A School Date :
The Strength of Desire

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M and M/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Jake smiled playfully as he pinned the giggling black and brown she-kat between his arms against her open locker. "I still don't hear a 'no', Brandy."

"And you won't." She giggled again and blushed under dark fur as he leaned forward to kiss her mouth. "I've heard about you."

"Good things, I hope." He quirked an eyebrow.

"Skillful things." She purred. "About what you can do with this;" slender fingers ghosted over the slight bulge in his tight jeans. "And your tongue."

"Good to know I've left such an impression." Jake chuckled with a hungry grin. "Are you going to put me to the test?"

"Mmmm." She cocked her head and pretended to think about it. "I don't know ... I heard other things too."

"Same things I've heard about you." He crooned, stepping away from her as a muscular chocolate on gold tabby walking down the hall caught his attention.

"You get distracted easily." She half pouted.

"Hardly." Jake snorted as the big male leaned against the wall several lengths from them and watched, his backpack on the floor at his feet. "Chance is probably the only Kat in the school I won't sleep with."

"Not what I heard." She gave the tabby a good looking over before shifting her weight to assess Jake's reaction to the blatant lie.

He just shrugged. "My place, Pyday evening?"

She shook her head and laughed as she grabbed her own pack and walked off. "I'll be there."

"Hi, Chance." Jake smiled with real warmth at his lifelong friend as they fell into step, walking towards the parking lot and Jake's bright red motorcycle.

"Hi." The tabby hesitated a moment, then shook his head. "Aren't you ever going to get tired of just fooling around?"

"Not yet." He shrugged, a little uneasy. "I don't see why you insist on waiting for someone special."

"Because it's better when you care about your bedmate." Chance replied easily. "If you'd ever slept with someone you did care about, you'd know that."

Jake went quiet until they reached the bike and didn't look at the other tom as they secured their backpacks behind the deep seat. His voice was very low in the busy parking lot when he finally answered. "Because that would have to be you."

The tabby froze, stunned at the unexpected statement and nearly missed getting on the bike behind his friend. He didn't see any of the rapidly passing homes as they headed to the edge of town and Jake's isolated house, lost in thought at the implications of the lean Kat's statement, then it wondered on to the Kat who made it. He never ceased to wonder at how well the young tom had done emancipated. He lived better than most adults; although he was only a high school sophomore, and a young one at that, he was already selling his vehicle designs.

"Yo, Chance? You alive?" Jake's voice snapped the bigger tom out of his thoughts in the home's garage.

"Yah." He shook his head to clear it and met the concerned look his friend gave him. "Just thinking."

"You know better than to do that." Jake chuckled and thumped the tabby's shoulder and headed for the inside door. "How long you get to stay?"

Chance shrugged. "Long as I want."

"I thought you had to be accountable or something these days." The lean tom asked over his shoulder as the entered the house and headed for the kitchen.

"As long as I keep my grades and attendance up, nobody checks." He shrugged and accepted the cold soda. "Dad sure as hell doesn't care."

"He hit you again, didn't he?" He gave the bigger Kat a critical once-over, just barely keeping the anger out of his stance.

Chance shook his head. "Mom and Timothy got it this time."

They both slipped into an uncomfortable silence as Jake lead the way down to the large den. "Then let's make sure a least you stay safe."


"Get your homework out." Jake dropped into a chair at a dinning table with a very serious expression. "You're grades are going to go up and stay there as long as I'm your friend."

"You don't ..." His voice trailed off at the fiery determination facing him and sat down, mollified. "Thanks, buddy."

"You're smart enough to do well." Jake rested a hand on his shoulder. "Don't you dare buy what those creeps say."

Chance stared at the lean Kat next to him in a mixture of thanks and bewilderment.

"You are smart, Chance." He assured sadly.

"Not as smart as you."

"Does it matter?" Jake cocked his head. "There are Kats smarter than me too."

"I ... guess not." Chance pulled his math homework out. "Thanks."

"Anytime." The lean tom smiled at him.

Chance glanced at the clock the two days later as they lounged watching TV; anxiety increasing as he tried to figure out when Jake would ask him to leave so he'd be free to play with his new 'girlfriend'.

"Umm, Chance?" Jake shifted to face his friend a little more.


"I was wondering if you ... well, if you'd like to try a threesome? With Brandy and me."

The tabby's breath caught in surprise as he tried to understand the offer. "Uhh, sure, why?"

The lean tom shrugged. "I thought it might be fun ... and I don't really want you to, well, I don't want to risk loosing you to that thing that claims to be your sire."

Chance just stared at his best friend for a long time as Jake wouldn't quite meet his gaze. His voice was very low when he finally broke the silence between them. "I could just go out back and work on a car or something ..."

"You can." Jake nodded uncertainly. "I just thought it might be ... fun."

He watched the younger tom carefully, not ready to really think about some of the possible implications and forced himself to grin as he started to warm up to the idea of sharing a bed with Jake and a girl, no matter how weird it seemed. "Yah, I think it will be."

"Hi, Brandy." Jake smiled at her when he opened the door shortly after dusk dressed only in a loose pair of shorts and showed her in. "How adventurous are you feeling?"

"You planned something ... interesting?" She purred softly as he slid a hand under her miniskirt to caress her ass, pleased to find it bare.

"You might say that." He breathed in the erotic mix of her mild arousal and perfume and shifted behind her to slide one arm around her body to fondle her firm breasts. "You have two toms to please you tonight. I invited Chance to join the party."

"Mmm, I like your style." She leaned back against him and breathed sharply as he shifted his hand from her ass to slide across her slicked clit teasingly.

"Good." He purred softly and nipped her neck before twisting to put her back against the wall and slid to one knee, caressing her body on the way down. "But you're mine first."

"Bold kitten." Her breath caught as his tongue pushed inside her, then lapped forward to tantalize the rest of her crotch. "Ohh, yessss."

"Tastes good." He purred against her clit before resuming his hungry exploration, encouraged by what the mews and gasps of pleasure above him.

"Ohhhh, yessss ..." She shuddered, pressing her thighs together against the strength of her lover's hands and clutched at the wall.

"I like your style." He crooned against her neck as he stood, pressing his fingers into her slick crotch. His breath quickened as her muscles spasmed under them. "Very responsive."

"Your friend ... this good?" She gasped between deep breaths.

"Don't know." Jake chuckled and he licked his mussel clean as she leaned against him. "Care to find out?"

"Yah, just one question ... how did you learn to do that at fifteen?" She glared at him incredulously and tried to pull her short skirt down with one hand.

"A lot of practice." He purred against her ear. "It's my favorite kind of play."

"Mmmm, and your friend's?" She leaned against him, not sparing the obvious bulge in his shorts a lack of interest.

"You'll see." He smirked as he opened the door to the master bedroom, revealing a rather bored, heavily built tabby lounging naked on the huge bed, the sheets covering only his feet.

"Looks like you started the party without me." He growled playfully as he looked the pair over.

"Just getting me warmed up." Brandy crooned, taking a very good look at what was considered one of the more difficult Kats in school to get a date with, and absently wondered what in the world held these two together.

Jake stood behind her but kept his eyes on the tabby as he loosened her blouse, then hiked her miniskirt up and returned one hand to cup and kneed her firm tits, drawing several moans from the dripping shekat. "What do you think?"

"That you've played with her too long." Chance chuckled, his still-adolescent voice husky with arousal as his eyes roamed over the scene of his best friend fondling an attractive, half-naked, very aroused and willing shekat. An enticing show he was well aware was done mostly for him.

"Mmm, I don't think we've played with her nearly enough." Jake crooned, urging Brandy onto the bed.

She glanced between the excited males and grinned. "My turn to call the shots. On your knees, brace your back against the wall, tiger." She helped guide him willingly into the position she wanted, half surprised when it became obvious he knew what to do.

"I like a decisive partner." Chance purred as she kissed him and guided herself into his thick cock.

"Good." She shifted experimentally, adjusting her position to rub his fur against her clit a little more and flicked her tail along her spine. "I understand you like the back position ...."

"Oh, yah." He breathed and wasted no time grabbing the lube from his nightstand and began preparing her as quickly as he could. He looked up at the tabby's face when the other tom gasped. "Chance?"

"I can feel your fingers ... moving inside her." A mixture of surprise and pleasure colored his husky voice.

"Mmm, yes." Brandy purred and nipped Chance's neck as the cinnamon tom spread more lube along his cock. "It's very good."

"Ready?" Jake whispered, pressed against her back with the tip of his cock teasing her ass.

"Yesss." She groaned as he pushed in hard, burring himself to the sheath in a single motion, then held still. The raw shock on the tabby's face was enough to hold both their attentions for a moment.

"Move, buddy." Jake rocked and groaned deeply at the feel of a thick cock rubbing again his own inside her. "It gets better." He crooned, leaning forward to kiss him over Brandy's shoulder. "Fuck her so I can feel it."

Chance swallowed as his friend slid back a little to bite her right shoulder and let his body do what came naturaly. When he felt his male partner begin to shudder he claimed her left shoulder and let everything go.

Brandy woke still feeling the sated contentment of last night, but to an empty, almost cool bed. She blinked and looked around Jake's large bedroom, a little surprised at how bare of personal touches it was. But at the same time, what was there was very nice, even if it said little about the owner but his taste in aircraft, motorcycles and color; something the entire school was well aware of.

She stretched and slid out of bed to search for her host, unconcerned with her nudity. After all, it was their bodies that brought her here; but it was his touch that would bring her back. Jeff wasn't lying when he said the younger tom was a considerate and passionate bedmate.

She smiled to find both males dressed and sitting on a small pier in the huge fishpond in the back yard. Jake sat on the edge with both feet dangling in the water, Chance was kneeling next to him with one hand on the lean tom's shoulder.

Her smile disappeared when it registered that they were both pretty upset. She turned around to find the shower an dress.

"Jake?" Chance whispered uncertainly as he knelt next to his best friend as the smaller Kat watched his fat koi swim around his feet.


The tabby shivered at the depression in that voice. "Something wrong?"

"You were right." He buried his face in crossed arms as he brought his knees up.

"Oh." Chance cautiously wrapped his arm around his friend's shoulders, relieved when the slender tom leaned on him a little, but not comforted at all by the fear so prevalent in his scent. "It's not that big a deal, Jake. You'll find someone you care about."

"You don't get it." He growled without moving. "I don't want a relationship like that ... not with anyone. Especially not with you."

"What's wrong with me?"

"You're by best friend, Chance." He looked up into confused and worried golden eyes. "I don't want ... friends can last a lifetime ... mates don't. I don't want to loose you."

"You won't, Jake." Chance cupped the tom's cheek. "And mates can be for a lifetime."

"Umm, guys." Brandy's scared voice just behind them drew their attention. "There are Enforcers at the door."

"Why?" Jake was more than a little annoyed as he and Chance followed the hurriedly dressed and still damp fem to the front door.

"Something about Chance." She shivered at the defensive rage that flickered to the surface of Jake's demeanor. "They don't look happy."

"Unless they need to talk to you, you should probably leave."

"Umm, yah, good idea." She fell back, behind both toms as Jake opened the door and ushered both Enforcers in.

"I'm Detective Tydin Swyla." A handsome Cheetah male introduced himself. "This is Detective Felina Feral." He motioned to a taller, heavily built brown and black she-kat.

"Morning Detectives." Jake motioned them to sit on the living room couch. "Do you need to talk to Brandy?" He nodded at the very nervous fem.

"Are you very close to Chance?" Felina asked the other female gently.

"No, ma'am." She shivered.

"Then probably not." Tydin turned his attention to the distressed young toms across from him as the girl bolted. "We have some bad news, Chance." He tried to speak both calmly and sympathetically without loosing his authority. It was a trick his partner had yet to pick up. "Your parents and five siblings are dead."

The young tabby shivered and accepted the comforting touch of his lean friend. "How?" His voice was weak.

"We don't know for sure, but it looks like your father shot them, them took his own life." Felina spoke softly, kneeling next to him to offer what little comfort she could.

"Makes sense." Chance whispered, holding himself tightly. "He's threatened it enough times. I guess he finally lost it."

"Do you have a place to say?" She asked.

"Yes." Jake spoke up strongly enough to get both Enforcers attention and rubbed Chance's leg, speaking to the shocked tabby. "You're welcome here as long as you want to stay."

"Ththanks." He whispered with an uncertain glance at his friend, then tried to smile at him. "Thanks."

"You said he'd threatened this before?" Tydin caught their attention. "Do you think you're up to telling us about it now? It would be helpful in getting this over with as quickly as possible."

"I think so." Chance steadied himself. "Do ... can we eat first? I haven't had breakfast yet."

"Of course." Jake and Felina spoke as one, then glanced at each other in muted amusement.

"Come on, everybody sit at the table and I'll cook up something." Jake helped his friend up, then let him go. "You two hungry?"

"We're fine, thank you." Tydin answered and Felina nodded as they moved to the dining room, which was open to the kitchen.

"Where are your parents, Jake?" Felina asked for some small talk.

"Honor's Green Cemetery." He shrugged and pulled out eggs and several containers with various colored contents from the refrigerator. "I've been emancipated for almost two years."

"Oh, I'm sorry." She backed off quickly.

"It's okay." He offered a weak smile, and motioned to the house and property around them. "I've done pretty well, all things considered."

"So what are your hobbies?" Tydin tried for a safer topic.

"All sorts of things." Jake make a decided effort to chat so Chance could sit quietly and try to absorb the news of the day while he cooked an omelet for the tabby. "I make an income with schematics of aircraft and combat vehicles, and a couple civilian items. It's good money for not a lot of work." He paused to flip the omelet closed, then over a few seconds later. "So I guess you could call high school a hobby, but mostly I like designing and building stuff." He waved a free hand around the house. "About half the gadgets in here are mine design."

"Wow." Felina gave honest praise as he slid the omelet onto a plate and pushed it in front of Chance's nose and handed him a fork.

"Eat, buddy." He gave the tabby's face a single caress with the back of his hand before moving to make his own meal.

"Thanks." He made the effort required with no enthusiasm.

"Any time." Jake tried to sound upbeat but didn't quite make it, then his shoulders slumped. "Hell of a way to start a day, hu?"

"Yah." The tabby mumbled around a mouthful of food, then looked at the two Enforcers. "Will either of you cause a fuss if I have a drink?"

The partners shared a glance and shook their heads.

"Just don't get drunk in front of us." Felina added as an open beer-milk can was set in front of the tabby.

"Thanks." He mumbled and downed half the can in one swallow before returning to his food with fractionally more interest.

"So what about this case brought two detectives to my door instead of an officer?" Jake prodded for information as he whipped his eggs to a yellow froth.

"Sixteen deaths and over thirty injured." Tydin offered quietly as both teenagers snapped their focus on him.

"You said ..." Chance opened his mouth.

"We don't know who all the others are yet. We found a family portrait with seven of the victims and you and made some assumptions based on it." He continued softly.

"Our job was to track you down." Felina added. "Both to find out if you'd been killed as well, or if you were alive, it's hoped you can identify some of the victims."

"You're sure it's my father, though?" He shivered despite the comfortable warmth of the room.

"One of the officers on scene knew him, your mother and one of your brothers fairly well." Tydin explained. "It's as certain as we can be before the fingerprints come back."

"Officer Exile Ice-Eyes?" Chance asked to their surprise. "Blue and white husky male."

"Yes." Felina nodded. "You know him?"

"Only from dad's cursings." He lowered his eyes and picked at the half omelet that was still on his plate. "And I saw him a couple times. I try to stay away from the house when dad's drinking, but I guess Officer Ice-Eyes was there a lot."

"He was, unfortunately not soon enough this time, though." Tydin nodded as Jake sat down with his own breakfast and a glass of plain milk.

"At least he wasn't killed by showing up too soon." Chance whispered. "How'd ... where'd the others ..."

The officers exchanged looks and Felina answered. "Most were shot in the street or in their doorways within view of your house."

Chance shut his eyes and pulled his wallet out. "You two saw all the dead and injured?"

"Yes." Tydin nodded as the tabby pulled out a small photo of a smiling blue-eyed, black furred girl his age with a white blaze down her face and handed it to Felina.

"Is she ... among them?"

"I'm sorry, Chance." Tydin didn't know how to console this teenager who was taking so much loss so bravely. "She's in critical condition."

"But alive." He pressed.

"As of when we last heard, yes." Felina consented.

"Where?" Jake interrupted sharply, catching Chance's attention as a flicker of hope crossed the tabby's face.

"Sisters of Mercy Hospital." Tydin caught the lean tom as both teens stood. "We ..."

"We can talk there as well as anywhere." Jake growled. "The dead can wait, the living can't."

"We'll drive." Felina interrupted.

Jake opened his mouth to argue with her, then shook his head. "Thanks. I'm probably not in any shape to drive either."

"Do ... you want to sleep in my room?" Jake offered tentatively as they shut the front door late that night, both grateful when Detective Swyla called them in an excuse to stay out of school for the week.

Chance blinked in surprise, then dropped his eyes. "Yah, I really would. You sure ...."

"I'm sure, Chance." He squeezed the tabby's hand. " I can't ... undo what we did, and I won't turn away from you because of it." He looked down. "I can only hope I'm wrong this time."

"Uhh, Jake ... are you ... urrr, proposing to me? Like in boyfriends?" He tried very hard to wrap his brain around one too many shocks in one day.

"I guess so." He looked up, meeting glazed over golden eyes. "This really isn't the time to discus this ... but I am offering ... asking ... if you'd be my mate."

"Mmu ... mate?" He breathed in disbelief.

"I guess it would have to wait a few years for the technicalities, but yes." He shivered and took a deep breath. "Or boyfriend, or just friends. Whatever you want, I just don't want to loose you."

"You're right, this isn't the time to be talking about this ... but I'd like to be at least your boyfriend and friend. I ... really need to think about that mate part, okay?"

"We both do, probably." Jake smiled tiredly. "Bed? We can at least keep each other warm tonight. Talk tomorrow ... maybe make out before we see Syreen and Brandin ...."

Chance couldn't help but chuckle and shake his head as they walked to the master bedroom. "Randy Kat."

"You know it." He snickered, then stopped the tabby with a touch on the arm and went dead serious as they entered the dark bedroom. "I don't mean you should ... have to. This ... it's a new idea for me for me to sleep with someone I haven't, err ... just slept with."

"Jake." He tipped the smaller tom's chin up. "I know. Now can we get to sleep before this degrades into a conversation neither of us are ready for?"

"Yah, sure." Jake quickly stripped to his underwear and got into bed, watching with a confused heart as his best friend, and now boyfriend, stripped and joined him. But he couldn't deny how good it felt to have the big tabby hold him, and the thought that this might be a nightly occurrence for the rest of his life.

A School Date : The Strength of Desire

NC-17 for M/M and M/F
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is High
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

24 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written October 15, 2000 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Sex (First Time), Sex (Teen)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Brandy Darkfur/Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong

Notes: For Proxima's SKA Story Challenge:
Jake and Chance are teenagers going to high school together. They've been best friends for years but nothing else has come of it relationship-wise. Jake finally builds up the courage to ask Chance out and he says yes. Jake spends the next couple of days going crazy making sure that their first date will go perfectly.

Blurb: From the recklessness of high school youth, Jake Clawson comes to a distressing realization about the tabby he's known all his life.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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