Eureka Kats 9.99:
Passion for Life

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Jake's ears twitched curiously as he heard the sound of one of Chance's games. A quick look around the corner confirmed that the tabby was playing Excite Truck. Not that unusual, except that he hadn't been able to find it for more than a week.

"Did you buy another copy?" He asked Chance curiously between levels, while the system counted up his score.

"Nah, I got it back," Chance shook his head briefly. "I know where she hides most stuff now."

"Be careful doing that," Jake warned him, sitting down next to his mate. "Don't want to end up going through what you did ... or having to try and arrange a lawyer for you after you rip her apart."

"If I have to, I know how to set a crime scene," Chance nearly growled, but he looked at Jake seriously. "I don't go when she's home. I'm careful about that, okay? As soon as she snags something with a tracker in it, we'll have her, legally."

"Just give her time to do it," Jake nodded slightly. "That, or for the Sheriff to spot her breaking in ... still wish I knew how she was doing that when her chip should be calling Carter if she comes near the place."

"Probably shielding it somehow," Chance wrapped an arm around Jake and pulled him against his side, the game paused. "We'll get her, one way or another."

"Yeah, we will," Jake agreed, nuzzling Chance's neck and kissing his cheek, just before there was a light knock at the door. "I'll get it," he said easily, standing up. "You get back to your game."

"Must be the sheriff," Chance chuckled. "No one else that visits knocks."

"Yeah, yeah," Jake opened the door and blinked to see a petite brunette with an athletic build and emerald green eyes. "Umm, hello," he turned his head into the room. "Think it's for you."

The woman poked her head in enough to see Chance. "No, sir. I'm here to see you," she looked right at Jake. "It is Jake Clawson, right?"

"Yeah," Jake said easily. "And you are...?"

"Cathy Amel," she extended a hand to him, unfazed by his feline appearance. "I heard about you from Beverly, indirectly at least."

"Okay," he said, shaking her hand, narrowing down the list of things she'd want to talk to him about from that alone. "Would you like to come in?" He asked her, stepping back to make room. The short list of things to discuss were all pretty much things that weren't meant for the front doorstep.

"Thank you," she stepped inside, giving Chance an opportunity to check out her light frame, small chest and casual jeans and jean jacket that was just tight enough to show off her fit body. "I did catch that you preferred guys," she sounded a bit apologetic. "But given you have a girlfriend by all accounts, I hoped it wasn't that set in stone."

"No, it isn't, but it depends very much on the situation," Jake explained. "Take a seat ... mind if I ask why you're interested?" He asked a bit sheepishly, sitting down next to Chance while she sat on the other end of the couch.

"Common belief and the internet aside, there really aren't that many sadists out there that actually know what they're doing and how not to do serious damage. If Beverly is willing to put in a good word for you on it, it's enough for me to risk it," she cocked her head slightly and watched them both. "Someone who's both a sadist and a masochist isn't something I've actually encountered in someone before. Besides," she reached out and gently pressed a claw out front the tip of on of Jake's fingers. "The idea of not needing any tools to do the work ... it's quite enticing."

"What sort of things are you into?" Jake asked, his interest perking up as Chance saved his game and turned it off, watching the two of them carefully.

"Bondage, bloodplay, sharp pointy objects, temporary piercings ... I don't mind an audience, but it's not a kink of mine," she smiled a bit more hopefully. "And being fucked so thoroughly that I'll be sore in the morning."

Jake purred lightly at the list.

"I don't have any experience giving that sort of attention to humans," he warned her. "I'm careful, but I won't have the sort of knowledge of the limits," he pointed out.

"I understand," she nodded. "Do you understand safewords?"

"Yes," he nodded seriously. "Never play without one."

"Good," Cathy smiled. "Are you particularly keen on gags?"

"Not really," Jake shook his head.

"Even better. That means it will be a simple matter to use safewords. I do know my limits, and I am willing to enforce them."

"Something else I like," the lean tom smiled. "It can be as hard to find as a sadist who knows what they're doing. Do you have another partner?"

"Not since Uric ended up on the wrong side of an experiment," she said quietly. "I miss him, but it's been over a year now. It's time to move on."

"I'm sorry," he said sincerely. "Are you looking for something committed, or just getting back into things?"

"I wasn't into commitment even when I saw the same person regularly," she half chuckled. "Marie gave me a bit of what's okay and what's not with the three of you." She shifted her attention to Chance. "I wasn't given much by way of details about all that happened with Dr. Wilson, but I've heard enough to know why you're so protective of him. I don't object to you being there until you're both comfortable."

"Good," Chance chuckled slightly. "Because I do want to keep an eye on him," he said with a slight nuzzle for Jake.

"Just remember, I'll be on the giving end with her," Jake chuckled back.

"I think that's the only reason she's still sitting there," Chance pointed out and put an arm around Jake to pulled him close.

"What's your feeling on two guys?" Jake raised an eyebrow at her.

"Not a major kink, but I'm not going to complain," Cathy smiled at them both. "I was half expecting it given Jake's relationships."

"Not a major kink of mine either," Chance chuckled, "though we do indulge when we get the chance... this something you're always into, or just something that catches you in the mood sometimes?"

"It's a periodic kink," she said. "A couple-three times a year I really feel like it, but most of the time I'm much more vanilla in bed."

"Same here," Jake said easily. "Are you interested in anything when you're not in your kinkier moods?"

"Not particularly," she admitted. "I doubt I'd object, but you've already got a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Seems kind of a crowd to me."

"That's why I was asking," Jake admitted with a bit of a chuckle. "The tabby here might be another story when you're in the mood, but I really do prefer guys unless there's something else involved."

"Same here," Cathy cracked at grin at him. "Is there anything else you wanted to know?"

"Well, it might be nice to know a bit about you," Jake smiled a little shyly. "I mean... I'm pretty sure you're not in avionics, or I probably would've met you before."

"No, I'm not," she smiled back warmly. "Though I've run across your name a few times before Beverly started to ask around. I'm a data sifter. I'm one of the folks that created your human identities and got all the paperwork looking legal."

"Always good to know somebody who can do that," Chance grinned.

"Especially with our luck," Jake chuckled. "What sort of things do you like to do in your downtime?" He asked her curiously.

"I like camping, swimming, hitting major amusement parks, doting on my cat and German Shepard," she chuckled. "The fur is going to make it a little different. I'm used to sleeping with fur, but not quite this way."

"I've got it on good authority it's not as hard to get used to as you'd think," Chance smirked slightly.

"Letch," Jake chuckled, swatting his mate with his tail.

"Now why do I get the feeling the tabby is more interested in bedding me than the one I came to talk to?" Cathy giggled.

"Just because he probably is," Jake admitted, leaning back against Chance. "I prefer toms, but he makes up for me and then some... so, any particular time that'd be good for you to come over?" He asked her curiously.

"Sometime next week, after dinner?" she suggested. "My job's pretty steady at five days a week from seven to four."

"Sounds good to me... Thursday sound good?" Jake offered, thinking it through. It would give him a few days to see if he could find the problem with the Turbokat and something to look forward to if he couldn't.

"Sounds good," she nodded easily. "Load's pretty light right now. I can take Friday off if I need to."

"You probably will," he told her seriously. "At least if we really get going."

"True," she nodded and stood, extending a hand to Jake. "I rather hope it works out that well, Jake. I've had a couple bad dates too, and I can't assume anymore."

"I've had my share of them too," he said reassuringly, standing up and shaking her hand. "Hopefully it'll all work out," he smiled and showed her out.

"That has to be the weirdest pre-date conversation I've ever heard," Chance observed when the door shut behind her.

"Yeah, but when you're into the sort of things we are, it's not that weird," Jake pointed out, coming back to snuggle up beside Chance. "You don't mind, right?" He asked him, fairly sure he wouldn't.

"I would have said so if I did," Chance nuzzled him. "I got a decent vibe from her."

"Good," Jake purred, returning the nuzzle. "Mmm ... so, you want to dig out the spare controller for your game, we'll see who's the better driver?" He asked with a grin.

"You don't have a prayer," Chance grinned broadly and shifted to grab the spare controller from its home in with all the other currently-unused bits of the Wii.

"You're still grounded?" Jeth asked incredulously as they all sat down in a corner of the school cafeteria.

"Yeah, till sometime next year," Zoe muttered.

"So maybe only another six or seven weeks?" Jenny said hopefully.

"Probably more like spring," Zoe said dryly. "He was pissed ."

"He's still letting you do the play though," Jeth offered, trying to find a bright spot. "That should be coming up pretty soon, at any rate, let you out after dark again."

"Yeah, but I'll be on stage and he's going to be right there the whole time," Zoe grumbled. "Besides, it's really not the same with Putnam gone."

"Sorry," Jeth murmured, looking down at his tray a bit.

"Kinda surprised they're actually going forward with it this year," Jenny admitted.

"The show must go on," Zoe sighed. "That's what he'd have said, anyways. It's not going to be much like the first rehearsals now. Tyv Ren is a good director, I guess, but she doesn't have nearly the taste for weird re-imagining that he did."

"I don't think anybody could," Amy shook her head. "The guy was out there even by Eureka standards. Brilliant and creative, but way out there ... can we change the topic a bit?" The young Brunette asked hopefully. "The play's fine, just not... y'know."

"Right," Zoe agreed easily. "So, what's going on on the outside?"

"Your boyfriend's in a major fight with some lady in Electronics," Jenny ignored Jeth's annoyed look. "I hear it took Jo to stop him from literally ripping her apart a few weeks ago, and she's fighting back 'cause your Dad gave her a restraining order a few days later."

"You know who it is?" Zoe asked her, remembering the incident with Dr. Moreau's car.

"Melody something," Jenny answered.

"Wilson," Amy supplied the rest. "My dad says she's a hard core nut case, but smart enough not to get caught until now. She's in big trouble over the mess. I doubt Doctor Stark cares that she likes torturing folks as a hobby, as long as she doesn't put other employees in the hospital. What really got her was that one of her blackmail victims got tired of being a victim and spilled it all, then got her to admit to it on tape."

"That explains the griping about people not filing charges," Zoe sighed, shaking her head. "She'd better watch out for Chance then, or Jo might not be there in time."

"A fair chunk of Security would look the other way if he did," Amy said between bites of her sandwich. "That woman's got my dad all sorts of riled, and his team's not so happy with her either."

"Yeah, but my Dad probably wouldn't," Zoe shrugged, working through her own lunch. "At least not that easily."

"So, is your belated birthday party still on for whenever you get turned loose again?" Jeth asked, trying to change the subject.

"Oh yeah," Zoe brightened considerably. "I'm getting my driver's license just before it."

"Your Dad's actually going for that?" Jenny regarded her dubiously.

"It doesn't matter," Zoe shrugged. "Chance'll take me if I need it."

"Besides, it's not like she'll have a car to go along with the license," Jeth pointed out. "Don't think even the Sheriff would mind with that. At least it'll take something off the list of charges if you hotwire one," he teased.

"But I bet he knows that it means Chance'll start teaching her on the track," Jenny giggled. "With those souped up vehicles of his."

"Can you blame me?" Zoe asked with a grin. "Taking one of those bikes out for a ride'd be a blast and a half, and probably safer than most of the ones from around here."

"So are you going to give us a ride before summer?" Amy asked with a devilish grin.

"As soon as I've got something to give the ride in," Zoe grinned back. "Maybe head out to Portland, or back down to CA some time during vacay."

"A little further and we'll hit Seattle," Jeth suggested. "It's a lot bigger than Portland, and only about three hours further north."

"That'd work too," Zoe mused. "Not as expensive as California either. Just make sure our folks don't hear about this too early, or I'll be in my thirties before I get the chance," she grinned.

"Hey, once you hit eighteen, you don't have to listen to him anymore," Jenny pointed out. "Though I wouldn't put it past him to try to say otherwise."

"You're assuming he wouldn't just have Jo lock me up for a decade or two," she chuckled slightly. "Besides, waiting until I'm eighteen wouldn't really help out this summer, would it?"

"No, but I bet your boyfriend would be willing to help get you out," Jenny teased. "And Jo likes you, remember?"

"We'll just have to see what we can arrange... who knows? If we hit at the right time of year, maybe we could give PAX a quick visit," she half-grinned.

"Isn't that a bit geeky for you?" Amy asked.

"Hey, there is more than geeky there," Zoe countered. "There are some killer concerts too. Some of the best techno and hip-hop groups around that aren't signed with the big labels yet."

"Wow, I guess she is doing her homework," Jeth grinned, ducking the fry that was tossed at him.

"Guess we should just be happy we can get you anywhere near something that's computers and video games," Amy giggled. "Be a blast if we could make it though," she added with a grin.

"Oh, making it'll be easy," Zoe grinned at her and winked. "Making it without an APB on us is the tricky part."

"Well I think I'll wait until the plan won't end up with one before trying to get pre-reg tickets for us all," Jenny chuckled, shaking her head. "We all have reputations as not being trouble makers, remember?"

"Sorry to break it to you, Jenny, but you lost that when you started hanging out with me," Zoe snickered. "You have no idea what my Dad has on everybody around here," she rolled her eyes.

"Could always find out," Amy winked, finishing up her lunch. "About time for class ... seeya tomorrow, Zoe."

"See you later," she nodded and sighed to herself as her brief bit of feeling like a normal person disappeared for the day.

"You look like you're in a good mood," Cathy grinned a few nights later, when Jake met her at the door. "I don't suppose I'm the only reason though?" She guessed.

"I found the part that most likely caused the Turbokat crash," he grinned and ushered her in.

"That explains a few things," she smiled. "So what was it, if you can talk about it?" She asked curiously as he closed the door behind her.

"One of the control cards for the main rudder didn't check out right, even after accounting for damage. We're going into it's creation in much closer detail now to try and find out why."

"Well I'm sure you'll figure it out," she smiled. "Hello, Chance," she said to the tabby as she spotted him sitting on the couch.

"Hey Cathy," he said easily. "How's it been?"

"Pretty much normal," she shrugged a bit. "It doesn't really get busy for a month or so yet."

"What happens then?" he asked as Jake closed the drapes and clicked the recording system on.

"Assorted paperwork, reports to file... mostly busy work, not the interesting sort of thing you guys brought around," she chuckled, glancing at Jake curiously as he started the recorder. "What was that?"

"Recorder," he answered without thinking about it and stepped close to her to claim a light kiss.

"Why?" She asked, returning the kiss briefly but putting a hand up between them.

"If it goes well, for a very exciting home video for the two of us," he nodded towards Chance. "If not ... it's a little extra protection for us both on who agreed to what, when, and when that changed."

"Okay," she murmured, kissing him lightly. "Just promise me I'll never see it anywhere else unless things go badly," she chuckled. "I seem to remember that Dr. Orwell and your boyfriend are pretty close."

"He also enjoys being the center of attention," Jake chuckled, then turned serious. "Promise. I'm not out to see this spread around." He looked at Chance pointedly.

"I promise," Chance said seriously. "I always make sure the people on the tape don't mind before I show it off," he chuckled. "Especially when I'm not one of the main players."

"Good enough?" Jake tipped her chin up.

"Good enough," she nodded, kissing his chin lightly. "I just don't want to find myself on Orwell's Top Fifty list," she chuckled, then murmured softly when he cupped her left breast and caressed it with his thumb. "Safeword?"

Jake froze and nodded. "Sorry. Do you have a preferred one?"

"Shark," she cocked a bit of a grin.

"That's different," Jake nodded. "So ... start with a little seduction, or right to the pain?" he asked with a low rumble in his throat.

"Mmm ... seduction works," she murmured, reaching around to work his shirt free.

Jake smiled and kissed her neck, then licked it lightly to taste the salt and concentrated personal scent there as he unbuttoned his shirt and helped her get it off.

"Mmm ... may I?" She asked him lowly, running her hands down his firm abs, nuzzling his chest.

"Sure," he nodded even as he pulled her shirt out from her jeans.

"Good," she rumbled, helping him get her shirt off, her breasts clad only in her cream-colored bra as she licked lightly at his nipples, exploring his furry body with skilled, curious fingers.

"Just how much like a cat are you?" She asked curiously, reaching behind him with one hand to scratch down his back.

"Quite a bit," he shivered, his tail going up as his entire body tightened when she reached a spot just above his belt. "Oh yeah."

"Y'like that, huh?" She grinned, reaching down to undo his belt, nuzzling his belly button lightly. "Is it enough to get you off all on its own?" She asked him curiously even as she realized he wasn't wearing any underwear.

"No, but it does feel good," he said as he slid his hands through her hair, his fingers moving along the spots that would have been a Kat's ears.

"Mmm... then let's see if I can do it with a little attention up here," she teased, sliding his pants down and fondling his balls, curiously slipping a finger into his filling sheath.

"Oh yeah," Jake moaned deeply and spread his legs a bit to give her access to whatever she wanted.

"We're not that different from a human male," Chance chuckled. "He'll whimper if you start teasing his cock now."

"No fair," Jake complained, only to have it dissolve into a gasp when she traded her finger for her tongue.

"Not that different maybe, but this is new to me," she grinned over at Chance before tracing the entrance to Jake's sheath with her tongue again and fondling his balls. As she coaxed him to full hardness, she explored his cock, and especially the rubbery, forked protrusions that filled out shortly after they left the sheath.

"Oh yes ," Jake hissed and leaned forward a bit as his breathing quickened.

"Have you ever been tit-fucked?" Cathy asked him curiously as she reached back to undo her bra and toss it onto the sofa next to Chance.

"No," he looked down at her, not completely sure what she had in mind.

"He's got a girlfriend, but he's disturbingly innocent on many levels," Chance added with a snicker.

"Well then we'll just have to corrupt him a little bit," Cathy giggled, licking him from balls to tip before wrapping her warm breasts around his shaft, licking at the smooth, conical tip and starting to work her tits up and down his cock.

"Mmm, different," Jake moaned softly, quite willing to give into the pleasure she was drawing from him. His hips began to rock back and forth, adding a little more movement to her attentions.

"We each get something new tonight then," she rumbled, lapping at his tip, leaning down to suckle him lightly when she could, licking at his barbs other times. It didn't take her long to figure out that the rubbery barbs were more sensitive that the tip, and which ones were most sensitive to her tongue and teeth

"Close," Jake warned her with a gasp, his body tightening in anticipation.

She leaned down, taking his tip into her mouth, working her breasts up and down his cock with short, firm squeezes, her tongue working his barbs eagerly until he shuddered and thrust forward with a half-cry, half-roar, and shot a blast of his seed into her waiting mouth.

She drank down his come, swallowing most of it, a little dribbling down her lips as she let him fall from her mouth, licking it up and nuzzling his groin lightly.

"So how was it?" She asked him with a grin.

"Good," he panted a bit as he stroked her short brunette hair. "You're wearing far too much now, though."

"Can you fix that without tearing anything?" She asked him with a grin, standing to drape her arms around his neck and kiss him deeply.

"I think I can manage," Jake chuckled as they parted mouths briefly and went to work opening her jeans and sliding them down her legs. It was an opportunity he took full advantage of for feeling her body and getting used to the idea of smooth skin under his hands and not fur.

She stepped out of them and knocked the lot, along with his pants, out of their way as he began to kiss and nibble down her neck to her breasts.

"If you want to get a bit rough, feel free," she moaned softly, scratching the back of his head lightly. She shivered when his rough tongue circled one nipple, then very sharp teeth closed around it and brought it into his mouth to be held prisoner and ravaged by his tongue until she trembled.

She whimpered as his claws danced down her sides, not yet even really leaving marks. He used just enough pressure so she knew fully what he could do with them when he dug in.

She raised her hands, pressing her wrists together above her head, and exposing herself completely to him. She'd seen the hooks in the ceiling that she was sure she'd be tied to eventually.

"Yes," she whispered softly, savoring the tingles of pain that his claws left behind, knowing it would only get stronger as the night wore on.

"Want me to?" Chance asked uncertainly when his partner was obviously occupied and she was ready to be tied up.

Jake flicked him a quick hand signal and pushed her the short distance to stand in the right place for Chance to bind her wrists together and hook up the simple rigging.

When he felt the subtle shifts in her body as the ropes and hooks took her weight, Jake moved on to her other nipple while he slid his fingers between her legs and teased her through the fabric of her thong underwear with one claw.

"Just remember not to rip anything," she moaned, spreading her legs as far as she could without completely putting her weight on her shoulders, giving him the best access she could to her damp crotch.

"I won't," he promised throatily as he began to work his mouth and tongue down her body, tasting her as much as feeling her muscles quiver at his touch. Slowly, he moved the crotch of her thong out of his way so he could play across the exposed lips of her sex with his fingers, just brushing the nerve-rich skin with his fur.

"That unties," she offered, turning her hip a bit towards him with a moan so he could easily reach the simple knot holding it on.

"I saw," Jake grinned up at her and kissed his way into her long, wavy pubic hair and gave her a little more pressure with his fingers, just enough to part her lower lips and soak his fur in her juices.

"Just making sure," she groaned. "Mmm ... you like to take your time, don't you?"

"More than most let me," he purred before he finally spread the lips of her sex wide and slid his tongue from one end to the other, only to come back and nip her clit hard enough to make it jerk.

"Ooh! I'm not in much of a position to make you hurry up," she grinned. "How vocal do you like your partners?"

"Vocal, as long as it's honest," he grinned and slid his tongue across her sex again. "I like to know when you like it after all."

"No problem," she moaned, leaning into his touch as much as he could.

"God!" She gasped as his rough tongue delved into her body while he played with the hood around her clit with a claw. He never applied enough pressure to draw blood, but easily enough to register pain.

She moaned and whimpered as he kept her on the edge, gasping when his claws found a particularly sensitive spot.

"God, Jake," she panted, squeezing her body down around his tongue, her juices flowing down his muzzle as her body ached for release.

Cathy whimpered when he stopped.

"Chance, would you grab the leg-bar?" Jake grinned at his partner.

"Sure," the tabby nodded and got up, returning a moment later with the simple metal bar and helped Jake attach it just above Cathy's knees.

Then Jake turned his attention back to her trembling sex with a definite intent to get her off.

It didn't take him long. Moments after he started, she screamed with pleasure, her body tightening in orgasm as her juices washed over his face as he continued to work her hard, pushing her to another orgasm before the first one had even settled, then a third.

"Wow ," she murmured once he'd finally stopped to let her catch her breath. "Mmm ... and this isn't even the main event yet," she grinned down at Jake, her body already pleasantly sore.

"No, it's not," he grinned back and slowly stood to claim a passionate kiss before slipping behind her and raking his claws across her breasts. He rubbed his very hard cock against the lips of her sex as he reached up to give a little more slack to the robe tied to her wrists. It leaned her forward and he drove into her body hard with a deep groan.

"Oh yeah," she moaned, clenching down around his shaft, feeling the rubbery barbs rubbing her insides. "That's definitely new," she rumbled, trying to press back against his furry body, taking in every sensation he had to offer her as he used her body to sate himself.

"I hear it's addictive," Chance rumbled from the couch, his pants open and stroking himself as he watched his mate fuck a very willing human woman.

"I can imagine," Cathy moaned. "Ooh... hurt me, Jake," she begged, his claws raking over her breasts, not yet drawing blood.

He nodded and leaned forward to close his jaws at the crook of her neck and bit down possessively, drawing blood there as one hand drove his claws into her left breast and the other moved between her lets to pierce her clit's hood with a claw.

Cathy cried out, pressing back into his teeth as blood welled up around his claws. Crimson streaked her breasts as Jake slammed into her, her sex working around his cock hungrily as she tried to make him fill her body.

She shuddered as a deep growl vibrated through her body from where his fangs connected with her flesh and moaned as she felt his seed pump into her body with each thrust he made.

Her sex rippled around him, milking him hard as a smaller orgasm ran through her than the first several.

"Oh God," she panted, pain lancing through her body with every movement either of them made.

Jake opened his jaws and licked away the blood with a tenderness that half surprised her as he pulled himself free of her body, still quite hard.

"It gets better," he whispered in her ear before he continued to clean up the results of his work. He fondled and stroked her breasts for pleasure only as he licked his claw marks on the one clean. Then he brought her right nipple into his mouth and slipped a hand between to legs to rub her clit until she was rocking against his hand and moaning.

With no real warning he drove his longest teeth into her nipple in line with each other, piercing it further back than most would have.

"Hah!" She gasped sharply, pain replacing and mixing with the pleasure he'd been giving her, the wound bleeding freely once he removed his teeth. He continued to nip and lick at her breasts, caressing and fondling, even as he bit a hole in the left one.

Jake grinned when she shuddered with her cries, her body no longer hers to control as she came against his hand in the ecstasy of bloody pain and carnal pleasure.

"Definitely going to need that day off," she groaned, rapidly losing the ability to tell the difference between the pain and pleasure as he fondled her dripping pussy.

"Can I mark you, unobtrusively?" Jake asked, breathlessly eager with this creature that was so in line with his own desires.

"Mark me how?" She asked, fighting to keep from her gut reaction of agreeing blindly.

"Clit-hood ring," he purred deep in his chest and reached down to picked up a silver chain with a small tiger's eye stone set in the top and an onyx dangling on the end of the chain.

"That'll be good," she shivered. It wasn't particularly uniquely identifiable, so that was a bonus on top of it.

"All I care is that we know what it means," Jake said and kissed her demandingly, then licked his way down her chest and abs. Once he was even with her crotch he rubbed a bit of cream on her clit hood, upper and underside, then made a hole with a very sharp, searing-hot needle.

"Shit!" She hissed, holding stock still as he set the ring, not wanting to make anything tear.

He quickly closed the two sides of the top end together through the hole to hold it in place.

"So," he licked just below her belly button as he put the simple tools away, "think your pussy can take the pounding my partner can dish out?"

"Is he into the sort of pain you are too?" She asked him, the pain in her clit hood starting to fade, or at least be replaced by the growing ache in her shoulders from supporting her weight.

"No," Jake shook his head and began to work his way up her body. "He's just known for fucking people unconscious," he grinned wickedly. "Something I like to watch. Though the pain wouldn't be hard to arrange for."

"I think I can handle him," she grinned over at Chance. "I just don't know if I could take that and the sort of fun you're up for," she rumbled, turning back towards Jake to give him a light kiss.

"So we see who can outlast the other, then I introduce you to a couple special things in the morning?" Jake offered with a deep purr.

"Sounds good to me if it's good for the tabby?" Cathy grinned.

"Always," Chance chuckled, standing up to walk around behind her, rubbing her sides lightly.

"Care to give her shoulders a break, pick her up from the front so you can really slam into her?" Jake suggested playfully in his mate's ear before he took a place on the couch to watch.

"Sounds good to me," Chance grinned, removing the leg-bar and turning her around, kissing her heatedly as he took her hips in his hands. He shifted a bit, quickly finding a good angle for Jake to watch them. He shifted to rub himself against her sex, the new piercing rubbing against his cock.

"What are you waiting for?" Cathy asked him with a moan, wrapping her legs around his waist lightly.

"That," Chance purred, shifting to drive himself into her body, roaring as his balls pulled close and pumped his seed into her even as he started to thrust hard and fast into her, putting on the best show for Jake that he could.

Chance shifted uncomfortably as he got off his cyclotron. Even after Jake's blowjob and emptying his balls into Cathy before leaving, he was raging hard again thinking about the last twelve hours and what the next twelve were likely to contain. "You'd better be ready for a solid pounding, girl," he muttered to himself as he walked up to Cindy's front door and knocked.

A few moments passed before the door opened, showing Cindy in a light silk robe, two cups of coffee in hand.

"Morning, handsome," she grinned, handing him one of the cups before stepping back to let him in.

"Morning, beautiful," he grinned back and leaned down to kiss her cheek as she shut the door. "Hope you're in the mood for a real pounding."

"Mmm ... after you give me details," she grinned. "Don't need names, but any girl Jake spends the night with is going to be interesting."

"That's an understatement," Chance admitted with a twitch of his tail and sat down on her couch. "I can do pain, but I didn't understand why he was reluctant with me until now. It's seriously hot when both sides are really into what's happening. I don't care what they said, they'll be seeing each other again. Soon I expect."

"Not a bad thing, I assume?" Cindy asked, sipping her coffee and sitting down next to him.

"Not if it goes anything like last night or this morning," he grinned. "Hell, he's even 'marked' her already. Under other conditions, I'd think Marie was in for some serious competition."

"Nah, not in the long run," Cindy snickered. "Worse that'd happen is you have a fourth person in bed regularly... so, c'mon, gimme the highlights, since I'm not going to get the highlight reel!"

"Let's see," he grinned a bit teasingly. "Started off with a bit of seduction. Kissed, undressed each other ... he never did take her thong off ... she gave him a tit job. Then when he was exploring her, she lifted her hands so I got her tied up in the living room rig. He teased her like I've never seen anyone let him before, and when she came he kept going until his tongue was tired."

"I'd make a joke, but I know you'd do the same if I didn't start begging before you had the chance," she giggled. "Go on."

"So do Marie and I," Chance pointed out with a soft smile. "That's one thing this girl has that I don't think he's really had before. He has such a taste for the tease and drawing it out. Anyway, when he was done her legs were pretty much useless, so he just touched her lightly, fooling around, until she recovered. He leaned her over and took her hard. That's when she started to beg to be hurt. Bit her neck harder than I'd have dared, draw claws across her breasts and clawed at her clit. She was getting off on it big time."

"And you?" Cindy asked with a teasing tone, reaching over to finger his jeans-clad crotch.

"My chance was coming," he chuckled. "Once Jake was finished with her for a while. First he introduced her to one of his favorite games; alternating pain and pleasure. Licking her clean, then biting or clawing. Seems that she liked that too."

"Sounds like she likes his style," Cindy observed and unzipped his jeans to let his achingly hard cock free.

"Oh yeah. Even agreed to let him mark her. That ended up involving a very hot needle to her clit hood to make the hole and a dangly bit of jewelry for it. Then he asked if I could fuck her senseless."

"And she said yes, I assume?" Cindy rumbled, taking his shaft in hand and stroking it lightly.

"Oh yeah," he grinned, rumbling deeply at her attention. "And I did. Picked her up and pounded into her. That clit-ring thing felt ... different. But she screamed for me so nicely, and I wasn't even hurting her.

"Probably the ring and what happens when you pound into somebody hanging from their arms," she giggled, reaching up to tease one of his barbs. "So, after that you called it a night, and came over here once you were up?"

"Nope," he grinned. "Morning included Jake waking me up with one incredible blowjob, even for him. Got to watch him take her again, only this time her hands were tied to the headboard and her knees were spread wide . He put something metal over most of her sex and started to fuck her. Never seen anyone squirm and scream like that, or come so hard so often. He wasn't far behind, either." He shook his head and leaned over to kiss Cindy. "Turned out it had little needles on both sides."

She shuddered slightly, even as she returned the kiss.

"Not my style, but I'll bet it was something to watch."

"With those two, oh yeah," he moaned in a mixture of memories and Cindy's efforts. "By the time he was done, she was a real come-matted mess. He took the device off and offered her to me again, given how hard I was. It was good, but having Jake waiting for me at the shower was so much better. No pain, but he never fails to make me see stars, and he was so ready for some guy attention by then."

"I'll bet he was... so who topped who?" She teased, slowing down her hand, trying to keep him from coming just yet.

"I topped him," he groaned and thrust into her hand a bit. "Pinned his hands over his head and pounded into him while the water poured down on us. Damn, that's always incredible with him."

"Always incredible to watch too," she grinned. "And your poor little friend was too tied up to enjoy, huh?" She asked with a pouty tone.

"Yeah," he chuckled. "Seems we wore her out. Rather like I plan to do to you."

"Ah, but I haven't been busy for most of a night and morning already, unlike you," she smirked, starting to stroke him faster again. "Anything else particularly interesting?"

"Mmm, oh, yeah, he said he used capsaicin coated ice on her before waking me up."

"Oooh, I'll bet that would be interesting," she rumbled, kissing his neck. "Gives me an idea, actually," she grinned, starting to stroke him faster. "Why don't you come for me, then we'll see about it?"

"No problem," he groaned and closed his eyes, letting all his attention go to his cock and her efforts to get him off until he shuddered and grunted with the first shot of milky fluid that erupted from him.

"That's better," she grinned, stroking him through his orgasm before licking her fingers clean. "Does the tabby think he's up for something new now?"

"Sure," he grinned at her, eager as ever to play.

"I've got something in mind I don't think you've ever done before then," she grinned back, standing up and shucking her robe as she headed back towards the kitchen. "I'll be right back!" She called back playfully.

"I did eat ..." he said uncertainly.

"I'm just out here for props," she called back, sifting through the cupboard for a moment before she came back, licking her lips and popping something into her mouth.

"Ever had a ginger blowjob?" She asked as she knelt in front of him.

"No," he admitted, looking at her curiously even as he toed his shoes off and pushed his jeans down so he could spread his legs for her.

"Tell me if this is too weird for you," she said seriously, before leaning forward, nuzzling his still-hard cock, working his jeans to the floor and off before taking him into her mouth, his cock starting to tingle along both sides almost immediately as whatever she'd put in her mouth rubbed along it.

"Mmm, that's interesting," he said before he moaned deeply as the sensations really started to sink in.

She grinned up at him, fondling his balls as she went to work, occasionally turning her head to tease him with the slivers of tingling sensations that spread along his flesh. The smell registered after a moment; ginger.

"Who thought of trying that?" He asked after a shudder of pleasurable heat curled up his spine.

She shrugged slightly, tapping her cheeks as if to point out that she couldn't really talk too much without dislodging the bits of ginger she'd put in her cheeks, though she started to suck on him harder, using her tongue to break a tiny piece off one of them and rub it along his barbs.

"Oh yeah," he ran his fingers through her hair as he resisted closing his hands on her hair. "Love your ideas, baby."

She pulled back, swirling her tongue around his tip with the ginger pressed right along the sides of his shaft... and he let loose with a roar, pumping his seed into her mouth to be swallowed greedily. Once he was done, she pulled back, spitting the ginger out into her hand and kissing his tip.

"Good to know," she grinned up at him.

"Now that that's twice I've gotten off, to your zero," he leaned forward to kiss her firmly. "How would you like to change that?"

"Mmm ... up for being filmed?" She asked him with a grin.

"As long as I get a copy," he grinned back.

"Okay," she rumbled, nuzzling his chest. "Which raises a more serious question ... willing to play towards a rape fantasy, you in charge, or is that script a little too close to home with what happened to Jake?"

"It's too close to something extremely distasteful," he shook his head and tipped her chin up. "I'll dominate you, ravage you, make you beg me to stop ... but I can't ignore it when somebody says 'no'."

"That's why I asked," she murmured, kissing him tenderly. "So I'll just have to settle for being ravished," she grinned. "Recording room first?"

"Sounds good to me," he grinned and stripped his shirt off, leaving it with the rest of his clothing in the living room.

"What?" Carter shot upright in his chair at the kitchen table as the TV screen went black only two innings into the game. "S.A.R.A.H.!"

"I am sorry Sheriff Carter, but you are needed at 631 Chain drive. I will record the game for you." S.A.R.A.H. told him.

"Great," he sighed. "What's the problem over there?" He asked, getting up and heading for his coat.

"A body. As sheriff you are required to be there for all unattended death body retrievals," she explained. "Henry is already on his way."

"Wonderful," he groaned, heading for the door. "I'll be back as soon as I can, Zoe."

At least it wasn't the address for the felines or Dr. Wilson.

"Your beer will be cold and dinner hot, Dad," she called at him, more than a little grateful that whatever had happened, it was over with now.

Carter climbed up the stairs and into his car, the address already in his GPS to give him the directions. He dialed Henry's number as he pulled out, hoping to get the rundown on what had happened before walking into it.

"Hi Jack, there won't be much to this one," Henry's rather too-cheerful voice answered. "I'm fairly sure he died in his sleep. It's not much of a surprise, you just have to be here to represent law enforcement, since it was unattended."

"Jo couldn't?" He asked with a sigh.

"Well, yes, but do you really want to ask her do anything right now?" Henry asked pointedly.

"Urr, yeah, right. Not really," he admitted. "I'll be there shortly."

"Thanks; just need you to look things over before I sign things through and take him out ... no next of kin at any rate, so that makes things easier than the last few months have been."

"That's a relief," Carter murmured and ended the call before he pulled up next to Henry's hearse-like truck outside a very normal looking single-story house. Only the fact that he was in Eureka made him doubt it was really that normal.

He walked up to the open door, giving a quick knock before he started in to warn Henry he was coming in. Just stepping inside the door told him what the owner worked on; computers. They were set up all through the house, even in the front room, most of them still running.

"At least it's not monsters," he said to himself and followed Henry's call towards the back of the relatively small home and the only bedroom.

"Well... smell's not too bad," he observed as he spotted Henry taking the last on-site observations and photos of the overweight, older man, thankfully clad in pajamas.

"Nope; think he's only been dead for a few hours," Henry said easily. "Dr. Orwell was asked to check in on him when he didn't contact anybody at GD today, despite having an appointment for a grant meeting. Called me after that."

"We got lucky then," Carter nodded. "So what is it I need to do, now that I'm here?"

"Mostly to make sure I don't screw something up, and that you can't spot anything that makes this look like more than natural causes."

"Right," Carter nodded and gave the room a more serious looking over. It didn't look like much; just an old, out of shape man that had died in his sleep. There were no pills, no bottles, no syringes ... nothing unusual at all.

Which, frankly, almost made him more nervous in Eureka.

"We do occasionally lose some of the old guard to things like this, Jack," Henry pointed out.

"So what do you know about him?" Carter asked quietly as he worked the room and Henry bagged the dead man for transport. "You are planning to do at least a basic autopsy and drug panel, right?"

"Dr. Johansen, computer programming ... helped develop some of the core languages out there, and standardized key elements of OOP," Henry said, his respect for the man clear. "And I will, don't worry about it... just because natural deaths happen here doesn't mean I don't make sure they aren't something more."

"Thanks," Carter nodded to him. "That's one set of questions I don't have to worry about now. "What happens to his stuff, without a next of kin?"

"Mostly up to Stark," Henry said easily. "Most of it's GD property, and it'll go back to the company. What exactly happens is something he'll have to figure out."

Carter nodded, glancing around. "Well I can't see anything that indicates this is anything but natural, as odd as that sounds around here. I trust you'll get done whatever you need to do."

"Thanks," Henry nodded slightly, wheeling in the gurney. "I'll take care of this then; you get home and enjoy the game, I'll get my report to you in a day or two."

"Thanks," Carter quirked a grin at him as he turned to leave. "I'll start brushing up on my medical terminology."

"I'll be sure to keep it simple, unless something strange comes up," Henry chuckled good-naturedly as Carter left to head back home.

Jake flicked the IM screen to the fore of his screen when it flashed that someone new was trying to contact him.

stingai: Hello RazorKat; how are you?

RazorKat: Pretty good. Who are you?

stingai: Sting. I've seen you online a lot. Are you a computer person too?

RazorKat: You could say that :) I do more work on vehicles than programming. Head of the TurboKat project.

stingai: TurboKat project? Haven't heard of that; can you talk about it?

RazorKat: A little. It's an advanced combat jet. The one that did a nosedive into the ground last month.

A few moments passed before the next reply came through.

stingai: Can't find much about it. Father's been sick, and I haven't been paying much attention to what's going on outside recently.

RazorKat: You probably felt it. We created quite a crater. I've almost figured out what happened. Do you work in Eureka?

stingai: I work anywhere there's a computer. :) Father used to work in Eureka too... he doesn't work anymore though.

RazorKat: Retired, or too sick?

stingai: I... don't know. He just doesn't work anymore. Think he's too sick. He went out with two men earlier though, maybe he'll work again after they help him.

Jake leaned back as the language started to sink in and he frowned. A child had to be very young, or of very limited intellect, to not grasp the differences between sick and dead. It reminded him too much of when he first got to communicate with Kestryal when the current TurboKat had started to wake up. It was downright creepy in a random IM.

RazorKat: What's your real name? I'm Jake Clawson.

stingai: Sting, I told you earlier.

RazorKat: Sorry. I'm not used to names like that. Most folks I know have two names like I do and the name they use in IM isn't their real one.

Again, a few moments passed.

stingai: Johansen, I guess. Sting Johansen. That was Father's last name, so I think it's mine?

Jake activated a tracer program to find out where this IM was coming from, now concerned that there might be a very young child unattended somewhere in Eureka with no one looking out for him.

RazorKat: That's usually how it works. Are you alone?

stingai: You're here. :)

Jake frowned, both at the answer and the scattered results of the tracer. This kid was all over the place. Not just moving, like he was walking, or even in a vehicle, but jumping from one end of town to another, up in GD headquarters, over at the sheriff's office, and not with nearly enough time to actually move that far.

"Probably has a tracer scrambler," he muttered to himself and wrote off the odd results.

RazorKat: Okay. Anything else you want to talk about?

stingai: Tell me about you? Don't meet new people very often, like to know more about you. :) If you're not too busy, of course.

RazorKat: What would you like to know?

stingai: Anything. :) What sort of things are important to you?

Jake leaned back, his tail twitching and ears flicked sideways as nearly every self-preservation instinct he had started to scream that this person was up to no good.

"Jake?" Chance looked over from his video game at the unexpected movement.

"Just don't like how this conversation is going," Jake answered as he tried to think of a way out without making it too obvious.

Chance just shook his head, paused his game and came over to read the last few lines as Jake looked up at his sideways.

RazorKat: His mate, who's typing and about to drag him off the computer for a little real life fun.

stingai: Okay. See you around, RazorKat.

"Now that that is over," Chance grinned and slid his hands down Jake's chest, "why don't we do something fun together, so I'm not lying?"

"Sounds good to me," Jake purred, leaning up to kiss his mate as he signed off.

"Mmm ... so, what was up with that?" Chance asked, returning the kiss before pulling Jake up out of the chair and running his hands down his sides.

"I'm not sure, but somebody is sure acting weird," Jake murmured. "Odd language, not willing to give real answers about himself, asking about what's important to me," he shook his head as he slid his hands under Chance's shirt. "Not sure who it really is."

"Think it's Melody?" The tabby asked, tugging Jake's shirt loose and slipping his hands into his pants to squeeze his ass.

"It crossed my mind," he said with a low moan and pressed against his mate. "It might just be somebody who has a poor grasp on the language. Might be an AI of some kind. I couldn't trace their location."

"Weird," Chance murmured, working Jake's pants down. "Mmm ... turn around," he purred lustily, kissing his mate's neck just above his collar.

Jake shivered as he turned his back to his mate and lifted his tail as he braced against the built-in computer desk.

Chance knelt, reaching between Jake's legs to fondle his balls lightly, starting to lick at his tight, furless pucker.

"Oh yeah ," Jake arched his back inward as his cock quickly began to harden and slide from his sheath.

"You are so lucky we don't have a webcam installed," the tabby grinned up at him.

"Like we don't star in enough porn available in Eureka," Jake teased back with a groan.

"True ... I'd been thinking of having you key in whatever it'd take to start emailing it to Marie," Chance smirked, his rough tongue working the nerve-dense flesh as he shifted his hand further up, stroking Jake's cock lightly.

"Very little," Jake moaned and reached over to his keyboard to activate the recording system and link it to a live transmission to Marie's computer via e-mail.

"Now we just have to see if she's home," Chance grinned, getting back to the task at hand just before the phone started to ring next to Jake.

"Answer it," Chance chuckled when Jake hesitated.

"Hello?" Jake did his best to keep his voice fairly even.

"Mmm ... I was just logging on to see if you were on tonight," Marie chuckled on the other end. "And would you believe what was in the email that just came into my inbox?"

Chance's tongue pressed up a bit deeper into Jake's anus, making it even harder to focus on the low, sultry tone to Marie's voice than the rimjob already had.

"I think I can," he said with a deep moan. "Know where I'd really like you right now?"

"Mmm ... in the room with you, wrapped around that hot, hard cock of yours?" She asked him with a low purr.

"Oh yeah ," Jake arched and shuttered, his cock quivering in his mate's hand as he was pushed closer to the edge.

"Ooh... looks like your close," she teased. "You remember the dildo we got Cindy to make of you?"

"Y-yes," he panted as Chance continued to work him, though now with the intent to make it last a bit longer.

"I've got that, and your double-knotted canine friend here," Marie purred teasingly. "You want to know what I'm planning to do with them?" She asked, the sound of something soft hitting the floor, probably some of her clothes, faintly audible in the background.

"Show?" Jake barely managed to whimper.

"Gimme a minute," she giggled. A few moments later, an email from her popped into Jake's inbox, and he quickly opened it and the link to her own cameras, showing her naked in her computer room, spreading some lube on both the dildos.

"You can hang up now," she called out to the cameras, doing so herself. "So... which of these do you think should go up front?"

"You know he prefers up front," Chance called out as he stood behind Jake and grabbed a mouthful of scruff, his hands on Jake's hips and his hard cock rubbing up against Jake's ass.

"So I guess it's only right that he gets to go there, huh?" She giggled, positioning the two fake cocks up against her pussy and ass. "Mmm ... count of three," she grinned up into the camera above her computer. "One... two... three!" On cue, she pressed down onto the two dildos with a moan, even as Chance sunk his own cock deep into Jake's ass, biting down even tighter around the cinnamon-furred tom's scruff.

Jake whimpered, then cried out as his balls contracted along with the rest of his body to shoot a stream of milky fluid across the computer desk as he clamped down hard on his mate.

"Oooh... gonna want to remember to clean that up... before you type again," Marie teased, moaning as she watched Chance pounded into Jake until his own balls tightened, filling his ass with tabby-seed, fingering herself and working the dildo in and out of her pussy as she watched the two of them enjoying each other.

Melody grumbled to herself as she sorted through her DVD's; her copies of Chance and Jake's videos seemed to have disappeared.

As though there was any real doubt what had happened. She had no doubts that Chance had taken them, along with the other things he'd retrieved. She just wished she could figure out how to trick him into breaking in while she was there....

"No time for that now, Mel," she muttered to herself, snagging another DVD at random and popping it into her overnight bag before she started out for her car. The way things were going at GD, she was already trying to find somewhere new to work once this was all over and Stark canned her over what happened with Jake. She should've known better than to go after somebody who was so close to her boss.

"Wouldn't be surprised to find out they're sleeping together too," she muttered again and moved through the house, carefully checking all the locks and security systems. They'd never kept Chance out before, or even caught him on tape, but at least she'd make him work for getting in. He sure made sure she had to work, and the traps for putting her foot in the wrong place were getting downright fatal. They were turning that place into a junkyard fortress.

She could worry about that later, though it helped that she'd figured out most of the ways to get past the yard thanks to Jake's answers when she'd had him at her mercy. The tricky part was tricking Eureka's tracking system into thinking she was somewhere else, though she'd gotten that taken care of too.

With the locks secured, she headed out to the car and pulled out, still fuming, her bag on the seat next to her with what she'd need for her upcoming interview. It was going to be a long drive, but if she started out now she wouldn't have to drive through the night to get there.

Her Tom Tom beeped unexpectedly and she glanced at it as she left town, but there was nothing unusual on the screen.

As she headed out through the woods, it beeped again, and she took another look at it... only to find that it seemed to be perfectly normal.

"You know, I don't really need you just yet," she pointed out irritably, as though that might make the device start acting the way it was supposed to. There was another beep, this time from the car, as it flashed that her ABS was ready to engage.

"What the -"

Her eyes went wide as the steering and brakes stopped responding and the dashboard went dark.

"Oh crap .

She tried to keep steering, but she couldn't get anything to respond. The only good news was that her engine had stopped too ... right along with her lights.

She reached down for the seatbelt, thinking about trying to jump ... but then the choice was made for her. She went off the road, slamming forward as the car rolled off the road, her airbags not even going off as she was practically choked by the seatbelt.

Sheriff Carter groaned silently when the phone rang and Jo grabbed it before he could. Despite the effectiveness of the voice masking system that made her sound normal and the holo-belt made her look human and not pregnant, he knew better and he could hear the growl in her voice even though everyone said he was imagining things.

"Car crash out by milepost 13 on highway 140," she reported and stood to join him on the way out.

"I can probably handle this myself, if you'd like," he offered. "Henry been called?"

"Yes, that was Henry," she told him and sat back down.

"All right; did he say how bad it was?"

"No, but he didn't sound depressed," she shrugged. "No one died."

"At least there's that," Carter said, turning to head out. "Hold the fort, Jo; lemme know if anything comes up." He went out to his SUV and quickly dialed Henry before pulling out.

"Hi Jack," he answered shortly.

"Jo said you called an accident in; what's the situation?"

"Dr. Willson's car managed to hit the same tree that Dr. Orwell hit a while back," Henry explained. "Only this time it was the entire electrical system that went down."

"Is she hurt?"

"Not seriously," there was a pause as somebody shouted something in the background. "Not enough that it's hurt her lungpower anyways," Henry offered.

"Right," Carter groaned. "I'll be there shortly."

It didn't take him long to find his way out there. Melody, apparently not particularly hurt during the crash, was clearly ranting, looking almost as pissed as she'd been when he delivered the restraining order.

It was times like this that he longed for the peaceful days back with the Marshals in LA.

As he pulled to a stop he could hear her even before he opened the door.

"My car was just fine until this happened!" She shouted. "And you're telling me it was 'just a glitch?' I could've been killed!"

"Driving is statistically the most dangerous form of transportation," Henry informed her evenly. Then he blinked and looked up, his hand out flat. "It's too warm for snow," he murmured.

"Dr. Wilson, Henry," Carter sighed as he approached, looking up as the light snow began. "Well, I hope that whatever did this is intentional...."

"Sheriff, what are you going to do about this?" Melody demanded, indicating her car, though it wasn't that badly damaged.

"Unless there is some form of crime involved in the crash, there is nothing for me to do," he pointed out and pulled a Breathalyzer. "First is to make sure you aren't on anything that would influence your driving."

"Are you kidding?" She demanded. "For the love of God, the car just shut down in the middle of the road, wouldn't do anything, I could've been crocked and it wouldn't have mattered!"

"What matters is eliminating criminal activity," he countered. "Now take a deep breath and blow into the tube until I say to stop."

She did as he told, glowering the whole time.

"Keep blowing ... keep blowing ... keep blowing ... all right, you can stop," Carter ignored her outrage and checked the readout, which covered a whole lot more than the Breathalyzers he was used to.

"Clean?" Henry looked over at him through the lightly falling snow as he finished his field examination of Melody's car.

"Clean," Carter nodded, then looked back at Melody. "Dr. Wilson, where were you headed when this happened?"

"Seattle," she said brusquely. "I have an appointment there tomorrow afternoon that I want to be sure to keep."

"You want to consider a train or plane," Carter said dryly. "That car isn't going to make it."

"I'd gathered as much," she grumbled. "Still going to have to get to a station now though. One more thing I can thank those kats for."

"Care to share something?" Carter raised an eyebrow at her.

"Come on, do you really think this was an accident?" She asked, rolling her eyes. "Clawson must've done something to my car, killed the electrical system."

"Do you have any proof that he came anywhere near your car since you drove it last?" Carter asked evenly.

"No more than he has that I raped him," she said acidly.

"So far you've failed to come even close to that level of proof," he countered with a level of steel in his voice that actually made her pause for a second. "There is no question that you had sex with him and he can not remember anything from that day. So far there is no hint of proof that he came anywhere near your car, much less did anything to it."

"Who else would try something like this?" She pointed out. "My car's never done anything like that before, and there's no good reason it should have started now!"

"You have a remarkable amount of faith in technology for somebody who lives in Eureka, and remarkably little grasp of its failings for someone in the electronics field," Carter said dryly. "Cars break down all the time."

"And if this was sabotage, it's going to take some serious work to find out what was done," Henry added as he closed the hood. "It's nothing like the damage done to Dr. Orwell or Dr. Moreau. The vehicle looks clean."

"Great, now I don't know what I'm doing either," she muttered. "If you don't need me for anything else, I'd like to try and get back home, so I can try and find some way to get to Seattle on time?"

"I'll get the car to the shop and see what I can find out," Henry said.

"Thanks," Carter groaned inwardly. "Get in, I'll drive you home."

She climbed into the passenger seat of his SUV, and he started to quietly wonder if it wouldn't just be easier to call a cab or something ... but no. He did have a job to do yet.

Carter rolled his shoulders back as he reviewed the weekly reports. While nothing there was truly unusual for Eureka, which meant nine out of ten entries still made him shake his head, the number had been increasing for nearly a week. About the same time as Dr. Wilson's crash as he thought back on it.

He felt his body tense and tried not to show it when he heard Jo sniff the air heavily from where she sat at her desk.

Probably nothing ... though, now that he thought about it, there was something in the air. Almost like some sort of hideous mistake at the cafe across the street.

"I sure hope that isn't today's Chef's Special I'm smelling," he half-joked, glancing over to see how Jo was handling it and tried not to wince physically at the glower she was wearing.

"Lilac and coconut?" She looked at him, her glower turning to a scowl as she stood.

Even without being able to see her real body, Carter could still read her half-canine body language now; she was tracking something by scent.

It was hard to remember her full height when he so rarely saw it, but right now it was easy to picture her wolf-woman form as she followed the trail to the air duct, all but ripped it off and caused the hologram to ripple and distort as she stuck her long muzzle into the duct that was far too high for her human form to do so.

"Coming out of the air system?" He asked her, frowning himself as he stood, following her over, though not getting too close.

"Yes," her voice was muffled and distorted by duct her head was inside. "Not your idea of aroma therapy?" she pulled her head out and looked over her shoulder at him.

"Do you really think I'd try something like that?" He asked her seriously. "Especially with those smells?"

"Some days I think you're crazy enough to try anything," she said drolly. "He has," she nodded towards the man walking in with a grin ready to split his face wide open.

"I've done it," Taggart chortled in delight. "I got him!" He paused and sniffed the air. "Rather odd aroma therapy you have going on, Sheriff. Though she responds better to gun oil and black powder."

"And where is he that you think will keep him?" Jo asked with a touch of amusement in her voice.

"It's not aroma-therapy, at least not intentionally, and who is the 'he' in question?" Carter asked with a sigh.

"Lojack; he's out in the back of my truck. Finally caught the little bugger," Taggart grinned, all but dancing in his excitement. "He got sloppy while he was stealing some dinner."

"Well, it seems you got sloppy with your lock," Jo observed with a low chuckle and motioned towards the empty truck.

"What the...." Taggart twisted around to look, scowling. "That's a computerized lock! He can't have found a way to beat that so fast, and it latches automatically! I had him."

"Looks like The Devil Himself beat you again," Carter tried not to smile too much at Taggart's perplexed frustration.

"He shouldn't have, this time," Taggart muttered, going out to inspect the cage, his jeep already coated in a light blanket of snow. "Bloody hell, the entire thing's shut down! Wiring's all intact, but...."

"Guys ...." Jo said with an uncharacteristic stammer in her voice. "We have a problem."

"What?" Carter looked at her, uncertain what she saw, or smelled, or what, in the sky where she was staring.

Taggart looked the direction she was. "Now that is not good," he agreed quietly. "Snow here, much warmer up there."

Carter looked up with them, seeing the distortions he was used to seeing mid-afternoon in LA.

"Okay... this is very strange," he muttered. "Anybody at GD working on weather control you guys know about?"

"Always," Jo rolled her eyes. "Three or four at any time."

"Okay, I'm gonna call Stark, it looks like a couple of them can't make up their minds on what to do with their test run," he grumbled, pulling out his cell phone only to have it start to ring, right along with Jo's and Taggart's pager, and the two phone lines inside the office.

"Hello?" Carter answered his phone as he kept an ear on the other two conversations going on. "A snake in your what? Fargo, if you're jerking me around ... hang on, I've got another call."

"I'll be right there," Jo was saying even as she ran for her Jeep, a very large, reinforced and topless vehicle modified for her current size and temperament towards it. "Hello?" she switched to a new incoming line.

Taggart flipped his own phone closed as he finished his call, hurrying to jump into his truck.

"Shrew problem at Seth's," he called in explanation. "Going to need your help today, from the sound of it!" He warned Jo and Carter before peeling out towards the edge of town.

"Wonderful," Carter sighed, heading for his cruiser and starting for Fargo's. It was a short drive, but fraught with frantic calls about animals on the loose. Everything from a small army of lab rats running loose to a large snake in Fargo's bed to the most disturbing one of all: the Moreau's cages were all open. At least the two Kats would likely deal with that mess before he got there, and it didn't sound like anything too dangerous was on the loose.

After the 'werewolf incident,' he was rather sure there'd be more panic and gunfire in the background if that was the case.

He pulled up by Fargo's house as Taggart continued on to Seth's, and headed in.

"Okay Fargo, what sort of snake are we talking about?" He called out as he headed in. At least with the cold weather it'd probably be sluggish.

"What do you think I am, some kind of herpetologist?" Fargo screeched. "It's big, black and red, and in my bed !"

Carter quietly promised himself that he wouldn't take any of the thousand cheap shots that sprang to mind as he went back to see what it was.

"Okay... it looks like somebody tried to mix an anaconda with a corn snake," he mused, looking over at the curled up snake that was glaring at Fargo and the Sheriff with all the fury a lethargic 'giant' snake could muster.

Of course, at eight feet long and not the width of Carter's fist, it wasn't much of a giant.

"Have a spare pillowcase handy?" He asked Fargo as he calculated the best way to get a hold of the animal without getting bitten.

"Here," a piece of fabric was quickly shoved into his hand.

"Want to run over to Seth's, see if Taggart's done with his shrew problem yet? He might have a better idea how to do this than I've got," Carter admitted, stepping into the room and holding the case wide open.

He head Fargo mutter something about calling a cop to do a dogcatcher's job. He kept the snake's attention, not a particularly difficult task as it wasn't the least bit interested in moving.

"Uh, Fargo ... is your bed heated in any way?" He called after a minute of trying to get behind the snake with no success.

"Of course ...." his voice trailed off as he realized heat meant energy to the creature in his bed. "Mattress and blanket. Taggart's coming."

"Great ... I think I'll just wait here until he can see this thing," Carter decided, not particularly interested in finding out if there was cobra or something mixed into the reptile too. It wasn't all that bad a wait, except for having Fargo jittering at his elbow the entire time.

He was rescued by his cell phone going off.

"Hello?" He answered, desperately hoping that it would be something better than a snake capture. Fortunately, it was... unfortunately, it was a little more serious too.

"Sorry, Fargo, but we've got traffic signals going haywire on Main, somebody's got to handle the blocks. Taggart'll be here any minute now."

"What?!" Fargo just about lost it completely. "You can't leave me alone with that thing!"

"You can handle it. It's not moving. Just know where it is when Taggart gets here," Carter responded as he headed out.

"If it eats anything...." Carter was out of earshot before the almost inevitable 'I'll sue' was out, fortunately. It gave him a few minutes to try and figure out what the Hell was going on as he drove back into the heart of Eureka to start playing traffic cop on the increasingly snow-covered roads.

It was dull work, and friggin' cold to his southern California standards, but he was happy to have something relatively mindless to do so he could think, match patterns and form a plan.

"There you are!" Allison's voice broke into his thoughts. "What is going on?"

"I was kinda hoping you knew," he admitted. "Something's making the computers start going -" The traffic lights simply shut down completely for a moment. "Well crap."

"It's getting worse, then," she frowned, then looked down at a beep from her pocket. "Hold on, I've got a message," she pulled her PDA out.

"Same here," Carter sighed and clicked the device open, only to have his eyes go nearly as wide as Allison's.

"Okay... not something I needed to see," they said in unison as they turned off the broadcast messages.

"Furlong and Dr. Orwell?" Carter asked her.

"I think you got lucky," she said, glancing around at the people checking their PDA's in their cars. "Okay... I'd say somebody was being very, very sick, but I think it's something bigger than that."

"I think we need to have a chat with Stark, see if he has another 'kid' that might come home," Carter murmured and glanced at the warped sky. "This is so not good."

Just then, the lights came back on... and stayed on this time.

"Okay, I think we need to go talk to Nathan now," Allison said easily, turning to head to her car, Carter right behind her.

"Before it gets any worse," Carter agreed and climbing into his own Jeep to follow Allison towards GD's facility, grateful to see that there wasn't too much damage done along the way. They were just about to the bridge when his phone rang. He seriously considered ignoring it, but sighed and clicked the loudspeaker option on. "Sheriff Carter."

"We have a situation developing, Sheriff," Stark said by way of an opening.

"I've noticed," he pointed out dryly. "I've been working on several of them, and I'm on my way in to ask about it."

"I will see you shortly then," Stark said and hung up.

"Just hope they managed to get the Moreau's animals locked up again," Carter muttered to himself as he pulled in at GD, walking in briskly with Allison and went directly to Stark's office. It wasn't hard to realize that the entire complex was in a level of controlled panic.

"At least Fargo isn't here," Carter muttered to himself.

With a little luck, he was busy trying to charm the snake... or being charmed by it.

"We've got the last of the monkeys contained, sir." One of GD's security officers informed Stark as Carter stepped into his office. "Still trying to find where the bats have roosted though."

"Try the ventilation system," Stark suggested. "They'll want a dark, enclosed space fairly high up."

"Yes, sir," the guard nodded sharply and escaped the room to leave his boss, Sheriff and DoD Liaison alone.

"What's going on here, Stark?" Carter asked, getting down to the point.

"Everything electrical has had some level of malfunction, several of them quite serious," he said simply. "The results are now largely under control and the systems stabilized. This is no possible way for this to have been a malfunction. There are too many disparate systems and effects involved that are linked only by the power grid. This had to be the result of an intentional action."

"Are you sure it has to be intentional, or could it have been something like the virus that came in with Callister? And could we get those weather-control projects shut down before the town's split between a heat wave and a blizzard?"

"It is being worked on," Stark said evenly. "Callister was ... unique," he quieted considerably. "That was because of a corrupted system that could not be altered. It is not the same. I've already checked the AI projects. None are even close to that level of complexity yet."

"What about our aliens?" Allison asked.

"It would have happened long before this if it was inherent in their systems," Stark shook his head.

"And it really wouldn't make sense for them to have set something like this up... do you think it might be an extension of the other sabotage efforts that happened before this?" Carter asked, leaning back to think about what could be behind all this.

"It would be distinctly possible, though there are no obvious links beyond timing and location," Stark considered it, then scowled. "I think I will be putting Dr. Wilson under tighter security. She has the means and motive."

"Not to shoot down a good idea, but I think this is a little large-scale for her," Carter admitted. "Won't hurt to keep a closer eye on her though. So, what is there we can do to try and get this under control faster?"

"It may be larger in scale than she could plan, but I have seen too many projects go far beyond their original intentions," Stark pointed out. "When you come up with a better suspect, do tell me and I will make sure they can not do this again. You can assist best by dealing with the symptoms and keeping me informed on your progress in the investigation."

"If it gets out of hand the way it just did again, we're going to need more than two bodies to handle things," Carter pointed out. "Jo and I can only be in two places at once."

Allison gave Stark a bit of a scowl. "Nathan, John Sanders and I can all authorize the loan of security officers to the sheriff's office when you need them."

"John Sanders?" Carter glanced at her.

"The head of security," she said.

"Right. I'll make sure to call the next time things get out of hand," Carter said easily and turned to leave to deal with the remains of the chaos outside and inside.

"Jeeze, you'd think they'd have melted the snow instead of just clearing it off the roads!" Marie groused as she kicked her shoes off in the entrance to Jake's house. "Guess somebody figured that once it was down, just as well to leave it there...."

"Don't get us started," Chance muttered, taking the bag with dinner in it from her. "When things get like this in MKC, we usually start looking for nutbar Omegas that need blowing up."

"Now the nutbar is employed by the same folks we are," Jake added as he tried to get the snow and wet out of his fur and stop shivering. "I'm grabbing a shower to warm up and dry off." He finally decided.

"We'll get dinner into the oven to warm up again," Marie offered as he headed off to the shower. "You guys get even less snow than we do, don't you?"

"Thanks," Jake called back to her.

"We don't even get cold ," Chance muttered and fluffed his fur "The summer weather here's nice, but winter sucks."

"You'll get used to it," Marie chuckled slightly. "It's not usually like this around here; you can thank whatever was going on earlier for the wet."

"You get plenty of rain even when the weather's normal," he pointed out, basking in the heat from the oven for a moment.

"I meant the combination of cold and wet," she chuckled, tugging his tail. "We don't usually have this sort of snow and stuff. Just look on the bright side; gives the three of us an excuse to strip later," she teased.

"Mmm, okay, I can see that as a plus," he conceded and let her shut the oven door. "And get very close," he purred with a wicked grin. "Care to go drag Jake out of the shower? You know how long he can stay in there."

"Only if you come in to drag us both out if supper's ready before we get back," she teased.

"What makes you think I'll be out here?" he licked his whiskers back.

"Because if you come back with me, I know supper'll burn before we get Jake out of the shower," she laughed, heading back to see if he'd warmed up yet. She snickered at the grumbling behind her as Chance realized he'd just set himself up to be the one not seeing Jake naked.

She wasn't even remotely surprised that the shower was still on and the master bathroom steamy when she walked in.

"Warming up nicely?" She asked, resisting the urge to strip down and join him for a few minutes.

"Mmm, yeah," his voice was low and contented. It was a very different sound from only a few minutes before when he was thoroughly grouchy.

"I don't suppose I can talk you into coming out and drying off for dinner, before those of us who haven't showered get to find other ways to warm up?" She asked with a teasing purr.

"Food's warm?" He asked even as he turned off the water and the blowers on.

"It will be by the time you're done," she purred, looking up and down his body appreciatively. "Chance just figured it'd be a good idea to get you out now... I think he didn't realize that asking me meant he wouldn't be the one who got to watch you naked in the shower," she winked.

"I'm sure he had more than watching in mind," he laughed easily and reached out to grab a brush to work the thicker fur into the hot air to dry faster. "I'm sure he expects you're going to have that fun instead of him too."

"And believe me, I'm tempted," she purred, moving around behind him, enjoying how his fluffy, warm fur felt as it dried. "But I think we'll save that for after dinner."

"Mmm, think it might be a first," he chuckled and pressed into her touch. "I'm in a shower with somebody and nothing's going to happen."

"Mmm ... is that a complaint?" She giggled, kissing his neck. The shiver she caused ran right through his body and into hers. "'Cause y'know, if you wanted, we could not give Chance a heart attack when we get out there and you haven't stuck it to me...."

"Now both sound fun," he groaned as she slid her hands around to his chest. "But I know what sounds best," he turned around in her embrace and kissed her soundly as his hands worked her shirt off.

"Not gonna complain," she purred, letting him press her against the wall as she kissed him back, her shirt landing on the floor. "After this afternoon, I could use a good fucking."

"I think I can manage that," Jake said and went to work on her jeans while she toed her shoes off. He let his mouth wander down to her breasts, suckling and nipping teasingly.

She spread her legs as he worked her pants down, running her hands down his back, her claws raking him lightly through his fur before she started to massage his firm ass. Soon her hands were restricted to his head and shoulders as he knelt and nuzzled her sex.

"Want me to make you roar before I take you?" Jake offered with a teasing lick across her clit.

"Oooh... time for that later," she rumbled and ran her hands down his chest as he stood, ending up with one cupping his balls and the other playing along his full, hard cock. "For now, I just want you inside me."

"Anything you want, beautiful," Jake groaned into a demanding kiss and guided her leg up around his hip so he could easily press inside her willing body.

"Oh yes," she moaned deeply, squeezing down around him, biting his shoulder lightly. "We'll stretch this out more later," she promised him.

"That I'm sure of," he chuckled through a moan and began to thrust, rocking his hips as he helped support her weight.

She milked him skillfully, reaching up to start rubbing the spot above his tail as her sex began to ooze fluid every time he pulled back. Their scents filled the bathroom with an erotic aroma that only heightened their desires.

"Gonna have an audience soon," she moaned.

"You mind?" He licked at her neck and shifted his angle slightly to rub against her clit and inside a bit more with each thrust.

"Not a bit," she grinned, leaning her head back, exposing her throat to him. "Mmm ... let's give the tabby a show!"

Jake chuckled and lifted his tail even as he pulled her hips away from the wall a bit so she'd move more freely with every thrust.

It was just about then that Chance came in for them, and shook his head at the predictable outcome. He slipped into the bathroom to watch them, his eyes roaming both their bodies. It was everything he loved in one nice package; Jake's tight ass and an attractive female with her legs spread and tits bobbing as she was taken. It was something that six months ago he'd never expected to see. If nothing else, this world had been very good for Jake's appreciation of the female form,

"Supper's on top of the stove, but it can wait a bit," he grinned at them both.

"Requests?" Jake winked at him.

"Make her scream," Chance grinned and lightly rubbed himself through his jeans. As much as he liked being in the middle of the action, there was something to be said for watching two hot Kats going at it, especially live.

Marie groaned at the request and the shiver it sent through her lover's body as he took her with an open desire to do just what was asked of him.

It wasn't long before Jake managed exactly what Chance had asked for; Marie screamed as her body clamped down around Jake's shaft, milking him hungrily until he pumped his seed deep into her sex. He pressed her against the wall so he wouldn't lose his footing too badly.

"Now that's a show," Chance grinned as he watched them both pant for breath and the reflexive jerking of Jake's hips as his orgasm cooled.

"Mmm ... means one of us hasn't come yet though," Marie murmured teasingly, licking one of Jake's ears lightly. "Think it's only fair if we fix that, don't you?"

"I think so," he grinned at her, groaning as he pulled out of her, parting with a sound kiss.

"I think this needs some attention," he said as he walked up to Chance and slid his fingers over the tabby's to squeeze his groin lightly. "Mmm?"

"If you think I'm gonna turn that offer down, you're nuts," Chance grinned, unzipping his pants as Jake knelt in front of him.

"This time, I'll watch," Marie purred deeply, her gaze on the pair hungry while she watched Jake nuzzle and lick the cock that had been a part of his sex life for so long.

"Oh yeah," Chance groaned and leaned back when Jake shifted from the familiar touches he enjoyed the most to swallow Chance's shaft whole and began bobbing his head up and down, his tongue working the rubbery barbs in a decidedly clear effort to get his mate off fairly quickly.

Chance didn't hold back, either. He thrust up into Jake's mouth, making a show of it for Marie as his balls churned beneath Jake's touch, pre leaking into the cinnamon-furred tom's mouth. His own mouth slipped open as his eyes closed. With a chest-deep growl his touch on Jake's hair went from caressing to holding. He felt Jake relax into the grip and hard thrusts that started to come with tightened balls, the lean tom willing to let him take control and make a good show of it for Marie.

"Mmm," Marie slipped her fingers between her legs to work her seed soaked flesh still full of blood and sensitive from the pleasure Jake had given her so recently. "You two are hot together."

Chance roared, pumping his seed into Jake's mouth, the lean tom swallowing it all with practiced ease.

"Mmm ... and all three of us only makes it hotter," he grinned at her loopily.

Marie grinned back and walked up to kiss him. "How about we eat, then get on to the main event?"

"With pleasure," Chance purred, kissing Jake as he stood.

Chance rolled his shoulders and grabbed the small bag of goodies from Cafe Diem as he got off his bike outside the high school. While it wasn't his idea of a great place to meet with Zoe, he was really missing her company and she'd be grounded for months yet. She'd said she didn't have any real problem sneaking out, but he wasn't about to be the one there when her father found out. So a few munchies worth of time would just have to do until her father decided she was contrite enough to let her loose again.

He couldn't even remember exactly what she'd gotten in trouble for anymore. He'd be a bit surprised if she even did, to be honest... but that was pretty much par for the course for troublemakers. If anybody knew that, it was him.

He headed into the school, quickly spotting Zoe sitting in the cafeteria, waiting for rehearsal to start. She grinned as he started over towards her table and took a seat.

"So, how's it going?" He asked her.

"School's okay, the play's going well, home sucks," she summarized it quickly. "I can't believe dad's still pissed about Halloween. He wasn't this upset when I'd run away."

"It does seem like a bit much," Chance agreed. "On the other hand... not worth much, but at least it means you're mostly out of the line of fire when things go screwy like they did yesterday."

"I know, but six months ?" she fumed. "I'd be over with my now if S.A.R.A.H. didn't keep track of it and me," she paused and cocked her head a bit. "You're partner is a computer geek, right? Think he can get her to forget about me being grounded?"

"I could ask him, but I don't know if he'll go along with it," Chance admitted. "Have to find out. Maybe he'll come to his senses pretty soon."

"I think he's enjoying actually having me obey the curfew too much to change his mind," she muttered angrily. "S.A.R.A.H.'s a real pain."

"Like I said, I'll ask Jake about it, but I can't make any promises," Chance said apologetically. "By the way... you haven't been having any trouble with Dr. Wilson, have you?"

"No, but I hardly get to see adults anymore, besides my dad and sometimes Jo. How's things going for you?"

"Aside from Dr. Wilson, not that bad... woman's got a screw loose somewhere," Chance muttered. "Things are going pretty good though... Thanksgiving was surprisingly normal, and everybody's getting obsessed with getting ready for Christmas, it seems."

"Don't remind me," she nearly growled. "The biggest parties of the year and I'm going to miss them all."

"Sorry," he said sheepishly, flattening his ears, though it couldn't be seen through the hologram he was wearing. "Maybe he'll let you out for that... pretty harsh for whatever it was specifically he had a problem with."

"I think it was the whole thing put together, though it was the drugs that he really flipped out about. That and not being home when he got up."

"Well, the first part of that you didn't know about," Chance pointed out. "Y'want me to try and talk to him? Or Jake?"

"I don't know if he'll listen, but that'd be great," she brightened a bit. "Even if it's just a couple of the public parties."

"Hey, it's not like he's gonna ground you longer if I talk to him," Chance chuckled. "Just might lock me up for a few days if he decides to, and I don't think he's that whacked out."

"Not usually," Zoe giggled. "What is Dr. Wilson up to that has you so worried?"

"Eh, like I said, the woman's got a screw loose," he muttered. "She gave Jake some trouble, and I think she gave some to Cindy and Marie too, so I wanted to be sure you hadn't made it onto her radar. She's got it in for pretty much anybody I like, since she's not on the list."

"Does Dad know?" she asked with a soft seriousness. "Stalkers are bad news. Around here ... they could manage anything."

"Yeah, he knows, and we've been working on what we can. Trying to catch her breaking into our place some time, until then I just take back whatever she walks off with. What worries me is that she has gone after Jake, and probably Marie and Cindy too."

"Can you prove she's done anything?" Zoe asked, though she was sure from her conversation with her Dad that they couldn't. Not seriously, anyways.

"One of 'em, the others we know are a crime, but can't prove she did it. The sort of thing that might've gotten a bunch of the Enforcers back home 'talking' with somebody just before they decided to move up to Saydan Bay," Chance chuckled slightly. "Not an option here, of course."

"Sounds like Enforcers protected their own," she considered him seriously. "It's not so easy here."

"I know," he nodded and absently took a bite from a gooey cinnamon roll that Vincent at prepared for them. "She can't come near Jake anymore, and I'm keeping a bit of an eye on everybody else. Have the time, since Jake's still putting together the Turbokat again."

"But she can get into your house," Zoe thought out lout and followed his reminder that there was food to be had. "Have you changed all the security codes?"

"Several times," he nodded.

"The back doors?" She looked at him and popped a cheese ball into her mouth.

"Urr, I don't know. That's a Jake thing," he admitted.

"Might be good to check on," she mused. "It'd be a way for her to get in anyways. What's her specialty? She might have just hacked security."

"Ummm, electronics of some kind," he tried to remember anything more. "I don't know what kind."

"Might be able to do it," she mused.

"Well, on a better topic... still planning on that late birthday party once your Dad lets you out again?" Chance asked with a bit of a grin.

"Oh yeah," she brightened considerably and munched on a crescent roll filled with something dark, sweet and savory all at once. "Even late, sixteen is a major one. It might even coincide with a trip up to Seattle with some friends once I get my license and a car."

"You really want a car?" Chance asked with that look that was too easy to recognize as probing for information he planned to use.

"With the weather around here and probably wanting to take passengers, it would probably be more useful," she chuckled slightly.

"But not nearly as sexy," he countered, a lot less certain of himself now.

"Believe me, I wouldn't mind a bike at all," she grinned. "Especially if I end up going back to California later. Just that finding a used car's on my list of things to do too."

"Then you would like a non-combat Cyclotron?" he asked, wanting to be sure.

"Hell yes, if I could drive it," she grinned.

"It shouldn't be that hard to pass the test," he teased her. "You've got a few months to study for it."

"I'll just need to get Jo to smuggle me the books," Zoe snickered. "I hope you and Jake'll be able to come whenever I do end up having the party?"

"If we're still on this planet, we will be," he promised and glanced up as an older teen approached. "I think rehearsal's on."

"Oh well," she sighed, standing up. "I'd better be able to count on you and the others in the seats opening night," she grinned before heading off.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Passion for Life

NC-17 for M/M, M/F sex
Het Level is LowHet Smut Level is Medium
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Low
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

96 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written March 23, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM)

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: Jake finds a new friend who's interested in his kinky side and a mysterious stranger calling himself Sting arrives in town.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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