A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9.99:
Epilogue 2: Rebuilding a Triad

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
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Shivasta rumbled softly as she snuggled up against Jay from behind. They'd been at the Temple for six months since he'd returned, and he'd really made quite a bit of progress for the time. She didn't have to shield herself as carefully as she had before, and things were slowly starting to return to normal.

Including his hands, she mused as he sleepily turned and wrapped an arm around her. The metallic prosthetics were still just that, and felt rather odd against her skin, but he'd managed to work joints into them now, and the Clawsons figured it would be another year and a half or so before he finally finished them off.

Shivasta just wondered if that time-table would be changing after they left today. The past six months had been interesting to say the least. She honestly wasn't sure what all had been traded between the Jedi and the Clawsons, but she did know that Jay had given them a couple of old lightsabers he'd designed to study. She could only imagine what they'd be like when they made it back to their part of space.

She could barely believe how many holocrons the family had found on the market and acquired with money from the Temple or Jay to help pay for whatever they were taking back with them, including the Kraken.

What Jay would manage to do with the fighter they left for him was anyone's guess too.

She wasn't sure whether she should be pleased or disturbed by how distant he was keeping from his kittens. On one side, it would help the parental bond fade naturally now that the bulk of it had been transferred to Jennie. On the other, it wasn't all that natural or healthy for him to let his children go.

But she knew that, as hard as it was for him, it would be harder to lose them if he was closer to them.

And that the Clawsons wouldn't let him keep them even if he wanted to. Marie's response to the Jedi and their view of the Force was just as adamant as ever - Jay had learned the Jedi ways, but no other Clawson would if she had her way. She'd even restricted communication to those who were not sensitives with Jedi who had agreed to not speak of the Light and Dark.

It was enough to make Shi really wonder if the Force didn't work that way in their territory ... and what would happen to the Clawsons if they'd stayed in the Republic any longer than they were. It may well be more than just xenophobia or normal social issues that had both Jay and his sister so sure that he couldn't return with them.

She kissed Jay's cheek softly. Today was when the Kraken would leave Coruscant. It wasn't going to be easy for him to let the Clawsons go after so long.

He murmured softly, not really awake but responding to her touch and her disturbed thoughts as he nuzzled her.

She smiled and kissed his cheek softly. It was all going to work out, as she reminded herself constantly. They were scheduled to go to Naboo after this, to start his rehabilitation and reparations. Everything was really going the best they could hope for.

Especially hopeful to her was that he wanted to go, wanted to make amends as best he could, any way he could.

"*You're thinking again.*" Fenrik's sleepy, amused mind caressed hers.

"*One of us has to,*" she teased back, reaching over Jay to rub his back lightly. "*We should probably start waking up so we can meet the ship before it leaves.*"

"*He's so innocent when he's asleep,*" he signed in reluctance to bring Jay back to the real world and all its problems. Despite that, he ran his hands along Jay's side, caressing him affectionately as he kissed his exposed neck.

"I know," Shi murmured softly, joining Fenrik in helping coax him to consciousness. "But he'll be upset if he misses saying good bye."

"I'd be surprised if they didn't wait for him." He said softly and nibbled Jay's good ear, still reluctant to test the healing done on the other one despite its apparent wholeness.

Jay murmured and shifted into the contact, his pleasure at being between his mates again undeniably clear despite his barely-awake state.

"I know," Shi murmured. "But he is enjoying it," she added with a slight giggled, reaching down to caress the firm planes of his ass.

"He always enjoys it." Fenrik chuckled and shifted so his half-hard cock slid along the crease of Jay's ass and between Shi's hands. "I still can't forget how close we came to losing him." He murmured and hugged Jay close against his chest.

"It's never going to happen again," Shi murmured, pressing Fenrik's shaft against Jay's ass and kissing him. "And if somebody would wake up a bit more quickly, we could take advantage of the fact we're together again," she teased, fairly sure he was more awake than he was letting on.

"Yeah, but you talk so sweet when you think I'm not listening." Jay rumbled and slid his metallic hands along her back to pull her close. "I like that too." He added before kissing her with all the passion in his soul and dropped his shields a bit more now that he was awake enough to manage it.

"Mmm ... we talk sweet when we know you're listening too," she murmured, kissing him back. His metallic hands felt very strange, but better than they had before he could move his fingers. He was careful too not to hurt her with his limited sensation, something she didn't hesitate to point out as a sure sign he was more Light than Dark now. The Dark simply did not care about such things.

"Yes, you do." Jay rumbled and slid one hand between them to caress her lower lips lightly, encouraging her to lift her leg for him.

She did so easily, wrapping her arms around both her mates, hooking her leg over Fenrik's.

"Take me, Jay," she murmured, how much she wanted him clear across their bond, less shielded now than it had been in months.

With a deep groan Jay spread her lower lips and pressed up into her in a single, smooth motion that Fenrik mimicked as he slid into Jay. For a long, silent moment, no one moved as they all relished this return to the normal and the pleasure of being together.

It didn't last too long before Fenrik started to thrust lightly, Shi milking Jay's shaft with her sex. Even after six months back together, and only six months apart, the feel of finally being together again hadn't dulled in the least.

But then it hadn't dulled in the forty-some years before that either. Each time was just as intense and meaningful as the first.

A part of Shi knew that it wasn't good to judge someone's mental health based on their sex life, but another part of her knew just as surely that it was an incredibly good sign that he reacted this way. The openness he gave them in their passion was even truer than in therapy when he was trying. It gave her a look into his mind that simply wasn't available at any other moment.

For Jay, it was a pretty good indicator.

She kissed him deeply, passionately, pressing against him and milking him needily as Fenrik searched for his prostate with his throbbing, barbed shaft.

Jay moaned and shuddered, reminding them both of the one thing that had really changed; his endurance. He could keep going just as long as always, but his desire to hold back at any given moment was gone.

It was something they might be able to work on it, but they still enjoyed their shared company. All things considered, it was a small issue.

"Fill me, Jay," Shi murmured, kissing his neck when he pulled her tightly against his hips. "Go ahead, let it go...."

A low groan and tightening balls preceded him burying his face in her hair and emptying his balls into her eager body.

Fenrik groaned next, emptying his own into Jay's bowels and biting down lightly on his shoulder as Shi worked Jay's shaft through his orgasm. A short moment more, and she came as well, sighing in pleasure as her body clamped down around him and he continued to thrust, pushing her even higher.

"Morning," Jay murmured to his mates when they'd finally stilled.

"Morning," Shivasta murmured, kissing him as Fenrik nuzzled the back of his neck. "Mmm ... today's the big day."

"Somehow, I thing the Senate will be grateful to have Kraken out of orbit." Jay chuckled weakly and turned his head to kiss Fenrik. "Things can start to return to normal around here."

"You're going to miss them, aren't you?" Fenrik asked, kissing him again.

"I've always missed them," he murmured with a sigh. "At least they survived well."

"And they'll raise the kits well," Shi nodded, hugging him. "Are you going to be okay?" She asked, probably for the thousandth time in the past week.

"I have to be, don't I?" He regarded her steadily before kissing her lightly. "I'll be okay."

"Good," she murmured, kissing him back. "We should have plenty of time before we have to get going, shower and eat and meet them. Want to work on your hands a bit, or leave that be for now?"

"Leave it be, more shower time." He winked mischievously. "I'll have plenty of time to work on them."

"Y'know, some people slow down when they get into their sixties," Fenrik smirked, nipping his shoulder and pulled out from his mate with a groan before slipping from the bed and starting for the shower, flicking his tail playfully.

"By Jedi standards, we're barely in our forties." Jay countered and pulled out of Shi with a heated kiss. "I don't plan on slowing down for at least another century."

Shi and Fenrik as Jay's mates, along with Zraii and Essani as the Jedi who had the most interaction with the Clawsons, hung back slightly while Jay hugged his mother and sister goodbye. His flowing civilian clothing was a subtle indicator to all that he was not going to be held to Jedi standards of self-control right now. The touching and tears flowed freely, the sense of loss and grief on both sides palatable to all present along with the family stubbornness and gritty determination to make things work out.

The emotions he was feeling, though not controlled in the least, were at least reasonably positive ones, given the situation.

"*They have left us with a means of contacting them?*" Shivasta asked Essani silently.

"*Yes,*" she nodded slightly, her fur tinged both golden and gray. "*And they intend to drop by in about five years, ostensibly to check his recovery and hands. Jay may be ostracized officially, but I don't think his close kin intend to leave him out of the loop any more than is strictly required by distance.*"

"*I hope they don't. He'd prefer to know what's going on, and have the reassurance that they will be back when the time finally comes for him to go home,*" Shi pointed out. "*He'll be a long, long time in recovering.*"

"*I don't think anyone has any illusions about that.*" She signed mentally. "*Even if it was only six months he was gone, he descended a very long ways.*"

"*I had hoped it wouldn't be as bad as it seemed,*" Shi admitted. "*I'm just glad we found him when we did, or I don't know how much damage he would have done.*"

"*He was beginning a genocidal campaign against the T'surr when you finally got to him.*" Essani shuddered fractionally. "*I understand there was the beginning of an intent to obliterate all life.*"

"*If necessary, and if he was pushed far enough,*" Shi admitted reluctantly to such a capability in her mate, her own response to the fact clear mentally. "*I think he had just about decided that the easiest way to make the pain stop was just to eliminate every possible source of it.*"

"*It would also fall in line with how fallen Clawsons act in their galaxy.*" Essani added. "*Ah, the family goodbyes are over.*"

"*You're turn,*" Shi observed with a hint of a mental smile as Jay, still trying to hide the tears streaking his fur, reluctantly moved back to his mates. , reluctantly moved back to his mates. The kits were already on the ship; no one wanted to make this parting any more difficult than it already was for him.

"Everything's going to be okay," she reassured him softly, a hand on his shoulder as Fenrik leaned forward to lick the tears away.

"I know." Jay murmured. "It still hurts to see them go."

Essani stepped forward, an interpreter nearby to translate for her.

"The Order hopes to hear from you again soon, particularly if any of the technology we provided you with is helpful," she said through the young Twi'lek.

"We intend to keep in contact, such as is possible with the distances involved." Marie promised. "Thank you for your hospitality to us, and for taking in my brother."

"And thank you for helping us to bring him home, and to rescue his kittens. Force be with you all."

"Clear skies and Force be with you and yours, Master Essani." Marie bowed slightly and turned to enter the ship she had come in with her kin.

The Jedi waited as they boarded the ship and it lifted of, pulling out and launching towards the capitol ship waiting on the other side of Coruscant's defensive screen.

"Want to go back to your workshop, or our quarters?" Shi asked Jay gently.

"Our quarters, I think." He murmured, resisting the urge to rest his head on her shoulder out of deference to the robes she was wearing and how Jedi should act in public.

Despite her temptation to do otherwise, she didn't tell him not to worry about it. He needed to work on his self-control, and if he was willing to do so on his own she wouldn't interfere for now.

Instead, the three of them left for their quarters, and she reached down to take his hand gently, squeezing it softly.

"Master Shivasta is claiming a recovery that is far too quick." Master Noloth commented in the meditation chamber where he and Master Essani were waiting for Jay's Healers to arrive for a weekly report three weeks after the Clawsons had left Coruscant.

"*She is not claiming a complete recovery,*" Essani pointed out to the elderly Lizard. "*Only that he is fit to leave the Temple and Coruscant for a prolonged length of time if accompanied by at least one of his mates. Ulic Qel Droma turned from Sith Lord to an intensely contrite fallen Jedi in a single day. Jay never fell as far to the Dark,*" she pointed out.

"Knight Droma was also severed from the Force for his actions." Master Noloth reminded her, playing Devil's Advocate as much as anything else. It was his place in the proceedings, as someone who wasn't linked to Jay as Master, mate or good friend. "Not coddled by his mates and sent back out on missions after seven months."

"*He was severed from the Force by a Jedi who acted in anger and grief,*" Essani pointed out. "*And the missions are not for the Jedi Order, they are helping to make amends for what he has done while under the influence of a very twisted Dark Sider.*"

Master Noloth stilled his reply when the door slid open for the two Master Healers, who bowed in greeting to them before settling down into a meditative circle.

"Thank you for your patience, Masters," Shivasta said respectfully, bowing her head. "Master Dyba and I were comparing our observations, and lost track of the time slightly."

"*What have you determined?*" Master Essani nodded to them, her fur carefully white.

"Jay is not yet ready to be sent away from the Temple for prolonged periods without being supervised," Shi explained. "However, he has reached the point where he is not likely to try an escape anymore, even under emotional duress. His self-control is returning, though still shaky, but supervision will help with that. It is our opinion that he is ready to begin making efforts to make peace with his actions during the six months he was captured."

"What path is he to follow to make this peace?" Noloth asked evenly.

"The Clawsons place a high value on reparations for a crime committed," Shivasta explained. "He does as well, as his record when he has helped to bring a criminal to justice during the past forty years will suggest. Starting on Naboo, he will be searching for ways to make reparations for his actions. He cannot reverse what he has done, of course, but doing something that would have been important to the people he has hurt will help him to make peace with what he has done, and perhaps help those hurt by his actions to find peace of their own."

"Does he still require your or Master Fenrik to be with him, or will another Jedi suffice if necessary?" Noloth asked her simply.

"It would be unadvisable for Master Shivasta to ever not be nearby." Master Dyba answered instead. "Even if he is ready for it, which I do not believe he is yet, the unknown of when the bonds with his kittens will finally sever must be taken into account. They are weak parent-child bonds, less than even a Master-Padawan bond, but with four of them that are likely to break close together it is unlikely he will be able to control himself when it happens. I would also not advise him to be more than a day's travel away from a Mind or Soul Healer until that has happened and been dealt with."

"Which is why we are starting on Naboo," Shivasta agreed. "It is only four to five hours journey in the Sharufa to an astronomical outpost we have established."

"You are certain you can contain him if the worst happens?" Noloth looked at Shi seriously.

"I can," she nodded. "I may be forced to keep him heavily sedated, but I can contain him and do the basic healing work until a healer can arrive if that is necessary. Master Fenrik will be available for missions during this period, though for obvious reasons we would prefer if he accompanied us when it was possible."

"*Understood.*" Essani agreed. "*We will endeavor to keep him nearby. As long as someone can cover his classes, he should be able to. He has not been on the active roster for some time now after all.*"

"Gods, I half-think Jay and I forgot about them," Shivasta admitted, blushing slightly. "My apologies, Masters. We will see about making arrangements before we leave."

"*You had other things to focus on, as did he.*" Essani smiled mentally at her, still remembering the young girl of half a century before that blushed so easily when Jay was mentioned. "*We kept the position filled, as we do with every Jedi who finds themselves on a more important mission. Just as Jay's Artisan apprentice has been taken care of, since he can no longer teach him the final lessons. We will continue to do so.*"

"Thank you," Shivasta said, inclining her head gratefully. "If there are no objections then, we should prepare to leave. I don't expect the meeting on Naboo will be an easy one, and we would rather get it under way while Jay is still willing."

"*Agreed.*" Essani gave her consent.

"Agreed," Noloth nodded slightly. "I do expect regular updates on his actions and progress."

"You know I already agree." Master Dyba sort of chuckled. "He is ready for this. It is critical to take advantage of his willingness while he is."

"My next report will be in a week then, via holonet," Shivasta promised, bowing to the three Masters present politely. "Thank you."

"*May the Force be with you all on this journey.*" Essani offered warmly in parting.

A Heritage of Power 3: Jay's Story 9.99: Epilogue 2: Rebuilding a Triad

NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
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Written August 23, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Human, Ice Walker, Kat, Kushiban, Panther

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Jay Clawson/Shivasta Stormwarden/Fenrik Aren

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Blurb: A taste of Jay's path to healing; the beginning of a very long, painful road.

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