Death Comes Not Here 3:
Facing Death

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/F and Violence
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

When she opened the door to her office at the MegaKat Museum of Natural History Dr. Sinian's nose was assaulted by the metallic scent of blood heavy in the air. A quick glance spotted the open window with bright red smears and the heavy trail of it leading to the small room off her office that contained a bed and half-bath.

She closed the door behind her quickly, glad that she was the only person there. She pulled out her cell phone as she walked towards the other room, praying it wasn't as bad as it looked. She took a short detour to stop at her desk and pull out a small pistol, in case whoever was there didn't want to be found and was in a shape where they could do something about it.

Again it was her nose that told her both her hopes and worst fears were what happened. Part of her mind was curious that of all the emotions mixed in with the near-death and blood, fear wasn't one of them.

She opened the door to the bathroom, swallowing the lump in her throat as she saw the bloody, burned and badly broken body crackling with bright blue energy. She keyed in the special number he'd given her on the cell phone as she moved over to him, slumped over in the small shower and clearly dead beyond the healing power dancing all over him trying to put his right again.

"Where is he?" An utterly calm and collected female voice requested on the phone.

"In a side room off my office at the Museum of Natural History," Abi responded, her voice much calmer than her head was at the moment as she watched the unnatural display start to piece her boyfriend back together in an agonizingly slow process.

"We will be there shortly." Kari said along with the sounds of movement and quick orders. "How much clean up will there be?"

"Quite a bit," Abi said quietly. "Nothing outside the office that I've seen, but there may be a trail leading here, to judge by the amount of blood inside. It looks like he died just a little while ago, and he's in very bad shape, but healing."

"Then he still has his head, good." The shekat sounded decidedly relieved over the rev of an engine.

"Yes, he does," Abi nodded, not quite as relieved by the fact, but trying to remember that it meant he would come through this. "Though it's about the only thing that seems to be in one piece."

"As long as it's still there, the rest will grow back in a day or two, at most." Kari assured her. "If he managed to make it all the way to the bathroom, then he's not nearly as badly injured as a few months ago."

"I know," Abi said. "There's just a difference between knowing it's happened before, and watching it happen here."

"The first few times are always stressful." She assured her gently. "If you can take a few days off, it would probably be a good thing."

"I should be able to do that," she said with a nod. "How long before anybody will be here, and is there anything I have to do before you arrive?"

"About ten more minutes." Kari reported after a minor pause. "You should stay calm, and do whatever will make you feel better. If you can arrange it, you can come with us when we take him back to the manor."

"Nobody else is in, I'll just leave a message that I'm taking a few personal days. After the last couple weeks, they'll probably think it's about time," Abi chuckled weakly.

"No doubt," the other female's soft voice held a warmth and understanding of personal knowledge. "Just hold on. We're almost there."

"Thank you," Abi said. "I'll be ready," she added, hanging up and trying to think of something other than the unnatural spectacle of the body in the room.

About half an hour later, Abi was sitting in a still room, watching Jake's body slowly repair itself. Kari was in the room too, but it was otherwise empty.

"How long have you known Jake?" Abi asked quietly, breaking the near-silence for the first time since they'd returned with him.

"All my life," the shekat smiled. "My family has served him since before time was counted."

"Repaying favors, or does the family just enjoy serving him?" Abi asked, looking over at the creamy marmalade tabby curiously.

That made Kari pause a moment before she found an answer. "We have always served him." She explained quietly. "He has always been good to us."

"That sounds like him," Abi smiled slightly. "If I start getting too nosy," she added, "feel free to tell me so."

"I will." Kari smiled in promise. "I do remember when he told us about you, and your curiosity."

"Of all the vices I could have," Abi chuckled, "I had to choose one that was perfectly legal, but still has a good chance of getting me killed one of these days. At least to quote a couple of my professors. Does your entire family serve him, or only some?"

"Only a few of us do directly," she smiled with real pride. "Others handle his interests as part of their lives on the outside or care for the next generation."

"Are there other families like this? Or is yours more of an exception?"

"Some Immortals have similar arrangements, particularly the older ones like Tyr. Most don't though." She explained softly. "We've also accepted serving several of his students over the years."

"Though not the full support network, like I've seen here," Abi hazarded a guess.

"Few desire it," the pale marmalade smiled softly. "Tyr is an unusual soul in many ways. He likes the sense of a village having so many of us around gives him."

"I think living that long makes for unusual souls," Abi chuckled. "Jake's hardly normal by most standards."

"Even Immortal ones," Kari nodded softly, her gaze flicking over the still crackling body. "But then, he is far older than any of them."

"It's still strange, thinking of him as older than his thirties," Abi said, chuckling slightly. "But it does explain a lot about him, the way he acts. I wonder what he ran into out there, that managed to beat him like that."

"Dark Kat," she said softly, more than a little worry and a trace of disapproval in her tone. "He's a hunter again, until they are all dead."

"He went after Dark Kat first?" Abi asked, looking over at Kari, her surprise evident in her voice and expression. "He's lucky he managed to get away," she said after a moment, looking back at Jake's body.

"There are some personal issues there," she murmured softly. "Very personal. He still has emotions, you know. They do to him what they do everyone."

"I know," Abi sighed. "They can run away with any of us, if they're strong enough. I guess I'm just surprised he doesn't take his own advice."

"Chance's death has hit him harder than most. I'm just glad he didn't focus his wrath on the other target he tends to rant about." She said softly. "It could be much worse. This he'll recover from."

"Feral," Abi guessed quietly.

Kari nodded simply. "He really does hate that kat for the pain Chance went through. I think the only reason he hasn't killed him by now is that he actually does do a good job overall, and cares about the city."

"I just hope that keeps being enough. The city doesn't need to have the problems loosing Feral would create, to say nothing of the fact that I don't know if Jake would come out of it in one piece. Do you know if this happens to him often?"

"Letting his temper get the better of him?" She glanced up. "Vary rarely. I think it has been several centuries at least."

"Probably for the best," Abi murmured. "Seeing what it seems to do to him, I don't think he could take it too much more often."

"No, and from the stories, he tends to wake up back to himself, if a bit cold and calculating where his target is concerned."

"I don't think he's been anything but that for a long time when it comes to Dark Kat - maybe he'll move him further down the hit list, though. Unless... do you think it's possible he took down Dark Kat before he came to my office?"

"Quite possible," Kari nodded. "Even enraged he is very deadly. Particularly when he does not have to appear mortal anymore. Tyr is quite a powerful mage in several fields among the physical combat skills he has built up over longer than kats have been kats. He has knowledge of things that not even his earliest students know."

"Let's hope he pulled it off, then. The last thing he needs to be doing is going right back out after him again."

"If a few more hours it will be as if nothing happened to him." Kari reminded her gently. "The healing energy has already settled a great deal."

"He is in much better shape than when I found him," Abi admitted. "All things considered, though, I'll hope that what you've heard is right, and he'll be a bit better settled when he wakes up."

"Just don't expect to talk him out of his hunting." She advised grimly. "It will only anger him, and be about as helpful as trying to talk him out of being Razor while T-Bone lived."

"I don't plan on trying that," Abi said, shaking her head. "Though if I can talk him into going after somebody he has slightly better odds against, assuming Dark Kat's still alive, I think it'd be best for everybody."

"It will only delay that confrontation," Kari shook her head. "And likely put it in view of Anne Gora and her cameras if Dark Kat moved before Tyr does. That would be truly disastrous."

"I suppose you're right," Abi sighed. "I just hope we're all lucky, and he finished it before he left. I can't imagine Dark Kat would be too eager to let him get away if he was in any condition to stop it, after all."

"And Tyr is even less likely to leave a mission undone." Kari nodded. "We will know soon. He should wake within the next hour."

"Is there anything that needs to be done before then? Or after he's conscious again?"

"Not particularly." She smiled reassuringly and stretched upwards. "He will want to bath himself and eat. Much of the rest will depend on just what happened before he died. He may go out hunting almost immediately, or if Dark Kat is dead, he may settle for a few days to help you and plan his next strike."

"Which will almost certainly be easier, I hope. That is one advantage of starting with the biggest threat, everything else is at least a little easier, if you pull it off. You know, it's actually not as disturbing as I thought it would be."

"That is a good thing," Kira smiled gently at her. "If you can handle his extremes, the future looks good for you."

"Good to hear," Abi smiled slightly. "If there's one thing I've learned in MegaKat City, it's that extremes will happen eventually, and probably when you're least expecting them. This is unsettling, but I can handle it."

"That is good." She nodded approvingly. "Ah, welcome back, master." She greeted Jake's return to the living world over a full minute before Abi had clue he was with them again.

The brown-furred shekat was more hesitant herself, not entirely sure if he was back yet or not, but trusting Kari's greater experience.

"Jake?" she said hesitantly, her voice unsure.

"It will be a minute or two before he can answer, yet." Kari said gently as she poured a mug of fragrant juice and mixed several powders into it. "He is likely to want a bath before much of anything as well."

"Understood," Abi nodded. "It's good to have you back, Jake," she added softly, gently brushing his cheek with the backs of her fingers. It was more than a slight relief to feel him warm again, even more than when the blue energy had stopped dancing all over his body half an hour before.

"Hi," he murmured back, a bit groggy and with a decidedly unpleasant taste in his mouth.

"You going to be okay?" she asked quietly, letting out a breath as she heard him talking, and realized even without his answer that he would be.

"Yeah," he nodded and pushed himself up to reach for the mug Kari handed him automatically. "After I'm clean again."

"How are you feeling?" Jake's voice was soft, as was his touch, when he finally emerged from his shower some time later.

"A lot better, now that you're moving around again," Abi smiled, looking over her shoulder at him. "How are you doing?"

"I'm fine," he smiled and nuzzled her neck gently with the embrace from behind. "I'm hard to keep down."

"Something we should all be grateful for," she purred, reaching back to put an arm around him. "You had me scared for a while back there."

"I'm sorry about that," he murmured softly and pulled her close against his chest. "It's something you're likely to get used to, eventually. It's pretty obvious when it's permanent and when it's just messy."

"It sounds like it," she murmured, nodding slightly. "It was mostly a gut reaction, but all the same, I'm going to hope neither of us has to go through it again any time soon. What happened out there? Kari said you were going after Dark Kat, but...."

"She told you correctly," he nodded against Abi's neck. "It was a tough fight, and he knew more about me than I would have liked."

"Did you manage to finish him off before you came to my office," Abi asked quietly, nuzzling him gently, "or are you going to be going back out after him soon?"

"I'm fairly sure I killed him," he murmured softly and kissed her neck. "So I'm just keeping an eye open while I hunt down the others. It's not like he can wait me out."

"Good," Abi said, letting out a small breath and turning in his arms to hold him, returning the kiss. "I was worried you were going to be going out over him again right away."

"Thankfully not." Jake smiled softly and pulled her tight. "And there won't be another fight that tough anytime soon either."

"I would hope not," Abi smiled, nuzzling his neck. "That is one advantage of taking him down first. I'll bet Feral's about ready to have kittens, though," she chuckled.

"If he ever finds out," he chuckled weakly before a soft sigh escaped and he guided her to the library. "It wasn't a very visible fight, thankfully. I have to be careful about that for at least a couple decades yet."

"In case somebody recognizes you," Abi asked and let him lead, "or because of how you're fighting?"

"Both," he nodded a bit as they settled on the couch and he pulled her close, burring his nose in her shoulder length brown hair. "Dark Kat is not a target I held anything back with, though I'm sure Shy will have a few words about it when she arrives to find I've already gone after him. She's not fond of my hunting habits."

"Of you going all out, or the targets you go after," Abi asked, snuggling up next to him and putting an arm around him with a soft purr as they relaxed against each other and he gently stroked her hair and back.

"Of my tendency not to wait for help when I should," he smiled with a gentle fondness for old memories of simpler times. "I got a lead and followed it, instead of waiting for her to get here."

"I can't blame her, but I think I understand why you didn't want to wait," Abi murmured, rubbing his side affectionately. "Dark Kat's not much for sitting in one place and waiting for people to find him, if nothing else."

"No, he's not. She'll understand why I did it. It just doesn't make her any happier about it." He chuckled softly as a low purr began to rumble in his chest. "It is true that it would have been much less dangerous with her here. She's a better mage than I am, among other things."

"And it has to be easier to handle any Omega, especially Dark Kat, with some help," Abi agreed. "It's a good sign that she'd be mad at you though," the shekat chuckled.

"Oh, it would be, I'm just impatient sometimes." Jake chuckled and hugged her tightly. "She does care. And not just because I teach her new tricks every time she comes around."

"It's one of your more frustrating endearing traits," Abi chuckled, turning to kiss him lightly. "Is she going to be coming by here some time in the near future?"

"I expect so. She'd have been on the move since she heard ... about Chance." He paused, letting the loss wash threw him. "She was probably out in the middle of nowhere to take this long."

"Not too hard to do," Abi said, hugging him comfortingly. "He'd be proud, Jake," she added softly as they lay on the couch, pressed close while he absently stroked her hair.

"I know," he murmured distantly, only just with her in the room. "He was a good kat." Jake sighed softly and closed his eyes. "As many times as I've had to do this, it never gets any easier."

"I don't think it's supposed to," Abi said quietly, holding him close. "It's okay, Jake."

Death Comes Not Here 3: Facing Death

PG-13 for M/F and Violence
Het Level is Medium
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

18 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written February 28, 2004 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Highlander (generic), SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Alternate Universe, Death

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Abi Sinnian

Blurb: Abi goes back to work and things settle into a form of normal, until one day she opens her office door to something she's been told about but is not really prepared to face.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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