A Mouse Among Felsin 1:
Mephit Mistakes

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M and M/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

As the white Mouse woke, he realized he had a headache like he'd had way too much to drink the night before, except that he knew that he hadn't. The last thing he remembered was going to bed in his cabin, after Kaitran, the human who owned the ship had pointed out that he couldn't very well stay awake for the six weeks it would take to reach Earth. As he opened his eyes, he recognized the room as being a cell, bare metal except for the sleeping platform he was on. The room was light by a dim red light, and was noticeably warm, like early summer in Chicago. Then it hit him that he wasn't wearing anything, and in fact everything that wasn't him except the mask and earrings, had been removed.

"Figures," Vinnie muttered under his breath and rolled off the platform to take a closer assessment of this mess. The cell was little more than four bare metal walls, and a weak red light in the ceiling. The air was somewhat dry, and warm but very antiseptic, like a hospital.

He immediately went to work on finding the door, or anything that didn't fit seamlessly into the rest that might be a panel or way out.

The door was a large rectangular area of one wall, with a smaller rectangular slot toward the bottom which was about four inches tall, and maybe eighteen inches across. He also found a grill, above the sleeping platform, which from the airflow appeared to be covering a ventilation duct.

He left the seam of the door as useless, with no way to manipulate it from the inside and focused on encouraging the grill to come off. After considerable effort, he got what he thought was movement on the grate followed a powerful electrical charge that threw him across the small room to crash into the wall, just before things went black.

As Vinnie came to, he noticed the door open and a large figure, perhaps nine feet tall, broadly muscular with four powerful arms enter the room. There was nothing about the dark red being that gave Vinnie any idea if it might be male or female.

"Playing with the grate, mousie?" The being chuckled in a slightly musical, and distinctly androgynous voice. "They all try that." It said, as it crossed the room toward him.

"Yeah, well, you leave a way out, who wouldn't?" he quipped back, grateful that whatever had him was neither fish nor cat.

"Well, time for your tests." It said bluntly. "You can either walk or be carried." The being said, clearly indifferent to either choice.

The mouse snorted but rolled to his feet to walk out, his eyes on everything.

There was a lightning swift motion from the being as he placed a high tech collar around the mouse's neck. "To make sure you behave." He said, as he led the way out not actually watching the mouse. The hallway lighting was much like the cell, as was the atmosphere. As they walked Vinnie saw several different beings similar to the large one, but smaller, most under six feet and winged. The colors covered the spectrum with gray and brown being the most common. The faces were strange, like nothing Vinnie was familiar with.

"So you going to tell me what you want, or do I have to guess?" He asked, his eyes still darting over everything.

"I just want you to follow me." It said simply. "What the research staff wants exactly, isn't my concern. They did go to a fair amount of trouble to obtain you though."

"Of course," he muttered, caught between a snide remark and his natural response to a bragging opportunity.

"Though significantly less trouble than having to go all the way to your homeworld." It said as a door opened revealing a large laboratory, with a half dozen light blue winged creatures, apparently supervised by two dark blue ones. The lab was very high tech, with large numbers of computers, scanners and other electronic equipment. It also had a great deal of the lower tech; needles, blades, tubes, and the like. In the center were four blocks with strong metal cuffs on them, looking very much like a perfect arrangement for holding someone spread-eagle, if they had four limbs.

"Oh, I don't think so," Vinnie growled low in his throat and twisted to put his guard on his back with his tail on the way down the hall.

"I think so." The guard said casually, as a strong electrical jolt from the collar relieved Vinnie of conscious motor control, dropping him to the floor. Despite Vinnie's best efforts, his limbs wouldn't respond leaving him helpless as the guard picked him up and carried him into the lab.

The large red being then carefully secured the mouse's limbs in the shackles leaving him securely bound, spread-eagle. Vinnie heard a click, and felt cold metal around the base of his tail.

"Remove the collar." One of the blue beings directed. "It will interfere with the tests. Make sure to secure the neck and head."

"Yes, sir." The muscular guard responded obediently, removing the collar from Vinnie's neck, and then secured the mouse's neck against a metal board behind him.

"Excellent, now stay out of the way over there." The blue one directed dismissively, as it walked over and inserted a tube into Vinnie's arm using a wicked looking needle. Once the tube was secure, blood began to be drawn out through it.

Through it all, the mouse remained angrily, stoically silent. Watching with a level of hatred that had taken years of tests and abuse to tend to its current state.

"Blood samples taken." The light blue creature stated, as it removed the tube. "Stand by for neuro-electrical system scan." It said as all of the stepped back away from the bound mouse. Vinnie felt what seemed like pinpricks at the ends of his hands and feet, which built into increasingly painful electrical shocks that went through every nerve and muscle fiber in his body. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity they stopped leaving the mouse sweaty and breathing hard, as though he'd been running for days, along with a barrage of exercises he couldn't even begin to count. It was still nothing compared to what he'd survived and paid back already, and he worked to control his breathing as he glared at them.

There was a little chattering discussion between a couple of the light blue creatures, before the same one as before came over and attached a metal clip to the tip of both of Vinnie's antennae and then stepped back. There was a little chatter and then he could feel electricity through the metal clips.

He squeezed his eyes shut at the reflexive reaction to bring memories to the surface, then the intense mental arousal as the voltage increased slightly and the memory sharing range passed. He was vaguely aware of the surrounding as the voltage kept increasing at a slow, steady rate past anything natural and into the raw pain and random effects of having the charge grafted directly into his brain.

He felt his chest heaving more than the pain in his brain as the intensity kept increasing, and clenched his jaw against screams that were trying to come out with the random bolts of pleasure, pain, nausea, vertigo, and memories.

One brief scream escaped from Vinnie's clenched jaws just before the current cut off. There was another chattering discussion between the creatures as they looked between the readings and the bound mouse.

One of the creatures quickly placed a strangely warm closed tube device on the mouse's half-hard cock, which simulated all the sensations of the best blowjob Vinnie had ever felt. He whimpered at the sensation around his cock, bringing him to full hardness faster than he believed possible. He cried out, half denial, half in uncontrolled fear, as an object penetrated his body. Then the familiar cool calmness of shutting down washed over him. With a breath of relief the white Mouse's entire body relaxed as all trace of arousal drained from him.

There were a few chattering passages, and then the sensations vanished from Vinnie's insides leaving only the intense blowjob remaining. Not having a clue what they wanted, except for right now it felt very good, he couldn't fight the pleasure long and moaned softly, wanting to reach down to touch the head of the one pleasuring him, even knowing it wasn't a person. The frustration and being bound cooled the fire somewhat, but not nearly enough to pretend it wasn't there with nothing to distract him.

Despite the disconcerting nature of the pleasure, he could do little to deny it anymore and turned his focus to being reasonably quiet as his body slowly surrendered and thrust his hips up as much as possible as he came.

It had to be the longest orgasm that Vinnie could remember, as he came until he felt not just completely drained, but painfully sore as well. He then felt a sharp stab in one arm, and a burning sensation as something red dripped into his body through the IV the little creature had attached.

"When the serum is administered, return him to his cell." The little blue creature said before the group of them left.

"Yes, sir." The large red creature replied obediently watching as the door closed leaving it alone with the abused and irately exhausted mouse.

As the red stuff dripped into his veins, he tried to mount some resistance and found, like years before, his body had its own ideas as he sagged into a twisted form of sleep right there on the examination table.

Vinnie woke an indeterminate time later back in his cell. He still ached everywhere, including places he'd forgotten could ache. He felt way too warm, despite wearing nothing but the high tech collar, and there was a burning sensation in his left arm.

"Oh, good. You're awake." A quiet, high pitched male voice said gently. "You should drink something, being dehydrated only makes it feel worse." He added, putting a smooth ceramic cup where Vinnie could reach it.

Well trained out of any heroic refusals of such necessities, he complied and picked up the cup. He didn't even bother to sniff it before relaxing his throat and downing it.

It turned out to be water and nothing more, at least from the taste.

"Good." Small white creature said. "Still thirsty?" He asked quietly.

Vinnie nodded. "Hungry too." He told it, figuring he had nothing to loose asking for more basics.

"Good." He grinned, and walked over to the door and knocked, at which a tray was slid through the door. "Probably not what you're used to." He said quietly as he set the tray, along with another mug of water, down next to Vinnie. "But it's edible."

The mouse didn't even blink as he popped one of the colored cubes in his mouth and chewed the marshmallow like thing. After a bit of a taste telling him it wasn't great, he just turned that part of his attention off from long practice at eating things that were truly gag-worthy, alternating between the filling cubes and water with the speed from the prison camps he'd learned surviving in.

"You've done this before." He observed neutrally, wincing a little just before a wave of shooting pain surged through Vinnie's body.

The mouse drew a small, sharp breath and continued eating, only just showing the pain in his body as he nodded.

"Those will go on till the scanner clears dye out of your system." He explained quietly.

"How long will that take?" Vinnie asked between cubes.

"Depends on when they get back to testing you." He said quietly. "They were needed on the bridge, 'cause the ship was passing through a class 7 nebula. I guess testing is on hold till we're out of it."

"You know what they want?"

"Exactly, no. I'm just a white, nobody tells me anything." He shrugged. "But kind of looks like they're doing a genetic study. Something about your species got their attention, and now they're trying to figure out how whatever it is works. They do that all the time, so they can duplicate the abilities in the newly created."

"They going to kill me?" He asked bluntly.

"Probably not." He said easily. "They rarely kill specimens during study. Once they're done studying you, they'll probably sell you to some slaver once they've cleaned you up. You're attractive enough to fetch a good price."

"Of course," he drained the rest of the mug. "Turn a profit when they've got what they want. What do they have against white?"

"Every society has its hierarchy." He shrugged. "And for Mephits, whites are on the bottom. We're smaller than everybody else, and we don't have wings or four arms and we're not really that gifted in terms of psi or magic. So we're kind of the bottom of things. Maintenance mostly, 'cause we're good at spotting when things break and where and why."

"Weird," he shook his head. "You're a lot more friendly than the others too, or is it my good looks?"

"Well, your looks don't hurt, but only a white would notice." He smiled. "But they told me to look after you, and it doesn't hurt to be friendly."

"Better than most prisons," he admitted. "What's your name?"

"Trace." He said easily. "What's yours?"

"Vincent Van Wham," he said a little proudly. "Most call me Vinnie."

"Nice to meet you Vinnie." The little creature said with an ironic smile. "Just wish it had been elsewhere." He winced noticeably just before another surge of pain shot through the white Mouse's body.

"You can tell that's coming before I do." He looked curiously at it.

"Uh huh." Trace nodded. "Like I said we understand machines. Organic or Inorganic doesn't make much difference. I'm a flow engineer, doesn't matter much what's flowing; blood, fuel, electrons." He shrugged. "All feels much the same. I can see the breakdown coming just before it hits."

"And they put you in charge of looking after me?" He raised a curious eyebrow.

"Yep. Cause I'll be able to see any dangerous system breakdown in time to do something about it." He smiled. "And I'm expendable if you get violent. They wouldn't risk actual medical personnel."

"And don't care that what they're doing hurts you too." He added quietly. "Not even the fishfaces were that screwed up."

"Caring is an emotional response you don't find in the more advanced colors." He said quietly. "In fact you don't find much beyond the desire for power. The only ones who have any appreciation for beauty or the like are the greens, and that's only so they can properly judge the value of things. Well, excluding us whites. We do all sorts of things the more advanced colors don't."

"Sounds like you're the more advanced one," Vinnie shook his head. "Not feeling ... that's just sick."

"The golds decided a very long time ago, that feeling was a distraction that weakened us, so they bred it out of our race. At least in those who are properly created, as opposed to whites who are actually born and not created. Each color understands those feelings necessary to its function in society." Trace explained.

"That is one seriously screwed up society," he muttered. "Why are some born, and some created?"

"The important ones are created. The ones who are needed in larger numbers, but who aren't that important, namely us whites, are allowed to handle our own reproduction. That's why we still have two genders, whereas the more advanced colors have none." He explained casually, clearly not offended by Vinnie's statement.

"No gender?" He blinked. "Man, they loose out on two thirds of the fun in life. No wonder they don't give a damn."

"Fun has some very odd definitions in the other colors." Trace chuckled, before wincing in anticipation. "Though black, who make up what you'd call law enforcement, have some of the strangest."

"I don't think I want to know," he said through clenched teeth, thinking of what that kind liked on Mars.

"That makes two of us." Trace said quietly. "I make a point of being invisible when one of them is around."

"Literally?" He cocked his head curiously.

"Well, not literally. But I do know the ship well enough to be not seen when necessary."

"I know the type," he nodded understanding. "How long will they be trying to figure me out?"

"Don't know, it's different with each race. Shapeshifters are usually the most difficult." He said casually.

Vinnie froze, staring at the little creature for a sick, shocked moment. "They think I'm one of those ... those things?" He stuttered in outrage.

"You mean you're not a Garok?" He asked curiously. "Oh, that's not good."

"No I'm not a fucking blackeye," he snarled, on his feet and tail lashing. "I'm a Mouse, a Van Wham."

"If you're not careful." Trace said getting in position to catch Vinnie as a massive wave of vertigo hit. "You're going to have a black eye. Sounds like somebody made a mistake in the report on your homeworld."

"I'm a Mouse," he repeated, struggling to his feet. "A Van Wham. We're at war with those monsters. Have been for generations. Call'em blackeyes, cause most of them have solid black eyes, instead of normal ones like Mice."

"Well, the people in charge think you are one." He said, helping Vinnie up carefully. "That's not a good thing."

"No, it's not," he mumbled, putting what he knew together with what he had heard. "Though at least it'll serve them right when they go up against a real one." He chuckled darkly.

"Oh, they're not planning to up against them anytime soon." Trace shook his head. "That planet is in a different galaxy, not in the long-range objectives even, at least according to the last copy of the LRO that I wasn't supposed to see."

"Great," he shivered and sat down on the bed. "Cosmic justice."

"Cosmic justice?" Trace asked curiously.

"Yeah," Vinnie shrugged and lay down. "Of all the things I get killed over, being mistaken for a Garou is just too much."

"Oh, you're not going to get killed." Trace said simply. "But the testing is going to take longer, because they'll think you're just being stubborn."

"If they know anything about Garou, I'm going to be mouse hamburger long before they figure out I can't take that kind of damage."

"As sick as they are, they do know what they're doing." Trace shook his head. "They won't do any damage they can't fix. After all, if you get killed they can't sell you on the pleasure slave market for big bucks." The white creature said with a quirky smile. "'Fraid your out of my price range though." He chuckled.

"So just what do they think I'm being stubborn about?" He asked quietly, desperately not thinking about what the little one had said. "What do they want me to do, say, whatever?"

"They're expecting you to change into one of your other forms." He said quietly. "They're trying to study the mechanism for shapeshift."

"Can't oblige them on that," he muttered with a shiver. "Though how the hell they expect to get what they want when I don't know is beyond me."

"They figure the right stimuli will trigger it, unless you're deliberately resisting them." He said quietly. "I've seen them test shifters before."

"Great," he muttered softly. "Are meals like the last one going to be regular?"

"Food cubes? Yeah, those are pretty standard fare around here. All the nutritional requirements, and easily digestible. And bland as all hell." He shook his head. "But yeah, they believe in feeding subjects regularly. Hunger distorts readings, starvation even worse."

"Definitely been worse places then."

"The lack of feelings usually means that any cruelty is more neglect than deliberate." He shrugged. "Unlike some races, the blues don't actually enjoy causing pain and suffering, but then again they also don't regret the same."

"That is seriously weird, but better than the last two who played with me like this." He said simply. "More water?" He asked politely, looking at the white Mephit.

"Sure." He smiled, and poured more water into the mug from a metal pitcher that was sitting next to the bed. "Between the natural dryness of the ship's air, and the chemicals in your system it's not surprising that you're thirsty."

"Thanks," he said quietly, taking note of the pitcher. "So do you have any other duties while I'm here, or just playing nursemaid to the test subject?"

"Oh, I have other duties while you're in the lab. But when you're here in the cell, I'm here." He chuckled. "But you're more fun than watching the antimatter pumps."

"I would hope so," Vinnie chuckled with a weak grin. "Any reason they stripped me?"

"Make sure you weren't concealing any weapons, or gadgets or such. Standard security procedure for prisoners and test subjects." He said simply. "And it's not like anyone of consequence is going to notice what you are or aren't wearing." He shook his head. "However, I understand there's active trading in various pictures taken of you among the whites."

"Probably more than a few I don't want to know about," Vinnie grumbled.

"Quite likely. There's always a few who get off on that sort of thing." He shrugged. "I think every race has them. But looking at the boards, it seems like the more popular ones are outside the lab."

"Still nothing I probably want to know about," he shrugged. "Being a peeping tom's jerkoff isn't anything to aspire to where I'm from."

"Well, there are worse things." He said softly. "But you're right, no one really wants to be that. Well, actually some people do. But somehow you don't strike me as an aspiring sex-flick actor."

"I've got more class than that," he snorted, though it was with a bit of a smirk. "I want to be enjoying any sex I'm involved in."

"Yeah, sex-for-pay didn't seem to fit with the attitude." Trace chuckled.

Vinnie made a real face at that thought. "Neither does not getting anything out of being in somebody's jerkoff collection."

"I'll see what I can do about that." Trace smiled, though it was clear he was more than half-serious.

"Why would you?" Vinnie turned to look at the white creature. "I mean, it'd be nice, but what do you want?"

"'Cause it's something nobody'll expect." He grinned. "And I'm curious to see just what I can do with this, and maybe I can snag a marker or two in the process"

"Marker?" Vinnie asked softly.

"A favor somebody would owe me." Trace explained.

The mouse nodded, having a good idea what those favors would be for.

"You should try and get some rest." Trace said quietly. "You're going to need it."

"Sounds like it," Vinnie said quietly, and let his eyes close, though his scenes remained fully open for a long time.

The door opened and the giant red creature came back in. "Okay, Mouse, rise and shine. Time to go back to the lab." It ordered, and then turned its gaze on Trace. "And you get back to whatever you're supposed to be doing, enough goofing off." It growled, causing Trace to scamper out of the room, after looking at Vinnie apologetically.

"Mouse is right," he rumbled, rolling to his feet. "Not even fish were stupid enough to think I was one of those monsters."

"Whatever." The creature shrugged. "This way, and don't try to run." It said gesturing in the direction it wanted him to go.

Vinnie considered for a moment, then shrugged and complied.

The creature led him back to the same lab he'd been in before. "Okay, you know where you go." It said, pointing to the bindings. "Get over there."

"Numbskulls too stupid to know what they've got." He glared at the blue creatures. "Get your Intel right and you might get what you want."

"Just get over there." The red creature growled, giving him a shove in the direction of the bindings, while the blue creatures chattered among themselves. In the end the guard had to manhandle Vinnie into it, and got a couple solid whacks for its efforts.

The bindings were different than before, seemingly too large, but made secure by an energy field within them. Once the guard stepped away a combination of red and blue pulsing energy waves pulsed back and forth over the bound mouse. There were sensations of burning, freezing as well as a feeling of being stretched painfully thin, and then compressed to the point it was difficult to breath. And every so often, the sensation of a thousand small knives cutting and tearing would race through his body. In addition, there was a jolt of energy into his antennae at seemingly random intervals.

All the while, a persistent genderless voice repeated in his head. "Resistance is what causes you pain. Change your form, and the pain will end."

"I am not a fucking blackeye!" Vinnie snarled back, trying to move, relax, do anything ... even trying to will himself to be something else ... to prove himself right.

Vinnie's protest went unanswered, as the frequency of the pulses and the intensity of the pain continued to ramp up, reaching levels he had only experienced on a few occasions before. Through the haze of pain, Vinnie saw a small white figure tugging the sleeve of one of the blue creatures, only to get backhanded away by the guard. A moment later, Vinnie felt an entirely different pain in his arm, one that was far more mundane and familiar in feel. It seemed as if a sharp blade had sliced across his arm between the elbow and hand, cutting deep and leaving blood running down his arm. He had little time to consider it, as consciousness abandoned him shortly thereafter.

"Don't move your arm too quickly." Trace's calm voice advised. "The repair needs time to heal properly."

"Fuckers need better Intel." He mumbled hazily, making no attempt to move.

"I know." Trace said quietly. "But most Intel on other galaxies is less than one hundred percent accurate." He added, brushing a cool cloth along the Mouse's aching arm, causing the pain to recede.

"Thanks for trying." He said softly, still not opening his eyes, sure he was back in the cell.

"I had to." He said quietly. "When's the last time you looked in a mirror?" He asked gently.

"While ago," he said softly. "Had a date couple days before I got drop-kicked into the galaxy."

"Umm...what color were your eyes the last time you looked?"

He had to think about it for a while. "Red."

"Open them, please?" Trace asked softly.

"Why?" He asked, even as he complied and gradually focused on the badly bruised white Mephit.

"They're not red anymore." He said quietly, as he looked into the Mouse's eyes.

"What did those fuckers do to me?"

"I think it was done before you got here." He said quietly. "They weren't red when you came on board. Didn't really think about it, till you started talking about black-eyes earlier."

"Oh, no," Vinnie sat bolt upright, shaking his head sharply in denial. "No, I am not a blackeye."

"I'm afraid that at least cosmetically you are." He said shining up the base of the tray so it was reflective. "Take a look."

Sick to his stomach, the white mouse took in his familiar half metal face, with solid black on black eyes staring back at him. With a shudder and inarticulate denial of pure horror he slammed the tray away, squeezing his eyes closed and curled into a tight ball with his tail wrapped around him, trembling and shaking his head wordless in denial.

"Vinnie, it's just a cosmetic change." He said reassuringly. "Doesn't change who you are."

"Mice don't have black eyes," he whimpered through his nausea. "We just don't. Only Garou do."

"Vinnie, some Garou probably did this to you, knowing how much it would upset you." He suggested quietly. "Probably thought you wouldn't be able to handle it."

"Death's no kill orders," he whimpered softly, his face in his hands. "I'm a mouse, damnit."

"Huh? Death's no kill orders? I don't follow you, Vinnie." Trace said confused, and refraining with difficulty from putting a reassuring arm around the mouse, since most races didn't like contact with Mephits.

"Death Angel," he elaborated with difficulty. "She's got first and last rights on my life, at least among Garou." He swallowed. "She gave orders that I wasn't to be killed for what I did, or am."

"Oh, that's interesting." Trace said quietly. "Maybe not everybody accepted the order, or maybe its something else. There's enough trickster spirits out there who'd think it really funny to pull something like this. But I can't be sure, except that I can tell its a permanent change so it's not a dye or colored contacts."

"I'll just have to get them replaced when I get back." He shivered, sick beyond even thinking.

"That makes sense." Trace agreed. "Kind of explains why the scientists think you're a shifter though."

"I'm a Mouse." Vinnie repeated, not really following the conversation. "This is just a sick joke."

"Yes, it probably is." Trace agreed, patting the mouse's shoulder reassuringly, and not getting a reaction either way as Vinnie desperately tried to burry the memory of his face in that try somewhere it would never come back.

"Pair of shades," he murmured. "Don't look too bad."

"You probably look good no matter what you're wearing." Trace said, trying to boost the Mouse's ego.

"Except there's nothing to wear." He muttered, far too deep in shock's denial to pick up on the attempt.

Trace reached under the platform, until he felt a small cloth package in his hand. "Here try these, they should fit." He said handing the package to Vinnie.

It too the mouse a moment a register what was happening, and even when he did, he hesitated, only opening his eyes enough to see, and carefully avoided looking at Trace to the other could see his eyes as he took the package.

"Thank you," he said very softly, darting his eyes up for a second before opening the package and pulling the shorts on with evident relief, even if it was overshadowed by the greater distress of his eyes.

"Vinnie, I know it seems bad to you." Trace said gently. "But no one here even looks twice at black on black eyes. You don't have to hide them, certainly not from me."

"I ... I'll try." He eventually agreed with difficulty.

"It's all anyone can do." Trace said quietly, and ran the cooling cloth down Vinnie's arm, as the pain started to flare. "It'll be awhile before they can start testing again."

"They were trying to make me heal myself." He sighed with another shiver. "Those beasts can regenerate limbs in hours."

"No, they were trying to force a shift." He said quietly. "They just didn't notice an old injury site, and it reopened." he said quietly. "An accident, one that somebody is getting a lot of heat for cause it screwed up the schedule."

"Good," he managed to growl. "They'll probably find a few more."

"I don't mind in that it means you'll be around longer." Trace said quietly. "And more space between tests, should make it a little easier on you."

"At least the food is good," he tried to smile, though it didn't exactly make it.

"And they don't make you fight anyone for it." He said, making a weak joke.

"No, they don't," Vinnie actually smiled just a bit. "Fight, or worse."

"I think 'or worse' is probably something that doesn't interest them." He said. "If I'm guessing what's involved at all correctly."

"No, not directly," he agreed quietly. "Sex, torture, or just humiliation. Whatever got them off." He shrugged. "Some were worse than others." Vinnie lay back with his eyes closed. "Never thought a lab could be this decent to its victims."

"One of the few advantages to the scientists being mostly emotionless." He said quietly. "Not that it makes the actual testing any more pleasant."

"Kinda does," he said very softly. "No extras for amusement, and I'm not that expendable."

"Well, that's true. They don't have another Martian, so they can't afford to kill you. Besides, killing subjects is wasteful." He said quietly. "Of course, they say the same thing about the various replacement parts for the engine. I don't know that they see a difference. Must be nice, to not be expendable."

"Not really," he shrugged. "Tends to screw things up more than help."

"It's something we whites often wish for. To be noticed as something other than 'that white over there', or something like that." He said quietly. "The others aren't even aware of our names."

"It's what you don't have," Vinnie shrugged. "That's usually what you want most."

"Yes, I suppose that's true." He smiled softly. "You probably stand out a great deal, so you wish to be less visible."

"At least when I'm not trying," he chuckled softly. "It kind of comes with the territory."

"Burden of being too good looking, I guess." Trace smirked.

"When you've got it, you've got it." Vinnie smirked himself. "Not even Karbunckle could ruin my appeal."

"The mask does give you a certain roguish quality."

"That took some work, but I'm not about to let those bastards win." He growled softly, the end of his tail lashing a bit. "Not for anything."

"Good for you." Trace said approvingly, earning a sharp and rather confused look from Vinnie, but the mouse just shrugged and settled back to rest again, easily ignoring the mild throbbing from his injured arm.

"Vinnie, I found out that they're done testing." Trace said quietly. "They're convinced you're not one of the others."

"Took them long enough," he grumbled, then looked at the white creature, his black eyes still mostly closed so they weren't that visible. "So what kind of place am I looking at now?"

"Next place will be the slave auction on Garolus II, unless they get a high price offer from someone before we get there." He said quietly. "Vinnie, I might be able to get someone to get you out of slavery. But I'll need to be able to locate you, a tracer would be the easiest way to that."

"And into what?" He asked quietly, focusing on the other white male.

"The Alliance." He said quietly. "They treat people, like people. No slavery, no unwilling research subjects. And advanced medicine, they can probably restore your proper eye color. Maybe even fix the damage to your face."

Vinnie nodded. "All right. Will you be there?"

"I hope so, Vinnie." Trace said quietly. "But I don't know. Mephits aren't very welcome in the Alliance, with good reason. The more advanced colors have created a very bad impression of us."

"Noticeably," he snorted. "Whites aren't the same species, even less than Mice are monsters."

"Very few people outside of the Mephit Imperial Domain have seen a White." He said quietly. "And aside from color, we don't look much different."

"Has the Alliance seen a mouse before, Martian or other?" He asked quietly.

"Mice, I think so." He said quietly. "The Alliance contains a lot of races. Felines, Canines and Dracons make up the largest groups, followed by Avians, Ursines and Mustelids."

That made Vinnie shudder slightly, but he nodded. "I've dealt with predators before, I can do it again."

"You can probably do anything you put your mind to." Trace said confidently. "There are probably other races too, I just don't know them all."

"Yeah, I can." Vinnie smirked.

"But as I was saying, I need to put a tracer on you. So I can find you later. Easiest way would be to just add another earring to your collection, since no one pays much attention to earrings." He explained.

The mouse nodded. "Best put an old one in the new hole, incase someone does notice."

"Good idea." Trace nodded. "I manufactured the tracer to look like your old ones. Just to lessen the chance of being noticed."

"What's going to be coming for me?" Vinnie asked quietly. "And when."

"Assuming we don't get an offer worth taking before we reach the auction, a guard and a green will take you down to the auction area on Galos II." He said quietly. "All sorts of races bid on slaves there, though the only members of Alliance races you see bidding are exiles. We reach Galos in about a week."

"To get me out," he elaborated.

"If I succeed, it'll be a group of feline commandos." He said quietly. "I just don't know if I'll be able to convince them, or if they'll even look past what I am. How long, I can't really say." He said quietly. "I have to find them first."

"I'm not going to wait years or anything," Vinnie warned him. "I'm not some damsel in distress."

"If you can get yourself free, do it." Trace said easily. "I'm just going to try and help."

Vinnie nodded at that. "What's a good world to head for if I get myself loose?"

"Nearest Alliance world." Trace said easily. "Or outpost if you can find it. Without knowing where you'll end up, its tough to point to a specific world."

A slight smile crossed the mouse's features at that. "I'll keep it in mind. And you. Who should I pass a good word onto, if I get there, before they get to me?"

"The people I'm looking for will figure out where you are." He said easily. "There's no really good way to get information to me. Though you could try to make contact with the NightBlades on your own." He said very softly. "That way they'll know when I contact them."

"NightBlades, right." He nodded. "I'll remember.

"Good, between the two of us we should be able to keep the slavery to a minimum." He said quietly. "I should put the new earring in now, before anyone thinks to look you over closely, for advertising purposes."

Vinnie nodded. "Go ahead."

"Okay." Trace said as he reached over to the mouse's ear just above the top earring. There was a brief sting, and then motion as Trace swapped the old earring into the top slot and put the new earring in the middle slot. "Done."

"Does it show it's new?" He cocked his head to give Trace a good look at the set of three studs.

"Looks like the other two." He said quietly. "They'd have to analyze it to realize its different."

"And the hole? Last one took a couple months to look like the first."

"The healing field, completed that process in a matter of minutes." He smiled. "Basic regeneration therapy on a very minor injury."

"Good," he nodded, gently feeling the set of three with fingers, then tail. "Good match," he said softly.

"Making things fit, I can do." He smiled. "Do it with parts all the time."

"I bet you're pretty good at that too," he chuckled softly. "I don't suppose you know what happened to my bike?"

"As far as I know its in the cargo hold." He said easily. "They had to pack it in stasis, because it was so much trouble."

"Yeah, she would be," Vinnie chuckled softly. "How can I get her back?"

"That'll kind of be up to your new owner." Trace said matter-of-factly. "All your stuff belongs to whoever they sell you to."

"And if they don't want her?" He asked quietly.

"They'll probably sell her to someone afterwards then." He said after thinking a moment.

"Better not happen," he muttered softly. "Girl is mine."

"Maybe I better slip a tracer on her then, just in case." Trace said quietly.

"Would you?" He looked over gratefully. "Something I can trace."

"I'll see what I can work up as a way for you to trace the signal. It'll have to be something, they won't be interested in taking. Slaves in the unaligned territories have no more rights than their owner give them." He said quietly. "But I've got a little time to work on it."

"A dangle on an older earring," he suggested. "Or in two or three pieces I can put together. Something with the mask would also work. It's not coming off after all."

"Well, I've got at least a week." He said. "But I'd better get to work. I'll leave food and water before I go, and either me or one of my friends will check on you periodically to make sure you're being taken care of."

"Trace," he paused the Mephit before the door opened. "Thanks."

"You're welcome, Vinnie." Trace smiled softly before he left.

"What's your name?" Vinnie asked a fairly attractive female white who was trying not to stare too much as she checked on him.

"Wira." She smiled, a touch shyly.

"Would you be game for helping me set up a little thank you for Trace?" Vinnie asked with a sly grin and wink for her.

"What did you have in mind, Vinnie?" She asked with a curious smile.

"Giving him a show to remember," he smiled with all the charm he could muster. "You're quite an attractive female."

Wira blushed bashfully. "Thank you, Vinnie. You're very attractive yourself. And you're right, he would enjoy it."

"So will you?" He all but purred. "We can all get something we want out of it."

"I'd hardly be encouraging you, if I wasn't interested." She murred softly, and reached out a shapely, long fingered hand to brush his furred cheek.

"Good," Vinnie smiled, leaning into the contact with a quickening pulse. "Do you know if he can come by soon?"

"Of course, you just had to ask." She smiled, and brushed his cheek again before walking over to a wall panel and punching as series of keys. "He'll be along shortly." She smiled and walked back. "Fortunately, my ancestors weren't that far from Mice."

That earned her a very bewildered look from him.

"It was a long time ago." She smiled softly. "But on many worlds they called them 'Flying Mice', not strictly true, but close relatives."

"Flying mice?" He repeated, stunned and very confused.

"I believe some worlds call them bats."

"Oh," Vinnie blinked, then chuckled. "Never thought of them as relatives, honestly."

"Closer related on some worlds, than on others I suppose." She smiled. "But related from a biological standpoint."

"You're not talking kits are possible, are you?" He went suddenly guarded.

"No, not that close." She smiled. "And certainly not between you and me. Even if you were another White, it'd be three months before that would be a worry."

"Good," Vinnie let all the tension melt and slipped his tail up to caress her cheek gently. "Then why don't you come a little closer, Wira?"

"Gladly." She rumbled, stepped in close wrapping her arms around him, and slipping her hands under his body to explore the short dense fur on his back.

"Mmm, so you do have fur," Vinnie rumbled as he unzipped her coveralls with explorative hands and a curious tail. "Very soft fur."

"Whites only." She smiled "The other colors don't, but we have to work in the cooler parts of the ship." She murred and explored his back and chest. "You have very nice fur. Longer, but still nice and dense, not like some of the fluffy sorts I've seen."

"I can imagine," Vinnie smiled and nuzzled her as her shirt was worked up.

"So anywhere I should avoid touching?" She asked curiously, as she reached one hand up to caress his ear.

"Mmm, no." he smiled and shifted to lick a nipple as it was exposed. "Antenna are very sensitive."

"Sensitive pleasure, pain or does it depend on how they're touched." She asked, shivering a little at his touch.

"Mostly pleasure," he smiled and went to work on her nipple, intent of giving it full attention and making her moan long and hard before he finished. "It feels very good to have them caressed, lick, suckled," he breathed, getting aroused just at the thought of it.

"Like this?" She said, breathing hard as she reached up to run a teasing finger along one of the thick red antennae.

"Oh, yeah," he moaned and arched against her unconsciously, his arousal obvious against her body and in her nose.

She rumbled happily, and pressed against him as she traced the other antenna playfully while Vinnie made short work of removing her work pants and lavishing attention on her body with his mouth, hands and tail.

The door opened, and Trace walked in stopping just inside the door, as it shut behind him.

"Hi Trace," Vinnie rumbled, distracting himself from the female body so deliciously near. "Good timing."

"It is?" Trace asked curiously.

"Mmm, yes." he licked Wira's nipple teasingly. "I wanted to thank you a little, with a show and little attention."

Trace smiled, and watched as Wira reached up and brushed her hand up across both antennae, making the white mouse shiver in pleasure. "You're certainly welcome." He smiled broadly.

"Feel free to fool around with yourself, or Wira, if she likes." He deferred to the female's choice while his hands moved down her hips to cup her sex gently.

Trace just watched, while Wira leaned into the contact and slipped her hand down to fondle Vinnie's hard sheath and the soft skinned flesh that emerged from it.

"Oh, yeah," the mouse moaned softly and used his fingers to spread the sensitive lips between her legs. "Ready?"

"Oh, yeah." Wira murmured, shuddering slightly at his touch. "Take me, you hot Mouse."

"My pleasure," Vinnie rumbled and rolled them over before he settled between her legs and slipped inside her willing body. "Come here, Trace." His voice was a little strained as he set up a relaxed thrusting meant to extend their pleasure.

Trace padded over quickly next to Vinnie. "Yes, Vinnie?" He said quietly, still entranced by what he was watching until a strong, sure touch cupped his groin.

"I know you want me," the white mouse murmured softly, looking directly at him.

Trace jumped a little in surprise, before nodding. "Yeah, I do." He admitted softly.

"Then get those shorts off, and I'll give you something." He promised with a sultry tone and turned his attention to nuzzle and suckle Wira's breasts for a while as his tail danced over Trace's fur.

More than a bit surprised, Trace quickly got his shorts off with the distraction of that caressing tail. Wira smiled and moaned slightly between watching Vinnie and feeling him as she gently caressed his sensitive antennae while he attended to her nipples with moans of his own.

"You can touch me." Vinnie moaned softly to Trace when his tail found the white's half formed erection and wound around it to stroke and squeeze gently.

Trace nodded, and reached a tentative hand out to run down the Mouse's muscular back. He gained a little confidence and repeated the caress, while shuddering from the Mouse's attentions to his cock. "Your fur is like ours." He commented softly, feeling the short dense fur of the Mouse's back.

"Yeah," Vinnie grinned as he worked on coordinating his hips, tail, mouth and hands with the intense pleasure rushing up from his groin and down from his antennae. "I noticed. Soft," he murmured as he switched nipples.

"You really like these being touched, don't you?" Trace asked quietly, as he reached a hand up to stroke one Vinnie's antennae, while Wira caressed the other, causing the white mouse to arch his entire body and howl in pleasure close to his edge.

"Oh yeah." He shuddered and moaned. "This kind at least."

"Don't you worry, Vinnie." Wira almost purred. "We're only going to make you feel good." She said as she claimed a fierce kiss.

"Yeah, definitely." Trace smiled softly with one hand still caressing the antenna, while the other ran down Vinnie's back, to end up caressing his ass as it thrust back and forth into the female.

"Already are," he breathed heavily, trying to keep his tail in sink with the rest of his body as the first warning tingles raced through his body.

"Well we don't plan to stop." Wira moaned, as the white Mouse's cock moved in and out of her.

Trace nodded and shuddered at the tail still stroking his cock, while he shifted both hands up to caress both antennae. On a whim, he bent over and ran his tongue around the head of the sensitive appendage.

The roar Vinnie let go was testament to the pleasure that caused. It was only a few thrusts later he let out a long groan and humped into Wira hard to deliver his first load deep in her body. The roar set off the already highly turned on Trace, and he made high-pitched noises as his seed splashed against the bed, and the white Mouse's side as Vinnie grunted with each smaller thrust until his hips stilled for a moment and he panted for breath.

"Damn, that was fast." Vinnie chuckled softly.

"You're a major turn-on, prettyboy." Wira smiled softly. "Especially to someone who didn't think he'd be allowed to touch you." She grinned over his shoulder at Trace, who was resting against white Mouse's back, catching his breath.

"I noticed," Vinnie smiled over his shoulder. "Think he's got any more in him?"

"He's usually good for more than one a night." She chuckled, before pulling the Mouse's muzzle back so she could claim a passionate kiss that was eagerly returned with renewed thrusts, though Vinnie tried to be respectful of the male braced against his side.

Trace was feeling a bit bolder, and decided to see how much touching he was allowed, as he nuzzled the back of Vinnie's neck playfully while caressing the Mouse's moving ass.

Despite the oddness of the touch, it touched something deep inside Vinnie to draw a moan out while he focused on pleasuring the female he was inside.

Wira moaned in pleasure and tightened her muscles to squeeze Vinnie, while Trace's hand moved to slip gently under the Mouse's tail.

"No," he said quietly but firmly. "I'm really not into that, or guys." He added with a look to the white Mephit and worked his tail to fondle Trace's balls as it started to work him again.

Trace nodded, and backed off. He was a little confused, but he kept it buried. He returned to just gently touching the Mouse's back and occasionally stroking the sensitive antennae as his cock was stroked and Vinnie moaned as the joint attention.

Trace moaned slightly at the attention, but his attention was wandering, as if he was somewhere else mentally.

"Oh, yeah, give it to me girl." Vinnie groaned and kissed Wira fiercely at the first subtle signals of her pending orgasm around his shaft and under his body. Wira claimed the kiss eagerly as her body tensed, but part of her attention was drawn by Trace's sudden distraction. With a deep moan and a series of high-pitched noises she arched her back, her sex quivered around the Mouse's hard shaft and drawing another series of hard, fast thrusts and grunting groan as the sensations drove him over the edge again.

"Damn you're good, Vinnie." Wira murmured, resting her head against his neck.

"I'm much better when I haven't been wanting for weeks," he smirked, though it was mostly dampened by his body coming down. Then he turned his attention to seeing to Trace's pleasure.

Trace was staring fairly intently at one wall, his big ears twitching excitedly.

"What gives?" Vinnie asked, his brain really not feeling like guessing games.

"Something's disrupting the stabilizer flow along this wall." Trace said absently. "Kind of like when you build from sand on the beach, and the tide comes in."

"What does that mean?" He stared at the small Mephit, not liking the sound of that one bit.

"I think something big happened in space nearby, and the waves are starting to reach us." He said quietly. "But these are just the little waves." He said, just before the room pitched violently, seeming to go ninety degrees before the artificial gravity caught up. The lights went dim and red, as a klaxon began to sound. "Emergency stations, I'm needed elsewhere." Trace said as he scrambled for the door. "Stay with him." He said over his shoulder to Wira before leaving.

"He's going to remember his pants at some point," the mouse shook his head, not sure to be more amused or agitated. "Are you needed somewhere?"

"He'll likely grab a worksuit from one of the wall lockers." She smiled. "No, I'm not on emergency call right now. And since I'm not, staying here and out of the way is the best way to help." She said as things slowly lurched, so that they were sliding toward a different wall. "Inertial compensators are down, and artificial gravity is about half brain-dead. If we're lucky we won't end up in zero-G. Speaking of which, do you have any zero-G experience?" She asked curiously.

"Can't say I have," he shook his head slightly and moved to find his shorts, tossing her some clothes with his tail as he ran across them.

"Then you maybe in for a new experience." She said, getting dressed quickly, while the ship began rolling the other direction like a ship on the ocean.

"I think it'll be preferable to this," he muttered, a bit gray under his white fur.

"Motion-sickness?" She asked, a little concerned as the ship pitched as if going up and over a large wave.

"I guess," he muttered, though he didn't pale any more he didn't improve either. "Never had a ship do this that wasn't about to break up on us."

"She's still rolling fairly easily, so I don't think break up is an immediate concern." She said quietly. "This is a warship after all, and that didn't feel like combat damage."

"Neither did the one I remember," he shrugged. "But we blew that one's engine to bits."

"That will tend to cause the ship to break up." She commented as a pitch to one-side left them floating across the room. "So much for the artificial gravity. Suggestion, make for the bed and hold on. Like this." She said, moving in a kind of slow motion swimming fashion.

"Right," Vinnie nodded a bit and followed suit with less grace but more determination.

Wira made it to the bed with a fair bit of ease, and grabbed on a strap that was extended from the wall. Holding on to the rope, she extended one hand to Vinnie to pull him in, once he got close enough. It was assistance the mouse wasn't about to refuse.

"What the hell is going on?"

"I'm trying to find out." She said quietly. "But it seems like there was a large explosion, planetary scale they think, and the energy waves from the explosion are playing havoc with our systems."

"Oh, great," Vinnie muttered quietly and hung on. "I guess that's better than someone trying to kill us."

"Well, marginally." Wira said quietly. "If it was someone attacking us, you could always hope they treat prisoners better."

"Somebody would actually try to take a ship this size?"

"We're not huge as starships go, and we're traveling unescorted." She said quietly. "A group of enemy destroyers might try it."

"Can't be much worse than I've already faced," he admitted eventually.

"I can't think of anyone in this galaxy who'd be likely to treat you worse." She admitted softly, as the lights flickered.

"I've survived four of them," he muttered under his breath. "This is pretty good as far as captivities go."

"Really?" She said surprised.

"Regular food, a clean bed, decent temperature, no mutilations, no rape to the point of death, no guards that spend more time hurting then guarding, no regular reminders I'm food the first night a hunt doesn't go well ... yeah, it's not all that bad."

"Well, most of that would interfere with the scientists tests." She smiled wryly. "And there isn't much danger of rape from an asexual guard. One of the shadows maybe, but the guards aren't a danger unless you try to escape."

"Not many prisons care about tests. Well, not like that anyway. Medical ones maybe, but that's more along the lines of how much pain someone can take before they pass out during an operation."

"Oh, they test that." She said quietly. "But it's in with a bunch of other things. But these are scientists, and all they care about is that their experiments run properly. To allow sadism or viciousness to interfere with proper results would be unthinkable."

"You may have the only society where that's true." Vinnie grumbled softly. "Most places prisons are just to hold the condemned until death catches up with them in some manner. Guards and everyone is encouraged to speed that process up."

"Oh, we don't actually have prisons." She said quietly.

"You just kill those that don't get along?" He guessed.

"Those in charge do, yeah." She said quietly. "If they can't sell them as slaves to someone and bring in some money."

"Some didn't do slavery, the rest found it too much trouble with some of us. But Plutarkians were never very smart when it came to resources."

"So they just kept all the troublemakers in one place?" She asked curiously.

"Basically. The ones they can catch at least." He nodded, tensing a few muscles to counter the movement it caused.

"Sounds like a waste of resources, and personnel." She said quietly. "Here, lets get the straps properly secured." She said as she began securing them so they wouldn't bounce around as much.

"It is, but they are the brightest bulbs in the system," he let her work before shrugging. "Besides, it lets folks escape, or I would have been a roast a long time ago."

"Well, yes it does let folks escape." She smiled, and kissed him on the cheek. "And you're too much of a hunk to be roasted."

"While I happen to agree with you, not everybody thinks so," he smirked.

"Well, not everyone has good taste." She smirked back, as the ship began executing a slow roll to the left.

"This is way weird," Vinnie commented as the ship moved without them.

"What is, the ship's current behavior?" She asked curiously.

"And not moving when it does," he nodded, watching the room shift rather erratically.

"Zero-G is kind of weird." She nodded. "Hopefully they'll get things figured out soon."

"And hopefully with enough warning not to crack anything on landing," he smirked and shifted over to meet her. "Might have a little fun while we're just handing around."

"I like the way you think, prettyboy." She rumbled, leaning forward to claim a passionate kiss in the weightlessness of 0G.

"Looks like things are back to normal." Wira said quietly, a week of low or no gravity, little heat, and frequent darkness later. "Gravity's coming back up to normal, which means we should get lights and heat shortly. Hopefully more normal food too." She chuckled, quite tired of the combat rations that had been all that had been available due to power restrictions and lack of gravity to cook in.

"About time," Vinnie grumbled in agreement, though there was no mistaking his relief at the improvement. "That sucked big time."

"Well, staying this close to you has been fun." She rumbled, nuzzling the white Mouse playfully.

"Okay, I'll give it that," he cracked a smirk and leaned over to kiss her playfully. "And the sex is very interesting in zero G's."

"As long as you're tied down so your rocket doesn't shoot you all over the room." She snickered playfully.

"And you're holding on so it doesn't do it to you," he shot back and pounced on her playfully. "But I like it with gravity more."

"Oh, so do I, prettyboy." She murred, and claimed a hot, passionate kiss as she spread her legs invitingly and moaned softly into his mouth as she was taken up on it and thrust into hard.

She thrust her hips up at him, pushing him deeper as she aggressively claimed another kiss. As he buried himself deep in her quivering flesh, the door opened and two red guards entered. "Vinnie, you are required in the lab now." It said impassively, apparently not even noticing the show in front of it.

It was a show that neither Mouse nor white Mephit was interested in interrupting, though Vinnie had enough presence to work his tail between them to hurry things and willingly let himself hit the edge much quicker than he normally would.

"You are required now." The red guard said forcefully. As it advanced while Wira shot it a look that could remove bulkheads and Vinnie threw back his head with a half-roar.

"Sorry pretty-girl." Vinnie murmured threw his gasps. "Come around when they don't want me elsewhere and I'll make it up."

"Better believe I will, hot stuff." She murmured, as the guard led a still hard Vinnie out of the room without further waiting.

"I'm looking forward to it," the Mouse shot back with a promising wink.

"Well, that took long enough." The dark blue Mephit said with a trace of impatience as the white Mouse was led in. "Secure him to that frame." It directed the red guard, who pushed Vinnie over to the strong metal frame, and then secured his wrists, ankles and tail. "You are far too stubborn." It said, as a lighter blue Mephit placed an IV in Vinnie's right arm, and let a bright red substance beginning dripping.

As the drug entered Vinnie's system he could feel a burning sensation begin to spread from his arm to the rest of his body. "This will make you more cooperative, and if it doesn't then perhaps survival will." It said as the drug continued to flow and the Mouse felt what he realized Modo must when called a rat.

In all his experiences, even on Karbunckle's table, nothing had driven his temperament so far against its norm into the blind blood-green rage he'd heard described but never really believed existed.

"Still no sign of metamorphosis." A light blue said quietly.

"Lower the platform, we'll try adding survival as an inducement." It nodded, and watched as the platform descended into a sealed arena below. As Vinnie's restraints released themselves, and the platform withdrew he heard a half-bellow/half roar from the far side of the room. On the other side was a ten foot tall heavily muscled lizard biped with sharp claws, and two, short glowing horns on its head. Its eyes were blood red, and it began advancing slowly across the battlefield toward the white Mouse.

The only two things that registered with the Mouse was that he was free and he had a target. The rest was a blur of movement, rage and the utterly insane desire to simply beat the thing into a bloody pool of pulp with his bare fists as he rushed the monster with complete disregard for his own safety or anything else but getting his hands on it.

The creature was equally enraged charged at Vinnie with slashing claws, snapping jaws and a surprisingly agile tail. The Arena became heavily splashed with blue and green blood as the two combatants tried their best to kill the other without regard for their own safety. Despite the drug's enhancing properties, it was clear that the lizard was an opponent meant to be handled by a full-sized Garou, not just a souped-up Mouse. Eventually the blood loss, shock and concussive damage reached a point where the drug just couldn't keep Vinnie conscious. As the mouse collapsed to the floor, a bright blue light flashed from one wall, immobilizing the lizard as four whites with a stretch removed the bloody and broken Mouse from the arena.

"Vinnie?" Trace's voice said quietly, as consciousness began to filter into the white mouse's brain.

"Uhhhhgggg," he moaned painfully. "What the hell happened?"

"What's the last thing you remember?"

"Big ass lizard and trying to kill it with bare hands." His grumble turned into another low moan. "Man, I didn't know I could be that stupid."

"They gave you Bloodfire." Trace said quietly, as he held a mug of water to the Mouse's lips. "A dose for somebody three times your bodyweight."

"I really hope they don't try that again," he muttered and cautiously sipped the liquid. "Did I manage to not break everything?"

"I think there were a few bones you and the lizard missed." Trace said softly. "Fortunately, broken bones are easy to fix. It was the loss of blood, internal bleeding and damage to vital organs that took longer to fix."

"Ug, I bet." Vinnie groaned a bit. "I get to eat solids yet?"

"That's if you can keep liquid nourishment down for the next twenty-four hours." Trace said simply. "Your system is reacting pretty badly to the Bloodfire. The hangover should clear up in the next six to twelve hours."

"I'll try," he promised. "They believe I'm not a shifter yet?"

"I know there was some very heated debate going on, but they shooed me away before I heard anything." He said as he poured liquid from a can into a mug, and lifted it to Vinnie's lips. "It's not the greatest taste in the galaxy, but it'll help put you back together." The white bat said apologetically.

"I'so'kay," Vinnie murmured before swallowing what he could of the powdery vanilla flavored stuff.

"We should find out in a day or two what they've decided about you." Trace said, as he helped keep the mug steady. "If they've decided you're not a shifter, we'll change course to the nearest independent system with a decent sized slave market."

"And them I go into that arena, and a real chance to escape." He nodded a bit and drank more.

"Certainly easier to escape on a planet, than on a starship." Trace nodded.

"At least they'll need me to be in good shape to get the best price," Vinnie murmured before finishing off the shake. "Pleasure slave all green and black will never bring in the top dollar I'm worth."

"That should fade in three or four days, week at most." Trace said simply. "A daily soak in a whirlpool tub would do wonders." He added thoughtfully, as he considered how to put one in.

"Right, the heal-fast stuff you have," he murmured. "I'm used to thinking of months for a beating like this. Whirlpool sounds awesome." He added with a painful sigh and relaxed back.

"I'll see what I can do. And if it was going to take months to get you ready for sale, they wouldn't bother." Trace said matter-of-factly.

"Makes sense," he murmured, already drifting off again.

"Just sleep, Vinnie." Trace said gently. "You can use it."

"Back among the waking?" Trace asked with gentle humor. "I believe your stomach wants to register complaints about the menu." He grinned, having heard the growling stomach before the Mouse woke.

"No doubt," he managed a small chuckle. "It hasn't been fed nearly enough."

"Once you get to solid food, I'll see what I can do about fixing that." Trace smiled, as he lifted the mug to Vinnie's lips again. "But for now, its liquid nourishment."

"It's something at least," he accepted without much difficulty and swallowed the nasty tasting stuff without complaint.

"Keeps the stomach quiet for a little while, and helps rebuild the body." Trace said quietly, as Vinnie finished the drink. "I got the whirlpool tub working." He chuckled. "Wasn't as difficult as I thought."

"You put a whirlpool in here?" Vinnie looked startled in the direction of the white Mephit

"Sure, the cell's plenty big. I put it over in the corner." Trace pointed, his voice drawing Vinnie's attention to the world around him, and the abrupt realization that everything was black.

"Umm, Trace, are the lights out again?" He asked quietly, abruptly aware of why Throttle freaked out when his shades were taken from him.

"No, the lights are on, Vinnie." Trace said gently. "I was wondering if you'd have that effect of Bloodfire hangover."

"Is this permanent?" He asked, trying to keep the trembling from his voice.

"Thirty-six hours at most." Trace said reassuringly. "Probably less."

"Okay, then help me over there?" He asked as he cautiously sat up and moved to get his legs off the bed. "A whirlpool sounds really good."

"Of course." Trace said easily, standing next to the bed and putting Vinnie's hand on his shoulder. "Just keep a grip on my shoulder."

He nodded, wrapping his tail around the Mephit as well as he stood and oriented himself a little clumsily.

"Okay, just one foot in front of the other. Don't try to move too quickly. The lizard did a real number on that right leg." Trace said quietly. "Even the regeneration therapy leaves residual pain and weakness."

"Right," he nodded, more than willing to be cooperative with this person right now. "Any idea how long before they hit a slave world?"

"Going on the assumption they've made that decision, I'd say a week probably." Trace said quietly. "Okay, sit down slowly, and the then edge forward till your feet hit the water." He said gently, as he help the mouse sit.

"Okay," Vinnie nodded and unlooped his tail to snake it forward for the water, using it to gauge where he was as well as the scent of the water as he inched forward until his tail was several inches in the water and he moved with a fair amount of confidence to slip in.

"Warm enough for you?" Trace asked from where he was sitting on the edge of the tub, that was easily large enough for Vinnie and one or two other people.

"Oh, yeah, it's great." He sighed happily and relaxed into the steaming, moving water.

"I'm going to miss you, Vinnie." Trace said softly, lying on the edge of the tub. "But it's better for you, than here."

"I guess so, though this is pretty good." He smiled slightly. "Good food, clean bed, not real threats. Decent folks to be around."

"But you'd probably get stir-crazy after awhile." Trace said softly. "You don't seem to be the sort to just sit around for long. Besides, off the ship you'll have a chance to escape and be free."

"Oh, I know, and I would and will," he sank even further into the water, all the way past his chin. "I'm just beaten hard enough to appreciate the current location, and I am not looking forward to being somebody's fuck-toy."

"Well, enjoy life while you can." Trace smiled softly, restraining himself from kissing the Mouse gently. "And you'll probably escape the minute they're not looking anyway." He said encouragingly.

"You know I will," he smiled, reaching up one hand to cup the Mephit's face. "Sorry we didn't exactly get done with that little thank you I had for you."

"That's okay, Vinnie." Trace smiled, leaning into the touch. "I really did like it. Closest Wira and I have been to being in bed together in ten years." He said fondly.

"She likes you, you know." He smiled at the smaller white male. "I think she'd welcome you in her bed more often than that."

"She wants a long-term relationship, and I'm just not after that." Trace said quietly. "Not with a female anyway. She's getting married in a couple months anyway."

"And this is a problem because?" He raised his furred eyebrow curiously.

"'Cause her mate and I don't really get along." Trace said quietly. "It wouldn't be appropriate for her to be playing with me, when she's married to him."

"Okay," Vinnie nodded, not getting it well in the least. "Still, I'm sure there's others. You're a good catch for any girl."

"Maybe." Trace said quietly. "Truth is I'm not all that interested in girls. Never have been really. Kind of like your reaction to guys."

"So find a guy," he shrugged. "You're still a good catch for someone interested."

"Maybe." Trace said softly. "I never really thought about it before. I had my work, and my kids, and that was enough."

"Then don't worry about it," he advised softly. "You've had a pleasurable affair, and we have to go our own ways. I can't be what you want of it anyway."

"I know that, Vinnie." Trace said quietly. "Wasn't that I was going to miss anyway." He added softly.

"But it would be, if you stayed with me," he murmured. "I know the kind of tension that can create, and it's not good. You're welcome to come in the water if you want." Vinnie offered quietly.

Trace slipped out of his clothes and into the water. "Not like I'm going anywhere any way." He said softly, thinking for the first time how much that really bothered him.

"You want to, don't you?" He asked gently, his tail tipping the Mephit's chin up a bit.

"I think so." Trace said uncertainly. "It's not something I ever thought about before. Whites never go anywhere, unless we get split off to form a new community."

"You're not a typical white though," he chuckled softly. "You might need to escape as badly as I do."

"I can't." Trace said softly. "I can't leave Dar and Ker." He said very quietly.

"So you bring them," he shrugged. "They're old enough not to get in the way."

Trace seemed to be thinking about it seriously for a while. "Maybe. I'll have to figure out how to get off the ship." He said very softly.

"Maybe the same folks you said would come to get me could pick you up." He suggested quietly.

"Maybe." He sighed quietly. "I don't think they're going to try and break into a Mephit Cruiser to get a few discontent white bats."

"But they might meet you if you took a shuttle or fighter to meet them." He suggested. "I'm sure you could create enough confusion on board that they wouldn't shoot you down before you got around a moon or something to your ride."

"I'll have to work on it." Trace said softly. "I had a feeling my life was going to change when I first saw you." He chuckled softly.

"Just about everyone's does," he cocked a grin in the general direction of Trace's voice. "I am special."

"That you are, Vinnie." Trace smiled fondly.

"Morning, Vinnie." Trace said quietly, as he came in with breakfast as usual more than a week after the fight. But there was something different about his body language, it was definitely not happy.

"Time's up, isn't it?" He looked over from the bed as he roused himself enough to eat.

"Uh huh." Trace said softly. "They're sending one of the greens by later to estimate what you're worth. I'm supposed to make sure you're cleaned up and ready." The white bat said softly, part of him very unhappy about an assignment for the first time he could remember. It wasn't like him to resent an order, he usually just accepted whatever they told him.

"Then that's what we do," he said with the kind of acceptance Trace usually had for things. "The better I look, the higher my price and the better things will probably be for me."

Trace nodded. "A good bath after breakfast should do the trick." He said softly. "Not like we can improve on perfection." He said with a weak grin, trying to be funny.

"No, but it can be polished up," the mouse smiled at him and happily dug into breakfast. "The mask and earrings, and my fur does look better with a good conditioner worked into it."

"I thought it might." Trace grinned, watching the white mouse eat quickly and efficiently while still enjoying every bite.

"I do know every trick in the book for looking good," he chuckled. "It's what makes a playboy's reputation."

"Just tell me how I can help." Trace said softly. "Maybe you'll get lucky and get someone who's looking more for company, than just a sex toy."

"Odds are the best thing is to raid a glamour girl's supplies," he chuckled softly. "They'll have creams and oils to make the fur shine, brushes that do more than just lay it flat, polishes for jewelry that'll work nicely on the mask." He chuckled.

"Sounds like a visit to my older sister is in order." Trace chuckled. "Spends more time on primping and preening than anyone I know."

"Hay, if you can talk her into it, bring her along. She'll probably know how to use what she's got to best effect."

"Depends on what she's up to." Trace grinned. "I'm not actually expecting to catch her at home. She's usually out helping her 'guy of the week' with whatever he's doing. She's kind of a professional assistant."

"Sounds like somebody I'd have spent time with before the war," Vinnie chuckled softly, leaning back with a mixed expression. "Gods I miss it all."

"Maybe you'll find something like it again, someday." Trace said softly. "I'll be back shortly with the tools of the trade." He smiled slightly as he ducked out.

"I will, Trace." The white mouse said stubbornly to himself as he stripped to check out himself in the bathroom mirror he popped out with extra care to avoid the solid black eyes mocking him from his mouse face. "I'm going home."

About half an hour later, Trace came back with a sizable basket of supplies. "She was just headed out, but this is everything she thought would be useful."

"Cool," he nodded and moved to check out the offerings, more than a little surprised to find them labeled in English. "You relabeled them?" He glanced over curiously, not ready to believe that was original.

"I wasn't sure if you could read our language or not." Trace grinned. "With any luck the translator wasn't weirding out too much."

"Seems reasonable enough," he nodded as he skimmed over relatively familiar products.

Vinnie and Trace were still working, or rather fussing, over the mouse's grooming when the door to the cell opened to admit a jade green Mephit and two red guards. "If you'd stand aside so I can evaluate the merchandise." The green said with a haughty air of detachment, indicating that Trace should get out of the way, which he did. As before, Vinnie caught a momentary tension that seemed to be as close to anger as the little bat got.

For his part Vinnie simply turned his mind away from what was actually happening and let his body show itself off to best effect.

The green walked around the Mouse examining him closely, and making notes on a computer pad. "Too bad that Mice are rare in the independent territories." It commented absently. "You'd make excellent breeding stock. However, I'm quite confident you'll still fetch a high price as a pleasure slave." It nodded. "The facial damage is unfortunate, but the mask adds a certain roguish air, which seems to be popular recently." It said, before turning to leave. "Make sure he stays in this condition." It added as an imperious afterthought to Trace as it swept out of the room.

"There are other mice?" Vinnie shot the white a startled look, completely unconcerned with the rest of what the green had said.

"News to me." Trace said. "But given the number of races in the Alliance, I wouldn't be surprised if there are one or two Mice types. I don't expect he meant Mice exactly like you though."

"No, you're probably right," he nodded, forcing that trace of hope down. "Probably for the best. I'm sure if I was bought for breeding stock they'd get angry rather quickly when I couldn't produce."

"I wouldn't be sure you can't." Trace said quietly. "There's not much they can't manage with a little genetic tinkering."

"I'd really rather not go there." Vinnie shuddered. "I've been in enough labs for ten lifetimes."

"I'll bet." Trace nodded. "But like they said, there are precious few Mice in the independent territories. 'Sides, it's easier to make a temporary genetic modification to the female partner."

"That's just disturbing," he shuddered slightly again before returning to the bed and his discarded clothes to get dressed.

"I guess." Trace said uncertainly, not really sure what was disturbing about minor genetic engineering. "We're about twelve hours from docking at Marsalla station, which orbits Peleus Three where the local slave market is."

"What's the local tech level?" He asked, both curious and plotting.

"Alliance standard, to use the usual metric." Trace smiled ironically. "Faster than light travel, fusion power, AI, energy weapons."

"About what this ship is?" He asked curiously.

"This ship is a little above Alliance Standard in some things. The main stardrive being the main one. But computer systems are still pretty much Alliance standard, as are most things."

"That's a good enough match," he nodded. "When will the collar come off?"

"Once the sale's complete." Trace said simply, thinking through what he'd been able to find out. "Probably be replaced by one belonging to your new owner."

"Likely to be a control collar as well?"

"Depends on the nature of the owner." Trace said quietly. "There's too many variables to really be sure."

"That's better than a definite yes," he chuckled softly and laid back. "Any luck contacting your friends?"

"Not yet, but we've only been out of hyperspace a day or so." He said quietly. "Communications are too easy to detect in hyperspace."

"Ah, well at least now you know where I got dropped off," he smirked a bit. "Should make tracking my renegade tail down a little easier."

"The people I'm trying to reach can track anybody down." Trace grinned.

"I have this urge to make things difficult for them now," Vinnie couldn't help but smirk. "I survived by not being found."

"Go for it. They'll enjoy the challenge." Trace smirked back.

"Maybe I will," he grinned. "I can't make it too easy to find me, after all."

"With those looks, you'll certainly have plenty of people looking." Trace chuckled. "And staring, and walking into things." He teased playfully.

"And tending their crotch," he grinned. "I might even let a few of them get lucky."

Trace chuckled. "Probably, unless you're planning on celibacy."

"Not something I've ever had to worry about," the mouse smirked. "I always get my pick of girls."

"Just look out for jealous boyfriends, husbands and mates." Trace snickered, causing the other white male to laugh.

"Oh, I do, but they're never a problem."

"Never, huh?" Trace said suspiciously. "You always avoid being seen huh?"

"No, sometimes they see," he chuckled with a slight shrug. "They've just never been a problem."

"Must not have been too jealous then." He chuckled.

"Or their girls simply liked me more," he winked with a grin. "Not many can out-fight me either."

Trace chuckled. "Well, it's a big galaxy. You might actually find a few who can out-fight you now."

"That's the one's you leave their girls alone," he laughed with a teasing grin. "Can't say I've met one that had a girl I wanted, though."

"Sounds like what the humans call 'sour grapes'." Trace teased playfully. "You didn't want them, cause you couldn't have them." He snickered good naturedly.

"Keeps the disappointment down, doesn't it?" Vinnie smirked with a challenging eyebrow.

"Of course, but where's the challenge?" He smirked back.

"In other areas," he shook his head. "Sex is for relaxing, you know."

"Guess I've seen a few too many Lupo films." He chuckled. "Gives you the impression that half the fun is supposed to be the chase."

"It is, if you're into that kind of thing," Vinnie nodded, a touch more serious now. "It's just not my kink. Fight hard, live fast and play as often as you can."

"Shows you what I know." Trace chuckled. "But then whites know little about fighting, and its more often live short then live fast."

"Sounds like life after the fishfaces," he murmured. "I just try not to think about it like that. Reminds me of how many we've lost."

"At least you had a before." Trace said quietly.

"Yeah, I know." He murmured softly. "A very good before. I just try not to remember it. Highlights how must is gone too much."

"Pain is how we know we're alive." Trace said softly. "I don't remember where I read that. Kind of made sense though."

"Sounds like my Bro, Throttle." He said before his throat choked closed without a sound.

"Maybe the people I have finding you, can help you find him." Trace suggested softly, to which Vinnie could only nod for some time.

"I don't have anything else to do with myself, but try to get back home, back to my Bros."

"I'm sure the people who are going to be looking for you, could give you something to do with yourself." Trace smiled. "If you actually like fighting."

"It's not the point," Vinnie shook his head, not really able to explain it much better. "They're my Bros. We stick together."

"Well, in that case maybe they can help you find them." He said simply. "But you'll have to wait till you meet them to find that out."

"I'm not one to turn down a helping hand when I need it." He managed a strained smile as he stuffed the losses away where they wouldn't interfere.

"Good. They're good people, or at least that's what I've heard." He said softly.

"There aren't enough of those around," Vinnie sighed softly. "Never are."

"You certainly can't have too many." Trace nodded, and followed the mouse's motion to settle on the bed.

"Might as well get some rest and a good meal before we dock." He said quietly. "Care to stay here?" He sounded more hopeful than offering.

"Sure." Trace nodded. "Want me to go get the meal first?" He asked, not sure which order Vinnie wanted things in.

"Not with twelve hours to kill," he smiled softly and reached out with a hand and tail to guide the white bat down to snuggle against him. "Nap first."

"Okay, Vinnie." Trace said softly, and snuggled close against the white Mouse.

A Mouse Among Felsin 1: Mephit Mistakes

NC-17 for M/M and M/F
Het Level is LowHet Smut Level is Very Low
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

90 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written March 7, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars, Galactic Alliance, Haloeth

Primary Races: Loup Maru, Martian Mice, Mephit

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, DarkFic

Pairings: Vinnie/M and Vinnie/F

Blurb: Vinnie is not having a good week. First something drop-kicks him into another reality, then he gets picked up by a bunch of critters that think he's his worst enemy and don't believe him when he says he's not a shape-shifter.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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