Cost of Living 2:
Discussions Over Dinner

by Fur and Fantasy
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"Thank you," Callie said as the waitress set down a basket of garlic butter breadsticks and left with a polite nod.

"This really isn't what I'd figured we'd be talking about tonight," she said, turning to face Abi again once things were relatively private again.

"You and me both, Callie." The brown shekat shook her head in bemusement. "Though it's an interesting topic, if dangerous."

"No kidding. You've been feeling about the same way for awhile?"

Abi nodded. "I've kind of been interested since we were in college, but it changed about a year and a half ago."

"And I never really picked up on it," Callie admitted, shaking her head slightly. "And to think, I'm supposed to be good at reading people."

"It's hardest to read those you have feelings for." Abi smiled slightly. "It's hard to be sure if it's really there, or if it's your own feelings coloring your judgment."

"You have a point there," the peach furred blonde said with a smile. "Guess we've both just been too worried about losing what we had to risk bringing up the possibility of more."

"What we have is good, sis." Abi chuckled. "And sex is pretty easy to come by, if you want it."

"Yeah," Callie chuckled, "it is. So, I suppose that raises the next question -- are we going to try for more?"

"I'm inclined to, if you think you can remember we're friends first, the rest is secondary." She met bright sea-green eyes with her own warm brown gaze.

"I think I can handle that." She nodded. "We've always been friends first -- I don't think I'll forget that if there's more."

"Then my friend," Abi raised her glass slightly, "to a future much more pleasurable than it is now."

Callie raised her own glass. "Much more pleasurable," she agreed.

"So, is this the point where we discus kinks, or go back to normal conversation until we get somewhere more private?"

"I think we'll wait until we're somewhere a little more private," Callie chuckled. "Actually, there was another reason I wanted to talk to you tonight, but that's a little awkward right about now."

"Oh?" Abi raised as eyebrow. "How so?"

"Sort of thing that has a perfectly innocent motive, but it doesn't really look that way anymore."

"Well, try me anyway." She smiled. "I'll keep in mind that I brought up the whole relationship thing."

"Not that I'm complaining about that," Callie said with a smile. "What I was going to ask about earlier, was what you thought about the idea of being housemates."

Abi blinked in surprise. "Umm, why?" She asked curiously.

"I don't know about you, but bills are going up a lot faster than paychecks for me. I figured that if I had somebody to split a few costs with, it'd be easier for both of us. You just came to mind first." Callie smiled.

Abi considered for a while. "Honestly, it would depend on the place. I do like the one I have and moving is a serious bitch. Though the perks are tempting already."

"Well, the perks weren't something I had in mind at first," Callie chuckled. "But you're right, they would be nice. I did have a place towards the edge of town in mind -- house for rent, bigger than our apartments put together if I'm right. We could take a look at it sometime during the next few days if you were interested."

"I'm definitely interested enough to look," she smiled. "And Bastet knows I could use more space. Though the perk I was thinking of most is someone who actually knows how to cook." Abi chuckled.

"Now, y'see," Callie chuckled, "that wouldn't be a perk for me -- just an appreciative audience. I'll call the people showing it off tomorrow, set up an appointment. And, speaking of food, we should probably eat before they think there's something wrong with the breadsticks."

"And there definitely isn't." Abi purred. "Best garlic bread in this part of town."

"Agreed," Callie nodded, taking one for herself, "so let's eat while it's still fairly warm garlic bread."

"And get what we can out of the unlimited supply," she added with a chuckle.

"You know, this is the last place I thought I'd wind up tonight," Callie chuckled, following Abi to the door of her apartment.

"Much less to look at our favorite flyboys screwing each other." Abi smirked playfully as she negotiated the home that looked far more like a museum storeroom than a place to live.

"Yeah, but it's worth wading through here for that," Callie purred, following Abi carefully. "Even if it isn't them in the fur."

"It's as close as we'll probably get to seeing them do this kind of thing." The brown shekat chuckled and opened the door to her bedroom and an utterly different world. Silk, satin and lace in creams, pale pink and powder blue lavished the soft space and grand four poster bed of rich burgundy wood.

"Uhm, wow," was the only thing Callie could think to say, looking at a side to her friend she hadn't been fully aware existed. "When you decide to splurge, you don't do it by halves, do you?"

"It's my retreat." Abi smiled and took her friend's hand gently and pointed to one of the life sized paintings hanging on the wall. "The rest of my life is claimed by work, this is where I go to forget about history and the museum for a while."

Callie murred quietly as she looked at the painting, licking her lips unconsciously. "So, I guess you've got some guesses about who's behind those masks?"

"Well, I haven't so much as the artist did." Abi smiled at her favorite portrait. "But he's good enough that those are probably quite recognizable if you saw them on the street. SXF's paycheck comes from reconstructive portraits for the Enforcers and Museum. He's helped put people away with a lot less reference material than he had on that pair."

Callie digested that for a moment and swallowed quietly. "Good thing you usually keep it to yourself, then," she chuckled, a little surprised. "Wouldn't want too many people knowing who they were."

"No, it wouldn't." Abi looked at the blonde curiously. "You recognize them, don't you."

"Yeah," Callie nodded, frowning slightly. "I guess it makes sense but ... wow."

"Then you have one on me," Abi contained her curiosity enough not to ask outright, but not more than that. "I've never seen them in the fur."

"Well, I'm sure you'll meet them eventually. Should probably arrange to talk to them, though," Callie said, part of her brain already shifting away from her surroundings before she made herself stop. "Sorry, started to zone out there."

"Plotting to formally approach them?" Abi chuckled. "I don't suppose that scene is actually likely?"

"I don't know them that well," Callie protested playfully. "And yeah, I guess I was -- all depends on what you mean by formal."

"Oh, something along the lines of 'I'm the Deputy Mayor, if you're the SWAT Kats, maybe we can see about getting you an official position defending the city' type formal." Abi chuckled.

"Yeah," Callie chuckled, "that's kind of what I was thinking of. Of course, I'm hardly going to be quite that blunt about it. Very hot painting though -- it'll make that conversation an interesting one if I can't keep focused on the work part of it enough," she smirked.

"Well, you could invite them here and start by asking if they'd pose for a better rendition." Abi chuckled softly and nuzzled Callie's neck before kissing the spot softly.

"Mmm, suppose that might work," Callie murred, leaning her head to the side and reaching back to rub the brown shekat's thigh, gently pushing up her simple skirt. "Though I think that'd be one way to make sure it wasn't very business-like for long."

"As if that would be a bad thing?" Abi chuckled and wrapped her arms around Callie, gently unbuttoning her pink coat.

"No, it wouldn't," Callie agreed, slipping the coat off of her shoulders once she could, turning to face Abi as she slid it off. "Of course," she continued, nuzzling her neck, "you'd have to be there too. Not sure I'd want to share you with those two hunks." She chuckled playfully.

That drew a soft chuckle as Abi brushed her hands over Callie's full breasts. "Oh, I think we could make the sacrifice. Think of the possibilities with both of them and both of us."

"Good point," Callie purred as she started to undo Abi's dress. "Glad you mentioned that to me," she said before kissing her playfully on the nose.

"Oh, but I want my time with those boys too." She chuckled and gently began to unbutton Callie's blouse. "Though if you enjoy the picture, you should hear some of the fantasies they fueled." She purred secretively in the blonde's ear.

"Maybe we can trade," Callie purred, slipping her hands into Abi's velvety, short fur. "See if we've missed any between the two of us."

"Sounds like a delightful evening to me." The brown shekat purred as she stepped out of her shoes and guided her half-dressed lover to the bed. Callie undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground, stepping out of it along with her shoes, kicking them off to the side slightly as she kissed Abi eagerly.

"Do you want to start with a hot idea about our flyboys or shall I?" Abi purred in Callie's ear as she gently removed the shekat's glasses and put them on the nightstand.

"Mmm, how about you start? Most of mine don't wind up in a bed."

Cost of Living 2: Discussions Over Dinner

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Written February 21, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Femslash (F/F). Admittance Story

Pairings: Callie Briggs/Abi Sinian

Blurb: Dinner gives way to Abi's apartment, and some serious shocks for Callie.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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