Black SWAT in Time
by Fur and Fantasy
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"At ease, Captain." President Ashari Xaxith inclined her head slightly. "I'm sure you're wondering why you've been recalled to duty so soon without anything in the news."

"Since I indicated no interest in returning, I'd be very interested." He said tiredly, already feeling the fatigue that had led him to resign his commission. "This is highly disruptive." He added, not relaxing because he hadn't actually been at attention in the first place.

"An opening came up in a very special project, and you are the first pick for it." The regal cinnamon Tigress began. "I can tell you very little about it, except your training and choice of new career makes you perfect, it will be the greatest challenge of your life, and it is all about saving lives, not taking them."

He looked at her for several long moments, wondering just what was really going on. He didn't trust politicians, never had, and the President was the top politician. He was sure they'd pull up some odd clause to make him join if he didn't come voluntarily. This was the carrot approach, and he had no doubt the other hand held the stick.

He nodded. "Okay, but don't try to snow me. If there wasn't life-taking involved my training wouldn't be of much value, and we both know that." He said quietly. "I've done it, and I'm damn good at it. But I don't want anymore innocent lives on my conscience. I've got enough ghosts as it is."

Ashari smiled with a low chuckle and handed him a packet of orders. "I see your mouth hasn't changed much either. This may just help you put some of those ghosts to rest." She paused to press a button on her desk comm unit. "Cargrin, he agreed." She let the button go and looked up at the short Black Lion. "Cargrin will tell you a great deal more on the way to the training camp."

"I should hope so." He said taking the order packet. "I am who I am, that doesn't change." He grinned as the door opened to reveal a graying orange marmalade tomkat.

"I'm glad you're giving us a chance, Kalvin." The elder Kat greeted him. "Good day, President. One of these days we must find time to see each other without duty getting in the middle."

"That we must." She smiled fondly at him.

"Now, Kalvin Starclaw, if you'll come with me, I'll try to answer your questions once we're on the road. This is unlike anything you've done before."

"Most things are unlike what I've done before." He said quietly as he followed as they silently made their way to the secure parking garage.

"I'm Cargrin Tigror." The marmalade tom commented as they approached a very unusual looking vehicle. It resembled a sleep black sport scar, but it didn't have any visible wheels. "Do get in," he motioned to the right hand side as the doors slid back.

Kalvin easily slipped in the passenger side, and appeared to relax against the seat. The truth though was that he rarely relaxed his guard anywhere but home, and this was no exception.

Cargrin waited for both doors to close, and a moment longer as the vehicle powered up and rose about ten inches off the ground before maneuvering it to leave. "You're welcome to ask any questions you have, now. If I can't answer it, I'll say that."

"Okay." He said simply. "So what's the impetus for this new operation?"

"One, it's not new." The old tom chuckled softly. "Are you familiar with Black SWAT?"

"Top notch special ops unit about twenty years ago. Supposedly disbanded, but nobody who knows anything believes that." He said with a smirk. "This would be the black project they got put in?" It was as much statement as question.

"Yes, the Time Guard." Cargrin keep an eye on his new recruit through the corner of his eye.

"Time Guard?" The Black Lion said dubiously. "This new project involves time travel?"

"Yes, it does." He nodded.

"In what respect, use of, defense against or both?" He said doubtfully.

"Realistically, it's mostly researching the past by going there." Cargrin nodded. "Though there have been a few mission that actually fall under out primary charter of the defending the timeline."

"I'm not quite sure I see how my training relates to researching anything." Kalvin said quietly. "I'm not a researcher."

"No, but you are a gifted survivor with an interest in healing." The marmalade tom explained as he drove into the countryside. "More so, you are brilliant, adaptable and with an extremely strong internal sense of time. Your combat skills are very much secondary to why we wanted you, though they are a nice bonus as far as we're concerned."

"Okay, I'm thinking this sounds like a team environment rather than the solo/ pair environment that Black Ops favors." He commented as he looked around at the scenery.

"Yes, it is." Cargrin nodded. "Most units have five to seven members, though there are a few that are pairs, and some agents prefer to fill in on a mission by mission basis with other teams, rather than staying with one of their own."

"Interesting." He said quietly. "I never worked with a team before. New experiences indeed."

"I expect you'll find it to your liking, particularly after you graduate from the Academy." The Kat chuckled.

"Oh, how long's this Academy?" The Lion asked thinking of how much 'fun' he'd had the first time. He'd rewritten the rules on how the classes interacted at least for himself. Other new cadets might let themselves be walked all over, but he didn't take that. There was a difference between reasonable and unreasonable orders, and he'd been pleased to see that his instructors generally agreed.

"Technically, a little over four years, though from your records we expect you'll test out of all but a year or so worth of classes." The elder Kat chuckled. "We've paired you with a tom that's similarly gifted."

"Really, that's something I don't run into very often." He commented, without any bragging. "He former military as well?"

"No, he's from within the TG community, the kit of two our agents."

"TG community?" He said curiously. "The operation is large enough for that not to be an exaggeration?"

"The project is forty years old, and yes, we are that big." Cargrin nodded.

Kalvin quietly accepted that, and began to wonder just how much he wanted to be an outsider in a close-knit community. Then he realized that it didn't really matter, he'd always been a loner. If they didn't accept him, he'd leave and hand the President his commission back ... again. He had nothing to prove to anybody.

"Any other questions?"

"I'm still not sure what functional area I fit into. I knew what role I played in the military before, but that's still quite unclear as far TG goes."

"To a large extent, that will be determined in the Academy and what courses you chose to pursue." Cargrin explained. "You're roll at the moment is of student."

"Oh, I figured after the President went to the trouble of pulling me out of retirement that it was something specific." He shrugged quietly, and went back to watching the scenery.

"And these will be your quarters for the duration of your training." The steel blue Afghan Hound bitch that was showing Kalvin around finally ended the tour. "I see your roommate is in.

"Hi Kalvin." The lean brindle-furred tomkat in his late teens waved from the far left bed.

"Hi." He waved back. "I see you got my name, 'fraid I don't know yours." He said casually.

"Jake Ressur." He grinned.

"Good to meet you, Jake." He said as he sat on the other bed.

"Have you decided on your fields yet?" The teenager asked conversationally as he relaxed back.

"Haven't had a chance to think that far." He said as lay back and relaxed. "Didn't even know this all existed before this morning."

"Yeah, I guess it can be a bit much to take in." Jake said sympathetically. "I was raised in the TG, so I know my way around if you could use help, or have questions."

"Thanks." He said quietly. "It's weird though, a year ago I was full time military and then a civilian and now I'm back in the military. I'm beginning to sympathize with a yo-yo."

"Well, you aren't really military any more." Jake chuckled. "Not since you entered Academy grounds. You're TG. We aren't really military."

"Odd, that's not the way Cargrin or the President put it." He looked over at Jake. "The President even reactivated my commission."

"Oh, that was just to get you to listen, it's a lot less stressful then they way civilians are brought in."

"That and get me to stay. Bringing me without my agreement, would've gotten people hurt." He said evenly. "So what're you studying here?" He asked looking to get out of discussing himself further.

Jake rolled to his side and frowned. "If you don't want to be here, tell admin. You'll be home before morning."

"I said if I didn't. Which is to say, I'm here so I must want to be." He explained. "Which I do for now."

"Oh, well I'm focusing on technology, history, breaking and entering, slight of hand and cultural adaptation."

Kalvin chuckled in honest amusement. "They actually teach breaking and entering?"

"Of course, it's a very useful skill in a lot of situations, including breaking out." Jake grinned. "Everything's taught here."

"Oh, I know it's a useful skill. Especially when your target's on the seventieth story, and you need to come in through the window 'cause that's the path of least security." He grinned as Jake rolled to his stomach with a grin of his own. "Just didn't expect to find it on the curriculum."

"Oh, you'll find everything in the curriculum here." Jake chuckled.

"Maybe this'll be better than I thought." Kalvin said relaxing, though still not letting his guard down. "Sounds like I can probably work on my medical studies still."

"Oh, definitely. There are never enough medics." Jake grinned. "Especially that are good enough to go on field missions."

"Well, I think I can handle the field. I just need to get the medical training. It's what I went to school for, but I only got through the first year before this came up."

"Sounds like you know at least one of your fields then." The lean brindle tom smiled. "Did you have any family?" He asked quietly.

"Bunch of backwater hicks who couldn't see past the edge of their crop fields." The Black Lion said with disdain. "Haven't seen 'em since I was fourteen."

"Makes it easier, not having them." Jake commented. "The agents who start Academy with a family, don't usually have one by the end."

"Why's that?" Kalvin asked curiously, as he flipped to lying on his stomach looking at Jake.

"Well between the hours and the secrecy, and how it changes your view of reality, not many people can stay together." He shrugged. "It's why most takes mates from within the TG. After a few years, they say the risk is worth having a mate who understand how you see things."

"Oh, that makes sense." He said quietly. "I guess it keeps things pretty tightly knit too."

Black SWAT in Time


12 KB, Story is Closed-Unfinished, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written February 16, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: StarFall Alliance

Primary Races: Feline, Xanith

Contents: Furry. Gen.

Notes: If you are familiar with the two GURPS books that utterly fascinate me, Black Ops and Time Travel, you are familiar with the foundation theory of the story. Toss in Rauhnee's expected dissatisfaction (which with BO was extreme) with it, RPG writing and fascination with Furries and you get this.

Blurb: In the StarFall Alliance there are many dangers to the peace, most of which are public knowledge to some extent, but there are dangers so great that The Powers That Be have determined the need for utmost secrecy. Thus was created Black SWAT, later incorporated into the Temporal Guard as their most elite. We'll be following the training, troubles and successes of a new Black SWAT Time Guard team.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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