Bonds of Choice 9.99:
Satori, Vin-Dit, Tsunami: Notes

by Fur and Fantasy
R for editorial language
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Story Summary: In this episode of "Bonds of Choice", too much stuff happens to readily condense. Um, there's a shower scene and a debate, a Dark Jedi, two funerals, lots of sex both actual and implied, hints of past actions and some secrets revealed about Qui-Gon and his Master. Uh... there's also this whole issue of people disappearing in two barely-regulated sectors of the Republic. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon spend some time apart. Corubia introduces her special friend to her family. Family in general is discussed. Obi-Wan uses a secret weapon. Qui-Gon displays a new skill.

I'm barely scratching the surface, here, gentle reader. This is a really long story for a REASON. Sorry.

Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Really. I don't own the stuff that Lucas owns. 'The Man Who Sold the World' belongs to David Bowie, but I was really thinking about the Nirvana version here. Shaybonee is a figment of my fevered imagination, but they were influenced by a Nine Inch Nails song that I have never actually heard. I also don't know the name of it. Nonetheless, this unnamed, unheard song belongs to Trent Reznor. Damn you, Coyote, would you quit it with the killer sig lines????

When this story was finished, we all sat back and looked at it. We looked and looked. There was a lot of it to look at. I turned to Rauhnee and asked "Is it too long?"

For the first time in Bonds of Choice history, her answer was "Yes."

Rauhnee is the arbiter of such things hereabouts, so I set about breaking this story up. What you have here is a regular episode of "Bonds of Choice". The name of this episode is "Satori, Vin-Dit, Tsunami." It has been broken down into five chapters, each with their own name. They are not five individual stories. This is one big story that is being sent out in parts. Please keep that in mind as you read.

If you've received this note, or the first chapter, you should be aware that the whole story is now available through my website. If you'd rather read the whole thing now, go to the ChezBunny Lounge and have at it. Otherwise it will be served up to your email box in this slighty nutty form, one chunk at a time.

You should, gentle reader, be aware that there are no less than 5 stories told, in their entirety, within this single episode. Temporally, this story could be described as a helix, two separate timelines for our heroes, bound together by shared moments. (re-reading that, it seems very deep, somehow ... ) I could have gone through and replaced a lot of scene breaks with the phrase 'Meanwhile, elsewhere ... ' and caused a lot of confusion. I didn't do that, but confusion might occur naturally, as it were.

These stories bear no relationship to the chapters. The chapters were created by finding a convenient scene break and, well, breaking there. Remember, this is just one long story that has been divided into smaller chunks for posting.

For those of you who have been wondering when Obi-Wan would start to get a damn clue, this is it. But as I told one LoC'er, "He has to make a tragic assumption, swiftly followed by a careless mistake. Once that's done, his realization might not be all that helpful." This came to pass.

Let it also be known that this story is the groundwork for a big, large, multiarc storyline, so while we're going to resolve a large chunk of past tension, there is a lot of drama on the horizon that will spring from this point. If you're not interested in seeing the Jedi come into their own and become what we've always known they could be (and what Lucas didn't let them be), you might want to get out now. If, on the other hand, you've just always known there was no good reason for everything to go down like it did, or seems to have done, given canon, you're in the right place.

Finally, let it also also be known that some hints were dropped through various letters and on at least one mailing list as to events that now will not occur. If you've been chewing your nails about the planet of Feldar, it got yanked from the storyline and replaced with something far more interesting and pertinent.

And a request from your author. Summaries, character outlines and a FAQ sheet are being put together for this monster series just now. If you have a question (not regarding future events) about Bonds of Choice, please send them on to me under the subject of FAQ.

Reference Desk:
Because I am often correctly accused of dredging up teensy little plot points from earlier episodes and using them in the current storyline, here is a list of the plot points you'll need for this ep, and a reference to their original mention. Also included are little bits of past info that might help you get some new jokes.

Obi-Wan killed Darth Maul. He packed the body up and brought his ship and personal effects back to the Temple. (Duets and Duality)

'Seraphas Breath' is a poem Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are both intimately familiar with and have used for various purposes over the years. It is a poem on the subject of unacknowledged/unfulfilled love. (Duets and Duality)

Master Erac looks just like Qui-Gon. He was sent on the Naboo mission and was killed. (Self-Reliance)

Music which is popular around the Temple is remarkably similar to the types of music heard around Chez Bunny. Qui-Gon likes rock and roll. (Series trend)

Obi-Wan underwent a rite of passage that was highlighted by drug-induced visions of his past. (Rites of Passage)

Obi-Wan had a tragic love affair with Knight Obream Trydal. (Rites of Passage)

The Council ordered Obi-Wan to let his hair grow. No explanation was given. (Left Hand of the Light)

Qui-Gon has an apparent taste for aggressive sex which has been indulged but NOT discussed between the Boyz. (Allocating Resources, Duets and Duality)

Qui-Gon Jinn and Arjet Paje were once work partners and intimates. Nothing serious ever came out of it. They are the closest of friends. (Allocating Resources, Left Hand of the Light)

The Legend of Pantreti and Ulanta is considered to be illustrative of Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon's relationship. Ulanta is the lover who runs away from love. Pantreti is the lover who is patient and persistent in his pursuit. (Duets and Duality)

Jedi do not get out of bed to answer early-morning comm link calls. Arjet Paje does not seem to sleep very often. (series trend)

The Force is neither Light nor Dark, but thinking makes it so. (Left Hand of the Light)

The Padawans of the Group watch a lot of holovid while the Knights and Masters do the more dangerous work. Apparently, they favor the Cartoon Network, but try to not think about that, okay? (Left Hand of the Light)

Satori (noun) [origin, Japanese]: a state of intuitive illumination sought in Zen Buddhism

Vin-Dit (noun) [Origin, Kurt Vonnegut. Sorry about this.] : a sudden, very personal, cosmic shove in the direction of one's true destiny

Tsunami (noun) [Origin, Japanese]: a great sea wave produced by submarine earth movement or volcanic eruption

Betas for Bonds of Choice: Satori, Vin-Dit, Tsunami

Rauhnee Ranshanka is the finest instigator, beta, archivist and distributor known to man or beast. No one would be seeing this story without her unrelenting dedication to see that it is seeded throughout the fandom. All hail Rauhnee.

Thanks as always to Mrs. Hamill. Terri, baby, you KNOW you're the only reason I saw this thing through to the end. Constant notes of 'You can do it!' and 'Just listen to the Muses!' and 'Send me the next scene or I start pre-heating the branding irons!' kept me going in the darkest hours of re-writing. Your willingness to read, re-read, re-write and torture were inspirational in the extreme. Keep in mind, though, many Martyrs were similarly inspired in their final moments of this life ...

kriski, you keep me honest. That's no mean feat, considering how much I want to mess with the rules, ignore the conventions and just GO with it. You demand explanations, reject unacceptable ones and generally keep me on the up-and-up. Add to that the WONDERFUL soundtrack you send me, and 'thank-you' just doesn't seem like enough. But Thank You.

Mre, my little PadaWhine, where would I be without your unrelenting DEMANDS for more fanfic? You're the little voice of fandom in the back of my head. The unsung Muse that makes me write. The annoying 3am e-mails crying out 'Is it done? Is it done?' Thank you.

Gloriana, your beta took a pretty good fic and made it something I'm really proud to have written. You handed me the keys to the kingdom. I can't thank you enough.

Guest Starring:
Bunnicula: you know who you are, you know where you are, you'll be back soon and THANK YOU for wanting to play along.

Josh and Nathan: You must be the bravest men in the fandom. You agreed to appear 'as you are' in a story based solely on my assurances that "It'll be REALLY,REALLY cool". You saved me when I trashed the last half of the original draft, and gave me a new storyline that actually WORKED for the Boyz. Thank you both. Friends like you bring warmth to the cockles of my heart. Or maybe that's just below the cockles. Maybe you warm the sub-cockle region. Never mind. And thanks for lending me the Kids. I hope the baby's feeling better now. ::wigglewigglewiggle::

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Bonds of Choice 9.99: Satori, Vin-Dit, Tsunami: Notes

R for editorial language
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Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
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Written February 20, 2000 by HiperBunny

Setting: Star Wars Episode 1

Primary Races: Human

Contents: Slash (M/M). Alternate Universe, Angst, Fraternization, Sex (First Time)

Pairings: Obi-Wan/ Qui-Gon

Blurb: A big, long note from your Author.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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