Eureka Kats 9.99:
Faces of Old

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Belinda Crezic woke up to the unusual sensation that her bed wasn't quite level, and that it was distinctly cooler outside than it was supposed to be. As she wrapped the sheets around herself more tightly, she realized that there were more things that shouldn't have been the way they were.

She didn't usually leave the nature CD she used to get to sleep running all night, for example, or have a fan running in the morning. While she wanted to stay in bed and quietly hope that whatever was unusual would go away, she knew she couldn't, and reluctantly opened her eyes.

Finding herself in the middle of a forest was not what she had expected. She wasn't sure what she had, but that wasn't it. She lay in her bed, frozen stiff, trying to figure out what was going on, where she was, and how the Hell she'd gotten outside. Finally, something happened that would have gotten her moving no matter where she was.

A wolf howled in the distance.

The sound had Belinda out of her bed and bolting for a tree with a shriek of stark terror, scrambling for somewhere that was safe from the nightmare that sound brought back to her mind.

She didn't know how she'd managed to get up it, and she didn't really care. All she had awareness of was the howling and how tightly she could hold onto the thick limb that was well up the ancient oak.

In the back of her mind, she knew she wasn't in Eureka.

Why, she couldn't have said, but it just wasn't the right shades of green, and far too much other color. It wasn't how Eureka's forests looked.

Besides, there was only one wolf left in Eureka, and it sounded entirely different than this one did. Such a fine distinction would have been lost on her a year ago, but now it was critical to what was left of her sanity.

"Please don't come this way," she whispered. "Please don't come this way ... just go away, go away and leave us alone...."

"Who do you want to avoid so badly?" A musical male voice asked from below, nearly causing her to jump out of her perch before she looked down at a young man with soft blue hair, bright blue eyes and princely clothing. He was looking up at her curiously, as was his milky-white horse that was wearing as much finery as he was.

Belinda stared down at him, as much surprise as curiosity on her face. Then it all made perfect sense. Well, as much sense as anything did in the last year, at any rate.

"Okay... I've finally snapped," she murmured. "That's got to be it."

"Would you be human, by any chance?" he asked.

"Uhm... yes? Where is this?"

And what the heck was her mental breakdown doing taking her into Tolkien-central? Not that she was complaining. Given the choice between here and the werewolf-filled Hell she'd expected to have if Beverly didn't get her straightened out, she'd take this any day of the week.

"Then welcome to Fairy Lands," he smiled warmly and extended a hand to her in an impractical gesture. "Why don't you come down? No one will hurt you here."

"There's a wolf out there," she said, glancing in the direction she'd heard the sound from. "Uhm... no offense, sir, but... I have a real problem with wolves," she admitted.

The Fairy Lands? Anywhere but Eureka, she'd have taken that as proof that she was flipping out. Here... it almost made more sense that she was actually there than the idea that she was just going crazy.

"I will protect you," he said with an easy, self-assured confidence. "No wolf is a match for a prince here."

"Okay...." She swallowed hard, getting ready to come down... then froze in place as she realized something. "How do I know you aren't the wolf?"

"I'm an Elf," he told her. "Wolves aren't people."

"The one I'm thinking of was."

Jaeger was dead. She hadn't seen the body, but Taggart had watched him get eaten. And besides, this guy didn't look anything like Jaeger.

She forced herself to get down, mentally chanting the mantra that Beverly had told her to use whenever she was panicking about the possibility of meeting another werewolf.

"It's a long story," she said apologetically, smoothing out her nightgown. "I'm... uhm... Belinda Crezic... and I have no clue how I got here."

"Not uncommon," he chuckled and swung down to help her onto his mount. "There are worse places to wake up, however."

"I'm sure," she murmured, centering herself on the horse as best she could. "I don't really ride," she warned him as he swung up behind her and collected the reins, his arms around her lightly.

"Just relax against me," he said softly in her ear. "I won't let you fall, even if Alequin wasn't an elven horse."

"What ...." her question drifted off as she realized that they were moving at a good clip and there wasn't even a trace of motion to it beyond a breeze in her hair.

"There are many advantages to being an Elf, or being in the care of one," he smiled. "I am Prince Lyri."

"Belinda... think I already told you that though," she admitted with a bit of a blush. "Do you have any idea how I got here?"

"The usual method is by falling asleep in the proper place and time, though there are many ways in and our of the Realm."

"And how do I get back? I can't just stay here... I have family to take care of."

"There is a very good chance that your family will be grown and gone already," he said gently. "Every hour you spend here is over four years in your world."

Her body tensed in his arms as she quickly ran the numbers.

"That... no." She said, shaking her head. "No... that can't...." She started trembling, her distress at the idea clear. "I'm not losing anybody else ... not like that, it just ... it can't work out like that!"

"It does," he told her, his arms ready to tighten to keep her from bolting. "When you get home, it will be a very different place. Most great-grandchildren are willing to take a lost ancestor in."

"I wouldn't have any," she murmured, swallowing hard. "Eddie and CJ... shit," she swore, her breaths coming faster as she realized that, if this was real, she was probably royally screwed. "I-I only just woke up here, I can't have been here long... h-how can I get back? If I get back right away, I should be able to explain things yet... put things back together...."

"There is no easy way to your world anymore, Belinda," he tried to calm her by getting her to focus on what she had and not what she'd lost. "Yes, we can open a door to your world, but it has to be very precisely timed and it takes time to garner the power to do so."

"God I hope I'm dreaming," she whispered, swallowing hard. "It's not just losing them myself, I'm all they have left!"

"They are at least four years without you already," he pointed out. "Even if we can catch the next portal to your world, it will have been about twenty-five years for them."

"I still have to try... have to try some time. What would you do?" She asked him pointedly. "Even if I have been gone for years, what would you do? Their parents were killed in front of them, they watched mine tortured to death, and now I've just disappeared on them completely?"

"I was not suggesting that you should not go home. Just that you should be prepared for what you are going home to."

"Not much else I can be," she murmured, closing her eyes. "Sorry, I just... it's been a rough year," she laughed. "I'm not really at my best."

"That is not uncommon either, when a visitor realizes their situation," he kissed her neck lightly as the forest thinned and a glimmering white and golden city became visible.

"I can imagine," she murmured, tensing slightly at the contact. "Uhm... how long do you think it will be before I can try to get back?"

"That depends on how close to home you need to return to," he said as the beautiful fantasy city came a mile closer with every breath. "Very close, it could take several days for conditions to be right. Anywhere on Earth could be as soon as an hour or two."

"Honestly, anywhere that would get me in the general neighborhood would work... if I can get to Portland I can get back home. Your city's very beautiful," she observed, trying to remember to be polite.

"Yes," he smiled as they passed through the open fields of flowers that surrounded the city. "There is a portal in the palace that we typically use when we wish to visit your world. We will try to get you home there."

"Thank you," she said sincerely. "I'm sorry to impose... if I can't get back right away, I'm going to need to find something I can do to earn my keep while I'm here. I don't suppose there are any openings for a human lab technician?"

"I am not sure what a lab technician is," he said. "But you have other assets here. You are quite the exotic with such dark hair, rosy skin and small, round ears. There are many who would take you in."

"I've never really thought of myself as exotic before," she admitted. "What sort of being taken in are you thinking about?"

"You will have a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear and whatever else you need," he began with the perks. "In exchange, it depends on the agreement you make. Most will be interested in pleasure and the occasional public appearance."

At least he was up-front about it all. But she remembered a few things about the Fairy Lands that she'd been told in stories as a kid.

"And how much of that will end up binding me here for longer than I'm going to want to be here?"

"That is not a game Elves play," he told her seriously as they entered the clean, slightly unnaturally attractive main street that led to the palace main gate. "That is more a Fairy and Demon thing. The tricksters of our world. I give you my word that no Elf will try such a trick."

"Thank you," she nodded slightly, looking around the city. "I really don't know much about this place ... probably less than most humans you hear from."

"Don't worry about it," Lyri said soothingly. "You either will not be here long enough to need to worry about it, or you will have plenty of time to learn."

"No offense, but I'm going to hope for not having to be here long enough. Are there any questions you have for me? Besides ones about how I got here, you seem to know more about that than I do...."

"Are you inclined to accept being my courtesan while you are here?" He asked as the grand gates opened for them with a soft trumpeting that came from thin air.

"The basic agreement you talked about a few minutes ago?" She asked him, thinking about it. He was attractive... seemed to think that she was too, despite the fact that she was not at her best. And he seemed nice enough.

Of course, so had Jaeger.

Unlike Jaeger, Lyri didn't give off the dominant, kinky vibe that she'd fallen for in Jaeger. The Elf was sure of himself, confident and relaxed in his command of his surroundings, but he wasn't kinky that way. But as a prince, he had every reason to be relaxed and confident.

"If I change my mind, after a while?" she asked, trying not to follow her reflex to simply agree and be taken in, taken care of, and not worry about the price.

"I turn you loose," he shrugged. "I hardly need to use force or trickery to find exotic lovers."

"I'm sure," she nodded. "I've had... a very bad experience," she admitted as Alequin slowed to a stop and accepted a young Elf taking his reins before Lyri swung to the ground. "It makes me a little gun-shy... if you're interested, then I accept your offer, for now. Thank you."

"I am interested," he reached up and helped her to the ground. "We will find you something more attractive to wear, then see to breakfast?"

"That would be nice," she smiled slightly. "If I can ask, what were you doing when you found me? I hope I didn't interrupt your day too badly."

"Just our for a ride," he told her easily as they entered a fairytale palace beyond anything Hollywood had invented yet.

The more she saw, the more sure she was that this was real... which wasn't helping how she felt about it any.

She tried not to stare too badly at anything as they walked along, but the centaurs and fairies that were wandering around in their finery were too unusual to her eye for her to avoid it.

Eventually, they made their way to a room filled to the ceiling with racks of fantastically colored silks and other fabrics, being tended to by a number of short, scrawny, somewhat ugly looking creatures that looked mostly human.


"Ah, Prince Lyri," one of them came up and bowed deeply. "What can we provide today?"

"Suitable clothing for the day, meals and night for my new companion," he nodded to Belinda.

"Right," the two-foot tall critter nodded, looking her up and down. "In good shape, for a human," he said approvingly. "A little meat on your bones... good teeth... an excellent find, my Prince," he grinned. "So, what to do for you...." He darted off back into the workshop, over to a sketching station, pulling out a piece of charcoal and getting to work. "Something exotic, Prince Lyri, or more typical? And do you want anything special for the fabric, or will normal silk suffice?"

"Exotic to suit her exotic looks," he smiled in amusement at the small creature. "Perhaps something lighter and finer for nightwear. A soft green cloud-silk would be very pleasant."

"That would work very nicely," the designer mused. "Perhaps something inspired by the djinn? Or maybe...." He flipped through a few pages, bringing up a sketch of an Oriental design. "Perhaps something like this, from the kitsune courts? I haven't had much use for it yet."

"I like that," Lyri nodded. "Do you?" he looked at Belinda.

"I think so," she nodded, considering the sketch. She didn't have that good an eye for fashion, particularly not with something she wasn't looking at the finished version of, but she had a few mental images of what they were probably going to look like already.

It was all much, much finer than anything she'd worn, even in the few plays she'd been in.

"Then let's find something for you to wear now instead of your nightclothes and see about your hunger," Lyri suggested and guided her to a rack of clothing that was more like what the local Elves wore, at least from what she'd seen on the way in. "I think you'd look lovely in spun amethyst."

"Spun amethyst?" She asked, looking at the dress he was suggesting, not sure if it really was amethyst or just the same brilliant, sparkling purple.

"Magic can do amazing things," he smiled. "Why don't you try it on?"

The outer layers were coarser, made from the crystalline rock that they'd said it was, but beneath that the fabric was more normal, silks and velvets and cotton.

"There's a changing screen somewhere?" She asked hopefully, looking around.

"Slip behind the rack if you are modest," he motioned to the space behind where her dress had come from.

"Thanks," she said, moving back with the dress and removing her nightgown, working into the dress. She'd have to see about new undergarments in the near future too... at least she hadn't been sleeping naked beneath her nightgown, just without a bra.

As she pulled on the dress, she couldn't help but think that there were technicians who'd have killed to get their hands on the spun stone fabric. After a moment of settling herself into the dress, she realized that it had been designed to be worn without a bra. There was support in all the right places.

Well, small favors at any rate ... she wasn't entirely sure if they had bras around here.

"It seems to fit fine, thank you," she said, stepping out to let Lyri and the brownie see.

"Very nicely," the prince smiled and stepped up to give her a kiss on the cheek. "A few more outfits will be sent to our suite. Now, shall we see to breakfast?"

"Please," she smiled. "Thank you," she added, looking down to the brownie.

"My pleasure, ma'am," he smiled up at her. "Call me Tailor; easier than the full name," he said easily.

"All right... Tailor," she said, not quite sure about calling him by his apparent job, but he was the one who'd suggested it.

"This way, Belinda," Lyri guided her through many rooms and halls. "Is there anything you are particularly hungry for?"

"Not really; I usually have a pretty light breakfast," she admitted. "Cereal, something like that ... and I'm guessing that if I'm lucky you just don't know what I'm talking about," she said at his expression.

"How about fruit and some light sweet breads?" he suggested.

"That would be nice," she smiled slightly. "I guess when time passes as quickly as it does in my world, compared to here, it takes a while for some things to cross over."

"Yes," he nodded as they entered a wonderfully bright room with a crystal table that almost floated on fine, curved legs and likely could seat two dozen. "Especially when your entire modern history has passed in less than a week to us."

He continued past the grand table and onto a balcony that had a similar table meant for two. On it was a tray overflowing with fruits exotic and mundane, and a pile of light, flaky pastries, some with a glaze, some with fruit and some with glistening sugar on top.

"And only likely to move faster as things keep going," she murmured, looking over the spread and looking to Lyri for some sort of subtle cue of what would be the polite thing to do.

After all, he was a prince here. It was hard enough getting things right when you were dealing with your boss, let alone somebody with a rank like the elf's.

"Please, sit and eat," he said and sat down to select a red skinned fruit with juicy purple flesh. "I promise you, there are no traps here."

"I'm not worried about traps... not with breakfast, at any rate," she admitted. "I just don't want to offend anybody, least of all you." She sat down, taking something that looked a bit like a ripe plum.

Lyri smiled at her. "I will try to give you prompts until you acquire a feel for how things are here. You will not be expected to attend a family dinner for some time."

"I'd have to say that's a very good thing," she admitted with a bit of a chuckle, biting into the fruit, enjoying the rich, citrus flavor of it, careful not to let the juice get onto her dress as a bit trickled down her chin. "I grew up in a house that was part scientist, part low-ranking military ... I kind of doubt that either set of rules really fits in here."

"Respect for rank, intelligent conversation and a quiet wit are all traits that will serve you very well when socializing," he said. "You may be better prepared than you think."

"I hope so," she smiled. "Do you mind if I ask about you a bit?"

"Not at all," he said easily. "What are you curious about?"

"Well... just about anything," she admitted. "You, in particular. I don't know that much about you, except that you're a prince of this city. Especially since I'm going to be your ... courtesan, you said? What sort of things do you like, what's your family like?"

"I like exotic things, beautiful things, and the pleasures of living," he leaned back to take her in with an openly appreciative gaze. "A willing bedmate, their pleasure with mine, but I also enjoy riding in the country, hunting, walking in the gardens. I live in a grand land, and I enjoy every day. I am high enough up the family rank to enjoy few demands of making a living, and have enough older siblings to have few political or social demands on me. It is quite a nice place to be."

"Far enough up to have privilege, not so high up they're watching you constantly?" She smiled. "It sounds nice. You have things you can do when you want to, too, from the sound of it." She took one of the lightly glazed pastries, something that looked like a finely folded baklava, and tried it. "I hope you don't mind a bedmate who isn't particularly experienced?"

"Not at all," he chuckled and nibbled on a delicately candied flower. "There was a time not so long ago that the standard offering was a virgin. I prefer a little more experience, at least for human women, just to avoid the pain of that first time. It's not very fun to have her crying while you try to explain that it will feel wonderful the next time."

"You won't have to worry about that with me," she murmured. "You couldn't be any harder on me than my first time if you tried. Any tears will be memories, not things you've done, and I'll try to keep it under control."

Lyri reached over and slid his fingers under her chin to tip her face up a bit. "I will try to make you forget those memories," he said softly.

I hope to God you can," she murmured. "At least something good would come out of this. Uhm... you don't have werewolves around here, do you?

Enough other creatures from our myths... figure I should ask."

"They were exterminated long ago," he said with a shudder. "One of only three creatures condemned to extinction by the Folk."

"Good," she shuddered on her own. "That's one monster I can live with being extinct."

"I very much agree," he nodded and picked up a sugar-sprinkled pastry. "So have you had any good parts in your life?"

"Up until last year, most of it," she smiled slightly. "Eureka's a good place to have a good life in, as long as you don't get caught in an experiment going horribly wrong.

"Are they common?" he cocked his head a bit, actually a bit curious about her.

"The experiments? Not that wrong," she said easily. "Things get screwy every few weeks, but usually not to the point where somebody gets killed. I ah... I'm not honestly sure how much I can say about Eureka, honestly. A lot of it's supposed to be pretty secret. It's a lot like most small towns, really, except for the fact that it's pretty well run by scientists."

"Well, if you are finished with breakfast, we can try to get you home," Lyri gave her a light kiss.

"Thank you... if it doesn't work, I suspect I'm yours for the rest of the day," she admitted with a weak chuckle, trying to focus on the fact that things seemed pleasant here rather than the fact that it would mean another 100 years in her world before she'd even have a real chance to get back home.

He nodded and stood, taking her hand and led her into the depths of the palace, a place that was as light and airy as any of the open-air rooms.

She followed him, looking around, occasionally doing a double-take at something that was harder to make sense of than what she'd already seen.

Not, mind, that much of what she'd already seen made that much sense, but more than some of the sparkling decorations that didn't actually seem to be there.

"Some sort of hologram?" She mused as they passed one particular display of an animated battle with a dragon.

Lyri paused, his eyes unfocused briefly, then he nodded. "In a very distant manner, yes. A magical illusion."

"How does it work, if you can tell me?" She asked him as they went along. Having something to wrap her brain around for a while would certainly help.

"That depends. Do you need a primer on magic theory first?"

"I... probably would," she admitted. "We use science back home, though sometimes it's hard to tell apart from magic."

"Magic is the manipulation of energy by force of will," he gave her the most basic definition. "The illusion is one of the easier forces, as you are not asking reality to change to any real extent. All it is is the bending of light into a pattern, something it is naturally willing to do."

"So it's a bit more direct than just projecting it," she nodded slightly. Didn't sound too strange; rather like using a particularly intricate prism to create a design. Just ... a design that could shift and move on demand; a movie in three dimensions.

"Yes, but less complicated than the scientific method of doing the same," he nodded.

"Less complicated to you, but to us it would probably seem the other way around," she admitted. "The idea of just making something happen by wanting it to is pretty extreme for us."

"It does for almost all who do not have talent for it," he acknowledged. "There was a time when scientists and mages were two sides of the same coin."

"Alchemy, at least," she nodded slightly. "Or was that later?"

"Alchemy came towards the end, just before the worlds split. Early scientists were the people who created the wheel, the cart, thought to tame animals to help with their work and created an actual system to survive lean times by saving from the good times. Even among the magical races, scientists have long been respected for their contributions to society."

"So what is science to you?" She asked him as they approached what looked like the room they were headed for. "And how did you know what a hologram was? If I'm right, they've only been around for a few hours in your time."

"Translation spell. The English I know is different enough from your dialect for it to be a good idea. Science is the physical side of magic," he explained. "It is preserving and manipulating the world by physical means, while magic uses mental means, the force of will."

"Makes sense ... so psychics are the same as mages for you?"

"By how they do what they do, but their training is quite different. Some consider it a different kind of skill, but most do not," he said as he nodded at two armored elven guards, who then opened the elaborately gilded double doors for them.

The room inside was remarkably sparse at the moment; there was a slight buzz as they stepped inside, and a faint sense that the outside was closer than it should have been.

"There's something... off about this room," she murmured.

"Likely a combination of the thinness of the border and the wards we have in place to keep unexpected visitors inside until we can identify them," Lyri told her easily. "I can not guarantee where you will come out, other than it will be on your Earth. Just step into the central design," he motioned to the floor and the lovely, intricate design of silver, gold and precious stones. "This is one of the better gates."

"Beats a bed in the forest," she murmured, stepping into the design and taking a deep breath. "How do we make this work?"

"Every few minutes, this world will phase out and yours will phase in. When that happens, simply step a few paces out of the circle and you will not be brought back when the shift ends."

"All right," she nodded, turning away from him. "Than-" Mid-word, she realized that she was in the middle of a large, deciduous forest. She blinked, looking around.

"When you said 'phase,' I figured it'd take more than an instant," Belinda murmured to herself. Still, she didn't take very long to puzzle about it - she didn't know if she had seconds, or hours, to get out. She stepped forward, trying to leave the area of the circle.

Just feet away from where she'd been standing, she felt like she was picked up and bodily thrown back, an arc of bright blue light flashing in front of her. She picked herself up, and tried heading another direction, with the same results.

After the third try, she stayed down on the moist grass and sobbed, her face in her hands as she struggled to fight down the panic and terror of being trapped so close to getting home. She could hear people in the distance, hear the sounds of the lush evergreen forest, but she couldn't join them.

"Belinda, take my hand," Lyri's gentle voice broke into her shaking. "I do not understand what is happening, but I can get you back to the palace. There we can find out why your world is rejecting you."

She felt his hand on her shoulder, and reached up to take it, happy to just have some contact, and to know she wasn't going to be trapped here forever. He pulled her through the place where the barrier had been... and she was back in the palace, still shaking, trying to figure out just what had happened.

"I have not seen that before," Lyri admitted. "I will ask Mother for an audience for you. She is the strongest, most skilled mage in the realm. If anyone can tell, it will be her, or the scholars she commands."

"How long is that likely to take?" She asked him quietly and gratefully sat down in a cushy day bed she hadn't thought was there before. A few days, and she'd probably be better off just staying. By then she'd be so far outside her time that it would be even more alien than this place.

"After breakfast, I expect. I know it is very important to you, but when it comes to the business of the realm, your situation does not rate disrupting the day's schedule."

"I understand," she nodded. "I'm not even from around here, after all." She did understand too; it wasn't like she was even particularly important back home either. "Might there be some way I could still try and send a message today? Put it in something sturdy so somebody might find it and send it to the right place? I know it's a long shot, but it's better than nothing."

"Certainly," he nodded and went to the wall, opened a sliding panel in it and took out a small package before he returned to the rich purple couch and sat down next to her. "Normally, I would suggest you write it, but whatever is keeping you here might reject even your writing," he said as he unwrapped the package to reveal a paper scroll and writing instrument that looked like a quill but did not seem to need an inkpot. "What would you like it to say?"

"CJ, Eddie, this is from Belinda. I didn't disappear because I wanted to; something Eureka happened and dropped me into another world." She wanted to try and add something more to it, to make what could end up being the last thing she ever communicated to them - to anybody on her world - something a bit deeper and more meaningful. But, frankly, she couldn't really come up with much.

"I love you guys very much," she said softly. "I wish there was some way I could go back and make it so all this never happened. I swear, you guys didn't do anything that made me leave. If you can... try and let your kids know who I was. I hope you've had good lives... and that they only get better.

"Anything else you can think of that might be good to add?" She asked Lyri softly.

"If they are likely to know what Fairyland is, mentioning that you are here?" he suggested.

"They'd be more likely than ever to think I'd flipped out completely," Belinda chuckled weakly. "Unless what's going on has been noticed and identified, and if that was the case I think you'd know about it."

"Certainly soon," he nodded. "That would be very big news indeed, for the human world to acknowledge ours. Anything that would help prove this is from you to them? They will clearly know you did not write it."

"If I could leave my fingerprints on it, that would be one way that couldn't be denied... best way I can think of. Worst that happens is it's a few more years before we can try sending another," she half-laughed.

"All right," he nodded and offered the paper to her. After carefully placing her fingers in unused space, she handed it back. "Circle the places I touched, and write fingerprints."

Lyri nodded and did so, then carefully rolled the paper and slid it into a cylinder that was sealed with a bit of bright red wax and a gold stamp imprinted on it. "It will only open for those who know you or are related by blood."

He then tossed it into the circle and stood, extending a hand to her. "Come, I'll show you to where you will be staying until you can go home."

"Thank you," she nodded, taking his hand and standing to follow him. "With some luck, that will make things easier for them."

"And you will have relatives to take you in and help you adjust when you get back," he added and showed her the way back to the upper floors of the palace.

"Hopefully," she nodded, following him. "Not going to be back for a hundred years or so. If... if I can't get back, for a few days, will I still be expected to return when the chance presents itself? At the rate things are changing, two or three days from now there won't be anything left that I'll recognize."

"I have no expectations of it," he kissed her cheek. "As long as you are an acceptable member of society, no one will care that you are human."

"Getting along with society at large I can usually do," she smiled, turning to give him a light peck of her own before he opened the door to a room that very much fit her mental image of a fairytale castle sitting room. "I'm glad you're the one who found me."

"I do hope you still have that opinion in a few days," he turned to her and claimed a full kiss to her mouth, though he kept it chaste as he slid his hands down her sides. "This is the sitting room of my quarters."

"I'll be staying with you then?" She asked, returning the kiss hesitantly and wrapping her arms around him lightly. "That won't cause any trouble, will it?"

"No," he smiled with a light amusement. "You are to share my bed, after all," he slid to her side and guided her through the door on the far side of the room to a bedroom in rich reds, greens and purples with gold filigree.

"True," she blushed. "I suppose that does kind of make it a silly question," she admitted, reaching across herself to place one hand on his. "Incredible," she murmured, looking around the lush decorations before her attention focused on the bed he was guiding her to. It was only then that it sunk in that it wasn't just one cultural focal point to this room, there were several. She placed it as European first, but that was also her background. Now she saw heavy Asian, Indian and even Egyptian influences as well. The bed in particular came right from an exhibit she had seen on the Chinese royal court in its heyday.

"Thank you," he smiled and slipped a hand behind her to unfasten the back of her elaborate dress.

She reached back to help him, though she wasn't entirely sure how much she could, complicated as it was. Given his ease working it open, she was sure it was not his first encounter with such a dress.

"What's the bed filled with?" She asked him curiously, fairly sure it wouldn't be the sort of design she was used to and eager to take her mind off what was about to happen, even if only a bit.

"Air, feathers and fragrant herbs," he said and kissed her neck, his hands warm and gentle along her back and up to her shoulders.

She trembled lightly, trying to force the memories that he was bringing to her away. Finally, she turned around, wrapping her arms around the elven prince and leaning close to inhale his scent deeply, trying to force her brain to recognize the differences between him and Jaeger. Lyri had been nothing but kind to her since she'd arrived....

It was just so very hard not to finish that statement with the teasing reminder in the back of her mind that Jaeger could have said the same that first night.

"Let me take that fear away, Belinda," he whispered as her dress slid from her body to pool at her feet with the sweet chiming of crystals. "You are very beautiful."

"Please do," she whispered back as his hands caressed her naked skin. "I'm sick of being scared of him."

Lyri nodded and shifted back just a fraction to undress himself with an easy shamelessness for her. While he was lightly built and fit, he wasn't in the military level of fitness Jaeger, or even her father, maintained. As her eyes drifted down his slender frame, it sank in that he didn't have any body hair at all, not even stubble at his groin.

She reached down, working her panties off, the last thing that she was wearing, and revealed the short brown curls of her own sex. As she stepped out of the pool of cloth she'd left on the floor, she reached out, running her hands up his lean body.

"You look incredible," she murmured, nuzzling his chest lightly.

"I'm pleased you like me," he kissed her neck, then moved up to nibble at a rounded ear. After a moment he slipped a hand between them to play with her pubic hair with an open fascination for the differences between their races. "The bed?" he suggested and slid one slender finger further back to play along her slit.

She moaned with a slight nod, stepping back and laying down on the bed, grateful that the mattress didn't seem to leave feathers poking her as she reached up to offer her hand to the elf.

"I'm guessing you've been with humans before?" She asked him.

"Yes," he nodded and knelt on the bed, then lay on his side next to her for several lingering kisses and a slow, tender exploration of her sex with his fingers. He made her moan and left her trembling and almost dripping before his fingers left her. Without a word he shifted above her and pressed his cock into her body with a smooth, comfortable motion.

Belinda moaned softly, running her hands up his back, hugging him tightly as she forced herself to think about him, about how well he was treating her... and about how incredibly good it felt to have him inside of her. He wasn't hurrying to stick himself into her body; he was taking his time, enjoying her, learning her body and making sure that she enjoyed it too.

She tried to return the favor the best she could, tightening her body around him as her fingernails raked lightly down his back. She distracted herself from memories with turning her mind to analyzing how two species as different as humans and elves could be so physically similar, then on to wonder just how different they really were, in evolutionary term; whether this was convergent or divergent evolution at work. Were they like fish and dolphins or more like the dozen breeds of big cats in their genetic similarities?

Her mind and body began to relax after a while and she moaned as the smooth, even pistoning of his hips began to draw her closer to an orgasm she hadn't been thinking about.

"Oh God," she whimpered softly, pressing close to him as the pleasure built inside of her. She cried out, her grip on his back tightening as her body spasmed and milked him, her orgasm starting to ripple up through her sex and the rest of her body. She felt his teeth press against his skin as his lips pulled back, his balls tight against his body as they emptied themselves into her welcoming body and caused her to cry out again.

Still the rocking of their bodies together went on, encouraging each other to draw out the pleasure until they were both panting and sweaty.

"So very sweet," Lyri licked a salty drop from the tip of her nose, openly playfully with her. "Up for a little more?"

"Mmm ... if you are," she murmured, kissing him lightly. "I should probably ask though... there's no real chance I'm going to get pregnant from this, is there?"

"Not unless someone with more power than my mother intends you too," he chuckled and traced a finger down her face as he pulled out of her. Slowly he kissed his way down her body as she caught her breath. "I do take some precautions."

"Oooh... good," she moaned softly, reaching up to feel his silk-soft hair. "Figured you did, or that it wouldn't matter, just wanted to check." She tilted her face slightly, taking his finger in her mouth and suckling it lightly until he had to draw them down as he reached her crotch. A shudder passed through her body as he spread her labia open with his fingers and traced around her hard, twitching clit with his tongue ever so slowly. In the same breath that cried out in pleasure she cursed him for being so intentionally deliberate about the attention.

"I can take you, push you hard until you can't cry out for more," Lyri offered with a sultry voice. "Or I can pleasure you slowly and draw this out until it is time to bath for dinner."

"Slow," she decided quickly, looking down at him and licking her lips. "Not ready to be pushed that hard yet," she admitted.

"Good," he smiled and teased her clit with his tongue briefly. "I much prefer the slow buildup and lingering pleasure."

"Mmm ... why don't you show me why?" She murmured, rubbing his neck lightly before he settled in to show her just how long he could draw out their pleasure.

"So what is this surprise you got Marie to take off for the night?" Chance asked in a mixture of curiosity, arousal and anticipation as he sat on the couch in the living room. The blinds had been drawn to give them privacy, and Jake had sat him down with no explanation other than he had to change for the evening.

"You'll see soon enough," Jake laughed from the master bedroom along with the sound of cloth moving and a musical tinkle of metal against mental.

"That's your opinion," Chance grumbled, but settled down to wait. It wasn't long before his ears perked up at a soft, exotically familiar sound. Music from long ago and far away, even when back in MegaKat City, gradually gained strength until it was a very pleasant, arousing background sound that brought to mind harems of lovely females in skimpy clothing and willing bodies.

He moaned through a low gasp when he saw a cinnamon furred foot slip into view with golden paint on the perfectly manicured claws and a brass anklet that chimed with every subtle movement that slowly revealed his mate.

"So you remembered that I was interested back at Christmas finally, huh?" Chance grinned as Jake slowly worked his way into the room.

"Yes, I remembered," Jake grinned back as he moved to the music, the chimes on his ankles, wrists, tail, waist ringing.

Chance blinked as it sank in that Jake had gone well beyond just dressing up. His long hair had been done up in a multitude of tight braids and dyed in a subtle rainbow with a few metallic strands among them.

"Man you work fast," he purred appreciatively. "Hope that washes out," he chuckled.

"I can," he tipped his head to cause it to tinkle a little more. "Unless you decide you like it."

"We'll see," Chance purred, reminding himself to keep his hands to himself as Jake moved and swayed seductively. "You are pretty good at this."

"I've been putting in some practice while teaching Cindy," he said as the translucent vest, embroidered in silver, began to work it's way off his shoulders a bit at a time.

"Just between us, I think you're better," Chance grinned. "She just can't move the way you can."

"No tail, no ears, no whiskers," Jake purred and tossed his jacket to Chance. "She's good for a human though," he let his eyes drift closed as he sank completely into the performance and the feeling of an audience that wasn't correcting or questioning him at every turn.

"And not half as limber," Chance purred, inhaling Jake's scent from the jacket before folding it slightly and putting it to the side. It was easy to pick up the building traces of arousal along with the rest of his mate's scent, and between that and Jake's sensual movements, Chance was sure that he'd be more than ready for him when the dance was finally through.

Just as clear an indicator was the touch of pink starting to show behind the gold mesh cup that highlighted more than concealed Jake's balls and sheath. Chance licked his lips and quickly pulled his own shirt off to mirror, in a way, Jake's level of undressing.

"So just how far undressed do you want me?" Jake purred throatily as his movements brought him close enough to caress Chance's face for a moment.

"This is good," Chance rumbled, fighting the urge to pull Jake closer and kiss him. "More might come off later, but right now, I kinda like the thought of you under me, dressed like that."

"Good," Jake slid his hands down his chest. "Want me on your lap, or on my knees?"

"Mmm ... on your knees," Chance grinned and undid his jeans as he toed his shoes off. "Hands and knees, and give me some room to work," he winked.

"Anything you wish," Jake shivered in excitement and made a production of kneeling, lifting his tail and lowering his hand to the floor. Every movement accentuated by the glitter of gold and chiming of fine metal trinkets.

Chance moved to kneel behind him, nuzzling his balls lightly through the golden cup before shifting up, gripping Jake's silk-clad ass and spreading his cheeks to run his rough tongue over the lean tom's tight pucker.

Jake moaned in surprise and pleasure at the slow start and felt himself start to fill out the mesh cup containing his cock and balls.

"I can do slow too, y'know," Chance purred up at him, shifting one hand up to slowly work the patch above his tail as he tongued Jake's anus, and the sensitive piece of skin between there and his balls. As the lean tom began to tremble, he reached forward to tug the golden mesh down a bit so Jake's cock wasn't trapped anymore, but his balls and sheath still were.

"It's just been forever," Jake whimpered, his body trembling in enjoyment of the tingling pleasure and the promise of more than a little actual foreplay to come.

"Y'oughta let me know, next time you're in the mood for it," Chance purred, running the back of one claw up the underside of Jake's shaft. "We have got to get more time like this for the two of us...."

"Saturdays?" Jake whimpered, already planning to take advantage of his mate's mood. "Sweet Bastet you feel good."

"We'll have to talk it over with Marie, but I think we can do Saturdays," Chance rumbled, slipping his tongue ever so slightly into Jake's ass, teasing his barbs with his claws. "Get you out of the lab," he purred.

"Or take me in the lab," Jake suggested between whimpering cries of the pleasure he loved more than anything; slow and tender. He was sure he could even give up pain if he got this often enough.

"Mmm ... slow, like this, out where you can be seen?" Chance asked with a half-grin, moving up to kiss the base of Jake's tail as he pressed a finger up into his ass. "Or is that when you want it hard and fast?"

"Hard, fast," Jake gasped, even as the thought of being tied down and this amount of time taken where they might be walked in on made his cock twitch. "Mostly," he added as the penetration evened out from the intense pleasure of that first opening up to a more steady pleasure of being filled with part of another.

"Mmm ... ready for the real thing?" Chance asked, probing Jake's prostate and moving up, covering the smaller tom's body with his own, nipping the scruff of his neck.

"Oh yeah," he moaned and pressed up against the powerful body above him, unsure which one of them were getting off more on the silky fabric that separated their legs and the mesh that contained Jake's groin. "Take me, please."

Chance removed his fingers from Jake's ass, shifting to press his cock deep into the tom's body as his bracelets and anklets jingled against each other. The tabby's fingers wrapped around Jake's rigid shaft, stroking him smoothly in time with his powerful thrusts.

He felt Jake's moans as much as heard them; around his cock buried deep in Jake's body, through the pads on his hand wrapped around Jake's cock, and through his chest as Jake pressed his back upwards for as much contact as possible.

"You are so hot, love," Chance whispered and closed his eyes briefly to focus on the pleasure in his body and taking enough control of it to avoid coming just yet. It was so sweet to have Jake like this and just for him. He savored the feel of his shaft sliding in and out of Jake's body, toying with his barbs, biting down on his scruff. He held back as well as he could, enjoying the sensations of his mate's body rippling around him, both of them trembling with pleasure and anticipation.

The past few months had made these moments feel so much sweeter.

He'd never felt jealous of Marie, not really, but he did miss being Jake's exclusive lover at home. There was something special about it that he'd never thought about until it wasn't there anymore. No matter how either of them roamed, when they came home, it was just them. Now, every so often, he wondered if Jake would miss him for long if he didn't come back some day.

"Love you," Jake moaned as he began to loose control, his pre making Chance's hand slick and increasing the pleasure to the point all he could do was breathe and try not to give in to the building pressure.

"Love you too, Jake," Chance moaned back, pressing his face against Jake's shoulder before he groaned deeply, his balls pulling up close, pumping their contents deep into Jake's bowels. It was all Jake was waiting for and he gave in, his roar mingling with his mate's as his body tightened to milk his mate dry while he spilled his own seed on the floor under him.

Chance shifted his hands, hugging Jake close as he finished.

"Love you so much," he murmured, kissing Jake's neck tenderly.

"So what are the boys up to that you're suddenly looking to go out tonight?" Cindy asked as she and Marie got out of her car near Heat Wave.

"Jake's decided that he's remembered enough of that dance he's teaching you to put on a performance," Marie grinned at her friend. "A boy's night in."

"So you're looking to find another guy of your own?" Cindy teased.

"No, thank you," Marie chuckled, shaking her head. "Just looking to have a good time and watch you try to fill a night without the tabby," she teased back.

"You make it sound like we spend every night together or something," the blonde chuckled. "Trust me, it's nowhere near that."

"I get enough time without him to know it's plenty," Marie teased back as they went inside. She took a deep breath of a place, and friend, that she hadn't spent nearly as much time with as she used to. "It's been a while."

"Yeah, well, between work and your boyfriends I don't blame you," Cindy smiled. "So, what have you been up to?"

"Proof of concept in a couple dozen animals for the Rebirth Project mostly," Marie said as they made their way to the bar. "And trying to drag out of the guys what's up with Lurin."

"The new guy, huh? What is up with him? Kind of cute, if you ask me, at least in his own way."

"For a serious giant," Marie nodded. "So far I think it's just them being uneasy about somebody from back home learning their secret. Then that somebody being of somewhat questionable morals, in their opinion."

"Hey, giants have their strong points," Cindy smirked. "And you're probably right... what makes 'em worry about his morals though? Hasn't done anything around here nobody else has done, as far as I've heard."

"From back home," Marie said as their beers were handed over. "I gather that he's worked for some very unsavory types; the mob and such. Doesn't ask questions if the money's right."

"Something they know, or just their suspicions?" Cindy asked seriously. "If they know for sure, Stark oughta know... that sort of attitude can be real dangerous around here."

"I think they just suspect," Marie admitted quietly. "Jake at least recognizes his style as some of what they've fought over the years. Stark does know, but there is only so much that can be proven so far from any context."

"True," Cindy nodded. "Of course, it could just be that he was in Jake's spot too, for a while... if he had to sell some of his designs to get by until he got a legitimate job, who knows who might've gotten 'em?"

"Keep in mind that just that puts him well below their moral standards," Marie shook her head slightly. "Something none of us would think twice about is more than enough to put those two on edge. If their real names ever got linked to their call names, they'd be lucky to just be dead or locked up for life. Sometimes I think they come from more than just a different world with how different their thinking is. That 'scientist brat talking to a military brat' type thing. Every so often we're talking along fine, and they just go somewhere that leaves me lost."

"At least you've got Jake to help you understand things," Cindy mused. "You'll get into it, eventually... if you have to. So, other than Lurin, things are doing pretty well?"

"I think so," she nodded and sipped her beer as they watched the crowd. "It's a big help that Chance is so into women. If Jake was the other guy, it'd be a lot dicer to keep this up."

"As I recall; Chance all but set you and Jake up," Cindy pointed out with a giggle. "He shouldn't have a problem after that."

"He set us up, but that doesn't necessarily mean the same thing as being ready for what that might've meant," Marie countered. "You know how it can be. You've managed to stay out of it, but we've both seen swinging couples break up when it got serious ... even when the other one thought they wanted to see it get serious."

"Yeah, but you're not talking about your usual swingers with those two," Cindy shrugged a bit. "They're used to three-way relationships, remember? Or more than that, even."

"I know, it's just still a little nerve-wracking when I think about it too much," Marie admitted. "Guess that's my cultural hang-ups coming through."

"You'll probably feel better about it after the wedding," Cindy smiled, sipping her drink. "You guys talk about it any more? I've been keeping your Mom from storming the place with dress designs, but only just barely," she teased.

"Jake's been working with Henry on a holographic setup to make one of the hangers look like a temple inside and out, though I think a fair chunk's going to be more traditional faux finishes and Eureka faux," Marie giggled. "Vincent has been relentless about the food, and I have to say, it's weird, but eating an almost MegaKat City celebration diet isn't that bad."

"Ooh, am I going to get to taste test some of this some time?" Cindy asked with a grin. "And have you guys thought at all about whether or not Chance is going to be involved, and how?"

"I think it's going to end up being a traditional Kat three-way wedding with a few human elements, and you can try it anytime you want. Just tell Vincent for some Kat cuisine," she winked.

"Noted," Cindy giggled. "Mmm ... you don't mind the idea of sharin' the wedding?"

"Sometimes," she admitted very quietly. "I don't think any bride-to-be around here thinks there'll be a third person, much less guy, re-marrying the groom at the same time, but it's not right to leave him out. You ever seen Jake when his voice goes all quiet?"

"Don't think so," Cindy shook her head and watched her friend relive a pivotal moment in her understanding of her boyfriend.

"The entire point of the ceremony is to put the truth on public display. Leaving Chance out ... there's no way the truth of either of our lives can be there without him." Marie tried to explain something she understood on a gut level better than intellectually, and objected to on the same level.

"There any way you could both be happy with it?" Cindy asked softly. "Give Jake the truth, and give you the day at least mostly to yourself?"

"That's the plan, such as it is," she nodded. "Chance is willing to back out, Jake's mostly willing to let him, but knowing what the ceremony means to Jake, and in their world, and how seriously he takes it, I can't. As usual, I'm creating my own grief," she smiled weakly. "The guys are really trying to make it work for me, it's really for me, but I want it to mean something important to Jake if he goes home, and that is giving me the headaches."

"What's the part that's most important to have to yourself, for you?" Cindy asked, mulling it over. "The ceremony, or the party afterwards?"

"The vows," Marie signed. "Of the whole thing, that's what I keep coming back to. Walking down the isle at the beginning is second," she smiled slightly. "It'll work out, Cindy. I just have to work on being okay with not having a fairytale white wedding to have one that means something to everyone. That's part of why we are looking so far ahead. We are mixing two very different cultures and we still have to work out exactly what is most important to each of us so in the end it's important to all of us."

"Okay then," Cindy smiled. "New topic good?"

"New topic very good," Marie chuckled.

"Okay... I need to ask you for a bit of career advice."

Marie raised an eyebrow and flicked her ears forward. "From me?"

"Yeah... it's not that ridiculous an idea, y'know?" Cindy smirked slightly, before taking a long drink. "You know about my friends in the adult entertainment biz? The ones I've done camera setups for and stuff?"

"Yes," she nodded, openly curious now.

"Well... I've got a standing offer to take over for their old camera director, with options in writing, possibly even getting into directing with a bit of time to prove I know what I'm doing. Professionally this time, not just amateur."

"So you're thinking about quitting Eureka to go into movies?" Marie cocked her head, the tip of her tail swaying lightly as she thought. "Because something's going poorly here, or it's just more interesting there?"

"More interesting there, mostly," Cindy admitted. "The sort of work I'm in ... I've been making cameras smaller and harder to spot for years. I've been putting them in remotes for years ... and it might be interesting work, but I feel like I'm reaching the point where even the new stuff is more of the same. I don't feel like I've got anywhere to grow here. It's a good offer, and it's something I've enjoyed doing for years, so ... kinda sounds like it's just what the doctor ordered. And who knows? If it doesn't work out, I might be able to get Stark to hire me back."

"Will it be a good living?" Cindy asked seriously. "You are used to one of the highest standards in the world among the working class with a ton of perks and have been here almost your whole life. Will it be a downgrade when it's all worked out?"

"If it does work out to a downgrade, it shouldn't be a serious one. I made it very clear that I've got a pretty high price tag... that's one of the things that could be a sticking point with it, really. I'm going to have to negotiate with them, but I should be able to at least hold steady. Hell, with what I could make sub-letting some of my camera designs out, I might even be able to do better. They're using them in the industry, but I can show folks what they can really do, get 'em used a bit more widely."

"If it works out that well, it sounds like a good move for you," Marie admitted. "I'll miss having my best friend in town."

"Yeah ... that's gonna be the one thing I'll really miss," Cindy admitted with a fond smile. "But hey, I'll keep in touch ... come visit when I get the chance. Who knows?" She laughed. "Maybe one of these days I'd get a chance to open my very own studio right here," she grinned.

"Stark will be thrilled," Marie laughed deeply. "Maybe at least fake getting into serious CGI, so you can show all the vids you make," she winked.

"I'll consider it," Cindy giggled. "Glad you don't think it's a totally crazy idea. It's not something I have to decide on overnight either; I'm going to be making a few movies before the final decisions are made just so they know they're not looking at hiring somebody who'll completely blow it, or who'll hate it and want out after six weeks." She finished her drink, looking out at the dance floor and raising an eyebrow.

"Well, look who's here," she grinned.

"He stands out no matter what he looks like," Marie chuckled, taking in the body-building linebacker of a black man that stood over eight feet tall. "He's nearly as unusual as his real appearance."

"Mmm ... so, which one is cuter?" Cindy asked, raising an eyebrow with a grin as Lurin noticed them and the dance ended, leaving him free to make his way towards them.

"Cute is not a word I would use to describe him in any form," Marie shook her head. "Kat is definitely more exotic though. Red-orange stripes on black fur."

"Any idea if he's into humans?" Cindy asked.

"No clue," she shook her head. "I just know he's into the S of S&M, and damn good at it from Jake's comments"

"Ah," Cindy nodded, turning to order another drink as Lurin approached them.

"Good evening, ladies," he rumbled deeply. "Surprised to see you here on your own, Marie," he smiled. "May I?" He asked with a nod towards the table they were sitting at.

"Sure," she nodded. "How are things going for you?"

"Better than I'd thought they would," he admitted, pulling over an extra chair and sitting down. "I take it that it's okay to have the holo-belts off around here?" He asked with a nod to emphasize the fact that she wasn't using hers currently. "Or are they trying to keep the fact that there are more new arrivals quiet?"

"It's mostly on your comfort level, I think. How much you want to fit in, or stand out," Marie said. "The guys wear them sometimes, and sometimes don't. I rarely do."

"In that case, I don't mind causing a few waves here," he chuckled, reaching down and turning his off as Cindy looked back with interest, accepting her Old Fashioned from a server as she openly looked Lurin over.

"Not bad," she smiled. "So you really are as huge as you look."

"Even back home, I'm big," he chuckled deeply. "I've met a few who could look down at me, but there aren't many."

"So, how's the jet reconstruction going?" Cindy asked him.

"We've finished it, actually," he said easily. "I've gotten the chance to start on a few other projects, including looking for a way back home."

"Have you made any progress?" Marie asked with open interest.

"Some... I have some experience with dimensional sciences from back home. There seems to be something around here that's making my readings go awry though."

"Jake was making some of the same complaints when he started, I think," Marie said about as much as she could on a subject that was as far out of her field as they got. "Eureka does seem to have it's own take on reality at times."

"That sounds about right," Lurin chuckled. "Of course, in the meantime, if I had to be stranded somewhere I could do far worse than here," he rumbled, looking between Marie and Cindy.

"Including just about anywhere on Earth," Cindy grinned and leaned forward a bit. "I hear you're into S&M. Into not having it?"

"I'm open to the possibility," he purred. "Considering an offer?"

"Mmm, yes," Cindy considered him from behind her glass. "I do enjoy new experiences, and I think you would qualify."

"And filming something exotic even by Kat standards?" he raised an eyebrow at her.

"Only when it's agreed to," Cindy countered with a quick seriousness. "But yes."

"So if it's not the kink, what do you think I'll bring that the tabby doesn't?" Lurin challenged her playfully.

"Mmm ... well, besides the fact that you've got a couple feet on him and I'm curious if that carries through to... other things?" She winked playfully. "I've got a few ideas."

"It does," he rumbled with a grin. "Care to talk about those ideas?"

"Depends on whether or not you mind being filmed, and whether or not Marie wants to hear," Cindy teased, glancing at her friend.

"Which is my cue to head for the dance floor unless I want to spend the night blushing," the Cat laughed, shaking her head. "I'll see you two around," she said, standing and heading out to join the crowd.

"I don't think I mind being filmed," he grinned.

"Great," Cindy grinned. "What sort of things are you into, besides the pain play? Most of my ideas get into outfits, setting, that sort of thing."

"Domination, bondage, that kind of thing," he said easily.

"All as the top, I assume?" She grinned, running through her general list of things to try that would be even more interesting with somebody as massive and obviously powerful as Lurin. "What do you think of having a pretty new pet to play with for the night? Maybe something vaguely Indian?"

"I'm sure it will be appealing, whatever that looks like," his grinned widened into an open leer. "Care to discuss the details in more private surroundings?"

"Sure," she grinned back. "You have a car? I came here with Marie."

"Yes," Lurin stood and watched as she picked up her purse and stood. "My place, or yours? I haven't had time to make much of mine yet."

"Mine," Cindy said easily. "It's where I've got all my cameras and costumes tonight. I'll give you the directions."

"Sounds good," Lurin agreed and led her out of the club with a hand on her back.

"How much do you need to focus on your driving?" Cindy asked him teasingly as he led her to his car.

"Very little," he rumbled and looked down at her. "Have plans to start early?"

"You prefer hands, or mouth?" She asked him with a grin, letting her question serve as his answer.

"Mouth," he rumbled and opened the passenger side door of his oversized car for her.

"Good," she rumbled back, climbing in and buckling her seat belt before slipping out from under the shoulder strap and waiting for him to climb in. "I'll let you get going before I get started," she grinned, reaching down to finger his crotch lightly as he sat down. What she felt under it, the incredible example of the male sex made her shiver in anticipation of having it deep inside her and the power of the body that would drive it.

"I think I'm going to enjoy tonight," Lurin grinned down at her and started the car. "Do you enjoy being play-forced?"

"As long as it's still play," she grinned, unzipping his pants and fondling him through his underwear while he started to pull out. "If you'd rather do that than have a 'willing' pet tonight, I'm good for it."

"It's very appealing," he admitted with a grinned down at her as he reached over to fondle the back of her head. "Not many are up for such games."

"And you enjoy them a great deal," Cindy added before she mouthed him through his underwear.

"Oh yes," Lurin let his eyes close briefly, relishing her willing, playful attention as much as he was anticipating getting to pretend to rape her.

"Any fantasies I could do for you?" She asked him, working his underwear down and coaxing his shaft out, her breath catching as she saw just how big he was even without being fully hard. "Wow."

"Fight me, at least for the first hour or two," he chuckled deeply. "Really act like it's for real."

"First hour or two, huh?" She smirked, licking the side of his shaft. "Mmm... you think you can keep up with Chance?" She teased lightly, nuzzling his barbs.

"I can surpass him," Lurin said with a mixture of confidence and determination before turning into her driveway. "That tabby has nothing on me."

"Now that is confidence," she grinned, licking him from base to tip before working him back into his pants. "So, we go in, I get the cameras going in my bedroom, and you 'break in' a few minutes later?" She offered.

"Just start with an intro that includes that's the plan," he said and opened the door. "Just don't be wearing anything you object to getting damaged."

"Okay. What's your safe word?" She asked, leading him into the house.

"Kirote," he said, then caught her expression and realized it had no translation. "It's a type of deep water fish."

"Just don't hold it against me if I can't pronounce it right," she said seriously. "Beyond that... steer away from pain for pain's sake, and I'm all yours, hot stuff," she grinned, turning to head for her bedroom and the cameras there.

She took a few moments to line up the cameras, keeping them well hidden but giving them clear shots of the room from several angles. She stripped down next, dressing up in an outfit she could afford to lose; jeans, t-shirt, and a cheap pair of lacy panties with the matching bra that she could replace for a couple bucks in any department store. Then she went about turning the cameras on, giving them the brief disclaimer.

"Just so anybody watching this knows, I'm not really video-taping my own rape," she grinned. "Just found somebody who wants to pretend I am. If you're into it too... well, which of us is naughtier?" She winked into the camera before knocking lightly on the bedroom door and returning to her bed, laying down to start reading the first book that came to hand... which she realized, about a paragraph in, was the sleazy bodice ripper she'd been working on the night before.

"Poetic irony?" She mused quietly, wondering when Lurin would be in after her briefly, then trying to focus on getting into character. He wanted her to scream, fight ... make it as hard and realistic as possible. Which given his size and strength, he wasn't really risking much. She shivered in anticipation at the pending situation, and soon realized her panties were already wet.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when the door to the master bathroom cracked as it was slammed open.

She looked over, for a moment honestly terrified that somebody else might have taken advantage of her not turning on the security system when she'd come in ... but was relieved to see that it was Lurin.

Not that she let that show.

"Who are you?" She demanded, shifting away from him on the bed in a movement carefully calculated to show off her clothed body in a natural way. "What the Hell are you doing here?"

"I'm here for you," he said as he lunged for her and landed over her with easy precision.

She shrieked, turning to try and get off the bed, out from under him, get away to somewhere safe. As much larger than her as he was, it wasn't hard to get away... but getting out of his reach before he could grab her and haul her back was another issue.

He had both her hands in one of his own to free up his other hand to claw her jeans and panties off of her, leaving only slight scratches in the process. "Such a pretty, feisty little thing."

"Get off me!" She screamed, working her feet up to plant them in his stomach, trying to push him off while he was a touch off balanced unzipping his pants. All it did was inform her that he was not only tall and big, but solid muscle.

Lurin only chuckled and forced his free hand between her legs. "Do I turn you on, you naughty creature?" he grinned down at her.

She gasped as his fingers rubbed over her slick, soaking sex.

"Bastard!" She spat at him, whimpering softly as she tried to free her hands, to no avail. "Get off of me!"

"I think I'll get in you," he countered and pressed one large finger into her sex and began to finger her with a furred digit nearly as big as many a guy's cock.

"Fuck!" She gasped, eyes wide as her body stiffened. She flexed her hands, trying to get them loose as she struggled beneath him. "Help!" She screamed as loud as she could, privately confident that her house's soundproofing was up to keeping anybody from really answering her.

Lurin leered down at her and shifted to work his pants down without letting her loose or freeing his finger from her body as she began to squirm.

"God, stop!" She pleaded, whimpering as her body started to milk his finger, as much on instinct as anything else, not sure if it wanted to be filled further, or to try and force him out.

She whimpered when he pulled his finger free and felt her eyes goes wide on reflex as she felt the rough tip of his cock press past her labia's lips, then began to force his way into her body.

"Oh shit... fuck... no!" She screamed again, this time sincerely as he stretched her body wide. His cock alone would have been painfully huge, but with his barbs on top of it she was sure that there wasn't much else that could match this. "Fuck!"

"So tight," Lurin gasped as he continued to press forward, forcing himself into her wet, hot sex more slowly than she had original expected. "Been forever."

"God... please, stop!" She sobbed, struggling beneath him, the mix of pain and pleasure right on the border of her comfort zone, though it was slowly heading towards pleasure as her body stretched to accommodate him.

"Make me," he sneered down at her and made a hard shove to hilt himself, only to move her up the bed a couple inches. He growled and looked around before slipping his belt loose.

Her breath was stolen as he hilted inside of her, the pain that stabbed through her sex when his cock slammed into her cervix freezing her while he bound her hands to the headboard.

"Why are you doing this to me?" She managed to cry out as he started thrusting into her tight, hot, dripping body again, both his hands free to hold her against his thrusts so he really could bury himself to the point that her quivering body pushed his sheath down as close to his pelvis as it would go.

"You caught my attention," he shrugged, panting as he barred his teeth, right on the edge already from her body.

"St-st-sto-op!" She screamed, her body tightening in an orgasm that shook her from head to toe, her body clenching down around his shaft like a vise!

It was more than he could stand and on the next thrust he let go a roar that rattled all the windows and she was sure could be heard for a mile. He cracked the head of his cock against her cervix with each thrust that shot hot seed against it and squirted it into her womb with a force she could feel on the far side.

Her eyes wide, she shook and tried to catch her breath, each thrust knocking it out of her. Finally, he stopped for a few minutes, letting her breathe again.

"Shit," she moaned deeply, forcing herself to remember that she was supposed to keep fighting him when she could. While that was going through her mind, she realized that he had reached up and was loosening his belt.

Before she had a chance to react, he stood up with her still impaled on him. One hand held her up while the other tightened the belt to hold her wrists behind her, and be began to thrust again, his seed and her juices flowing from her each time he pulled her up to pull out.

"Aaanh!" She cried out, her body aching erotically every time he impaled her on his shaft. She made a show for the camera when she realized that she'd be torn apart if she tightened herself up any more. "Please... stop!" She leaned her head forward, against his chest, tears flowing freely as he took her. "Wha-what do you want?"

"To be sated," he rumbled, his claws making tiny pin-pricks in her skin as he moved her to best effect for himself.

Cindy whimpered, unable to control herself and the incredible mix of pleasure with a very sexual pain as he came again, his seed pounding her insides nearly as hard as his cock did.

She didn't even get a chance to catch her breath before he pulled her off and she was slammed chest-down on the bed with his weight on top of her again, his still-hard cock pressing into her sex relentlessly.

Her fingers curled the short fur of his chest where he pressed down against her. She was beyond words at the moment, desperately grateful that he was only fucking her - if he was doing much more, she wasn't sure if she could use the safe-word.

Lurin grunted again, his balls tightening as the tightness of her body demanded even more from him that he willingly gave with a roar.

Cindy could only sob as he picked up again, barely pausing from his orgasm as he shifted his weight and put a hand squarely on her back between her bound hands. A heartbeat later she felt his weight press down on her back, compressing her chest.

Her fingers tightened more, her eyes going wide as she fought for every fraction of a breath his weight on her back allowed her.

"Stop!" She croaked; if he didn't do it soon, she wasn't sure if she'd have the air for the safe-word.

He let up a bit by shifting his weight to his other hand, but only enough so each breath wasn't quite the challenge. It still left her paying more attention to breathing than what was happening to her body.

Her body was burning for more air; she sucked in all she could as he fucked her hard and deep, her pussy pouring juices and Xanith-seed onto the bed as he pulled out of her and slammed himself back in. She closed her eyes tight, trying to focus enough to think about more than air.

It wasn't easy. She was sure he didn't particularly get off when his bed-mate wasn't suffering.

A gush of air exploded from her mouth as his full weight landed on her back briefly, but then he moved off her, pulled out of her, and hauled her upright to press his cock into her mouth with both hands nearly covering her head.

Normally, it would have been a welcome reprieve, but with the massive cock that was shoved into her throat, she was having an even harder time breathing than when he'd been on her back.

She started fighting him, in earnest this time, trying to get the message through that he needed to let go and back off. She couldn't use the safe-word like this, and she didn't want to use her last-resort ... not yet, at any rate.

She was so not going to let him near her again.

She started to bite down, just enough that he might get the point, and started to suck in air as soon as he pulled out enough.

"Kirote," she gasped as soon as she could, pulling back from him as much as he'd let her, drawing in another breath greedily. "Kirote!"

Lurin growled his displeasure but let her go and shifted back on his haunches as she sputtered and gasped for air.

"Sorry," she managed to get out, gradually breathing more normally again. "That was a little too close to the real thing for me... don't do that again, and we can keep going in a bit, unless I wrecked the mood," she said apologetically... though she wasn't entirely sure why she was the one who was apologizing. Probably because he had listened once she'd gotten the word out. After all, she'd been the one who'd suggested acting like a rape. She just didn't have a clue when she did that he was entirely too comfortable with it.

She was sure she understood now what Jake and Chance were reacting to when they said they didn't trust Lurin, didn't like him. He didn't have nearly the morals even she had expected.

"Anything you want to try?" Lurin offered.

"Maybe sucking you off while I can breathe?" She offered. "If you're willing to use some serious lube I might be up for anal."

"Sounds good," he chuckled and leaned forward to kiss her lightly. "I'm willing to take my time when it's needed."

"Okay," she smiled weakly, kissing him back and reaching over to open the drawer she kept the lube in. "Anything else I could do for you, since I think I kinda broke the whole rape-fantasy thing?"

"Mmm," he considered her, then grinned. "Prepare yourself for me."

"Okay," she grinned back, getting back into the mood, taking out a healthy supply of the lube to spread across his cock before she turned around, reaching back to spread the firm globes of her ass, exposing her tight, pink pucker. She spread a bit of lube around it, moaning softly as she rubbed, loosening herself up and putting on a show for him. As she pulled out a little tube that she slipped up inside her body, squirting a substantial amount of the thick gel into her ass, copious amount of his seed spilled from her sex.

"I have not even begun to fuck you," Lurin licked his lips and watched, then slowly began to stroke himself as he watched lustfully. "Such a tight looking ass."

"Mmm... just hope it's not too tight," Cindy grinned back at him. "If I have to use the safeword again, I'll make it up for you," she promised him, working the muscles of her insides to help spread the lube around, a little bit dribbling out of her tight pucker once she removed the tube.

"Okay," she said, taking a deep breath and bracing herself for him, sure that this was going to hurt just as badly as her first time had, if not more.

She felt his hand on her rump first, then a furry object slowly press into her ass. It only took her a moment to realize he was fingering her, stretching her out with a reasonable amount of care. There was no real way this wasn't going to hurt, but he seemed to be trying to make up for scaring her so badly earlier.

"Thank you," she moaned softly, squeezing down a bit around his fingers. "Mmm ... what you did earlier ... never done anything like that before."

"I'm sure a repeat can be arranged," he suggested as he worked her ass, getting her to relax with two fingers inside her before he removed them and grabbed her hips. She moaned through a whimper as he pressed his hips forward steadily, spreading her wider than his fingers, or than she'd ever been before,

"Oh God," she whimpered softly. "Mmm... the fucking was incredible... but I'm really not sure about the whole... mmnh... not breathing part," she chuckled weakly, biting down on the pillow to keep from screaming too much as his conical, barbed shaft stretched her beyond what she'd thought her limits were before.

"I can do much better," he promised through panting breaths as he tried not to come until he was at least fully inside her. "Much longer," he grunted.

"I'll bet you can," she moaned, squeezing down very slightly around him. "Fuck, you're like a machine!"

"I told you that tabby had nothing on me," Lurin laughed, a victorious sound that turned into a deep moan as he began to pull out and her body pulled and squeezed each of the rubbery barbs before they got out.

"Nnngh... don't know if I wanna compare or not!" She gasped. "Hell of a... way to go though!"

"Anytime you want to try, pretty," Lurin rumbled seductively and began to thrust into her again.

"Oooh ... Chance'd never go for it," she moaned, giggling a bit. "Mmm ... this is good. So huge!"

"His pride might get the better of him," Lurin grinned and set up a rhythm that wouldn't push either of them over the edge too fast, but it was a losing battle.

"Fill me," she moaned, aching to feel his shaft erupting deep in her ass, adding to the lube that was already there to make his thrusts easier. "Please fill my ass, Lurin!"

The giant tom chuckled and thrust into her deep and hard, pulled out and slammed forward as his balls gave up another load.

She cried out, an orgasm of her own shivering through her body. One of his powerful hands moved up, gripping her shoulder... then his fingers pressed down along her neck. His seed poured into her as she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder... and she was out before she had the time to realize anything more than that, a limp plaything for the massive Xanith on top of her, breathing shallowly.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Faces of Old

NC-17 for M/M and M/F sex
Het Level is MediumHet Smut Level is High
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

81 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written May 14, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fantasy, Rape (M on F), Sex (BDSM), Sex (BDSM)

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jake Clawson/Lurin Bengal, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: While Belinda tries to cope with the idea that she's not in Eureka anymore, Jake introduces Chance to a form of harem dance from home, and Cindy learns the hard way to listen to what Chance thinks of people.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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