A Heritage of Power 4: Jerik's Story 9.99:
Graduation Party

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for Herm/Herm, Herm/F, M/F, M/M, F/F and a couple orgies
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"You have the pictures?" Quasma asked Talessi as the two of them set up around the scrying pool, Tomar and Tim watching from just outside the room.

"Of course," she smiled and handed the old drawings over.

"Thanks," Quasma nodded, studying the pictures, burning the image of the temple she was looking for in her mind. After a few minutes, she took one that she had drawn herself over the past few days, setting the parchment on the water and 'sailing' it out towards the middle before she started her spell.

As she spoke the words to the spell, runes surrounding the scrying pool began to light up, completing a circle before the water itself started to glow. The parchment glowed along with the water, from pale green to a brighter and brighter shade, shifting towards orange before it burst into flame, quickly being consumed before the ashes spread themselves out over the surface of the water.

"If you want, you can sit across from me and watch," Quasma told her. "Better view of the image when it forms."

Talessi nodded and shifted to a spot across from her as the pool's glow began to take on shades of green that were decidedly tropical.

Gradually, the image in the pool took shape. Tropical birds flitting about a lavishly decorated temple of stone bricks. A jaguar laying on the steps, basking in the sunlight.

"The plantlife doesn't seem to have grown over anything," Quasma murmured. "Not where it wasn't supposed to, at least. Strange."

"You are talking about a place that divine magic created." Talessi pointed out. "Without the magic that created it, that plant life probably wouldn't still exist."

"Granted, but given that it's there, you'd think that five hundred years or so would be enough that vines would have grown over something," Quasma nodded, the image shifting back as she focused, turning away from the temple, heading out towards the mountains visible in the distance. "Let's see if we can find a good pass to go in through now."

"To your right." Talessi said softly, letting the Force guide her directions.

Quasma took a moment to figure out which 'her right' Talessi meant, but soon found a reasonable split between mountain peaks.

"Good start," she agreed. "How did those animals even get there?" she asked as a small group of monkeys swung through the trees before she took her scrying sensor out to check on the pass.

"Maybe the same way the people did." Talessi suggested. "It is a lovely place."

"Yeah, it is," Quasma agreed. "And I'm still trying to figure that out ... who knows, maybe there'll be something there to explain part of it. Hope this place isn't trap-heavy."

"We're both good at finding them, and I'm good at disabling them if there is." Talessi said with a grin. "From desert heat to jungle heat. It's going to be a good month."

Tim gave Tomar a sympathetic look, even as the Rohr chuckled.

"And swampy head in the middle," Quasma smirked. "You're lucky your Defender isn't an arctic."

"Almost was," she grinned back. "Almost chose Lina too."

"She would have sunk in the swamp," Quasma giggled, ending the spell. "I think we've got enough to confirm where it is at least. At any rate, I'm not up to casting it again over that big a distance."

"We have enough to get there and get to the temple," Talessi nodded with a grin. "How long before we leave?"

"That depends on how long it takes to get supplies together," Quasma admitted, looking up at the Rohr across from her with a grin. "And how long it takes you to sober up after you make mage," she teased.

"You know he's not much for drinking." Tomar chuckled.

"Yeah, he prefers a different kind of drunk." Tim winked at Tomar and patted the Rohr's rump.

Despite the color rising in her cheeks, Talessi's lustful look at her mate was unmistakable.

"Okay, so when you manage to untie after making Mage." Quasma giggled. "Assuming you even wait that long," she teased, standing up and brushing her robes off a bit. "Want us to go stand by the entrance for a while?"

"No need." Tomar managed, a bright red under his grey-brown fur.

"With as often as you've watched or joined in, you'd think he'd be more mellow about it." Talessi smiled and walked over to nuzzle her mate.

"It's okay, he's cute when he blushes," Quasma smiled. "Hope I find somebody I'm as happy with as you two are with each other."

"I'm sure you will." Talessi smiled at her. "You have a long life ahead of you. We just got really lucky."

"Yeah, it is unusual to marry as young as we are." Tomar nodded with a blush and adoring look for his mate.

"My heading out isn't going to make any trouble, is it?" Quasma asked. "If you guys come with me, you won't miss your wedding plans?"

"It shouldn't." Talessi shook her head. "A date hasn't been set yet. Spring or fall is a preference for timing, but it's pretty easy to arrange."

"Rohr weddings don't usually requite a lot of planning." Tomar added in explanation. "Everyone knows we plan to marry after he graduates and my family is mostly all in the same village. If we can pull it off for one of the major celebrations that's great, but any time works after a full year since the engagement."

"Which was last spring," Quasma nodded as they started up and out of the scrying room. "Glad that it won't be in the way. You two have earned it."

"Maybe you'll manage to be there." Talessi suggested quietly.

"Come on, let's feed the Lynx before she gets bitchy." Tim grinned at his mage. "She'll never admit it, but she needs to eat after these kind of spells."

"Hey, I don't get bitchy when I'm hungry," Quasma giggled, the four heading off to get some food.

"No, just when you've been casting spells and you're hungry." Tim grinned at her.

Jerik took a deep breath as he watched Apprentice Jahn go through the brief ceremony before he would become a Mage. The young Jackal moved his staff through the air, the turquoise finial glittering as he spoke the words to a summoning and binding spell, a blue-furred Jackal-fem appearing in a swirl of sand, a large scimitar by her side, engraved runes marking it as djinn-work glowing along the blade's length. It wasn't hard to see that the Caracal female standing behind Jahn was still a little nervous about the more powerful creatures her Mage was summoning.

The apprentices and teachers gathered applauded lightly, recognizing the summoning spell he had just worked as clearly being one of a Mage's skill. The djinn bowed after a few brief words in some foreign tongue of Jahn's, and disappeared in the same swirl of sand and heat she had appeared in.

"Mage-Prince Jahn, congratulations on your achievements," the aged Horse who ran to school of Conjuration said, bowing slightly to the Jackal, who bowed more deeply in return to the older woman.

"Thank you, Elder Dymeth," Jahn said politely. "I look forward to returning to my homeland, and bringing the teachings of the Academy with me."

"May clear skies and strong magic follow you," she smiled and saw him walk off stage, now officially a Summoner.

"Apprentice Jerik," the young Raccoon that headed Transmutation looked at the Kat and his Rohr Defender who was half a pace behind him and to the side, calling them to center stage. "You have demonstrated to my satisfaction your skill as a Transmutator. You have also demonstrated your skill as a mage to several other ranking mages in this Academy. Show all gathered here what you are capable of."

Jerik nodded and moved a bit further away from Tomar to give himself space to become Talessi.

As he spoke the few words of power he needed for the spell, far fewer than most would have used, he wove the energy around him into the large 'taur body, then shifted his focus to silence as he set the details into the tri-colored, lightly tiger-striped Rohr female. Only Kaul, intricately carved and unique even among one-of-a-kinds, marked her as the Mage that had stood there before.

The audience applauded politely, as they did for each new Mage, Elder Kora nodded his approval.

"Mage Jerik ... and Talessi, and Ryka," he chuckled, bowing slightly, "congratulations on your work and achievements. You have proven yourself magically capable, and capable in the field. I look forward to hearing about your career, and am sure you'll have one worth hearing about."

"Thank you, Elder Kora." Talessi bowed deeply, now quite comfortable in her skin. Magical energy swirled around her in a bit of a show to stand as Ryka for a moment before settling back into his natural form. "I intend to do the Academy proud for taking me in."

"I'm sure you will," the Raccoon smiled, stepping back as Jerik and Tomar started down from the stage, Keil and Lina stepping up as the last of the mages to be promoted this month.

"That really means something to you, doesn't it?" Tomar asked softly as they worked their way to the edge of the seating where their friends were.

"More than I expected." He admitted with a shiver of excess energy that was all positive.

"We're all proud of you, 'Rik," Quasma smiled as he sat down next to her. "Once Keil's done, we'll go hit the Golden Eagle and celebrate."

"It'll be a hell of a party with both of us." He grinned and hugged her, then impulsively claimed a solid kiss. "I'm glad he made it back in time."

"Same here," Tessi grinned from where she was sitting, separated from Quasma by Tim, Remys, Kennara, and Rainbow, the two of them still not on speaking terms yet.

"Keil's about to demonstrate," Quasma warned them, nodding towards the stage so everybody could shift their focus to the Mouse who was standing center-stage beginning to cast a spell.

A moment later a large ball of fire erupted from the flint final of his staff to explode well above the crowd.

The flame blazed, burning out quickly, a handful of cinders floating down, extinguishing before they reached the crowd.

The audience applauded; the fireball wasn't anything particularly unusual, but it was one of the flashiest displays of the day, and the last one. Shatrein congratulated him, the two bowed to each other, and Keil and Lina started down from the stage as the crowd began to disperse.

"Good show," Jerik was the first to greet him with a firm handshake and broad grin.

"Thanks," Keil grinned up at the Kat. "Yours was pretty good to, though I think Jahn gets major bonus points for summoning a djinn. So, Golden Eagle?"

"Of course," he grinned. "It's time to party."

"And most of the rush should be heading elsewhere," Lina grinned. "Let's go."

"Yeah, maybe we'll get a good show on a drunk Jerik." Tessi snickered as they headed into town.

"Now that would be something worth celebrating," Quasma smirked. "How many years have we seen him stop before that happened now? Don't think this is gonna do it."

"Yeah, but he did at the fair a few years back." Tessi grinned, the pair forgetting their mutual spat for a moment.

"Yeah, but that was an accident," Quasma smiled as they left the Academy grounds. "This time he knows better."

"Yes, I do." Jerik shook his head with a chuckle. "No matter how entertaining I might be, I really do not enjoy the hangover in the morning."

"You do realize that there are spells to deal with that?" Keil smirked up at him. "Variant on a freshen cantrip."

"My pre-mage training works too." He pointed out with a chuckle. "That also came with a belief in accepting the consequences for your actions."

"Suit yourself," the Mouse chuckled. "Me, I plan to be grateful that I won't remember anything that happens after an hour or two for now."

"And I plan to make him wish he could," Lina teased, catching his hand and squeezing it affectionately as they reached the inn that had become a sort of second home to them over the years.

"Either way, it'll be fun to watch." Jerik smirked at the other newly-promoted Mage.

"That part waits until we're back in our quarters," Keil blushed. "How soon are you and Tomar planning on moving out?"

"That depends on how drunk you are." Jerik winked at him. "When he's pregnant most likely. Probably another ten years. We've made our quarters very comfortable, and we won't be in the area much until there are pups."

"We'll probably be moving out pretty soon," Keil admitted as they found their table. "A little time to establish ourselves, see the rest of you make Mage. Get the start of a caravan and head out, maybe see if we can catch up with either of our families."

"Good luck with it," Jerik nodded in all seriousness. Despite the different wording and intentions, it wasn't that different from what he was planning.

"Don't worry, we'll leave the Blight for you and Tomar," Lina giggled as Elda, one of Ein's daughters, came out to take their orders.

"So, you lot are finally getting out of the Academy?" The young Badger asked cheerfully.

"Some now, some soon." Jerik grinned at her. "There'll be another big party in a few months."

"Yeah, the three of us should all be hitting at about the same time," Tessi grinned.

"I'll be sure Da' has bracing struts brought in for the walls," she smirked.

"You knock one hole through a wall during a drunken brawl, and they never let you live it down," Remys chuckled dryly, the first real sign he was even there. "The usual for the first round, Elda. I'll buy this one."

"Very good," she smiled brightly at him and headed off to fill their order.

"So what's everyone else doing once they can escape?" Jerik asked, somehow managing to keep a straight face.

"Heading straight for the Blight, most likely," Remys said easily. "That's where my work is needed most. Maybe a year or two up front to see if I can make my current project work for more than cattle."

"How is that project going?" Tessi asked curiously.

"Very well," he smiled. "I should be able to cut the mortality rate of the shakes down from nine out of ten to under half, if things keep going the way they should."

"Cool," Quasma grinned. "Farmers'll love you."

"Yeah, that's actually going to have a much more lasting usefulness than most of ours." Jerik nodded.

"Well, you guys know I always wanted to leave my mark on the world," Remys said.

"And you will," Kennara smiled, nuzzling his cheek lightly as their drinks were brought out. "What about you, Tessi?"

"Well, probably work on item creation for a while," the Tabby said easily. "Design something really worth noticing back home. I could just go back and manage some of the family holdings, but I'm going to make sure I've earned it first."

"Uhm ... about that," Quasma said, reaching back to rub the back of her neck. "What I said before you left? I ... you know I didn't mean it, right?"

" ...Yeah," Tessi admitted after a slightly tense moment of silence. "I know."

"I'm sorry," Quasma said. "I was running my mouth and not really thinking about it at the end ... and I didn't know you'd take what I was saying at first the way you did. It didn't sound believable at first, and I was chasing other leads, and wasn't thinking about how it might sound."

"Well it didn't sound good at all," Tessi pointed out. "But ... I shouldn't have come back at you the way I did. You deserve to be treated better than that, and I should've been better than to do it."

"So ... we both screwed up, at least one of us needed somebody to take a club to her head to figure that out, we can just forget about it and go back to being friends?" Quasma suggested hopefully.

"Sure," Tessi smiled gratefully. "And probably both of us, assuming you were talking about you," she admitted, glancing at Lina and Keil.

"Trust me, she was," Tomar chuckled, hugging Jerik lightly.

"Not that the rest of us had any doubt about what Lina was up to during your trip." Jerik chuckled. "Speaking of which, how did it go?"

"Counting the avalanche and yeti attack that gave Rainbow a heart attack?" Keil grinned. "Went well, really."

"Yeah," Tessi grinned. "I've got a silverfoil plant up in my quarters now, just waiting for when it's in full bloom so I can harvest the pollen I need and not ruin the plant. Not going to have to hunt another one down for years now."

"Great news." Jerik nodded. "So what happened with to terrify the bird?" He asked with a teasing grin at Rainbow.

"Hey, anybody would've been freaking out," Rainbow chuckled in his defense, drinking his wine. "A yeti came after Tessi while she was getting the plant, and Keil hit it with a flame strike."

"Unfortunately yeti's tend to bellow when you set them on fire ..." Keil started.

"And follow that up with a groin shot with a short sword," Lina piped up.

" ...and yeti bellows tend to make the snow that's well above you decide that it wants to be below you as quickly as possible," Keil finished with a chuckle.

"So how'd you survive?" Jerik asked in real interest for the story that was getting decidedly good.

"Oh, the silverfoil was growing just outside this cave." Lina said easily. "We made a dive for it while Rainbow flew up and headed for the town."

"Yeah, only by the time a rescue was organized, they sent up a light flair to point out they didn't need one." Rainbow clicked in a mixture of approval an annoyance. "Talk about feeling totally useless."

"Aww, y'know we were grateful," Tessi giggled, reaching over to give his shoulder a bit of a squeeze. "We got out, but you were still a big help getting back down. Besides, that's what spells that create heat instead of fire are for."

"Sounds like you had quite an adventure even without me along." Jerik chuckled and sipped his cider.

"We tried," Tessi giggled.

"Actually, we didn't, but we managed surprisingly well," Keil smirked, glancing up at the door. "Looks like well-wishers are showing up," he grinned as Melinda and Colin stepped in.

"Hay!" Jerik lifted a hand to wave at them. "Glad you made it back."

"Only fitting that we should be here for the end of your being an apprentice here, just like we were for when you started it," Melinda smiled, the Collie coming over and leaning down to give Jerik a hug that was happily returned by the young adult. "Congratulations; you've worked hard for this."

"Thank you," he smiled at her, his eyes shining with the appreciation that didn't all make it into his voice.

"You've all done well," Colin agreed, making sure to meet Tomar's eyes. "Especially keeping this scamp of a kit in one piece long enough to make it this far," he chuckled.

"So I keep telling him." Jerik grinned at Colin even as he reached over to scritch a particularly pleasant spot on Tomar's lower shoulder. "I'm not low maintenance like Quasma or Tessi."

"Thank you." Tomar ducked his head a bit, though he was getting over the worst of his inferiority complex about having a combat-trained mage.

"We should let you get back to your celebration," Melinda smiled. "Good luck in your career, Jerik. Just be careful about how hard you hunt."

"I will." He promised in all seriousness even as he leaned back to nuzzle Tomar. "This one will see to it I wind down and relax if I forget."

"Which you so often do," Tomar smiled, returning the nuzzle as Melinda and Connor quickly paid their respects to Keil and headed out, bowing politely to Shatrein and Kora as they entered, the rest of the group straightening quickly as they saw them.

"Good afternoon, Elders." Jerik stood to greet them with a bow as the de-facto leader of those present.

"Good afternoon Jerik, Keil," Shatrein smiled, returning the bow. "We're making the rounds of the taverns in town, finding the new graduates."

"So relax," Kora grinned and got one in return as Jerik dropped the formal manner completely with a returned grin. More than most apprentices, or even most instructors, he'd spent many long days with Kora simply enjoying the freedom new forms could give and talking about all manner of things the other knew nothing about but was fascinated by all the same.

"I see you, Elder!" Elda called out from behind the bar. "You'd best be wearing the same form until you go!"

"Yes ma'am, unless you ask nicely," Kora replied to the young Badger with a teasing grin.

"Ah, you mean we can't get into a shifting competition?" Jerik almost managed not to crack up.

"No!" Elda barked with a laugh. "That'd be just what Da' needs - the two of you drunk and seeing who can turn into the weirdest monster."

"I dunno, having seen some of the things Elder Kora doodles in his journals, could be fun," Quasma giggled.

"No, I think we'll humor the mean innkeeper," the Raccoon chuckled, his older Wah companion rolling her eyes slightly.

"I swear, you're more of a child than most of the apprentices some days."

"I try," Kora smiled, giving her a playful peck on the cheek.

"It makes communicating with the kids easier." Jerik snickered and sat back down. "Force knows I barely can."

"You'll learn eventually," Kora smiled. "I've had many, many chances to learn, myself, and I think I finally managed to do it right the last time."

"Oh, I don't know. You talked to Quasma well enough." Tim piped up and earned a faked dirty look from her.

"You so don't count as a youngster." Tessi stopped Jerik from saying anything. "Not even at thirteen."

"You should see him in mission mode." Tomar winked at her. "He's scarily grown up."

"Nah, he's just scary." Quasma countered with a snicker.

"I am not." Jerik protested futilely.

"Yes you are." Tomar countered in a very serious tone despite the grin on his face.

"You guys go ahead and argue, I'll get a drink," Kora chuckled.

"And I'll go find Myna," Shatrein chuckled, pulling out a small pouch and tossing it to Keil. "You'll find that useful, I think," she smiled. "Consider it a graduation gift."

"What is it?" Keil asked, opening the pouch and looking in.

"Component pouch," Shatrein explained. "But that one won't run out. I ran out of sulphur during a pitched fight when I was young, and I don't want to see it happen to any of my students since then."

"Thank you, Elder," Keil said, bowing his head respectfully and closed the pouch before placing it on his belt. "Would you like a drink, before you go?"

"Not at my age," the Wah laughed, shaking her head as she turned to leave. "Thank you for the offer though."

"Now, back to the fun." Lina grinned wickedly and nudged Keil's mug towards his hand. "You said something about not wanting to remember tonight."

"Hey, we've been too busy talking to really work at getting hammered," he chuckled, though he took his mug and took a deep drink from it.

Before long, all of them were drinking and talking about old times and future plans, laughing at little jokes. Jerik was glad to see that Quasma and Tessi seemed to take making up seriously, and were just as friendly as they'd ever been.

About an hour into the party, they started back towards the Academy, heading back towards Jerik's quarters, Quasma practically hanging off of him.

"Just think about what it'll be like when the rest of us make it," Tomar chuckled, not nearly as drunk as the Lynx was.

"Or if we'd all made it at once." Tim grinned at the other Defender. "Imagine that party."

"I think Ein would've had us go back home right from the start, just in self-defense," Tomar chuckled.

"That, or we would've spared him the trouble and just gone up right away," Remys chuckled, still mostly sober as he started working a spell to get the lot of them up to Jerik's level.

"That would just be un ... un ...." Keil objected.

"Untraditional." Jerik supplied with a quirky grin as they floated up.

"Yeah," the brown-furred Mouse chuckled.

"You're definitely not going to remember much in the mornin'," Lina giggled, kissing him playfully.

"And you are going to make sure he regrets it." Quasma giggled in return, her little bob tail twitching in amusement.

"Mmm ... long as she's willing to give me a few reminders, think I'll live," Keil smirked slightly.

"Okay, everybody into 'Rik's room before we get in trouble," Tomar chuckled as they reached the right level. "Should be getting the door moved up a floor in the next few weeks," he mused.

"I'm sure I'll forget the first time we come back after a hunt." Jerik chuckled. "Hopefully the apprentice who gets that spot next will lock it."

"Or that they're good sports and want to play along," Quasma grinned, stealing a kiss from Jerik as they headed in.

"She's going to be fun tonight," Tim chuckled, shaking his head.

"Yes, especially with the idol there." Jerik rumbled softly with a slight nod towards feline female that still held a place of honor in the room, and who looked much more pregnant than she had when first given several years ago. "Another ten years and she'll be huge."

"That is the idea," Tessi giggled as she and Rainbow brought up the rear, closing the door behind them. "So, where were we?" She asked, taking her usual seat.

"About to have a Servant bring up a pitcher of mulled wine, I think," Tomar chuckled, doing just that before settling down across from most of the group and accepted a lap full of feline between his forelegs as Quasma continued to lean on Jerik and he settled into his habitual place.

"I think we were seeing if everyone was drunk enough to play truth or dare." Jerik grinned.

"Going to take at least another pitcher before Remys is," Kennara giggled, pressing against her mage.

"I don't get drunk easily," he chuckled. "Go ahead; worst that happens is I actually tell the truth."

"So who starts?" Tessi asked a little uncertainty.

"As least drunk, Remys." Jerik chuckled.

"All right," Remys chuckled, shaking his head. "So, anything off limits from the word go?"

"You know most of our buttons, right?" Jerik cocked his head slightly, really not wanting to come out and say them. "Don't bring up things that'll likely cause a fight."

"All right then; Jerik," Remys said, leaning back and thinking a bit. "Truth, or dare?"

"Truth," he chuckled and relaxed against Tomar's chest.

The Gila Monster cracked a grin. "What's your kinkiest sexual experience?"

Jerik cocked his head slightly to think about that even as Tomar and Quasma both turned bright red under their fur.

"*He didn't ask about fantasy, so relax.*" Jerik chuckled into both their minds. "That would have to be when we were testing out Talessi and how to get both ends off at the same time for both of us."

"You're going to need more details than that," Remys chuckled, leaning back, wondering just what had Quasma and Tomar both so embarrassed about it. Not like any of them didn't know about that.

"All right," Jerik smiled faintly and sipped on his mug of spiced hot hard cider as he considered just how to answer it in the spirit of the game and not just go into the analytical descriptions he used to protect himself from being embarrassed when he had to discuss details with his instructors. "Not much to it really, but mating as a Rohr is still kinky to me."

"Is to most of us." Tessi piped up, a silly grin plastered on her face and the fascination most teenagers had with sex of any kind.

"Of course, in the first couple hours with such a different form, awkward doesn't begin to describe things. Most of you saw me in the first couple days where it was one paw at a time walking."

"Yes, yes, get to the good part." Keil cheered, happily the most drunk of the lot.

"All right." Jerik rolled his eyes. "I finally got mounted and all lined up, which is not as easy as it looks ...."

"But you're good at now." Quasma cut him off with a giggle.

"Anyway, first thing I found out was that at least male Rohr have this spot on their back that's shaped a bit differently and does a really good job of stimulating the female on his back. By the time we tied, poor Tomar was whimpering and aching hard up front, so I managed to lean all the way forward to suck him off."

"That must've been intense," Tim grinned.

"It was," Tomar said with a blush, hugging Jerik and nuzzling his neck.

"So, your turn 'Rik," Quasma grinned.

He grinned back, drawing out the moment as he regarded each of his friends in turn.

"Rainbow ... truth or dare?" He nearly crooned at the startled Parrot.

"Truth," Rainbow said a little nervously.

"What was your most embarrassing experience?" Jerik asked.

"Uhm ...." Rainbow almost managed to become even more red before he decided to bite the bullet and find out what would happen. "Dare?" He asked sheepishly.

"What was Tessi's most embarrassing experience?" Jerik asked with a grin.

"Hey!" Tessi protested through giggles.

"Well, I said truth first," Rainbow said, almost seeming to shrink in his seat.

"Coward," Kennara giggled as the pitcher of wine arrived and the Servant filled their glasses.

"You'd be scared too, if you had to work with Tessi after that one," Rainbow laughed nervously. "Uhm ... my most embarrassing experience ... you guys remember Miki and Dzen, right?"

"Of course we do," Quasma nodded.

"Well, one day Dzen and I were practicing with each other, while it still looked like Tessi and Miki would be partnering up," he said, looking over at Tessi apologetically and getting a shrug in response, along with a curious look.

"Well, we were working on escaping being tied up, and Dzen kinda cheated on the last knots," Rainbow said, getting redder and redder beneath his feathers as he went. "We'd been teasing and flirting with each other a bit from the start, and I guess he decided that he wanted to start teasing a different way. While I was tied up and couldn't get loose, he got me to the point where I asked him to ... uhm ... suck me off," he admitted, looking like he wanted to disappear under the table, though he didn't seem ashamed of it as much as he did embarrassed to be talking about the situation at all. Tessi clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh as best she can.

"So that's what Miki meant when he asked about what sort of fruit you ate?" She eventually asked with a giggle, getting an embarrassed, almost-not-there nod in return.

"And we got caught by Sir Artus," Rainbow admitted, hiding his head beneath his wings.

"Okay, somebody is going to have to get what happened to Tessi out of him before the night's over," Lina giggled. "If it's more embarrassing than that, it's got to be good."

"No kidding," Jerik chuckled. "Okay Rainbow, your turn."

"Mmm ... okay," Rainbow mused, considering everybody around the table as he drank his wine. "Keil? How 'bout you?"

"Truth," he grinned at the Parrot cockily.

"What was your scariest/most nerve-wracking moment?" He asked.

The grin was gone from Keil's face almost instantly, replaced by a nervous look and a glance at Lina.

"Umm, the first time I asked her to bed." He said quietly.

"You weren't the only one who was nervous," she smiled, kissing him gently. "Of course, you probably could have picked a better place than at camp with my folks," she giggled.

"Did you have better luck than Rainbow?" Quasma asked teasingly.

"Well, I didn't have to tie her up," Keil grinned, nuzzling Lina lightly.

"'Course not, you knew I could beat you if you tried," she smirked, returning the nuzzle.

"Anyways, we were spending some time with her family, and their tent was maybe twenty feet away if you were generous. We'd already been getting those 'hints' from her family through the day, and I honestly wasn't sure if she'd take me or not. Or what'd happen if she didn't," he admitted.

"We hate to break it to you, but you were the only one who doubted she would." Quasma grinned at the pair. "He's so cute when he's affectionate."

"As if you aren't." Jerik crooned in her ear and lightly wrapped his tail around them to flick the tip teasingly in her lap.

"They're cuter," she giggled, shifting to almost sit in his, petting the tip of his tail. "After all, they're Mice, it's built in I think. So, who's the next victim, Keil?"

"Mmm, you, I think." He snickered at her and lifted his mug in a toast before downing a fair amount of it.

"Oh ... what the hell, dare," the drunk Lynx grinned.

"Take care of that hard-on that's got to be against your back now," Keil smirked.

"Mmm ... 'long as Jerik and Tomar don't mind, be glad to," Quasma grinned up at them, turning around and sliding down partly beneath the table.

"Oh, kats." Jerik drew in a sharp, half startled breath as his pants were opened and her mouth enveloped his erection. He closed his eyes, his attention on her touch and the fluffy fur of her hair. Absently he wondered if he was a bit more intoxicated than he thought to let her do this in front of everyone.

"Mmm ...." Quasma purred around his cock, bobbing her head up and down, her ears poking above the table occasionally as she ran her fingers through his long fur, teasing his full barbs with her rough tongue. Despite not doing it much, she knew how to get to him, and that this was the second longer of the three main options.

Above her Tomar was watching the action down Jerik's flat chest and becoming more aroused by the minute and by the moans and small whimpers that escaped his mate's throat as she worked Jerik over.

The Rohr hugged his mate close, scritching his chest and nuzzling his head, whispering quiet promises of what would come after the main party. He knew that Jerik could feel his own hard shaft against his back, but didn't particularly care, enjoying the sounds of his whimpering mate and Quasma giving him the best blowjob she could.

Jerik moaned, his hips jerking up to pump his seed into her mouth to be swallowed. He shuddered with a low whimper as she licked him clean and was lax by the time she closed his pants and came up to snuggle in his lap again.

"Satisfied?" She asked, sticking her tongue out at Keil, swallowing the last of Jerik's cum before nuzzling his chest and snuggling up with him.

"Yes," Jerik murmured before tipping her muzzle up for a kiss.

"With the performance," Keil laughed easily. "Who are you going to make squirm now?"

"Hey, if you wanted some other sort of satisfaction, should've thought about who you'd ask me to get off," Quasma smirked. "Hmm ... and since you're off-limits for me, Kennara," she grinned.

"Truth," the arctic Vixen smiled, leaning against Remys lightly.

"What's your most erotic fantasy?" Quasma asked, curious as to just what her friend was into.

"To me, or most folks opinion?" Kennara asked, blushing a faint pink beneath her fur.

"Hey, fantasies are all yours," Quasma grinned. "Nobody else can tell you what isn't good in 'em."

"Mmm ... it starts with me waking up, naked and blindfolded, my arms tied above my head," the Vixen said, closing her eyes and taking the familiar images into her mind. "I feel tiny claws running all up and down my body, making me tingle as I realize that Remys is with me." She turned her head, licking his cheek affectionately, the Gila Monster far calmer about the admission than he would have been a few years ago.

"He teases me until I'm whimpering and begging, using his claws and finger and tongue to keep me right on edge until he finally takes me, his teeth around my shoulder, right on the edge of biting into me the whole time. Once he's finished with me, he unties my arms so I can hold him, and we both snuggle together until we both fall asleep again, the blindfold still tied around my eyes."

"Whoa," Quasma murmured, shaking her head.

"It's official, you're definitely not the kinkiest one of us," Tessi giggled to Jerik. "But yeah, whoa."

"No it's not." Keil blurted out. "Jerik only said what he'd done, not what he'd thought of."

"I could fix that," Kennara giggled, winking at Jerik across the table as Quasma and Tomar both started blushing again. "Mmm ... and I think I will. Jerik?"

"Need to be more drunk at this rate." He muttered slightly and downed his mug before refilling it and settling back against Tomar's chest with his eyes closed to tell what he barely admitted to himself, not that he'd have much reason to until now.

"Back home there was a type of Kat called a Xanith. They're big. The fems seven or eight feet tall, the toms eight to nine, average, some sub-species are even bigger, and they'll all muscle. Build like bricks." He paused for a drink, letting the mental image of such a Kat sink in for the group.

"Okay," Kennara added after a moment. "Impressive."

"I'm as Ryka, fighting a dark-furred mixed-blood Xanith tom. When he wins, he locks an anti-magic collar on my neck and ties my hands above my head, hanging me up against something hard, my feet barely touching the ground. He grins down at me and rips my clothes off with his claws before opening his pants. I'm only half aware until he slams into me, his cock big enough it feels like he's going to split me open."

"Mating fight?" Quasma asked when he paused for a drink, not really wanting to interrupt, but trying to reconcile Jerik's clear arousal with what sounded like an out-and-out rape. She knew she was voicing what most of those listening were wondering too. This wasn't what anyone had expected of an erotic fantasy.

"No." He lowered his mug. "Submission, helplessness, being used." He didn't look at anyone as he continued. "I don't know how long it lasts, or how many times he pumps his seed into me and makes me come until my throat is raw from screaming.

"When he is finally sated he takes my still-tied hands and ties me down to something flat. This time my legs are bound too, spread wide for the crowd that has gathered to watch and he offers me up to everyone there."

The rest of them waited for him to be comfortable to keep going, and to finish his drink again. They could understand wanting to be a bit more drunk for it. Tomar wrapped his arms around Jerik, hugging him more on reflex than for actually being concerned for him.

"Someone grabs my head and forces my jaws open before shoving his cock in and fucking my face. Someone else is between my legs, eager to take advantage of the offering." His eyes flicked up to Kennara briefly, the one of the group that he knew understood the pleasure in absolute submission, then closed again as he continued. "A dozen races before I lose count, and eventually they lose interest in me and leave me there.

"I wake up, still bound in place, but now there is a soft, wide tongue between my legs, cleaning up the mess made by the others. My vision is still blurry, but the collar is gone. I can feel who's there and it makes me whimper in need again. Slowly he moves across my entire body, cleaning away the scent and seed of everyone and leaving only his own taste in their place.

"When he's satisfied with his efforts I'm ready to beg, but he touches a finger to my mouth and I silence until I have to moan when he sinks into my well-used body and begins to thrust. Familiar hands run along my body, touching me in ways only years together can teach.

"He's taking me, using me, bound and helpless, but it's a very different way when I can feel the care behind it. When his knot finally locks inside my body and he floods me with his seed I scream again before things fade to blackness again."

"He wins again," Tessi murmured, shaking her head.

"Hell of a fantasy," Quasma agreed again, nuzzling Jerik's chest as Tomar hugged him again.

"Just hope you don't ever expect me to let it become real," the Rohr murmured, kissing his mate's head.

"Maybe just the last part," Jerik barely whispered and nuzzled Tomar's chest.

"Okay ..." Kennara took a deep breath. "So who gets to try and top that?"

"Tessi." Jerik grinned at the Cat.

"Well I bet I already know what the question'll be, so dare," she said, sticking her tongue out at Jerik.

"Do a strip tease for us, and stay naked after," he smirked back at her, snuggling back against Tomar, enjoying Tessi's surprised blinks.

"I hate you," Tessi muttered good-naturedly after a moment, standing up and stepping back where she had some room, the entire group turning to watch with various levels of interest as she started to undress.

It wasn't lost on any of them that the one of them who was probably closest to being 'innocent' was apparently not all that uncomfortable undressing in front of them, though nobody doubted that tossing her light robe over Jerik's head as it came off was strictly intentional.

It hardly mattered, he pulled it down with a good-natured laugh and made no secret of how he was looking at her. "Not bad," he purred softly, his hands slipping down Quasma's chest to ghost over the top of her breasts.

"You like what you see too, huh?" Quasma asked him with a deep purr, undoing the top of her robes and letting his hands beneath them as she watched Tessi strip, grinning as she saw the slick, glimmering fur of the Tabby's sex.

"In more ways than one." He rumbled.

"Looks like somebody's been enjoying the stories," she grinned as Tessi finished stripping, shyly tucking her striped tail up in front of her lightly swollen sex.

"Who hasn't enjoyed at least one of them?" Jerik chuckled lightly as he nuzzled Tomar's chest and slid his hands over Quasma's.

"Point," Quasma giggled. "You're lucky I know you don't do fems anymore, Tessi," she grinned over at her friend as she sat down next to Rainbow again.

"Just be sure you remember it when we're done with this game," the tabby giggled shyly, blushing beneath her fur.

"Don't worry, there are plenty of folks to keep her off you." Kennara laughed. "Though it is a pity."

"So, who's up next?" Keil asked, slurring his words a bit.

"You," Tessi smirked. "You got off easy last time."

"Dare." He looked at her defiantly.

"Get up there and get yourself off." She grinned back. "Make a show of yourself."

He blinked a couple times, not quite believing what she said, then pushed himself up and slid his robes to the floor under everyone's attention, but especially Lina's hungry looks.

"Bets she jumps him before this is over." Jerik snickered quietly, watching the female Mouse more than her mate.

"Fool's bet," Quasma giggled.

"Can anybody help him?" Lina asked Tessi with a wink and a grin.

"Nope," Tessi smirked. "All up to him."

"Okay, okay," Keil blushed; his slender shaft a deep red, pressing hard against his tan-furred belly.

"Guess I'll just have to wait to help clean up." Lina grinned mischievously.

"Like you mind," Keil blushed, hopping up onto the table after the others cleared some space for him. Short as he was, it was the only place where he really could make a show for everybody, but he started quickly, bringing his tail up between his legs, wrapping it slightly around his cock and reaching down to fondle his furry balls, working his shaft with his tail. He leaned his head back with a moan, looking up into Lina's face as she rumbled and started to undress a bit, fingering her breasts as she watched her mate pleasure himself.

It was a show that was mirrored in a way across the table where Jerik kissed his way along Quasma's neck and massaged her plump, exposed breasts.

"Maybe you can care for Tomar's front while I take care of his back in a bit?" He rumbled softly in her ear. "Then play a bit as Ryka."

"Sounds good," Quasma whispered back to him. "Mmm ... see if we can get Tessi 'tween you and Tim first?"

"Oh, yeah." He shuddered, his breath catching at the thought of being with the fine example of a Cat that the tabby was growing into.

"Mmm ... now, eyes back on the show, 'fore it's over," Quasma giggled, looking back down at Keil, who wasn't taking long to work himself into a moaning, quivering ball of fur and muscle, pre dribbling onto his belly.

"The real show is when Lina gets her hands on him." Jerik murmured. "She's about ready to jump him."

Just then, Keil moaned, spraying ropes of pearly white cum up onto his belly, the tip of his tail twitching as he arched up off the table, his balls twitching in his fingers as Lina leaned down to kiss him hungrily.

"You know I want some of that." She all but pulled him off the table and back into their space in the group's semi-circle to continue kissing him and fondled him back to hardness.

"Hey, Lina, give him enough air to continue the game!" Tessi laughed in delight.

"Why? It's a good show." Jerik countered.

"Yeah, but think of the show we'll be able to get from her when her turn comes around," Tim smirked as Lina moved to lick her mate's fur clean.

"Mmm ... just for that, you're up next, Tim," Keil panted.

"Truth," the Rottweiler downed half a mug of the mulled wine.

"Have you been with Kaia and Raytee?" The Mouse grinned up at him, no longer really worried about being naked.

"Yes." He shrugged and finished off his mug before pouring another.

"And?" Keil asked, quirking an eyebrow. "C'mon, you've seen what happens when you don't give details," he chuckled.

"All right, both of them at once," Tim chuckled, shaking his head. "One of the first times. Raytee wasn't sure if he trusted me enough to leave us alone, so we ended up making a threesome of it. I'm just lucky he isn't interested in her himself," he chuckled. "Or that interested in me," the Rottweiler admitted, thumping his tail on the ground. "Fun, but not something I'm up for regular."

"All right," Keil accepted it with a nod before Lina had his full attention.

"Keep going, or follow their example?" Tim asked with a chuckle.

"Hey, I got hit twice, everybody should face it at least once." Jerik glanced over at the Mice. "Well, maybe let Lina miss out. Hate to distract her."

"Okay," Tim grinned. "Tomar?"

"Truth," the Rohr chuckled, nuzzling Jerik lightly.

"What's your biggest fantasy?" Tim grinned, earning a blush from Tomar, though not nearly the blush most of them had given.

"Being mounted by Talessi while I'm mating with Ryka," Tomar admitted. "In two-legged form," he added with a blush, kissing his mate's cheek.

"Leave it to you for the impossible," Jerik chuckled and looked up as he drew Tomar's head down for a kiss. "Unless someone else stands in for one of the girls."

"Hey, he said fantasy," Tomar smiled, kissing Jerik. "Mmm ... 'course, you do a pretty good job with just one of you in this form too."

"Okay, before you two go the way of the Mice, want to ask yours?" Kennara teased, nodding towards Lina and Keil, who were largely oblivious to what was going on around them.

"Remys, truth or dare?" He looked over at the Gila Monster.

"Truth," Remys chuckled.

"What's the strangest thing you've ever done?" Tomar asked him as Jerik nuzzled his chest.

"You're asking a necromancer that?" Remys asked with a slight smirk.

"Keep the mood in mind," Tomar chuckled.

"Hey, your question," Remys chuckled dryly. "Though I think I'll spare everybody the mohrg incident."

"Please," Kennara agreed eagerly, shuddering.

"Sounds like a good idea," the Rohr agreed, not sure what had happened, but fairly glad he didn't know just now.

"Given the mood, I'd say the strangest thing I've done would be when we were first starting to experiment."

"Oh gods, this one?" Kennara whimpered, blushing deeply and hiding her face against Remys' chest.

"You have to admit, it counts," Remys chuckled, hugging her with one arm. "And we've only done it once," he pointed out to the others. "I'd tied Kennara up, and we were experimenting a bit with how pain worked for her."

"Depends on the type," Kennara admitted, answering the obvious question she knew somebody was going to ask.

"And the one we tried that night was a 'no,'" Remys admitted, kissing Kennara's head apologetically, the most obvious display of affection anybody'd seen the black-scaled Gila Monster make in ... just about ever, really.

"And my idea," she reminded him.

"We tried putting small pieces of wood down near the base of her claws," Remys explained. "When she flexed her fingers and toes, they tightened around the wood and she made the most amazing whimpers. She didn't say anything about it hurting too badly at first, but when we were ... finishing up ... one of them broke off when it got caught on the headboard."

"Which is why I had a very, very long talk with Healer Donnelly after having it removed," Kennara admitted.

"Damn, I bet." Jerik shuddered at the level of pain he was fully aware that would have created. "That would have made her one very unhappy healer."

"I think the upshot of it was that if I ever did something that stupid again, she'd just take the finger off instead of digging around for all the splinters again," the Vixen said, blushing. "I was lucky she didn't have to remove my claw to get in after it."

"We both were," Remys agreed. "We've been more careful since."

"Still, not the most painful thing that's happened to me," Kennara said with a bit of a shrug. "But that's definitely a mood-killing discussion."

"Yeah." Quasma shuddered herself. "I liked your fantasy better."

"Blame Tomar," Remys chuckled slightly. "And I think we can say the game's pretty well over by now, I think," he said, glancing at Keil and Lina, who'd taken a bit of a break.

"Okay," Lina giggled, snuggling up with her lover. "And it's not like you guys couldn't have joined us any time you wanted," she teased, sticking her tongue out at the larger Reptan.

"So why don't we take your mind off the pain?" Jerik rumbled in her ear and rolled her nipples between his fingers.

"Or I ask a better question ..." Remys paused, his gaze lingering on Jerik as he considered ideas.

"You are picking on me now." He pouted. "That'd be round three."

"But you have such incredibly sexy things to say." Kennara smiled winningly at him.

"So, truth or dare?" Remys asked.

"Dare." Jerik muttered. "Tired of talking."

"Go take care of Tessi, however she wants it, as long as it's where we can watch."

Jerik chuckled and raised an eyebrow at her.

"You between me and Quasma?" Tessi asked with a bit of a blush. "On your back, she gets your mouth, I get ... other things?" She asked, glancing down with a shy grin.

"Okay, I like the way she thinks," Quasma giggled, slipping off Jerik's lap.

"You would," he laughed and stood. It was only a couple steps around the table, but he let his robes fall to the floor before he got to Tessi and drew her up into a kiss, pressing their bodies close together before he let her go and settled on his back in the pillows and blankets that were used for chairs.

"Know your audience," Tessi giggled, straddling Jerik's hips as Quasma stripped the rest of the way and moved to cradle his head in her lap, both women's sexes slick and fragrant as they teased Jerik with them.

"If I didn't know I get him once you guys leave, I'd be jealous," Tomar chuckled slightly.

"I'll give you a reason not to be for round two," Quasma promised him with a throaty purr that turned into a moan as Jerik started to lick and nuzzle her sex, Tessi closing her eyes blissfully as she moved to take him into her tight, hot body.

"I like the sound of that." He grinned at the scene, enjoying it as much for the display as for the fact that he knew Jerik was enjoying it himself.

"Oooh, I knew you would." Quasma shivered as Jerik caught her hips in his hands and shifted her forward just a bit so he could work his tongue into her body between circling her clit.

"Let me know when you want to go home," Remys whispered to Kennara.

"You know I wouldn't mind if you took me here," she murmured back.

"You wouldn't, but I'm not that drunk yet," he chuckled softly, kissing her between her ears as they watched the threesome taking place across the table from them.

"Damn they put on a good show," Tim rumbled deeply.

"Oh ... we try," Tessi moaned, squeezing down around Jerik's barbed length as it worked in and out of her pussy, striped fur rippling with pleasure.

"You should see him with Tomar on his back." Quasma panted, her body already twitching from his attentions.

"Maybe later," the Rottweiler grinned, shifting for a better view of the barbed cock sliding in and out of Tessi's body as the tabby rowled happily, her tail locked off to the side instinctively and her fingers kneading Jerik's abs.

From the other end of the table-seating area, the Mice were enjoying watching Quasma's bob tail rapidly thumping against Jerik's skull until he squirmed forward enough to avoid it. Her body stiffened a moment later as he added his fingers to his tongue in pleasuring her. Several whimpering cries as her body jerked in his hands and she slumped forward to rest her hands against his chest, only to have her body ripple in surprise and pleasure when he continued to eat her out.

Tessi came a moment later, her sex clamping down around Jerik's shaft like a vise as she cried out in pleasure, milking his barbs with her body until his hips thrust up hard with a cry that Quasma's body muffled and flooded Tessi's body with his seed.

"I think we can leave them to their devices, and go get to ours," Kennara rumbled, nuzzling Remys as they stood and quietly made their way out.

"Oh that's good," Tessi moaned sweetly, still riding Jerik's cock, though a bit more slowly now, stretching out the next round as she looked back at Tim.

"Kaia okay with sharing?" She asked him shyly, raising her tail a bit further.

"Long as I don't keep it secret after," he rumbled, moving to press his broad chest against Tessi's back as Quasma moved back, leaning down to kiss Jerik and lick his muzzle clean.

"Mmm ... I promised Tomar this round," the Lynx rumbled, kissing his nose. "You'll get me again soon," she promised with a wink.

"Take good care of him." Jerik murmured, his gaze solidly on his mate as he stripped off what little clothing he was still wearing.

"I will," Quasma purred, turning and moving to kiss Tomar soundly, draping her arms around his neck.

"Jerik?" Tessi asked, laying down on him with Tim against her back. "Mmm ... want to share me up front, or just share me?" She purred, kissing his neck.

"If he's okay with my barbs, I don't mind." He purred back, his words a clear reminder to Tim that felines weren't smooth.

"I'm okay with back here if you are," he rumbled to the Tabby between he and Jerik, pressing his tapered tip up against Tessi's ass.

"Mmm ... just go slow," she murmured, moaning as Tim pressed up into her.

Despite the slow, steady thrusting from the tom under her, she couldn't miss that Jerik's attention was across the room and with his mate.

"I'll let you ... ooh ... get back to him soon," she promised, kissing him as Tim started to thrust deep into her ass, Tomar nuzzling Quasma as the two of them mated, his knot popping in and out of the Lynx's slick sex, but his golden eyes constantly glancing over to meet Jerik's.

Jerik briefly closed his eyes as Tim's hard cock began to rub against his inside Tessi's body, drawing on a kind of erotic sensation that was entirely new. He opened his eyes and ran his hands down her body affectionately before he brought them up to fondle her breasts while he and Tim alternated between thrusting into her together and one pulling out while the other pressed in.

The young Tabby mewled ecstatically, milking both of their shafts as she tried to push both of her lovers over the edge before reaching her own next climax.

Only feet away Tomar groaned, pumping his seed into Quasma as she pressed against him with a lusty purr, milking him through her own orgasm. His mind was on his mate though, and what he was going to do in a few minutes if the tom was agreeable.

"Thanks," Quasma murmured, nuzzling his chest and turning to watch the show that her Defender, Tessi and Jerik were putting on.

"You're welcome." He nuzzled her head. "They do make quite a show. Mmm ... you want to stick around for the next one?" He asked her. "Thinkin' about that fantasy of his."

"Only with his friends screwing her senseless?" She grinned up at him as she helped him get her off his cock on to her feet, his seed spilling down her thighs. "Sounds like fun."

"Thought so," Tomar grinned as Tim howled, pumping his seed into Tessi's ass and setting of Jerik. Tessi's cries of pleasure mingled with theirs until the trio was panting and trembling together. "There are some soft sashes in the top drawer." He nodded towards the bedroom.

"Gotcha," she grinned and scampered off to get the impromptu bindings.

Tomar stood up, walking over and laying down, licking Jerik's cheek lightly.

"So, you have fun?" He murmured, glancing up at Tim and Tessi too.

"Oh yeah," the Tabby fem grinned lazily, Tim chuckling and nuzzling her neck.

"Yes," Jerik purred softly, his eyes a bit glazed over. "Never thought of this arrangement."

"Mmm ... feel up for Ryka and an arrangement you have thought of before?" Tomar asked with a grin as Tessi slipped off Jerik's cock with a groan.

"I think I can manage," he chuckled and stood for a kiss before weaving the transformation spell and flowing into the sleek-furred shekat's form.

"Good," Tomar rumbled, kissing her back, rubbing her shoulders and sliding his hands down her arms, grabbing her wrists firmly as he plundered her mouth hungrily.

A ripple of surprise tensed her body, then she relaxed completely into submission with a deep moan.

"That's right," Tomar rumbled, a thrill running through him at the unusually dominant role he was taking. "Gonna be all mine tonight ... eventually."

He felt her whimper into his mouth, her body trembling with an excitement that was rarely there no matter how passionate they were.

"You going to stretch her out first?" Quasma asked perkily when she reappeared, then rumbled for the visual the mates made.

"Of course," Tomar grinned, turning Ryka around, twisting her arm a bit and pressing her towards the table as Lina and Keil stopped snuggling for a while to watch what was going on. "If you want this to stop, just say something," he rumbled into her ear with a tenderness that wasn't apparent in his actions as he bent her over the short table, Quasma moving to tie her hands to the legs on the opposite side.

Despite her whimpers and light struggling as she was bound, she spread her legs for him and raised her tail, her sex already glistening and slick in anticipation.

"Take me." Ryka moaned, her voice trembling in excitement and a little shame she was enjoying in ways she couldn't name.

"That wasn't what you wanted, remember?" Tomar rumbled, licking her ear and teasing her, rubbing his shaft, still slick with Quasma's juices and his own, against her sex. "Not yet, anyways."

He wanted to take her, to be honest. But there'd be time for that later.

Plenty of time.

The whimper he got for his words was sweet in a very real way. He was glad it wouldn't always be this way, but for a game, it was decidedly erotic.

"So, who wants what?" Tomar asked with a grin for Rainbow, Tim, and Keil as they caught on to the game, the Rohr moving around and catching Ryka's tail, pulling it up out of the way as he stood by the side of the table.

"Lina?" Keil asked, kissing her lightly.

"Go ahead," she chuckled. "After all, they've been nice enough to let us screw on their floor," she winked.

"Thanks," he chuckled, standing up and moving behind Ryka, rubbing his slender shaft against her pussy as Tim disappeared to clean up a bit before joining in.

"Well I definitely need some action," Rainbow squawked, moving to press his rock-hard, unattended cock into Ryka's mouth with a groan for the tongue that went to work on it immediately.

"Damn, she really does get off on this." Keil murmured as he sank into her sex and felt her work him eagerly.

"Oooh ... no complaints here," Rainbow grinned, panting as he started to thrust into her mouth, Keil's hips working hard and fast as he 'pounded' her as well as he could, her body tight even around the shaft meant for a girl half her size.

"You are so eager for this, aren't you?" Tomar rumbled, kneeling and crooning into his mate's ears, enjoying her pleasure as much as the rich, intoxicating scents of arousal and pleasure from the whole room.

She could only mumble around the avian cock in her mouth, but she managed a bit of a nod, her eyes shining with hunger and pleasure that made him even more sure that this was well past due. Even the blush of embarrassment under her fur did nothing to detract from her eagerness. The shiver and whimper she offered up when he petted her head was enough to draw a rumble from him.

"She looks like such a slut like this," Tessi purred, moving around for a better view of Keil fucking her hard and fast, Rainbow choking back a cry as he pumped his sweet seed into Ryka's mouth to be swallowed greedily.

"Ohh, I think she likes that." Keil panted, his body tingling as Ryka squeezed down on him hard. Rainbow kept thrusting into her face after a moment to collect himself, more than ready to keep going after what he'd been watching the whole evening.

"Mmm ... the way he tastes, or being called a slut?" Tomar asked with a bit of a grin. Not something they'd ever really done before, but if she liked being talked dirty to during this little game, who was he to argue?

"Being called a slut." Keil grinned and groaned deeply as her reaction pushed him over the edge hard.

"Want her pussy?" Tim asked Rainbow as he stroked himself lightly, watching the bound shekat eagerly. He licked his muzzle and rumbled when she spread her knees even further apart while Keil pumped his seed into her.

"I get her mouth next." Quasma knelt next to the table and reached around Ryka's body to squeeze her breasts. "Maybe we should turn her over. Make it easier for us girls to get some attention."

"Sounds good to me," Tim grinned, he and Quasma untying Ryka's wrists and flipping her over as Keil moved out of the way, the two retying her before Rainbow took the Mouse's place and pressed into her dripping pussy without hesitation. The Rottweiler moved around, straddling Ryka's chest as Quasma moved to kiss him and let her work on her own dripping sex, leaking a mix of her juices and Tomar's.

"Oh, yeah, lick me out." Quasma moaned and rocked her hips while Ryka put her tongue to good use.

"Oh, damn, she's tight." Rainbow clicked, then moaned as he leaned forward a bit to drive even deeper into her welcoming heat. He'd never taken someone with their legs tied widely apart, but it was good, and he had no doubt that Ryka was enjoying it immensely. She was working his cock too well not to want it there just as she was.

"Won't be by the time we're done," Tim grinned evilly, returning to making out with Quasma as he started to thrust between Ryka's furry breasts, he and his mage pressing them together around his shaft.

"I think that's the point." Tomar chuckled as he watched and lightly stroked himself, his female sex aching to be filled. "Isn't it, my little pet?" He rumbled.

"Oh yeah." Quasma shuddered as she passed on Ryka's affirmative moans. "She wants to be such a mess and used like no whore ever before."

"We'll definitely indulge her," Lina grinned, moving to nibble at Ryka's wrists lightly, slender fingers ghosting up the sensitive flesh of her inner arm.

"If you stand up about there, she's pretty good with her fingers." Quasma grinned at the other female, then over at Tessi. "You going to play with her?"

"Ohhh." Rainbow threw his head back and cawed loudly as his seed joined Keil's inside Ryka's body. "Gods!" He gasped as she tightened suddenly and came hard around him, her voice muffled by Quasma's body and the Lynx's own moans.

"Mmm ... I'll just watch," Tessi chuckled.

"Just close your eyes and let her use her fingers," Tomar reassured her, guiding her over to Ryka's hands. "Imagine it's Jerik doing it to you, and let the little whore enjoy it."

"Okay," Tessi said shyly, moving up a bit and moaning as Ryka's thumb found her clit and her furry fingers squelched in her own seed, dripping from Tessi's slit.

Tim took a deep breath, the scent of arousal pushing him over the edge as he howled and sprayed his cum up onto Ryka's chin and chest, Lina keeping her other hand busy.

"Who would have ever thought he'd be into this." Tomar murmured as he watched his mate taken and used every possible way but one by their friends. It was impossible to doubt that Ryka was really getting off on being used this way. He slowly settled down in the blankets and pillows to watch the show that would last until everyone was spent or Ryka asked for it to.

Neither of which seemed likely to happen soon; not with the way Ryka begged and whimpered for more and made a shameless display of herself when someone wasn't pounding into her sex despite the copious amount of seed that spilled from her body. The more she was filled and soaked with seed, the more turned on she got.

It was strange to watch, knowing what Jerik was normally like.

It was early in the morning when things started to wind down; by then, Keil, Rainbow, and Tim had all fucked Ryka at least once in almost every way they could, semen dripping from her sex, coating her chest, neck, and breasts, and dribbling down her cheeks from when she couldn't swallow all of it. Lina, Tessi, and Quasma had made sure her hands, tail, and mouth weren't neglected, but by now even they were starting to tire out.

If it hadn't been for an endurance spell Tomar had noticed Quasma casting about half-way through the night, he had a feeling he'd be the only person still conscious already. As it was, he was pretty sure they were only good for one more round.

Tim moved around to Ryka's face, rumbling as he and Tessi started making out, Ryka swallowing his cock again and tiredly working her fingers in and out of the Tabby's body. Rainbow moved down as Keil pulled out of her sex, pressing up into Ryka's body again, Quasma nuzzling him lightly as the exhausted fem's tail twitched inside of her body.

Keil, however, decided to try something new for the last round. He slipped down to the floor beneath Ryka, and pressed his slender tip up against her anus, long-ago soaked with a mix of juices. He moaned in pure bliss as he pressed up into her virgin ass, feeling Rainbow's shaft rubbing against his through her body.

No one, not even Keil, missed the tension of pain in her body, but she didn't object.

The Mouse took it slow and careful, doing his best not to hurt her, all three males somewhat slower about their pleasure now, needing to stretch it out to humor their tired, nearly spent bodies, slipping in and out of Ryka as she trembled in growing pleasure despite the unfamiliarity and aching in her ass.

"Ohhh, she's close." Rainbow groaned, his thrusts speeding up a bit in anticipation of her body tightening around him and the fluttering of muscles that felt so good.

"Ooh ... you're telling me," Tim panted, his swollen knot forcing Ryka's jaw open as her rough tongue worked over his dripping, tapered shaft. "Go on ... nnngh ... one more time for us ...."

She whimpered around his cock, her abs rippling as the pleasure built to intolerable levels, then peaked even higher as her body felt fresh seed pumped into her and the sounds of pleasure from the males around her. When Tessi, Lina, and Quasma all rowled and squeaked with their own final orgasms, she practically melted at the smell and feel of their bodies spasming around her fingers and tail.

Tim, Rainbow, and Keil were all panting when they finally pulled out of Ryka's dripping body, each pairing off with their partners to snuggle tiredly in the corner, leaving Ryka to Tomar's long-ignored interest.

"Love you," Tomar murmured, leaning down to kiss her even as he drove his swollen, painfully rigid shaft into her thoroughly used sex. Even as exhausted as she was, he felt her rouse herself and respond to him. Her body tightened around his cock as best she could, milking it as she whimpered in pleasure and desire that was reserved only for him.

"Louv ou." She managed to slur with a groan and cry of pleasure as he began to lick her face and upper body clean of others even as he fucked her hard and fast, desperate for his long-denied release inside her body.

He howled, forcing his knot into her body and spraying her body with his seed, still thrusting hard and fast, his entire body trembling in pleasure.

Quasma moved silently and untied Ryka, then gave Tomar a lick on the cheek. "Why don't you take her to bed?" She purred with a warm smile.

"Thanks," Tomar rumbled, kissing Ryka again, turning to give Quasma a lick on the cheek. "You guys want to crash here, go ahead," he offered, picking Ryka up and carrying her to bed, still tied to his swollen shaft. Her arms draped over his shoulders and she was purring softly in contentment.

"Mmmm," Ryka murred throatily as she drifted towards consciousness and the very pleasant sensations of her well-used body being gently groomed. She hadn't been sore like this ever, but just thinking about it made her body tingle in the most pleasant ways.

"Morning," Tomar murmured, kissing her cheek gently as his brush worked her slightly damp fur over.

"Thank you." She smiled up at him and raised a hand to brush his cheek. "That was incredible."

"You're welcome," the Rohr smiled, kissing her. "Just don't expect it to happen again any time soon," he chuckled. "Lina and Keil are still sleeping, but I think Quasma was actually too hung over to use the recovery spell."

"Now that is drunk." She giggled and ran her hands down his chest and over his hips. "I don't expect it again." She told him seriously, then smiled. "I never expected it when I told that particular fantasy." She shivered a bit in the memory and blushed, dropping her eyes a bit. "I really liked you taking charge like that."

"Mmm ... that I might do again some time," Tomar winked, rumbling happily at his mate's touch. "Let's not share quite that much again too soon," he added, licking Ryka's lips.

"I don't want to." She rumbled into the kiss and slid her hands forward and in to lightly caress Tomar's balls. "But maybe we should share a few more of our fantasies that are about the two of us. I know I have a few I never said."

"Mmm ... once the Mice aren't lurking for blackmail material, and Quasma and Tim aren't about to come back for breakfast," Tomar chuckled, kissing her again. "You don't mind eating with 'em, right?"

"Not at all." She grinned and stretched out, making a blatant display of her body for him. "Any preference at to which form you spent the next couple days with while Quasma gets ready for the trip?"

"Mmm ... do I have to stick with one?" Tomar rumbled with a grin.

"No," she laughed brightly and pulled him in for another kiss. "How about through breakfast?"

"Mmm ... Talessi?" Tomar asked, nuzzling Ryka's neck as he heard Keil and Lina groan, starting to wake up. "They haven't met her yet, after all," he rumbled.

"Works for me." Ryka nodded and stood to weave the magic to alter his form into the female Rohr's. "I know you like her." She grinned and rubbed against his side affectionately.

"I like them all," Tomar smiled, rubbing back, turning his forebody to hug his mate. "Mmm ... let's get the Servants working on getting food up here for when those two come around," he chuckled.

"And do something so we aren't tied when they do." She winked at him and licked his cheek affectionately.

"Mmm ... well, seems to me that I only got one end of Ryka last night," Tomar winked back, kissing Talessi before they started playing for the morning.

A Heritage of Power 4: Jerik's Story 9.99: Graduation Party

NC-17 for Herm/Herm, Herm/F, M/F, M/M, F/F and a couple orgies
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is High
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is LowFemslash Smut Level is Very Low
Herm Level is MediumHerm Smut Level is Medium

71 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written May 11, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Herath, Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Avian, Badger, Canine, Feline, Kat, Raccoon, Reptile, Rohr (Herm Wolftaur), Xanith

Contents: Furry. Herm. Het (M/F). Rape Fantasy, Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM), Sex (Orgy)

Pairings: Jerik/Tomar, Ryka/Tomar, Talessi/Tomar, Remys/Kennara, Jerik/Quasma, Jerik/Tessi/Tim, Rainbow/male, Lina/Keil, Ryka/male/male/male, Ryka/Rainbow/Tim/Keil/Quasma/Lina/Tessi

Notes: The end of the finished series, despite the two unfinished ones the fallow.

Blurb: Jerik and Keil graduate to Mage and a drunken game of truth or dare turns into a massive orgy.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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