A Heritage of Power 4: Jerik's Story 9.99:
Victories and Losses

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for F/H
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Tomar paused, sitting down and setting his pack off to the side, pulled out a fishing pole and a small piece of bait and cast it out into the river. He'd been walking for a few days now; occasionally pausing to fish as the urge hit him, or he felt it was a good spot. CrestRider was at his side, the sea-axe seeming to be almost content as he walked along the riverside.

In an odd way it did make sense. The axe was created by a water-race after all, and now he was near flowing water. Jerik's last question about this trip still bothered him from time to time. All he'd done was ask why he couldn't come, and all Tomar could tell him was that he really felt the need to be alone for a while. Despite not arguing it, it was impossible to miss the mixture of distress and unhappiness it had caused.

It didn't help that it didn't settle well with the Defender-Mage situation for one to leave the other behind, no matter how safe the location was.

Still, he knew he needed to go alone, and he was grateful that Jerik had kept his objections to being in a slightly mopey mood.

He was going to have to make it up to him later. At least for the way he'd put it. He wasn't too crazy about the idea either, after all... though he had to admit, a little space was nice once in a while. The chance to relax and just worry about himself for a bit. With any luck, Jerik would take advantage of it too.

As Tomar's line drifted in the river, he let his thoughts drift along with it, gradually turning to the water itself and the small creatures he could see swimming about in it, occasionally inspecting his bait, generally moving on rather than taking it.

It was a much simpler life out here than it was at the Academy, he had to admit, and it was a pleasant change for a time, particularly with such nice weather.

A large trout splashed deeper out in the river, and he cast his line out again, mentally hoping for a bit of good luck. He'd had pretty good luck so far, and catching a trout like this would be a nice meal for the day.

Something tugged the line with the weight of a good-sized fish fighting. Tomar grinned, tugging back, starting to try and pull the fish in.

It fought hard, but he was making progress with the simple pole and line. Each time the fish seemed to tire a bit he pulled the pole up and grabbed some line to bring it a little bit more.

A flicker of motion caught his attention, a ripple of water just on the periphery of his vision.

Probably another fish near the surface. He pulled it in a bit further, focusing mostly on the fish... it didn't seem to be acting right though, it wasn't trying to pull back after he brought it in....

Suddenly, he was paying a lot more attention to that other ripple just as a large scaled form erupted from the water and lunged towards him with a huge mouth full of very sharp teeth.

He rolled to the side, dropping his pole and grabbing CrestRider from his hip, slashing at the monster as it lunged for him. The back of his mind placed this as a sahuagin even as its stone spear blocked the blow and that huge maw of teeth stretched forward to try and bite his head off.

He slammed his fist up into the bottom of its jaw, closing its mouth before it managed to bite. He kicked it off of him, getting back onto his feet and backing away from the river.

"You picked the wrong fisherman," he growled, glaring at the half-piranha, half-shark humanoid that was now considering just what to do now that the ambush had failed and it was facing a well-armed opponent.

It backed up a bit and brought its spear around to take advantage of the reach for it's next attack.

Tomar quickly assessed the situation; he had little doubt that the sahuagin was a skilled warrior, for its kind. He was also sure that he was the better fighter. The trick would be keeping it from finding out ... if it ran, he'd never keep up with it, and some other fisherman would end up dying in his place.

He was sure his youth would work to his advantage here. As skilled as Tomar knew he was, he was also all too aware after the visit home that he was barely more than half grown. He may be taller than most adult Defenders, but he was still a small Rohr.

He stepped back a bit, feigning uncertainty and fear, gripping CrestRider as though he would be more comfortable using it to chop wood than to remove the monster's head. He hid a private smile when the sahuagin lowered it's spear and charged, trying to get the weapon or it's jaws close enough for a strike.

One bite could end an adult Rohr's life in a few heartbeats. A bite in the right spot could cut Tomar in half. And if it didn't, the infection it'd probably give him would.

He ducked to the side when it charged, letting it run most of the way past him before he pushed up with his hind legs, kicking the monster and sending it rolling to its side, wincing as its scales scraped his foot-pads. He spun, charging as it stood up, watching its spear and mouth carefully even as he bore down with CrestRider.

The oddly shaped fish-person spun its spear sideways to block against the axe's shaft and extended its jaws again to bite at Tomar's arm.

He pulled back, the thing's jaws snapping shut just short of his arms, and brought CrestRider down on the monster's shoulder, cutting into it, though not as deeply as he did with the skin-thief. The sahuagin's scales were far better armor. He didn't have the protective rage here to give the blows strength either.

Tomar twisted and yanked CrestRider out of the creature's shoulder, using the momentum from the motion to swing it around and plunge the axe into its other side with a resounding crack of scales and cartilage that didn't seem to phase the fish-creature.

"Why don't you just die," Tomar growled, rearing back as the sahuagin snapped at him again, turning and starting to run once it had the chance.

It didn't get far; as Tomar dropped back down onto all fours, he used the extra momentum to hurl CrestRider after it. The axe spun through the air, embedding the silver blade deep in the creature's skull.

This time, it was clear that it felt it. The fish-man slumped to the ground, gurgling with its last breaths.

"How many have you killed?" He asked the corpse as he trotted up and pulled CrestRider from its skull. He didn't expect an answer of course, but it was the first thing that came to his mind.

He wiped the blade clean, the axe almost seeming to hum in satisfaction as he returned it to his hip and went back to his rod. Pulling the string in, he found that the sahuagin had connected the hook to a small log at the bottom of the river.

"Smart little fish, weren't you?" He muttered, unhooking it and returning it to his pack. After a bit of thought, he moved over to the monster and pulled out his butchering knife. He wasn't much of one for trophies, but if anybody knew about it already, he'd want proof that it was dead. He was sure that he wasn't its first attempted victim.

Besides, not many Rohr his age could honestly say they'd taken a sahuagin's head by themselves.

"So, how's Jerik lately?" Keil asked Quasma as she and Tim met with the rest of the group for lunch. Noticeably absent were Jerik and Tomar.

"More of the usual," she sighed slightly. "You'd think he was on half a pound of catnip the way he's acting. Some of his instructors are noticing too."

"Has he gotten into trouble?" Lina asked quietly, suddenly worried for her friend.

"No, nothing like that," she shook her head. "He's just really distractible and restless, a bit depressed too. He's really missing Tomar."

"You'd think he wasn't going to be back for months instead of days," Remys nodded. "Acting like a lovesick kitten for the most part."

"Sounds like he needs distracting," Tessi pointed out. "Just a more focused one."

"Well, I for one am open to suggestions," Quasma said easily. "I like him better when he's focused and cheerful." Keil and Lina glanced between each other, as if considering their options.

"How do you guys think he'd like a show?"

"A troupe's coming through?" Quasma asked, looking at them curiously. "I haven't heard anything."

"That's because Mouse troupes don't usually advertise until they get somewhere," Lina chuckled. "Harder for people to get worked up thinking that they're about to have thieves descending on them when they don't know until you're setting up outside the gates."

"You guys remember the Rat who came through last week, made a bit of a ruckus down in the square when he broke up a bar fight?" Keil asked, getting slight nods of recognition in return. "Well, he was an outrider for the troupe. They were heading this way, and he came through to see whether or not we were likely to be a good spot."

"And you guys said we would be, huh?" Quasma chuckled. "Well, probably right too ... and I think it'd be a good way to distract him. When are they going to be here?"

"Probably tonight, be set up by tomorrow, and sticking around for a week or so, assuming nothing goes wrong that means they have to pull up stakes fast," Lina said easily.

"Will you two see about getting the tickets, I'll worry about getting Jerik, or possibly Ryka, dressed?" She grinned a little mischievously at the Mice.

"No problem," Lina grinned back. "Just remember, nothing too fancy. This is supposed to be fun, after all," she teased.

"No pink, I promise," she giggled. "But something other than his school robes."

"Okay," the Mouse smiled. "With any luck, this'll take his mind off of Tomar."

"Just be sure you're right there with him," Tessi told Quasma, shaking her head with a giggle. "Or he'll spend the whole time wishing he was there with him."

"Mmm ... don't worry, I've got an idea for how to get him there and not thinking about Tomar," the Lynx smiled.

"Oh?" Kennara raised a curious eyebrow in prompting.

"Mmm ... I think I'll play the 'mother-to-be' card a little," Quasma smiled, resting her hand on her definitely swollen belly. "He'll come along, and once we get him there I think we'll be able to keep him distracted."

"Oh, yeah, that'll work." Tessi giggled. "He so dotes on you when the kitten crosses his mind."

"Hey, we might not be totally ready for it, but you can't say he's going to make a bad father," Quasma smiled. "So, I go sweet-talk the lovesick tom, you two get the tickets, and you guys decide whether or not you want to go too?" She suggested, looking between Remys and Tessi with the last part.

"Of course we will," Tessi and Rainbow both grinned.

"And I'll see about talking him into it," Kennara said with a slight smirk for her Mage.

"Which means we probably will," Remys said with a slight blush, something that earned them both curious looks from the gathering.

"Oooo, so what aren't you telling us?" Tessi's eyes lit up at the prospect of such gossip.

"Something I'm not telling you," Kennara teased.

"Remys?" Quasma asked with a chuckle.

"She's getting a better and better idea of how to get what she's after," Tim chuckled. "Nothing unusual about that," he teased the Lynx.

"Oh, quit it," Quasma chuckled, elbowing him in the ribs lightly as they stood. "We'll see you guys later then. For now, I've got work to do," she grinned before and headed out.

Quasma slipped into Jerik's room through the door to the kitten's, sniffing lightly, her stomach rumbling as she smelled his dinner. Well, he was definitely in. Still, good to be polite.

"Jerik?" She called, closing the door behind her.

"In here," he called back. His voice carried both his distraction and the warmth she was used to hearing when it came to her.

"How's it going?" She asked, heading out to meet him in the living room, dressed in the loose-fitting robes that did a reasonably good job of concealing the swell of her belly.

"I've had better weeks," he sighed and closed the book he'd been studying over his meal. "Are you actually hungry, or is it just the smell?"

"Mostly the smell, though I am a bit hungry," she admitted. "Don't order anything for me though; I'll eat once I get back to my quarters. Our daughter's already turning out to be a bottomless pit," she giggled.

"That's a good thing," he grinned. "She'll grow up strong."

"Yeah, but you didn't hear what Healer Donnelly wants me to do to keep up with her," Quasma said, making a bit of a face. "Blood was not meant to be drunk, or used as an ingredient in cooking."

"Blood?" He raised an eyebrow, now completely uninterested in his own meal.

"Sorry, should've waited until you weren't eating," Quasma admitted, taking a seat. "It's usually cooked into stuff, so it's not so bad."

Thinking about it, Jerik could almost understand it. After all ... it was mostly iron and protein, low in fat and calories, and something that was readily available from anywhere that was carving up meat.

"Still ..." he shook his head and offered her what was left on his plate. "How often does she expect you do eat that?"

"Not too often, as long as I'm still healthy. It goes up if I faint again," she said as she started to eat, then stopped and slapped her forehead. "Damn it, I'm sorry, I hadn't told you yet...."

"No, you didn't." He said evenly, trying not to panic just yet and let her talk. After all, it was in the past now.

"I didn't want you to worry; it wasn't anything major," Quasma explained. "According to Healer Donnelly, it's perfectly normal, especially as young as I am. I just wasn't eating enough of the right foods, even on her special diet, so I had to add more in. According to her, and to the priests, everything's fine now, and our kitten's okay."

"All right," he nodded and forced himself to relax. "So what brought you over?"

"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go on a bit of a date tomorrow," she suggested with a smile. "Keil said there's a troupe that should be arriving later tonight so they'll be starting their shows tomorrow."

"I'm getting too mopy again?" He sort of chuckled. "Sure."

"Just a little," she giggled, standing up and moving to sit down next to him, licking his cheek lightly when he slipped an arm around her. "Besides, it'll do you some good to get out and have some fun. Tomar is, after all."

"Yeah, he is, even if it's making me a nervous wreck." Jerik admitted with a weak grin. "I can't help but feel something is up with him insisting on going alone."

"Jerik, do you really think you can't trust him enough to be on his own for a week or so once in a while?" Quasma asked him seriously.

"I know I can," he sighed. "It doesn't stop the feeling."

"You know, maybe it's a good thing that you two have a bit of time apart," she said gently, rubbing his thigh lightly. "You've been together practically since you arrived here ... and I've got to admit, you're being a little clingy. He'll be back in a few days, and you'll both be glad to see each other."

"That I have no doubt of," his old, fond smile the thought of seeing Tomar always brought graced his face and for a moment he was himself again. "At least I'm not being that clingy to you." He chuckled a bit and nuzzled her.

"If you were, I'd have sicced Tim on you by now," she teased, ruffling his hair and kissing his cheek. "Speaking of whom, you want to have dinner with us over in our quarters?"

"Sure. I'll recover my appetite soon enough." He licked her jawline and slid a hand down to caress her swollen belly.

"Don't worry, it's not on tonight's menu," she smiled, kissing his cheek and purring softly. "Let's go then ... and if you want to spent the night, it'd be okay," she added, kissing him again, lightly, and found it returned with the gentle, affectionate passion she'd learned to associate with him reaffirming he found her desirable without asking for more.

Tomar fidgeted lightly, tapping his fingers on the flat of CrestRider's blade. He was feeling restless and nervous, like he was supposed to be somewhere and was running late. The problem was, he didn't know where he was supposed to be. He was just wandering down the river, upstream from the Academy, and hoping that he'd know when he was where he was supposed to be.

"Where are you taking me?" He murmured softly, not entirely sure who he was speaking to ... a part of him was pretty sure it was CrestRider, as ridiculous as that seemed. The axe was magical to be sure, but it wasn't like it talked to him, like Kaul did to Jerik.

Still he couldn't shake the feeling he was late. His attention was abruptly taken off his unease by a lot of frantic splashing.

He sped up, shifting from his slow trot to a galloping lope along the banks of the river, towards the noise and quickly closed the distance to spot the source. A young Coyote was struggling frantically several yards from shore.

He reached back to his pack, pulling it off and grabbing some rope out of it.

"Grab on!" He shouted, throwing one end to the Coyote even as he thought the girl's struggles weren't right for just not being able to swim.

He scowled as he realized that she wasn't grabbing hold. Whatever the reason, she was in serious trouble. He didn't have time to take his armor off though; all he could do was dive in and pray the river was shallow here, and that's exactly what he did.

As he sank into the water, a process that didn't take very long at all, he was surprised how easy it was to move through it. He normally couldn't swim very well ... but something seemed to be making it as natural as running just now.

Maybe it was just the rush of knowing he had to get out there, but even his armor didn't seem to be slowing him down too much as he half-ran, half-swam out to her.

Without any warning, something hard and nearly invisible slammed into him, and almost dragged him under the water by his main body.

He reached down, grabbing for whatever it was, his hand closing around something thick, almost like a snake, and as thick as his forearm. He managed to swallow a deep breath of air before whatever it was dragged him under entirely, and he grabbed for CrestRider, pulling it off his side and hacking at whatever it was that was holding him, and presumably the Coyote. Her inability grab the rope now made plenty of sense.

He swore he could feel CrestRider hum in excitement as it was brought down on the creature of water and severed what it hit.

Swimming hard, Tomar broke the surface, his armor heavy enough that he couldn't just float up. He drew breath hungrily, continuing out towards the Coyote. He had to get to her before he tried to make it to shore; he was sure that ... whatever this was... it wouldn't let her go just to fight him until he forced it to.

He was even more convinced that CrestRider had something to do with what was going on when he realized he could sense the water snake better than vision could account for as he hacked at whatever bits he could get close enough to.

As he reached the Coyote, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, helping to pull her up over the surface of the water. He tried to turn, only to be confronted by a long, sleek-headed monstrosity rearing up. The snake-like creature plunged into both of them, driving them under the water and forcing itself down Tomar's throat, filling his stomach and lungs. He hacked hard, his entire body convulsing to try and expel the water. CrestRider glowed a bright blue, almost seeming to act on its own as Tomar sliced at it, the cuts almost seeming to heal as fast as he made them.

But they were healing slower each time. He cleared his lungs, swimming back above the water with the Coyote, starting to try and make it back to land. Getting her out of this situation was more important than the fight right now. The fight he could come back to. She was drowning now, her body spasming in his arm as it tried to clear itself of the water.

He felt a hard pressure across his hindquarters and blindly swung at what he was sure must be the creature's head.

CrestRider seemed to flare hot in his hand, and he heard something like a teapot that had been on far too long. Steam filled the air, and the water weird boiled away, leaving him to get the Coyote to shore. He sat CrestRider to the side, and started doing everything he could to help clear the young woman's body of the river water.

He let a little bit of his fear for her go when she began to cough, drawing air into her lugs with each jerking motion.

"Come on," he said encouragingly, rolling her over and helping to pump her back and encourage the water out of her. "That's more like it."

"'Ra frak hap?" She finally spat out with the last of the water that was going to come up.

"Water weird," Tomar explained, sure that was what it was now that he was able to think about it. He remembered hearing about them before; it made him wonder just what was up with CrestRider that he'd been able to fight it off so well. He shifted off her body, sure she'd prefer to have the weight of his water-logged armor off of her. That was going to need some special cleaning when he got the chance. "Are you okay?"

He hoped she could understand him; he was pretty sure he recognized her dialect as one of the dozens that the river rats spoke, and most of them had at least a basic understanding of the other major languages in the area.

"Ye," she nodded, then looked up and really saw him for the first time. Her eyes went wide, somewhere between panic and awe. "Rohr."

"Yeah," he smiled, taking a bit of a step back to let her stand up, and make it clear he wasn't going to threaten her. "I'm glad you're okay. You have anywhere to go?"

"Ye," she scrambled to her feet. "Ou?"

"Yeah, I do," he nodded. "The city downstream," he said, gesturing the general direction for emphasis, though he knew it was a few days away by now.

"Log wlk." She pointed out. "Ou save ye. E ave wrm fire."

"How far?" He asked her. It would be nice to dry off, at least.

"Nt far." She motioned inland a bit. "Ey keek."

"Let's go then," he smiled. "I have some food we could share," he offered to a wide grin.

"Y'know, it's times like this that I'm glad I live around the Academy most of the time," Quasma mused as she walked with Jerik through the surprisingly large area the Mice had claimed outside the walls of the larger city. Tents were set up, lit with real torches rather than the magical ones that ringed the Academy. Stages were just about everywhere, with performers and small games and barkers making quite the racket.

It was very much like the old circuses and carnivals that Jerik had heard about. Not quite the same atmosphere as a major festival, but still a chance for people to cut loose and relax and enjoy the show.

Or to stand outside the temporary settlement and scowl at people who were enjoying themselves too much, as a few of the stodgier Mages were doing just now.

"Visiting the real world on occasion makes sure you stay grateful," he chuckled softly. "Can you imagine living this way?"

"Mmm ... not exactly this way," Quasma smiled. "Though I meant more the fact that they let 'em set up out here. Some places would turn 'em away. I love when we get chances to see shows like this. Want something to drink?" She asked him, noticing a vendor who, to judge by the business he was doing, clearly had something good handy.

"Sure," he nodded and they got into the milling half-line. "I have to admit, it's a lot more fun to get to come now that we have our full stipend again."

"And the rest of what we got," she grinned back. "Just keep half an eye on your money pouch," she added in a quiet whisper, licking his cheek.

"I will," he chuckled and claimed a quick kiss.

A few minutes later, they were at the front of the line, getting their drinks from the Mouse running the stall.

Jerik noticed that he drew Quasma's drink from a different barrel than his, but sensed no ill intent about him as the two of them paid and took the large wooden cups, filled with cold juice that tasted like a mix of different fruits.

"Guess we're not the only mages here, huh?" Quasma asked as they walked off, taking a sip from her cup. "So, what sort of show you want to see first?"

"Mmm?" Jerik blinked at her.

"The drinks are chilled." She pointed out with a chuckle.

"I figured the barrels were enchanted for it." He said with a sip. "It's nice though."

"You are so spoiled." Quasma rolled with eyes with a giggle.

"Hey, what's the point of all the work if we don't get to make life easier once in a while." He shot back with a grin.

"Point," she chuckled. "And the barrels probably are enchanted; I'd hate to have to cast a spell for each one. But odds are they've got a mage around anyways; we're good for show," she grinned, nodding towards a tent that practically glowed magically where people were laughing. "Even if it's not as impressive around here as it can be other places."

"Bet that mage does things with magic we never do, though." He smiled a little fondly for the thought of having things be so easy, even though in the same moment he knew he'd go crazy from lack of excitement and challenge within months.

"Well, not that we ever admit to doing," Quasma giggled. "Want to go watch?"

"Okay, so nothing too serious students do." He chuckled and nuzzled her. "Yeah, it'd be fun to see magic used just for entertaining. It'll probably come in handy soon," he ghosted his tail across her belly.

"Yeah," she smiled, heading into the tent with him, passing a copper slip to the Mouse by the tent-flap.

Inside, it was definitely hot, making Jerik grateful for the cool drink. The gathered audience and torches in the center along with the performing mages mixed to make the place incredibly warm. Still, it wasn't too uncomfortable, and the show was worth it. The mages seemed to be illusionists, hurling showers of sparks and conjuring illusionary dragons to dart out amongst the audience. Two other Mice, presumably their Defenders, engaged one of the dragons in 'battle,' a comedy of bumbling errors that more than one of the students watching could remember having happened in their real life all too clearly.

Soon Jerik and Quasma were laughing along with most of the audience, enjoying the show for what it was, just a show to entertain. It was distracting enough that he nearly missed the niggling in the back of his mind of someone trying a little too hard not to be noticed.

He reached back, grabbing a slender hand as it closed around his money-pouch even before the alarm spell went off.

"You have some explaining to do." Jerik growled softly as he pulled the youth around in front of him and glared at the mixed breed canine child.

"I'm sorry!" The boy said, his long, floppy ears pressed back even further than normal, his tail tucked between his legs. He was even younger than Jerik; maybe ten. Definitely not an Apprentice or Defender in training. Not all that skilled a pickpocket either. Quasma looked over at the two of them, quickly figuring out what had happened.

"Outside," she suggested quietly as the current routine ended and the next began, not wanting to create a scene in the crowded tent.

Jerik nodded and half pulled the boy along, a slender tendril of Force on his pouch to ensure he didn't have any friends to take advantage of the distraction.

"Okay, so what's going on?" Quasma asked as they got out.

"He was trying to lift my pouch," Jerik answered simply, then looked down at the pup. "It's time for a very good story from you."

"A name might be a good idea too," Quasma added.

"I'm Romy," the pup said, looking about as contrite as he could for having been caught red-handed. "I'm sorry, my da's been sick, and things are awful tight ... I thought maybe I could help out a little. Folks from the mage-school always have plenty of coin...."

"*He's telling the truth,*" Quasma told Jerik with a quick whisper. "*That, or a very good liar.*"

"*It's the truth,*" he replied in a muted tone and regarded the pup for a long moment. "Care to earn a few slips instead?"

"*You are such an easy mark,*" Kaul rolled her mental eyes.

"How?" Romy asked, seeming to relax a bit now that he was reasonably sure he wasn't going to be used for target practice.

Jerik had to think about that for a bit, it wasn't in his plans, but the pup's family did need a couple slips more than he did, and maybe some of the full Mages with more coin would be willing to help out too. Tessi's folks and the gang's instructors would be good places to start. It was Academy policy to try and keep poverty and desperation from infecting the area, after all.

"*And you get that warm fuzzy feeling when you help someone.*" Kaul chuckled.

"I have chores I do for the Academy, cleaning and scrubbing the hallways and such; things anyone willing to put a little effort into it can do. I'd be willing to pay you for each day you do them for me." Jerik offered with a thoughtful look. "I can ask around too. I know there are others who would value a couple hours off more than a slip or two. It won't be very steady from any of us who are still Apprentices, we don't have that much money, but I should be able to find enough who are interested given your situation so you can earn at least a couple coppers a day from at least one of us. Defenders always seem to be polishing their armor and weapons, and they have as many chores as we do, so some of them might be willing to. Some of the Mages and full Defenders might be willing to pay you to do errands and fetch things for them as well until your dad is healthy again.

"For today, three coppers for sticking around us, no more pick-pocketing, and fetching what you are asked to from various venders."

"Yes sir," Romy nodded eagerly. "Uhm ... I should probably return something first," he added sheepishly, glancing back towards the tent.

"Yes, you should." Jerik nodded and let the pup's arm go, pleased that he didn't have to suggest it. It made him feel his choice was all the more the right one.

"You handled that quite well, Apprentice," a female Mouse observed as she stepped towards them from around the tent, one of the local performers to judge by her dress.

"*If that's one of the troupe, the Academy needs to start worrying about their mages,*" Kaul observed mentally.

"*I noticed,*" Jerik held his chuckle to himself. "*An Elder, probably Kora, from the Force signature.*"

"Thank you," he inclined his head politely to the very attractive Mouse as Romy ducked into the tent again, though he did make a point to try not to spoil Kora's efforts by letting on publicly he knew who she really was. "He's just a kid in a bad spot. The future is served better by letting him know that honest work can serve his needs to. He didn't really want to be a thief."

"Shortest path to what he felt he needed," the Mouse agreed. "Well, I should get back to work. The two of you enjoy the show," she said brightly, heading off.

"Kora?" Quasma asked Jerik.

"I'm pretty sure," he nodded as Romy came back.

"So, do you need me to get you anything yet?" The pup asked.

"Not just yet," Quasma smiled. "Come on; let's look around a bit."

"All dri 'ow?" The young Coyote asked Tomar after he'd sat by her fire for some time, his armor off and drying separately.

"I am," he nodded gratefully, his armor still somewhat damp between the scales, which he had carefully propped up so the leather beneath could dry. "Thank you ... uhm ... do you have a name?" He asked her. It was only polite, after all... particularly since he was aware that she had been watching him with a little more interest than could be strictly associated with his saving her.

"Wisa," she smiled. "Wan do som'ing whi 'ur armor d'ying?"

"What'd you have in mind?" He asked her with a smile.

"Ou well 'ilt," she nodded towards his groin. "Ye like."

He wasn't entirely sure of what she was saying, but it wasn't hard to grasp her meaning. For a moment, he was about to turn her down on sheer principle. But when he thought about it... it wasn't like he and Jerik had an exclusive relationship. And she was an attractive girl, one he probably couldn't accidentally get pregnant; he'd never heard of somebody who wasn't at least a Wolf having a child by a Rohr before.

Why not? Jerik wouldn't have turned her down, he was sure, and would probably be pushing him not to either if he was there.

"Want to play around a bit?" He asked her with a rumble.

"Yes," she nodded and slipped her arms inside her rough tunic to pull it over her head.

Already undressed, Tomar stood and moved over to help her undress, rubbing her sides lightly. He was a little surprised to find that she was in fairly good condition. She didn't bathe daily like he did, or have the pest-repellant soaps, but she did eat enough and took fairly good care of her fur; brushing it and combing herself for pests with some regularity.

She rumbled and pressed into the contact even as she reached out to run her fingers along his sheath as soon as her tunic was off.

He rumbled back, moving a little bit closer, his sheath gradually filling out as he reached up to fondle her relatively small breasts lightly. He leaned down, nuzzling her lightly, not sure if he should kiss her or not. Soon it wasn't an option as she knelt and nuzzled his groin. Her wide, soft tongue ran along his filling sheath while her fingers worked his balls.

He moaned, reaching down to rub her ears, his forepaws tensing as he fought the urge to paw at the ground. His shaft started to harden and slip out, eager for the attention. It felt very different from Jerik's tongue doing this, but it still felt incredibly good.

He whimpered slightly when she lifted her body and ran her fingers the thick fur of his chest.

"Kno how?" She looked up at him a bit uncertainty.

"First male, or just first Rohr?" He asked her, wrapping his arms around her and rubbing her back, reaching down to massage the spot above her tail.

"Fst Rohr," she said, rumbling and rubbed back against his fingers eagerly.

"I know what to do," he reassured her. "Like this, or want me against your back?"

"This," she shivered and nuzzled his chest.

He tilted her long muzzle up, kissing her gently as he rubbed his stiffening shaft against her thigh.

"Lift a leg," he rumbled, reaching down to slip his hand down to support her thigh as she complied. They both moaned as he guided his body into hers, her tight warmth twitching and squeezing him as he began to thrust.

He took his time getting into it; he wasn't sure just how she liked it, and wanted to make her enjoy it. He kissed her again, more deeply, as he started to sink his shaft into her tight, hot, wet body. He squeezed her leg lightly as he mated with her and she moaned and moved with him as best she could.

"Su good," Wisa moaned into his fur, her arms around his neck as her entire body rubbed against his.

"So very good," he agreed, panting and shifting his other hand down to support her weight a bit better. Shorter than Ryka, most of her weight was held by her arms around his neck and his hands at her hips. It got his entire body more fully involved with their rhythm as they both soaked in the pleasure of their mating.

He lifted her up a bit, grunting as she raised her other leg and her weight drove her body down onto his thick, hot cock. He screwed his eyes shut tight, moaning as he thrust deeply into her, his balls churning.

She got both her legs wrapped around his waist, resting on his lower shoulders, and leaned back with her hands holding onto his shoulders as he supported her weight. With every thrust he made, she whimpered, until a deep shudder ran through her body and she howled, her body clamping down around him.

He howled with her, his knot swelling as he thrust forward one last time, tying with her as he sprayed her sex with his thick, hot seed.

"Mmm, good mt." She murmured against his chest.

"Thanks," he murmured, rubbing her back and sitting down. "Mmm ... you're pretty good too," he added, licking a pointed ear lightly.

"Ou ave un?" She looked up at him, their bodies locked together for some time.

"Yeah," he smiled. "Back in the City for now. He's a good guy though."

"Ah guy?" She asked, curious at that.

"Rohrs are both," he explained, nodding slightly towards his hind-body, not really looking to explain the more ... unusual ... parts of their relationship.

"Ah goia b ah mother?" She almost giggled. "Such ah strong male."

"Eventually," he chuckled. "My father just had his first litter last winter. I'm going to be taking a few years before I have mine."

"S'range," she murmured and snuggled against his chest to wait for his knot to shrink.

"A bit, I suppose," he murmured, snuggling with her and enjoying the intimate feel of it.

"Why don't you head on home, Romy?" Quasma suggested, pulling out her pouch and taking the three copper slips out for the pup. "It's late, you need sleep."

"And your mate needs to go back home," the pup giggled, taking the coins and pocketing them. "Thank you, both. I'll be around the Academy tomorrow?"

"That sounds fine," Quasma nodded. "And yes, he does," she added with a chuckle, glancing at Jerik as he talked to some of their other friends nearby. Romy headed off, and she went to fetch Jerik before he talked himself into waking up in a bed he hadn't been planning on. He was more drunk than she could remember him getting before, and she knew the two Wolf fems he was talking with were probably just as soused, if not worse.

It had made for an interesting experiment she'd only half intended to happen. He was a flirty and very uninhibited drunk, and even as moody as he'd been lately, he was generally cheerful and agreeable. She knew why he normally kept drinking to a minimum though. He didn't have much of a tolerance, and even though he wasn't nearly the control freak that Remys was, he still had enough understanding of his talents to know it was a bad thing to loose control.

"*Will you please get him home?*" Kaul complained with increasing insistance.

"Come on, 'Rik," she said, wrapping her arms around his waist from behind and stepping up close. "Time for us to call it a night."

"Mmm, as long as it's with you." He rumbled and turned his head to nuzzle her.

It had become a constant of the evening that had made her blush more than once. She wasn't his first love, she knew her place was somewhere around fifth behind Tomar, flying, magic and his daughter, though she wasn't sure of the order. Whatever doubts she had that he really found her attractive though were wiped out by random affection and comments he'd made as he'd gotten more drunk.

It was kind of startling to realize that he really did think she was someone he'd be proud to introduce to his family as the mother of his kit. It was even more so when a little magic revealed that it wasn't the drink talking, it had just made him more talkative and a bit more boastful of things he felt he had a right to be proud of, and it seemed she was one of them.

"Of course," she smiled, returning the nuzzle. "Let's just make sure we get there, okay?" She added with a slight wink, starting to guide him back towards the town.

"Did you have fun?" Jerik asked and slipped an arm around her waist as they walked close together.

"Yeah," she smiled, returning the gesture and pressing up against him lightly, not minding letting people see them as a couple at all. "You?"

"A lot," he chuckled a bit. "Thanks," he nuzzled her affectionately. "I forget to live sometimes. Shouldn't do that."

"No, you shouldn't," she smiled, licking his cheek lightly. "Glad I managed to remind you of that," she added as they entered the city proper and worked their way to the Academy along with folks who were occasionally a good bit more inebriated than Jerik. He, at least, was still coordinated.

"I have to admit, I didn't think you could do it." Remys told Quasma as he and Kennara joined the pair briefly.

"It wasn't entirely intentional," she chuckled, shaking her head. "You two go?"

"We did," Kennara smiled. "Actually had a good time to, though he'll never admit to it," she giggled, nodding towards Remys.

"If you stopped teasing me about it, I might some day." He shot back with the Reptan version of a grin.

"Ooo, Remys admit to having fun?" Jerik snickered, his eyes wide as he leaned their direction a bit, his eyes roaming Kennara shamelessly.

"And I think that's my cue to make sure he gets back home soon," Quasma chuckled, shaking her head as she led Jerik off a bit. "You are really wound up tonight," she observed, though she was grateful again that he made no protest or resistance to the idea of leaving with her instead of whoever he was ogling at the moment.

"When was the last time I got to see that much attractive female fur?" He pointed out and kissed her solidly. "Besides, I'm coming home with you."

"Mmm...." She rumbled into the kiss, rubbing his side. "I know you are. I'm just a smidge worried that if I don't keep an eye on you, you're gonna find a way to have more kittens on the way before your first litter's born," she smirked.

"Oh, no. Not going to happen," he shook his head sharply, more than a bit distressed by the idea. "Infertility spell holds even if I'm drunk."

"Sorry," she murmured, kissing his cheek. "Now, let's get you home. You're going to have your first real hangover in the morning, and I don't think you want to be figuring out whose bed you're in while you deal with that," she smiled.

"Right," he nodded and relaxed against her a bit. "You didn't drink, did you?" He asked as a thought crossed his mind.

"No; Romy and I stayed out of the hard stuff," she said easily as she used a levitation spell to carry them up the stairs. "You know, we should see if he's good with kits... we might have a babysitter handy."

"If he is, it would be a good use of the coin," he nodded and tried to shake the fuzziness from his head, only to succeed in completely loosing his balance for a moment. "I think bed would be good," he murmured as he recovered with her support. "'Fore I fall down."

"Mmm ... yeah," she agreed. "I couldn't really catch you that well," she giggled, guiding him into her room and starting to undress him. "Sleep with me tonight?"

"Don't think I'll manage more than sleep," he admitted, though he kissed her lightly and sat on the bed without reservation. "I'd like to."

"I just meant sleep," she smiled, stripping herself down and climbing into bed with him, pulling him down next to her. "More, we'll think about after you're not hung over," she murmured, kissing him and pulling the covers up so they could both doze off.

Jerik stayed after class dispersed, patiently waiting for Mage Temreth to be ready to talk to him and trying not to show how nervous he was.

The Stoat took a few moments, speaking with Randy, another of the students, for a bit. The Raccoon was having some trouble with her recent spell-work, and he was offering her a few pointers for her studying.

Before long, she headed out, leaving Temreth and Jerik alone in the room.

"Well, this is unusual," he chuckled. "What's on your mind, Jerik?"

"I ran across a pup at the fair, his father's been sick and it's been pretty hard for them to get by. He's a willing worker and makes a good effort at whatever he's asked to do so far. Some of us are helping them out by paying him to do our chores and such, but I thought you might know someone with a bit more money that would be willing to hire him to run errands or something. I know a Servant can do anything he can, but he's trying hard to earn money the right way and it really should be encouraged."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with the pup that we've all been told to quietly ignore, would it?" He asked with a smile. "I think we can find somebody. Why don't you introduce me to him some time, I'll see what I can do?"

"Yes, that's Romy," he nodded. "I'll bring him by later today?"

"Very good," Temreth said easily. "I look forward to meeting him; he sounds like a very polite pup, according to the people who've met him."

"Thank you," Jerik bowed his head politely before he left.

A few days later, Tomar and Wisa had parted ways. She was heading back to her camp, and he was heading back to the City ... after a brief stop to use one of his mother's charms to take care of a few fleas he'd picked up.

He was looking forward to getting back to town, and he could see it just ahead of him now as he crested one of the hills a few miles outside it. He grinned; just a bit more, and he'd be back with Jerik.

He glanced up as a red-tailed hawk flew towards him.

Smiling, he turned his attention back towards the city, continuing that way. Probably a rabbit nearby or something; he certainly couldn't think of any reason a hawk would be interested in him.

He looked back up at it dived, his well-honed instincts marking it as coming towards him.

"*You're back!*" Jerik's mind touched his.

"Jerik?" He asked, realizing who the hawk was just before his mate shifted back to his natural form and impacted with less force than he'd expected, though it still made his breath come out in a whoosh before he was soundly kissed.

He wrapped his arms around him reflexively, returning the kiss and forgetting about his surprise. He'd ask later. For now, it was just good to have his mate back in his arms and he could feel just how grateful Jerik was to be there again.

"I've missed you," Jerik murmured and claimed another kiss.

"I've missed you too," Tomar murmured, returning the kiss. "You wouldn't believe the time I've had," he rumbled lowly, kissing Jerik's neck. He relished the shiver he got for it.

"You smell like it," he moaned softly and pressed close. "You missed a lot of fun here too."

"Mmm ... we'll have to trade stories," Tomar rumbled, rubbing Jerik's back. "First, I think we ought to get back to our room and get reacquainted, before you melt right here."

Jerik shivered in anticipation and backed out of their embrace with a bit of reluctance. "A nice, long grooming, and some fun." He purred. "I'll go set things up, so you actually make it back." He winked and shifted back to the hawk-form and took off.

"He is definitely going to have to tell me when he learned to do that," Tomar chuckled, starting back for the city at a loping run.

"So this is where you picked up your new little friend?" Tomar asked Jerik with a smile as the two of them and Quasma whiled away one of their days off at the last day the Mice would be in town.

"Yes," he nodded. "I'm glad I'm the one who caught him too. Not everyone would have helped him."

"*Softie.*" Kaul chuckled.

"Yeah, but you did," Tomar smiled, giving Jerik an affectionate nuzzle. "Seems we've both been helping out people this week," he chuckled, cocking his head as he noticed a line in front of one of the tents. "Now what's going on there?"

"Acrobats," Quasma grinned. "Should be pretty good."

"Let's go watch then," he grinned back, the three of them getting into line. "After all, I missed the first time around," he chuckled.

"Only because you were rescuing a girl from a water weird." Jerik chuckled, leaning against his mate and Defender with an arm over his lower shoulder, affectionately scritching his shoulder blades.

"Mmm ... afraid that was more of a fringe benefit," Tomar admitted with a chuckle. "Quasma? You okay?" He asked, looking back at the unusually quiet Lynx.

"Just a little warm," she said easily. "If you don't mind, I might take a bit of a load off while we're inside, rest on your back."

"Fine by me," Tomar said easily. "I'm sure it gets hot inside there."

"Want a little help adjusting the temperature?" Jerik asked quietly.

"Let's see how bad it is," she said easily. "It's not that bad; getting out of the sun might actually help. I've just been on my feet for a while, and my winter coat's still mostly in."

"All right, but tell me if it gets to you, okay?" He looked at her seriously.

"I will," she reassured him. "I can always cool it off myself, if I have to," she smiled, reaching down to squeeze his shoulder as they headed in after paying and found two seats on the end so Tomar could sit on the ground next to Jerik.

The young Tom got to spend the show half-snuggled between Tomar and Quasma both, the Lynx resting an arm under her protruding belly. The show was impressive, particularly when you considered that they weren't using any magic at all. The tent was fairly warm, but Quasma didn't say anything about it before the show was done, and they were working their way out.

"Bet Lina doesn't come to this part of the show," Tomar chuckled. "She'd want to take off with 'em again."

"That or wanting to show them up in her armor." Jerik added with a grin. "I can see where her agility comes from with that."

"Yeah," Quasma smiled. "Why don't we grab something to drink?" She suggested, nodding towards one of the vendors.

"And some lunch," Tomar agreed.

"Sounds good," Jerik nodded. "I'll get the drinks, you get the food," he looked at Tomar, "and you find us a place to eat in the shade?" He glanced at Quasma.

"Sounds good," she smiled, giving him a quick kiss. "And nothing heavy for me," she added to Tomar as he started off to grab lunch for them.

"Right," he called back and let his nose lead him to the best vendor for lunch while Jerik headed for the fruit juice vendor that had gotten him so drunk on the first day.

"Two without alcohol, one with." He ordered when he got to the front of the line.

"Decided to lighten up, huh?" The vendor chuckled, getting the drinks and handing them over when Jerik paid. "Enjoy; good to have a little more business the last day."

"One hangover in a lifetime is quite enough for me." Jerik grinned at him before taking the three mugs and heading off to where he felt Quasma was.

He found her resting under a good shade-tree near a number of tents that were being pulled down on the outside of the encampment. Tomar caught up with him shortly, carrying a good supply of skewered roast meat and fried breads, and a few fruits.

"Figured the fruit would work better for Quasma," he explained.

"Thank you," she smiled at him and accepted the small bag of fresh, water-heavy fruit.

"The meat smells great." Jerik rumbled and happily claimed a handful of the skewers and a fried bread for himself, leaving the majority for Tomar. "I never thought the food in a place like this would be so good."

"Hey, when you live on what you sell and show, you learn to make most of it good," Quasma chuckled, starting in on the fruit as Jerik and Tomar sat down to eat.

"Besides, parts of it are easier to make like this, when you're on the road," Tomar grinned. "If you've got the supplies, it's a lot easier to make up fry bread than the regular stuff."

"I suppose so," Jerik nodded thoughtfully. "We just did it differently. There is a way to turn just about any clay pot and campfire into an oven for flat bread. It's good too."

"Yeah, but probably doesn't sell as well," Tomar chuckled. "Maybe next time we're camping we'll try that one."

"True, most folks think everything tastes better fried." Jerik grinned at him.

"As if you don't." Quasma giggled at him. "I'm just glad it's not the only thing they've got; would not be sitting well just about now."

"Worse case we could just go back and eat in town," Jerik nuzzled her.

"I know," she smiled. "But I like it out here; just not feeling up to anything heavy to eat right now."

"Could be worse," Tomar chuckled. "Right about now, if you were Rohr, you'd be absolutely ravenous."

"I have those days," she rolled her eyes. "Makes me glad I don't have to pay for my meals normally."

"Yeah, and the health care is top notch here." Jerik hugged her shoulders.

"Always a good thing," she smiled, leaning against him with a purr as she finished her drink. "The father's not half bad either," she teased.

"Thanks," he purred softly, one hand drifting over her belly where he paused.

"Jerik?" Tomar caught the look on his Mage's face.

"She's ... restless." He tried to brush it off, but couldn't.

"You noticed t- oogh," Quasma groaned, reaching down and resting her hand next to Jerik's. "That didn't feel good...."

"You can yell at me later." He said even as he helped her to her feet and got her on Tomar's back. "I'll catch up." He told them even as he weaved a whisper to warn the healers what was happening and that she was coming in.

Tomar took off at a flat-out run, moving to jostle Quasma as little as he could as he charged towards the gates. Fortunately, everybody seemed to realize that now was Not A Good Time to be in his way, quickly moving to clear out and let him through as he tore through the fairgrounds and into the city.

Healer Donnelly met them not far outside her office even as Jerik's hawk-form flew in an open window and morphed back to his natural form.

"In here, now," the Saint Bernard said quickly, taking Quasma from Tomar's back as the Rohr slowed down, carrying her into the room. "What happened?"

"Pain around the baby, muscles tightening, and Jerik said she's too restless." Quasma supplied even as she winced again.

"Tomar, fetch Tim," Donnelly told him, the Rohr leaving obediently. "Too early for this," she muttered, casting a spell quietly, her hands glowing for a moment as she passed them over Quasma's belly. She was peripherally aware that Jerik was agitated and wanted to know what was going on, but the young tom wouldn't say anything until it wouldn't interrupt her.

Quasma was another matter.

"Too early?" She looked up at the mature St. Bernard worriedly.

"I think you're starting to have the kit," she explained softly. "I'll do what I can to lessen the pain and help the kit, but I wasn't expecting this for a few months yet. Jerik; are your necromantic studies going anywhere?"

"No, ma'am, but Remys specializes in it." He supplied. "I have some training with healing, though."

"A somewhat different field, I'm afraid," the Saint Bernard said, shaking her head. "And I doubt that Remys would have learned the spells in question, to be frank." She took a moment, sending a whisper to the Prelate to send one of the priests if he couldn't come himself. "How often are you having the cramps, Quasma?"

"Every few minutes," she did her best to control her fear. Even she knew a kitten born this early had no chance of surviving.

"That is not entirely true," the Healer told her firmly, picking up on her thoughts. "There is a chance. However, the odds aren't good," she admitted, looking over at Jerik apologetically even as the young tom scooted into an out of the way spot where he could hold Quasma's hand.

"Death isn't the end, just as birth isn't the beginning." He told Quasma softly but firmly. "We will make it through this."

"You're a lousy - ooh," she groaned, another cramp interrupting her as Tim and Tomar arrived.

"A guy's got to try," Jerik smiled weakly and instinctively tried to ease her pain.

"Be careful how much you do," Donnelly warned him gently. "I don't think you'll cause any harm, but I'm still not entirely sure how your abilities work."

"The Prelate sent word that he's coming," Tomar said softly, moving close to Jerik as Tim moved around by Quasma's head.

"Good," the Saint Bernard nodded. "Jerik... I'll try to save the kit, but Quasma comes first," she told him seriously.

"I know," he nodded, only part of him truly accepting the outcome of losing either one.

"*It is possible,*" Kaul told him gently. "*Just try to be ready for it. They won't give up easily.*"

"If you can use spells to help keep her from getting too hot or tired, go ahead," Donnelly told him, moving over to her counter and quickly starting to mix something as another cramp came and Quasma squeezed his hand tight.

He sent calming energy through her, focusing on muting the pain and keeping her body temperature stable, and settled into the limited role he had in this.

The Prelate arrived a few minutes later, his face showing his concern for mother and child alike. The Bear and Dog both worked hard, using magic to help ease the process as much as they could, Donnelly frequently returning to her work-bench to mix up some powder or potion quickly.

"J-Jerik?" Quasma panted weakly, looking up into his eyes, exhaustion and pain showing in her features despite the efforts that were draining his reserves as well. "I'm scared...."

"*It will be all right,*" he whispered directly to her mind. "*You will live.*"

"We're not going to lose you," Tim told her firmly, kneeling just out of the way and rubbing her shoulders. "Not going to happen."

"The kitten ...." she looked from her friends to the Prelate.

"I am sorry, she was not meant to be." He told her gently. "It won't be much longer now."

"Gods," Quasma moaned, crying out as a particularly hard contraction hit. She was half-aware of Jerik's presence near her mind, trying his best to help her and contain his own grief until he wasn't needed, and the scent of loss among those around her as the news sunk in for everyone.

"*She's already gone,*" Jerik whispered to Quasma, his knowledge of the flow of energy and life added as he tried to give her the small comfort in knowing their daughter had not suffered in passing to the afterlife with little resistance.

"Jerik, would you help us get her to her knees," Donnelly asked him softly.

He nodded and got Quasma up with Tim's help, the shift in position bringing with it a rush of liquid between her legs and a groan from the Lynx herself.

"It's almost over," Donnelly reassured her, helping to hold her up and gently guiding her into position so the birth canal was at its shortest. "Drink this. It will bring the labor on faster."

Quasma nodded and downed the bitter-tasting potion in a single gulp.

The contractions began to come faster, but they weren't as painful. Before long, the stillborn kitten, only partly formed, emerged. The Prelate took the child as Quasma panted hard, her body wracked with pain, both physical and a far deeper emotional one.

"Are there any rites either of you wish?" The Bear asked softly as Donnelly helped her down and began cleaning her up gently.

"We usually bury the dead." Jerik said hesitantly, trying to dredge up memories beyond what he had already seen here that were important. "And name them."

"Jamie," Quasma murmured softly, her body and mind exhausted. "Unless you want to change it now."

"No," he kissed her forehead, then looked up at the Prelate. "She's Jamie Clawson."

"She will be buried properly," the Bear nodded in promise. "If the two of you want, once you have recovered for a time, we can have a small ceremony."

"Thank you," Jerik inclined his head, his own exhaustion starting to show. "I would like that."

"Defenders, take your mages back to their quarters, Donnelly told them softly, fetching two small bottles of clear liquid. "Once you are in your beds," she explained, handing the bottles to Quasma and Jerik, "drink these. They'll help you sleep for a while."

"Yes, ma'am." Jerik nodded, even as it was clear that he'd see Quasma to bed before he saw his own.

A Heritage of Power 4: Jerik's Story 9.99: Victories and Losses

NC-17 for F/H
Het Level is Medium
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is LowHerm Smut Level is Very Low

60 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written May 7, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Herath, Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Avian, Canine, Enchanted Item, Feline, Kat, Mice, Reptile, Rohr (Herm Wolftaur)

Contents: Furry. Herm. Het (M/F). Miscarriage, Violence

Pairings: Jerik/Tomar, Jerik/Quasma, Tomar/OFC

Blurb: CrestRider has a mission for Tomar that includes a pleasant week on the road, a good deal of danger and leaving Quasma and company to deal with his very unhappy mage. It's when he returns home that the real havoc begins.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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