Eureka Kats 6:
The Past Faced

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Come," Jessica Bruener called out to the buzzer requesting admittance to her lab.

"Hi Mom," Marie greeted her with only a trace of her irritation audible. "We really need to talk."

"Marie," Jessica said politely, leaning back in her chair. "You're right, we do. Take a seat," she said, indicating her guest chair.

"You went way out of line with Jake," Marie said as she sat down. "Checking out my new boyfriend is one thing, insulting him in his own home is quite another."

"And just how did I insult him?" Jessica asked, folding her hands in her lap. "I suspect you've only got one side of what happened."

"You're right, which is why I'm here instead of simply disowning you," Marie pointed out. "I have the side of things that was very offended by what you said. Your intent is kind of irrelevant there. He was insulted."

"And what did I say that offended him?" She asked again. "If it's about my reaction when I first saw him, I did apologize for that. I hadn't been expecting him to be some sort of alien."

"I didn't even hear about that one," Marie shook her head. "Your reaction to what he did for a living was the biggest one. Your focus on education rather than who he is or what he can do didn't help."

"I was shocked that somebody with his qualifications and intelligence was a junkyard mechanic," Jessica pointed out. "I tried to get an explanation, but his partner threw me out before I could. How much do you really know about this man, Marie? For all we know, he could be very dangerous."

"I know how it happened," she said simply, abruptly aware of what had happened in the kat's home. "What you did was step on some very sensitive sore spots they've had to explain several times recently. Chance was just protecting him. It's what they do for each other. As for dangerous ... no more than anyone else with military training and thirty years of combat experience. He's really a sweet guy."

"What sore spots were they, Marie?" Jessica asked firmly. "Explain what it was that happened, and I'll apologize if I think it's warranted."

"He graduated collage and applied in his field, aerodynamics -- jet designs. He found himself blacklisted without ever working. The only job of any worth that'd have him was as a gunner/mechanic in the Enforcers, the local police/military. Then saw the designs that he used for interviews being credited to others and some in production. Two years after that, he and Chance were 'assigned' to a salvage yard to pay for damage done in the line of duty," she actually growled, personality furious at such treatment. "Even Henry got better treatment than that, and he hates working for anyone."

Marie glared at her mother, her eyes snapping. "That jet in their back yard and the other vehicles? He built those from scrap lying around the junkyard. No support, no funding, no help, nothing but a desire to protect his home and Chance. They've worked that way for over twenty years now. You want to tell me that kind of treatment doesn't warrant being sore about it?" Marie demanded.

"It does warrant being sore about it," Jessica admitted. "But am I supposed to just assume that something like that happened? Usually a person with those qualifications finds himself working as a mechanic, and it means that they aren't nearly as qualified in reality as they are on paper."

"I don't suppose you've bothered to look up what he's done since he got here?" Marie asked, or all but dared. "Guy's brilliant, and those qualifications are what Global decided he rated. It's not like he went to school on this planet. Skill tests are what got used to place him."

"I tried to, but while I was looking there wasn't much there," Jessica pointed out. "And aptitude tests don't always match up with reality. I did offer to apologize," she reminded Marie icily.

"If you thought it was warranted," she snapped before she stood and turned to leave. "Which you haven't agreed with yet. Just think about what it means to have a likely son-in-law think you hate him already." She said and stalked out of the room, fuming and cursing herself for thinking there was any point to talking with the woman.

Two days later, Sheriff Carter was just about ready to decide that Jaeger had left the area. Unfortunately, he knew better... it was just damned hard to find somebody with three different forms, one of which was indistinguishable from a normal animal. They had canine searchers out, but nothing to use to get his scent in the first place... it was frustrating, to say the least.

"S.A.R.A.H., door," he called out as he headed down the stairs to his house. To top it off, he'd been out late every day since the attack on Taggart... at least his house didn't mind too much, as long as he called. Today he'd finally got home in time for dinner, albeit somewhat
late, but still in time to spend a little time with Zoe.

"Dad!" she greeted him with relief in her voice. "Is it finally over?"

"No," he admitted reluctantly. "Damned thing's just about impossible to find," he muttered. Especially when there hadn't been so much as a glimpse in two days. "Even with Dr. Moreau's tracking data, he's too good at this."

"What are you going to do?" She asked as they headed for the kitchen table to eat.

"Keep hunting, probably," he admitted. "So, what did S.A.R.A.H. pick out for dinner?" He asked, hoping to get off the subject of work for a bit.

"Pot-roast, Sheriff Carter," S.A.R.A.H. answered even as the refrigerator turned around to offer him a beer.

"Just like every time you have to work way too much," Zoe teased him. "She recorded the game today too. Wouldn't let me watch it until you got home," she rolled her eyes.

"Good," he chuckled slightly, taking the glass. "Thanks, S.A.R.A.H.," he called out.

"You're welcome, Sheriff," the house responded, sounding a little surprised by the gesture.

"There's rumors flying all over the place that the town might go on lockdown," Zoe picked up the subject again.

"Now what good would that do, hmm? What we're after is in the woods," Carter pointed out, taking a drink. "We might actually start enforcing the curfew, but it'd just be until we find this thing."

"Dad, seriously, what is out there?" Zoe asked quietly, honestly a little scared. "Is it that thing that ripped the hiker apart?"

"Yeah, it is," he nodded. "Which, by the way, is why I don't want you out after dark without somebody to keep an eye on you," he said seriously. "Official curfew or no, that thing already hit around here once, I don't want you being the second one."

"What about you? You're out all the time now," she pointed out.

"That is Sheriff Carter's job, Zoe," S.A.R.A.H. pointed out.

"You are not helping," Zoe snapped at her.

"I'm also out with Jo and a squad of Global's troops," he pointed out. "Somehow, I really don't think you'd want them following you around everywhere, even if I could convince Stark to approve it."

"No," she mumbled. "What if something happens to you? It's killed a guy in a force field for heaven's sake dad."

"I was hoping you hadn't heard about that," he admitted, though he wasn't surprised that she had. "Look ... they can't just leave me out of the loop at this point. It did manage to kill one of them, but now that we know more about what it is, we know to keep back more. If anything happens, I'm the first one under cover. I can't just back out of the search, honey. It's not just a Global project gotten loose. If it was, I'd be locking up tight and not going out either," he admitted.

"Then what is it?" she pressed for details.

"I can't tell you everything, but there's a person involved in this. Makes it a legal issue, not just Global having to clean up," he explained.

"You're telling me a person did that to the hiker?" she very nearly freaked out completely.

"Not... not a person," Carter sighed, trying to find a way to phrase it. "It was an animal, but somebody's controlling it. It attacked Taggart the other night, and we've got to find out who it's listening to."

He quietly prayed that she'd buy it. It was close enough, at least.

"Come on dad, it can't be that classified," Zoe complained as she put dinner on the table.

"Stark didn't even know what was going on until the other night," he pointed out. "It's that classified."

"Damn, that's ...." she shook her head. "Thought he had access to everything."

"It's 'need to know,' and apparently nobody here needed to know," he said, rolling his eyes. "I got briefed on what it was, but we can't have it getting around just yet. This... is probably going to be messy," he admitted.

"Just be careful, okay?" she looked at him pleadingly.

"I will, honey," he promised seriously. "So... how're things going in class these days? Haven't had the chance to grill you about it lately," he smirked, hoping to get things back to normal for the evening.

"Hey, Marie, good to see you," Chance greeted her with a welcoming hug at the door before pulling her inside and shutting the door. "Vincent had some real fun with this order."

"I'm officially scared now," she giggled, following him in. "I assume Jake's getting it set out," she sniffed the air. It had definite traces of peppers and other spices, as well as a tomato base.

"Yeah," the tabby grinned. "So was it fun?" he asked with a secretive whisper.

"Wha -" Marie blushed as she realized what he was referring to. "I'd have thought you'd already asked him," she giggled slightly, adjusting her sweater self-consciously.

"I did, he turned a lovely shade of red and mumbled," he snickered. "Didn't seem to dampen his enthusiasm for me any either."

"Probably not," she giggled again. "Though uhm ... yes, very," she said, blushing even more, if it was possible.

How had she ever gotten to be friends with Cindy?

"If you ever want to borrow the film I made with Cindy, I think you two would enjoy it," he grinned at her. "He hasn't been with a female many times."

"I kinda gathered that... and I'll leave that up to him, I think. So, you two enjoyed yourselves?"

"Always," he chuckled as they walked into the dinning room where Jake was laying their pasta, bread and roasted vegetable dinner with wine. "She introduced me to this great variant on milk wine. Things still going well with your transformation?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "Had to take a cab over though; my vision's starting to slip a bit. Tomorrow I've got an appointment to get some glasses."

"Something you expected to happen?" Jake asked with some concern.

"Yeah," she nodded. "Not this soon, but eventually. Human eyes and cat eyes are different, and they're shifting... migraines will probably be hitting in the next few weeks. Suppose now's as good a time as any to bring up your offer?" She asked, looking between Jake and Chance.

"Marie, if you mean enough to him to get offer to move in while your hurting, I'm not about to object," Chance said seriously. "I'm not the jealous type, honest."

"I didn't know if he'd mentioned it to you yet," she smiled as they sat down, plates of what looked like spaghetti with some sort of exotic meat in the sauce and smelled of spices from all over the world.

"Yeah," Chance nodded and dug into his plate. "Took him long enough to offer too."

"Not that long," Jake objected, though there was a teasing tone to his words.

"Yeah, he offered not too long after he found out," Marie smiled warmly at the lean tom. "I just didn't officially accept until now," she chuckled. "Oh, on less cheerful topics, I spoke to Mother earlier," she sighed. "She might be around to apologize some time... can't be sure with her."

"If she doesn't behave better, I toss her out of the house this time," Chance rumbled.

"I can take care of myself, you know," Jake rolled his eyes. "He gets all mother-hen on me when he thinks I'm not standing up for myself enough."

"Because nobody else is gonna do it," Chance scoffed. "Maybe a few years around here you'll get better about it," he added with a smile, leaning over to nuzzle Jake's shoulder.

"Well, this time y'might've jumped the gun a little bit," Marie admitted. "Not, mind you, that I'd blame you at all. Woman's got issues... don't think she's ever gotten over the fact that I chose to live with Dad instead of her."

"Your choice in test subject and potential boyfriend didn't go over real well either," Jake shook his head. "I think she expects you to want to go to MegaKat City with us already."

"We didn't go into that," she shrugged a bit. "Like I said, she's got issues. Don't even pretend to understand them all."

"So are there any home movies of the special night?" Chance asked easily between bites.

"No," Jake shook his head in disbelief. "Don't you get enough?"

"Well, she's one of Cindy's friends," Chance teased.

"She's the one who does cameras, not me," Marie blushed, shaking her own head.

"Pity, you have no idea how hot the two of you are," Chance grinned at his partner.

"Mmm ... maybe some time you can watch," Marie teased lightly, an idea that made Jake choke on the food in his mouth.

"Tonight?" Chance rumbled at her.

"I don't think Jake's ready for that... and I don't think I am either," she reassured the tom as he managed to swallow what he was eating. "Sorry," she giggled, trying to hide a smile.

"No you aren't," Jake replied, though it was more in amusement that actually being upset. "Eventually, hot stuff," he told Chance. "Though she'll probably get to watch us before then."

Marie turned an even brighter shade of red, but she took a drink and tried to cover for it.

"Think I'd like that," she admitted. "You two are pretty hot too, after all," she giggled.

"You don't know the half of it," Chance ginned at her. "What do you like in Jake, dom or sub?"

"I think I like the dom side a bit more," she smiled with a light purr for the memories of what they'd done the other day.

"I'm in the room, you two," Jake objected with a deep blush beneath cinnamon fur.

"You're free to object at any time," Chance pointed out. "But we do have that one recording already."

"No," Jake said firmly, almost snapping at his mate.

"Jake?" Marie looked at him curiously.

"I think that's saying we were a little too kinky for sharing right now," Chance supplied.

"It's okay, Jake," Marie reassured him with a smile. "So, topic other than sex for a while?" She suggested.

"How about a best guess on what we're going to be helping you through?" Chance suggested.

"Headaches and migraines at first, nausea... not really that different from being pregnant, by our best guess," she explained. "What'll get really nasty is when my bone structure starts shifting. Probably months of a lot of pain while my body adjusts to accommodate it, and a lot of time spent on my front, especially when the tail starts to develop. The good news, such as it is, is that that should be towards the end of it."

"How much of this can be controlled by local medicine?" Jake asked
softly, fairly sure of how bad it was going to be and not looking forward to watching.

"Painkillers and sedatives can take the edge off of it, but we're not sure," she admitted. "This sort of change isn't something we've ever done before, as far as I know."

"At least she'll have time to adjust to it," Chance offered quietly.

"Just let us know what we can do to help, okay?" Jake asked her.

"I will," she promised.

"So how is your father taking us?" Jake asked after a couple bites in silence.

"Pretty well, all things considered," she smiled. "He's not that weirded out by it, anyways. Dad's always been cool about the weird things I get into," she chuckled. "Including alien felinoids, as long as they're really sweet ones," she winked.

"At least half your family is okay with it," he smiled back. "Just how ... conservative ... is your mother?"

"I wouldn't let her know that the two of you are mates," Marie sighed. "Not that she has a problem with gay couples, but she is very much in favor of monogamy."

"We're working on a different definition of that word, then," Jake look at her uncertainly.

"Monogamy here means one sexual partner at a time, period," she explained.

"Instead of only within a relationship that all parties know about," Jake nodded.

"So you tend to be monogamous, but Chance isn't?" Marie guessed.

"Right," Jake nodded.

"Hell, I might as well not even talk to her again," Chance muttered.

"I was going to suggest that anyway," Jake admitted.

"Wouldn't be far off how I handle her," Marie shrugged slightly. "Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on her, but she does not make it easy. Another time and place, she'd probably have fought me going to school and tried to marry me off to some rich guy when I was sixteen," she grumbled.

"Another time and place and you'd both be burned at the stake for the crime of literacy," Jake pointed out.

"We've seen a few too many of those 'different time and place' things as reality," Chance added. "It's nothing that matters, it didn't happen."

"Sorry," Marie shrugged slightly. "Still irritating. She has this idea of 'what's best for me,' and she doesn't like the fact that I disagree."

"That's parents for you," Chance shrugged as well. "They're all like that to some extent."

"Yeah," she admitted. "Can't live with 'em, wouldn't be alive without 'em, huh?" She chuckled. "Okay... defective family aside, how are things going on the Harrier?" She asked Jake, eager to get on a topic that wouldn't come back to family issues for any of them.

"Largely on schedule," he grinned, more than willing to talk about his projects.

"You realize you aren't going to get out of here today, now?" Chance teased her.

"I'd already been planning on spending most of the night," she teased back, settling in to let Jake get into a better subject for them all.

Jo groaned quietly as she came up to her house. The entire day had been spent looking for Jaeger... she wasn't sure what it was, but she just knew that he was going to be up to something soon. It wasn't like him to take his time like this, to lay low.

As she unlocked her door and stepped in, she started to get the sinking feeling that she'd been right. She could smell blood from deeper in the house, and was sure that she'd just gotten another 'present.'

She just hoped it wasn't human this time.

She drew her gun and slowly worked her way into her home. It wouldn't kill, but she could slow him down enough to get to the real weapons that could.

Now that she was alert to it, she could see the subtle signs that there was something wrong. Things that had been moved in the back rooms... the blood trail wasn't subtle, but she hadn't been able to see it from the front either.

She made her way back towards her bedroom, and felt her gorge rise as she saw a man's body laying in her bed, clearly dead and posed almost pornographically.

Okay, so 'clearly dead' was an understatement; it looked like he'd been field-dressed and hauled in before draining all the way.

"Oh, Randy," she whispered as it sunk in who it was.

She took a step closer, sure that Jaeger was somewhere near by, to watch her reaction. How had he managed to get inside without tripping the alarm?

She was interrupted mid-thought as a massive, grey-furred hand came out from around the doorframe, grabbing her hands and gun and hauled her bodily into the room, the weapon hitting the floor with a dull thud as Jaeger grappled with her.

It was pure reflex in being faced with imminent death; she screamed in pain as her body contorted and warped into the massive crinos form in a matter of moments, rather than the minutes it usually took.

Jaeger's was still stronger though, larger. As her clothes ripped and fell to the ground, he forced her back to the bed, knocking the body there to the floor. As Jo's senses became stronger, she became entirely too aware of his arousal and the scent of fresh death in the room.

"No," she growled through her fangs and lashed out at the body part closest to her mouth even as she brought her legs up to kick at him, hoping to gut him. She tucked her tail tightly between her legs on instinct; body language to refuse her interest in mating. Still she knew it was at best a delay of the inevitable. She could barely beat him when she had the jump on him. By this point, she knew she didn't really have a chance.

He twisted to the side, snarling as she bit into his shoulder. He grabbed her arm, twisting it until she let go - then going further, breaking the bone as he rolled her onto her front and pinned her there with his greater mass.

"Bitch," he growled deeply, pleased that she was still tough enough not to scream in pain. "Lucky I'm in a good mood."

Before she could say anything he clamped his jaws around her throat, pinned her wrists against the bed and kicked her legs apart to rub his full erection against the tail protecting her sex.

She'd been in this position far too often, with all the members of her 'pack' before. Jaeger barely even seemed to notice her tail, shifting to push it out of the way with a warning growl, telling her not to fight him too much... reminding her that he didn't need her permission, for all that she needed reminding.

Jo closed her eyes and went lax, letting her tail slide down. The less damage she took now, the better her chances were of still being alive when he was done. Not that he'd kill her permanently, but tearing her throat out had been quite the popular way of keeping her from tearing into her attacker when they were tied.

Not for the first time, she almost wished she couldn't heal as well as she could.

He shifted to press into her with ease, a low, canine groan reverberating around her neck as he started to thrust into her eagerly. His thick, hard shaft spread her body wide and deep, his knot starting to swell as he raped her.

As his pleasure grew he relaxed his grip on her throat and finally let go. The kiss that came next was almost more sickening than the sex, it was so reminiscent of what real lovers did, what they did when the passion was mutual.

She wanted to bite, to rip his tongue out, but she knew it wouldn't have been more than an empty gesture. He kissed her again, their jaws pressed together deeply as his scent flooded over and through her, forcing a blend of memories to the fore. The shame, rage, and hate born of old attacks like this one... and what they'd had, before the project. There was something else there, in the very back of her hindbrain, a relic of the Beast that she couldn't really get away from.

She was the Alpha's mate... he'd chosen her, he mated with her, was willing to have pups with her... in a twisted way, it was almost a sort of honor, something that the she-wolf in her wanted. That part of her wanted it badly enough to begin to rock with his thrusts, shifting her body as she could influence Jo's human mind so this became something it wasn't.

Her eyes squeezed shut in shame and hatred, Jo focused on not sobbing as she rode it out and tried to pretend what her body was doing, and the back of her mind was encouraging, wasn't a part of her.

Somewhere as the pleasure built, she lost track of her hatred and kissed him back as her human mind began to slip in its desperate attempt to survive the night again.

His knot started to swell, popping in and out of her as the two of them mated. He released one of her hands, tentatively at first, then reached between them to stroke her chest when she didn't attack him immediately. He grinned when she arched into the contact, whimpering in pleasure as her body worked his eagerly.

"That's my pretty bitch," he rumbled and slammed his hips forward to force his knot into her body, tying them together physically in a way he never dared to when she wasn't at least a little willing.

He kissed her again, humping her in short, hard strokes that pushed both of them towards the edge. He threw his head back with a howl, his balls pulling close to his lupine body as he flooded her with his seed, the thick, hot liquid seeping into her deepest recesses. It was a private thrill to hear her howl mingle with his own, her body tight and hot as an orgasm flooded her senses.

He knew he could reach her if he just tried hard enough.

He licked her neck and muzzle affectionately, resting for a moment before starting to thrust again.

They had a lot of time to catch up on.

The next morning, Taggart and Carter both pulled up in front of Jo's house. Everything looked fine... but she hadn't come to work, and calls from both of them had failed to get a hold of her.

"Taggart," Carter said with a greeting nod as the tall man climbed out of his car.

"Sheriff," the hunter replied. "Could you get her on the radio?"

"No ... sounded like there was something in the background, but I couldn't tell what," Carter admitted. "Movement, but she didn't pick it up, so I know she didn't just sleep in for some reason."

"Great," Taggart muttered, pulling a large assault rifle out of the bed of his truck.

"Do I even want to know why you've got the grenade launcher attachment for that?" Carter asked dubiously as he pulled out the heavy assault riffle he'd taken out of the armory.

"Probably not," Taggart shrugged and walked up to the door and knocked, praying that the Sheriff was wrong ... that he was wrong, about what he suspected might be in the house.

"And I thought Jo was the local gun nut," Carter muttered quietly to himself even as he covered Taggart at the door with a weapon that wasn't legal anywhere outside of Eureka.

At least, in his defense, it didn't come out of his personal stock.

Taggart unlocked the door and slipped in, quickly entering the code on the number pad next to the door before he motioned for Carter to follow.

"What died in here?" Carter asked quietly, looking around as he picked up the growing smell of dead flesh.

"Just hope it wasn't Jo," Taggart said softly, the two of them slowly making their way back to where the scent originated; her bedroom.

Carter opened his mouth to respond, but remained silent when Taggart raised his hand and focused on listening for whatever the hunter had heard.

He picked it up quickly; the grunts and groans and the quiet sound of bedsprings rocking.

There was a part of him that desperately wanted to laugh as he realized that somebody was having sex in the back bedroom.

The majority of his brain, however, realized that the odds that everything went together to say 'all that is happening is that Jo's cheating on Taggart' were about the same as the odds of him spontaneously sprouting fairy wings and flying to the moon.

Hell, in Eureka, the odds of the wings were better than the odds that it was that simple.

Especially with the scent of a decomposing body so evident even at this distance.

There was only one thing he could even begin to believe could have accomplished that, and he shuddered that what it meant was that Jo was doing what she was to protect them from the guy she was with.

With a slight nod the two men moved forward, weapons raised and ready to open fire on the man they both knew had to be there.

Unfortunately, they weren't quite quiet enough. They heard the bed groan, and a pained roar from the room as Jaeger transformed. Taggart dove around the side, aiming high and opening fire, bullets ripping through the shoulder of the wolf-creature. He could see that Jo was still in her human form on the bed, and couldn't risk the grenade. Not with her there in a form that wouldn't heal.

He could also see exactly what had happened to her, and privately promised himself that he would see Jaeger dead before much longer.

He had no doubts Jaeger had the same intent for him as the monster lunged for him, fully aware of the bullets ripping threw him from both weapons and ignoring the damage as he targeted his only real competition for Jo.

Taggart ducked back, letting the wall catch most of Jaeger's attack as Carter hit him with the powerful automatic riffle he'd taken.

"Get back!" Taggart ordered the Sheriff, loading one of the grenades and scrambling back himself, trying to get to a safe distance before firing.

He realized that Jo had shifted and was now in the battle too late to avoid the high explosive going off near her, or compensate for her blind tackle that ended up knocking Jaeger out of the kill zone, even for his healing rate, while she bit and clawed at him.

"Damn it," he snarled to himself, switching back to bullets, hoping he could get a clear shot even as Carter headed out to try coming back around the other side while the two monsters fought until the larger of the two hit the smaller one hard, fracturing her jaw and neck to send her reeling back. He took the momentary break to throw himself threw the picture window that had been replaced so many times recently.

Taggart rushed forward, launching the grenade he had loaded, but while it blasted one of the large trees in the forest apart, Jaeger was already too far into the woods to be in any serious danger from it.

He tossed the weapon to the side, turning to see what he could do for Jo ... if anything. Her bright brown eyes held steady on his despite her pain, and once more he watched as she healed at a visible rate. If he had some of his nano-bugs with him, he could help, but for now it was clear the best he could was to stroke her ears and try to be comforting. He tried not to think about the things that he was doing were more appropriate for a dog than a human lover by focusing on the fact that it was clearly comforting to her right now.

"It'll be okay," he murmured quietly as Carter came in through the back door.

"He's back in the woods," Taggart told him. "Get Global's people out here to find that bastard," he said, the hate clear in his voice.

"We'll join you soon," Jo added, her voice deep and gravely in the crinos form.

"Right," Carter nodded, even as he added an emergency call to Beverly to that list. There was no way Jo or Taggart would get through this mess without some help.

"Doing better?" Taggart asked her softly after the Sheriff was gone.

"Yes," she nodded slightly. "It'll hurt for a while longer, but I can fight if I have to now."

"He'll be taking a 40 millimeter grenade to the chest before you have to," Taggart growled lowly. "Jo... I don't want you to stay here, while he's still on the loose.

"I don't plan to," she admitted and let her eyes drift closed briefly. "There aren't exactly any safe places."

"I have the saferoom," he pointed out.

"Which wouldn't hold him out for all that long," Jo reminded him. "S.A.R.A.H. is the safest place right now, short of holing up at GD itself. Carter will probably let us stay until this is over. It won't be long."

"We'll have to talk to him about it," Taggart nodded slightly. "Sounds like he's had S.A.R.A.H. set to blow him apart if he comes anywhere near it for a few days," he said approvingly. "I'm not going to push about what happened, but if you ever want to talk about it, I'll listen," he promised.

"I'm sure Beverly's going to make me talk more than I'll ever want to," Jo sighed as the pain began to truly recede from her body, if not her soul. "I'm sorry you had to see that."

"It wasn't your fault, Jo," he pointed out. "It's not like he gave you a choice in things."

"I'm still sorry you had to see it," she murmured and reached up to stroke his face with a hand larger than his head. "I've been through this so many times with them I'm kind of numb to it for the most part. Sucks, but it's not the worst I've survived."

"Sick bastard," Taggart muttered, reaching down to hug her lightly. "Glad we got here when we did... just wish it had been sooner."

"Yeah, they all are," she sighed and relaxed, giving her body a little longer before shifting back to human. "Right now, I just want a hot shower and to rip him apart."

"We'll do what we can," Taggart nodded, letting her go to get her shower, and picking up the phone to call Henry about the body.

For the second time in a week, Jessica Bruener was pulling up in front of the Clawson-Furlong residence ... and this time she was less curious and more irritated.

Not so much with Jake, as with her daughter and herself, admittedly, but she was irritated.

She climbed out, pocketed her keys and headed up to the door, knocking lightly. It looked like Jake was home. She was fairly sure that he usually took one of their sleek red and black monocycles to work and both of the cycles were here, but with as many vehicles as they had and the frequency she had heard all were used, it was hard to tell at a glance.

There was a bit of a wait before the big tabby opened it to greet her with a forced smile, glaring down at her from a notable six and a half feet tall.

"Apparently, you're still welcome to come in," he said, his tone making it extremely clear that he didn't approve of the decision.

"Chance ...." Jake's tone was a mixture of warning and tolerance from further inside.

"Just remember, that kat means the world to me," Chance kept his voice low but deadly serious, and she was sure he only just refrained himself from grabbing her arm to reinforce the point. "I won't let him be hurt."

As ludicrous as it was, she couldn't help but think of the way she heard some fathers greeted their daughter's potential boyfriends.

"I've never come here to hurt him," she said, trying to force herself to be polite as she came into their house and Chance led her into the living room to where Jake was sitting on the couch with the TV on international news.

"I wanted to apologize for how I reacted the last time I was here," she told the cinnamon-furred tom. "I didn't now that I'd hit a sore point."

"Thank you," Jake nodded, the TV ignored as he focused on her.

"Marie told me about what happened later," Jessica admitted. She could still feel Chance glowering at her from behind, but he'd moved a bit further away now. "If somebody had explained that, I would have apologized up front. I hope you understand that I'm just looking out for her?"

"I know," Jake nodded. "Have a seat?" he motioned into the living room. The offer earned a displeased sound from Chance, which got the tabby an annoyed look from Jake. "Why don't you take the jet out? Burn off some of that temper."

"Right," the tabby muttered, heading out as Jessica sat down.

"I'd have thought you'd be the one holding a grudge, rather than him," she admitted once the door closed.

"He's got a worse relationship with his family, and a serious protective streak towards me," Jake explained. "As irritating as I find it, I do know where the questions, and reaction, came from."

"At least somebody does," Jessica mused. "Do you have any questions for me?"

"The biggest one is likely as popular as asking now I ended up a mechanic," he admitted. "How things ended up going so badly between you and Marie. I've heard her version, I'd like to hear yours."

"Have you ever raised a child, or younger sibling?" Jessica asked him, leaning back in her chair and looking for how to explain it.

He had to shake his head. "I was the only one to survive past age three of my siblings, the only one to make adult of my generation."

Jessica's shock was painfully clear to Jake. It was a reaction he was used to well enough from MegaKat City to recognize easily.

"What - never mind," she said, shaking her head. "If you wanted to talk about it, I'm sure you would. Were your own teenage years difficult ones, for you and your parents?"

"Putting it mildly," he winced. "A strong preference for males on my part when having kits is their top priority for me didn't make for easy family time. It's hasn't gotten any better with time."

"No, I imagine it wouldn't," Jessica murmured, wondering about Chance a bit now. "In our case, it was a number of smaller things, but it probably really started when Marie and Cindy became friends. Have you met Cindy Orwell before?"

"I've seen her a couple times," he nodded. "She and Chance have a thing going. I really try not to get the details too much."

"Well, at the time that she and Marie started becoming friends, good friends, Cindy was Eureka's resident wild-child," Marie explained. "Sleeping around, petty crime... I don't know for sure if there were any drug use issues, but I have every reason to suspect it. You can understand why I had issues with their being such close friends? I didn't want my little girl getting into that sort of lifestyle."

"I can," he nodded. "I don't expect trying to discourage her went over well at all, did it?"

"No," Jessica admitted. "It was the first time we had a major blowup over something. I tried to explain things to her, but she insisted that she knew her friend, and that it was her own life. Not bad for thirteen, hmm?" Jessica chuckled ruefully. "To say it went disastrously for both of us would be an understatement, and when Jean and I split up not too long afterwards, it didn't help at all."

"It rarely does," he nodded. "At least she didn't reject all adult presence in her life like some do, even if it wasn't yours."

"Her father did far too good a job of coddling her for that," Marie muttered. "Though I have to give him some credit for trying to keep her from completely shutting me out of her life," she admitted. "She decided to stay with him, and while I think she's managed to keep out of a lot of the things that kids her age at the time got into, she started taking the cat-people thing more and more seriously, and following more and more after the Moreau family traditions."

"It is her heritage," Jake pointed out as evenly as he could. "As unsettling an idea as I find her transformation project, her long-term plans for it are extremely admirable, and even plausible if it works. I doubt this world is ready for her personal choice of transformations, but the less dramatic variations would make life a lot better for so many people," he actually got into it a little. "It has the potential to grow, or regrow, lost limbs, enable those with genetic defects ranging from dwarfism to rapid aging to cancers, even things as drastic as Downs Syndrome, to be whole and normal and have a natural lifespan as long as anyone else. It could even correct minor but debilitating problems like degrading vision, diabetes and obesity. If what she's doing to herself works, it can change so much for so many."

"I know that, and it's not the project itself that I object to," Jessica sighed. "How much has she told you about the Moreau family, and their reputation since they went into the sciences?"

"That they're mad, keep trying to blur the line between human and animal and it generally goes badly? I got the brief version on the last five generations," he nodded. "I've looked up a bit more. It looks likes the profiles of some of the guys Chance and I keep bringing in back home, and the guys that help us the most to do that."

"It's not a reputation that I wanted Marie to associate herself with so strongly," Jessica nodded. "She's so brilliant... she could do anything with her life. Instead, she's putting herself in a place where she'll have to live with, at best, being in her father's shadow, and at worst, with being in the shadow of her great-grandfather and his ilk."

"You don't seem to have much faith in her brilliance," Jake said quietly. "Her father may well be in her shadow soon."

"Perhaps," she acknowledged. "From what I've heard, now would be a good time for it. When she was going into biotech, it wasn't so clear. I just saw her heading towards something that had destroyed many members of her family, and that more of them were still trying to make work."

"She's also in a place where being odd isn't unusual," Jake said. He wanted to add how much better off she was than he'd been when he found out that he had no place to do what he loved and just what it was like to have something you existed to do and were denied the opportunity to do, but he kept that quiet for now. "Did she tell you that her transformation is reversible?"

"It is?" Jessica asked, blinking in surprise. "No ... she didn't. Everything I'd heard about that type of procedure from Jean suggested it would be permanent...."

"It is, but it isn't restricted to once in a lifetime," he pointed out. "Her original DNA is on file, so she can do the same thing to turn back to her original self, or a healthier variant of it."

"That... changes things a bit," Jessica admitted.

"Your daughter isn't as reckless or as delusional as some of her predecessors, Ms. Bruener," Jake told her, feeling that he was quite qualified to make such a call after the likes of Dr. Viper. "She pushes the limits to an extreme, but she's careful about the important things. It's not too different from the risks I take on the TurboKat. We're both willing to risk our lives for what we believe in."

"True," she admitted. "Jake... when Marie was talking with me, she said something about not wanting to get off on the wrong foot with my future son-in-law," she explained, watching for his reaction to the statement. "Are things that serious, or was she just trying to make a point?"

"I think she was making a point," he murmured, taken only slightly taken off guard. "We're serious, yes, but that's a good bit further along than I think we are."

"Do you think you'll be willing to go that far, when the time comes and you're both comfortable with it?" Jessica asked him pointedly.

"Yes," he nodded seriously. "I don't know if it would ever be fully legal here like it would be in MegaKat City, but by vows and intent I would."

"All right," she nodded slightly. "So... can we try to start over? I'd like to learn more about you, as important as you are to Marie, and it's pretty clear I've gone about it the wrong way."

"All right," Jake agreed. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Water, thank you," she nodded, settling in for their conversation.

Chance looked around the Cafe Diem as he stepped in, looking to grab some lunch before heading to the race track. Which Jake at Marie's place, there wasn't much reason to eat at home, and much better food here. He grinned as he spotted Zoe, making his way over towards her.

"Hey, kiddo," he said cheerfully. "Managed to get away from your Dad, huh?"

"It's not hard during the day," she grinned back at the human-looking kat. "No Jake today?"

"He's got a date," Chance chuckled. "For what it's worth, you're not the only one who thinks it's a pain they want everybody in by sundown," he grumbled.

"Yeah, but it's a good idea," she shuddered and paused with her hamburger than likely contained something other than beef. "There's something really scary out there. Even Jo and Taggart are hiding at our house when they aren't out hunting that thing."

"Jo's hiding from it?" Chance asked, raising an eyebrow. "That's... pretty damned nasty. You know anything more about it?"

"It's so classified Stark didn't know details until now, it's killed several folks already, including some of the GDS with their force fields on and from the look of Jo when she came over ... it's after her, and it caught her at least once," she said softly. "I've seen that look a few times. It's never good."

"The hollow look, huh?" Chance asked softly, his gut twisting with sympathy if he was right. "She was in one piece though... wouldn't be what we saw...."

"Given what medicine in Eureka, especially where Taggart is concerned, that doesn't mean much," she pointed out quietly. "Where Jo's concerned, there isn't much on the list I know of that qualifies anymore."

"Yeah... well, it still shouldn't be that critter," Chance said, shrugging a bit. "Wish they'd talk to us. They know we'd be willing to help. Guess it's not our fight anymore," he shrugged again, though he clearly wasn't as at ease with it as he made it sound.

"You're really trying to behave, aren't you?" Zoe half-grinned at him. "I didn't get the feeling you're anymore law abiding than I am."

"Hey, I try," he chuckled. "Hang on a sec," he said, heading up to the counter to order before going back to sit down at Zoe's table. "Besides, the 'not behaving' we're talking about here is the sort that involves serious threats with SAM's."

"And what you did before didn't?" she challenged him. "I saw that bike you ride. That thing is armed and armored to the hilt. Anywhere but Eureka it'd require a dozen military permits just to design it."

"Back home, that was just weapons beyond a street car," Chance smirked. "Anyways, there's a difference between riding the bike around and taking the TurboKat out. People get nervous when you do things like that. That thing starts causing much more trouble though, we won't bother waiting for permission."

"Might want to suggest that Jake ask for standing permission to test fly it," she suggested. "I know a couple folks who have things like that."

"That might be one way to get around it," Chance mused. "After all, not like it's our fault if we 'accidentally' test fly around the search area, right?" He chuckled.

"As far as I've figured out, as long as you don't blow something up by accident or ruin some Senator's visit, nobody really cares but my dad and Jo. Besides, don't you need to keep up your flying skills?"

"Does your Dad know you're this sneaky?" Chance asked with a chuckle.

"When he's not in denial," she grinned devilishly. "I really should dye my hair riot pink again, shock him back into reality. Or maybe metallic neon purple this time."

"How do you think he'd take to you riding along some time?" Chance asked with a chuckle. "Check out a bird with a seat for a gunner some time, give you a whole new way of looking at Eureka?"

"Oooo, I'll have to work on him for a while, but I'd love to go," she grinned in utter glee at the thought. "He'll resist, but I'll break it down."

"If it helps, I promise it won't be the Harrier, or the TurboKat unless Jake approves it first," Chance smirked.

"It won't much," she giggled. "But I'll pass that along. Do you think Jake would say it's okay?"

"I don't know," he admitted. "He might, but she's kind of always been ours, so it's hard to tell."

"Ask him?" she asked pleadingly over a long sip from a pinkish-purple shake. "Pretty please?"

"All right, all right," Chance chuckled as Vincent brought out his pizza, smelling faintly of mint and fish. "I'll ask him. It'll be harder to convince your Dad, you know," he smirked.

"Yeah, but I've got over a decade of experience on that job," she winked at him. "I think you might like fish as much as my mom's cat."

"Hey, I've been on a tuna-heavy diet for the last twenty years," Chance chuckled. "This probably would've worked out to a week's pay back home."

"Yeah, I've gotten seriously spoiled on quality food here," she agreed. "And I don't doubt it, that's sushi grade. You don't leave anything lower grade raw."

"It's a few other things too," Chance chuckled, taking a bite of his pizza and clearly enjoying it. "Gotta say one thing for Vincent; he doesn't bat an eye when you throw weird things at him."

"It's his pride," she giggled. "You should hear some of the rounds he and Jo get into. Ordering coffee can take ten minutes."

"I'll bet," Chance chuckled. "So, after we're done, want to watch me out at the race track for a while, I'll drive you home when it starts getting dark?"

"Sure," she grinned, already planning on how to get a ride on the bike where there was no speed limit. "You're the most interesting thing going around this town that I want to meet right now."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Chance chuckled, tucking into his lunch in earnest.

It well full daylight, not yet noon, and Jake lay in bed, more than content to stay there until hunger made him move, or the strange looking person snuggled against him wanted him to. It was still strange, to be so attracted to her physically without finding her beautiful in a way he could understand. Still she had many attributes worthy of his affection and interest, and she was a fine person.

"Marie?" he nuzzled her affectionately. "Mind if I ask something a little ... uneasy?"

"Mmm ... it's okay," she murmured, nuzzling his neck and snuggling up a bit more. "What is it?"

"When you were talking with your mother, you said something about me being a son-in-law?" he looked at her, caressing her cheek with a thumb.

"I did say 'might be,'" she blushed, turning her face to kiss his hand lightly. "I wanted to make her stop and think about it a bit... you don't mind, do you?"

"She didn't," he relaxed before pulling her close against him. "No, I don't mind, I just wanted to make sure you didn't think we were that far along yet."

"No," she said easily, hugging him close. "Mmm... not nearly that far along yet," she reassured him with a gentle kiss. "Trust me, I want at least six months before doing anything like that," she smirked slightly.

"I was thinking more along the lines of a couple years, locally, before the engagement," he kissed her in return and ran his hands down her back. "I usually manage six months back home before even considering spending the night," he licked her nose playfully. "And call me silly, but I'd like any wedding pictures to catch you in the form you'll have for a few years."

"Mmm ... I can live with that," she giggled, licking his chin. "All I ask is that we take longer than my folks did. A month and a half... that's scary," she shuddered.

"No kidding," he murmured. "How can you get to know someone well enough that fast?"

"They did get divorced, even if it took 'em about twenty years to do it," she pointed out. "Anyways... let's not worry about that sort of thing now, hmm?"

"Right," he grinned and kissed her. He ran one hand up her body so he could slide a thumb along the side of her breast while the other cupped her ass. "We have much more pleasant things to be talking about, and doing," he rumbled softly.

"Mmm ... like practicing for the honeymoon," she teased with a purr. "Jake? What sort of kinks are you into?" She asked, kissing him lightly on the jaw.

"A little of most of them I know of," he admitted. "Water's probably the top one I'll do with anyone I'd sleep with. Bondage, dom/sub, role-playing, pain-play and bloodsports top the list that requires more trust. Those last two require a very special partner," he dropped his eyes a bit, though he didn't blush. "I've got a real thing for doing it somewhere I could get caught, and I really get off on watching someone I sleep with be with someone else."

"Mmm... so, say, if I wanted to try and talk Chance into doing something while you watched, you'd probably be looking forward to me trying?" She smiled, nibbling his neck lightly. The tremor she felt run through his body at the suggestion answered before he could.

"Very much," Jake breathed and let his head fall back submissively, offering her anything to just keep touching him.

"Mmm... you want to know what mine are?" She asked him with a light, teasing tone in her voice as she reached up, idly tracing little patterns in his fur with her fingers.

"Sure," he murmured, his body on fire at her light touch and the promise of more.

"Mmm ... you already know about my thing for fur and your barbs," she purred, kissing her way down his neck and collarbone slowly. "And I'm enjoying having you under me like this a lot more than I probably should," she giggled. "Mmm ... did you know I've got a thing for toys too?"

"No," he moaned lightly, his hand caressing her back. "What kind?"

"Mmm ... a couple different kinds," she smiled, looking up at him. "I have a few under the bed," she said, her voice trailing off suggestively. "Want me to bring them out for a bit?"

"Yes," he licked his lips. "However you want to use them."

"Ever been with a canine before?" She asked him, shifting off the bed to pull out a long, flat box, setting a jar of lube on the nightstand.

"Yes," his breath hitched and he spread his legs for her, lifting his knees to offer his ass. "A Doberman. Sweet Bastet he was hot."

"Mmm... think I'll save that for round two," she decided, considering her collection for a moment before leaning up to kiss him. "I've got a harness, so I can wear one," she said, sounding a little uncertain about whether he'd be interested or not.

"Please," he whimpered at the thought and stretched his arms up to grip the headboard bars. It put his tightly muscled body on fine display, the wanton nature of his desire on shameless display to her.

"Want those tied?" She asked him, moving to the closet to pull out the black leather harness, groaning softly as she sank the dildo inside the harness into her sex, fastening the buckles before mounting a long, blue-purple phallus that looked for all the world like the end of a tentacle. She opened the jar of lube, slathering the thick gel all over the silicone length.

"Yes," Jake managed to say, his tail twitching in anticipation as watched her prepare herself and the unique looking dildo about to be used on him.

She pulled a pair of padded, leopard-fur cuffs out of the box, fastening them snuggly around his wrists before she knelt by his ass, lifting his legs up over her shoulders where she could kiss his ankles and shins lightly.

"Don't hold back on telling me how it feels," she purred, before guiding the curved tip up to his anus, pressing forward carefully with a deep groan, stretching him out slowly with the unusual shaft, the one in her sex curving up to rub her insides pleasantly. She could feel how accepting his body was, and even without much experience on how it should feel, she was pretty sure this was easy for him to take in. His deep moan of pleasure as his eyes slid closed only confirmed that impression.

"Don't hold back," he gasped, his body trying to milk the dildo on instinct.

"Okay," she murmured, nuzzling his legs, starting to thrust into him. She looked down, absolutely fascinated by the way his cock twitched and his moaned as the ridges and bumps along the pseudo-tentacle slipped into him, the way his breath caught when the tiny ridges of the 'suction cups' on it rubbed over his prostate and the upturned end worked deep into his ass.

His muscles rippled and tensed, his breath became labored as she continued to fuck him. While it felt very good to her, and she saw how good it felt to the man under her as he pushed against her hips to take the dildo further into his body, watching him like this brought back memories of watching him with his mate at Cindy's. It was that more than anything that sent the spike of desire through her.

As reserved as he seemed to be so often in public, all that fell away when he was in private and when he was wound up enough.

"Gorgeous," she moaned, reaching down between them to stroke the base of his cock, intentionally staying away from his barbs to tease him.

"Close," Jake warned her, half expecting her to pull out or still to draw this out.

"Go ahead," she purred, sliding her hand up to stroke his barbs, lifting his cock slightly as she pressed into him up to the harness, the leather rubbing his balls as she rocked inside of him, stroking the fire inside him that soon burned out of control.

Jake roared and arched up, every muscle in his body flexing as he came hard against the bonds on his wrists and the strange dildo in his ass.

Marie purred deeply, watching his seed arc up through the air to land on his belly and chest before she leaned down to kiss him, her full breasts pressed against his chest as she let him recover.

"That was incredible," he purred softly when the kiss ended.

"Mmm ... and I'm just getting started," she grinned, leaning up a bit and pulling out of his ass, licking the seed out of his fur tenderly before she removed the harness and nuzzled his balls lightly. "You want me to try the next one without adding more lube?" She asked, reaching over the bed and pulling up a bright, translucent blue dildo with a knot near the tip, and another, thicker one near the base.

"Sure," he licked his whiskers in anticipation of the double knot. "I don't really need it."

"No, but if you want it I've got plenty," she giggled, pressing the pointed tip up against his stretched pucker, taking one of his balls into her mouth and suckling it, lavishing it with attention as she started to press the thick, swollen tip into him, stretching him out wide as he moaned. His cock twitched and jerked as she worked him and his moans and arousal encouraged her.

Finally, the first knot popped into him, and she let the heavy orb fall from her mouth, taking the other one in as she started to thrust the dildo slowly inside of him, working the knot up deeper into his body than he was used to, occasionally teasing him with the start of the second one.

"Oh gods," Jake shuddered at the incredible sensations. "You have got to tell me where you get these."

When she was satisfied that he was ready for the second knot, she let his other ball fall from her mouth, kissing the base of his cock.

"This wonderful little place online called Zeta Creations," she purred. "They've got all sorts of fun little toys like these." She started to work the second knot into him, licking her way up his cock with a playful grin. "You should see their Griffin some time," she winked before taking his cock into her mouth, lapping at his barbs with the lightly roughened surface of her tongue.

"Ohhh, you have griffons on this world?" He shuddered, only just holding on to the ability to follow the conversation.

"Nope," she said briefly, kissing his tip and suckling one of the barbs just below his head. "They kinda guess for a lot of 'em. Have a dragon too, but haven't gotten one of them yet," she explained before taking him into her mouth deeply again, his cock-head against the back of her throat as she purred happily, popping the second knot into his ass and starting to work it inside of him, rubbing the second one against his prostate as the first stretched him deeper than he'd thought anything would be likely to.

Jake trembled at the triple assault, his voice given over the mixture of whimpers and moans as she worked his body with far too much skill for their short time together.

"Marie ...." was all the warning he managed before his hips bucked up.

His thick, gooey seed sprayed up into her mouth as she pulled back a bit, just keeping his barbed tip in her mouth as she savored the taste of his juices, swallowing every drop before licking him clean tenderly.

"Mmm ... I think we'll leave that there, hmm?" She purred, sliding up to kiss him, letting him taste himself on her breath.

"Al-all right," he trembled, ready for whatever she wished to do with him.

"I want you inside me," she purred, kissing him again. "But I'll let you choose where," she rumbled, rubbing the slick lips of her pussy against his cock. "Up here, or be the first guy to ever get up under my tail?"

"Front," he shivered.

"Okay," she purred happily, picking up the lube and the last of the toys she wanted to use for now, a long, grey dildo that bore a striking resemblance to a feline shaft, except for the rounded 'barbs' on the tip instead of the harder ones all along the length of a real cat, or the rubbery ones of a kat. "Hold onto this for me?" She asked teasingly, pressing the base of it to Jake's lips.

"Mhph?" he made a surprised sound but accepted holding the glistening dildo in his mouth.

"Just for a few minutes," she giggled, lubing up the dildo before straddling him, guiding the tip up to the tight, pink pucker of her ass, starting to work it in with a deep groan, biting her lip with a whimper for every one of the tiny 'barbs' that worked up into her.

Once past the thicker head, it slid in fairly easily. She felt the shift when he let go, and moaned deeply when he slid his tongue forward to lick at the back edge of her pussy.

"Ooh... want me to stay up here for a while?" She asked him, looking down at him lovingly.

"If you scoot up a bit so I can get to you," he licked at her again, straining against his bonds.

She did just that, straddling his arms and head so he could have easy access to her sex, squeezing down lightly around the dildo in her ass as she leaned forward, giving him a good display of her body.

Without hesitation he ran his tongue along her swollen, soaking lower lips, enjoying the gooey taste of her arousal as he began to work at pleasuring her again with actual skill, rather than just a willingness to do as she pleased.

Marie purred deeply, moaning as he spread the lips of her sex with his tongue and started to lap at her fragrant, sensitive flesh.

"Oooh... w-want me to... let you go?" She asked through her groans of pleasure.

"Yes," he paused in his attentions only long enough to say it. She reached down, undoing one of the cuffs, letting his hands free as her pleasure mounted. Without hesitation they were on her hips, holding her fairly still and guiding her body to rock and shift to take best advantage of his mouth, teeth, tongue and whiskers as he worked her body.

His whiskers teased the insides of her thighs, his cool nose occasionally brushing her clit as she leaned back a bit.

"Close, Jake," she whimpered softly, her body tingling and teetering on the edge.

"Good," he purred against her sensitive flesh and pressed her tongue into her body while one hand reached back to gently move the dildo in her ass a bit.

She let out a soft, whimpering mewl as her body contracted, her juices flowing liberally down her thighs to mat the fur of Jake's muzzle as she came. Each swipe of his tongue made her cry and shudder as he continued to work her body until she sank down, unable to hold herself up.

"Still up for more?" he asked when she'd managed to catch her breath to an extent.

"Mmm ... mhm," she purred. "You can be in charge now though," she giggled, sliding down to hug him tightly. "Just leave our plugs in until after, mine at least? Want to feel you in me up against it."

He grinned and rolled over, pinning her under him and rubbed his hard cock against her quivering sex.

"Here, or in the shower, hot stuff?" He asked hungrily.

"Your call," she whimpered, licking his chin submissively before letting him claim a heated, hungry kiss.

"Both," he shivered and pressed into her body eagerly. He moaned deeply at the feel of the strange, knobby dildo in her body as he rubbed against it. "Think you'd like the real thing like this?" he asked headily.

"Oooh... probably better than this," she moaned, squeezing down around both lengths, milking his cock needily. "Love how you feel inside me," she panted and wrapped her legs around his as he thrust faster, very close to the edge himself even after all she'd done to him.

"Good," he rumbled and pressed his face against her neck, his fangs bared but held in check as he cried out with the first shot of semen that exploded into her body.

"Oh yeah," she moaned deeply, loving the feeling of his come deep in her body. "Mmm... love you, Jake," she murmured, kissing him tenderly as they recovered.

Chance crossed his fingers as he drove back towards the house the next morning, quietly praying that Jake hadn't gotten home yet. He was intensely grateful to see that the smaller tom's Cyclotron wasn't back yet; it meant pretty good odds that he was in time.

He hurried in, grabbing the bag from the Cafe off the back of the bike almost as an afterthought, even though it was the whole reason he'd had to go out again.

Okay, so that wasn't quite right, but it was close enough to the truth.

He was just getting breakfast sat out for the two of them when he heard the door open and Jake come in.

"Somebody's up early," Jake called with amusement in his voice as he followed his nose, and the smells of both Cafe Diem and Chance's attempt at cooking, to the kitchen.

"Well, you weren't here to keep me up all night, so...." Chance teased, setting the wooden box he'd picked up the night before on the table before going out to meet Jake and give him a kiss. "Mmm... and I figured you'd probably be up for some breakfast," he chuckled.

"Among other things," Jake chuckled and kissed him back eagerly. "That's more than just breakfast though."

"Mmm ... well, the jeweler called last night, so I figured I might as well pick a few things up while you were out since it wasn't dark yet...." Chance grinned, guiding Jake into his seat and sliding the wooden box over. "Didn't want to open it until you were here though," he admitted.

"Sweet of you," Jake nuzzled him before Chance moved to sit down next to him. "That smells like everything I love most for breakfast."

"And, the second time around, it ought to be," Chance admitted sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head as he poured a couple large glasses of milk.

"Cafe Diem?" he didn't really have to guess.

"I did manage the toast myself," Chance grinned, honestly proud of managing that much.

"You're getting better then," Jake grinned at him.

"Well I'd have a hard time getting worse," Chance admitted as they both started their breakfasts. "I tried the bacon but... well, I figured that it was probably a bad thing when it started on fire," he blushed.

"Generally, yes," Jake raised an eyebrow at that. "You seemed to have gotten it under control, though."

"Yeah," Chance nodded. "I did manage not to burn the kitchen down this time, so I must've been doing something right."

"Had the fire extinguisher closer at hand this time?" Jake chuckled after a bite of omelet. "I appreciate the thought."

"Yeah," Chance admitted. "So, after breakfast we see how the collars turned out?"

"I'd love to," he smiled and reached over to scritch Chance's jaw. "Maybe have a little fun while wearing them the first time?"

"Mmm... and nothing else?" Chance grinned. "By the way, just what did Marie come up with that kept you over there two nights in a row?" He asked with a teasing grin.

"Her toybox," he ducked his head a bit.

"Hoo boy, I have a feeling I'll be watching for plain wrapped brown boxes at the door again," Chance chuckled, shaking his head. "Mmm... anything particularly good?"

"A couple," he grinned playfully. "She loaned them to me on the condition I return them washed."

"Mmm... so, they supposed to be used on you, me, or whichever we're in the mood for before returning them?" Chance grinned back, already having a few ideas for what to do after breakfast.

"Whatever seems good," Jake winked. "These humans have a good imagination for toys, I'll give them that."

"Can't blame 'em, given what I've seen of what they've actually got," Chance chuckled. "Mmm... think you're up for letting me pay you back for the last time you tied me up?" He asked with a teasing rumble.

"Ready to let you try," Jake grinned back with the challenge.

"Well I'm not gonna break out a whip, but I think I'll be able to manage," Chance grinned back, the two of them finishing up their breakfasts quickly.

"Mmm ... so, look at the collars?"

"Yes," Jake nodded and reached for the simple but beautifully crafted wooden box.

Chance leaned against Jake lightly as they both opened it up, looking at the two almost identical collars. Each was a soft velvet band, one significantly longer than the other, with a rich blue cameo carved into a three dimensional kat-head logo and the stylized TurboKat flying threw it. Different stones and materials created the black, red and gold of the design in its blue foundation.

"What?" Chance blinked as he looked at it and swore he could see the TurboKat rotate through a flight pattern.

"I have no idea how they did it, but yes, it does appear to move," Jake smiled and kissed him. "Cool?"

"Very cool," Chance purred, turning to kiss Jake, putting one of the collars around his neck and fastening it. "Love you," he smiled, kissing him again.

"I think I'm starting to really believe that," Jake murmured when they parted. "And understand," he lifted the larger of the two collars and fastened it. He caressed Chance's neck and jaw as he drew his hands away.

"Good," Chance smiled, wrapping his arms around Jake and standing up, kissing him deeply as he got used to the feeling of the velvet collar around his own throat, and the feel of it around Jake's. "It's well past time."

"Yes," he whispered deep in his throat, eager to surrender to the will of his partner.

"Mmm ... I seem to remember something about us only wearing these?" Chance purred, tracing his fingers along Jake's collar even as one hand worked to loosen his shirt.

"Plus a lot of sweat and come soon," Jake purred, eagerly helping his mate undress him with as much of a display as he could manage with the other tom so close.

"Mmm ... think you're up for a little video while we play?" Chance grinned, backing up to start undressing himself.

"I think so," he rumbled eagerly and worked on stripping his lover. "Anything in particular in mind?"

"Mmm ... let you see what I did to Cindy while I do the same to you?" Chance rumbled back, his sheath already filling out as Jake slid his jeans down.

"I like," Jake grinned and gave Chance's sheath a kiss as he knelt. "But I rather like right here too," he added as he nuzzled the tabby's heavy balls.

"Mmm ... start there then, we'll have some more fun after," Chance grinned, enjoying the view tremendously. "But I'm going to have you tied up with my come dripping out of your ass before the nights done," he promised with a throaty, lusty rumble.

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Jake smiled and took one ball into his mouth to lavish with attention.

"Mmm ... good," Chance rumbled, reaching down to rub Jake's ears as his shaft slipped free, the cool air washing over it. "Willing to take... ooh... an extra chance today?" He asked, not particularly worried about keeping Jake from distracting him as his balls started to tingle pleasantly.

"When am I not, with you?" he shivered in excitement, his tongue carefully grooming the velvety fur in front of him.

"Oh... just not sure if you'd want to risk the window," Chance grinned down at him, one hand shifting down to grip Jake's scruff in a mimic of his own bite.

"Ohh, after an alley behind the dance club, I think I can," Jake shivered in excitement as he slowly worked his way up Chance's sheath, excited even more by the thick musk of his mate and only constant in his adult life.

"Good," Chance rumbled deeply, scritching between his ears. "Come on into the living room then," he grinned, reluctantly stepping back and leaving Jake on his knees. It was only a moment before Jake followed on all fours, eager to get his mouth around Chance's cock again.

Chance looked back, a little surprised, but he just rumbled pleasantly at the openly submissive display, going over to the window next to the TV and opening the blinds so that they could see out, and anybody who cared to could see in.

"Now, where were we?" Chance purred, shifting so the sun coming through the window made a nice profile further into the room where Jake was.

"I believe I was about to make you roar," Jake grinned and rose to kneel in front of him again. Without a sound he cupped Chance's balls in one hand while he licked his way back up to the hard rod of flesh that was his goal.

"Oh yeah," Chance groaned, spreading his legs, his tail swishing back and forth happily as he reached down to rub Jake's ears, moaning deeply as the lean tom finally took his cock into his mouth. There was something incredibly erotic about being on display to the public within the security of their home. Not quite as erotic as Jake at his submissive best, but it sure made the show he was looking down at all the better.

"Mmm ... not gonna be long," he warned Jake. "C'mon... show everybody how good you are," he purred.

He was obliged with his lover's tongue sliding across the slit in the head of his cock while a knowing hand with unsheathed claws teased the rubbery barbs below.

Chance groaned, the first spurts of his seed hitting Jake's tongue and chin before Jake swallowed him to the sheath and worked him with his throat as well as his tongue until the tabby was spent and Jake had to hold him up. With his arms wrapped around Chance's ass, Jake slowly let the cock slide from his mouth and licked it clean.

"Damn you are hot, kat," Chance purred deeply, reaching down to scratch Jake's ears. "Mmm... now, stand up and let's get you ready for the real show."

Jake stood with a seductive grace, his body relaxed and waiting for anything he was instructed to do.

"Mmm ... go over where you had me tied up, I'm gonna go get the ropes," Chance told him, heading back to the bedroom for the soft silk cords before returning and tying Jake's feet and hands into place, pressing against his back and scratching his chest lightly.

"You just want me in you, or you want a little payback for the whip first?" The stocky tabby asked with a purr.

"Hurt me," Jake groaned and pressed into the sharp claws at his chest, his body trembling in anticipation.

Chance curled his fingers a bit, dragging his claws lightly down Jake's chest, opening shallow, narrow cuts that quickly left tiny streaks through his fur. Chance moved around, licking up some of Jake's blood. The coppery taste wasn't really his thing, but he knew it gave Jake a thrill as he reached over and grabbed the remote blindly, starting the DVD he already had in the player. The big TV next to the window lit up, showing as Chance started tying Cindy up in much the way he had Jake now.

"I didn't do half the things to her that I'm going to do to you," Chance promised his mate with a deep, rumbling purr, kissing him with crimson-stained lips that his mate licked at submissively and eagerly.

"I am yours," Jake whispered, hungry in a way he rarely acknowledged around Chance.

"All mine," Chance agreed, raking his claws down Jake's back carefully, digging them into his ass possessively. It was one of those things that he found appealing more for his lover's reaction that what it did for him. The way Jake whimpered and moaned, the shamelessness of his desire, was more than enough to make up for the odd taste of blood.

He reached down, squeezing Jake's balls a little roughly as he moved around behind him again.

"You want me inside you?" He purred, nipping Jake's shoulder, just hard enough to draw a little blood.

"Yes, please," Jake pressed into the bite, his cock rock hard and desperate for release.

Chance shifted, forcing his cock up into Jake's ass hard and fast, growling as he shifted to bit down on Jake's scruff hard. He started thrusting, even as on the TV screen he did the same to the woman he'd been with that night, taking her almost the same way he was taking his mate now. Cars drove by on the street outside, the two of them entirely exposed to anybody who happened to look.

As Chance hammered Jake's prostate, quickly working them both towards the edge of orgasm, a canine head popped up above the windowsill. Both toms were more or less oblivious as Lojack settled in to watch the show curiously, listening to them roar in orgasm and then keep going.

Ropes, cutting each other with claws, something running in the corner of the room where he couldn't see it that sounded like other people having sex ... and it wasn't even a female.

Two-leggers were so strange about things.

Eureka Kats 6: The Past Faced

NC-17 for M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

79 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written October 23, 2006 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Rape (M on F), Sex (BDSM), Sex (Pain-play)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, Jo Lupo/Carl Jaeger

Notes: Notes: The dildos that Marie used on Jake and herself (in order) are:
Tentacle Toy
Double Dip
Tiger's Touch

Blurb: It's just another day in Eureka as Jake and Marie settle in, Jessica leans more about Jake and Chance and Taggart has a nightmare become very graphically real.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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