An Odd Pair
by Fur and Fantasy
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Jake's consciousness floated as he came close to waking. He could remembering the laser blasts engulfing the TurboKat just before he lost consciousness. He was vaguely aware of several beings nearby though he couldn't focus his eyes enough to see them. He also realized that he was completely naked, and bound to a table.

"Is it awake?" An androgynous voice asked musically.

"According to the sensors it is." A similar but different voice replied.

"It's feline, but different from the Felsin." A third voice said as a small clawed hand examined Jake's jaw and face.

"It's male." The first voice said as it pointedly groped the tom's balls.

"So it is." It noted, as it spread the tom's legs. "Activate probes."

"Probes engaged." The second voice said as a thin tendrils examined the Kat in painful detail, and a thicker tentacle penetrated the Kat's ass roughly probing his insides.

"Readings consistent with the other sample from this planet, and strangely consistent with Felsin readings." The first voice said curiously.

"But significantly different from the third sample also found on that world."

"Which I said was alien to it." The third voice pointed out.

"Probes are complete." The first voice said as the internal probe pulled itself out of Jake's ass. "Have the servants put it in with the other one."

"Isn't there a danger of one eating the other?" The second voice said.

"An interesting experiment don't you think?" Replied the first voice.

Jake felt the restraints removed and two pairs of rough, scaled hands lifted him roughly from the table. As the being carried him, he became aware of a humming sound in the air and the darkness changed to blurry light and shadows. Still naked he was dropped into a cell, which he recognized by the clanging the bars made when shut. At a distance he could see a dark gray-brown blur moving fluidly in repeated motions.

"Don't worry about the blindness." A male voice said casually. "It'll pass shortly."

When his sight returned he realized that the brown blur was a male duck-morph who appeared to be working through some combat maneuvers, though it appeared they were meant to be done with a blade, which he didn't have. Like himself, the duck was naked.

"What's your name?" The lean tom asked as he looked around his surroundings.

"Duke." The duck said, pausing to look the Kat over. "So what's yours?"

"Jake," he considered his cellmate. "You're used to a sword, aren't you?"

"One of the best." Duke grinned broadly. "My blade's around here somewhere, though obviously not on me."

"Not unless you're hiding it somewhere painful," the kat chuckled softly. "Know much about blasters and space tech?"

"A great deal, Jake." Duke laughed broadly. "My blade appears to be handle only, 'cause it's an energy blade. But I'm equally good with a puck blaster." He shook his head. "I'd prefer to keep mechanical things on the outside from now on."

"Got a clue what they want?"

"No, though that opening exam makes it clear their interested in what makes us tick." He said simply. "I think they're studying whatever world you're from, cause I'd just crashed there when they grabbed me."

"That's the impression I got," Jake nodded as he dropped to one of the bunks. "They were curious if I'd eat you."

"There'd only be one way I'd let that happen." Duke smirked as he dropped into the other bunk.

"Which is not they way they meant," Jake smirked back. "I prefer food that doesn't talk back anyway."

"Makes two of us." The duck grinned. "Though to be honest, I get the distinct impression that our captors have a very limited understanding of sex." He said quietly. "And I don't mean that they're virgins."


He thought about something for a moment. "In case you're interested, they do feed us regularly, three times a day. It's not exactly gourmet fare, but it keeps one from starving."

"Probably better than I usual do." Jake chuckled softly.

"Far as I can figure; one meal at ship's dawn, another at noon and the last at what I'd guess is about six or seven in the evening." Duke said uncertainly. "Fortunately, it feels like the ship is on a twenty-four hour cycle."

"That's what you're used to, hu?" He smiled slightly in amusement.

"After a few years on Earth, it feels normal." Duke grinned. "Or as normal as being captive on a starship will ever feel."

"Not something you're that unused to, is it?"

"It's happened before, yeah." Duke shook his head. "But I don't think the team's gonna be pulling me out of this one."

"Just means it has to be done from the inside, until my partner decides to crash the party."

"Unless you're partner has a starship, I don't think we should rely on that." Duke said quietly. "And it won't be my first jailbreak either."

"No starship, just something almost as good, and a bit of an attitude problem with the idea of loosing me." Jake chuckled softly. "And I kind of figured you for the rouge."

"Me, a common rogue?" The duck chuckled. "Duke L'Orange is no common rogue." He said with a strange sort of nobility.

"Who said anything about common?" Jake smirked at him.

"Actually, I haven't been a rogue of any sort in some years." He smiled. "Went military during the occupation, much to my own surprise."

"Must be a hell of a commander, to pull that off."

"Yeah, yeah he was." Duke said quietly, with an oddly soft look on his face. In his mind's eye, he could see the day they lost Canard all over again, and it still hurt like hell.

"He didn't make it, did he?" Jake asked quietly.

"We lost him in the void between dimensions." Duke said softly. "He gave his life to save the team."

"Universe needs more leaders that dedicated," the kat said softly as he remembered his own lost commander, to very different circumstances that hurt no less.

"You lost one too, huh?" Duke said with quiet understanding. "I got lucky though. His replacement was just as dedicated, even if a bit inexperienced."

"You did get lucky." Jake shook his head. "I still have to see mine way too often."

"I thought you lost him?" Duke said in confusion.

"I lost him, just not to death." The kat shook his head. "He betrayed us."

Duke shook his head. "That's worse than death. I take it he got to keep his command, despite the betrayal."

"Yes, and we got relegated to a salvage yard," he growled, not able to keep the anger completely under control.

"I guess his commander must not be paying attention." Duke said, angered by such a blatantly stupid situation. His instincts told him that Jake was far too valuable to waste in a salvage yard. Actually, Jake kind of reminded him of Tanya, except for being male and feline.

The kat chuckled mirthlessly. "He is the commander. Only one who ranks Feral makes him look perfect."

Duke shook his head. "And I though Dragaunus was bad. At least he was an invader."

"The worst part is he does actually get the job done," Jake sighed. "At least as well as the gear allows, and that's not really under his control."

"That would explain why no one does anything about him." Duke said simply. "I don't think he's going to be your problem for some time."

"Not nearly as long as these guys plan on," he rumbled determinedly.

"I haven't quite figured out what they're planning." Duke said quietly. "Though I'm quite sick of tests."

"I'm sure," Jake nodded and rolled his eyes.

"So, how much space travel have you logged?" The duck asked curiously.

"A few hours here and there," he shrugged. "Mostly between flight testing and the occasional fight."

"Then you've easily doubled it." Duke said as he stood and walked the front edge of the cell precisely.

"Meal time?" Jake looked over from where he was lounging on the bunk, though he tensed, ready for action.

"Another three hours." He said simply. "Just studying the rhythms of the ship. We're moving again."

"Oh," Jake nodded unhappily. "Know if we're the only subjects?"

"I've heard mention of another sample from your world, and I had a really weird encounter with a four-legged tiger." Duke said as he stopped at one wall and put his hand on it.

"Any other info on the other one?" Jake asked curiously. "Bets the tiger wasn't a normal tiger."

"Well, it refused to hurt me even though I could tell it was extremely hungry. Even when they forced us to fight, he refused to unsheath his claws. He just pinned me, until they gave up on the experiment." He shook his head. "Only thing I know about the other, is that they think it's the same species as you."

"I kinda hope it's not anyone I know." Jake sighed. "And that is definitely not a normal tiger."

"I'm pretty sure he's not, though I haven't had chance to work on what he is."

"Mutated kat, maybe." He shrugged. "Or something called a Felsin. I heard them talking about one, and how they're close to Kats."

"Possible I suppose." Duke nodded, and paused. "I hear one of the keepers coming."

Jake nodded and relaxed back, not showing any of the battle-readiness as he prepared for a possible ambush attack.

Despite its black color, four arms, and eight-foot height the creature was strangely reminiscent of a Creepling. It touched a glowing key to the bars on Jake's side, and the bars slid aside as an energy field divided the cell in two. "Come with me." The being said in a deep voice, gesturing commandingly.

Jake considered for a second before moving with a relaxed grace to follow the order. Nothing in him gave the least warning before he caught the hand with the key in one hand, snapped the heal of his hand against the wrist hard as he twisted and kicked the creature hard, adding to the momentum trying to force the creature into the cage.

The creature twisted and leveraged the smaller kat around to slam him into the energy field dividing the cell. There was an electrical arcing as electrical energy surged through the tom, painfully relieving him of consciousness.

Jake awoke, bound to a strong metal frame in a circular room with a track around the edge. He could see a control window with what appear to be two red creeplings about his own height watching him.

"Excellent, the specimen is awake." One said, apparently near an open mike.

"He recovers faster than expected." The second noted. "Good, we can begin gravimetric resistance testing."

"Activating spin-chamber." The first said, as the frame began to move around the room at increasing speed.

"1 standard gravity and climbing." The second noted.

"Noting changes in biometric readings." The first said dispassionately.

Somewhere between five and six, Jake lost his battle to remain conscious.

"How're you feeling, Jake?" Duke asked in a concerned voice as the lean tom came 'round.

"I'm definitely going toast those things." He muttered. "Fine, just a G-tolerance test."

"And a few more blood tests, judging by your arm." Duke nodded at a patch on the tom's right arm. "Same procedure I went through. Didn't look like you took any serious damage from the force field though."

"Nah, just knocked me out." He shrugged. "They're better than most creeplings."

"Creepling?" Duke asked curiously. "Then you've seen them before."

"Close relative," he nodded and did a stretching muscle check for damage. "Creeplings are small, dumber and follow Dark Kat. These things might be what Dark Kat is, behind all that costume."

"Perhaps, though our concern is to escape this cell, and take control of this vessel." Duke said thoughtfully. "They just delivered dinner. Hungry?"

"No, but I'll eat anyway," he shrugged. "Can't be worse than Chance's 'cooking'." He chuckled weakly, missing the big tabby already.

"Well, it's no worse than 'Dive's." The duck chuckled weakly, handing Jake a tray. "What it lacks in taste, it compounds in appearance. The milk is actually palatable." He said handing Jake a familiar can.

"Familiar form, at least," he considered the blue burger and green fries before trying one. "Definitely need some work on the color, though."

"Taste tends to be either excessively bland or ridiculously hot." Duke chuckled as Jake bit into the burger and his eyes widened.

"No kidding," he swallowed. "Tasteless fries and a hot pepper burger."

"Typical, but as far as I can tell, it's complete nutritionally." He said simply. "Don't be surprised if they take you for some more tests after dinner."

"Great," he rolled his eyes. "Probably want to see digestion."

"Actually, they like to test respiration, and they may decide to test if the tiger will eat you." He shook his head. "I really don't think that's a danger."

"Even if he is, I've beaten nastier things than a hungry tiger." The kat chuckled softly and worked through the food.

"I don't doubt it." Duke smiled. "You seem as tough as any of my teammates. I don't suppose you play hockey, do you?"

"Can't say I do. Spend too much time on the obstacle course and in combat for that kind of hobby."

"Hobby?" Duke looked downright aghast. "Not only is it the basis for our combat style, but we're also planetary champions." He smirked. "Of course, it's not like humans can match ducks on ice anyway."

"Duke, the way my life tends to run, sleeping and eating fall under hobbies." He chuckled.

Duke nodded. "We use it as combat drill, so it serves multiple functions. If it was just for fun, we probably wouldn't have time. Dragonis doesn't stay quiet for that long."

"Must be nice to have a combat drill that's fun."

"Well, it's the one thing all ducks have in common." He smiled. "And it's very good for teamwork skills. It also pays the bills, and funds our base."

"That just sounds odd," Jake shook his head with a chuckle. "Anything an entire race has in common."

"Kind of a planetary obsession." Duke chuckled. "Though the invasion forced a certain change in priorities. But our teams still tend to be organized like hockey teams."

"At least you're consistent," Jake cocked a grin.

"It's how we keep beating Dragaunus." He grinned back. "How good are you with new technology?" He asked, suddenly changing the subject.

"Better than I am with old tech," he chuckled. "I haven't met a whatsit I couldn't figure out."

"Good, 'cause I don't think the current owners are going to explain this ship when we take it from them." He said, without any doubt as to their actually taking it.

"Makes me really wish for Chance," Jake sighed softly. "He can pilot anything."

"I can pilot if I have to. I really prefer leaving it to others though." He said quietly. "But as long as we don't damage the autopilot during the takeover we should be okay."

"I'll be able to fix that, if needed." He said with the calm confidence of never having been wrong.

"So, all we have to do is get out of this cell and neutralize the crew." Duke said as though that would merely be a nice workout.

"And rescue the other prisoners," Jake added.

"All we have to do is find them." Duke nodded. "I've only heard of the two I told you about, and I've never seen the one." He said softly. "But I've got an idea on getting out, should be able to finish it before you get back from the next set of tests."

"Should I be ready for anything?" Jake asked quietly.

"Assuming the same sequence: they'll see if you can swim. Then there's a timed puzzle-solving test and the one where they see if the Tiger will eat you." He said simply.

"When I get back," Jake flattened his ears.

"Just try not to get knocked out." He suggested quietly. "This plan takes both of us to pull off."

"When are you planning to let me in on this plan?" Jake asked pointedly.

"It'll be pretty obvious." He whispered. "But they always monitor the new guy closely. I don't want them to catch on, but just remember what that forcefield does when you touch it."

"Kinda hard to forget," he nodded, still not happy but willing to let it slide and just chill and think until somebody showed up.

"Hey, you did the hard part, the information gathering. I'm just doing my share." He smiled reassuringly.

"Have you considered not letting them separate us so easily?" Jake prompted absently.

"Well, we could test what happens in that case." He said softly. "I expect they can probably adapt that much."

"They did want to see if I'd eat you," the kat smirked.

"Knowing them they probably half expect it to go either way." He smirked playfully. "'Cause I overheard one of them say that there were no sentient herbivores, everything that thinks and reasons eats meat."

"So? You ate meat," Jake chuckled and shook his head. "Believe me, no one who's spent any time in MegaKat City would make that mistake."

"That's why they're not sure who'll eat who." He said putting a mischievous emphasis on 'eat'. "But you actually have sentient herbivores, I've never actually met one."

"Nah, just a city that teaches you kruddy fast that anything is possible."

Duke chuckled. "Kind of what Anaheim taught my teammates and me."

"A lot of races there?"

"No, just one kind of bizarre one, with a propensity for doing the strange and unexpected." Duke chuckled. "Friendly though."

"I'm beginning to think that's something of a mark of intelligence, the ability to do the strange and unexpected on a regular basis."

"I don't know about that." Duke chuckled. "Phil still does pretty strange and unexpected things."

"Phil's a person, but not intelligent?" Jake smirked teasingly.

"We have our doubts about his intelligence on a regular basis." Duke shook his head. "He's a human who kind of volunteered to be our contact with their people at first. He's a professional sports team manager."

"Sounds like Manx," Jake chuckled softly. "How he manages to survive is beyond me, but he's made cowardess a prime tactic."

"A tactic Phil shares most of the time, though he has rare moments that defy explanation." He chuckled. "Mostly he's concerned about making money."

"And he hangs out with your team?" The kat raised an eyebrow. "Odd one."

"Professional Hockey does make respectable money." Duke grinned. "We managed to build a base off of the profits, and gear. We get to have fun, work out, and fund our operations; all with the same activity."

"That's just damn lucky."

"Probably how I ended up here." Duke said quietly. "Team had a serious luck overuse. Had to balance out sometime."

"Something we've got in common, though this is kind of a norm for me," Jake shook his head. "At least the getting trapped part."

"It happens to the rest of the team normally." Duke shook his head. "Normally, I have to get them out."

"Yeah, I know the feeling," Jake smiled with a tolerant fondness. "He's always getting into trouble."

"Your partner?" Duke asked curiously. "Bit of a show-off, and seriously headstrong?" He said with a knowing grin.

"But of course," he smirked. "All great pilots are, and he's the best out there."

Duke chuckled. "Gods, Dive's a pilot too." He shook his head. "Guess it doesn't matter what species the pilot is."

"Not that I've managed to determine, and I've seen a few at this point."

"I'm only really familiar with three, and I'm not much interested in what Saurian pilots are like." Duke said with a distasteful look on his face.

"Lizards?" He guessed.

"Yeah basically, I think they're closer to what the humans call dinosaurs." He shrugged. "Evil bastards, especially their leader Dragaunus."

An Odd Pair

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Written November 1, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Galactic Alliance, Mighty Ducks TAS, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Duck, Kat, Mephit, Saurian

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Blurb: Jake's having one of those days he doesn't want to think about; captured, poked and prodded and thrown in a cell with a creature he's never seen before. His companion isn't having any better a time of it either.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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