Eureka Kats 9.99:
The End of an Era

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/F sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Enjoying the ride?" Chance grinned back at his passenger in the current Turbokat prototype after nearly an hour in the air. Sure, he could have made the trip shorter, but getting to fly in the jet was a treat too.

"Oh yeah," Zoe grinned, her face plastered to the side of the cockpit to watch the tropical aquamarine ocean below.

"Good, we're almost there," he warned her. "I think you'll like it."

"I have no doubts there," she giggled a bit.

"Best part is, we won't have to worry about gawkers if I take my hologram off," he smiled back at her briefly before turning his attention back to flying. "How's work been going?" He asked her curiously; over the past couple of years, it had been harder to keep up with her, between her college classes, getting ready to leave in a week or two, and both of them working for different parts of Eureka and Global.

"Pretty good," she grinned. "I'm already giving my psych tech fits with some theories on the causes of deviant psychology."

"Hell, you've got Eureka for test cases," Chance laughed, approaching the helipad near the condo. "You've got some serous nutjobs to work with for it. They ought to expect some strange results," he grinned.

"Except my 'strange' results hold in the general world too, when you look," she grinned and watched the fine sand outside the landing pad blow away from the engines. "Most of them come from LA, really."

"Yeah, well, most shrinks I've heard around here have their heads up their asses too," he snickered, pausing for a bit to touch down gently. "You don't have that problem."

"No, though my Dad still wants me to stop drinking stewed yard clippings," she giggled and looked around at their location and the immaculately looking two-story creamy white Spanish-style villa. "This is where we're staying?"

"Yep," Chance grinned. "So, you like it?" He asked as he slid the cockpit back.

"It's incredible, Chance," she said, her eyes wide as it sunk in just what he'd pulled off in the name of their first, and only, time sleeping together. "You didn't have to get this extravagant," she said and accepted his help getting down from the cockpit.

"Have to? Maybe not," he smiled as he helped her down. "Wanted to? Yeah. After all, you've been real patient the last two years," he winked. "This weekend's for you, Zoe."

"Well, I didn't wait for you, but ... well, a guy like you is pretty rare," she smiled and walked with him along the fine sandstone path from the helipad. "Until you started to pack, I still had some hopes that it would be more than just a weekend."

"Yeah, but Jake's going back," Chance explained ... or tried to, squeezing her hand. "He's been trying, on and off, to convince us both that we don't have to go back with him ... but we both want to. He's my partner, even if we try to retire SWAT once we get settled. Besides, I hear you've got somebody a bit closer to your age you're seeing," he smiled down at her.

"Yeah, Jath's pretty cool, but he's still a Eureka brat. There's so much he doesn't understand, cause he'd never left, never lived in the real world, or seen a working class family try to survive. The silence gets uncomfortable sometimes."

"Yeah ... I know what you mean," Chance admitted. "For what it's worth... if you think it's worth the effort, the best way to help with some of that is to try and get him out there. Not for the rough parts, maybe, but try to get him out to see past the lab. Even if the two of you don't stick together, it can help make him a better guy in the long run. Take it from a couple decades experience," he chuckled.

"So far, that's been the hard part," she admitted. "He's ... he doesn't understand what I get out of working with people. It's like that part of him doesn't exist. Even when he finally agreed to help out at the Eureka old folks home, he didn't get it."

"In that case... you might be better off looking somewhere else," Chance admitted. "Or waiting for him to grow up some. I mean... he's what, sixteen? Seventeen? Not really the best time for most folks and getting that sort of thing." They reached the door, and he pulled out the key card to open it on the luxurious front room.

"I know, and ... well, there's a reason military and law enforcement tends to run in families. There's an inherent drive and sense of duty in both groups that goes way beyond training. Guess I did inherent that much from Dad. It sure wasn't from Mom. The pickings there are just seriously slim around Eureka, when you want somebody that doesn't completely glaze over when I start to talk."

"Well, hey, I wouldn't be that much better in the last department," Chance chuckled. "So... want to relax for a bit, find something a bit more cheerful to talk about?"

"Sure," she went with the light swinging motion that caught her eye outside. "And Chance ... I never hoped for more than being a girlfriend; kinda like Cindy was before she left. I'm really going to miss having somebody around that really understands what I'm talking about."

"That's called a friend with perks where I'm from," Chance smiled and kissed her softly, not quite ready for the heated, and experienced, kiss it turned into as she pressed against his body in a way that made it impossible for him to miss that she had grown up in the last two and some years since he'd been this close to her last.

Still, surprised or not, he knew how to respond to her now. He wrapped his arms around her, giving back just as good as he got, running his powerful hands down her back, exploring her and pressing his rough tongue into her mouth.

He felt her hands run down his body, squeeze his ass and move on to pull his shirt from his jeans.

"Want to take this back outside, or more comfortable in here?" He asked her with a low purr as their lips parted, brushing his furry face along her cheek and starting to undo her belt.

"No one is around here?" she asked, sorely tempted by the warm sun, but not at all willing to be walked in on.

"There's the help, but they won't say a thing about anything they see. They're very discrete," he smiled. "And they'll stay off the beach unless we ask 'em to come out," he winked.

"Sounds exciting," she smiled and pushed his shirt from his shoulders. "I've never been skinny dipping either."

"Mmm ... before, or after, a little fun?" Chance asked her with a grin, kissing her lightly and shrugging his shirt off. "We've got a whole weekend to ourselves."

"As long as we actually get out there in the sun, after," she giggled before shimmying out of her own shirt and pressing against his broad, soft-furred chest, her hands exploring everything she could touch.

"Oh we will," he grinned, kissing her deeply before walking back out towards the beach. "We'll just leave the skinny dipping for after."

Zoe grinned and grabbed a light blanket before catching up with him. "Sand in everything isn't fun," she said with a wink.

"I'll give you that one, though it always gets stuck in fur," he chuckled, undoing his belt and tossing it off to the side as they headed out, looking back at the bra-clad young woman behind him. "You're just lucky Jake's not around, or you'd have been tackled and in the water before ever making it to the house," he winked.

"Seriously?" she asked a little wide-eyed. "He never seemed interested in anybody else."

"You never heard about the effect warm water has on him," Chance explained. "Normally, he probably wouldn't be ... I was surprised that he was interested in Marie even, really. But give him an ocean to play around in ... when he's not busy exploring as close to the bottom as he can get, he's horny as a she-kat in heat."

"I bet you've learned to take good advantage of that," she snickered and spread the large throw on the fine, warm sand. "Care to give me a taste of what he gets?" she nearly crooned and knelt on the throw before stripping what little she had left on off and tossing it casually aside.

"Just how big a taste?" He purred, sliding his own pants off and kneeling next to her, running his hands down her sides, then up towards her breasts.

"Nothing bloody, okay?" she murmured and leaned forward into his touch for a for a kiss, even as she spread her legs a bit. "I haven't done all that much."

"Nothing bloody," he promised her. "Just wasn't sure how much you were into," he reassured her, kissing her back, reaching down to stroke her sex lightly, popping his claws out slightly to run them along her moist pussy-lips and the trimmed, naturally blond hair there.

"Mmm, feeling good," she moaned and let her head fall back, her legs spread a bit further apart.

"Want this slow, or fast? Gonna be hard either way," he rumbled, rubbing his shaft against her leg. He reached up, running a hand through her curly blonde hair, kissing her neck and slowly playing his fingers along her slick sex.

"Slow," she moaned, rocking her hips into his touch. "Let's savor this first time."

"Kinda hoping you'd say that," he purred, licking his way down along her smooth, furless collarbone, spreading her lips and finding her clit with a fingertip, rubbing it slowly as he worked towards her breasts.

"Ohhh," she moaned and shifted one leg to run the top of her foot gently along his cock, taking in the texture of the rubbery barbs against hardness of its core.

"Flexible, aren't you?" He grinned, sliding down further, nipping at her nipples lightly. "Want to feel this inside you?" He asked, lapping the undersides of her breasts with his rough tongue.

"I want this in me," she shivered and flexed her toes against his cock. "Been in my fantasies a long time, you know."

"Oooh...." He groaned lightly as his balls rubbed against her foot a bit. "Thought you wanted it slow though," he teased, inhaling her scent and lowering his fingers, pressing one thick digit up into her tight, wet body.

She whimpered and squeezed her body down around his finger, almost aching to be filled by something much larger. "Different definition of slow," she gasped and moved her foot a bit lower to arch and rub her manicured toes against his balls, enjoying the weight and roll of them as much as his response to it.

"Please," she looked up at him pleadingly as she slid all the way down and rocked her hips up invitingly.

Chance kissed her, pulling his finger out of her and moving to rub his shaft against her slick lips.

"You're beautiful," he purred deeply, sliding down and then back up to press his throbbing, barbed maleness deep into her body as he claimed a deep, heated kiss.

He moaned into her mouth as she slid her legs along his, entwining them and tightening her body around his. As he began to thrust, slowly drawing out and pushing back into her willing depths, it sank in that even as obviously aroused and hungry for him that she was, she wasn't much on participating, or she didn't know how.

With only a weekend, he didn't really think he was about to change that, either way. Still, he was going to make this as good for her as he could; he shifted, searching for her g-spot as they made out and his shaft slid in and out of her hot, slick flesh.

He took her moans and shivers as a good sign, and when she broke the kiss to gasp for air, her hips rocking of their own volition, it was an even better one. Whatever else was going on, she wasn't afraid of pleasure.

He shifted his head, licking at the cleft of her neck and shoulder, his rough tongue and the tips of his sharp teeth pressing into her skin as the pleasure started building inside of him. He slowed down, trying to be a bit more deliberate, draw things out for her.

After making her wait for two years, he could wait a bit longer to make sure she enjoyed herself. He felt her orgasm begin to rumble inside her in the quiver of muscle around his and the tenor of her cries.

Just a little more effort ... he focused his breathing and rolling his hips to rub against her clit with each stroke until her body tightened and she gasped out a nonsense word of pure pleasure.

He roared, letting himself go, emptying his balls into her body as she cried out and whimpered and milked his shaft shamelessly for more. He didn't even pause in his strokes, giving her everything he had and every trick he'd learned from a lifetime of pleasing females.

"So, think those two are going to have a good time?" Marie asked with a smile as she and Jake started work on packing up the Clawson-Furlong house. She had an armful of clothes, old favorites and ones that would be difficult to replace, ready for a box they'd set out to start getting ready.

"Oh, I'm sure of it," Jake chuckled softly as he continued to sort his own clothing, selecting relatively little to bring with him. "No way he's not showing her the time of her life."

"Just hope he can live up to two years of fantasies," Marie snickered.

"He lived up to almost seven years of mine," he pointed out with a fond smile. "Keeps living up to them too."

"I guess I just didn't have as long to fantasize about the tabby," she winked. "So, anything you want me to be sure I remember to grab for you?" She asked him, putting her clothes away. "This'd be a lousy time not to think of something."

"The White Queen leathers," he grinned at her.

"Why am I not surprised?" She laughed. "Mmm... I don't want to pack those just yet though," she purred deeply.

"Oh?" Jake glanced over at her with a curiously intent expression.

"Why should Chance be the only one to spend part of this weekend rutting like he did during the honeymoon?" Marie grinned over at him.

"None at all," Jake chuckled and turned his attention back to sorting. "Though we should try to get at least some of this done before he gets back."

"I know," she giggled, getting back to work, folding up the awards she'd gotten in the last few months and photographs that featured her family and friends. "Don't worry, I can focus," she reassured him, setting the frames aside to be packed up later. "I know you want most of this ready to toss in the TurboKat when Chance gets back. You want to take anything from work?"

"I packed those weeks ago," he said. "The one in the hall's the only really important one to us."

"Dad'd be flattered to hear that," Marie smiled. "Your designs are all packed already, I'm assuming ... what about the ones that Lurin had hidden?"

"What we could find of them," he nodded. "He was about as inclined to write things down as I am, and with at least as much reason."

"Yeah, but that armor of his... from the sound of it, that was pretty damned good," she said with a slight shrug. "Ever figure out how to engineer out the sonic weakness?"

"Yap," he chirped, finishing up sorting his clothing. "Care to see the goods we'll have to start a new life with?"

"Sure," she grinned. "Raw materials, or worked?"

"A mix, but mostly things that will sell well with few questions as to their origin," he said and walked to the living room. "Shades down, lights to full, sorting table out."

Marie watched the house comply, the table almost shimmering into existence as its composite frame flexed to position and a small charge locked it in place.

"Almost nine million in precious metals and cut stones," Jake said as he unlocked the walk-in safe in the wall and brought out a chest.

"Am I going to need to get something soft to faint into?" She asked, only half joking as he got ready to open the chest.

Jake looked up at her as he set the chest on the table, his expression uncertain. "That depends on how faint-worthy gems are to you."

"I was mostly joking, Jake," she reassured him, reaching over to squeeze his shoulder. "Nothing that's named around here, I'm sure, so I shouldn't be too shocked."

"No," he gave her a quick kiss and began to pour out gem bags onto the table, the emptying of the top layer displaying the gold bars below. "Things that are easily exchanged for local cash, no matter where we end up."

"About how much do you think they'll be worth back home? Better or worse than what they cost here?" She asked, looking through some of the mix of many kinds jewels. Most were cut, and all were a very good quality to her untrained eye. She was a bit surprised to more common ones such as tiger-eye and rosy quartz, though they were fine examples of their kind.

"It depends on where we are, and how long we take to liquidate them," he said pragmatically as he spread them out to give her a full sense of how much he had gathered over two years. "Most are worth comparable amounts, some are worth more, and a few are worth a great deal for the right buyer, but those buys are hard to come by."

"Always the case," she nodded. "I don't suppose you found anything that's unique to Earth?"

"Not that I know of, but it's not exactly my field, and I do want thing that will sell without too many questions about where I got them," he shook his head and spread the large double handful of opals out. "Anything that I don't recognize would just cause too many questions when I try to sell."

"True," she nodded. "Just occurred to me that it might be worth a good bundle if you found a buyer ... you're right though, I'm sure."

"The technology and knowledge we're bringing is worth far more than any object," he chuckled and gave her a kiss. "This is just to get us to the point where the knowledge can keep us going. My tabbies are both used to a pretty high standard of living after all."

"Mmm ... I'm not totally spoiled, just most of the way there," she giggled and kissed him back with a purr. "You keep me happy even without all the creature comforts," she winked.

"Maybe, but you have not see the other tabby pout when he looses his toys," he pulled her into his arms and nuzzled her, breathing deeply of the intoxicating scent that had first captured him. "I built that first TurboKat out of scrap to make that pout go away."

"Mmm ... well maybe we'll have to take along a few of the smaller toys he's got," she purred, pressing into him, nuzzling his neck. "Up for a little break, see if my leathers work on you as well as they did on our wedding night?" She asked with a playful wink.

Jake murred softly and drew her close before he played a single claw down her throat and between her breasts. "How about something a bit more unique?" he asked with a soft murmur that turned into a line of kisses down her jaw and neck. "Just you and me, no kink, no games, just slow, soft pleasure."

"I can do that too," she rumbled softly, pressing into his touch and leaning up to kiss him tenderly, running her hands along his back as they gently undressed each other, kissing and touching until he knelt and let his tongue caress her swelling lower lips.

"Oh yeah," she moaned softly, reaching down to scratch his scalp lightly, massaging his ears as she spread her legs for him. Through her fingers and through her sex she felt his pleasure at doing this, at her moans and the taste of her arousal, something even more intoxicating to him than her scent.

"Fuck, Jake," she whimpered, carefully shifting her weight, wrapping one leg around his shoulder as he ate her out, her pants around her ankle as she let his rough tongue send shivers of pleasure through her with each lick. "Better... let me return the favor later," she moaned.

"Anything you want, beautiful," he purred against her flesh, relishing the shivers he caused and even more the weight of her leg along his shoulder and back. "Anytime you want."

"Now then," she moaned, pulling her leg off of him, pushing him to the floor and kissing him hotly. "Sixty-nine, or should I just get you off so we can try to make it to bed?" She purred deeply.

"How about," he paused and twisted, rolling them over so he was on top of her and rubbed his hard-on against her sex. "I just take you now?"

"Oof! That works too," she grinned, spreading her legs and wrapping her arms around him. "Just thought you might like a warm up first," she winked before her attention was claimed by fierce kiss as he pressed into her open, slick body.

With a bit of a thrust he hilted inside her, then shifted his body up so he could lower his head and lap at her breasts.

"Oh Jake," she moaned, wrapping a leg around his hips, tilting her body up to take him even deeper into her hungry sex. "God, the things you do to me," she purred lustily, fighting the urge to pop her claws out and rake them down his back as long as she could, despite knowing the effect it would have on him.

He grinned and took one nipple between sharp front teeth to focus his tongue's attention on it, quite intentionally making the same pattern and movements he would with her clit.

She whimpered softly and gave in to the urge to claw his back lightly, milking his shaft with her sex. Her body clamped down around him as she threw her head back with a wordless cry of pleasure, coming hard.

As her body fluttered and tightened around him, Jake moaned and quickened his pace, eager to come while she was still lost in pleasure. Her body worked his rubbery barbs, sending bolts of pleasure through his balls, to his ass and up his spine until he slammed into her and roared as he shot ribbon after ribbon of thick seed into her body.

"Mmm ... fuck that feels good," she moaned, kissing him deeply as they both came down a bit from their orgasms.

"Yeah, it does," he murmured and nuzzled her affectionately, then began to lick her neck and shifted to roll them over, leaving her on top of him this time. "So what would you like next?" he purred and thrust up into her.

"Ooh... anything in particular you want to try?" She grinned down at him, leaning up and shaking her fur out, making a consciously sexy display of her lean body. "Something new, maybe? I'm in a mood to play a bit," she winked.

"Well, now, I can't think of much we haven't tried yet," he purred deeply as he reached up and caressed her chest. "But I am definitely game to try anything for you."

"Mmm ... dangerous offer," she teased lightly, reaching leaning down to lick his chin, sitting up and starting to bounce on his shaft faster. "Oooh ... up for cleaning me out after you're done?"

"Always," he moaned as much from the prospects as from what his body was doing to his. "Love how we taste together."

"Oldie but ah ... oooh ... a goodie," she grinned, reaching down to scratch his chest lightly and pressed into his hands when he returned the contact. "Mmm... c'mon, honey, fill me up again," she moaned and squeezed her body around him as she continued to ride him, her breath coming in deepening pants.

"Definitely," he shuddered and slid his hands to her hips as he began to thrust up harder, his mouth open and his eyes drifting closed in their pleasure. With a deep moan he rotated his hands in to press her clit down, into his slick fur and the constant rubbing contact.

She threw her head back, giving a feral yowl as she clenched down around him, milking his barbed length with her insides and rubbing against him furiously. She was only vaguely aware that he was panting, thrusting into her as hard as he could but holding back.

A low sound of incredible desire escaped Marie's throat as she caught her breath. Without a chance to say anything, Jake pulled her mouth down to his with a hand on the back of her neck while his other arm hooked over her hips.

"Ohhh yes," he shuddered and thrust up again and again, pushing her to the peak of pleasure again, but this time controlling every movement from under her.

She whimpered and moaned, trying to hold back as well, clinging to him desperately as he reduced her from whimpers and moans to needy, hungry mewls of pleasure and longing, and to a half-choked scream of pleasure when he finally forced her over the edge.

With each breath making her body shudder, and the rest of her muscles lax from the pleasure and exertion, he kissed the top of her head and let out a slow, soft moan.

He ran both hands down her back, caressing her relaxed body before holding her hips again and slowly, gently, rolled his hips up until the slow burn turned off thought and he emptied his balls into her depths with a short gasp that soon echoed her moans.

"You ... are an absolute bastard sometimes," she purred breathlessly, nuzzling his neck submissively. "And I love you for it," she added with a giggle. "At least you didn't make me beg this time."

"No begging today," he smiled and kissed her gently. "It's been too long since I reminded you that I don't need all the games we usually play."

"Mmm ... not all of them, but I don't mind some," she purred lazily, kissing him back. "I've got an idea I'd like to try out while you clean up the mess you've made in my pussy," she rumbled, kissing him more heatedly.

"Well, then, why don't you tell me how you want me?" he nuzzled her affectionately.

"On your knees, between my legs ... I might need you to tie my hands up though, in case they give out," she giggled, licking his nose and pulling off of him with a low moan.

"I can hold you," he promised with a throaty purr as she pulled off him with a groan and stood. She moaned again deeply as he nuzzled her soaking sex, then slid his tongue along her entire slit.

"Good," she moaned, moving her foot to rub the silky, furry top of it against Jake's shaft and balls, tipping it up to take her weight on her heel, and let her use the rest of her foot along his slick member. Her toe-claws popped out, grazing his shaft and the sensitive skin at its base as she massaged his scalp.

"Ohhhh," he moaned into her flesh, desperately turned on by the subtle, sharp lines of pain despite his sated state. He redoubled his efforts to clean her out, tasting her pleasure mixed with his seed and shuddering with it.

"Like that?" She asked, purring deeply as she caught his stiffening cock between her toes, rubbing it, her claws prickling lightly along his member. She moaned, pressing her clit into his nose as his tongue pressed into her body, the rough surface pulling his seed and her juices out of her sex.

When she shuddered, she felt him grab her hips in both hands and help hold her upright as she felt her pleasure spike once more.

She needed it too; her knees wanted to give out, and if he hadn't been holding her they probably would have, dropping her on top of him.

He might enjoy pain, but that was an entirely different sort of situation, really.

Instead, she let him carry her over the edge, sure that he would keep her up, working his cock and trying to get him off along with her as their mingled juices flowed down his muzzle.

By the time she finished panting she was leaning on his head with both feet on the ground and focusing on just staying upright.

"Mmm, return the favor?" he purred and guided her to the floor to kiss her. "Or should I make another mess of you?"

"I was willing to return the favor before you filled me up," she purred, pressing him back to the floor and kissing her way down his body, nuzzling his balls and rubbing her face against his rigid cock before licking him from base to tip.

"Oh yeah," he relaxed and let her work, his eyes drifting closed as he rubbed her ears and felt his balls gradually tighten at her sucking and tongue. He didn't make any effort to hold himself back from thrusting into her mouth, or the roar that came when he came.

She swallowed his seed, pressing her nose into his pubes with a happy purr that was only interrupted when she had to swallow a mouthful of his semen. As he finished, she fondled his balls lovingly, sliding up to kiss him, her breath tasting heavily of his pleasure.

"Mmm ... love you," she purred, snuggling close to him on the floor.

Zoe was enjoying snuggling with Chance well after daylight happened. She'd gotten up, wandered for a bit, had breakfast and snuggled back into bed without him doing more than murmuring when she pressed close again.

It was Sunday morning ... they only had the night and early the next day, less than twenty-four hours, before they'd be heading back. Then just a few more days and he'd be gone.

She traced her fingers through his fur, pressing up against him, just enjoying the way his powerful, furry body felt against her slender, smooth one. It had been one Hell of a weekend so far, and they had another day all to themselves yet before it was over ... almost made her wonder just what they'd try yet, before having to go back, and if he'd have any time for her once they had.

"Morning, beautiful," he purred and slid a hand down her side, then back up to circle a thumb around her breast. "Any requests for breakfast?"

"Mmm ... how about a nice, big helping of beefcake?" She rumbled, wrapping her arms around him and pressing into his touch. "Maybe a little talk later?"

"I like the way you think," he grinned and kissed her with a long, slowly burning passion he'd quickly learned she responded best to despite her general lack of patience.

"Mmm...." She kissed him back, wrapping a leg around his, rubbing against him lightly. In just a few days, he'd found more ways to blow her mind than old boyfriends had in as many weeks. But this part, taking it slow and starting out, giving her time to get into it as much as he was, was still her favorite. "I was just thinking the same thing," she grinned as their lips parted.

With a smile he rolled them to their sides and began to kiss his way down to her breasts while one hand slipped down, playing lightly in her trimmed pubic hair until she lifted one leg to rest it on his to invite his fingers further in. She ran her hands down his back, her fingers playing at the spot above his tail she'd learned worked for him.

"Do you want to try something new today?" She asked him, whimpering softly as his thick fingers slipped into her sex. "Between us, anyways?"

"Sure," he said between suckling her breasts. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well, uhm...." She trailed off with a soft moan, pressing into his touch. "Do you really like taking a fem back here?" She asked, her fingers moving down a bit to trace lightly over the furless pucker of his ass. She felt it flex at her touch and his tail arch up, exposing himself to his lover.

"When they do," he lifted his head up to face her, doing his best to read her expression. "Do you want to try it?"

"If you do," she nodded slightly. "Just... slow, and gentle?" She asked him hopefully. "I've never done that before."

"I'd be honored to be first," he said in all honesty and kissed her. "That's something to definitely take slow and with plenty of lube."

"You and Jake don't," she snuggled against him and claimed several quick kisses.

"We learned that we don't need to," he explained gently, caressing her body with his free hand. "That's not for a first time."

"You have any then?" She asked him, thinking over what she'd seen that would do the job in the house if he hadn't. "I didn't exactly pack that."

"I did," he began to nuzzle her breasts again. "Some women need it even up front. First, a little warm-up?"

"Please," she grinned, squeezing his ass lightly and spreading her legs again. His fingers worked their magic until she all but whimpered and his fur was slick and wet. Without waiting for her to beg, he pressed her to her back and thrust into her hot, tight body with a growl.

"Oh yeah," she moaned, wrapping both her legs around him, savoring the way his barbed shaft filled her sex, the rubbery protrusions working her most intimate reaches. She knew his experience added to how good it felt, but she didn't really care to think too hard on it. He just made it so easy to forget everything that sex had become in her generation between AIDS and the rise of the Religious Right. At least she didn't have to worry about accidentally getting pregnant with Chance.

"Shu, no thinking," Chance crooned in her ear and kissed her, doing his best to help her do just that.

"Sounds good," she whimpered into his mouth, squeezing down a bit around his shaft, letting him take all the concerns away and replace them with the pleasure he was so very, very good with.

Chance tipped the Turbokat's nose up a bit as he landed in front of the bunker where Zoe still lived with her father.

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend," she leaned forward from the back seat to squeeze his shoulder as they touched down lightly. "I'll remember it for a long time."

"Good," he reached back and squeezed her hand. "Ready to go back to reality?"

"Only if I have to," she smiled as the canopy slid back. "Which I guess means yes."

"Same here," he leapt down, and assisted her to the ground. "It was a great weekend," he murmured and kissed her soundly, wishing dearly he had more time to teach her how good pleasure could be. He knew scars were there, and he knew he could have helped heal them with more time.

"We all have scars," she smiled and hugged him close. "Thank you. I don't suppose you could stay?"

"I ... I could," he hesitated. "It wouldn't be fair, Zoe. Jake's stayed here two years for Marie, and an extra month beyond that so we could have this weekend. I can't ask him for more. It's killing him inside."

"I hate the law sometimes," she suddenly fumed, then sighed. "You're right, it's not fair to him."

"Thank you, for understanding," he kissed her again, softly this time in parting. "Have a good life, Zoe. If you ever find yourself on Aristal, you'll have a place in my home for as long as you want or need it."

She smiled and kissed his nose before stepping back. "Don't take this wrong, but I hope I don't see you again."

"I don't," he promised and leapt into the cockpit, the canopy sliding forward to cut him off from the outside. He saw her watch him take off before she turned to go home, and he set his mind to prepare to return to a much less pleasant life on the world he'd been born to.

It didn't take long before he set down in Global's main hanger, making mindless good-byes as he worked his way to Marie's car in the parking lot. His thoughts were on what home meant, and what he was going to miss after being in Eureka long enough to get used to it.

It wasn't long enough, and yet too long, before he pulled into lot he'd called home for nearly three years, and instantly went on alert. It wasn't nearly as empty as it should be, or as organized as he expected with their departure to be as soon as he could double-check that they hadn't missed anything, and he knew full well they wouldn't.

He went inside carefully; the past two years had been fairly quiet for them, really. He'd been hoping that they'd just managed to reach sort of a break-even point with the universe... that after taking out Dark Kat and dealing with everything Eureka had thrown at them, that somebody had decided they'd had enough and went back to the more normal crises that Eureka tended to spawn, instead of the nastier ones that had seemed to follow them from MKC.

Now, so close to leaving... the paranoid part of his mind was wondering if that same somebody had just been saving up for one last stab at them.

Fortunately, as he made it inside and took a sniff, he realized exactly what had happened.

"And you two say I get distracted too easily!" He called out into the house with a laugh as he closed the door behind himself. They'd managed to get the packing about half done, from the looks of it ... maybe they could add the security records from the house to what they took with them.

"We couldn't leave you to have all the fun while we did all the work," Marie teased back as she came out of the back room with large box in her arms and added it to the neat pile in the living room. "There's plenty of both for a bit yet."

"Well, I guess you did get about half of it done," he teased back, giving her a light kiss. "Where's Jake? All tied up?"

"Not any more," she laughed and turned to head into the back room. "He's packing all the jewelry I suggested would sell at a higher price than the loose stones he had picked out."

"Not your mother's necklace, right?" Chance asked, looking over at her.

"No!" Marie said, shaking her head sharply as they walked back to where Jake was examining and then packing a wide variety of jewelry and small artistic pieces. "That's coming, but it's not getting sold ... it's waiting for us to have a daughter, even if I'm not necessarily the mother."

"Have a good weekend?" Jake grinned up at Chance.

"Oh yeah," Chance grinned broadly. "Zoe's a Hell of a girl ... going to be a handful for whoever she settles down with," he chuckled. "So, that's what our savings got turned into?" He asked curiously, looking at the jewelry and mentally calculating more money than he'd seen in his life.

"Part of it, yes," Jake nodded as he brought up a simple silver star with a ruby in the middle and examined it for quality. "This is the last quarter of it."

"The last quarter of it?" Chance asked, his tail fluffing at the thought of what that probably added up to.

"We make extremely good money here, especially with three salaries and investments," Jake smiled at him. "I figured around nine million in all, though I'm not as sure what it will all go for on Aristal."

Chance let out a low whistle.

"Even with MKC prices, that'll keep us out of the Salvage Yard if we want to get out," he murmured.

"We'll have to," Jake reminded him. "After this long, the odds that they don't know we're SWAT is pretty low."

"Yeah, but if Feral had the chance, he'd have us working there with the hangar filled in just to watch the frustration," the tabby muttered.

"I thought we weren't going to try and stay in MegaKat City?" Marie looked between them.

"Any excuse to bust on Feral," Chance chuckled grimly. "So, what do you guys want me to help get loaded first?"

"The boxes in the living room," Jake waved in that direction. "I'll be done in a couple hours, I think."

"Come on, he said that yesterday too," Marie giggled.

"And I would have been, if you hadn't kept sitting in my lap," Jake teased her back.

"Sure, blame your wife," she smirked, leaning over to lick his cheek. "Mmm ... you were just as much a part of it as I was," she added, flicking her tail up as she headed out with Chance to start moving some of the boxes.

"Anything we've missed that you've spotted so far?" She asked him easily.

"Security footage from this weekend?" he grinned at her and hefted two boxes easily.

"Already set up," she giggled, picking up one herself. "Think Jake'll be able to get a converter set up for running that sort of thing on Aristal?"

"I'd be shocked if he hasn't already," he chuckled and walked out to where Blackie was parked very close to the back door.

"True... he's had two years of knowing it was coming," she nodded. "So... ready to head back home?"

"I guess," he murmured, not at all convincingly. "Ready or not, it's time to go, and ... well, you've seen what the wait's already done to Jake. I can't ask for more."

"Yeah," she nodded, sighing a bit. "Sometimes, I almost wish I had just decided to stay ... it would've been a lot easier on him. I just don't understand that Kat sometimes."

"I doubt even Beverly understands him," he said as they stacked the boxes in the immaculately organized bomb bay. "As close as I ever got was when I realized that he's condemned to serve a God he hates passionately and is just trying to make the best of it. I remember how much I hated answering to Feral, having to do what he said, and what he managed to do to us when we didn't. Give him the power of a God ...." he shuddered. "Bastet may not be Feral, but the level of choice Jake has in his life ... it can do things to you."

"I suppose," she nodded. "And I've never had to do anything like that, so I can't really say. I guess part of it is just that two years doesn't seem like that long to me, particularly with what I think I'll be able to do for him and his family."

"He hates his family almost as much as he hates being a God's puppet," Chance pointed out. "He'd give you more, if you asked for it. He'd give me time if I asked for it. I just can't be that selfish."

"And neither can I," she agreed, putting the box of clothes where it could be stacked on easily. "I'm not about to ask for more from him ... it's not easy leaving, but I do want to go with you guys."

"Hey, I'm not so hot on the idea of leaving, but I can't stay without him," Chance shrugged as they headed back for more boxes. "I swear I'll kill you if he finds out, but I know he's turned down two offers to do design work, because they wouldn't take me too. I don't know if I could do the same thing, if I got offered my uniform and wings back. Might not always be easy to live with, but it's a small price for that kind of loyalty."

"Yeah ... did he really think you wouldn't have stayed with him if he'd taken the shot?" She asked him quietly before they got into the house.

"I couldn't have," he said and paused there to look at her seriously. "Remember, we weren't at the Yard by choice. If my fines weren't paid too, I'd be stuck there, even if he was free and clear."

"Gah, that mess," she growled, her ears flat and tail lashing. "That was all sorts of fucked up ... at least that ought to be gone when you get back."

"Only until Feral finds out we're alive," he grumbled and opened the door. "Then he'll just add dereliction of duty, overdue payment fines and anything else he could think of. We're as screwed as anybody could get in that place. Omegas have a better shot of finishing their time than we do."

"Well, he's not going to have the chance," she said certainly. "And if he tries it ... it's not going to work. One way or another, we'll get us all safe back on your world."

"And settled someplace relatively safe," Chance agreed as they picked up more boxes. "Do you have any plans for what to do when we do find a place?"

"You mean like work, or more in general?" She asked him as they started out with another load.

"Job. You know you'll loose all your credentials ... you don't exactly work in a field that you can just show up and impress the boss to get in."

"No, but if we can get by long enough, I ought to be able to run rings around any academic course you could name... and then there's the side of things that I've never really had cause to do in Eureka. I can take myself public, so to speak. I might not be able to just show up and impress the boss, but marketing pets like Razzle... it's not low-profile, but it's potentially lucrative. Sounds like the limits on what I could do are a lot lower, generally, too."

"Most places, it's none," he nodded. "Governments tend to be more concerned with what you do with your creations, not what you create."

"So as soon as I can get my gear adjusted to local conditions, I'll have what I need to get started," she nodded. "Even if I can't get most of it to work, it sounds like I'd have the monopoly on AI technique and technology. That's pretty much universal."

It took Chance a long moment to figure out that she meant 'artificial insemination' rather than the 'artificial intelligence' he was used to AI being the reference for.

"Probably," he nodded. "I'm sure it'll all work. You've got Jake to help. He wouldn't use the space for something he wasn't fairly sure would be useful."

"Oh, I think it will too," she agreed easily. "I just wanted to make sure I had plans in case it didn't too."

"You sound like Jake there," he chuckled as they stacked the boxes in the TurboKat and headed for more.

"When you're talking the difference between fame and comfort and hoping the stock market doesn't put you on the street, it's worth it," she giggled. "Besides, I think Aristal's ripe for rainbow-feathered kitties," she winked.

"Speaking of which, where is she?" Chance asked, glancing at the door that had been open for some time now.

"Teasing Chien by flying just high enough he can't reach her and dangling her tail low," Marie chuckled. "We took her over to Dad's earlier; we'll pick her up after most of the packing's done."

Chance paused outside the house again, glancing at the translator in its customary position near her ear, much like his own. "Just how good do you understand us without that?"

"Just short of technical terms," she told him easily. "Jake's been giving me some lessons... I'll need it to catch up on the jargon and such, but I can pass for somebody who's speaking your language and not too experienced with it."

"Probably want to keep that handy then, even if not in such an obvious spot," he said thoughtfully. "Probably too late for it, but I bet that could be hidden in an earring or something."

"Chance, we're in Eureka," she grinned. "If we've got a few days, we can probably find somebody who'd do it ... and it's a good idea. Two years and I never thought of it," she admitted sheepishly.

"You think we really have a few days?" he glanced towards the room where Jake was working.

"That'd depend," she admitted. "Though it might only take a few hours to get it converted ... I'm not sure, have to ask Henry."

"Can't hurt to ask," he suggested as they went inside again.

"Mind if I call while you take out a load?" She asked him, nodding towards some of her larger lab equipment that was already boxed and loaded onto a cart.

"Sure thing," he waved her off and hefted the handles to roll it out, absently wondering why they weren't using any of the anti-grav lifters he'd seen around town.

Oh well... it was hardly the first time he'd moved like this. As he wheeled it out, he looked around some of the things that were still on the walls. As he glanced up at the hooks that were still in the ceiling, he wondered absently if whoever moved in here would get the same mileage out of them that they had... or for the same purposes.

It was a little weird, picturing another set of people in the place he'd come to think of as 'theirs.'

Thinking about leaving it was weirder, even after two years knowing it was coming.

It was what it told him about his partner that really unsettled him though. This was everything he'd always thought Jake wanted, everything Jake said he wanted, but nearly from the beginning, they both knew it wasn't going to work. Having respect, accolades, money and the freedom to do damn near anything he wanted and see it in production ... it was barely enough to make him shrug. The passion he'd always seen in the hanger was gone.

Chance froze as it hit him. He glanced back at the room his mate was working in and wondered if Jake knew why he wasn't happy with everything he'd ever said he'd wanted.

"Something wrong?" Marie asked as she came out with a box in her hands and saw him standing so very still.

"Just finally hit me why Jake's been so unhappy," he murmured, shaking his head. "Stupid of me not to realize it before."

"Okay ...." she drew the word out, trying to get him to explain.

"Sorry. I think he lived for the challenge of what SWAT was, technically," he said. "You've never seen him there, the passion I lived with all those years that hasn't been here, but I think what he really gets off on might just be turning junk into better-than-modern equipment."

"Even without anybody else knowing what it is he can do?" She paused, looking back at Jake, though he was hidden by a way. "You might actually be right, you know? It would explain a lot...."

"Yeah it would," he nodded. "What would what people know matter to somebody who answers to the Gods, and knows it?"

"True ... you think going home is going to help him with that?" She asked him quietly. "If you two give up SWAT, it might not...."

"I don't know," he signed and pushed the cart to their jet. "I just know that Eureka hasn't been good for him in a lot of ways. Even at its worse, MKC was better than this for him."

"Let's hope he can find it again... I think he just blames it on getting older, and getting tired." Marie followed him into the jet and stacked her box with the others.

"There's that too," he admitted as he carefully moved a crate from cart to a spot in the bomb bay. "I really don't know, not anymore."

"Well... I hope that going home will do the trick. I love him, but it sounds like the Jake you had would be even better," she smiled slightly. "Henry says the mod should just take an hour or two, mostly making sure the earring will fit the translator. You and Jake want yours modified too?"

"Wouldn't hurt, but we don't exactly wear earrings," he pointed out, then flicked his ears and looked towards the front. "I think the goodbye gathering is starting."

"This is going to be the 'fun' part," Marie murmured. "Well, let's go... I'll try to get mine modified; it'll be good to have at any rate."

"At least Cindy and Zoe have already covered their goodbyes," he shook his head and headed inside with her just in time to see Jake open the door and step back in surprise, his ears flicked back and tail half-tucked between his legs.

"Is something wrong, Jake?" Marie asked, smiling as she stepped up behind him to see her father, Taggart, and Jo outside, the puppies nearby. She was sure he was just startled, but it didn't hurt to ask.

"No," he shook his head and stepped back. "Just wasn't expecting a posse."

"Jake, they're just here to say good bye," Marie chuckled, stepping out and giving her father a hug. "Right?"

"Yes, dear," he smiled and kissed her forehead. "While I'm sure there are folks who would do almost anything not to lose him, we just wish you all well."

"You'll notice that Stark isn't here," Carter chuckled as Marie purred and hugged her father again before stepping back. "Between his best test pilot, best designer, and the media's favorite biologist all leaving at once, I think he's going into mourning."

"As long as it's not plotting," Jake murmured, shaking his head before he nodded to them and turned to go back to work, nearly running square into Chance's big frame.

"They're here for you too," the golden tabby pointed out with a tolerant sigh of frustration for his mate's terminal sense of unimportance.

"We are!" Mina yipped from where she was waiting with the other pups, who were all clearly just waiting for Taggart's permission before swarming the two Kats they'd come to like more than most humans.

That got a kind of shy smile from Jake as Chance let him go and he turned to face the gathering of people he spent more time with than anyone short of his assistants.

"Go ahead, Taggart," Marie giggled. "They look like they're about to explode."

Taggart gave them a slight gesture, and all four pups rushed forward, yipping happily in a cacophony of words and sounds the translator wasn't up for yet, but everyone understood well enough anyway. When Jessie started to jump on Jake, Mina tackled her, sending the pair, now over three hundred pounds and the size of black bears, from sending the Kat to the ground.

"Stop that," Jessie snarled at her sister.

"No jumping on small people," Mina snapped back, though she let Jessie up.

"Those two get along about as well as they ever have," Marie murmured. "I almost wish there was some way to send messages back and forth... see what they're like as they grow up."

"I'd hope that's not the only messages you'd send, if you could," Jean chuckled, squeezing her shoulder lightly. "You've picked a Hell of a way to move out on your own."

"I know," she hugged him tightly. "It's further than I was hoping to go too. Sometimes life doesn't go with our plans."

"Just take care with what you dare the universe to do where you are going," Jo said quietly with a cautious look for the two Kats still well-occupied by four bear-sized puppies. "From all accounts, it's likely to answer you."

"Yeah, but I dare you to find me two better people to explore it with," she smiled. "You're going to have to find a new sparring partner who can keep up with you," she grinned over at the deputy.

"I know," she grumbled, then glanced at the Kats. "At least it's for the best this time. Even if Chance doesn't understand it well, even he knows they don't belong here. They have work left to do at home."

"Which is just her way of saying she'll miss you all terribly," Taggart took Marie's hands in his. "Take care, and if you ever find yourself on Earth again, look us up."

"Where else would I go?" She half-joked, though there was a very real question behind it. "Who knows, maybe your Sasquatch friends can find a way between them ... if they do, just don't let Jake know, I think he'd have a coronary trying to close it off."

"He'd manage it too, I'm sure," Jean nodded, noticing how the tom in question had extricated himself from the puppies by focusing them on Chance and promptly slipped away into the back rooms somewhere.

"I mean to look us up even if we aren't in Eureka anymore, or Eureka is no more," Taggart explained.

"You're not planning on leaving too, are you?" She asked curiously.

"Ah, nah, at least not for any long time," Taggart chuckled. "But you know how things can happen ... you weren't planning on it either, when you made the choice."

"True," she nodded, glancing over as her mother's car pulled up. She took a deep breath; even after two years of getting along better, she wasn't entirely comfortable with this particular farewell.

She just wasn't sure if it was because of the fact it was her mother, or if it was because she had problems with saying goodbye so soon after they'd started getting along.

"Should we be ready for trouble?" Carter asked quietly.

"I don't think so... but it's good that Jake's in the back right now," she murmured. "If there's anybody in town who'd try strapping us down until we agreed to stay...."

"She's not that crazy," Chance countered before Jessie had his attention again.

"That would be Stark," Jean chuckled and nodded to his ex-wife when she came close.

She returned the gesture, then hugged her daughter when Marie stepped forward to break the ice a bit. It was still awkward, for both of them. Marie clearly expected an attempt to talk her out of going ... and Jessica, to be honest, wasn't sure if she was right to do so or not.

"I always had a feeling that something like this would happen eventually," she murmured, stepping back from Marie a bit. "Ever since you started seeing Jake. Are you going to be happy?" She asked Marie softly.

"I ... don't know, for sure," she admitted, flicking her ears a little uncomfortably with the admission. "But I do know that I'd be miserable staying here, without them. I ... think I've done what I was meant to here, honestly. I've proven that the Moreaus aren't all mad scientists ... at least not the bad kind," she chuckled slightly. "And now, I've got a chance to go to a new world, all new types of life, and maybe start making changes that are just as big, in their own way, for them. And with all of it ... I've got Jake and Chance both."

"And they're both a lot better than I gave them credit for, at first," Jessica nodded slightly, glancing over at Chance. "You two take care of her for me ... and any grandchildren I might end up having some day."

"Thank you, and we will," he promised in all seriousness, extending a hand to her in offer to make it as binding as any word he gave. He almost said something about how big a family it would be, if they followed Furlong tradition, but thought better of it when he remembered that both Marie and Jake were only children and might not want to.

Jessica shook his hand, then gave Marie another hug and a light kiss on the forehead.

"If you ever find a way to send a message back to Earth, let us know how you're doing," she murmured, stepping back.

"I will, Mom," Marie promised. "Well... we've got a lot of extra packing to do, so unless you guys want to help...?"

"We will!!" Jessie yipped excitedly. "Where Razzle?"

"Over at Dad's place, teasing Chien," Marie chuckled. "Chance? Think you can figure out anything they can help with while I take my translator to Henry's? I'm not sure if Razzle's up to being herded just yet."

"Sure," he chuckled. "As long as their folks are okay with them hanging out," he winked at Taggart.

"Just make sure they get back before it's too late," Taggart chuckled. "I think it'll be good for them to do some work, instead of just playing."

"We work!" Terra barked.

"Digging in the yard doesn't count," Zack pointed out. "C'mon, let's go!"

"Just don't break anything," Chance laughed and gave Marie a kiss before she headed to her car, along with the rest if the gathering.

Eureka Kats 9.99: The End of an Era

NC-17 for M/F sex
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Written June 10, 2007 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Eureka, SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Human, Kat, Were

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Chance Furlong/Jake Clawson/Marie Moreau, Chance Furlong/Zoe Carter, Jo Lupo/Jim Taggart

Blurb: With Marie's work as proof that her family is not nuts, the feline and AI residents of Eureka get ready head to Aristal and the unknown life waiting for them there.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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