Party Mice
by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F
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A few days later, Tanner and Tina were back at their farm, giving Keira and Bender a chance to catch up on his training again. After what had happened, she was eager to get back to work with him.

"Come on, Bender," she said as he kept waving to the two departing felines. "Let's get some practice in while we've got the chance, okay?"

"Yes, Mamma." He nodded eagerly, suddenly all business. "What today?"

"Well, after what happened with the Kath Hounds, I think we need to start working on your telepathy a little more. I heard you, but we need to get you to the point where you can start working on other people better."

"Yes, Mamma." He nodded.

Keira closed the door, leading him in towards the private room where they did their practice sessions. He took his seat easily, familiar with the routine as she did the same.

"Okay, I need you to relax yourself," she told him. "You know what to do; try to center yourself."

"Yes, Mamma." Bender nodded and closed his eyes, trying to relax into the calmness that didn't come easily, but would come in time.

Keira closed her own eyes, focusing more easily, keeping an eye on Bender's condition and waiting for him to be properly settled.

"Now, let's start out simple," she said softly. "Come to me, mentally. Reach out to me, across our bond."

"*I'm here, Mamma.*" He found that link and followed it fairly easily.

"*Good,*" she nodded. "*Now, what I'm going to tell you to do, is something you should never do without a good reason, okay?*"

"*Yes, Mamma.*" He nodded mentally, even more serious than usual when training.

"*I want you to reach out and look for Tina ... don't talk to her, but see if you can find her mind.*"

He nodded silently and reached his mind out in the direction he knew she was; towards her home. It wasn't as easy as reaching his mother; not only was there no bond, but Tina wasn't a sensitive.

"*Can you find her?*" Keira asked him, confirming what she was sensing.

"*I think so, Mamma.*" He wasn't quite sure enough it was her to state he had, but it was at least someone close to her.

"*This is the part you're not supposed to do without a good reason,*" she warned him. "*Very carefully, listen to her, to what she's thinking, and tell me what it is.*"

"*She's thinking about what it would be like to have a mother. That her father is very happy. It makes her happy. She likes you. She's wondering if she'll have a little brother or sister soon.*"

"*Which neither of you are too likely to,*" Keira pointed out to him with a bit of a mental chuckle. "*All right, come back for now.*"

Bender nodded again and pulled himself back into his mind. It felt weird to be so contained after stretching out, but it felt good too. Safe and secure in his own mind.

"Now, why shouldn't you do that without a good reason, Bender?" Keira asked him.

"Because thoughts are private, Mamma." He sat up straight, reciting something she'd drilled into him until he understood. "Just because I can listen, doesn't mean it's my right to."

"Very good," Keira nodded. "Sometimes surface thoughts are okay, but usually you should just leave them alone. That's why I didn't have you go any deeper than just listening. It is possible to search deeper, but you shouldn't do that without a very good reason."

"Yes, Mamma." He nodded seriously.

"Good," she smiled, reaching over to ruffle his hair. "Now, let's go back to something a little more familiar for now," she continued, opening up a small box and pulling out the telekinetic 'maze' toy they used for his training.

Keira blinked, her body tensing very subtly as she felt more than heard someone approach that was not her son. Her grip on the wrench in her hand tightened as she focused on the stranger, being careful not to betray that she knew they were there. She was under the harvester, repairing a broken track. It wasn't that she didn't trust her neighbors; Hell, Tanner was one of them.

It was just that she was a little cautious about being the only person on the farm when a stranger approached, particularly when she wasn't really armed.

As the newcomer continued to approach, she reached out, hoping to identify them before somebody did something regrettable.

A breath of relief came out as she recognized Tanner's mind and his friendly intentions. She slipped out from under the harvester, sitting up and leaning back against it with a smile for the tabby.

"Well, this is an unexpected visit," she grinned, putting her tools away.

"I have some free time, I was hoping to spend it with you." He smiled warmly and offered a hand to her.

"I'm flattered," she smiled, taking his hand and standing. "Though I get the feeling there's something you're not telling me," she added with a bit of a smirk.

Tanner just rolled his eyes. "Mother made sure I had the time. I'm just not complaining this time." He added with a purring smile.

"Well, I hope she approves of me when we meet," she smiled back, purring as she squeezed his hand lightly. "So, the kits are off playing. What would you like to do during your new-found freetime?"

"Maybe play ourselves?" He grinned. "Walk, talk, tag?"

"Tag?" She giggled. "Aren't we a little old for that?"

"We're only as old as we let ourselves me," he grinned right back and tipped her chin up a bit. "I think we both grew up a bit too fast."

"Mmm ... good a reason as any to lighten up a bit now," she purred, leaning up to kiss him lightly.

"So ... who's it?" He raised an eyebrow playfully.

"Mmm ... well, after that, you are," she winked, slipping out of his arms and darting off through the fields with his laughter following her as he took off in pursuit.

She knew he could never catch her if she didn't let him, but she didn't want to make it too easy either.

She did a little ducking and weaving, but didn't make it too hard for him. She wasn't going to use the Force for this; she'd save her full physical ability for when she was trying to catch him again.

What she did manage to do, without trying to make it easier for him at all, was forget about a small varmint hole in the field that was coming up, catching her foot in it and falling flat on her face for a moment. She got to her feet just in time to be tackled into a rolling stop with him on top and a solid kiss on her mouth.

Then Tanner was off.

"Oh, you!" She giggled, then bolted for him, trying to get close enough to catch him herself. This time, it wasn't going to be a light peck that she gave him.

He knew the land, but he wasn't a hunter, and certainly not a sensitive. She'd have him whenever she wanted him.

And, as she darted off to the side to cut him off, she decided that now would do nicely.

She jumped out of the rows of plants, grabbing him and tackling him to the ground as she kissed him heatedly, determined to make this one he'd remember.

One she would too, most likely.

Her mind instantly snapped into reality and how different things where the instant she pinned his hands down. The submission, the fire that flared to life inside him so hot even he was shocked ... he wasn't hard, but everything about him said it would only be a moment.

She pulled back, rolling off of him, trying to focus and catch her breath.

"I'm sorry," she said apologetically, not quite willing to look into his eyes just now. It was just as well; his eyes were closed as he tried to catch his breath and recover from the shock of the moment.

"You didn't know." Tanner finally managed. "I didn't know."

"Right," Keira nodded slightly. "Uhm... well... what did you think?" She asked him with a slightly shy smile, blushing beneath her fur. It was a look he matched as he ducked his head a bit before answering.

"I ... it was intense." He finally murmured, looking up at her uncertainly. "I think I'd like to see what it feels like when it's not such a surprise."

"If you're up for it, so am I," she smiled shyly, leaning forward again, letting him take the lead this time as she was slowly drawn into a soft, lingering kiss that gradually drew her on top of him in the long strands of grain-grass.

She returned the kiss with a growing heat and passion, pressing against him and enjoying the feel of his body against hers. She was being careful this time though; she didn't want this to go too far.

Not yet, at least.

It was a distinction lost on Tanner as he drew her hands over his wrists, pinning him to the ground again.

Keira felt the heat from his body, the arousal already had him fully hard under her hips, but the heat in his mind was a swirling inferno that he was slowly giving in to as a pleasure. As she continued to kiss him heatedly, their lips parting only briefly to let them breathe as she caught on and pinned him down for real, shifting her legs so she was straddling the tom's stomach, her tail lashing excitedly behind her.

He groaned, then whimpered into her mouth, his body on fire and her tail only adding to the intensity until he couldn't stand it any more and she felt him start to push upwards in the beginning of a roll that would switch their positions.

She pushed back down, following an impulse she only half-understood herself as she pinned him with a low rumble, half-way between a purr and a growl. She felt an intense rush when he cried out and his hips bucked up with the first explosion of an orgasm that sent his mind reeling.

Keira blushed as she realized just how seriously this had been turning him on, something that hadn't really clicked with her conscious mind until now.

It also hadn't clicked just how much it was turning her on, though the empty feeling that every breath of his arousal made grow inside her was making it perfectly clear just now.

When she glanced down at his eyes, so dilated they were almost black, she didn't need her Force-abilities to read the desire to hold her in them.

Trying to calm herself down, she released his wrists, wrapping her arms around him and rolling so they were side by side. It was a position he accepted readily and sighed into her soft hair.

"I think you like that," she giggled slightly, nuzzling his neck.

"Yes," Tanner admitted with a slight shudder as his over-sensitized skin rubbed against his pants. "I think you did too." He murmured after a deep breath of her scent.

"Mhm," she admitted shyly, rubbing his back. "Mmm ... I think we'd better arrange that dinner with your folks before things end up going too much father. At this rate, another week and we'll get caught with you strapped to my bed or something," she smirked.

"Any time you want." He smiled and drew her a little closer. "But you ... today's not very fair to you."

"Mmm ... I'll have to make sure you make up for it some other time," she murmured, hugging him close. "Tempting as it is, I'm gonna try and hold out a little longer, m'kay? Besides, holding you like this is good too," she purred.

"It is good," he smiled and closed his eyes briefly to simply enjoy her presence in the sun and earth.

Tanner sniffed the air as he entered Keira's home. Both she and Bender hadn't been inside for several hours, but their scent, and a very distinctive noise he'd never actually heard before led him towards the back and a large, enclosed space he had never been invited into.

It was just a couple days after the incident in the field, and he'd been over to visit several times since. Keira had never actually said that any particular place was off-limits, so he didn't think she'd mind.

He did, however, make a note to keep his head down when he first showed up. He was sure that what he heard were lightsabers, being used in measured, rhythmic strokes and strikes, and it wasn't a good idea to startle somebody using one.

What he saw took his breath away. Even Bender, as young as he was, had solid grip of combat basics and how to use his weapon.

His mother was an act of thoughtless grace.

The two of them were practicing against each other, Bender occasionally trying to test his mother's defenses, but usually focusing on blocking her own, intentionally easy to block, strikes. It was clear that both knew what they were doing, at least to some extent... and just as clear that this had been going on since long before he'd been part of the picture.

Suddenly, Keira's ears twitched in his direction, and she stepped back from Bender.

"Cease," she said, softly and firmly, holding her bright blue lightsaber off to the side, Bender's own matching its color.

"Did you make Knight?" Tanner asked gently, trying to put her at ease when it occurred to him that they were probably keeping this quiet for a reason.

"Barely," she said, nodding slightly as the both of them extinguished their lightsabers. He could tell there was old pain there, something that had happened that she regretted. "Bender, why don't you go play for a while? We'll pick up again later... I need to talk to Tanner."

"Yes, Mamma." He nodded and carefully put his weapon away before scampering off to leave the adults alone.

"I can explain," she started softly, trailing off as she put her own lightsaber up on the wall next to Bender's trainer and her spare. "No ... I can't really," she sighed, shaking her head and turning back towards Tanner, not quite willing to look up into his eyes. "I should have said something sooner...."

"I knew you had Jedi training when we met." He extended a hand in friendship and acceptance. "I know you aren't evil. The rest is history. I want to hear it, when you are ready to talk about it."

"Now's as good a time as ever," she said, reaching up to take his hand. "And don't be too quick to throw out history... I know that Garqi wasn't hit that hard during the last few wars, but not every world was so lucky. Why don't we go talk out front?"

"All right." He nodded and drew her close for a gentle kiss before they walked to the front porch to sit down.

She sat down next to him, leaning up against his side and sighing. "So, where should I start?" She asked him.

"How about why you left the Order?" He suggested gently with a supportive nuzzle.

"I was stupid," she murmured. "So were they ... but more on my end. I was just a Padawan during the Mandalorian Wars ... I actually earned my knighthood just a few months before the battle of Malachor V. The Order was desperate then, with so many Jedi out on the Rim, so many slain in the battle ... I've wondered since if I was knighted because I earned it, or because they needed troops.

"Then Revan and Malak came back ... or at least their new supporters did. Sweet Force, they made so much sense when we stopped to look at what had happened during the past decade or so ...." Keira closed her eyes, taking a few deep breaths to steady herself. "That was when the Second Jedi Civil War began ... and I was on the wrong side."

"What happened to make you leave them?" He asked softly, not willing to put name to what he was sure she meant.

"The Sith?" She asked, not as afraid to put a name to the group that was still feared across the galaxy, even years after they had fallen apart and fragmented. "Te...." She swallowed, shivering. "I saw things that they did... I saw what they really were. When they recruited me and my friends, they talked about how the Order had abandoned the people of the Republic, how the Mandalorians had only been stopped because of them. They made it sound like they were going to take up the role of protectors of the Galaxy, and we listened. Then worlds started to burn, and I saw what they really were. I ran," she finished, shame and anger at herself clear in her scent. "I stole an escape pod and hid from them on a planet they couldn't find me on. You know the story from there."

"The world you found Bender on," he nodded. "Why didn't you go back to the Jedi?"

"I was a traitor to the Order," she pointed out. "I hadn't killed a Jedi yet, but ... what I didn't do was worse. And even if I hate the Sith, I still don't know about the Jedi... like I said, they made sense. The Order had its reasons for what it did, but millions of lives were lost because of their delays. And if they had fought the Mandalorians, then Revan and Malak wouldn't have had a leg to stand on when they recruited Jedi to their cause. If they'd just done something... maybe things wouldn't have fallen apart as badly as they did."

"So you decided it was best to leave them both to their own devices and back out entirely?" He tried to summarize what she'd just said.

"Basically," she admitted. "There are more like me out there... not enough, but more of us than there used to be. You must think I'm a coward," she murmured, turning to press her face against his shoulder. "Or a monster, for being with the Sith at all."

"Not everyone is meant for that life," he drew her close. "My brother thinks it's everything, I want to be a farmer. Two brothers have come back to the farm after trying to live in the city. My oldest sister couldn't be happier there. You've done well here, with your son."

"You have family with the Order?" She asked him, looking up at him, grateful for the change of subject. "And thank you."

"Yes," he nodded. "Jaken. He's the third oldest of my siblings, from mom's first littler, and the only one of us to have talent enough for them. He's only come home once, just after he was knighted. I hadn't even been born yet, so I haven't met him, but she said that she'd never met anyone so content with their life."

"I hope he still is," she murmured. "And that he made it through the wars."

"Me too." Tanner sighed softly. "I think mom would know if he died. She always seems to know what he is up to."

"Over the past few years, I've come to accept that that's just part and parcel of being a mother," Keira chuckled weakly. "Thank you," she murmured softly and settled into his arms. "I would like to try and keep this quiet yet... not everybody's as understanding as you are."

"Mother knows and likes you more for it, but I haven't spread the word and I won't." He promised.

"Thank you," she said, nuzzling him lightly. "Though you can see why dating wasn't exactly something I did much of now," she chuckled slightly.

"Between that, being a single mother, and the farm ... skies, it took me the better part of a year to get the nerve up to come close." He sort-of chuckled. "You really do have that 'don't come near me' attitude down."

"Most people I've met who want to get close aren't that nice," she admitted, snuggling up to his side. "But then, I've had a heck of a bunch to choose from, haven't I? Just glad you did get up the nerve, even if it took deciding that the Kath Hounds going after the kits were scarier than I was," she winked.

"I was going to help my daughter," he pointed out with a light chuckle. "You just happened to be there, then it was all over with. Thinking came after the point I realized you weren't going to kill me."

"Never," she smiled. "There's a part of me ... there's part of me that will never be quite the same after the Sith. But I only kill people who richly deserve it, and I don't see any way you'd reach that point."

"Lets hope not. I really don't want you hunting me that way." He tipped her head up for a gentle kiss. "Now, how about going to dinner at my place?"

"Mmm ... sure," she smiled. "Just give me a few minutes to shower and change from practice and get something put together for when Bender gets home."

"He is invited, if you want." Tanner let her go and stood to follow so they could talk while she moved about the house.

"Mmm... if you're sure," she smiled. "It would be good for him to get out to meet more than just some of the other kids around here."

"*Bender?*" She asked, reaching out to him telepathically. "*If you can come home and get ready for dinner, we've been invited to Tanner's,*" she told the kit.

"*Coming, Mamma.*" He replied quickly, though not so clearly.

"He'll be back in just a few minutes," she smiled at Tanner, leaning up to kiss his cheek lightly. "Now, I need to slip into the shower, and I really don't think it'd be a good idea to follow me in there, so...."

"I'll be a good boy and wait out here," he chuckled lightly. "And try not to think too much about it."

"Not unless we want a repeat of the way that little game of tag ended," she winked, slipping into the bathroom to clean up.

"Then I'd be the one needing a shower." Tanner shook his head as she closed the door behind him. "Get going. I'll be waiting."

"Relax, Bender," Keira told him with a soft smile, nervous herself as they walked up to the front door of Tanner's farm. Her son was dressed up in clean clothes, his fur and hair brushed out. Keira was in a simple dress, trying to keep herself from getting wound up. It was just a simple family dinner ... it was just the first time she was actually meeting Tanner's mother and kin.

And she really wanted to make a good impression, for all that Tanner said she'd have to try not to.

One side of the simple double front door opened to reveal an elderly brown tabby shecat.

"Welcome to my home, Keira." She extended a hand to her visitor and guided her into a great space that was both entrance way and main room. "I am Jinny Marcothe."

"Thank you," Keira smiled, stepping in, impressed by the size of the house and its rooms. It wasn't lost on her that while it was simply decorated, it was a working farm house, but there were a few examples of very fine artwork as well. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Ma'am. This is my son, Bender," she said, introducing the kit as he followed her inside.

"Hello, Bender." The elder woman knelt to greet him on his level.

"Hello, Ma'am." He bowed politely.

"You have a well-trained son, Keira." Jinny stood and smiled. "Dinner is on the table and most are here."

"Thank you," Keira smiled. "Let's go meet them then; I've been looking forward to this."

"Come this way," Jinny nodded and motioned them into the great dinning room beyond.

Keira couldn't miss that this was meant to comfortably feed many, many people at once. Long tables had benches, not chairs, to sit on, and most were occupied by Cats ranging in age from just old enough to sit on a cushion and eat there to a few grey with age and older than the family matriarch.

"You are sitting with me at the first table," Jinny motioned to the long table along the center of the far wall, nearest the kitchen.

"Thank you," Keira nodded, following the older shecat to the proper table. She sat down after Tanner pulled out a chair to his mother's left for her, then sat down to her left with Bender between them.

"So, Keira, what do you think of my son?" Jinny began as a large bowl of mashed white tubers with butter and herbs was brought out.

"He's a fine young man," Keira smiled as she served herself and Bender from the bowl before passing it on to Tanner. "Brave, intelligent, and handsome. I wish I'd had the chance to meet him sooner," she chuckled as Tanner flushed under his brown fur with the way several knowing looks went his way from those who could hear.

"I understand you have done well with your farm," Jinny continued with a soft smile. "And are alone there."

"With Bender," she nodded. "I've done well for the situation, I like to think. Fortunately I had a good start, and I've never been afraid of hard work. From what I can gather, you and yours have done quite well too."

"We have," she admitted simply and passed a plate of thick steaks to Keira. "Being in the third wave of settlers on Garqi, my great-great-grandparents had something of an advantage in choosing the best land."

"Good place to start, and a lot of effort to make it work," Keira nodded with a smile, taking one of the steaks for herself and one of the smallest ones for Bender, passing the plate to Tanner before helping her son cut it up into smaller pieces. "The best combination it seems, no matter what the salespeople say."

"Don't count it out. A lot of good land comes up for sale. It is how we have expanded over the years." Jinny countered.

"That and marriage." An older shekat, one of Jinny's sisters from her look, added with a chuckle.

"I understand," Keira said easily with a chuckle of her own. "I'd been referring more to the people who travel through here, looking for rich, naive newcomers who don't know what they're doing.

"Ah, them." She nodded. "We don't see many of them out here."

"Yeah, word gets around that we roast snake-oil salesmen." Someone from across the table smirked.

"I'm still on the 'only been here a few years' list," Keira chuckled. "But they're learning. So, how has the harvest been for you this year?"

"Very good," Jinny smiled, quite willing to let the conversation descend into small talk for a time as they ate.

Keira took a deep breath of the cool night air about three hours later, stepping outside for a bit to relax. They'd been chatting and eating for hours; Bender was off playing with some of the other kits, and she had to admit ... she thought it was going well.

That much she had going for her. It was hard to imagine three centuries of family history, and that just counting since they'd arrived on Garqi. Admittedly, it wasn't a particularly fascinating three centuries ... but she didn't even really know who her family was. She couldn't help but be grateful that they didn't really care about that, or that she had a child out of wedlock. Some old families could be particularly anal about such things. The Marcothe clan only really cared that she was willing to work hard and have a successful farm.

"Mother definitely approves of you." Tanner purred in her ear as her came up behind her and slid his arms around her.

"Good," she smiled softly and reached back to wrap her arms around his as she pressed back against his powerfully built chest. "Mmm... you have a good family. Very, very big, but good."

"Do you still want to be part of it, with me?" He asked hesitantly.

"Is that a proposal?" She asked him, turning and looking up into his eyes with a bit of a hopeful blush.

"Yes, Keira." He smiled shyly at her and lowered his head to kiss her softly. "Would you marry me and be part of my life?"

"Gladly," she purred, pressing up into the kiss and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you," he sighed softly and held her close. "Several of my cousins know how to pierce ears painlessly, if you are willing to follow our customs."

"Which customs?" She asked curiously, nuzzling his neck lightly.

"Exchanging earrings," he smiled shyly and brought out a small jewelry box to show her a pair of rainbow-colored metal and semi-precious stone earrings made up of a dozen fine chain loops attached to a band that was as pretty on the back as the front. "This is my gift to you, one for each of us. For the actual wedding, you provide a pair for our left ears. Do you have any you want to follow?"

"None that I know of," she admitted, smiling back up at him. "And I don't have any trouble with this one ... might take me a bit to find something suitable, but you're worth it," she purred, leaning up to kiss him again.

"Arranging for the wedding will take some time." He smiled and snuggled close to her as he drew her down on one of the two swinging benches on the deep, wrap-around porch. "For this, the entire family will want to be here, not just the locals."

"Mmm ... just as well I don't have much family to get in touch with," she mused, snuggling up close to him. "I love you, Tanner," she murmured softly, leaning her head on his shoulder.

Party Mice

NC-17 for M/F
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Written February 6, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall, Vorex

Setting: Biker Mice from Mars

Primary Races: Martian Mice

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F).

Pairings: Vinnie/F

Blurb: When Vinnie finds a pretty she-mouse when out partying, all sorts of sweaty sex ensue, much to the irritation to both their leaders.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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