An Unbroken World
by Fur and Fantasy
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A familiar voice laced with urgency made Modo's groggy accent to consciousness significantly faster than originally intended. With it came increased awareness of his surroundings, primarily that he was laying in a very large and exquisitely soft bed with pillows and blankets of very fine cloth.

"Huh?" Modo said as he looked around at the grand bedroom larger than many houses he was familiar with. "Where the hell are we now, Throttle?" He asked his Bro curiously, uncomfortable with the overdone surroundings.

"A good guess is somewhere that doesn't exist anymore." He answered uneasily, still dressed in his usual biker outfit with a good weeks worth of road dust and battle reside imbedded in his tawny fur. "The Van Wham family manor. Or one of them at least." He pointed to a crest prominently displayed on the wall and out the window to the bright sunlight and gardens visible even from the bed. "Vinnie was here, from the scent."

"Family manor?" Modo asked curiously, as he looked at the unfamiliar crest. "I take it Vin's from big money?" He asked, not really knowing since he'd never asked about the guy's background.

"Very, very big old titled money." Throttle looked at his gray Bro a little curiously. "You really didn't know?"

"It's a city thing." He shrugged. "We never really paid much attention to which family had the big money. Didn't have anything to do with us."

"I guess," Throttle rocked back a bit, clearly a bit stunned at the thought of not knowing who was in charge. "Are you okay?"

"Aside from feeling about as out of place as a herd of deer in the front parlor, I am." He said quietly. "How about you?"

"Fine," he nodded back. "Mostly wondering what the hell is going on, where Vinnie is and if our bikes made the trip to wherever this is."

"My first guess would be we've gotten dumped into some sort of alternate Mars." Modo said softly. "I just hope they're genuinely friendly, and that this isn't their way of treating the condemned."

"That much I don't know," Throttle murmured, clearly uneasy. "But it's not how it usually works. We're not their kind." His next words were cut off by a polite knock before the door opened to reveal a petite charcoal black mouse carrying a large tray that smelled of food.

"Master Vincent wanted me to make sure you ate well and were comfortable while he spoke to Master Carlari." She said softly as she walked in and closed to door with her tail without looking.

"Vincent?" Modo blinked. The only time he ever anybody call Vinnie that was when they were seriously pissed at him. "Yeah, I think we're comfortable." He said looking over to Throttle.

The tawny mouse simply nodded. "Breakfast would be good. What do you know about how we got here?" He asked the poised young teenager as she set up the trays on a nearby nightstand and readied a tray and plate.

"Very little I am afraid, masters." She ducked her head shyly and turned to get a chair for Throttle to sit and eat at the small table she unfolded for him next to the bed. "I was asleep at the time. I understand there was a flash of light and all three of you appeared in the Children's Garden with your motorcycles. Caused quite a stir among the guards until Master Vincent made himself known."

"Yeah, breakfast sounds like a good idea." Modo agreed as he sat up and she set a tray designed for eating in bed across his lap. He tried to wrap his mind around what he was hearing as his nose decided the breakfast smelled incredible.

"Are we guests?" Throttle asked quietly after several bites of whipped cream, fresh fruit and thick battered and fried bread.

"Oh, yes," she smiled brightly at him. "Master Vincent made it very clear he owed both of you his life several times. Even if he is not given the rank he was clearly brought up with, that is still worth a great deal here."

"Which brings up a good question, exactly where is here?" Modo asked after eating a little. "My compliments to the cook, this is good." He added politely.

"Crest Skies, the Van Wham family estate in Drumin." She said simply.

"Thank you." Modo said politely, as he returned to eating. It would figure they'd end up in one of the bigger cities on Mars. He hoped estate meant that is was on the outside of the city, and hopefully large and open.

"More juice, sir?" She smiled prettily at Throttle, who nodded, his mouth too full to speak.

"Are we supposed to stay in the room for now?" Throttle asked when he had a moment.

"Oh, no, you're welcome to wander around, as long as you have a servant with you to make sure you don't get into trouble." She smiled brightly. "The gardens are very beautiful. I believe all three cyberbikes are on the racetrack showing off, particularly Girl."

"The bikes all made it." Modo repeated, relaxing significantly. "Well, that's the best bit of news lately."

"Yes, all six of you did, sir." She nodded politely to him. "Master Vincent won't be free to talk until dinner at the very earliest. Would you like to look around?"

"Definitely," Throttle nodded before taking a long drink of the tangy-sweet juice.

"Sounds like a good idea." Modo nodded, falling into the easy pattern of following Throttle's lead.

"Wonderful." She smiled. "My name is Grace." She added almost as an afterthought that they might actually need it. "The day is very beautiful, and the pool is wonderfully warm if you care to swim after walking around."

"Thank you, Grace." Modo said as he finished his breakfast and she took the tray away, packing it with the rest of the dishes under the lid it had all come in.

"Is there anything you'd like to see first?" She asked politely, happily ramping up into full tour guide mode.

"The bikes actually." Modo said. "If that's okay."

"Certainly," Grace smiled brightly at him. "We can go now, or after you shower and freshen up."

"A shower would be good," Throttle spoke up, though his voice was quiet.

"If you'll leave your clothes in the outer changing room, I'll have them cleaned while you bathe, sirs." She offered.

"All right," he nodded and stood with a smile for the much smaller teenager.

"Would you like help cleaning and grooming?" She asked, utterly professional.

"Umm, no, that's fine." Throttle's face blinked.

"Yeah, I think we can manage. Thank you." Modo agreed as he got out of the huge bed to stand next to Throttle and wondering why he'd forgotten about a shower. He was in too much of a hurry to get outside.

"Of course," Grace inclined her head politely and motioned for them to follow her to a door on the far side from the large picture windows. "This is the changing and grooming room." She opened the door to a large, brightly lit room with many full-length mirrors, two sinks carved into glinting gold-veined white marble and places to hang and primp with much more clothing that either Mouse owned.

"The bathroom is beyond the far door," she indicated across the specious dressing room.

"Thank you." Modo said as he took in the somewhat overwhelming room. The number of full-length mirrors alone was a bit much, and made Modo wish for curtains to hang over them.

"Come on Bro, let's get the travel dust off," Throttle caught the big gray Mouse's arm gently, guiding him into the bathroom part beyond the mirrors without undressing.

"Right." Modo agreed going along easily, until they were in the bathroom. "Never seen so many mirrors." The big grey mouse murmured quietly.

"Kinda make's Vinnie's fixation on his looks make a little more sense," Throttle shook his head and quickly stripped down as he checked out the glistening white and watery blue room. "So ... tub or shower?"

"As long as we've got time to kill, how about the tub." Modo smiled, thinking both were more like works of art than plumbing. He stripped down quickly, shaking his head at the extravagance of it all while Throttle put their clothes in the outer room. "They don't do anything in a small way."

"Well, it is Vinnie amplified," Throttle chuckled, both amused and trying not to think about it as he knelt to turn the water on to the whirlpool tub after a bit of studying.

"A whole estate of Vinnies." Modo chuckled.

"Scary thought," Throttle grinned while the tub filled with steaming clean water. "Maybe your family is still around too."

"Could be. They're a long way from Drumin though." He said quietly. "Your family might be too."

Throttle shook his head slightly. "My family was just my parents. Even if they're on this world, it's nothing I want to inflict on them."

"Oh, I didn't know." Modo said softly. "My family was the whole village in a way."

"I remember," He nodded. Kind of figured it out when you had a nephew you cared about."

"Well, that would just mean I had a sister who'd had kits." Modo grinned, and then sobered abruptly. "Gods, I hope he's alright." He said softly.

"I'm sure he will be," Throttle put a strong hand on Modo's shoulder. "Rimfire's a survivor."

"I know." Modo said quietly. "Doesn't stop me from worrying though."

"Of course it doesn't," he smiled and squeezed his shoulder again before turning the water off and the water jets on. "He's like a Bro to you."

"Yeah, that's about right." Modo nodded. "I hope there's a way back." He added quietly as Throttle slipped into the steaming, swirling water.

"We got here, there's a way to get back." Throttle rumbled stubbornly.

"Yeah, there's got to be." Modo agreed, as he joined Throttle in the large whirlpool tub. "This is nice." He rumbled softly.

"Oh, yeah," the tawny Mouse groaned softly and relaxed back, nude but for his shades and utterly unabashed about it while they floated in the water. "It's been forever."

"And then some." Modo agreed, floating, but with metal arm on the edge of the tub to keep it from sinking him.

"At least of places to get stuck for a while, a green Mars isn't too bad." Throttle commented before sinking under the water for a moment, wetting the rest of his fur.

"Not bad." Modo agreed. "If a little overdone." He chuckled before sinking to wet the rest of his fur.

"Well, they are like Vinnie," He smirked and reached for a bottle of shampoo. "Pity it's scented." He wrinkled his nose but squeezed it out anyway. "Clean your back?"

"Thanks, Bro." Modo smiled. "I'll return the favor when you're done." He offered casually.

"That'll be nice," he smiled and shifted over to start to work on the thick gray neck.

Modo sighed and closed his eyes as he relaxed and tried to ignore the excess that surrounded them. In some ways it was more alien than Chicago had been. But Throttle's touch was sure and strong, massaging his muscles as much as it worked grim from the short gray fur. Something in the tawny mouse's sent said he knew this kind of place though, and he feared it in an absent way.

"Something about this place bothers you, doesn't it?" Modo asked quietly, and caught a short nod in reply out of the corner of his eye.

"Yeah, my kin sorta pissed them off kinda seriously."

"Nobles in general, or the Van Whams specifically?" Modo asked quietly.

"In general." He murmured, working out across Modo's furred shoulders.

"Ah, we didn't really have anything to do with them." Modo said quietly. "So how'd your kin piss off the nobles?" He asked curiously and felt Throttle freeze at the question for a moment.

"We left." He explained finally.

Huh?" Modo said confused. "I don't think I follow. Left where?"

"The nobility," he whispered, clearly a secret he intended to keep fairly close. "Renounced our blood."

"Oh, your family was nobles once." He said softly. "I take it you didn't get along with the other nobles well."

"Bro, this is not a good place to be discussing this." Throttle finally hissed threw clenched teeth, though his hands didn't waver from their work.

"Oh, sorry." He said quietly. "You think they're listening?" He asked, changing the subject.

"No, but if someone walks in ... Vinnie's going to have enough trouble with us as commoners. He doesn't need any more."

"Oh, he is?" Modo shook his head. "I don't really understand any of this."

"Yeah, he will be, if this is like our Mars." Throttle nodded and started working down Modo's back. "He's going to have to establish his rank again, since he wasn't born here but is of the blood. Then he's going to have to explain just why he's beholden to two commoners. It won't be too long before he'll have to explain why he's following one."

"I guess that you're best qualified isn't enough, is it?" Modo asked quietly.

"Not in peacetime," he shook his head. "He shouldn't be associating with commoners, much less let one give him orders. It makes sense in our world, but not in this one."

Modo snorted. "Sweet Mars, that's silliest thing I ever heard." He shook his head. "Like they're any better than us." He added with a disbelieving shake of his head.

Throttle paused, considering something for a moment before he shook his head. "Sometimes blood does carry advantages, like it or not."

"Yeah, money and influence."

"Intelligence, physical form, gifts of power." He added quietly. "Yes, luck and chance spread them a little, but they do follow bloodlines strongly."

"I guess." Modo said quietly, not really believing the nobles had anything on anyone other than dumb luck of birth. Even the minimal contact he had with Throttle's hands told him there was a lot to this story and what the other Mouse knew he wasn't being told.

"I don't think anyone's claimed life is fair." Throttle said into the following silence and nudged Modo to stand so he could work farther down the strong gray back.

"Quite the opposite." Modo said as he stood and felt Throttle's hands work further down his back with the firm familiarity of long time Bros. Only when Throttle reached the small of his back did the tawny Mouse pause again.

"Modo ... have you ever dealt with a shapeshifter before?" He asked hesitantly.

"Once when I was a lot younger, before the fishfaces." He said softly. "Can't say I've met any since the war started, at least who let on that they were." He shrugged. "Mama said they were a lot rarer then they were a long time ago."

"Did it go well?"

"Yeah, I thought so." He smiled. "I didn't even realize what he was at first, till he shifted out of razorwolf form. We'd both been tracking the same plains deer."

"Good," he let a breath of real relief go. "It's not an attitude many outside the families hold."

"My village had a very live and let live approach. We'd get along with anybody who was willing to get along with us." He smiled and Throttle went back to scrubbing his back.

"They're something you'll see a lot of around here."

"That's cool." He smiled, looking over his shoulder at his Bro when Throttle's hands finally left him.

"Thanks, Bro." He smiled, and moved around behind Throttle. "My turn." He grinned as he grabbed the shampoo, squeezed some into his real hand and went to work scrubbing his Bro's shoulders, first one side and then the other using only his real hand while Throttle worked the grime from the fur of his chest and face.

An Unbroken World


16 KB, Story is Closed-Unfinished, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written April 30, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars

Primary Races: Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Gen. Alternate Universe

Pairings: None

Blurb: The guys wake up on an alternate Mars, one that never faced the Plutarkian invasion. While it's a nice place, the results bring out some secrets the guys never intended to talk about.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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