A Drastic Cure
by Fur and Fantasy
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Jake, can I talk to you for a moment ... in private?" An athletic gold, black and tan calico Kat touched his lover's shoulder as Jake headed for the Black Phoenix Hanger. "In my quarters."

"Sure Alex." The lean cinnamon Kat sighed in exhaustion and nodded to one of the few toms he knew that was shorter than he was, and obligingly changed course.

They walked in an uncomfortable silence through the Cathedral facility until they reached a lift, and Alexander Maxwell finally broke it. "The meeting went that bad?"

Jake groaned and rubbed his neck, then groaned in pleasure and gratitude as Alexander put his hands there and rubbed.

"You are way too tense." Alexander rumbled with a lick to Jake's ear. "Let Nate have a go at your back."

"If he can catch me out of the battle zone." Jake closed his eyes, both in grief and pleasure. "Gods that feels good."

"Well, good, because Nate's waiting in my quarters." He chuckled at the startled look he got over Jake's shoulder. "I really do want to talk to you in private, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up to get you properly relaxed."

Jake was silent for a moment before he relaxed a little more. "Thanks Alex."

Nathan SolGardin looked at his father across the unconscious form of Jake Farseerer sprawled on the bed. "That was almost too easy, Cazi."

"Don't worry, Nate." Alexander Maxwell patted the much taller Tiger Felsin's shoulder. "He was almost ready to drop anyway. We barely needed the drugs, I'm sure."

"But it's safer to be sure he doesn't wake up until we get to the ship." Nathan hesitated a second before picking the limp tomkat up.

"Nate, he's not of this world, any more than you or I, he's just been here longer." He looked at his lovers face, the strain striped from it by the massage and tranks, before activating a small device and moving swiftly out of the room and down the hall, unconcerned that his son would keep up. "He needs the help he'll only get in the Alliance. I'll bring him back if he wants me too, after he's sane."

"I doubt he will." Nathan smiled as his father shifted to his more natural form, a very short, strong Lion Felsin, and at the obliviousness of those they passed to their presence. "That invisibility device works well."


"Did you get a feel for Cathedral's take on this?" Nathan asked quietly, remembering something he'd meant to ask before. "I'd hate to have to deal with a hostile facility, getting the drop."

"She isn't happy to see him go, but she agreed it's for the best." Cazi said quietly as they moved through the complex's maze of hallways.

"*At least she's willing to see that.*" Nathan said, switching to the more secure telepathy, as they maneuvered around Kats who were unaware of them. "*I don't think Pat would be quite as understanding. Void, I don't think he'll be as understanding.*" He said looking at the unconscious Kat.

"*Unfortunately.*" The Lion glanced back at his mate. "*This'll probably cost me him, but at least he'll be alive to be angry about it.*"

"*As much as you can, blame me for it.*" Nathan thought quietly. "*He doesn't much like Healers anyway. Besides, I don't have a relationship to loose.*"

"*Thanks, Nate.*" He put a grateful hand on the Tiger's shoulder as they neared the northeast exit. "*I just hope he can eventually see this was for his benefit. I'm not even sure what he's going to be like without this insane level of activity driving him, never mind the deeper scars.*"

"*Hopefully, Morin brought a top mind healer with him. I can do some, but he really needs a specialist. Unfortunately, the nature of Trans-Luminal Drive makes psi-communication difficult at that range.*"He said as he looked around. "*Okay, nobody's watching.*" He said as the exited Cathedral for the surrounding hills.

"*Speaking of Morin, how could he get a TLD ship?*" Cazi asked curiously as he followed Nathan in a cross-country trek.

"*If I got the transmission correctly, he borrowed some Marines and liberated one.*" He smiled. "*Apparently, Grandmother suggested it.*"

"*Borrowed some Marines?*" The Lion raised an eyebrow in confusion. "*Just who is your friend?*"

Nathan smirked. "*Does the name Morin Kar'Dranor ring any bells?*"

Cazi stopped dead in his tracks and blinked several times before he found his mind-voice. "*He was with you when Storm ... he's someone important on Draconea? I thought he was a minor noble.*"

"*He's the youngest son of the third house of Draconea, so yeah, he's minor. But Prince Morin also happens to be one of StarFire's favorite grandchildren.*" He said affectionately.

"*Which changes his effective status significantly.*" Cazi shook his head in amusement. "*It does figure.*"

"*What figures?*" Nathan asked curiously, as they made their way down a rocky hillside.

"*That the one friend you claim is that important.*" He chuckled. "*If you can't be many, be potent.*"

"*I didn't really figure that out till we'd known each other awhile. He doesn't make a big deal about it, and it didn't matter to me.*" Nathan said easily.

"*But it has its uses.*" The Lion chuckled.

"*That's true.*" Nathan agreed with a smirk. "*Though I dread what the wedding will be like.*"

"*Wedding?*" Cazi whirled on his heal to stare at his son in disbelieving shock. "*Since when were you engaged?*"

"*We would've been years ago, but by the time I figured out how I felt, and that Morin felt the same I was Joined to Rhy. Rhy never could accept Morin.*" He said softly. "*We've been Cordraki, since Storm was born and now that Rhy's dead...*" the Tiger let the statement trail off.

"*I guess I missed a few things.*" He said softly as they continued to make good time, without apparent pursuit.

"*You had good reasons, Cazi.*" Nathan said reassuringly. "*It can't have been easy to stand back for so long.*"

"*It wasn't ... even as close as I got was dangerous, but I just couldn't not know, not be there, even if you never knew.*" The Lion shook his head sadly as his lush mane whooshed from side to side.

"*Maybe when we get home, we can give some thought to a little payback.*" Nathan as he patted the Lion's shoulder reassuringly.

"*Sounds like a first rate idea.*" Cazi grinned dangerously.

"*There she is.*" He said pointing at the shuttle that became visible as they crossed a ridge.

"*I take it that's just a shuttle, not the ship.*"

"*Yeah, it's a bit small to spend two or three weeks in.*" He grinned as they headed down, his father silently following.

As they approached the shuttle, the main boarding ramp lowered and four large deep blue Dracons in black uniforms stepped out. All four were armed with large energy rifles, and one was scanning the sky with what appeared to be high tech binoculars while another was checking a portable scanner. After about five minutes, a smaller wine red Dracon wearing a gold, red and black uniform stepped out.

Nathan smiled. "*There he is.*" He nudged his father.

"*As handsome as I remember him.*" The Lion chuckled with a smile. "*You did get a good one, from what I remember of him.*"

"Yes, he is." He said affectionately. "How many are willing to wait fifteen years for someone to finally get a clue?"

"Anyone who knows the value of patience." The wine-red Dragon prince rumbled as he walked up to them. "So this is your patient, Cordraki?"

"*I'll take Jake.*" Cazi winked at his son as the Tiger surrendered his burden.

"Gods, it's good to see you." Nathan said putting his arms around the Dracon. "Yes, the small Kat is Jake Farseeer, a brilliant inventor and hero, who's stressed to the point of breaking, by forces he can't get away from or let go of.

"Cordraki, I'd like to introduce you to my father, Cazimir Sunfire. Cazi, this is Prince Morin Kar'Dranor of Draconea, who I've described already." He smiled, feeling a bit more at ease with Morin present.

"It is good to meet you, Prince Morin." Cazi bowed respectfully without endangering his burden.

Morin nodded. "Morin will suffice for the father of my Cordraki." The Dracon smiled warmly. "But let's get your burden to Medical." He said as two Dracon Medics came out carrying a stretcher. "That way we can get back to the SilverStar as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Morin." The Lion nodded as he surrendered Jake to the medics. "It will be good to get off this world, and back home."

"Most definitely." Nathan agreed as he double-checked Jake's vitals while they walked inside. "This world puts my nerves on edge. Besides, there's something that needs to be done, that I didn't feel comfortable doing here."

"Oh?" Morin regarded his Cordraki curiously as the hatch closed.

"I told you about the promise I made Storm. It's high time I kept it." He said quietly, as he followed the stretcher to Medical.

"Ah, yes." The red Dracon nodded as the medics too Jake to the back medical bay. While it was small, it was quite capable of healing with what physical conditions Jake had.

"Did you happen to bring a mind-healer with you?" Nathan asked quietly. "That's what he really needs. His body is mostly suffering from fatigue and exhaustion, but his mind has far bigger concerns."

"Yes, Lady Diamantha." Morin chuckled. "Grandmother insisted."

"That's a relief, she's certainly among the best, if not the best." He sighed a small sigh of relief. "Don't take this wrong way Cordraki, but did she send a more dedicated TechnoMage? Jake has some impressive abilities that seem to be related, and if he tries to escape ... I'd prefer that the ship not be helping him."

"Lord Margali." The Dracon chuckled. "He's spent the last three weeks making very good friends with SilverStar."

"Making friends?" Nathan asked curiously. "Well, as long as he can keep Jake from taking over I guess a little over-personalization is harmless." He chuckled.

"Over-personalization, Nathan?" The light female voice sounded slightly miffed. "Lord Margali and Morin have been kind enough to free me and my body to retrieve you.

"Oh, I'm SilverStar." She added as an afterthought.

Nathan jumped noticeably at the unexpected voice. "Oh my, would I be correct in guessing that you're a Digital Sentience? And my apology for the over-personalization comment, but it wouldn't have been the first time a TechnoMage did so." He said, blushing lightly under his fur.

"You're forgiven." She accepted with good humor. "Yes, I am a DS."

"You did catch what I said about Jake's talents then." He said casually. "He can be very persuasive, and when there's anything electronic involved coercive if he wants to." Nathan said, as he tried to correlate what he knew and had heard on the subject.

"I understand. We're beginning precautions for that." She responded. "Disabling the shuttles, and locking critical navigation and control out of even my control, without either Margali or Morin's manual authorization."

"Good, I'd hate to get him this far only to have him runaway, or get hurt in the process." Nathan said quietly.

"That won't be permitted." Morin said determinedly as he clasped Nathan's shoulder supportably. "Anyone this important to you will be healed."

"He's important to Cazi." Nathan said quietly sidestepping his own feelings. "I haven't seen him this happy, since ... well, I haven't."

"Which make him important to you, and me." Morin rumbled supportively. "Come, you can rest for a while before we get to the ship. The Marine Medics are quiet capable of seeing to his physical health for a couple hours."

"Go ahead." Cazi grinned at his son. "I'll stay here."

"Okay, we need to talk anyway." He smiled. "You should get some rest too, Cazi. When he comes to you'll need to be at your best." Nathan suggested gently.

"I will." Cazi promised. "He won't wake up for a while yet."

"Okay." He smiled as he followed Morin. "I'll see you when we reach the ship, if not sooner."

"Hopefully later." Cazi chuckled when they'd left. With a worried sigh he settled next to his mate to enjoy what might be the last time he'd share a bed with the Kat.

Nathan turned and hugged the Dracon as the door closed to the Dracon's quarters on board the shuttle. "A lot has changed in the last year. Especially me." He said quietly.

"The loss of a LifeMate will instigate that." Morin said softly as he hugged Nathan supportively, folding his wings around them. "I am sorry for your loss."

"Gods, Morin I wish was sure how I felt about it. One moment I miss him desperately, and the next I'm just glad its over. I just dreaded the thought of the whole divorce process, but though I still loved him." The Tiger sighed deeply. "I couldn't trust him, not on the important things."

"Cordraki, there is nothing unusual about that." Morin comforted him within the caring embrace. "Especially when it ended like it did."

"I wanted to be a father again, so bad. But after what happened, I couldn't trust him that way." The Tiger said as he laid his head on Morin's broad chest.

"Then you will be, when you are ready." Morin stated gently.

Nathan smiled, and patted Morin's arm. "Oh, I've been ready, and now actually having part of my family back, I'm thinking it's time." He hesitated, trying to figure out how to say, what he wanted to say, as the Dracon waited in supportive patience.

"I think its time for another change as well." He said nuzzling the Dracon gently. "One we both wanted before, but fate just didn't allow it."

"Yes, Nathan." Morin rumbled hopefully.

Nathan gently switched to the more intimate mind-talk. "*Assuming you still want to, I want us to be LifeMates. Like we talked about when Storm was sick, and I wasn't sure I'd go back with Rhy.*" He said quietly.

"*I very much still want to, Nathan.*" He rumbled back with an intense joy behind the thought. "*It will be my pleasure and honor to help raise Storm, and our other children with you.*"

"*Thank you.*" Nathan said, smiling ear to ear. "*I've been thinking about this moment since I first found out you were coming. And somehow, I'm even happier than I thought I'd be.*" He said as he turned and pulled himself up to kiss his mate.

"*The reality is always better than the fantasy.*" Morin shivered as he deepened the kiss, and supported his mate's reach. "*Especially this.*"

"*Definitely this.*" He said, throwing himself passionately into the kiss. "*Your mother won't be able to complain about the lack of grandchildren from you for much longer.*" He teased gently.

"*No, or the lack of a suitably connected LifeMate.*" Morin rumbled in pleasure. "*And you will have no worries about having to explain why you are spending so much time on Storm's body, without mentioning his name.*"

"*That'll be good.*" Nathan rumbled appreciatively. "*I've pretty much figured out the necessary corrections in my head, but I didn't have a proper lab to finish the computations in. How's SilverStar set up for science labs?*"

"*Very well, and anything that you could wish for, she can create within a day or so if the schematics exist within the Alliance, her database, or your mind.*" He promised with more than a little excitement. "*It will be good to have Storm back among us, and go camping again.*"

"*The G-tube schematics are right here in my head, though I'll want to look at the latest developments.*" He said planning. "*I actually figured out that at least part of Storm's problems came from them using simulated genetic material, instead of the real thing.*" He explained quietly. "*Storm's wings are Dracon, but the lab didn't have access to Dracon genetic material ... so they faked it, by manipulating genetic material from one of the false Dragon species on Felsinor's southern continent.*"

Morin was quiet for a long moment. "*Are you saying, he really will be our son, genetically?*"

"*At least in part.*" Nathan said quietly. "*He's very complicated genetically, at least as bad as my father. So he'll be genetically part me, part you and part the complex original design.*"

The Dracon suddenly picked his mate up in a delighted hug and kiss. "*That is wonderful love.*"

Nathan smiled and kissed Morin back. "*I thought you'd be pleased.*"

"*Beyond pleased, love.*" He rumbled in joy. "*Not only to have our son back, but for how happy it makes you.*"

"*I think I'm well beyond any word for happy, love.*" Nathan rumbled in his ecstatic joy. "*Having Storm back, having my father back, and having you as a LifeMate.*" He nuzzled the Dracon affectionately. "*It makes the pain worthwhile.*"

"*I have one more gift for you, love.*" Morin guided his mate to the bed to sit down. "*One we never expected.*"

Nathan looked at the Dracon curiously. "*Oh, what would that be?*" He asked as he sat down.

"*Your family has been found, alive.*" He said evenly. "*SilverStar has extensive records of them running a private war in Mephit space.*"

Nathan blinked a couple of times before what Morin had said really hit. "*Are you sure its them?*" He said quietly. "*Cazi's been through a very definite double bond breach, which would only happen if they died.*"

"*As sure as possible without physical contact.*" Morin nodded gently. "*Some of the records are very specific, and match up perfectly with what was acquired from the SG.*"

Nathan snuggled up against Morin. "*It'll have to wait till we settle current matters.*" He thought with great difficulty. "*Don't mention this to Cazi yet. He needs to be focused right now, and if he knows there alive he'll feel he has to go to them.*" He sighed. "*At least he'll have Ebon if Jake leaves him.*"

"*Nareena as well.*" Morin added. "*And I understand.*" The Dracon nodded. "*Grandmother has already approved the use of her Shadow Wings, should they be of use. If Jake takes very long, we will retrieve them while Cazi cares for his mate that's here.*"

Nathan nodded. "*I'll have to talk to Alliance Command as well, see if they're still interested in my idea for creating a NightBlades Special Forces operation.*"

"*I'm sure it will work out.*" Morin hugged his mate tightly. "*It is a good day to be alive.*"

"*Most definitely.*" Nathan agreed as he melted in the Dracon's embrace.

"You can come out, little one." Lady Diamantha spoke gently as she sensed someone's presence in a Jake's medical room on the shuttle. "I won't send you away unless you hurt my patient."

She watched as a petite little black and white longfured Kat edged out from his hiding spot, and smiled at him. "He must be quite important to you to risk this."

"Jake's my gunner." Patrik stated matter-of-factly as he kept a very wary eye on the silvery-gray dragon biped while approaching Jake's bed.

Diamantha smiled. "He's lucky to have such a loyal gunner." She said approvingly. "He'll be asleep for some time yet, his body was beyond exhaustion and it's taking advantage of the chance to rest."

"He hates to sleep." Patrik nodded uneasily as he brushed Jake's hair back.

"I can tell. His body has been telling him he needs to for a long time, but his mind refuses to listen." She said gently, checking a few vital signs. "My name is Diamantha Crystallus, what's yours?" She asked very politely.

"Patrik Celest." He inclined his head slightly, then looked up at her with distressed, crystal blue eyes. "We're leaving Aristal, aren't we?"

"Yes, Patrik, we are." She said quietly. "By now we're probably passing through what would be considered near-orbit." She said gently.

"How far ... where is Alex from?" He asked quietly.

"The Alliance is in a another galaxy."

"Oh," he swallowed. "A long trip?"

"I believe the estimate is currently three or four weeks, maybe a little more. I'm not sure, I'm a Healer, not a navigator." She said gently. "Have you ever been in space before, Patrik?"

"Space, a few times." He nodded. "But not much past the moon."

"Then this should be a fascinating experience for you. There are many wonders in deep space, and spectacular phenomena you can't see anywhere else." She said, as she tried to convey the true beauty and wonder of deep space.

"Hopefully he'll see that, and not the confinement." Patrik nodded quietly. "It could be very bad if he chooses to fight."

Diamantha sighed. "We know, and we've prepared as best we can." She said quietly.

The petit Kat shuffled a bit, clearly debating with himself. "Do you know what he's capable of?"

"Only by what Alex and Nathan know and have heard." Diamantha admitted quietly. "I suspect there may be things they don't know, but there is a limit to the extent that you can prepare for what you don't know."

Patrik bit his lower lip and looked at Jake again before facing her. "What do you know?"

"That he's far more dangerous in physical combat than his size would indicate. That he's deadly shot with any weapon, and that he has a brilliant and rather devious mind." She said, clearly favorably impressed. "We also have reason to believe he has some level of skill as a TechnoMage, though we don't have a good feel for just what he can do there."

"Damn near anything." Patrik supplied quietly. "I've seen him change what a substance is by focusing, and he can get anything that's created to do what he wants. If the ship wasn't already aware, it would be if he thought it would help him. Your weapons won't fire on him, they may even overload in your hands." The little tom dropped his eyes and rushed on with the unease of one knowing he was doing the right thing, but still uncomfortable with it. "And you're right about devious. It's a very bad idea to imply that to his face, but I don't think he actually has any morals when it comes down to doing what he thinks he needs to. I've seen him surrender just to get close enough to an opponent to kill."

"Well, our ship already is aware, and very strong willed at that." She said gently. "And we have a powerful TechnoMage along with us, who should be able to counter what Jake does." She walked over and put a reassuring hand on the small Kat's shoulder. "Thank you, I can tell it wasn't easy for you to tell me what you did. But the more we know the easier it will be to help him. Which is what is important to me." She said with strong conviction.

"I know." He said with an unusual sureness for a bio-mute as he looked up. "This is for the best, he needs it not to die ... just ... he's my gunner." Patrik dropped his gaze back to the resting Kat. "I'm not capable of not helping him, if he orders it."

"I understand, and thank you for being honest with me about that." She said as she walked around to a table and poured two large glasses of water from a clear pitcher. "These Mephit ships are very dry, it's easy to become dehydrated if you're not careful." She said as she offered a glass to Patrik.

"Thank you, ma'am." The petit Kat accepted the glass and drank deeply. "Is Nathan really Alex's son?"

"Yes, he is. You're wondering about the difference in appearance, right?" She asked, encouragingly.

"Pretty extreme." He nodded. "Even half-breeds don't usually look so different from their parents."

"Nathan's mother was a Tiger, and he looks much like her. But Alex is far more than he appears, much like Jake you can't take him at face value." She said quietly.

"Yeah, well, I know he's really smart, has a touch with the computers that's unrivalled except for our TechnoMages, and is a lot better fighter than he lets on, but Nathan still doesn't look like he's got any calico in him." Patrik cocked his head. "Of course, Nathan doesn't look like a Kat either. Alex isn't ... he's the same species as Nathan, isn't he?"

Diamantha nodded. "Yes, they're both Felsin." She said quietly. "Though based on the genetic data Nathan sent, I'm beginning to think that Kats and Felsin are the same species. The differences are merely surface appearance. And Alex could've shown your TechnoMages a few things, if he'd actually used his full Talent."

Patrik looked decidedly doubtful at that last statement, then shrugged. "He'll get his chance. Jake's the best one we had." He nodded at his gunner.

Diamantha nodded. "Though it comes down to how the Talents really work. Since Alex is a CyberWizard which is a bit different from a TechnoMage. Hopefully, things will go well and it won't be a violent comparison." She said quietly.

"Hopefully." Patrik shuddered. "Though they'll figure out they have similar talents and start to compete eventually."

"What will be, will be." The Dracon said philosophically, sipping her water. "If there's anything you want to ask, please feel free." She said encouragingly. "We have some hours till we reach the SilverStar."

Patrik nodded and hopped up on the table so he could rest his hand on Jake's shoulder. "What's going to happen to us?"

"To you?" She repeated, not quite liking how it sounded. "Well, the Healers have to figure out what's wrong with Jake, and how best to help him. Until there's been some analysis it's difficult to tell how long his recovery will take. As for you, well I presume you'll want to stay as close to Jake as you're allowed. Is that correct?" She asked gently.

"Yes." He nodded nervously.

"Good, he'll need you while he's healing. Especially if he rejects Alex out of anger." She said quietly. "I'm glad you snuck on board, though I think Alex and Nathan would've brought you had you asked." She said reassuringly.

"Cathedral said something about it happening now." He shrugged. "There wasn't time to coordinate, and I honestly wasn't sure till it was happening if I'd really go." He looked down. "It's a lot to leave."

"Leaving home is never easy." Diamantha agreed. "Jake's fortunate to have someone as loyal as you."

"I was designed for him." The young Kat shrugged, then chuckled. "It takes a lot to stay with him."

"Alex would still be here, but I made him go get some sleep." She smiled warmly. "Things will be difficult enough once Jake comes 'round, without fighting fatigue."

"Yeah, at least for a while."

She smiled gently. "You gave up everything to follow him, and Alex accepted the risk of losing everything to get him the help he needs." She shook her head. "He does seem to inspire people."

"And he drove Pat crazy, and the squad to distraction." Patrik chuckled. "There's a running joke around Cathedral. There are only two kinds of people in the world; those that Jake drove away, and those that would do anything for him." He looked at the lean cinnamon tom affectionately. "So far, it's proved out very true."

The Healer smiled understandingly. "It's the first time I've ever been sent to another galaxy to look after a patient." She chuckled.

"And that was by someone who's never even met him." Patrik chuckled. "At least if I understand what I've picked up correctly."

"StarFire has her own reasons for doing what she does." She smiled. "I don't always understand why, but she's usually right. But she sent me, and one of the top TechnoMages, on what was supposedly just a mission to recover Alex and Nathan. I didn't find out about Jake until Morin established communication with Nathan."

Patrik nodded quietly and sipped the water, still clearly struggling with himself over something. Eventually he took a deep breath and met Diamantha's eyes. "If you're going to try to heal his mind ... you need to understand ... he's very good at faking being sane and normal, if he sees any use for it. He's fooled telepaths before, and he's never respected a healer before, except for Heron, and that's only because she beat him to the ground on a regularly basis."

Diamantha nodded, and shook her head. "As a last resort I suppose I could do that." She chuckled lightly, clearly more laughing at the universe. "I doubt he's fooled many telepaths with quite my experience, and I will hope, vain though it may be, that he will want to be healed."

"Even if he wants to be healed, he ... needs to feel anyone he's taking orders from is worth his obedience." Patrik said quietly. "Heron wasn't a mind-healer either, she was our squad's medic. I really don't know what he'll do, he may even be relieved once he gets over the anger at having choices made for him again."

"That maybe the first difficulty, a mind-healer does not give orders. There is no way to order a person to heal, one can only help the mind's natural healing ability." She said gently. "But I suppose we'll just have to see what happens."

Patrik looked at her funny as he ran that concept around his mind a few times. "Good luck explaining that concept to Jake."

"I expect that luck is something, we shall be needing a great deal of in the next four weeks." She said softly.

"The next few days will tell a lot." Patrik nodded as he ran his fingers through Jake's hair. "It would be good ... if Alex and I were both laying next to him, when he wakes." He said quietly. "He'll be more likely to at least listen to part of an explanation, instead of reflexively lashing out. He's going to be very scared to come around in this environment."

"The environment will be a little more friendly on SilverStar, but I understand. And I think we should do what we can to keep things as non-threatening, as is possible." She said quietly.

"It's unnervingly quiet." Patrik commented almost absently.

"Quiet?" She wondered aloud, since the shuttle had the variety of noises that every ship in flight did. "I'd guess you'd mean something other than sound."

"He's a TechnoMage, I'm a PsiPilot ... we both hear machines work, think, how they functions." He tried to explain. "I don't catch much outside of vehicles, but Jake hears everything that created. It's extremely quiet here, for a creation."

"I think the problem is frequency. Every race's creations 'think' on a different one, and this one is alien even to us. Lord Margali did comment that SilverStar thought on a weird band."

"It still amounts to being in an even more alien environment than it looks like, until he finds the right band." The Kat murmured. "He's starting to wake up. Maybe another half hour."

"Fortunately, we're docking." She said as four ten foot tall dark blue Dracons in red and black uniforms, with white striping entered. "Be gentle with him." She instructed. "Suite One." She said as they gently placed the Kat on a stretcher.

Patrik walked lightly next to his pilot's side without a word and set a light hand on Jake's arm.

The halls of the main ship were a strange blend of organic curves, and metallic colors. The air was uncommonly dry, and had a strange scent that Rik couldn't place, though it seemed to be fading. At an intersection, a burnished gold Dracon slightly taller than Diamantha fell into step with them.

"Lord Margali, are preparations complete?" She asked quietly.

"As complete as can be, given the unknowns involved. SilverStar informed me that she feels confident in her ability to maintain control." He said in a deep, powerful male voice. "I thought we only had one Kat." He said noticing Patrik walking alongside the stretcher.

"Jake's gunner, Patrik Celest." She explained quietly. "His presence may prove to most fortunate, given how well he knows Jake."

The Dracon inclined his head. "Welcome aboard, Patrik." He said politely. "I am Lord Tarson Margali, TechnoMage Advisor to Queen StarFire."

"It's good to meet you." The small Kat nodded politely. "Thank you for letting me on board. I felt a powerful TechnoMagic presence, along with SilverStar herself."

"You're welcome, and I had a feeling you were meant to come along, though I couldn't explain why." He said as they walked. "I'm sure SilverStar will introduce herself in due course, but she's quite busy with departure preparations. Do you happen to know if Jake is a self-taught TechnoMage or if someone taught him?" He asked curiously.

"Self taught, though he and Pat did a lot of figuring it out together, and they compared notes with anything and everything that could do similar things." He nodded. "I doubt what we meant by TechnoMage and what you mean by it are very closely related, except maybe in the results department."

"Perhaps we will be able to figure that out when he feels better." The gold Dracon said easily. "You clearly have a related ability, though it seems more focused."

"I'm a PsiPilot, and it is related, sort of. Weaker, really." Patrik nodded. "I don't know if it applies to something as big as a starship, but if it's a vehicle, I can make it go where I want it to. I work best with fighters though."

"I don't know about Starships in general, but I believe it would work with SilverStar, if she allowed it. She was designed to work with a Bonded combat team, though she hasn't had one in a very long time." He said sympathetically. "There's been some experimentation with a mechanical approach to what you describe, Direct Neural Interface I believe they call it. But Nathan knows more about that than I do." He said as they turned the corner into the Medical Section.

"Really?" The small Kat blinked in surprise. "Cathedral's had that working longer than I've been there."

"Perhaps we mean different things, I'm not talking a simple substitute contacts for joystick. As I understand it, DNI allows the pilot to -become- the plane effectively, and with a superior pilot the performance actually improves beyond it normal specs."

"Yap, that's what we do for the pilots who are good, but not psi." Patrik nodded easily.

"There are dangers though, especially if the pilot forgets to reintegrate."

"We always team them up with an experienced AI ... DS to you ... for just that reason." He chuckled. "Not that there isn't a DS with every team anyway."

"I see you've had some culture briefing on us." He chuckled. "Did they mention that there's still a fair amount of bias against 'thinking weapons'? We've managed to clear legal hurdles on the subject but it takes time to change people's minds." He shook his head. "Not that there's anything more inherently stable about an organic mind, than a DS."

"The DS I've meet are usually a lot more stable, though their parents have a lot to do with that." Patrik nodded easily.

"Agreed." He said and then paused. "Perhaps we can talk some other time, but it seems I'm needed on the Bridge. A pleasure meeting you, Patrik." He said with a bow as he turned and strode quickly away.

"Here we are." Diamantha said as she punched a code into a doorpad. "We tried to make the medical suite as much not like a medical suite as we could." She said as the attendants carefully put Jake on the large bed and made a few adjustments to the sensors before stepping outside. Cazi got up from a bed he was sitting on, and walked over to gently brush Jake's hair back.

"I'll leave the three of you alone, since it will probably be best if Jake doesn't see anyone unfamiliar right way." She said as she turned and left.

"Yeah, that would be good." Patrik nodded as he hopped up on the bed next to Jake and watched them leave.

"Hi, Rik." Alex said quietly, as he sat on the opposite side of Jake's bed.

"Hi," he nodded slightly. "Is Alex really your name?"

"No, I just needed a name to keep track of who I was." He said quietly. "My real name is Cazimir Sunfire, but friends call me Cazi." He said leaving it up to Patrik, what to call him.

"You love him, whatever your name or form?"

"Enough that I'm willing to lose him, to get him the help he needs." Alex said quietly. "He may hate me, but at least he'll be alive to do it."

Patrik considered them both for a long moment before taking a deep breath. "If you want to help, strip and help me get him undressed. Give him a nice, warm, distracting bed to wake up to."

Alex nodded, and quickly undressed before assisting a now naked Patrik in getting the lean tom undressed. He then lay down next to Jake, and focused on his love for Jake in order to drive out less pleasant thoughts as Patrik played gentle patterns in Jake's fur that gradually turned arousing as the lean tom began to wake.

Cazi gently ran his hands through Jake's fur, in a gentle loving fashion. He gently nuzzled the Kat, trying to make things as normal as possible as Jake slowly began to stir, his body only grudgingly coming back to the waking world.

The calico continued to nuzzle Jake affectionately, while his hands continued to play, while he waited for a little more solid consciousness, which came from the groin up as Patrik took the tip of Jake's emerging cock in his mouth to tease it to life.

A soft moan broke the silence as Jake's body stiffened in pleasure. Then he slowly opened his eyes, and pulled Alex into a welcoming, hungry kiss.

Alex eagerly met the hunger with passion of his own, as he put his arms around the Kat without disturbing Patrik as Jake groaned.

"Mmm, Nathan better not still be here." Jake chuckled throatily.

Alex grinned. "Had things to do, and I thought a threesome was plenty." He chuckled.

"Well practiced at least." The lean tom murred as his hand began to work through the stocky calico's fur.

"A little more practice never hurt." Alex smirked, as he leaned down to trace one of the lean tom's nipples with his tongue.

It earned him a pleased rumbled as Jake relaxed back in a rare willingness to simply submit to his lovers.

That relaxation drew a pleased purr from Alex's throat as he leaned over to the other nipple, and gently alternated the smooth and rough sides of his tongue.

"Very well, since Cazimir indicates we've gained an extension on this quiet period, let's see where we are." Morin said as he looked around the wood and leather detailed conference room at his Command Staff, plus his new LifeMate.

"Medical is ready." Diamantha said as she sipped at a glass of water, her bright silver scales reflecting brilliantly. "Jake's condition is really mental not physical, so it's harder to treat. His physical signs have shown improvement already; with the rest he's had."

"Probably the first solid sleep he's had in months." Nathan said quietly.

"Ship's systems are secure from any unauthorized tampering." Lord Margali added, his attention apparently still partially elsewhere. "Between SilverStar and I, I think we can keep Jake from gaining control of the ship from a TechnoMagic standpoint."

The white Lioness sitting next to Margali nodded agreement.

"All shuttles have been locked down, unloaded of fuel and disarmed. As a further precaution we have removed the FTL crystals from them. We also removed key elements from the navigation and stabilization circuits. Those shuttles aren't going anywhere." A large green Dracon wearing a red and black uniform with gold pilot wings supplied.

"Thank you, Blade. I want you to make sure you review the briefing I gave you regarding handling an escape attempt. And make sure your Marines understand as well." Morin acknowledged.

"Yeah, I wanted to ask you about that. What's this restriction on ranged weapons? Stunners would be the least harmful way to stop him."

"Unfortunately, we have reason to believe that his TechnoMagic skills are advanced enough to make the weapons inoperative or even hostile." Margali said quietly.

"And we're supposed to use minimum force?"

"Yes." Morin said emphatically. "He's our guest, not our prisoner. More importantly, he's the mate of my cousin, Cazimir." He said in a deep, firm voice.

"Understood, Sir." The Marine acknowledged. "What's our ETA to Alliance Space?"

"Three and a half weeks, approximately." The Lioness supplied.

"Thanks, SilverStar." He nodded to the Lioness. "Prince Morin, how much freedom will Jake have on board, will he be confined to quarters?"

"That's at the discretion of medical, and will depend on his condition and behavior." The wine red Dracon answered.

"I'd prefer to give him as much freedom as possible." Diamantha said easily. "I don't think he'll handle confinement well."

"I think Cazi and I can handle keeping an eye on him." Nathan suggested quietly.

"That would ease my mind greatly." The Dracon healer admitted.

A Drastic Cure

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43 KB, Story is Closed-Unfinished, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written February 23, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Cathedral, Galactic Alliance

Primary Races: Digital Sentience, Dracon, Felsin, Kantin

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Patrik Celest/Jake Farseerer/Cazimir Sunfire, Nathan SolGardin/Morin Kar'Dranor

Notes: If the beginning seems similar to SoK: AE, don't think about it.

Blurb: Jake Farseerer's lover, Alexander Maxwell, is finally worried enough about his mate's sanity to take rather extreme action.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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