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"Well, look who's back from the mines, literally," Mage Temreth chuckled as he met Jerik and the others at the front gates of Academy City. "How did it go?"

"Not as well as we'd hoped, and better than I'd expected." Jerik greeted him with a smile that belied how wary he was of the local Mages right now. The fate of their take after they'd taken down the Blight Mage was still fresh enough that trust wasn't about to be given.

"We managed to help the locals out with a kobold infestation as well," Remys chuckled. "Not that you'd know it from listening to the way they tell it."

"The truth does tend to be flexible about such things," the Stoat chuckled, leading them in. "I must admit, it has been ... quiet ... in classes without the four of you here."

"Vacation is over now." Jerik grinned at them. "We're back for a while."

"Just in time for most of us to split up into separate classes," Tessi giggled. "You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you'd planned this," she teased the older mage.

"Please," he chuckled. "Do mages plot? Really now."

"Considering our conversations, that's not very reassuring." Jerik winked at his companions.

"Not at all," Quasma chuckled as they entered the Academy.

"Well, you two are going to have quite a bit of interest from your various classmates," Temreth told them with a chuckle. "You're the first out of them to actually head out on an adventure like this one, and with your little run-in in the Necropolis, they're already starting to think you're trying to show everybody up."

"We don't try," Jerik almost smirked. "We're just cursed with interesting lives."

"You mean, you are." Remys added jokingly. "We just hang out with you."

"So, did you find anything interesting in your bandit hoard?" The Stoat asked them.

"Enough to pay off our debt, a ruby signet stone, an old wedding ring, a few items we need to research the background of before deciding what to do with them and some odds and ends we'll probably keep for decoration and such." Jerik answered easily for the group, quite intentionally leaving out that they'd found a few other magic items, as they'd agreed on.

"Well, it sounds like you'll still be working on the dull end of adventuring for a while; sorting out what you've found, how much it's worth, and what to do with it. You might want to have a more experienced mage take a look at what you've found, just in case. We might find out that there's something there you've missed."

"We had planned on that," he nodded. It was the truth, after a fashion. It was just going to be a mage they trusted.

"So, do you want to get some rest, or get right to work on sorting things out?" Temreth asked them.

"Rest," Jerik said firmly. "We haven't had real beds in a while."

"Speak for yourself, I'm headed for the cafeteria for a nice puffy pastry." Tessi giggled. "I've missed desert."

"Hey, I offered to share," Quasma chuckled.

"Actual dessert, not just sweet snacks," Tessi said before turning off to go do as she'd said.

"Definitely still a kit," Temreth chuckled. "All right; if you decide you want some help, let me know, all right?"

"Yes, Mage Temreth." Jerik nodded easily before the group split up to go their separate ways, most of them to bed for a few hours.

"You know ... I think this might be a poem, to judge by the inflections," Quasma mused a few days later as she inspected the inscriptions on the axe, Jerik and Tessi nearby. "If it is, then that would explain the triadal inscription pattern ...."

"Do you have any idea what that meant?" Tessi asked Jerik.

"It's either decorative wording, or a poem about the weapon," he translated with a chuckle and turned to Quasma. "Any idea what it's about?"

"Either the weapon, or the wielder," she mused, starting to write down a few things on a notepad with charcoal, various words, scratching them off and re-writing other ones as she read. "Poetry in aquan uses three words at a time to add nuance to the meaning," she explained. "Based on where the words intersect in the script, it alters the meaning of the whole. It really does suffer in translation, I'm afraid, but given that it's not really meant to be spoken or written by people with hands or standard lungs, that's kinda to be expected ...."

"Water-spirits are very, very strange people," Tessi observed.

"I'm sure they think we are." Jerik nodded seriously.

"Point," the Tabby admitted.

"Fortunately, I've been studying various languages, so I can make this out for the most part," Quasma grinned. "At least with a little work. Losing a ton of meaning, but I can't do too much better than this without having to make up words.

"Dark water rises; the Warrior faces his death and is triumphant," she translated. "It's an unusual sort of poetry, but that's about the best I can do. I can also make out the weapon's name beneath it; CrestRider."

"CrestRider?" A lean Jackal asked curiously, stepping around the shelf in the library in time to Jerik jump in his seat and look over with a suspicious expression. "Now there's a name I haven't heard in ages."

Still, the tom took the opening and cleared up his expression quickly. "You know about it?"

"It may be a different weapon," the Jackal cautioned them. "As a matter of fact, if it was the same one, I'd be surprised."

"What's the one you've heard of, Mage Kasan?" Quasma asked him easily. She respected the older Diviner's skill and knowledge greatly; anything he knew about it would probably be helpful.

"Come Quasma, are you telling me you've already forgotten?" He chuckled. "Your history lessons of the War. The Dark Tide." The Lynx thought about it, then cocked her head.

"Oh but that's such an obscure legend, and there's no proof it ever really happened ...."

"Uhm ... for those of us who don't spend half their time in here?" Tessi requested, indicating the library.

"As Quasma said, it is an obscure legend," Mage Kasan explained. "The Dark Tide was supposed to be the Blighted One's experiment at taking an ordinary red tide and infusing it with necromantic energy. The result was an organism that would move into an area, suffocate anything in the water with it, and then reanimate it as an undead creature. It wasn't what the Blighted One was hoping for, but he released it into the wild to sow terror and fear, while he continued his experiments. According to legend, it was eventually defeated by a warrior wielding a magical axe."

"Does the legend say much about the axe?" Jerik asked curiously. "My Defender is interested in having it."

"Well, if this is the axe in question, then it's certainly weaker than the legend would lead one to expect," Kasan chuckled after a moment to inspect it. "More likely somebody crafted a duplicate, to capitalize on the legend. According to the legend, it was capable of cleaving through water-monsters with ease, destroying the monsters created by the Dark Tide with a single stroke, that sort of thing."

"Useful," Jerik nodded. "Can you tell what this one can do? The enchantments have been very hard for us to figure out."

"Have you tried an identify spell yet?" He asked Quasma.

"I've been trying to avoid it," she admitted. "They're expensive, slow, and I'm still not up to casting many of them."

"Understandable," he nodded. "Well, my best guess is that it's a preservation spell, possibly a mild combat-related enchantment." He picked up the blade, inspecting it carefully. "It doesn't seem as strong as even most weapons I've enchanted; I'd say it's a utility spell." Running his finger carefully along the edge, he nodded. "I assume none of you have sharpened it?"

"No, Mage." Jerik shook his head. "Just cleaned the dirt off so we could see it clearly."

"Probably a sharpening spell then ... though I can see why you're curious about it. There's something to the aura that seems ... almost buried. A pity I don't know how to cast legend lore yet," he mused, putting the axe down. "Even if it is a replica, it might help to tell us what's so strange about it. Still, I don't sense any sort of curse on it. It should be fine for your Defender to use, Jerik."

"Good," he nodded, pleased that they weren't trying to claim any of the magic items that had been found. "Thank you, Mage."

"You're welcome," Kasan nodded. "You were worried about something, weren't you?" He asked with a knowing chuckle.

"Last time we brought back anything magical, the Academy just took it." He kept his voice level, though it wasn't hard to guess that he'd grown increasingly irritated by it over the months.

"It was the bone whistle they've been poking at over in the necromancer's tower, wasn't it?" Kasan asked him.

"That, a ring, his staff and spellbooks." He nodded.

"He was a Blight mage," Kasan pointed out. "His spellbooks may well have been burned, and they would certainly be in the restricted books section if they weren't." He said, nodding back towards the well-protected portion of the library restricted for dangerous materials. "And the whistle was an artifact of the Left Hand path, if not Blight magic; they wouldn't want to leave things like that in the hands of apprentices, even well-meaning ones."

"I think Jerik's trying to say he doesn't trust the Academy procedures all that much when the items were just taken, especially after we didn't get any compensation given we were charged for the scroll." Quasma explained. "Even at a fraction of it's value, just the ring alone was worth more than the scroll."

"True," Kasan nodded. "It's a very ... subjective sort of thing," he admitted. "But something like this, where you had Academy permission and they didn't say they wanted claim on items you found, you have full claim to them yourself. When it's an official mission, or you're a full mage, it's much more clear-cut."

Jerik nodded slightly. It didn't make him feel the first time was any more reasonable, but at least he had a basic idea of the rules now. "Good to know."

"Yes; the rules for Apprentices going on missions aren't usually explained that well," Kasan said easily. "I don't agree with the policy; they prefer that apprentices stay close to the Academy, and somebody, at some point, decided that the best way to encourage it would be to not actually explain the rules, make them think they're too complicated. But it became tradition at some point, and even the Elders are hard pressed to break with that," the Jackal chuckled.

"And not many Apprentices manage to get into interesting situations quite like we do." Quasma chuckled slightly.

"In and out of class," the Jackal smirked to his young student. "Well, I should be back to my work; if you need more help identifying the rest of what you found, let me know."

We will," Quasma smiled at him. "Thank you."

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Written January 23, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Herath, Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Kat, Reptile, Rohr (Herm Wolftaur), Stoat

Contents: Furry. Gen. Herm.

Blurb: The group finally back from the mines, they split up to indulge in what they had missed most on the road, then on to working on researching what they had found.

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