A Heritage of Power 4: Jerik's Story 8:
Finishing a Design

by Fur and Fantasy
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Jerik was actually rather nervous as he approached Mage Temreth with a sizable box of papers and items after the Mage's last class of the day.

"Ah, Apprentice Jerik." The Stoke nodded to him with a smile for the presentation to come. In the past three months Jerik had asked many questions about staves. He had few doubts he would be treated to something that was as ambitious and unique as the youth that had envisioned it. "You have put a great deal of work into this presentation."

"I had to be sure I chose the best one." He nodded, his tone more serious than usual. "Several designs were competing for the place."

"Always good to hear," Temreth smiled, indicating a clear desk he could place his materials on. "Many apprentices choose to focus on one design, without considering their alternatives."

"I had the opposite problem," Jerik chuckled sheepishly and put the box down. "It's why it's taken me so long. I made a half dozen mock-ups before I found the one that felt just right." He picked up a good sized book and handed it over. "The page that starts this design is bookmarked by the ribbon."

Temreth turned to the page in question, looking at the designs Jerik had drawn.

"You're very good at drawing plans," the Stoat observed, inspecting the notes that included the details he couldn't get from the pictures of the partially carved staff. Its basic form was fairly standard, if rather squared off. It was in the details that it became unique. Not only were there carvings of many things along the bottom third, but they were painted and a few less certain notations on what would come in the future.

It was a staff that would hold the history of its mage and his heritage when it was finally finished in the century to come.

"Thank you," Jerik smiled at the praise. "The notes in there explain more than I can, and earlier pages are the notations on my other ideas. From what I understand, this one has two unusual features. The finial is the primary crystal from my Ko's-Ri. It is already attuned to me. The other is several pages further along. I've designed it to take my energy blade spell in particular."

Temreth looked ahead, noticing that it was designed to be able to be separated in a similar way to sword cane. "You do realize that these changes will reduce the strength of the staff when it is split?" He asked Jerik.

"Yes," he nodded. "There is a reinforced scabbard lining inside the main part, but how often would I actually need to use it as a staff after the sword is drawn?"

"That will depend on your fighting style," Temreth pointed out. "Which I will admit, I have no clue how it will develop. I must admit, I find your design an intriguing choice for you."

"Why?" He asked, curious and worried he may have overlooked something important.

"You're planning to focus on shapeshifting magic, yes?" Temreth asked him. "I might be wrong, but you were focused on it before."

"Up to a point, yes." He nodded seriously. "Past the Eighth Circle it is not as interesting to me and I will probably shift my focus to Evocation.

"You are thinking quite far in advance," Temreth said, blinking at Jerik. Most apprentices were looking forward to the Third or Fourth Circle with the same tone he had for the Eighth or Ninth. "Though fair enough. The main reason it struck me was that your staff is very clearly about who you are ... most people with a focus on shifting magic are focused on who else they can be, in my experience."

"Oh!" The tom blinked as it hit him why he didn't feel as much kinship with many of the other transmutationists. "I'm interested in the what, not the who." He shook his head a bit. "It's always me; I'm not interested in hiding who I am. I just love to fly, and run as a cat, and not having to worry about species when I take a mate is a real plus too."

Temreth chuckled, shaking his head a bit.

"You know, I had just this conversation with Elder Kora a few years back," he smiled. "Though I didn't know it at the time. You say that you already have a crystal, one that is attuned to you?"

"Yes," he nodded and reached into the box to bring out a smaller box, one of significant quality for his age, and opened it to reveal three crystals of shimmering sky blue. One large one and two smaller ones, each glowing with an inner light that was unmistakably magical. "They are the focus stones for my Ko's-Ri, a special kind of energy sword. It will take a lifetime to rebuild the weapon, but the crystals are undamaged and still a potent foci for me."

"Have you put any thought into how this might affect the personality of your staff?"

"Personality?" Jerik looked at him, not really sure what was being asked. "Of my staff?"

"Yes," Temreth nodded. "You haven't been told? Your staff, when it is fully enchanted, will be nearly sentient, and capable of communicating with you. Normally, you shape the personality when you enchant it. But with the existing connection, it might work differently."

"Well, if the crystals shape the personality, it'd be a she with plenty of self-confidence and no fear of reminding me when I'm missing the obvious." He chuckled slightly.

"Just something to consider," the Stoat smiled. "Because she may well also be very talkative, given that."

"That I'm used to." Jerik cracked a grin. "Most things I build seem to be like that."

"Well, while I will be interested in hearing how it works out, I think you've thought this out very well," Temreth smiled. "Once you have completed it, would you mind if I were to go through your previous designs in more detail?"

"I would be pleased to, Mage Temreth." He nodded agreeably, and he meant it too. He was more than a little proud of the other designs as well.

"Good," he nodded and skimmed the rest of the design. Just the first couple pages had told him Jerik had done more than enough to be authorized the construction, but he was intrigued by how personalized it was. When he came to the design for the finial, what would be the pommel of the sword, he had to pause again. "You have created a most ambitious finial. Are you sure you can manage that?"

"Yes," he nodded seriously and picked up a real life replica of the design he'd drawn. "I did a couple test examples to make sure."

"Impressive," he nodded and looked at the spiral cage of finely carved wood that held the setting of three pieces of quartz similar in size and shape to the set he would be using. It looked impossible to built, but clearly the tom had figured out a way. "It is all reinforced as well." Temreth murmured in surprise when he realized that the fine wood and decorative metalwork was magically hardened.

"Attractive should not equal weak." Jerik smiled and accepted the practice finial back.

"Quite true." He nodded. "I will see you tomorrow, for your lessons," the Stoat smiled. "Have a good evening, Jerik."

"Have a good evening, Mage Temreth." Jerik bowed slightly to him and gathered up his box of things to head back to his room and his precious time to mediate. He had a lot to think on right now, though most of it was good.

A Heritage of Power 4: Jerik's Story 8: Finishing a Design


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Written December 25, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Herath, Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Kat, Stoat

Contents: Furry. Gen.

Blurb: Jerik gets his design for his staff approved.

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