Death Comes Not Here 5:
The Sky is The Limit

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/F and Violence
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"Tyr!" A sharp female voice snapped Aby's attention from Jake to a dark gray shekat with black patches that was approaching with the air of owning the place, and the deadly grace Jake only displayed when doing katas.

"Hi Sky," Jake grinned at the upside-down from where he was laying nude by the pool, sunbathing and trying to relax before his next hunt. "Where have you been?"

"Visiting Tellerin," oldest female Immortal shot back, her tail lashing, but her manner spoke of worry more than anger. "What were you thinking going at that psychopath alone?"

"Just doing what had to be done." He shrugged, playing off the danger like he always did. Abi kept quiet for the time being; she could hardly disagree with Sky, after all. Either way, she had the distinct feeling that she wanted to avoid getting involved in this any more than she had to right now.

It was an effort not lost on Sky, who nodded at her with a slight chuckle. "I see she has some sence still in her."

"She's Abi," Tyr nodded to his newest student-to-be.

"Ah, the one he's been fawning over for two decades." She chuckled and extended a hand to the brown shekat. "You're in for a while ride."

"I've guessed that," Abi chuckled a bit, taking the offered hand and shaking it, more than a little surprised at the 'two decades' comment.

"Just don't take the screaming and swordplay between us too seriously." She advised with a wink. "We've known each other since before Kats were Kats."

"I'd kind of guessed," Abi smiled slightly. "I don't think Ja-Tyr would be quite this relaxed if that weren't the case."

"Either name is fine," he smiled up at her. "You'll hear quite a few more before you're on your own."

"Not all of which are curses in various dead languages," Sky snickered and batted his ears. "You realy need to give the hero business a break, though. You've got a student to look after now." She told him seriously.

"Technically, not yet."

"Don't give me that." She rolled her eyes. "Just because she's not dead yet."

"At least I'm not the only one saying it," Abi chuckled very slightly. "Maybe he'll listen to you better."

"Not likely," Sky huffed in mock rage. "He never listens to anyone."

"I'm the oldest genius hero alive," Jake shot right back with a teasing grin.

"See what I mean?" Sky rolled her eyes to the other female.

"Has he always been like this?" The brown-furred shekat smirked a bit.

"Long as I've known him," Sky smirked back. "Though admittedly that doesn't cover the first few millennia."

"And they wonder why I prefer boyfriends." Jake rolled his eyes at the pair.

"If they're any good, they worry about you just as much," Abi shot back good-naturedly. "You make being a worry-wart an equal-opportunity career."

"Yeah, but they don't gang-harass me about it." He grumbled back and swung to his feet. "Since you're here, let's see what you've learned." He nodded at Sky, who drew a sturdy, slightly curved blade from somewhere and easily joined him on the sparing matt.

Abi settled back down on the couch to watch, reminding herself that this couldn't be the first time they'd done this, and the fact that they were both alive meant they knew how to spar like this without killing each other.

Her mind flashed back to watching him do katas, only now it was a pair in that fluid grace and superbly controlled form of attack and counter. Nothing she could think of truly put to words the grace and coordination the pair displayed.

All she could say for sure was that it was even more entrancing with the both of them there, like the difference between watching somebody practice a waltz alone, and then dance with a partner.

"Dinner, ma'am?" Tamisk asked her politely.

"Oh!" Abi looked away from the sparring match with a start, recognizing the question and glancing at her watch with a surprised expression. "Didn't know it had been so long," she murmured. "Thank you... any idea how much longer they'll be at it? Feels rude to walk out on this."

"Likely a couple days," he smiled politely. "At least according to my grandfather's stories of her last visit."

"Doesn't matter what he's focused on," she chuckled fondly, glancing over at them. "I suppose dinner would be a good idea, thank you Tamisk."

"Would you like something light brought out, to continue to watch?" He offered with a smile and glance for the combatants. "It is quite amazing."

"I think so," she smiled. "And yes, they are. A little frightening to stop and think about, in a way, but quite amazing."

"Frightening, ma'am?" He regarded her and the display uncertainly.

"The idea of what either one of them could do in a fight where they meant business," she explained. "If they were actively trying to kill each other."

"Ah," he nodded and smiled reassuringly. "It is true, though I find it more reassuring. I'm not sure what we would do if we lost him."

"You're right," she nodded with a smile of her own. "Something that, hopefully, won't happen for a long, long time, if ever."

"Yes," he smiled softly at her, once more more than a little relieved to be mortal and not have to worry about such things too much. "I will fetch your dinner."

"Thank you," she smiled, turning back to watch the two Immortals as he headed out. She was a bit surprised when Kari set up the small folding table and set the finger food meal out.

"I thought you might care to ask questions, now that she has returned." The creamy marmalade tabby smiled at her.

"Thank you," Abi smiled, nodding politely. "Seems like all I have these days are questions."

"That is normal for the first few decades," she smiled gently and settled down to watch the display as well. "It is quite a lot to take in."

"Very true. Sounds like Sky hasn't come by here for some time," she observed, wondering if Kari had met her before herself.

"I believe it has been almost two centuries since they were in the same home at the same, but I have met her before." She nodded easily. "As the oldest of his surviving students and his heir, as much as Immortals have one, she comes by often. Which is to say at least three or four times a century." Kari chuckled softly.

"Hopefully not always under the same circumstances," Abi chuckled. "She sounded like she was going to kill him herself for going after Dark Kat alone, when she got here."

"I'm sure the thought crossed her mind," Kari chuckled and selected a slice of fruit for herself. "Actually, I'm quite sure she intended to at least pound him unconscious for it, but it would be bad to do that to him with his new student and lover watching."

"There were days I'd have helped," Abi admitted, taking some fruit and starting to eat. "Still, it looks like they're enjoying themselves more this way."

"Oh, definitely," she smiled warmly. "He does love to spare with his better students, and she is the best of them by far."

"She'd have to be," Abi smiled. "It looks like dancing as much as sparring, almost."

"This kind is," Kari smiled softly as she enjoyed the display. "When they aren't trying to kill, combat like this is more about balance and body control than anything."

"And they keep this up for days without taking a break?"

"The older ones can," she nodded. "It's a different kind of combat challenge. Not just style and skill, but of endurance. They are trying to outlast the other, without loosing their skill level too much."

"Whoever gets tired first loses," she nodded slightly. "Do you know if they've ever hurt each other doing this? Not being able to kill each other easily...."

"Many fights end in death, just not the permanent kind." She nodded easily. "More in training than with where they are at, but it still happens."

"Good way to make sure you learn to protect yourself," Abi nodded, the idea still slightly unsettling to her. "Being killed when you screw up would probably encourage you to do it right after that better than just about anything else. Has he had any other students, while you've been with him?"

"No," Kari shook her head easily. "My family is long lived, but not nearly that long lived. His last student set off on her own more than a century ago. My mother remembers her, however."

"Doesn't take students often then," Abi nodded, blushing slightly.

"From what I understand, when he takes on a student, he commits several intensive centuries to them." Kari smiled gently. "He actually takes quite a few, given there is generally less time between students, than he spends with each."

"Most of his students must be very special people indeed," she smiled. "When he focuses on something, he doesn't stop until it's finished."

"When you have forever, time isn't as relevant as it seems to be to us." Kari chuckled softly. "After a few millennia, spending a century on something isn't that long. Or so I'm told."

"Which makes some of the things I've known him to do before make a lot more sense," Abi admitted with a chuckle of her own.

"Oh?" Kari raised an eyebrow. "He's known to play the mortal role very convincingly."

"I meant how he'd always get focused on something and not stop for days," she smiled fondly. "He was always surprised when somebody finally came around to snap him out of it too."

"Ah, that." She chuckled with fondness. "Yes, that is a very common tendency, for those who are creative in some way. I'm sure as much as he'll try to focus on you, there will be times you will have to get him out of his workshop the hard way."

"Assuming we don't manage to get lost in our respective parts of the house at the same time," Abi chuckled, rubbing her head sheepishly. "I've been known to do the same thing once in awhile."

"I have little doubt," the pale furred shekat smiled. "It is far from an uncommon trait among Immortals."

"I guess not," Abi nodded. "Though I can't imagine there are enough around that an uncommon trait would be far from unique."

Kari thought about it for a moment. "Compared to the number of mortals, no, there are not many. But that is still several thousand, with more born every century than die."

"Can't be that many born," Abi mused. "If there were, the world would almost have to know about them by now."

"Unlikely," she said softly. "Mundanes ... don't like to know the world if full of strange things. Between Garou, undead, mages, Immortals, ghosts, psionics, and the half dozen others I never remember, the supernatural population of Aristal is close to a billion. That does not count the resident aliens that fit in, just the ones that normally can't, like the 'taur races."

Abi blinked a few times, then shook her head. "Why do I have the feeling that the 'ancient legends' I've been studying at work aren't nearly as ancient as I thought they were? A billion... how could people not have recognized it by now? That's nearly a ten of the population!"

"Most blend in to an extent, but mostly it's just that people do not see what they do not want to believe in." She shook her head. "Some Omega's break those rules, but the Veil as it's called, it quite potent."

"It must be... but why would it be stronger now than before? These days anybody claiming to be a vampire or something like that would be tossed in a madhouse. Before, it wasn't something daily, but creatures like that were seen by everybody...."

"It's simply how society developed." Kari shrugged. "If you believe, then you can see what's real sometimes. If you don't, you probably won't. Why mundanes chose to abandon magic and the full understanding for the half- truths of the current science, I'm not sure anyone knows, including those who lived threw it."

"And now almost all the magic that's left is in story books, and half-forgotten rituals," Abi said softly, shaking her head again. "Still ... to think that about one in ten of the people I know are something like that ... it's stranger than thinking that I might be one of them, really."

"In your case, it's probably almost all." She chuckled lightly. "Unusual people tend to attract more of the same. The percentage of supernaturals has got up a lot in the last three centuries, most of the growth in the last fifty. Why, nobody's even got a guess."

"World-wide, or localized?"

It's a world-wide phenomenon," she nodded easily. "But there are always areas of higher concentrations, be it because of a racial stronghold of a lay line, supernaturals gather for many of the same reasons animals and mundanes do."

"I wonder if it might be some sort of cycle," Abi mused, her mind turning on the subject already. "Jake could probably say for sure, of course, but there might be some pattern to it."

"Quite possibly," she nodded. "Though it's hardly the first time the racial balance has shifted, sometimes far more drastically, according to Tyr."

"Probably not," she admitted. "It would be stranger still if it had been. It just sounds like something that might have some sort of cause, historically. For it to be harder for normal people to notice them... us... and yet have more and more of them not to notice, it seems... counter-intuitive." She chuckled a bit. "I'm sorry, this is exactly why my professors only liked me for the first few weeks back in my classes."

"I expect Jake will be enthralled." She chuckled softly. "I'm honestly amazed you weren't snapped up by the Watchers long ago."

"The who?" Abi looked over, cocking her head curiously.

"Watchers. A group of mortals, mostly mundanes, who have this fixation on recording everything supernatural that goes on. Tyr has several assigned to him, though they seem to have the damndest time keeping track of him." She snickered softly. "You're very much their type."

"Anybody he doesn't want to follow him will have that problem," she chuckled. "And it sounds like they might be ... might have done some work for them before, for that matter, it would explain a few of my stranger projects being funded. Maybe they thought I didn't have enough of an interest in supernatural things that happen in the here and now," she half-joked.

"Oh, that's normal." Kari chuckled softly. "They're fixated on the past. On keeping records and filling in holes. They think they have the present quite well under watch."

"Ah well," Abi chuckled. "It's not really an issue now - I rather doubt they'd want one of the people they'll be trying to keep tabs on handling their research."

"No, though they'd have a collective coronary if they had a clue how many of us are in their ranks. Not just Immortals, but their mortal families." Kari chuckled. "We do like keeping tabs on the nosy ones."

"Who watches the watchmen," Abi smirked slightly. "Makes sense that somebody would want to make sure; if they know so much about the supernatural, one of them deciding to go public with proof could wreak a lot of havoc."

"Oh, they self govern on that quiet well," she chuckled and relaxed back in the evening breeze. "Besides, with the Veil, it wouldn't be believed anyway."

"One would hope," Abi agreed. "With all the problems the world has already, finding out that there's a secret one living right under its nose would probably be a Very Bad Thing."

"It's generally agreed that it would be, at least at this stage of social development." Kari nodded seriously. "At other points, I expect there is less of a secret, if any."

"Odd to think that we've likely gone backwards in so many ways," Abi mused. "As a whole, at least."

Kari thought about it. "I'm not so sure it is as much backwards, as just a transition phase, where things are mixed up. They are so much in flux right now, and are shifting rappidely."

"And showing no signs of slowing down," Abi admitted. "Quite the contrary. I used to think it was scary to think about what the world would be like in a few hundred years, given how fast things are moving now." She chuckled a little. "Now it seems I'm going to see it."

"You have one of the best tour guides available," she smiled reassuringly. "He's been threw it too many times to easily count."

"Probably not much that could ever really surprise him," Abi nodded, relaxing a bit. "It's just all a little overwhelming to think about, right now."

"I can imagine," Kari smiled easily as they watched the display of impossible skill. "Though if what I hear is true, he is surprised every time his heart is stolen. It's not an easy thing to claim."

"No, it isn't," Abi chuckled fondly, remembering when they'd first been dating. "Especially not with the way he looks at everything."

"Justifiable paranoia," Kari chuckled softly. "Even before that life, it was well warranted for him. There are far too many without morals who would do nearly anything to have his head."

"I understand," Abi nodded. "Just made it... interesting... trying to get close to him. Worth every minute of it though."

"I can imagine," Kari smiled softly. "Though you had a major advantage in that he didn't really want to avoid you. Chance ... how he did what he did is beyond me."

"They probably couldn't have said either," Abi nodded. "Chance... there just wasn't any way to not like him, unless you hated him, and not many people managed that."

"Though those that did, did so passionately." She chuckled lightly. "He was as unique as anyone, and all the rarer for being a true Hero."

"The truest," Abi agreed softly. "Hard to believe he's really gone sometimes. As much as I'm glad Jake survived... losing Chance hit us all hard, and him hardest."

"Yes, it is something not even his uncountable years have eased any, when someone gets that close." Kari admitted softly. "He can be moody for centuries following a bad ending like this. I is not a time he would usually take on a student, but he has little choice, unless Sky teaches you. I doubt he could be convinced to trust anyone else with it."

"I just hope putting it off doesn't hurt him later on," Abi said softly. "I'm sure he'll mourn when he thinks he can afford to, but when he doesn't, he bottles things up too well sometimes."

"Part of why Sky is here," Kari said softly. "She has known him long enough to have certain liberties when it comes to getting him to deal with things he doesn't want to. Including keeping him dead for a few weeks while she deals with his outside problems, so he can focus on healing. It is not likely to be pretty any way it happens."

"Never is. With somebody like Jake, that's only more true. Do you know if there's anything I could do to help him?"

"Honestly, not really. Don't take his moodiness personally and be around to remind him that he has people who care about him and need him."

"That I can do," Abi nodded. "Try to, at least."

"It is all any of us can do." She sighed softly. "Grief passes in it's own way and time, no matter who or what you are."

"A universal truth," Abi sighed softly, nodding.

"One of very few even Tyr believes in." She nodded slightly as the battle dance keyed up another level into a swirling flash of blades and bodies oblivious to the rest of the world. "Another being 'enjoy every moment as if it was your last' though he has more difficulty actually practicing it."

"Oh, I don't know," Abi smiled, shaking her head in amazement as the display became even more impressive. "Given the things he enjoys, he does a better job of it than a lot of people I know."

"Until he gets hurt, according to my grandmother." Kari said quietly. "As you said, he is very good at bottling things up too much."

"Even the wrong things," Abi sighed slightly. "Gods willing, taking down Dark Kat helped him, some."

"Most likely," she nodded. "He has hated him for some time now."

"And killing Chance put him well beyond any boundaries Jake had for killing him," she mused softly. "I'm honestly not sure if he'd have cared whether he was Immortal or not, at that point."

"I seriously doubt it," Kari shook her head. "He won't say, but I'm quite sure the laws Immortals operate under did not exist for much of his life."

"He probably helped write a lot of them," Abi mused, shaking her head a bit. "Amazing, really."

"Quite possible, though I have yet to hear of him accept such a credit."

"Might not want credit for all of them," Abi mused. "Though it's not too important, in the long run. They're there, whoever wrote them."

"True," she nodded. "Likely part of the reason he teaches them, even the ones he does not care for."

"Still have to be followed," Abi nodded. "Most of the time at least."

"Or at least so you are aware of the rules as they are broken." She chuckled softly. "Like the one about not beginning training until you have already died, and about not meeting another Immortal until you are well into your training."

"Well, these aren't exactly normal circumstances," Abi smiled. "That second one, at least, I think the only way he could have avoided it would be to lock me up until she left."

"She should have been refused entry, by the letter of the law," Kari shook her head. "Not that it would have stopped her."

"And not that Jake has ever, to the best of my knowledge, been overly concerned with the letter of the law," Abi chuckled. "Glad she's here," she added quietly, "most cheerful I've seen him in a while."

"No, he's not." Kari laughed softly. "That he predates even the concept by a few million years and wrote most of the early ones kind of takes the intimidation value out of them."

"I'll have to remember not to pick up his 'bad habits,'" Abi smiled softly. "Of course, any major ones I'm sure he'll make sure I don't pick up, not for long at least."

"No doubt," she nodded with a fondness for the lean tom currently absorbed in the dancing fight with his oldest surviving student. "And he is a very good teacher, given how many of his students survive on their own."

"And how long they've survived, some of them at least," Abi nodded towards Sky slightly. "Not that I'd expect him to settle for anything less than excellence before turning a student loose."

"Very true," she nodded. "He spends a very long time with each before agreeing to turn them loose, though how available he is afterwards also has something to do with it. Few Immortals I know of outside his line welcome their students back so readily when they are in trouble."

"I don't think Jake could ever bring himself to completely abandon somebody he cares about," Abi said softly. "Even if they did bring it on themselves, to an extent."

"True," Kari smiled fondly at him. "It is amazing he still feels so strongly and cares so much for others, after all he has been threw. Most even close to his age have long since abandoned the mortal world and it's trappings. All this time, and he still plays the mortal very well, and enjoys it."

"Don't really know how he can do it," Abi murmured softly, more impressed as she thought about it. "Not without going crazy."

"Neither do I," Kari nodded softly in agreement. "Though he has had his moments where it cost him his sanity for a while. I don't think anything could make him give up what he does though. As much as he despises being called one, he is a hero in a very real way."

"The problem is getting him to recognize it," Abi smiled fondly.

"That seems to be true of the most of the best ones out there," she chuckled softly. "They are either full of themselves, or don't believe in their full worth."

"I'll take him the way he is over arrogant any day," Abi chuckled. "I can't imagine the level of ego he'd have if he went to the opposite end."

"Utterly insufferably, no doubt." Kari chuckled softly. "Though not all of them like that are bad. His Chance for example. Full of himself, but still very much a sweet guy."

"Very true," Abi smiled fondly. "He was full of himself, but never let it stop him from being a normal guy."

"It made him all the more special." Kari said softly with a touch of regret. "He will be missed dearly, both as Chance and as T-Bone."

"Nobody quite like him," Abi agreed softly. "Might have 'only' been a kat, but he was anything but normal."

"I'm sure Jake desperately wanted to be wrong about him, and that he would wake up from the crash as well." Kari said softly with respectful sadness. "It is never easy to loose one so dear, so quickly."

"He hasn't said it in as many words, but I have to agree with you," Abi nodded. "And I don't think it's supposed to be."

"And in a continuing trend, Dr. Viper has now been added to the casualties list of Omegas that began last week with Dark Kat and yesterday morning with Blaze. He was found this morning in the same state, his head removed and set to the side and his body showing clear signs of an intensive fight.

No one has claimed responsibility yet, and the Enforcers have no comment."

"Jake and Sky are making progress," Abi said softly, turning from the news to finish the note she was making when the story came up. "And the Omegas are starting to go to ground too, it seems."

"Not that it well help them much," Kari chuckled darkly. "Not against those two."

"Not sure anything would," Abi agreed, nodding slightly. "Maybe running, but that's about it."

"Not unless it's another world," a caramel tabby tomkat grinned at them.

"Maybe not even then," Kari nodded to him. "There are few places to hide from either of them."

"Other worlds," Abi asked, looking at both of them curiously.

"Both are older than our very race," Kari said softly, giving more importance to the statement than ever before. "Not even leaving this world, or this dimension, would spare one from their wrath. There is nothing, living, dead or immortal, that knows as much as they do of magic and the hunt. Even if there is one more gifted in the Art, there is no place they can not reach if they choose to. No where. No when. No way to escape for long."

"I thought you were saying there were other worlds they'd been to," Abi explained. "I'll remember not to get on their bad sides...."

Kari smiled softly. "Fortunately, that is a most difficult thing to do."

"It would have to be. Not that there aren't plenty of people out there who've done a spectacular job of it," she added, nodding towards the continuing news reports.

"That, I believe, is more tiding up loose ends, so he can turn his full attention to you." Kari chuckled softly. "He has sworn to protect this city, and he takes his oaths very seriously."

"For better or for worse - generally better," Abi nodded. "Just as well he doesn't give them too often."

"Very true," Kari said softly and turned her attention back to the news broadcast and it's more mundane subjects.

Death Comes Not Here 5: The Sky is The Limit

PG-13 for M/F and Violence
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Written February 28, 2004 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Highlander (generic), SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Alternate Universe, Death

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Abi Sinnian

Blurb: Jake's hunting has friends worried, but not as much as the Omegas are now that he's no longer alone in it.

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