Chosen of Night
by Fur and Fantasy
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"Good, you are awake." A soft male voice greeted Ebon's grudgingly returning awareness, as did the smell of warm food, fruits and citrused water.

Ebon carefully checked the team link and found everyone nearby. He could sense the subsiding effect of magic, as he'd been trained to recognize such effects. He slowly sat up, and looked around, keeping his body in a loose, combat ready mode. Someone had abducted him, and he didn't trust anyone who'd do that.

"Where am I, and who are you?" He asked in a glacially calm voice of the small, athletically muscled black tom with flame-red stripes that held the tray of goods. He deliberately ignored the smells, since nothing could be trusted currently.

"You are a guest of Lady Dyrina." The tom inclined his head gracefully as he set the tray down on a bed stand, his every move perfectly choreographed to be sentual but not sexual with the translucent dark blue harem pants and decorative baubles he wore. "I am Jestin. I will see to your needs until you can return home, or choose to stay here."

"Right." The Panther said doubtfully. "Which is back to, where is here?" Ebon asked, fully focused on the situation. He found the tom attractive, but that was of no more immediate importance than the food. "And better still, who's responsible for us being here?"

"You are in Lady Dyrina's home." The exotic tomkat smiled pleasantly. "Lady Dyrina's consort-mage intercepted a hostile teleport passing through this sphere and diverted it. You and your companions were in the teleport. I don't know where it was from or too." Jestin added apologetically. "Please, make yourself comfortable until your companions awake. Lady Dyrina will see you then."

"Mages, huh?" He said, with mild displeasure. He couldn't think of any that he'd run across lately, who'd have reason to cause him grief. The few who worked for the Shadow Government didn't have the power to pull this off, according to Cazi. With that thought he went over and sat down next to the Lion, and shook his shoulder. "*Wake up, love.*" He sent gently, but insistent. "*I need you, something's happened and it involves magic.*"

"*Mmurrph?*" The Lion's mind grudgingly tried to respond. "*M'gic?*"

"*Yes, love. The story I've gotten so far is that somebody was teleporting us from home, and the local's consort-mage intercepted us. I'm not convinced the person who intercepted us can help us get home, since the person who told me this implied that we'd have to 'find' a way home or accept staying here.*" The Panther's mind-voice was gentle and loving, but the current of annoyance bordering on anger was unmistakable.

"*Who ya' talking to?*" Cazi slowly opened his eyes to take in the lavishly decorated space.

"*His name's Jestin, and while he's attractive do try to stay focused. We've been abducted and we have only his say-so that they weren't the ones responsible. If his attire is any indication, they dress funny.*"

"*I meant how high up the info structure he is.*" Cazi shifted to look at Jestin with a slight smile. "*I'd say he's a servant, just saying what he's told.*"

"*Honestly, I haven't really gotten past 'where are we?' and 'who's responsible?'. I haven't really talked to him. Something about his manner and dress bother me, makes me wonder if slavery is still legal here.*" The Panther thought with the usual agitation that occurred anytime he came into contact with slavery.

"*I'll find out, love.*" Cazi sighed and pushed himself up as Blitz and Jackson began to come around.

"*Okay, I'll check on the rest of the team.*" He said giving the Lion a warm hug, before walking over to check on the two latest to wake up as Cazi turned to their server.

"*Well, what did you find out?*" Ebon regarded his mate as all ten NightBlades gathered around him.

"*Jestin is a servant, and knows very little about the reality behind this, though he's honest about that much. I'm still not sure if he's a slave, servant or some kind of indentured servant. The legalities of it seem beyond him, though he promised he'd bring someone who could answer our questions better.*"

Ebon nodded. "Well, at least it seems pleasant enough. Still could be a gilded cage routine." The Panther said suspiciously.

"Though the story about 'hostile transport' raises the question of hostile to us or them?" The White Tiger considered. "For all we know, it was some offworlder's idea of a job offer. Not that I like the manner of approach, but it might not have been hostile to us."

"I got the impression he though of it as hostile in principle." Cazi shook his head. "Whatever's going on, he has no doubt this Lady Dyrina has the best of intentions, did this for our benefit and life here is very good. It's about the only thing that makes me doubt it's slavery. He's far too happy with it, and honestly confused by the concept that we might not want to stay."

"A little indoctrination can go a long way." Mason said quietly. "If you work on someone from kittenhood, you get them to be happy about almost anything. Hell, we were 'happy' working for the SG for quite awhile."

"True." Jackson nodded. "What can you get from the tech here, Cazi?"

"There's hardly any." The short, stocky Lion growled unhappily. "This world is run on magic."

Ebon nodded. "So far I'm not seeing any reason not to return home, as soon as we can acquire a way." He said decisively. "No matter how wonderful the locals think it is."

Blitz nodded. "No tech, this sucks. I've been stuck on low-tech worlds before, boring." He said in an exaggerated fashion.

"Low tech and low magic is, but places like this can be quiet interesting." Cazi chuckled slightly. "It's interesting to see what useful minor magic is created when there isn't much tech to make life easier."

"We'll see." Ebon said. "Hopefully if they could intercept a transport magic, they have one that can send us home."

Chosen of Night

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Written January 28, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Galactic Alliance

Primary Races: Feline, Felsin

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Ebon/Cazi

Blurb: The NightBlades aren't sure what to make of waking up in the palace of an unknown world and being given the story that they are there as guests.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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