azine for being a place to hide and keep your ass out of the line of fire.

They were going to hate him here after the night was over.

If they ever figured out who he was at least.

If they ever figured out who he was at least. Not that it'd be too hard; once he got close enough, he wasn't going to be too worried about cameras. If they didn't catch him, great. If they did, he didn't really care.

He just wanted Vondrich dead.

He climbed down the support, moving slowly enough he wouldn't slip or be spotted, but quickly enough that he made good time. When he reached the next roof, he dropped down behind the cameras, ripping them off their supports telekinetically and sending them careening down towards the ground hundreds of meters below.

"Hey!" A guard looked out of a nearby hatch, making the mistake of drawing Janos' attention. The next sound he made was a panicked squawk as his head was grabbed from a distance and he was yanked out of the hatch, followed by several grunts and groans of pain as he was slammed against the side of the roof.

The sickening 'crack' as his neck and several ribs snapped was Janos' cue to stop, but the Wolf continued for a couple more hits, just to be safe. He pulled a grappler out of his belt, tying the end around the guard's ankle, and reaching out through the Force to sense Vondrich's presence. The Wolf probably had no clue how easy he was to find; somebody without the glow of a sensitive, but with the faint, palpable aura of menace and arrogance that a true Dark Sider held.

Finding him, Janos smirked. There was a window nearby, blaster and penetration resistant.

Anchoring the grapple, he threw the guard off the edge, letting him dangle just outside the window.

He grinned at the spike of fear he felt run through his target as he saw him, then looked up as another alarm went off, this one different.

Vondrich was calling his guards to him.

Janos chuckled and shook his head, igniting his saber. He'd wait until they were all down, then go through the few floors separating him from his target the fast way.

Vondrich knew as soon as he saw the guard dangling outside the window with his neck at an unnatural angle that the reason for all his troubles was here.

That nouveau-riche Wolf who had Vondra.

The dark furred one who didn't play by the rules.

Any rules.

For the first time in years, Vondrich knew the feel of real fear.

He licked his lips nervously and reached over to hammer the alarm button, summoning every guard in the place to come to him. Within seconds, he was surrounded by a small squad of furs and other hired guns, all glancing at the two doors and the window nervously.

The last thing they were expecting was for the ceiling to start glowing briefly, just before a segment of the roof above Vondrich collapsed, a blood-red beam flashing through the dust and confusion, felling guards left and right as everything went straight to Hell.

In the time it took even the best-trained guards to find a target and fire, the dust was settling and only the two Wolves were left standing.

Janos had to give the white one credit; he faced certain death with a modicum of the dignity and self-reliance that had no doubt built his empire, even though he was terrified to the core.

"I am worth more to you alive than dead." Vondrich said evenly.

"You tried to have my mate killed," Janos said simply. "And you didn't even have the balls to do it yourself; you hired a sniper to try and kill the both of us from a quarter mile away. You'd do far better to pay me to make it quick."

"Mate?" Vondrich's eyes went wide as, to him, the situation changed in an instant and he trembled fractionally. "She's a slave, a Gamma."

"And that is why I wouldn't have sold her to you for ten times what you're worth," Janos growled, his blood-red lightsaber glowing between them as Vondrich took a step back. "The T'surr made her a slave, but she's better than that at heart."

"Then fight me like the Alpha you claim to be." Vondrich dropped into a slight combat crouch. He didn't have a prayer of winning and they both knew it, but he had a better chance, and a more dignified death, than at a Sith's lightsaber.

"You really are a glutton for punishment, aren't you?" Janos smirked, reaching out to check the pseudo-noble's mind and make sure he wasn't trying to goad him into some sort of trap. While there was a hope that Janos wasn't as good in an Alpha fight -- unarmed combat -- as Vondrich was, the real reason for it was to die an Alpha, instead of to an assassin.

Janos had to admit, too, that if he wasn't a trained sensitive, Vondrich would have a pretty good chance of winning such a fight.

The white Wolf might be as Dark as any senior Sith, but he was still as loyal to his Wolf upbringing as anyone Janos knew. Loyal to the extent he actually wanted the strongest and best to inherit his empire; even if that Wolf was an assassin. That much was worth respect.

A little respect.

Janos holstered his 'saber and fell back into a traditional combat stance, waiting to see if Vondrich would make the first move.

It was only seconds in coming, a classic in the half-ritualized combat pattern, as Vondrich closed to grapple with him.

Janos met the approach, the two of them locking in a grapple for a few moments that Janos knew he could control. He fought and wrestled with all his skill for a bit, gauging just how much he could hold back to taunt the white-furred Wolf with and still win.

A reasonably good amount, he realized with a mental smirk, thanks to the Force.

He backed off his moves, feigning fatigue and lack of skill as they struggled and Vondrich began to push him back. He made it just clear enough that he was faking it to piss Vondrich off.

As they fought, he reached out to his surroundings, looking for ways to steer the noble towards potential traps by giving way in the right direction. Fights like this he could handle; he could control his opponent. It wasn't like with Tembris, where any challenge was met with a crippling display of the Force that left the smell of ozone mingling with blood, pain, and hatred.

It did exactly what he wanted. The white Wolf was getting angry and took the wrestling to the next level with a lunge forward with his jaws to grab and crush anything he could.

Janos grinned, rolling back and flipping Vondrich over his head, slamming him down against the floor behind him with muscle and Force alike.

He was rewarded by a grunt of pain, and half surprised by how fast the slightly older Wolf recovered and came at him again.

He snarled as a claw slashed his muzzle, drawing blood from the wound he'd received a few weeks before.

Couldn't get too sloppy; he had to remember that.

He grabbed Vondrich's wrist with the next attack, throwing him across the room to stumble over the dismembered bodies of his guards.

"What's the matter, Dog-blood - prissy bitch like you can't take a real Alpha in a real fight?" He taunted him, sneering and knowing the cameras in the room were rolling the security footage.

He'd be having some fun with this ... and, the more he thought about it, Vondrich was more likely to live through the night after all.

Not that he'd be thanking him for it.

Vondrich growled, his ears flat as he got to his feet and began the circling pattern that typically began a fight.

He was in trouble and they both knew it, but the white Wolf would be damned if he didn't give the best showing of his life, and that meant keeping control.

"What's the matter?" Janos rumbled, circling opposite him. "I hit a little close to home? Don't like being reminded that the only reason you're any sort of Alpha is because you managed to bully enough Twi'lek sluts that you made yourself king of the slug-pets?"

"At least I never took it under the tail and begged for more." Vondrich shot back, knowing exactly what it took to goad his opponent into a rage that would end things quickly.

The reaction was just what he'd hoped for, too. Janos' ears flat against his head, his fur bristling.

"That can change, you know," he growled menacingly, lunging for Vondrich with claws bared.

"What's wrong?" Vondrich smirked and dodged the first attack. "The truth hurts, sire's-toy?"

Janos snarled again, the spike in sheer rage strong enough that even Vondrich could feel that something was seriously wrong as the Dark Side answered the siren call of the younger Wolf's hatred. Steel-grey fur slammed into Vondrich from the front, smashing him against the wall as sharp teeth bit into his shoulder, narrowly missing anything vital.

As bloody as it was against his perfectly white fur, the mindlessness also gave Vondrich an opening to do some damage of his own and me clamped his jaws down around the side of Janos' face. He didn't have the strength to crush his skull, but he did manage to leave grooves in the bone from his sharp teeth as he tore away flesh and fur. He only released the grip as he felt Janos grab his balls, lifting him bodily by the crotch and slamming him onto the ground - then tightening his grip and ripping them and the cloth from his body.

He knew he screamed, but after that, he was barely cognizant of anything else as he tried to remember to breathe.

"Let's see how you like it," Janos growled, ripping Vondrich's rich pants the rest of the way off of him, releasing him for just a moment to pull his own pants down.

Despite the incredible pain Vondrich was in, and the range clouding his own mind, Janos recognized the steely determination in the white Wolf not to beg.

Not even for his own death.

He had to respect that much, even as he was determined to see that same strength broken, by his hand or another's.

The rush of adrenaline and rage from the battle had him hard as a rock, something he took advantage of, grabbing Vondrich by the shoulders and starting to force his unlubed cock up into the older Wolf's virgin ass with no concern for anything beyond making this as painful for him as he could.

He knew almost immediately he'd made a critical miscalculation. After being castrated by having his balls ripped off, this barely registered as the white Wolf began to go into shock.

Janos reached out through the Force, using his limited healing skills to stop the bleeding and keep him conscious. It wasn't easy; the older Wolf had stopped fighting his surrender to oblivion. The fight was over and Janos had won.

Janos started to thrust, working his Force-skills into the older Wolf's minds to make him respond the way he wanted to. To respond with pleasure, to enjoy, at least physically, the brutal treatment he was receiving.

It was slow going; Janos simply wasn't that good a healer. Eventually, though, Vondrich's cock began top harden with a moan that may have been of pleasure.

"How do you like that?" Janos asked, his mind coming back into focus as blood oozed from wounds along the side of his face, his cock slamming up into the white Wolf's prostate.

He got more of a grunt than an answer. Janos could feel the confusion in his subject; both the response of pleasure and why he was still alive.

He worked to weave his senses in more strongly, intensifying the feelings of pleasure directly through Vondrich's brain, licking his neck with a sort of twisted tenderness as the white Wolf began to whimper, his mind rejecting the pleasure he couldn't help but feel at this violation.

Janos could only shake his head slightly in frustration. While Janos was getting what he wanted, Vondrich was close to coming and humiliated beyond what he thought possible, he wasn't resisting either. Vondrich counted himself as dead and had turned a skill at ignoring injuries and forcing himself through things into ignoring this too.

An idea formed in the back of the Wolf's mind, and a vicious smirk curled his muzzle.

One way to see what it would take to break that skill.

He howled, pumping his seed up into the violated Wolf's bowels, jets of cum rushing against his prostate as the dark-furred Wolf above him stimulated the pleasure centers of his brain.

A deep howl, as much startled as pleasured, echoed just afterwards as Vondrich came hard despite not having his balls to empty.

Janos pulled out of him, seed dripping from Vondrich's ass as the younger Wolf lifted him up, reaching down to stroke his hard cock, responding to pleasure more than anything else at this point.

"You think I'm going to kill you, don't you?" He rumbled, shifting so the camera could see how hard he was.

"You don't, I'll be back." He growled softly. "I've dealt with your kind before."

"You wish it was that simple," Janos smirked, practically purring. "It's my choice whether you live or die. I own everything you have, don't I?"

"Only after I'm dead." Vondrich spat at him, making it clear he'd never surrender in the Alpha fight.

"And when the T'surr own you, you practically will be," Janos growled darkly. "Give you a taste of what you've given others. I think you'll be a very popular bedtoy, myself. With the crew, if nothing else."

"As long as I'm still breathing, you and your pet are going to die." Vondrich promised with a level of defiance that didn't jive with his condition.

"Then maybe if the T'surr and the Hutts they sell you to leave enough to be a threat, I'll consider killing you." Janos rumbled. "Until then? You're not worth it. If you've got a friend left who gives a shit about you, I'll be shocked, and you're only a threat when you've got expensive killers to throw at people."

"We'll see about that." Vondrich rumbled a promise.

"I guess we will," Janos rumbled, shifting his hand to tighten his grip around the older Wolf's throat, applying a sleeper hold that would quickly put him under.

He'd been planning on killing him, to be honest, but he'd pissed him off just enough that he wanted more. Putting the proud Wolf through the humiliation of the T'surr breaking him would be just about enough.

And this time, Janos wouldn't be stopping them before the effects were permanent.

Janos glanced around as he made his way through one of the seedier slave markets of Nar Shaddaa. The smell of a thousand slaves filled the air, sweat and sex and pain and fear mixing to make a pungent cocktail that, frankly, he could live without.

Vondrich was being carried behind him by a servant droid holding his leash and leading the white-furred Wolf on a repulsorlift cart that would normally be used for hauling simple cargo. He was a bit of a mess, but Janos had cleaned him up fairly well.

And made sure he was conscience for the brief moments it took to use his lightsaber to clean up the ragged edges and gaping wound of his crotch.

On the plus side, he hadn't had to sedate him again afterwards. It didn't change the disturbing appearance of the wound, noted by many as he walked through, but it was a pain the Wolf had deserved.

Janos spotted the slaver he was looking for, a massive T'surr bargaining with a Walrus-like Aqualish over a pair of house slaves. The lowest ranking T'surr who would have the authority to make a purchase, particularly a cheap one.

The grey-furred Wolf reached out, teasing Vondrich's mind back towards consciousness as he took the leash from the droid, paid its rental, and let it go.

The sound of the pained waking drew the Aqualish's attention before the T'surr's after they finished their deal. Their reactions were distinctly different however. The Aqualish twitched its flat, wide nose in distaste, but Janos could almost taste the interest in the T'surr for the white Wolf that was clearly going to require a great deal more punishment before he was suitable for anything.

"If you two are done?" He asked, looking at the Aqualish with a mildly bored expression. The powerfully built creature shrugged, wrapping its broad hand around the leashes of its new slaves, and walked off elsewhere through the slave market.

"I have a slave who isn't worth the trouble to me anymore," Janos told the T'surr, pulling Vondrich over to the low-ranking slaver.

"Type of slave?" It asked in rudimentary Basic as it looked the badly beaten and mutilated Wolf over.

"Pleasure slave had been the plan. Could still be, if he was broken properly, but I don't have the time or inclination to do the job myself. He should be a good laborer, if nothing else."

"How much you want?" It focused on Janos.

"For this one? I'll take fifty peggats," the Wolf shrugged. "Just want him off my hands, mostly."

The crab-like humanoid looked over the white Wolf again, suspicious as such a low price. Though for an untrained, troublesome slave it wasn't too unreasonably low. It would likely take months to make him useable for anything from the look of him so far.

"Forty." It offered in counter. "Damaged goods." It pointed to the obvious castration and cauterizing burns.

"Forty-five," Janos countered. "He's unruly, but not that useless. Slaves don't need their balls anyway."

"Forty-five. Agreed." It nodded fractionally and opened the coin-bag it had dropped the house-slaves price into to pull out the coins. "It have a name anymore?"

"Not any more, though you'll have to convince it of that fact," Janos said easily, accepting the coins and putting them in his own pouch. "Good luck with him. Once he's trained, I'm sure he'll be a very dedicated worker."

The T'surr just took Vondrich's leash before dragging the half-conscious Wolf on the sled back to his superiors.

Janos smirked and turned, leaving the market with a very satisfied feeling inside.

Janos slid the door open quietly, not sure if anybody would still be awake at the late hour. It had taken him a bit to get things set up, but Vondrich's empire was crumbling by the minute. Before long, everything he had that Janos could get his claws on would be in the hands of somebody else who, while not particularly reputable, was willing to pay to get at the assets of the slaver.

And, for the first time in a couple weeks, Janos could spend the evening with his pet and Jay.

He knocked on the door to his room, then slid it open.

Jay caught his eye first, simply by the fact he was there. The tom wasn't in bed with Vondra, who was sleeping soundly; instead he was kneeling near the middle of the room in a restful meditation that didn't hamper his awareness of his surroundings.

"*Welcome back,*" Jay's mind brushed against his with the warmth of truly meaning it. "*It is over?*"

"*As far as I'm concerned,*" Janos said to him, kneeling next to the older tom. "*Thank you,*" he said sincerely, reaching over to rub his back as Jay leaned towards him.

"*I take care of what's important to my mates.*" He smiled and purred softly at the light attention. "*I've missed you.*"

"*And I've missed both of you,*" Janos admitted. "*But I had to do this. And Vondrich is getting a taste of his own medicine now because of it.*"

"*Oh?*" Jay suddenly became very interested. "*You didn't kill him?*"

"*Don't tell Vondra,*" Janos said seriously. "*Sold him to the T'surr instead. Cheap. His estate's being gifted to assorted people I won't mind having owe me favors in the future.*"

"*How'd you manage that?*" Jay looked at him curiously.

"*I can play by Hutt rules as well as Wolf,*" Janos said, looking up to make sure Vondra was still asleep. "*Wolf rules, I didn't own his stuff while he was alive. Hutt rules ... well, it's only the estate he has in their space, but I had claim as soon as I'd sold him.*"

Jay cocked his head, trying to work his mind around that. "*You went out to assassinate him, and you get his property?*"

"*I sold him as my slave, slaves don't have property,*" Janos corrected him. "*Since he was my slave, at least once I sold him to somebody else, his property was mine. Since that wasn't part of the sale, I had the right to do whatever I pleased with it. I've got parts of it coming to me, mostly in funds, but everything he had in Hutt space besides that, his slaves, his property, everything, has been given as presents to assorted Hutts who didn't much like him for whatever reason.*"

"*Oh.*" Jay murmured silently. Though he didn't say anything, the fact that it was that easy to loose your freedom and belongings in Hutt space made him distinctly uncomfortable.

"It's Hutts," Janos pointed out with a slight shrug. "The law around here basically translates into whatever makes them the most money the easiest. So, you've been keeping an eye on her while I was out?"

"Yes," Jay nodded and leaned over to nuzzle him, happy for a better subject. "She was so nervous those first few nights you were gone. She still sleeps better this way."

"I can't blame her," Janos admitted. "And I'm sorry it had to be that way, but I had to make sure he was punished. I'm back now though." He looked up at the bed, and the white-furred shewolf sleeping soundly there. "Funny, how one little brawl can change your whole life, y'know?"

"Yeah," Jay smiled fractionally, ancient memories of his first time on Nar Shaddaa and how he left brought to the surface and just how many lives had been changed by that one little fight Doruth had taken on for him. "Sometimes they even change a lot of lives all at once."

"Yeah," Janos nodded. "Just never thought I'd ever find myself half-wanting to be respectable," he chuckled slightly.

"She does like you, you know." Jay smiled slightly and chuckled. "Professional ass-kicker or not."

"I know," Janos smiled. "I just mean that it's not really fair to be working the mercenary circuit and such when I've got her to take care of too."

"Like you ever have to do that again." He chuckled softly. "Between your last two claims, you've got plenty to retire in luxury."

"Not that much," Janos chuckled, kissing Jay's cheek lightly. "On the plus side, I can stop and relax here for a while before we go and handle your end of the 'I have to do this' routine."

"Mmm, yes." Jay rumbled softly and shifted to press against his mate for a longer, much hotter kiss. "Time to enjoy ourselves."

Janos watched Vondra sleeping next to him a few hours later, an arm wrapped reassuringly around her back as she snuggled against his chest. He was curious, really, about what was going on inside her head. What did she dream about ... did she really care about him, or was he just an obstacle, albeit a reasonably gentle one, between her and being free again? He could hardly blame her if she did view him that way, even if he hoped that she was staring to like him.

He kissed her forehead softly, remembering the brief lessons he'd had with a Caamasi he'd been seeing decades before. It wasn't something he was good at -- after all, he wasn't Caamasi, and the memory transfer usually didn't work this way even if he was -- but it was worth a shot. He reached out through the Force, gently looking into her mind, wondering just what he would see.

Her current dream hit first and clearest, for all its content was a little fuzzy. There was a huge manor in polished white stone and lavish decoration that could teach the Azine a thing or two that felt of home and hers. She was carried inside by a male Wolf with indistinct features while she giggled, a little tipsy, and kissed him. He wasn't someone she knew well, but was clearly her new lifemate.

He brought her into a grand bedroom and laid her on the bed.

Excited. Nervous. Scared. Anticipating.

All at once, all rolled into a single moment when her new lifemate leaned down to kiss her the world exploded into flames, blood and pain.

It wasn't hard to recognize the line between the fantasy that had led up to the painfully accurate memories of her capture. He held her close to him, not entirely sure what else he could do other than try and be reassuring, keep the nightmares from being too frightening as they rode them out.

The loss of her family, first to the slaughter and then the survivors to being sold off across the Outer Rim, hurt even more than the violence against her body. The first time in her life without her pack and those holding her did everything to break her.

In there too, was the agony of knowing that even if she escaped, she'd never marry well after they'd touched her.

Janos felt her tears roll onto his fur as the simple truth of her life was laid out after that first night.

She was damaged goods.

Her heritage gave her some chance at a decent marriage, but nothing like the prospects she'd had before.

Times like this he was almost glad he hadn't been born into one of the rich pack-families. It wasn't her fault this had happened, but even if her entire family could be gathered back together she'd be an outcast. Maybe even more of one.

He held her close, pressing his muzzle against her neck reassuringly. He didn't care, and made it as clear to her as he could.

He wasn't sure if she'd know when she woke up, but slowly the nightmare faded away and settled into something of a more normal dream. One that was rooted here at the Azine and smelled strongly of him and felt good even as he worked to puzzle out what her less-than-visually oriented mind was up to.

Whatever they were doing, it was turning her on physically.

He wondered, inside, just how much she actually did enjoy being with him. As he started to put together what she was thinking of, it was becoming clearer that she did.

It also became clear that as short as her education in sex had been, she'd picked up a few things, likely from her roommates.

He was on his back, his arms stretched over his head and holding onto something, probably the bed. His upper body wasn't her focus though. Her attention was on his balls and lightly stroking his still-soft sheath as he moaned deeply.

What came through clearly, even more than her fascination with his balls and cock, was that she was in charge right then. She wanted to pleasure him, to hear him cry her name as he came, because of what she was doing, not because her body was warm and tight and available.

She wanted to learn him well enough to make come when he wasn't doing anything but accepting her attentions.

He rumbled audibly as he watched; it wasn't his favorite position, but he had a feeling he could learn to enjoy it, especially if she wasn't going to insist on bondage. Maybe he could get her to act on this fantasy a bit....

From his other side Jay suddenly stirred and lifted his head for a moment before mumbling something and dropped back down to sleep. Janos nuzzled Vondra softly, rumbling and focusing on her fantasies, working his hands down her back to cup her ass and slip up under her nightgown.

He knew it was more her training than anything else, but it still made things easier on him when she responded by spreading her legs, putting one on top of his hips. He could feel though, deep inside, it wasn't something even her unconscious mind was objecting to all that much. It was far too wrapped up in the pleasure-dream that his touch reinforced.

He slipped a hand up between her legs, then around her top thigh and between them to stroke the lips of her pussy, kissing her lightly and slid her dress up carefully with the other hand.

She moaned softly in her sleep as her dream took an abrupt turn, responding to what she was experiencing. Her mind took what he was doing and advanced it several steps to when he sank deep inside her. It wasn't so much for not liking the foreplay, as simply being very unfamiliar with it.

He played along with the fantasy, gently slipping a finger up into her, licking her muzzle tenderly, affectionately, as he started to finger her clit. He could taste her response, the pleasure and desire as she rubbed against his hand, thrusting lightly as her dream reinforced his touch.

He smiled, feeling a serious rush from getting her off like this, inhaling the scent of her arousal and working a gentle suggestion in to help keep her asleep for now. He'd need it if he was going to get her off without waking up. As it stood, she was responding to his attention willingly and eagerly. It was everything he hoped she'd respond like.

He felt himself getting hard, his arousal thick as she unconsciously ground her thigh against his cock. He tuned it out, focusing on her response; his would come later, once she was awake.

For now, he wanted her sweet whimpers. He wanted to feel her come around his finger as he rubbed her clit in time with his finger rubbing the slightly rougher bit of skin inside her body as she began to tense and her sounds became a bit more needy.

Her fantasy as he worked her towards her orgasm was incredible; intense and showing that for all her inexperience and bad luck, she definitely could still see sex as something to be enjoyed. He rumbled deeply, happily as she moaned in her sleep, her body spasming inside, her slumber enforced by his own stronger will as he fingered her through her pleasure.

When her cries and body calmed down she settled back into a more even sleep. Her dream was still heavy with desire as she held onto him and continued to rub against his cock, hungry for more.

As hungry as he was to oblige her, he instead slipped his finger out of her sex, reaching back slightly to run the tip around the tight pucker of her ass, being gentle and watching her reactions carefully.

It wasn't what he was hoping for, or even what he'd expected. It wasn't memories of her training that came up, but ones of going to the bathroom. This wasn't anything she'd ever associated with sex, much less pleasure.

He was surprised at first, but it wasn't too hard to put things together after a few moments. Any group that kept virginity until marriage, until their late twenties, wouldn't think of anal as sex. He started to work in some of his own memories, mental images of women he'd been with like that who'd enjoyed it, occasionally more than they did regular sex. As he did so, he kept up the teasing, waiting for some sign of a shift before trying to go farther.

He had a feeling this was one battle he wouldn't be winning, for better or for worse, not for a long time.

While her mind turned back to sex, the reaction was either attempts to shift it back to normal sex, or humiliation and degradation even greater than being raped. De-feminizing. Pleasure at it even worse than pain.

She whimpered, desperate for it to stop.

He did stop, kissing her muzzle softly and shifting his hand to simply hold her close to him. He couldn't really grasp her mindset entirely, but he could understand it enough now.

He waited to let her relax, calm down, before shifting his will away from keeping her asleep, letting her dreams return to more normal play. It was reliving when they did, but came with even more surprises as her mind turned to home again.

The faces and places at the elegant party weren't any he knew, but the name linked to it, and her, even he recognized.


Probably one of the richest Wolf families in the Republic.

A family-pack shattered not a year before, if he remembered properly. It was news even he had heard, out on the Rim.

No wonder Vondrich had wanted her. He couldn't help but be furious at the way the pompous ass had just wanted her for a trophy, and an in with the wealthier family.

With Vondra at his side, even unwillingly, Vondrich would have had a real shot of taking over what was left of them and their fortunes.

It also reminded him of the other bit of news that had also reached even this far out. There was a hell of a bounty offered on the ship that had done so much harm to the prominent family, and even more offered for the safe return of its surviving members.

Something to consider in the future ... but he had to admit, he was getting attached to her. And he wasn't exactly the sort of person they'd be likely to want sticking around with her ... or living, given the relationship between the two of them.

Even if she wouldn't be his pet anymore, he was fairly certain that she was growing fond of him beyond the fact that he was nice to her. She could refuse to see him again, but he had his doubts she would unless pressured.

At least he very much hoped so, his knowledge of the wealthy aside. It might not make too much of a difference, at least not now, but it'd be nice.

Of course, he still didn't have to take her back. That, ultimately, was the big decision he had to make ... just 'forgetting' who she was until she was in better shape to deal with them might not be the worst thing he could do. It wasn't as if she had told him her last name or outright asked to be taken home. That he might have a little harder time refusing to do.

Until then, though, he didn't have to acknowledge he knew who she was in her former life.

He nuzzled her lightly, kissing her neck a little more insistently as he slid his hand down between her legs again to brush his fingers along the very slick lips of her sex.

"I know you want to wake up, pretty," he rumbled.

"Mmm?" She wasn't quite cognizant of his words, but his touch roused as well as aroused her.

"I'm home," he smiled, kissing her on the lips, licking hers. "And you smell like you could use some company."

"Yours," she mumbled and opened her mouth obediently. The act may have come from training, but the feelings behind it were an honest welcome and association of him and pleasure.

"Mine," he agreed, kissing her deeply, luxuriating in her scent and taste as he worked his hands up to her breasts. Teasing her awake had definite advantages. She was even more affectionate and hungry for his touch than usual.

The month-long near abstinence probably helped too. It certainly made him more eager for her.

After touching her mind, he couldn't be surprised when her hands were between them, stroking his hard cock and playing with his balls even before she was completely awake.

He rolled over to his back, pulling her up on top of him and rumbling lustily.

"You want to be in charge tonight?" He asked her, licking her muzzle in affection as she looked at him, a bit too startled to do anything for a moment.

She bit her lip, excitement over the prospect tempered with the knowledge that she wasn't very knowledgeable in what to do with such an offer.

"Yes, Master." She murmured and leaned down to kiss him while she rubbed her slick sex along his already-hard shaft.

"Have to start somewhere," he rumbled, licking her muzzle and groaning at the feel of her body against his, fighting the urge to take control as she continued to rub her sex against his. She lowered her head and began to kiss and lick her way down his chest, exploring what made him feel good.

He started to breathe deeply, his cock hard against her belly as he reached up to grip the headboard, needing to do something with his hands while she explored his body.

She nuzzled one nipple, and then licked it in much the same way he had paid attention to her breasts.

"That's good," he rumbled, giving her feedback but forcibly reminding himself not to tell her what to do. It was in that moment that he realized from her mind that she was paying more attention to his reactions than his words. Her training ... she didn't trust words anymore. His moans and movements, those she did a bit more.

Then she was kissing her way down his abs to what she was really interested in, shifting to make sure her body never lost contact with his cock as she moved down.

He knew his cock was giving her all the feedback she could want; it was throbbing, practically drooling pre-cum into their fur as his scent became saturated with arousal. He reached over with one hand, rubbing Jay's back lightly for the sake of doing something. He'd never been much of a passive lover; he just knew that she needed him to be for now. She was definitely enjoying it too.

The tom murmured and shifted into the contact, enjoying it even in his sleep. He was probably having some hot dreams if the smells and sounds around him influenced him at all.

Janos groaned deeply when her tongue finally got to his cock. She lifted up slightly to press her breasts around its base and went to work on the hot spots she remembered from previous blowjobs. Janos actually whimpered, spreading his legs so she could get at him more easily, his balls hot against her breasts as she tasted his shaft. His legs twitched lightly, his sex throbbing while she worked him. It would take all his self-control to keep from coming before he was in her mouth or sex.

As she took him into her mouth and continued to work him with her tongue, she shifted down to press her breasts around the base of his growing knot.

"Oh fuck," he moaned, rolling his eyes as he pressed his crotch up against her, almost too close.

He caught the pleasure from her mind at his outburst, that she enjoyed earning that immensely, but it was her tongue and warm, wet mouth attending his cock and the soft pressure around his knot that broke his control after a moment and he howled, pumping his seed into her mouth where she tried to swallow it.

He closed his eyes in ecstasy, his body burning as his balls pulled up close to his body, flooding her mouth with his cum, one hand coming down to stroke the back of her head appreciatively as she continued to work him threw it.

When he'd calmed down, her breasts loosened from his knot as she let his cock slide from her mouth.

"Such a good girl," he rumbled, looking down at her with a lusty smile as his knot kept throbbing in time with his heartbeat. "Want to try another round?"

Her surprised look was undeniable, then she grinned a bit and shifted back down to enclose his knot in her breasts and rubbed it as he groaned and closed his eyes, his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth as his cock disappeared into her mouth again.

"Oh, yeah." He groaned deeply as she worked him. Gods, she was a fast learner when she put her mind to it.

He struggled not to thrust up into her mouth, though the desire to was intense. His claws very nearly dug into the headboard, stopped only by the fact that the material was too strong to give into him. Instead he whimpered, his head lashing side to side with a deep rumble as she teased every hot spot on his cock.

"*Fuck you are good at this, woman," he groaned, his shaft thick and hot again already.

He felt her beam at the praise and work him even harder with her mouth and her breasts.

"Mmmm...." He groaned, then reached out to Jay, knowing he couldn't be asleep anymore.

"*Care to join us?*" He asked.

"Mmmm," the tom purred and shifted and run his hands across Janos' broad chest. "*What did my Wolfie have in mind?*"

Janos turned to kiss him, pressing his tongue into his muzzle with a groan and giving him images of what he was thinking of.

"Ooooo," Jay moaned with a light shiver for the images his mate had shown him. "Vondra, he's shifting to his side."

The shewolf nodded and rolled with the motion so she never lost contact with the flesh she was adoring even as Janos felt his ass penetrated by a slick finger.

The Wolf groaned, squeezing down lightly around Jay's finger and reaching down to fondle Vondra's ears, pre dribbling lightly from his shaft as he was surrounded by pleasure.

Jay made quick work of stretching him, though he made sure it was good enough, and shifted run his hands across Janos' chest, holding the Wolf in an embrace as he pressed into his ass easily.

Janos moaned, reaching back behind himself to rub Jay's thighs and ass, nuzzling his muzzle as he bore down around the barbed length inside him.

"Fuck this is good," he panted.

"You do have a thing for being taken on both sides at once." Jay chuckled and nuzzled his neck affectionately as he thrust into the warm tightness of the Wolf's body, searching for the small nub of a gland that would make him howl.

When he found it, Janos howled loudly, pumping his seed into Vondra's waiting, hungry mouth as his grip tightened around her velvet-furred ears.

She swallowed his seed fairly easily, though it still wasn't a flavor or texture she was all that fond off. Still, she continued and licked him clean, her breasts wrapped around the base of his swollen knot, until he was panting and whimpered slightly at the continued stimulation.

Then she let go and slid up his body to kiss him hotly while she shifted a bit to guide the tip of his cock into her very wet sex and worked him deep into her body with a moan of her own.

Janos returned the kiss with every ounce of passion he could manage, plundering her mouth and savoring his taste inside of her as he thrust up instinctively, groaning at the feel of stiff barbs raking his bowels as he did so.

His arousal spiked again when caught her mental image of her on her back with Janos on top of her and Jay still fucking him

He was definitely not inclined to turn that one down.

"*Turning more,*" he warned Jay, before doing so, taking the tom on top of him and getting into position to really take his pet.

Though that descriptor was getting harder and harder to use about her. Especially as he got to know her and knew so intimately that she was starting to care for him.

He groaned as she cried out and spread her legs wide as she brought her knees up, sending each thrust even deeper into her wet, willing body and pushing her right to the edge of orgasm. A little focus, and he was thrusting in rhythm with Jay, both of them driving his cock into her body, his shaft rubbing her g-spot as his tip teased her cervix and his thick fur rubbing her clit.

She whimpered softly and wrapped her arms around him before her body took over with a piercing howl as it came, claming down hard around the thick, pulsing flesh inside her.

He howled with her, the sound harmonizing and echoing around the room as he pumped his seed deep into her tight, hot, wet sex. Jay came a moment later, filling Janos' ass with his seed as the threesome fed off each other's pleasure to heighten their own.

It felt like an eternity before they came down enough to do more than enjoy their shared orgasms, and when they did Janos was nuzzling and licking Vondra's neck tenderly as she rubbed his back and squeezed his cock even as Jay slowly pulled out of Janos' ass.

"*Vondra wants to play with just you a bit more.*" Jay chuckled and slipped from the bed. "*I'm going to go play with my pet.*"

"*Enjoy, whichever one you choose,*" Janos told him, rolling over onto his back before he started to pull back out of Vondra's mind.

He wasn't the least bit disappointed by her rumble of excitement as she followed his roll easily and she settled across his hips, her own relaxed as her legs spread and she began to move up and down, showing off her youthful body as her fingers ran threw the thick fur of his chest.

He ran his arms up her back to hold her shoulders lightly, thrusting up a bit to meet her as she came back down, but the position made it impossible for him to really take control and she was seriously getting off on the fact as she rode him hard. Each motion bringing not only the pleasure of friction to his oversensitive cock, but came with a matching squeeze as she tightened her muscles as she pulled up and relaxed as she moved down, his swollen knot just outside of her body, teased as she pressed down a bit deeper with each attempt.

He pulled her head down, kissing her hungrily, parting his muzzle in invitation and found her eager and hungry for it.

She whimpered into his mouth as the shift in position pressed her clit against his hard flesh and deep into the fur of his groin even as his cock rubbed against all the right places inside her. She closed her fingers around the fur of his chest as her legs shifted to lay along his, her thighs closing around his knot to squeeze and rub it as they moved and she shuddered, very close to the edge again.

He pressed up, making a somewhat awkward shift to grind his pelvis up against her clit, thinking only of her pleasure as he suckled her tongue.

She moaned into his mouth, then cried out as her grip tightened on his fur and her body clutched around his, the muscles fluttering in a pattern that hit him hard.

He moaned back, his balls pulling up one last time, emptying themselves into her sex, his fur soaked with the sweat of two lovers and himself. He could feel her eagerness to continue, and just as surely that she stilled and nuzzled him because she felt his exhaustion.

"Sorry," he murmured, kissing her. "Mmm ... you are so hot, Vondra."

"Thank you," she blushed deeply as she murmured, her face buried against his fur as she nuzzled and licked his neck.

He ran his fingers through her fur, pulling her close to him and nibbling her neck back.

"Wouldn't it be weird if we managed to start our own pack some day?" He murmured, half-chuckling as he tried to feel out how she felt about the idea of being with him when she didn't have to be.

"It would be," she murmured, the idea shocking her past much more than that.

The shock wasn't from what he expected though, from being with him that long, but the idea that she might have that much of a future left to her now.

"I don't care what they did to you," he told her softly, rubbing her back as her blush deepened. "You're not broken, Vondra. You're not worthless."

"I'm not?" She looked at him, the hope in her bright blue eyes painful to see.

"You're not," he said firmly, looking into her eyes even as she instinctively flicked them away every few seconds to avoid any possibility of a challenge. "They didn't break you all the way, I can see that. Anybody else should see the same thing, and the rest shouldn't matter."

He could tell, just from her expression, that she accepted his statement, even as it was difficult for her to grasp. Less than two months wasn't nearly enough to undo her upbringing, or the effects of her treatment at the hands of the T'surr. He was making major inroads into both, but there was a long road head before she didn't think of herself as 'damaged goods'.

He sighed and hugged her close, kissing her neck as she relaxed into his embrace.

"It doesn't matter to me," he said softly, hoping that would be enough for now.

"Yes, Master." She murmured, something in the words more than the obligatory statement. In her tone and mind was a gratitude that she didn't know how else to express.

"Rest well," he murmured, holding her close and rubbing her back. "Maybe when we're both awake again you can pick up where you left off."

"I'd like that." She murmured and closed her eyes, content to rest for a while with his cock still hard inside her.

Jay looked up as the group was eating lunch, Tami's and the midwife's absence notable but something he expected given she'd entered labor late in the night.

"How did it go?" He asked the tired-looking but pleased midwife as she entered the dinning room.

"Very well," the middle-aged black-and-white said easily. "Two kits, one boy and one girl, both taking closely after the mother, both very healthy and nursing fine. I hope it's that simple with your mate."

"How long until it is safe to travel with them?" Jay focused on her as how soon they could move on. He really wanted to be settled in on the Kraken before Mina went into labor.

"It should be safe in just a few days," the midwife explained. "I would suggest waiting longer though," she added, knowing he wouldn't accept it, but also knowing it would be better for kits and mother alike.

"Very well," Jay nodded. "I want to be settled into our permanent home before Mina gives birth. We'll leave in four days."

"That is cutting things close, but we'll be able to get them their inoculations by then," the midwife granted. "What will they be expected to do in the course of moving?"

"Tami should be able to walk to the cab to go to Sharufa and then through the spaceport to the ship." He said simply. "It'll be a week before we reach Kraken, where she'll need to walk to her new quarters. Her duties won't really begin until after my kits are born." He nodded towards Mina. "Until then, she only needs to keep her own under control."

It was clear that if she hadn't known the situation was under control, she would have argued with him. Of course, she also knew that if the situation hadn't been under control, he would have waited and made whatever changes needed to be made. He may have been overeager to leave, but he was also more concerned about the welfare of those with him than his schedule.

"And Mina?" She asked, looking over at the tabby.

"I won't be involved in anything too hard for me to deal with," she said easily.

"There is nothing to move that a single droid can't handle." Jay nodded in agreement with his mate. "Sharufa and Kraken are both fully equipped and little of what is here we will be taking with us."

"Very well," the black and white shecat nodded. "I'll go make arrangements then."

Jay nodded with a soft purr as she left. It was good to have a plan in motion again. It would be good to get back into space against too and have something that was his.

Kanna took a deep breath, settling into a meditative position in the holo-net chamber she was using on the fleet vessel White Saber. It was time to check in with Masters Charn and Zaian again, compare what they'd seen regarding their shared vision. Her Padawan was there, but Cormoran was only observing, the Night Raptor's obsidian feathers clicking lightly as he moved.

It only took a few moments before the two elder Panthers appeared, sitting next to each other in the holo-net chamber as they were in real life far away.

"Masters Charn, Zaian," Kanna said respectfully, bowing her head. "I believe I have some insight into our visions."

"That is good." Master Charn nodded fractionally. "What have you learned?"

"The situation with Knight Clawson is not the greater storm we have been sensing," she explained. "It is a serious threat however ... it is more like a squall coming before the perfect storm hits."

"How have you discerned this?" Charn asked evenly.

"I can sense that there is more ahead, Master Charn," Kanna said softly. "Far ahead. If you try to reach out, look past the disturbance now, you can feel it. It's not clear ... but the ripples are there."

The older Panthers closed their eyes and settled in to study the weave of the Force past Clawson's lifetime, then well past it.

"I see." Master Zaian murmured, disturbed by what she saw there. "It does not seem strongly related, for all that I sense there is a link there."

"It is not, Master," Kanna agreed. "It is connected by nature of event only, I believe. Two disturbances in the force, two events that risk the Dark Side eclipsing the Light. We sensed that one would leave the Republic in shambles; I feel that this is not the one, for all that we must still find Knight Clawson as quickly as possible."

"To not do so would be to ignore his capabilities to bring the Republic to shambles," Charn nodded. "Whether he is this greater storm or not, his abilities with technology can not be ignored, and can not be allowed to fall to the Dark Side."

"Agreed," Kanna nodded. "He is capable of causing tragedy the likes of which we haven't seen since the Jedi Civil War. However, I believe that he will be stopped before he reaches that point. As I said, this has the feel of a squall. It may be horrifying, and it may claim many lives... but I believe it will pass quickly."

"That is good news." Master Charn said quietly. "There is some evidence that his kin have finally arrived. If they join him against the Republic ...." He simply shook his head.

"With all due respect, Masters, I seriously doubt that will happen," Kanna said. "If they are at all like Knight Clawson described them, they will be upset that this has happened, but then likely seek to kill him to prevent his turning."

"If they know the truth," he cautioned her. "We are doing what we can to ensure that they come to us first, before seeking him. They do not know us from the Sith at this point. He could tell them anything and they would not know what was true and what was twisted."

"If they do find him, I hope that the influence would help pull him back from the Dark Side," Kanna said. "From what I understand, the family is not strong in the Force as we typically see it, but their morals, while extremely pragmatic, would not be in line with a Dark Sider's behavior."

"No, they are not." He nodded seriously. "It is a question I do not want to see answered, however. Have you discerned anything else of the nature of the storm, or this squall?"

"Not yet," she admitted. "We must find him, quickly. The point of no return is drawing near."

"That we have all seen." Master Zaian agreed. "He must not find and an outlet for his rage."

"No, he must not," Kanna nodded. "At the least, the outlet must not be a full one. I sense disturbances near some of the ships in the fleet; Cormoran and I will be checking to see if they are connected to this."

"Very well." Master Charn accepted. "Force be with you, Jedi."

Janos watched as Jay meditated, just like he'd been doing for hours. The Sharufa was waiting near the Kraken, heavily cloaked, waiting for the ship to dock with the nearest station and drop its shields so they could get on-board. Or so he thought.

"Any idea what he's doing?" The Wolf asked the gravid shecat next to him quietly.

"Whatever he does with computers." She shrugged. "Getting us on board that ship without getting blown out of space."

"I know, but I just don't know how he plans on doing that meditating ... I mean, it's not like there's any sign of action from that ship."

"There is a great deal of activity." Jay spoke quietly without opening his eyes. "The crew is disembarking even now. It takes time to do that."

"How the heck did you get the entire crew to disembark?" Janos asked him.

"The same way I got them to dock Kraken here." He smiled slightly. "They think the ship is in for upgrades and a regular checking over. It will leave only a skeleton crew on board."

"And how are we going to deal with them?" Janos asked. "Skeleton crews for ships like that are still somewhat larger than the two of us want to handle."

"Kraken will deal with them as soon as we're on board." Jay's smile turned deadly. "Those who don't abandon ship will have the security systems turned on them."

"Here's hoping this ship isn't part of the search fleet they were talking about planetside," Janos murmured. "Don't think I want to deal with Jedi on there who might be able to handle the security."

"There are no Jedi on board." Jay told him simply. "I already asked."

"Well, there's something," the Wolf nodded, leaning back to let Jay work even as he realized they were moving again, albeit very slowly.

Meanwhile, in the observation bay, the assorted pets were looking at the Kraken, Tami's kittens nursing and being petted by Vondra and Tamil alike.

"Hard to believe that that ship could really belong to any one person," the Raccoon murmured. "Bigger than the slave ship that took me."

"It doesn't." Vondra said softly. "It's a Coruscani Battle Cruiser, Kraken by the markings. Our masters are stealing it."

"Not like any Republic ship I've ever seen before," Misha pointed out.

"How do they expect to steal a ship that big?" Tamil asked incredulously. "You could fit an entire city on that thing and it'd have room to rattle!"

"It's got Coruscani markings on it." Vondra shrugged. "As for how ... I just hope it's not by killing everyone inside."

"You really think they'd do that?" The Raccoon asked her, looking over.

"It's what Darksiders do." She murmured softly. "And our masters are not Jedi."

"How'd you get there?" Tami looked at her in bewilderment.

"Jay and Janos, at least, are both Force-users. I've seen both their lightsabers. Jay's is black and Janos' blood red." Vondra sighed. "Only two kinds of people have lightsabers, and Jedi never have those two colors. Only Sith do."

"There are also the Jedi who aren't Jedi anymore," Misha pointed out. "Do you really think Master Janos is a Sith, all things considered?"

"Not a normal one ... but Mina fits the bill. Jay, I'm not so sure about." Vondra admitted. "But black and red lightsabers? Who but a Sith would want such a color?"

"Someone who doesn't want to be thought of as a Jedi." Tami said easily. "Out on the Rim, they aren't safe, you know."

"Mistress Mina definitely fits the bill," Y'alla agreed softly, nodding a bit. "As for the rest... maybe they just couldn't find the parts for anything else? If the Jedi make them most of the time, then it might be hard to get anything other than that."

"Maybe," Vondra admitted and looked out the wide viewing window. "Why they'd need this though ...."

"Mina," Tamil said simply. The others looked at him quizzically, wondering how the heck he'd come to that conclusion. "Well, you all know Master Jay better than I do. As wound up as he is about the kits, as protective as he is, putting a ship that could wipe out a couple continents between them and anybody who might want to hurt them makes sense."

"Now that is overkill." Vondra shook her head slightly as they came into dock with the huge ship. "Makes sense though, as much as anything does."

"I don't think that overkill is a concept Master Jay is entirely familiar with," Y'alla mused.

"Or several other concepts." Misha snickered. "First male that could ever wear me out."

"Slut," Tamil teased, the epithet clearly well-intentioned as the serious mood broke and most of the pets started to tease back and forth while they waited to be called.

Red lights flashed and alarms blared faintly in the distance.

"Intruder alert," the ship's voice said calmly. "All internal security is now active."

Bodies of Republic officers lay strewn about the corridors. The main part of the crew was on the station, probably well on their way to the planet, and the skeleton crew was now very nearly a literal term.

The doors to the docking bay opened, and Jay stepped out into the scene of death and chaos. The turrets mounted in the ship swiveled to target him ... but did nothing more, retracting into the ceiling as the alarms stopped without him doing a thing. The lights still flashed, casting a grisly red glow over everything, but most of the systems seemed to be going off-line.

"Greetings, Kraken." The tom called out to the mind he hadn't touched in over forty years.

"Greetings, Master," the ship responded after a few moments. "It's good to see that you still remember me, after so long. Good to see that I still remember me," it added with a chuckle.

"I knew they couldn't strip your personality." Jay said simply, then glanced around at the carnage before stepping through it into the great ship with a rumbling purr. "Have the droids start cleaning this mess up. We can jettison the bodies when we're well out of range of the station."

"With pleasure, Master," Kraken told him, assorted droids returning to active duty from their current positions, some stained with blood from having to deal with crewmembers more... personally... than the turrets did.

"*Come, it is safe now.*" He called back to his mates.

Janos, Mina, and the assorted pets slowly stepped off the Sharufa, looking around at the massive vessel. The Wolf took the lead, with the gravid shecat in the middle of the slaves.

"Well, I see you've acquired some new friends," Kraken said approvingly. "Your litters?"

"Yes," he nodded, claiming the newborns as he intended to as soon as he'd felt them. He'd train them as his own, blood-kin or not. The two young sensitives wouldn't have the full family gift, but they would have enough other potential. He smiled fractionally as a speeder of sorts arrived to take them to the quarters normally reserved for top-ranking dignitaries. "Everyone on board. It's time to settle in."

"When you have the time, Master, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak you, privately," Kraken told him politely as everybody climbed aboard.

"When I'm setting course, while they settle in." He nodded easily and relaxed back as the speeder whisked them to their new quarters.

It didn't take long for the speeder to drop them off, leaving Mina, Janos, and all the pets settling in as droids were assigned to move luggage from the Sharufa to their new quarters. The ship was like a tomb; it was meant to carry thousands of people, rather than eight. Droids would need to be reprogrammed to fill the minimum crew requirements, but that wouldn't take too long.

It was already in progress, as Jay found out when he checked on what the Kraken was up to. Apparently the ship had been preparing for something like this for some time.

"I see you have kept yourself busy while the Republic had you." Jay all but smirked as he settled into the captain's chair on the bridge and reached out with his mind to connect with the Dark-tainted computers to begin preparing for a takeoff the moment they were ready.

"I had little else to do, Master," the ship pointed out. "Though I'm curious. Why did you have most of the crew disembark first? It would have been much easier to simply have my security systems turn against them in realspace."

"Because that's a bigger mess than I wanted to deal with." Jay shrugged. "They do leave a mess when they die, even by laser."

"It wouldn't have been the first time," Kraken pointed out. Jay could almost hear the shrug in the ship's voice. "However, it is your decision. Do you intend to operate the ship with only the eight of you? Or are you planning on acquiring additional passengers?"

"Additional crew would be undesirable." Jay answered simply. "Though I expect them from time to time as hunting brings in slave cargo."

"Very well. I will assign a contingent of maintenance droids to building additional mechanized crew at the first opportunity," Kraken said easily. "Though you may wish to consider acquiring some crew that isn't meant to be sold off. There is potential for this vessel beyond going into the slaver business, after all."

"Oh, I am sure," Jay chuckled darkly. "But the first groups that I intend to feel your sting are slavers. The T'surr die, but there is little need to not take advantage of their stock. My kits need to be older before other ships are gathered and the real conquest begins."

"So you do intend to build a proper territory," Kraken said approvingly. "Might I suggest starting on the Rim? Worlds such as Korriban, perhaps? There are resources there that will prove invaluable to training your children."

"It is also a territory with little by way of an organized fleet to challenge us." Jay grinned at his ship. "Is there anything on Korriban that actually qualifies as a threat?"

"Some native creatures, but that is all," Kraken said easily. "Barring things that have been set up there without my knowledge, of course. My intelligence is rather dated before it was limited to Republic files."

Jay nodded simply, his attention on making sure the station computers didn't let anyone on board while Kraken prepared for departure and the beginning of a well-deserved hunt.

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A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9.99: The Price of Survival part 4 of 6

NC-17 for M/F, M/M, F/F, M/Herm sex, Violence and a bunch more
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is LowFemslash Smut Level is Low
Herm Level is LowHerm Smut Level is Very Low

177 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written August 15, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Cheetah, Feline, Ice Walker, Kat, Kushiban, Panther

Contents: Furry. Herm. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Femslash (F/F). Cannibalism, DarkFic, Genocide (Attempted), Mass Murder, Necrophilia, Rape (M on F), Rape (M on M), Rape Recovery, Relationship (Established), Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Slavery (Legal), Snuff (M on F), Torture, Torture (Sexual), Violence (Graphic)

Pairings: Doruth Parn/Tes Ramaris, Jay Clawson/Shivasta Stormwarden/Fenrik Aren, Jay Clawson/ Mina Callan/Janos Miklar, Various others. A lot of various others.

Notes: Thank you to Shane Nelson of http://www.ShaylaThePinkMouse.com for coming up with such an interesting character and race that he did with Shayla. No, she's not in here, nor any of his other characters, but some ideas are.

We have fun chatting on occasion. This came up when discussing what Doruth and Tes are up to when Shi and Jay are at the dig. Tes wanted more cubs, Doruth is remembering Nasim and Abayomi and the thought of litters of 4-6 like them that have followed in the years since ....

K: More accurately, he's saying something about preferring the idea of being sent out to track down Zykell and finish him bare-handed to the idea of trying to raise another litter like Nasim and Abayomi at this age (80, for reference). ^^()
R: ~giggle~ There were worse litters. Later ones had 4 or even 6 cubs as bad as that pair.
K: ~chuckles~ Doruth does ~have~ ears left, right? :-P
R: Of course, unless he refused to have the tears healed ;)
K: ~chuckles~ I just have this mental image of assorted Jedi hanging around the water cooler.
"Yeah, lost my hand fighting a Sith."
"The Emperor took off half my face."
"A Hutt got hold of me. You do not ~want~ to know what needed replacing afterwards."
"So Doruth, what's the story behind your ears? Nasty run-in with a Dug? Your old Master show up and try torturing you?"
"Fifty years of raising kits with my mate."
~dead silence and sympathetic looks all around~

Blurb: It's everyone's worst nightmare come true and it's not about to go easily for anyone concerned; Jedi, Sith, Darksiders, Clawsons or the universe at large. This is also the end of Jay's Story.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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