Concessions for Love 9.99:
Of Need and Love Recognized

by Fur and Fantasy
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"Jake?" Patrik kissed his ear early in the morning. "You up for a talk?"

"Huummm?" He rolled up on his elbows, not completely with it. "I'm up ..." and caught a look at the clock and dropped back down. "I do not want to know why you're conscious at 3 am, love. I really don't."

"'Bout you and Pat." He kept his voice even.

Jake blinked as twenty years of training kicked in hard to bring his mind and body completely out of it's rest mode. "Okay, I'm up." He leaned against the wall, the blanket partially draped over his legs.

"You trust me enough not to edit for my benefit?" Patrik settled on his side to watch his Mate.

"Yes," Jake's voice was low, but sure.

"Relationship wise, what would be everything you want?" He asked. "What you dream about, plausible or not."

"You're serious." Jake stared for a long moment, then closed his eyes and dropped his head back. "Right now, I would have three Mates; you, Pat and Chance, and you'd love each other as well as me."

Patrik shifted, kneading his muzzle and focused on the pillow below him. "So if Pat becomes your Mate, then she would be mine as well?"

"That would be between the two of you, but yes, it's what I dream about." He confirmed with a soft hand on his Mate's shoulder. "Rik, what we have works well enough ..."

"Yes," he nodded, looking up. "But you hate to ask, and ... and the more I think about it, the more I think I'd enjoy her sharing my bed and ours and seeing you without the stress of asking for what you need." He looked down again. "But I don't know if I can do it in reality. Sharing you like this is rough. This could be worse, or a lot better."

Jake took a moment to force his ecstatic mind to the issue at hand and pull his willing Mate into his arms. "Rik, if you're willing to try, we can offer her lover status. If it works well for all of us, it can be something more."

"Which means?" Patrik asked from against Jake's chest.

"It means that we have no commitment beyond each night we choose to be together." Jake nuzzled him. "I'll tell you now I have no problem with you being with her when I'm not around." He smiled, "or here to watch. If any one of us has a problem, for one night or forever, it goes back as before."

"Is it really that easy?" Patrik asked dubiously.

"For Pat and me it is." Jake kissed him softly. "We do it all the time, and she's made something of a lifestyle of it. It's all based on communication."

"So she'll have other lovers still?" He asked, unsure.

"We can ask her not to, but lovers rarely put that kind of restrictions on each other."

"But this is hardly a normal situation."

"No, it's not." Jake chuckled. "No it's not." He turned serious, "but to make this work, you have to trust both of us to say what we want and need, and you have to give us the same."

Patrik couldn't suppress a chuckle. "That's your problem more than mine."

"Seriously, Rik," Jake brought them nose to nose. "If you're feeling left out or anything, you have to say so. And say it right then so we can work it out before it's a problem, no matter what we're doing."

He nodded easily, "now when to ask her."

Jake glanced up at the clock. "Well, she'll skin us both if it's in the next two hours," he slid one hand down Patrik's back to kneed his ass. "So we'll have to find something to do till then."

"Mmm, I think I can live with that."

"In'a'min't!" Pakitra called she rinsed her hair and hurried her morning routine. Jake handed her a steaming mug of cream'n'coco when she emerged into the main room to face the two toms; Jake barely controlling his excitement, Patrik slightly more subdued and a lot more worried. "What's'up?"

Jake nodded at his Mate and the younger tom swallowed and stood to face her.

"Pakitra, if you are interested, we would like to change the ... dynamic between us." He paused before plunging on when she didn't object outright. "We're all as aware as we want to be of what is between you and Jake, desired and permitted. Since Jake committed to me as Mate, I've found it easier to think about sharing, and what would make me happier to have it."

She flicked a glance at Jake, confirming what she suspected this was getting to and waited for Patrik to get it out in his own time.

"If you're interested it trying to make a triad work with us," he hesitated at her quick, confirming nod. "I need to take it in steps, lovers first, then Mates. And I need you to only be with us for now."

"Okay, have a seat." She motioned to the small kitchen table. "Serious talk time." She flicked her ears back at Jake's groan as they settled and took over the conversation. "Patrik, you would have me as a lover, possibly a Mate?"

He nodded easily.

"Up front, I don't do monogamy, polymonogamy for that matter, well. As much as Jake needs a Master, I need lovers, male and female." She paused to let that sink in. "I don't have a problem giving them up for a while, but I need you to understand, truly comprehend, that in the long run, for me to be happy, I need sex outside our relationship."

Patrik took a deep breath, "okay. I ... understand that. You're a couple steps ahead of me. I'm still working on the part where it's just the three of us."

"Okay," Pakitra nodded. "What do you see, optimally, between the three of us, and what do you see as the blocks to that?"

"Umm," he glanced a little hopelessly at his Mate and settled his chin on his hands. "Well," he dropped his eyes. "That Pat and I manage a connection as strong as you and she have, that there won't be any jealousy on my part because I'm as much the one with two Mates as you."

"And if that doesn't work?" Pakitra asked gently. "I'd love it, but we might not."

He looked directly at Jake. "I'm going to need a lot of very personal, very intensive attention from you." He glanced down. "Probably more than you can give on our current schedule."

"Rik," Pakitra caught his attention. "If we try to be mates, and you realize it won't work, how is this going to end peacefully?"

He stared at her for a long moment before shaking his head. "I have no idea," and looked up between the older Kats. "Found any guidelines that work?"

"Communication, lots of it." Pakitra nodded.

"Even when it hurts, even when you know it's that last thing they want to hear. Even if we're no longer a triad, I still need Pat and you. We need to remain friends at the very least." Jake added softly. "Rik, you can't do this just for me. If it is going to have a prayer of succeeding you have to feel something romantic towards Pat on your own."

"That's the thing," he glared at his Mate. "I do. I haven't a bloody clue when it developed, but it's there."

"Okay," Pakitra took control back and looked directly at Patrik. "So the ground rules are ...?"

He glanced at his Mate before focusing on her. "The first time is with me, alone." Jake got a quick smile. "He can watch, but if we're to be mates, I want to see if I actually like it before we get any further." He paused as she nodded agreement. "When you need to do the Dom/Sub thing, just don't do it when I'm around. I understand there's a need, I accept Jake needs it, but it still makes me sick to think about it. I don't want to watch it."

"Rik ..." Jake's voice was soft.

He focused completely on the other tom. "I am okay with you doing what you need to. Just don't make me see it happen, okay? Just like you are now. It hurts to see you hurt like that, even willingly, even for a greater good."

"All right, Rik." He nodded.

Patrik caught his Mate's eyes and bit his upper lip. "I need to know that I'm still going to be in your life, your Mate no matter how this goes down. I'm probably going to be even more demanding on your time and attentions than I am now." He looked down. "It's not exactly right of me, but I get the feeling that you and Pat will be together no matter what happens, that I'm the expendable one." He held up a hand and glared at Jake before he could say anything. "I know what you feel for me, I know it's as permanent as anything is. Believing it, especially when you need someone else, is something else."

"I'll give you anything you need." Jake's statement was half way between promise and a simple truth.

"As will I," Pakitra cupped her hand over his. "I know what it feels like to be the 'third Kat' coming into an established pairing." She elaborated at his curious look. "You know I had a Mate for four years?" She continued at his nod. "Well, that was a triad, and Tamera and Johnny had been together for three years before I joined them. We're still friends even though it's over, though saving the friendship was a very tough experience."

He swallowed and nodded. "So what are your ground rules?"

"If you want something, that goes for all three of us, you have to tell us. Time alone, time with just one of us, more time with all three of us, something special in bed, to have someone listen while you vent ... whatever it is, you have to bring it up. Same goes if something bugging you. The only way to make a triad work is lots and lots of intense communication."

"It's obnoxious, but it is necessary." Jake added.

"I agree to your condition that I have no other lovers for one year. After that, if you need me to remain monogamous, we need to negotiate something out. I'm will not be happy to be without them longer than that."

"Okay, one year's pretty long." He nodded acceptance.

She nodded. "I like my kink. Not the kind I do with Jake to settle him so much as basic bondage and Master/ Slave games without violence. I like variety. The only things I've encountered that I've definitely not willing to try again are watersports, scat, and fletching. Nocro and snuff is not going to be all that welcomed either. Orgies are fun and I'll try anything once that doesn't involve prison term here."

"Pat, I don't know what some of those things are and I'm sure I don't want to know." Patrik grimaced. "You are way past me in the kink department."

"So what are your limits?"

"If it hurts, or is a notable heath hazard, I'm going to take serious convincing." He offered. "I really haven't explored specifics enough to tell you more than that. I like light bondage, handcuffs or a sash through the headboard type thing. I don't mind role playing sometimes, but I've got a real problem with humiliation as a sexual activity."

"What's humiliating to you?" Jake asked.


"You're list is different than mine." He explained. "I'm sure you find what Pat does to get me to completely sub 'humiliating'. I don't. It's necessary, and on a level, it feels good to have her take responsibility for even getting me in the right mood."

"I don't want to accidentally cross a line with you, especially as Jake and I have so few things we won't do with each other." Pakitra spoke up. "It's important we understand what You don't want, and don't want to see."

"Okay," he shook his head a little dejectedly. "But I don't really know where most of my lines are. And I do know that they change with the circumstances."

"Like ..."

"Like I have no problem with Jake tying me up and doing whatever he wants, I'm pretty sure I don't have a problem with you doing that to me. But I don't like even thinking about him being tied. Just seeing him with the cuffs on that one time was really disturbing." He paused to settle his breathing. "And topping. Topping Jake was a very bazaar experience I'm not particularly interested in repeating anytime soon and I'm not interested in watching it either, but at least in my mind, I have no problem topping you."

"Would you bottom to me?" Pakitra asked, curious.

"Sure," he shrugged. "Oh, and I like rimming, give and receive."

"I noticed," Jake muttered dryly. "Sometimes I think I'm the only one on the planet that doesn't."

"You don't like to see your dom sub." Pakitra offered.

He thought about it for a moment before nodding. "I guess so."

Jake glanced at Pakitra, "that could be a problem."

"Why?" Patrik looked between them.

"Because she is my dom. Hell, she's my Mistress more often than not." Jake dropped his chin to his folded hands. "To pretend that we're not ... I don't know if I can. Just like being dominant with you comes natural, so does being at least a little submissive to her. It's strong enough that you noticed it in our day to day interactions. It's much stronger in bed."

Patrik regarded his Mate for a long time before trying to explain. "That's not what I have a problem with. It's seeing you physically bottom or hurt. If you want to do that, please take it somewhere I'm not."

They exchanged curious glances before Pakitra nodded. "That we will do."

"Anything else you can think of?" Jake requested.

Patrik shook his head. "The best I can offer is to tell you when we hit something I don't like."

"Same deal I've got with her." Jake nodded at Pakitra.

"Okay, Jake. You're turn." She grinned as he groaned.

"I'll need time with each of you independently, as well as time for all three of us to maintain my knowledge that if something happened to one of you, my relationship with the other has something to it." He curled his fingers around his muzzle and closed his eyes. "Pat, I need you to understand he's mine first." He waited for her affirmative noise. "Rik, I need you to understand that no matter how much I love you, I trust her more. There are things I can't bring to you. I know you already know that, but realize that just because we're a triad now doesn't change the fact that there are things I can't talk to you about and it's for all the same reasons."

Patrik nodded miserably," I know."

"If we have any intention of making this a true triad, I need you both in bed with me at night, not just for sex, but to sleep as well."

Pakitra broke in. "If it looks to be working out, we'll remodel. Merge a couple quarters to make one suitably big for the three of us. Until then, a bigger bed will fit."

"I'd suggest Jake's quarters, it gives us all the most options." Patrik suggested.

"How so?" Jake regarded him, a little bewildered.

"Well, it means that all three of us have some space of our own and it's familiar to all of us." He elaborated.

Jake shrugged. "Fine by me. It's not like I use it much anyway."

Pakitra took a deep breath, "anything else you need, Jake?"

He paused, thinking about it. "I need both of you to understand that if this doesn't work, I'm going to be a bigger mess than sixteen months ago." He looked directly at his Mate. "If anybody's got real doubts about it, I'd rather not try."

"I can do this, Jake." He reached out to catch his Mate's hand and squeezed. "I'm not cruel enough to offer it and not be as sure as I am of anything. I can't guarantee you, I wish I could, but I do believe we can make it work."

Jake took a deep breath and let it go. "Why don't you two get acquainted while I go back to the Yard and play greasemonkey?"

"Okay, love." Patrik gave him a long, tender kiss goodbye.

"I'll take good care of him," she smiled as they embraced, giving Patrik his first real view of the fire between them.

"I'll get back ASAIC."

Concessions for Love 9.99: Of Need and Love Recognized

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Femslash Level is None
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Written March 28, 2000 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: Cathedral, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fraternization, Sex (Kinky)

Pairings: Patrik Celest/Jake Clawson/Pakitra Dyne, Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong

Blurb: Patrik offers to let Pakitra and Jake become Mates, with some conditions.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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