Eureka Kats 9.99:
Coming Out Parties

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for M/M and M/F
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

The next day, Cindy was clearly wiped out by the night before, wearing a light, long-sleeved shirt and slacks as she met Marie for lunch at the Cafe.

"So, how are Chance and Jake doing?" She asked, sitting down gingerly with her lunch.

"Very snuggly," Marie smiled, though there was worry on her face too. "Boys night seems to agree with them. Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine," Cindy said, glancing down at her food. "So, you find something to occupy your night?" She teased, trying to change the subject.

"Yes, but not someone," she chuckled. "How did it go with Lurin?"

"Spoil sport," Cindy chuckled slightly, taking a bite of her sandwich. "And honestly... I think you guys are right about him. I am not doing that again, at least not without Chance or somebody else there too."

"Just how bad ...." Marie focused sharply, her untrained feline senses seeking clues beyond the words.

Now that she focused on it, she could pick up the hints ... mostly the faint smell of cleaned blood and much strong masking smells of medication.

"Not that bad," Cindy said defensively. "He just... has an idea of fun that's way out there for me."

"I could have told you that," Marie flicked her ears back slightly. "It's why Jake fell for him so bad."

"I know," Cindy sighed. "I just figured he had a lower setting, y'know? Like Jake does. He's incredible when he tries to hold back," she observed.

"And Chance is incredible without holding back," Marie pointed out. "Just what did he do?"

"You want the full details, or just the bad parts?" Cindy asked with a sigh. "I'm only telling you this because you're the one asking, you know," she added.

"All of it, I think," Marie said softly. "Might as well hear the good with the bad."

"The good...." Cindy shivered. "The guy's a size queen's dream-date, and he knows how to use it. He's got raw power to spare; I might not be into pain, but you know I like subbing, and he is one hell of a dom, in some ways. First guy I've met in a while who was willing to indulge that little fantasy of mine," she said, glancing around with a deep blush. "Got a little too into it himself."

"That fits the darker side the guys see in him," Marie sighed. "Please tell me you're not planning to see him again."

"Like I said, not unless I've got somebody there to watch him," Cindy nodded slightly. "I'll give him one thing though, he's creative. Started out with making it hard for me to breathe ... stopped when I used the safe word," she pointed out quickly, catching the panicked expression on Marie's face. "Seemed to take it pretty well, until he used some sort of nerve pinch to knock me out. Still haven't worked up the nerve to watch the video of what happened after, but I know he didn't stop, probably not until close to morning."

"Think he did anything but ... anything too far then?" Marie tried to get a better feel for just how upset she should be with Lurin.

"Clawed me up royally, but nothing too deep," Cindy said, shaking her head. "Some neosporin, an understanding person to help me get it in proper places, and I'll be good as new ... might consider a couple piercings, but that's about it."

"You know I'll help," Marie sighed. "You are going to put word out on him, right?"

"With the people who'd listen to me," Cindy nodded. "Tell Jake to warn Cathy, will you? She'll listen to him better than me ... have an idea if Lurin's actually her speed or not. And ah ... you don't have to be the understanding person," she blushed. "It's not just my back he clawed up...."

"Tender bits too," Marie murmured. "I'd suggest Chance, but he'd take this entirely too personally. I'll make sure Jake passes word on to his playmates into it."

"I think I'll be able to find somebody willing to stare at the regions in question," Cindy chuckled slightly, cracking a half-grin. "I haven't had a hard time of it in the past."

"Just most of them will be more interested in playing with them than putting ointment on," Marie pointed out with a snicker.

"Yeah, well, if they're gentle I might not mind," Cindy giggled. "Mmm... after last night, I could use gentle. Thanks for not flying off the handle... or saying 'I told you so.'"

Marie smiled slightly. "You have someone in mind?"

"You know Tonya, the girl Chance has gone with a couple times who's into body-paint?" Cindy giggled. "She's into girls too... we're not really dating or anything, but I don't think she'd mind if I called."

"I've seen her in feline getup," Marie giggled. "She makes a reasonably good fake Tigress according to the guys."

"And while she can do rough, she's into gentle too," Cindy chuckled. "So, how's your Dad doing? Been a while since I've seen him, and I forgot to ask last night."

"Still healthy and helping me with Rebirth. He's starting up a new project, but I don't know much about it yet," Marie admitted. "He's terribly eager for Jo to mellow out and let him see the puppies."

"Him and everybody else who knows about 'em," Cindy grinned. "Sounds like they're cute, in a big kinda way."

"Yeah, they're big as German Shepard's now, and their eyes and ears are only just starting to open," Marie nodded. "Nobody's sure when they'll be able to shift, but until then they are going to be a serious drain on Taggart's meat reserves," she grinned playfully. "They are so cute."

"Mmm ... well, as soon as they're open to meeting people, I wanna know," Cindy grinned. "Smart as people?"

"Taggart says they're smarter than animals their age, but it's really hard to tell at less than a month old. They're only just starting to be mobile beyond the belly scoot."

"I suppose it would be," Cindy nodded easily, finishing up her lunch. "Guess it's hard to remember that they're going to develop like kids, not just like puppies... hope they don't end up with complexes out of it."

"With Taggart and Dad in charge of them, I doubt it'll happen. I also doubt they'll be in the normal school system. I don't think even Eureka is ready for that yet."

"Hey, can't ask for a better place than this to support home schooling," Cindy pointed out. "Social skills are going to be the tricky part, no matter how it works out."

"Oh yeah, and Beverly is going to be helping out as soon as Jo's maternal instincts cool off, which should be any day now," Marie agreed. "No one wants to see them grow up as anything but extremely well adjusted people. Following their dad's example is so not going to happen."

"No kidding," Cindy shuddered. "How widely known is what they are going to be, officially?"

"Right now, as secret as anything like it can be," Marie admitted quietly, keeping an ear open for who was listening. "It's as much for their safety as for Jo and the project their folks came out of. There is no way it's going into public, but officially we're trying to keep it quiet. Who Dad is is definitely as hush-hush as anything here."

"Unlike you and the Kats," Cindy giggled.

"Officially, we're keeping that quiet too," she shook her head. "But yeah."

"Officially, but unofficially you hate your holo-belt and Chance loves the attention his fur gets him," Cindy grinned. "I should probably get going soon... have a good day, okay? Give Chance my regards, and remember to have Jake warn his playmates about Lurin."

"I will, and you take care of yourself," Marie nodded and smiled her friend off.

Taggart went on alert as soon as he stepped out of his truck, parked near Jo's den. He couldn't place exactly what was wrong, but he knew something wasn't right.

Something in the air, in the sounds, in the feel of the place, was seriously off. It was noisier; birds and small animals were about and unafraid. Something that would never happen if Jo was present.

He quickened his pace, hurrying to the den and sliding in to make sure she hadn't started moving the pups early. He didn't think she would, but it was anybody's guess a lot of the time.

Jo was gone, but all four pups were still there and wrestling around.

"Jim," Jo called to him from outside, her voice at the human level. "Out here."

He followed the sound of her voice out, looked around and spotted her walking towards the den in human form, her hair tied back in a braid and dressed in her deputy uniform again.

"Feeling better now that you've gotten a shower and something to wear?" He asked her with a grin, glad to see her looking more relaxed than she had in the better part of a year.

"Much," Jo nodded. "She's finally shut up, for the most part," she grinned back at him, the dangerous edge to the look finally back down to playfully dangerous. "Let's get them moved so I can go back to work."

"Carter'll be glad to hear that ... want me to call ahead and warn him?" Taggart asked teasingly. "I'll go down to pass out Jessie and Terra, get Mina and Zach myself?"

"How about we just get them to walk out and to the truck?" she suggested. "You might be able to lift two of them, but I do application of force better than brute strength."

"I wasn't sure how good they were about following or being able to climb out yet," he admitted. "I'll start them out ... they try the leashes at all yet?"

"Leashes, no problem. Jessie really hates the harness though," Jo chuckled and followed him into the den. "I'm sure you already know she's quite a handful."

"She's still not entirely convinced she isn't the alpha," Taggart chuckled, taking the leashes they'd had down for the pups to get used to. "Okay... let's get you four to your new home," he said, and was more than a bit relieved when no one started to growl or hunch down. He was still more than willing to let Jo put the harness on Jessie, though, and kept a careful eye on the tussle that resulted.

He couldn't admit to being surprised when it ended with Jessie pinned down with a hand wrapped firmly around her muzzle until she stilled and relaxed to let her mother do as she wished. After all - even human, Jo was not somebody you tried to tell what to do unless you clearly had the right to.

"She takes after you a bit," he joked, getting the harness on Zach and Mina with ease.

"Then Mina takes after you," Jo said, her tone making it sound like it was meant as a compliment. "She's the explorer who stands her ground."

"We'll hope she doesn't manage to turn herself into a bigfoot then," he chuckled, giving her a light scritch before they started out of the den. Once again their personalities showed clearly. Jessie was out first, pulling at the limits of her leash and testing her mother's determination to keep her in check while Terra helped out with the plan. For his own pair, Mina was eager to get outside, but she didn't pull too hard, while Zack stayed close to his side.

"She'll find her own strange projects, I'm sure," Jo said dryly.

"We'll just have to give her time to," he chuckled, giving a slight tug on the leash as Mina started to trail off after an unusual smell. "You have any problem with them meeting some people soon? Dr. Jean Moreau, the Kats, some of the people who might have to watch out for them?"

"None," she shook her head. "They're all yours now."

"You're weaned this young?" Taggart looked at the pups, then at their mother, in real surprised.

"Close enough," Jo consented to keep feeding them. "I won't need to be by all that often for it."

"I can work on getting them used to solid food," he nodded as they headed for the truck. "How've they been since the last time I came by? And how've you been?"

"Eating meat a lot, running me ragged keeping them nearby, but it's not as hard now that I feel more like myself. They're all obeying commands most of the time, same as they do for you."

"That's good," he nodded. "When you were saying you wouldn't have to be over often for the pups... was that because you want to get back to your place, or because you're assuming I don't want you around anymore?" He asked her easily and moved Mina's leash to his left hand so he could open the cage in the back of his truck.

Jo looked at him, somewhere between startled and uncertain, until her almost reflexive spunky determination took over. "I like staying with you. I assumed the puppies would be held somewhere other than the bedroom." She said as he got Mina in easily.

Jessie and Terra followed at Jo's insistence, mostly to prove they weren't afraid, rather than because they really wanted to. He had to lift Zack up, and the boy made quick work of getting Mina between himself and his other sisters.

"Of course they would be," he chuckled. "It just sounded like you were planning on moving back to your place. You wouldn't have to."

"I'd rather not," she told him as he locked the cage and they went around front to get in the human seats.

"I'd be fine with you staying there," he smiled, climbing into the driver's seat. "Rather hoping you would, honestly," he admitted, leaning over to give her a light kiss. "Especially now that you don't need a shave anymore," he winked.

"Glad to heart that," she said and slid a hand behind his neck to pull him in for a much more intense kiss, one not very different from their first one.

"Mmm ... we should probably get back," he said reluctantly as he pulled back. "But when you're back from seeing how badly Carter's screwed up the paperwork, I'll be ready to help you out with your tensions," he promised, starting the truck and pulling out to head back to his bunker-turned-house.

"I'm sure I'll give you quite a workout," she smiled seductively at him.

"I'm sure you will," he grinned back, turning his attention to driving as they found their way back to the road.

Beverly Barlow pulled into the front parking area at Taggart's bunker and shook her head. So much trauma had happened in this place, but so much healing as well for Jo and Jim. Hopefully these puppies, if intelligent, would have more of the later than the former. It would certainly make her life for the next few decades easier.

"According to Marie, they're doing fairly well, at least with each other," Jean offered, guessing at what Beverly was thinking about. "Of course, that's also for a canine social model. Thanks for the ride, by the way."

"You are welcome," she smiled at him and opened the door to get out. "Right now they do seem to be growing by the canine model. A month old human is far less developed on many levels."

"I remember," he chuckled, climbing out the passenger's side. "I just don't know how healthy it is, mentally, for them to develop that way ... that's more your department, of course."

"I expect that working with their instincts and teaching them how to function within them and human society will be for the best," she said as they walked to the front door and buzzed for admittance. "Ignoring what they are is the worst thing we can do for them and for us."

"Who is it?" Taggart's slightly distracted voice asked.

"Dr. Jean Moreau and Beverly," Jean called in. "Are the pups up for visitors?"

"If you can catch up with them," he grumbled and the door lock unlatched by remote.

"The thrills of baby animals you can't tranquilize," Jean chuckled as he headed in, Beverly just behind him. Mina loped over to them, barking a warning to the others before sniffing the newcomers.

"Hello there, Mina," Jean addressed her by name and got a cock-eared look of what he thought was surprise as Beverly got the door closed before they could try and escape. "You are quite the lovely shades of gray."

"Rrr?" She rumbled, looking up at him before backing away a bit, her attention stolen by the smell of Beverly's perfume, the pup's wet nose working hard and fast as she moved over to start sniffing at the psychiatrist.

"Well, at least I can trust her to stay out of trouble while there are strangers around," Taggart grumbled. "Zack's in here, I'm not sure where Jessie and Terra got off to."

"Where will they get into the most trouble?" Jean asked him.

There was a loud yelp from the back of the house, followed by the vicious barking of two canines and the chittering squeals of something else mixed in with canine pain.

"Down by the holding pens," Taggart groaned, taking off to see what had happened. "Keep an eye on those two, will you?"

"Of course," Beverly nodded to him and walked down into the main living/lab area to find Zack.

It wasn't too hard to find the pup. He was behind the entertainment center, a remote on the floor, the TV running, and his head buried behind the television, trying to see where the sounds were coming from.

"Hello Zack," she greeted him, causing him to scrambled backwards to face her. His tail was tucked between his legs slightly, but the tip was wagging and he didn't seem afraid of her.

"Don't worry, you're not in trouble ... stay away from wires though," she warned him, reaching down to scratch him between his ears before letting him smell her, not sure how well he understood her. It was very strange to think of a creature so large as a month-old baby. His features and proportions were definitely of a young wolf puppy, but his size put him as large as an adult wolf.

He stepped forward cautiously and sniffed at her hand, then licked her fingers curiously.

"I've found Zack!" She called back to Jean, who came down with Mina trotting behind him.

"And I think Taggart's found Jessie, from the sound of it," the older Doctor chuckled slightly. "He was saying quite a few things that aren't appropriate for children to hear when he headed back with a pair of pliers."

"Pliers?" she raised an eyebrow at him.

"She found a porcupine, I believe," Jean knelt to greet Zack even as Mina came up to sniff her brother's ass.

"Well, that's one way to learn what not to sniff," Beverly mused. "Hope nothing scars."

"It rarely does with anything more than minimal care," Jean told her. "It hurts a great deal to get the quills removed, but is simple to keep from getting infected, and these little ones have their mother's healing factor to a great extent."

"Well, that's something. I'm not sure I'd want to try and mix what her temperament sounds like with a lifetime of being called on a scarred nose," Beverly chuckled slightly, looking up as the doorbell rang and Mina turned, stumbling a bit before catching her feet and taking off for the door barking, more barks coming from further in the house, along with a lengthy string of swearing in a variety of languages from Taggart.

"I'll get that," Jean said easily, turning to go back to the door as Terra loped out to join her sister in the barking and greeting the new gests ... or at least tried to before she noticed that Beverly was giving Zach attention rather than her. Before long, the psychiatrist had Zach flat on the floor and Terra standing right over him as she tried to force her to focus on her.

"Now that is just not acceptable," Beverly said sternly. "No," she stated firmly and physically moved Terra to one side, and praised her once she was standing away from her brother.

"Hi dad," Marie greeted her father and quickly slipped inside with Jake and Chance right behind her.

"Hello ... this is Mina," Jean told Chance and Jake, the pup having stopped barking and gone to full-time sniffing of Jake and Chance, snorting as she got a snoot full of fur. "Zack and Terra are in the living room, and I think Jessie's getting quills pulled out of her nose."

"Ouch," Chance winced in sympathy. "Well, she won't do that again."

"They're only a month old?" Jake asked.

"Yes," Marie nodded. "They were born big and have grown fast. Still look like puppies, though."

"So where's their mom?" Chance asked cautiously.

"Going to see if Carter's left any of the city for her to watch over while she's been out," Taggart called out. "I'll be out there in a few minutes!"

"Take your time," Marie called back and knelt to pay attention to Mina. "She's got quite a bite on her."

"Believe me, I know," Taggart replied.

"Come on, let's go see if we can keep these three busy," Jean chuckled. "It's hard to believe they're only a month old."

Mina, having finally finished sniffing at Jake and Chance, decided to go check on her siblings ... or, at least, to see what the excitement in the other room was that everybody was going there for.

"Why you little ..." Taggart snarled shortly before there was a heavy thump and yelp of surprise more than pain. "Do not bite."

"Should we go rescue Taggart?" Marie asked, glancing back as Zack, apparently deciding there were far too many people in the room, crawled under the coffee table and tucked his tail safely between his legs.

"I think he can take care of himself," Chance chuckled. "And so can Jessie from the sound of things."

"Interesting that the male is the timid one," Beverly mused as she watched Mina try to coax him out and Terra took advantage of being the only one out and about to command as much attention as she could from the bipeds.

"He was also the runt," Marie pointed out, slipping down to help Mina. It was significantly easier for her to get him to come out; like Taggart, she was one of the people who helped keep Terra and Jessie from roughing him up too much. "Little guy's bigger sisters did their best to keep him in his place, so to speak."

"Like this big lug," Chance guessed, pushing Terra back down to the ground after she jumped up to lick at his face.

"Her sister's far worse," Marie said. "Terra's more of a bully-backup than one herself. Mina can put her in her place fast when she cares to."

Mina lifted her head with a woof as Chance started petting Zack lightly.

"Hard to remember they're not actually dogs sometimes," he observed.

"They are, at least in part," Jean pointed out. "Hopefully a part of them that will be able to be toned down as they mature."

"How sure are we that they'll be people when they grow up?" Jake asked as he knelt to play with Terra's ears, the opening volley of a roughhousing game that would teach her that the little brown feline wasn't to be challenged.

"About 75%, though we can't be sure," Jean explained. "With both parents being sentient, the odds are strong, but they shouldn't have been able to breed in the first place, so it's hard to tell if it will be human or wolf genetics that's dominant."

"Right now, it's clearly wolf," Chance pointed out.

"In looks, perhaps, but with shifter parents, it's very difficult to tell if they will stay that way," Marie reminded him. "If they inherit it all from their parents, they will be able to take human form, and presumable will have human intelligence."

"Without their father's temperament, if all goes well," Jean added. "There was nothing in his background to suggest congenital insanity."

"Jessie seems to have picked up his temperament, if not his insanity," Taggart said as he came into the room and tossed the pliers onto a workbench, his arm and hand bloody enough to already be soaking through his bandages.

"Jo's not exactly the most demure person either," Jake said and watched as Jessie came upstairs with a decidedly cowed manner and blood on her nose. "She's got quite the dominant streak in her too."

"And please be careful about saying that with her around," Beverly pointed out, watching as Jessie pulled herself strait and confident looking as soon as she spotted her siblings. "That's still an exceedingly touchy subject."

"Yeah, well, so am I right now," Taggart muttered as he went to the first aid station and began to tend to his wounds a little better than he could when he still had an unruly and painful fifty pound pup he still had to pull quills out of.

Jessie licked at her nose as she could, obviously in no better mood than Taggart was when Terra came over to investigate and got snapped at for it. Mina wasn't far behind and snapped back, puppy-growling until Jessie let her lick her clean.

"Interesting," Beverly mused as she watched the three females interact and the level of complexity already displayed in their social structure.

"Mina's the medic," Chance chuckled.

"When it comes to medical situations, a green medic still outranks the captain of a ship," Jake explained to several confused looks. "Mina has control sometimes, even if Jessie's the Alpha."

"Whether Jessie likes it or not," Marie chuckled slightly as Jessie laid down and let her sister take care of her, growling at Terra and Zack both if they came too close.

"Wouldn't be much of an Alpha if she did," Chance chuckled. "Mina'd take over." The look that Jessie gave him said very plainly that, even if she couldn't totally understand, she got enough of the meaning of what he was saying to be miffed.

"She's at least fairly bright," Jake chuckled. "So what's the plan for these guys?"

"First thing is to get them housetrained and see just how well they learn while they grow up," Taggart said, bandaging his hand. "And how well they learn to steer clear of my holding pens."

"And how well Jo handles living in the same building as them?" Beverly asked.

"She's okay with it for now," he pointed out. "But yeah, it'll be a factor."

"If necessary, I should be able to take them over at my place ... won't be the first time I've raised children," Jean chuckled. "But it would probably be best if they can stay here, for several reasons."

"Agreed, but not at the price of Jo's stability," Beverly said very seriously.

"I wouldn't risk that," Taggart glared at her. "We will work this out for the best."

"Understood," she nodded. "I just know that there's strong feelings on both sides there."

"Believe me, I know," Taggart nodded. "But there's no way around that."

"How long before we'll be able to take them to the lab to get samples and scans?" Jean asked, hoping to shift off the subject of their mother.

"Probably a couple weeks yet ... I want to let them settle," Taggart said easily.

"They will likely be weaned by then?" Marie asked.

"Should be. They'd be plenty old enough to be," Taggart nodded.

"Should be. They'd be plenty old enough to be," Taggart nodded. "Already eating more meat than milk."

"And the occasional treat," Jean chuckled as Terra scarfed down a cracker Chance had slipped her before Jessie could object to not getting one for herself first.

"Hey, what good are pups if you can't spoil them a bit?" the tabby chuckled sheepishly.

"I'm sure you'll be a popular visitor," Marie giggled. "Unlike those who poke and prod them."

"We all have our jobs to do," Chance winked at her. "Mine is spoiling the pups."

"Just remember to spoil them carefully," Jean chuckled. "Jessie could get in a mood if she's ignored, and Zack won't stand up for himself if he is."

"I have siblings, I know the rules," Chance smiled reassuringly at him.

"All right," Jean nodded. "Beverly, is there anything more you have to take care of here?" He asked her.

"I think I have a good basic understanding of their personalities," she nodded to him. "I will be by in a couple days to spend more time with each one on one," she told Taggart. "Do call me if something changes."

"Will do," he nodded.

"By the way," Beverly added as she reached down to give Mina a parting scratch, "any luck finding Miss Crezic yet?"

"Not a trace of her," Taggart admitted. "But given we found a chunk of Fey forest in her bedroom, I can't say I'm surprised."

"No ... I just hope that whatever's happened she doesn't get too far away," Beverly sighed. "Her cousins are worried, but at least we know she didn't just run off. Well, good luck. Dr. Moreau, you want a ride back to GD yet?"

"Thank you," he nodded, standing to head out with her. "I'll be back to check on the pups another time."

"Anytime, just call first," Taggart told him, pleased to see that Jake had coaxed Zack out and was taking advantage of having Jessie and Terra distracted by others to pay some serious attention to the boy.

"I wi- Well, it seems you have some more visitors," Jean chuckled, looking out the door. "Ress and Lojack are at the door."

"What?" Taggart looked up in disbelief.

"They might be able to tell us a lot more about the pups than any of us," Marie pointed out. "At least with the guy's translators," she motioned to Jake and Chance.

"Why?" Taggart focused on her.

"They can understand the dogs, and even my fluttercat," she explained. "I thought it might be useful."

"Could've warned me before you invited those devils up here," he muttered. "Let 'em in," he sighed to Beverly and Jean. They opened the door while Mina, Jesse, and Terra already climbing the stairs laboriously to see what was interesting by the door, aside from the outside.

Jessie barked first when the shaggy gray-brown head poked inside to check out the surroundings and Jessie barked a challenged to him than he woofed an answer too and came all the way in, his daughter behind him.

Despite her curiosity about staying and watching this, Beverly left with Jean, leaving a house with only one human left in it.

Jessie barked again, clearly not thrilled by the way that Lojack wasn't playing her game, but he let out a deeper, more menacing woof and she backed down.

"Kids," he told Jake as he came down and settled down, Ress not showing quite the same decorum as she got acquainted with the four puppies.

"Aggressive, under-socialized one-month old kids," Jake snickered in reply. "They'll get up to speed soon."

"I suppose. Makes be glad I found homes for all mine though," Lojack laughed.

"Do I even want to know what he's saying?" Taggart asked.

"Probably not," Chance snickered as he teased Terra with a treat just out of reach. "I'm sure you'll get a full transcript though."

"He's just commenting on his kids and these," Jake grinned at Taggart.

"Yeah, well, let him know that I'll handle raising these four," Taggart grumbled.

"Just as well, I don't need more good hunters around here," Lojack woofed teasingly, letting Zack and Mina sniff him when the more submissive pups approached him, rewarding them with some attention of his own.

Chance burst out laughing, and Jake only just kept himself under control.

"Okay, what did he just say?" Marie demanded before she thought better of it.

"Just that he was glad no one expected him to raise them," Jake snickered. "And that he hoped they learned to hunt as well as Taggart."

"Yeah, well, I've still caught him once... not my fault that was the day your AI friend shut down my cage by mistake," Taggart grumbled.

"Ress?" Lojack barked.

"Yeah?" The puppy replied, trotting in with the others, sniffing Zack curiously.

"That's what 'sore loser' means."

"Okay Dad," she barked cheerfully, shifting her focus to Mina and raising her paw playfully after they play-bowed to each other.

"So where are the pups going to be until they are house-trained?" Marie asked as the five youngsters played and Lojack joked with the Kats.

"Probably in the secondary holding area... fortunately, we were getting a start on that while they were in the den, so it shouldn't take long," Taggart said easily. "Also keep 'em out of the way, mostly, while Jo gets used to human life again."

"I'll help you finish it up while the Kats play with the dogs," Marie offered with an easy smile even as the guys burst out laughing again.

"Thanks... I think it's a good thing I don't have one of those translators, for the sake of letting him out of here in one piece."

"He's smart enough to know you can't understand him," she assured him. "If you had one, he wouldn't talk like that."

"Not sure if that's better or worse," Taggart grumbled as they headed back out, leaving Jake, Chance, and Lojack to watch the puppies.

Belinda struggled to take her mind back to the point in time where she didn't know the first thing about the world that her senses didn't tell her. She'd had two days to study the fundamentals of magical theory, the equivalent of Physics 101, and it was a struggle at best. It asked her to give up so much of what she thought she had understood.

It was a lot like trying to work through quantum physics ... without any basics in relativity or anything else. The two shared the view of the world as being ultimately malleable ... the key difference was the idea that, just by wanting it strongly enough, you could cause the changes.

That was a bit trickier to work her head around, the sort of thing that made her want to skip ahead and see if there was some sort of chapter that actually went into detail for her questions.

Unfortunately, with hand-written books like the one she was working on, indexes weren't exactly the most complete, and she didn't yet know enough to ask the right questions of the right people.

"Belinda," Lyri's musical voice brought her head up. She didn't even realize she was rubbing her temple until she saw his expression changed from the bearer of good news to concerned.

"Sorry," she blushed slightly, setting the book down after marking the page she was on. "I've been trying to muddle through basic magical theory... it's something else."

"It is not a simple thing," he agreed. "Mother's sages have discovered why you could not enter your world. Whatever twist of reality brought you here, brought you back in time. Your world will not allow you to return until you have caught up with yourself."

"You mean I'm in the past?" Belinda asked, cocking her head slightly. "So I'll probably be able to get back before I've been gone very long after all?"

"Yes, and perhaps," he nodded and sat down next to her. "It depends on when after your disappearance a portal opens. It could still be a few years off."

"Better than a hundred," she pointed out, leaning against him lightly. "Any idea how far back I am?"

"Five days worth."

"So I can relax for a few days before I start trying to camp out in the portal room," she chuckled slightly. "Once I get home, it doesn't matter much where I end up... getting back to my home will be fairly simple."

"Yes," he tipped her chin up for a kiss. "And I have a few more days of your company to enjoy."

"I can live with that," she murmured, kissing him back. "Thank you, for everything."

Lurin paused outside of Jake's office, listening for a moment. A human probably wouldn't be able to hear, but his more sensitive ears could pick up the sound - and scent - of Jake and Chance inside.

He opened the door and stepped in as Chance groaned and sprayed his seed up into Jake's body.

"You really should remember to lock that door," he chuckled, doing so himself.

"And miss out on random company?" Jake grinned over his shoulder.

"Well, good to know you appreciate it," the Xanith grinned back. "So, am I a little late to join in?"

"No, but you have to wait your turn," Jake squeezed down around Chance's cock.

"And people say I'm a slut," Chance teased, licking Jake's ear lightly and starting to thrust again.

"I'm a picky slut," Jake moaned deep in his chest, his own cock recovering quickly at the attention that quickly turned into powerful thrusts that nearly knocked the wind out of Jake with each impact of their hips.

Lurin leaned back against the door, using his powerful frame to block the frosted glass window in case anybody walked by as his own sheath stirred.

"Picky about who you're with, but not who watches?" He asked with a low rumble.

"Something like that," Jake panted, his grunts nearly cries of pleasure as his mate took him to show off his own virility. It was a kind of using his mate that Chance very rarely bothered with.

"Somehow, I can't help but think this isn't the reason the soundproofing on these labs is so good," Lurin chuckled, watching Chance's ass as he pounded into Jake. "You don't take the same sort of treatment?"

"Not from most toms," Chance growled lowly, the sound mostly because of his focus on mating Jake.

"Mmm, let me guess, every so often you let him," Lurin rumbled in excitement. "I've seen a hint there of his strength, despite what he prefers from me."

"Sometimes," Chance grunted, groaning as he put another load of seed up under Jake's tail, biting down on his mate's scruff. He felt the thrill of the tom under him, both at the treatment, and at being watched.

"Remember that you're still at work," he chuckled slightly, pulling out after a few moments with a groan, licking Jake's neck tenderly.

"Salaried," Jake winked over his shoulder and waved his tail invitingly at Lurin. "My hours are what I make of them."

Chance backed up as the Xanith grinned and undid his pants, walking up behind Jake and sinking his shaft into his well-used tailhole, starting to thrust as he lifted Jake up above the table.

"And you love the chance of getting caught, don't you?" He purred deeply.

"Oh yeah," Jake moaned and relaxed, submitting all control of his movements to the giant impaled inside him. "You know what else too."

Chance pulled up his pants, tucking everything away as things started with Lurin just pounding into Jake's body. He had a feeling it wasn't going to stop there, being at GD or not be damned. These two had a dynamic he could all but taste, and it wasn't one he liked.

His nose caught the blood in the air, but it was his ears that told him when things had progressed to the pain. The tenor of Jake's whimpers and moans changed, more erotic, more demanding, more hungry than anything Chance could drag from him.

The impulses it brought up made him wonder just how much of his suspicions about Lurin could be chalked up to jealousy. But then, given what he knew about the night with Cindy, he wasn't wondering too hard.

Especially given what he knew about just how far Jake would let a real sadist go without a single complaint. He knew, deep down, that if Melody had been a guy, there wouldn't have needed to be any drugging to do everything she did.

Now he was watching someone who unsettled him even more than she did begin to work his partner over in the same way. As often as he knew Jake did this, it felt terribly wrong to let this continue.

All the same... Lurin was following the rules that Chance had privately decided to enforce for Jake in a situation like this. Wasn't doing anything that would hurt him too badly. Wasn't doing anything that would be likely to be noticed right away. Jake's clothes were fine, and while Lurin was drawing blood he was careful not to do so too obviously.

Chance had to wonder though... was Lurin holding back because he wanted to, or because he knew that he'd tear his tail off if he went too far?

He couldn't help but suspect it was the later. He knew it wasn't for Jake's sake, or by Jake's request.

Chance shuddered at the deep roar Lurin let out as he came, and watched Jake move like stiff rag doll through each thrust until it was over. Then Chance closed his fist and kept a very sharp eye on the way Lurin's claws drew tiny rivulets of blood from Jake's rubbery cock-barbs until Jake cried out with an orgasm as intense as any Chance could remember Jake having, except for when Melody was torturing him.

His ears flicked back as he watched the two of them keep going, occasionally glancing at the door to make sure nobody was looking too closely. He would've considered leaving, but he wasn't about to leave Jake alone with Lurin like this. Not in the mood Jake was in.

He couldn't completely hide his relief when Lurin finally pulled out, his copious seed pouring down Jake's legs as the cinnamon tom all but collapsed forward to rest his chest on the table he'd propped himself against for his mate.

"You are something special," Lurin whispered in Jake's ear as he reached over to Jake's desk and grabbed a rag from a drawer to clean the blood and seed from himself.

"Yeah, he is," Chance said softly as Lurin finished cleaning up enough to head out and left the room.

"You gonna be okay?" He asked Jake, starting to clean him up properly.

"Oh yeah," Jake purred deeply and spread his legs in an open invitation to Chance for anything he wanted, be it cleanup or to claim him again.

"Just cleaning you up for now," Chance chuckled, kissing Jake's cheek lightly. "You are at work, even if you are salaried... so you're feeling better about Lurin now?"

"Not really, he's just cruddy good at giving me what I like," he moaned in a mixture of pleasure and fresh pain when Chance carefully cleaned his bloody cock with antiseptic.

"Y'know, we could call on that sadist of Bev's from San Fran a bit more often," Chance offered. "I know I'd feel better about it," he admitted, working on cleaning Jake's ass up a bit.

"I know," Jake signed, clearing having had this debate with himself more than once already. "Thing is ... Lurin just knows ... knows this, really honestly gets off on it. He's already showed me things I'd never done, never thought of doing."

"It wasn't always like this," Chance told him softly. "Not so often, or so ... intense."

"I know," Jake sighed. "I'm sorry," he glanced over his shoulder and down a bit to his mate. "I know you try, I've tried, but it only works for so long when there's ...." he closed his eyes briefly. "I never thought I'd be the one having problems with retirement like this."

"Being Razor scratched the itch for you?" Chance asked, raising an eyebrow dubiously before he got it. "You mean when there's nothing to keep you from doing it. When you don't have to avoid it."

"Yeah," he nodded slightly. "Back home I'd have enough choice, I knew enough people, to have somebody trustworthy. Here ... Lurin's it. Humans don't even begin to understand the way he does, the way anybody who really understands Kats does."

Chance sighed and shifted to hug Jake tightly.

"Wish there was a way around that," he murmured, his nose just above Jake's shoulder. "I don't like trusting you to somebody I can't trust."

"Believe me," he pressed back against his mate's broad chest. "I'm not too keen on it either. It's just not ... scary enough to give up yet."

"Hope it never is," Chance murmured sincerely, nuzzling Jake's neck. "Worst part of it is...." He sighed, hugging Jake tight. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd feel a lot better if I knew you'd be able to kick his tail if he went too far some time. I think you could take him, but given what's involved before he'd go too far...."

"Chance, love, it doesn't matter if I could kick his tail normally. Once it goes too far, I couldn't fight off anyone," Jake said, personally at peace with the danger of his desires.

"You're not helping," Chance grumbled. "Wish I had an idea just what happened between him and Cindy ... be better than worrying about being the only reason he didn't do worse to you."

"I don't invite him to," Jake said simply. "I set the rules up front, I get agreement up front. Unlike Cindy, I know the rules he plays by. They're the same rules I do. He's not a great choice, but until he decides he's ready to face the consequences of killing me, he won't push it past my boundaries."

"Don't let Marie hear you talking like that," Chance chuckled slightly, kissing his neck. "I should probably let you get back to work ... seeya tonight?"

"All right," he turned and kissed his mate lightly.

Jack Carter winced to himself as he pulled into Fargo's driveway well outside of town. He could already hear Fargo's whiny voice driven to hysterics by something, and the curt sounds Jo made in an effort to shut him up before she resorted to bodily harm. He was honestly a bit surprised that Fargo was still capable of talking given she had probably been listening to him for at least ten minutes already.

"Okay, what's going on out here?" He asked as he hopped out of the car. "More trouble with Seth?"

"No, for once," Fargo said with a frown. "Something's been stealing supplies from me!"

"What kind of supplies?" Carter asked patiently. "Specifics."

"Tools, sheet metal... my backup micro-reactor, that's going to be the most irritating to replace."


"Like the one in S.A.R.A.H.," Fargo pointed out. "While I was at work, something detached it and moved it out of my house!"

"So who would that be valuable to, that couldn't get one an easier way?" Carter asked as he spotted Taggart drive up and cast a questioning glance at Jo.

"I don't know, anybody who wanted an untraceable nuclear reactor without it being on the books?" Fargo scoffed. "Just about anybody... but it's probably somebody with weird... things. Saw one of the little creeps making off with my toolbox."

"Small, winged, and pink," Jo explained briefly. "I thought it might be connected to the other incidents, so I called you and Taggart about it."

"Right," Carter groaned, dreading more Fey activity. "What about the other materials? They don't sound like anything all that useful."

"Kats are coming," Jo commented out of nowhere.

"Engines," Taggart explained briefly as he joined the discussion.

"Right ... not going to ask how you can hear them from here," Carter said, shaking his head. "Fargo?"

"I don't know," he shrugged slightly. "I mean... four panels of sheet titanium shouldn't be enough to do anything useful with, and that's all they grabbed. Think the idea was to try and take just enough I wouldn't notice."

"Could be trying to build a shelter," Taggart mused. "And want some power handy for whatever reason. Can't discount the possibility of them being intelligent."

"How tall were they, how human-like?" Carter began the stranger questions involved in these cases. "Could you create an image of one?"

"Might just be packrat types too," Taggart mused to himself. "Stealing for the sake of it. It's a common trait among many types of known Fey."

"Pink... maybe two feet tall... looked kinda like scrawny dragons or gargoyles. I could probably make an image, but I only saw it from behind really well."

"I'll get the laptop out," Jo offered, heading for her car as the engines of Jake and Chance's cyclotrons approached from the distance, audible even to Carter now. Just on instinct for having to repeat less to the pair, everyone paused their action until the two red and black bikes pulled up and the Kats, dressed in riding leathers, got off.

"Fey-type critters are stealing things," Carter shrugged, knowing that was more than enough to get the pair interested. "Everything from sheet metal to a portable nuclear generator."

"Okay, how many of these portable nuclear generators are around here?" Chance asked, shaking his head.

"Four, two of them supporting Global HQ and Security," Fargo said easily. "If there are more, I don't know about them."

"That means there are at least two more," Carter sighed. "Okay, try to find what we're looking for?" he said as Jo brought the laptop over.

"Where are the prints?" Taggart asked his lover.

"Over there," she motioned towards the back of the house.

As Taggart went over to look at them, Chance followed, more interested in something he could look at directly than at the computer-sketch session that Jake was going to watch. When he saw the clawed tracks, he felt his heart skip a beat.

"Jake!" Chance bellowed, startling Taggart enough that he actually jerked back from the tracks he was inspecting. "Need a second opinion here!"

"Coming!" his partner call back, already at an audible run and skidding to a stop just behind the pair. "Ah crud," he hissed under his breath. "No. They aren't from here."

"What is it?" Taggart asked, looking up at Chance and Jake.

"Creeplings, or at least that's what we called 'em... unless the tracks are just wrong. I mean... fairy world, right? Could be all sorts of things with feet like that...."

"Stealing high tech supplies?" Jake pointed out quietly. "We never did learn where Dark Krud got'm from, except it wasn't native to Aristal."

"Damned logic," Chance muttered, then his expression turned very scarred. "You don't think that maybe ...."

"If he was, do you think he'd have let me live?" Jake looked at his partner seriously.

"What are Creeplings, and what do they have to do with Aristal?" Taggart asked them seriously.

"Little imps that worked for Dark Kat, the biggest Omega in the city... Hell, probably biggest on Aristal," Chance supplied.

"Imps, that's a good word for them!" Fargo called out. "No tails though."

"Wonderful," Chance sighed as they headed back towards the front to where Jo, Fargo and Carter were.

"Jo, bring up that picture of a Creepling for him. It's under Aristal animals," Jake called towards her.

"Yeah, that's it," Fargo said after a moment. "At least... I think that's it."

"Okay, so three explanations for this. Either Dark Kat came through, they're from the Fairy World originally, or somebody around here managed to find and summon some by mistake. I really hope we're looking at a mistake."

"Probably are, in Eureka," Taggart pointed out. "From what you've said, if this Dark Kat fella had come through, we'd know by now."

"Most likely," Chance admitted, though he was still openly uneasy. "He's not much for being quiet for long."

"Or unobtrusive if he came by technology," Jake added.

"So odds are you've probably just figured out where they came from," Taggart offered. "Might be handy if you ever do get back home."

"Yeah ... now we've just got to figure out where they are. How many of them were hauling the reactor, and were they walking, or flying?" Chance asked Fargo.

"Four, flying," Fargo answered. "One arm holding it, the other flapping. It shouldn't be possible."

"Fey shouldn't be possible," Jake reminded him dryly. "It doesn't make them or magic any less real."

"Sounds about right for their strength too," Chance murmured. "Okay, how much damage could they do with one of those mini-reactors, if they didn't know what they were doing and opened it up?"

"It's a nuclear reactor," Fargo glared at him like he was stupid.

"Eureka won't exist anymore," Jake translated. "At least not much of it."

"Well, I didn't know what sort of protection these things had," Chance pointed out. "Besides, it'd probably be worse if they did know what they were doing with it. You remember the Black Widow, right?"

"Oh yeah," Jake shuddered. "Okay, so does the reactor at least have a tracking device imbedded in it?"

"Yes, it does," Taggart nodded. "All fissile material around here does... ounce of prevention and all that. Should be able to bring it up on my laptop...." He headed off towards his truck, getting the computer.

"Y'know, I don't think even MKC had to lojack their nuclear plants," Chance observed dryly.

"The small ones were, in some way or another," Jake had a teasing gleam in his eyes. "Not that any of us tended to let out how."

"Best policy, really," Taggart nodded. "Fargo?"

"Seven-alpha-two-beta," the younger scientist rattled off easily. "I try to remember the tracking numbers for things like this," he explained to Chance and Carter. "This'd be a lousy time to be searching for an instruction manual."

"Well, start searching," Taggart said after a few moments. "Because that tag gave me a blip before going out."

"Where was the blip?" Jake asked even as he and Chance turned towards their bikes.

"That way; you'll want to follow me, the woods aren't good to bikes that way," Taggart said, starting up his truck. "Sheriff, we'll call you if we find anything!"

"Cyclotrons aren't normal bikes," Jake countered as their engines roared to life.

"It's going to be a long day," Carter signed with a shake of his head and turned towards his jeep.

"Sheriff, you might want to take the short way into town," Jo called to him. "Zoe should be at Vincent's any minute."

"Thanks Jo," he said, climbing back into the cruiser and starting it. "Didn't take you long to get back up to speed," he chuckled before pulling out, heading in to meet his daughter.

Eureka Kats 9.99: Coming Out Parties

PG-13 for M/M and M/F
Het Level is Medium
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

52 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written May 16, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). Fantasy

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Jake Clawson/Lurin Bengal, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart, others

Blurb: It's a lot of first appearances and mornings after in Eureka, most of them less than welcome.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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