A Heritage of Power 4: Jerik's Story 9.99:
Returning to Real Life

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F and M/H
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Jerik was happily snuggled between Tomar's forelegs when Quasma and Remys knocked on their door. He opened it with a slight wave of his hand. "Hi guys."

"Hey," Quasma stepped in and noticing the spread of snacks on the table. "You two look like you wouldn't mind another week stuck in your quarters," she teased as she took a seat.

"No way, I miss flying too much." Jerik shook his head. "Dig in, and lets figure out how to make the stipend cut as short-lived as possible."

"Well, I talked to my scrip's teacher, he said they're willing to give me the usual discount rate on scrolls I scribe for them," Remys said, taking a seat and a slice of savory meat. "Of course, only a quarter of that would count towards it, but it'd make things a lot faster."

"Mage Atri, over in Evocation, is interested in my energy blade spell." Jerik nodded and sipped his warm, spiced milk. "She's willing to pay fifteen gold for scrolls with it, and a hundred if I can teach it to her. There are plenty of normal chores available, but working the magical end of things seems to be a lot more profitable. There's also some interest in my detection abilities too, if I can teach any of the Watchers how to do it."

"It usually is," Quasma nodded. "I'm taking extra shifts on identification duty, so if I'm extra tired and irritable during the next few weeks, it's nothing personal."

"Why?" Jerik cocked his head and snagged a slice of dried fish for his Defender.

"The spells involved in item identification," she explained, making a small sandwich out of some fresh bread and meat. "They're incredibly draining; I wouldn't have even learned them yet if I wasn't in the school as my specialty. An hour each to cast them and about another hour of rest afterwards recommended, for each item you identify. Even after that, you're usually pretty wiped out."

"Sounds like it," he nodded in sympathy. "On unrelated things, I'll be heading out camping to enchant my staff next week. I expect I'll be gone at least a couple weeks between the enchantment and travel time."

"On your own?" Quasma asked, glancing up at Tomar.

"Not entirely," the Rohr chuckled slightly. "I'll be going with him, just in case."

"Like he wouldn't be even if I was staying here." Jerik grinned and reached up to scratch his neck playfully. "He's gotten terribly overprotective since that fight."

"Can't be half as bad as Kennara has been," Remys chuckled, shaking his head.

"Tim too," Quasma sighed, rolling her eyes. "I swear, to judge by how they're acting, you'd think they'd abandoned us to be slaughtered while they hid under the covers."

"That's about what they feel like they did," Tomar pointed out seriously. "I was there for the lecture they got, and they were already feeling like dirt before they heard it. Defenders don't run; it flies in the face of everything we're taught to leave a battlefield while your mage is still on it."

"But they didn't have a choice," Remys pointed out. "Hell, I'm surprised you managed to resist the spell any better than they did."

"Doesn't matter," Tomar said, shaking his head. "Not to them. All that means is that they didn't make a conscious choice to leave you behind. Not being strong enough to protect your mage is almost as bad," he explained, nuzzling Jerik's head lightly. "And if it weren't for that spell, they'd probably be packed and on their way out by now."

"That serious, even at this age?" Jerik looked up, more than a bit surprised.

"They might get a second chance, if you guys were willing to give it to them, but they'd be getting watched real carefully," Tomar confirmed. "It's not like on the outside, where anybody can find a mage to work with and call themselves a Defender, here. If you're going to stay in the Guild, they want to be sure you really are willing and able to do what it takes."

Jerik nodded thoughtfully, most of his mind desperately hoping it never came to that with Tomar. He had no doubts the Rohr would die for him without hesitation. Even now, it was a pretty devastating thought.

A few years down the line ....

No, it was better not to think about that just now.

"Well, Kennara at least had better get used to not thinking like that too hard," Remys said firmly. "I'm not about to repay her for taking a chance on me by ditching her the first time something doesn't go perfectly."

"Just make sure she knows that," Tomar suggested. "It's good that the loyalty goes both ways; she probably just needs a little reassurance that it does."

"Yeah," Jerik murmured, back with the conversation again. "They're trained to die for us, showing them we appreciate that and don't expect perfection can go a long way to making it more of a partnership."

"It's just still going to be a long time before you get hurt worse than I do in a fight and I'm okay with it," Tomar smirked down at his partner.

"That I don't mind." He reached up to scritch Tomar's chest. "It's not like I take it well when you're hurt."

"Don't think I ever really thought of it that way," Quasma murmured, shaking her head as she ate. "Why don't you guys tell us things like this?" She asked Tomar, only mostly joking.

"'Cause to us, it's normal," the Rohr chuckled slightly. "And yeah, that means they're still going to be really apologetic for a while."

"We'll live with it," Quasma chuckled with a smile. "Mmm ... back on the original subject, there was one thing I'd thought of trying to pull down some extra cash to try and pay back the scroll, but I'm not sure if you guys would want to get involved."

"What is it?" Jerik encouraged her between bites of finger food.

"Well, while I was confined to my quarters I was working on some research into the local area," Quasma explained, sipping her warm milk before it cooled off too much. "Seems there are some stories about a gang of bandits that were giving one of the local villages trouble. A group of mages ran them off, but nobody ever found their lair. I think I might have an idea how to find it though."

"A treasure hunt?" Jerik perked up. "What's your idea on finding it?"

"Well, one of the lead bandits was from the area near my home village," she explained, Remys looking at her with just as much interest as Jerik had. "He had a note on him that gave directions to their lair from a place called the Wind King's Tomb. Well, I remember that the mine shafts back home always howled during wind storms, and the local legends attributed it to 'the Wind King.' There's enough information between the bandit's directions, some historical documents on my country, and knowing the legends from the area that I think I can find the entrance."

"You think you can?" Remys asked her. "How certain are you?"

"It'll take a bit more research, but from what I remember off the top of my head I'd say that I've already got it narrowed down to one of four or five different mines. The big thing will be figuring out which ones existed at the time and were relatively abandoned. I should be done with the research portion of it within a couple weeks of you getting back from enchanting your staff, Jerik," she offered.

"It sounds like it's at least worth checking out, assuming it doesn't get us in more trouble." He nodded. "Any thoughts on how to convince the Mages to let us go?"

"This time, I think the truth will do best," Quasma admitted. "Let's face it - we're almost good enough that field excursions are becoming likely. If I can demonstrate that I know where we're supposed to be going, it's supposed to have been deserted for ages. Should be relatively safe, so as long as we arrange for enough supplies for the length of the trip and make them see that we actually know what we're doing, I think they'd allow it."

"I'm willing if you guys are," Remys offered. "Be good to get some actual field experience under our belts - that we're supposed to have," he added with a chuckle. "Though they might insist that we take a month or two first to round out our spell selections."

"Hey, the more time we have, the more certain I'll be that we're actually going to the right place," Quasma shrugged. "There's nobody else around here I know of that's actually put all the pieces together, so we've got time."

"It works for me," Jerik nodded. "There are definitely a couple spells I want to have before we head out and a few I want to get better at. It shouldn't take more than a month or two after I get back to cover that, even with the extra duties I've got."

"So, it sounds like we've got a plan," Quasma grinned a bit. "And if we find more than it takes to repay the scroll, we can split it up amongst ourselves."

"Sounds great to me," Remys grinned. "Even if it just takes a chunk out of it, it'll be worth it to get some field experience."

"Agreed," Jerik nodded. "It'll be good to get out and see a bit more of the world too."

"And to pay a visit back home," Quasma smiled. "It's been ages."

"Yeah, that's always good." Jerik smiled a bit sadly and snuggled back against his Defender as Tomar wrapped his arms around him lightly. "It doesn't hurt to have allies in the area either, even if it's only for a soft bed and good hot meal."

"Nope, and we'll probably need those," Quasma admitted. "Even with knowing where to go, it might take a while to figure out where exactly it is if the maps are a little off."

"So, any other ideas for earning money?" Jerik asked, looking around the group.

"I think this'll just about do it," Remys chuckled slightly. "We can probably find odd jobs around town if we need anything more."

"I'm sure," Jerik rolled his eyes over what that would likely amount to. "See you in class tomorrow?"

"See you then," Quasma nodded, finishing her snack. "Oh, by the way Jerik, think you can help me with setting the finial on my staff tomorrow? I need an extra pair of hands to help me with the final weaving."

"Sure," Jerik nodded easily. "After chores?"

"The advantage of having a simple design," Remys chuckled, shaking his head slightly. "Straight-forward and easy to build."

"To each their own, Remys," the Lynx smiled. "It's all a matter of what works out. And after chores sounds great, thank you."

"See you guys in the morning," Jerik opened the door with his mind and watched them leave before snuggling in with Tomar to finish off the snacks that were their dinner.

Jerik used the Force as much as his hands, and occasionally teeth, to help Quasma with the intricate work of weaving willow strands around the protrusions of the large amethyst crystal she had chosen as her finial.

She helped as well, of course. While Jerik held the strands in place, she wove them back around each other, tying the crystal to the staff firmly, occasionally pausing to re-steam the wood so it stayed pliable enough for her to weave it.

When it was finally tied, tightly, she hurried over to the reference shelves, pulling down one of the available spellbooks.

"Okay, I'll just need a few more moments to find the hardening spell," she explained, flipping through the book and searching for the spell she needed. When she had it, she cast it quickly, working her mouth around the unfamiliar words for a spell she hoped she'd never have to cast again. Jerik felt the wooden strands harden, tiny leaves actually sprouting as, briefly, they grew into each other, twisting slightly and fixing the crystal into place.

"Phew - thanks," Quasma smiled. "Getting ready to head out yourself tomorrow then?" She asked, taking her staff from him and testing its balance, the woven wood fitting comfortably into her hands. It was one of the most ambitious designs her teachers had seen, physically, but it felt right to her.

"Yeah," he nodded and stood to work out the kinks in his body after being relatively still for the two hours the process had taken. "I'm glad mine wasn't nearly this difficult. Are you going to enchant it here?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "Mostly in the library, probably; there's a private room for that sort of thing. Want a little help with the kinks?" She offered.

"That'd be great," he rolled his shoulders and sat down on the workbench nearby.

She moved around behind him, cracking her knuckles and stretching her own body out before she started to massage his shoulders.

"So, you tried out that female body again since that first time?" She asked curiously as he groaned softly in appreciation.

"Not like that," he flushed under his dark red fur. "But I've been perfecting the form."

"Hey, you were pretty," Quasma chuckled. "Hope I didn't embarrass you too much."

"Not really, I think Tomar was a lot more embarrassed for me than anything." He chuckled and shifted under her fingers with a groan of pleasure. "Not what I planned on, but it could have been a lot worse. And thanks."

"You're welcome," she smiled, working her thumbs into a particularly stubborn knot of muscle. "And I noticed; I think if the spell hadn't worn off when it did, the two of you would've ignited."

"I would have at least managed to cover up." He chuckled as his body relaxed and a low purr began. "He still turns bright red when he thinks about it. How are things going with Tim?"

"Pretty well," she smiled. "He's convincing himself that I'm not really mad at him for running, and starting to move on. Think Kaia has something to do with that," she chuckled.

"Good to hear. She a friend of his?" He looked over his shoulder at him."

"One of the other students in Divination, got a couple years on me," Quasma explained. "Nobody's supposed to know, but anybody who knows him is pretty sure he's got a crush on her," she smiled. "And he does, of course. Not that I blame him for a moment."

"She's a good looking Doberman?" He barely had to guess.

"Yep," Quasma nodded. "You've seen her, just never been introduced I don't think. Don't know if anything's going to happen there, but I think I might be playing a little match-making in the next few months, after we get back."

"Thinking of trading Defenders, or just getting him set up with someone for a while?" He purred deeply.

"Just finding him a girlfriend," she chuckled, scratching Jerik's back lightly with the tips of her claws. "Wouldn't give him up for the world."

"So ... um, care to groom each other a little?"

"Mmm ... are you doing a little match-making of your own now?" Quasma teased lightly. "Sure, if you don't mind one of our rooms. I don't think the workshop's really the right place to relax like that."

"No, it's not." He ducked his head a bit. "I've got a good set of brushes."

"Sounds good to me," she smiled. "Is Tomar going to be around, or is he busy yet?"

"He'll be busy," he smiled shyly and stood. "Unless you'd like to show off your staff to him first. It's quite a design."

"Nah," she chuckled. "I'll wait until it's done to show it off too much." All the same, she did remember to grab it before following him out of the workshop and towards his quarters. The quick whisper spell he sent wasn't missed either, and would assure their privacy for a while. What she wasn't sure was how far he was interested in going today.

"True, it'll be all that more impressive then." He nodded and smiled at Tomar in thanks as they passed in the hall.

"Did he know you were bringing company back?" Quasma asked him quietly, not sure just how close the two of them were.

"Yes," Jerik nodded slightly and opened the door. "I told him."

"Okay," Quasma nodded, stepping in and leaning her staff into the waiting rack. "How close are the two of you, these days?"

"Not lovers, but close," he admitted and selected his brushes before turning to look at her. "I'm not looking for that here, at least not yet. But you do feel good to be near."

"Thanks," she smiled. "It's good being friends with you, but I wasn't sure just how much you were interested in tonight," she admitted.

"Maybe sometime, but not tonight," he motioned to the pillows. "Why don't you lay down and I'll see about that fur?"

"Sounds good to me," she smiled and stripped her robes off, laying down on the pillows, her thick grey fur fairly well groomed already, though it certainly wouldn't be hurt by a brushing. Not that the actual grooming was really the point tonight, of course. This was all about social bonding, a display those with fur did for those they cared about. She knew reptiles had something similar, only it involved polish. Avians called it preening, but it was basically the same thing. Lots of physical contact that made the recipient look good.

She murred softly as his robes were set aside and he knelt next to her and began to work her fur and knots out of her shoulder-length hair.

"Mmm ... that feels good," she purred, pressing into the contact lightly. "Oh, hang on a second," she groaned, shaking her head. "Forgot to tell Tim I wouldn't be back for a while."

Jerik chuckled and shifted back on his heels to let her sit up and cast the whisper spell. "Let him have some more time with Kaia."

"If he's decided to do anything about it, yeah," Quasma chuckled, casting the spell quickly, sending a brief message. "And I did suggest it, though he's incredibly bashful around her."

He could only smile and went back to brushing her shoulders, then along her spine when she laid back down. "You have incredible fur." He murmured.

"Mmm ... thank you," she purred, flexing her hands, her claws poking out a bit as she stretched beneath the pleasant feel of being brushed out. "I do put a bit of work into it."

"It shows," he rumbled as he worked down to her twitchy snub-tail and managed to catch it to brush it out.

She giggled a bit, holding her tail still while he worked on it. "Mmm ... you like the view down there?" She teased him lightly.

"I like the one from the front better." He rumbled throatily before he caught himself and forced his body to calm down. Only then did he move on to brushing out her firm, rounded buttocks.

"Oooh, that feels good," she purred, flicking her stubby tail back and forth happily, trying to keep it out of his way. "I am definitely going to have to spoil you after this."

"You'll have to work hard to spoil me more than Tomar." He chuckled and nudged her legs apart so he could work on her inner thighs.

"Oh, I can try," she rumbled, spreading her legs for him with a slight blush as she thought about it.

"Yes, you can," he murmured and ran a hand along her spine and down one leg that he'd already brushed to settle by her feet. Without a word he began to massage them.

"Tickles," she giggled slightly, wiggling her broad, feline toes.

"Sorry," he murmured and stopped to pick up the brush again to work on her other leg from the hip down.

"Mmm ... you are thorough, aren't you?"

"I've had a lot of practice," Jerik grinned and leaned forward to kiss her cheek.

"Mmm ... I'm suddenly very jealous of Tomar," she grinned back at him. "Your turn?" She asked, pointedly not bringing up his half hard cock that briefly pressed against her buttocks.

"I haven't brushed your front yet." He pointed out, unsure if she wanted him to stop.

"Wasn't sure if you wanted to yet," she said easily. "I can roll over for you if you'd like."

"By the time you're done, I don't think I'm going to want to move, much less work." Jerik chuckled and moved so she could roll over.

"Mmm ... possible," she purred, rolling over. She rested her arms over her breasts for the time being as she looked him over and realized that he wasn't nearly as body shy as she'd thought given his reactions before. All his fur was on display; his fine stripes clearly visible, as was the subtle shift in shading to the lighter rusty reds that marked his chest and belly, only to give way to the very dark fur leading to his groin.

He didn't really hesitate when she covered herself either, he simply began to brush her out with the same care starting below her breasts.

She rumbled softly, relaxing a bit as he brushed her out, eventually resting her arms at her side.

"Why is it you're doing shapeshifting?" She asked him.

"Because even when I thought it was impossible, it's something I've always wanted to do." He smiled and brushed the fur of her belly out, carefully moving with the changing directions. "I've always dreamed of flying on my own wings. I'm going to manage it now. I don't plan on specializing once I get to the level where I can do that. I'm not really a specialist at heart."

"Unlike me," she smiled. "Not that I'll be able to specialize that much, of course. Diviners almost never can, unless they're spending the rest of their lives in a library."

"Not what you plan on," he smiled and lightly brushed the thicker fur over her sex.

"Oooh ... not at all," she purred and instinctively spread her legs a bit as he worked lower and over her hips and thighs. "If it was, I wouldn't be suggesting I go with you after that bandit stuff."

"What's your secondary field then?" Jerik asked curiously even as he ignored the scent of arousal from both of them.

"Anything but necromancy, pretty much," she purred, pressing against the brush. "A little conjuring, little evocation - anything useful in the field ...."

"Sounds like a good plan," he nodded and moved down her legs, only just resisting the impulse to bury his nose in her sex where that enticing smell was coming from. He didn't avoid it well enough to keep Quasma from noticing though.

"Uhm ... Jerik?" She said shyly, spreading her legs a bit more. "If you want to ...."

He looked up at her, conflict on his face before he shifted to nuzzle her sex, his nose damp as her lower lips parted at the light pressure.

Quasma purred softly, spreading her legs further, enjoying the feeling as she reached down to stroke his hair lightly, encouraging him. She gasped when his tongue darted out to taste her while his hands worked her inner thighs.

"Oh, that feels good," she moaned, scratching his ears lightly.

His tongue darted out again, this time it lingered and explored her until he found the nub near the top and drew it into his mouth, his sharp front teeth lightly grazing it as she gasped, pressing up into his mouth, pleasure shooting through her sex.

"Jerik," she whimpered. "More, please ...."

He continued to lavish the hard nub with attention, his front teeth pressed against her flesh until he felt her begin to tremble. Only then did he back away a bit and shifted forward to rub his cock against her slick fur. "More?"

"Of that, inside me?" She asked him shyly, wrapping her arms around his back, her pussy aching to be filled.

"Yes," he groaned throatily, his own arousal nearly painful now. He knew he was too young to feel this way about a female, and right now he couldn't care.

"Go ahead," she purred, kissing him softly and wrapping a thick, well-furred leg around his waist as he shifted and slowly worked into position for something he'd never tried before.

He nearly cried out as he slid inside her tight, hot, slick body. It took all his focus not to come right then, not even fully inside her.

Quasma moaned into Jerik's mouth, curling her fingers in his long fur, pressing against him needily as she enjoyed the new sensations of being penetrated and the look of ecstasy on his face.

"Ready for more?" She asked him after a moment for both of them to adjust.

A small nod preceded him pulling out a bit, a movement that rubbed her all the right ways with the few full rubbery barbs he had.

She mewled softly, squeezing her muscles lightly around his shaft as she scritched his back as he began to get a rhythm that made them both tremble far too soon.

Without thinking, he got his hands behind her shoulders and pulled her against his thrusts. His claws dug into her scruff with each motion, drawing whimpers and mewls of pleasure from the Lynx beneath him.

"Close Jer'," she warned him, breathing hard as her sex trembled, trying to hold off as long as she could.

"'So'kay," he whispered, his body tightening with the pleasure he couldn't hold back anymore. With a shudder he threw his head back with a roar; his hips jerked forward to bury himself into her to pump his seed deep into her body.

Quasma cried out with him, pressing her body up against his as her sex spasmed, drawing his essence into her instinctively as they surrendered their control of their bodies.

"Mmm," Jerik mumbled into her fur when he'd finally caught his breath again.

"That was good," she murmured, kissing him lightly. "Mmm ... fur's all mussed up again," she added with a giggle.

"We have magic to fix that," he chuckled, shuddering as he pulled out of her body. "I really didn't plan on that."

"Neither did I," she admitted, nuzzling his neck lightly. "Good though?" She asked him, licking his cheek.

"Very," he whispered and shifted to claim her mouth gently.

She returned the kiss, licking his lips lightly with her rough tongue. "Mmm ... agreed," she purred. "Maybe some time we can try it with your other body," she winked.

"Maybe," he murmured and nuzzled his way down to her breasts to tease her nipples.

"Mmm ...." She purred happily, leaning down to kiss his head lightly. "Jerik? Still friends first, right?"

"Yes," he shifted to look her in the eyes. "Friends first. I am so not ready for anything more."

"Me either," she said easily, licking his nose playfully. "Didn't really think to make sure we were on the same page the first time," she chuckled. "Good that we are though."

"Yeah," he nodded and shifted to sit back to cast a refresher cantrip for each of them.

"Mmm ... so, time for you to get a proper grooming?" She suggested, picking up the brush.

"And maybe not get quite so worked up this time." He managed a shy grin and lay down on the pillows with his back facing up.

"Sounds good to me," she chuckled, taking the brush and getting to work on his long, attractively marked fur.

Tomar stretched out as he walked back to his quarters a few hours after he'd left. He'd taken an extra lesson in the smithy and spent some time in the baths afterwards, knowing that Jerik was going to be a while with Quasma. It was dark now, and definitely dinner time, and he had to admit to being a bit curious at just what had taken so long.

"Hey Jerik!" He called as he walked into the well-cleaned room, dinner laid out on the table. "How'd it go?"

The tom ducked his head, a bright shade a red under his fur. "A bit unexpected, but it was good."

"Okay ...." The Rohr cocked his head curiously, taking a sniff and picking up on a vaguely familiar smell, and a very unfamiliar one. "Real good, I guess?" He asked with a bit of a blush of his own.

"Yeah, we had no plans for it, but ..." he trailed off and walked up to his partner. "Made me very eager for you to get back."

"Nothing got weird between you two, did it?" Tomar asked, kneeling on his front legs and giving Jerik a hug, noticing the lack of scent that said he'd been cleaning up magically. "Bet this place was real interesting to be in afterwards," he chuckled.

"Two mages with freshen spells clean up pretty fast." He chuckled and claimed a chaste kiss on the mouth from his Defender. "Yes, it was interesting, and everything's good between us. Grooming got a little hotter than expected."

"That's it," Tomar chuckled, licking Jerik's cheek affectionately. "You're gonna have to be chaperoned from now on," he teased. "Twice now something like this has happened with her!"

"Maybe, but are you really going to complain?" Jerik slipped a finger under Tomar's leathers.

"You still feeling frisky?" The Rohr asked, blushing a bit deeper at the nearly intimate touch.

"For you." He rumbled and looked up, his expression serious. "You can say no."

"I know," Tomar nodded. "And ... I might ... but I'm not going to now," he said, licking Jerik's cheek slightly with his broad, wet tongue while the tom slipped the leathers off and kissed his way down Tomar's chest.

"See anything you like?" He asked shyly, his sheath stirring slightly.

"Yes," Jerik murmured and slid a hand between them to gently finger the soft sheath and full balls below them while his mouth found a nipple deep in the Rohr's thick fur.

The Wolf-taur groaned, settling his hind-legs onto the floor, his sheath filling out as he reached up to rub Jerik's back and drew the naked tom against him.

"Yesss," Jerik couldn't help but hiss as they rubbed against each other, encouraging both their arousal as the kisses and touching became ever more intimate and sure.

Tomar massaged Jerik's back, rumbling as he rubbed the spot just about the tom's tail, grinding lightly into his hand as they worked each other to hardness. Then Jerik knelt and took the lupine cock into his mouth while his hands worked Tomar's balls. The Rohr whined softly, fighting the urge to thrust into Jerik's hot, wet mouth as his shaft responded eagerly to the attention. His knot started to swell, and he shuddered when Jerik shifted one hand to under the knot and put a gentle pressure upwards.

"Oh that feels so good," he moaned, his forelegs trembling some as he rubbed the smaller tom's head. "Not gonna take long," he warned him, his balls twitching lightly.

Jerik smiled and carefully worked the backside of his tongue, silky and soft, around the angled cockhead in his mouth while he moved his hand from Tomar's balls to the unattended section of cock to stroke it. The Rohr moaned, his hips thrusting forward into the heat of Jerik's mouth, his balls pulling close to his body as he sprayed his seed into the tom's throat, some to be swallowed, most to dribble out the side of Jerik's mouth as he was caught by surprise by the volume.

"Mmm, you taste pretty good." Jerik murmured as he began to lick him clean.

"Thanks," Tomar groaned, rumbling as his tail wagged against the floor. "Mmm ... want to have a little fun with the other end?" He offered shyly.

"Are you sure?" He asked and claimed a tender kiss that let Tomar taste himself, the bittersweet taste an unusual one to the Rohr.

"If you want to," Tomar nodded slightly. "If not, it's okay."

"I would like to," Jerik actually blushed and kissed him again before shifting back, uncertain. "Umm, what position ...."

"Well, not too many options," Tomar chuckled, standing up and lifting his tail high above the back of his hind-body, the lips of his female sex slick.

"Mmm," Jerik knelt to taste this end of his partner, his tongue darting inside his body.

The Rohr's female juices were sweet and thick, and a tremor ran through the large, lupine torso as Jerik rubbed his hind legs lightly.

"Mmm ... you like?" Tomar asked, teasing the tom's ears with his tail.

"Yes," Jerik rumbled and stood, playing his fingers along the slit while he guided Tomar's hips to the right height for his own. With a hungry rumble he removed his fingers and pressed his hard cock, only textured near the tip, fully into Tomar's eager body.

The Rohr moaned, lowering his front half to the floor and tilting his opper body back to lick submissively at Jerik's neck as he tightened his body around the shaft penetrating it, smaller than most Rohrs who would be mating with him like this, but still pleasant, the tiny nubs at the end stimulating the most sensitive flesh of Tomar's female sex.

"Ohh, yeah." Jerik shuddered and pressed in deeper, his thrusts quickening as he reached out to rub Tomar's chest.

"Now this feels good," Tomar rumbled deeply, his eyes lidded, stroking Jerik's arms lightly. "Mate me, Jerik ...."

A deep groan and more forceful thrusts were the only real answer as Jerik nodded and did just that, more than happy to surrender to the pleasure of their joining.

Tomar did much the same, his muscles rippling around Jerik's shaft, squeezing down powerful around empty space deeper in his pussy. His juices leaked out around the tom's cock, matting the fur of both their thighs. With a roar Jerik shot his seed deep into his partner, his enjoyment as much emotional as physical.

Tomar rumbled happily, enjoying the sensation as his female sex rippled in a light orgasm, pressing himself back against Jerik as pleasure tingled through his hind-body.

"Wow," Jerik murmured as he slid out and sank forward against Tomar's lower back. "Just wow."

"Mmm ... I could get used to this feeling," Tomar rumbled, reaching back to stroke Jerik's side, his bushy tail wagging beneath the tom.

"So could I," Jerik smiled up at him before he got to his feet and came around to hug and nuzzle his partner in front. "You feel very good."

"You do too," Tomar rumbled, returning the hug and inhaling Jerik's scent deeply. "Mmm ... so, dinner, before it's cold? Maybe a little grooming afterwards?"

"I'd like that," he smiled and nuzzled him again, then cast a quick freshen cantrip on them to keep the mess down.

A Heritage of Power 4: Jerik's Story 9.99: Returning to Real Life

NC-17 for M/F and M/H
Het Level is LowHet Smut Level is Very Low
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is LowHerm Smut Level is Very Low

33 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written December 7, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Herath, Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Feline, Gila Monster, Kat, Rohr (Herm Wolftaur)

Contents: Furry. Herm. Het (M/F). Sex (First Time), Sex (Young Teen)

Pairings: Jerik Clawson/Quasma, Jerik Clawson/Tomar

Blurb: With their confinement to quarters lifted, Jerik, Quasma and Remys gather at Jerik's to discuss options on paying back the debt faster.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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