Feral's Newfoundling 3:
Coming Home

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M Sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Feral smiled to himself as he got into the lift, beginning to unbutton his shirt as it rose towards his apartment. He'd never imagined that the fantastic canine specimen waiting for him would give himself up so easily, or prove to be so delightfully submissive, but the Commander intended to take every advantage of the opportunity.

He was naked by the time the lift came to a halt, and starting to swell as well. It was less then fifteen steps from the lift to his door, and he had no concern about being seen.

"Roy!" He called out as he came through the door, only to see his pet waiting and ready for him, wearing nothing but carefully cleaned and groomed black fur as he knelt.

"Here, Master." The big male's seductively submissive rumble greeted him along with desiring eyes fixating on the lengthening cock.

"Have you had a pleasant afternoon?"

"Yes, master." He rumbled from Feral's feet. "You keep a very nice play to stay."

"I'm pleased you like it," Feral said, walking through to the lounge and settling down on the couch, Roy never more than two paces behind him. "My afternoon was much less pleasant. Endless tedious meetings when I should have been taking advantage of my new pet."

"How can I ease your day's tension, master?" Roy asked softly.

Feral chuckled softly, running his eyes over Roy's massive, naked body. "Touch yourself," he said with a sly grin. "Slowly. Entertain me."

Roy nodded and spread himself out on the floor before his master, playing his hands along his body before one reach his groin to cup and fondle his balls for a time. Slowly his smooth, pink shaft emerged from it's nearly invisible home to have Roy's fingers play lazily along it.

Feral grinned, almost entranced by the sight as the canine's significant shaft came into view. The air in the room slowly became tinged with their mutual arousal as Roy continued to play with himself, Feral's own cock thickening and sliding free of it's sheath as he watched the apparently endless ability of the canine to take pleasure and not come close to loosing control.

"You ass as well," Feral said, his voice filled with lust. "Spread yourself open."

Without hesitation the big canine shifted his second hand from his balls to press one finger into his ass, sliding it in and out with easy strength.

That brought a loud, aggressive rumble out of Feral, who concentrated on the carnal display with increasing intensity. His shaft was thick and hard now, and the musk of his arousal filled the air.

Despite the obvious effect the contact and arousal was having, Roy made no attempt to speed up his strokes or hurry himself along. It wasn't long before Feral had seen enough. He leaned forward and took hold of Roy's wrist, removing his pet's finger from his ass without a trace of resistance and replacing it with two of his own.

That finally drew a soft moan from the huge black canine as he shifted his body to give his master both a better view, and better access. Feral dug his fingers deep into his new pet, pressing his fingertips against Roy's insides and searching for that spot he knew would make even the biggest, strongest male putty in his hands.

A deep moan an involuntary jerk of his hips told the giant Kat when he found the right small lump deep inside Roy that made his pet begin to pant heavily. Feral grinned, pressing his fingertips against his pet's insides and rubbing them in slow circles around the sensitive spot as Roy whimpered and writhed under the attention on his master and his own hand.

"Oh, master," the big Kantin moaned with his head back, his tongue lolling out as he panted.

"Stop stroking yourself now," he instructed, and was instantly obeyed. "I'm not ready for you to cum just yet." Feral replaced Roy's hand with his own, not stroking his pet but just resting his hand there to feel the twitches and pulses as pleasure ran through his pet's body.

With both hands unoccupied, Roy lifted them above his head, presenting an even more submissive posture to his master.

"This body of yours is glorious," Feral purred, with no small note of possessive triumph.

"It is all for you, master." He breathed out between pants.

"Oh yes, it is. Already I want to use you in so many ways it's hard to choose one."

"Why stop at one, master?" Roy asked threw soft whimpers.

Feral laughed softly. "Even I can only take you one way at a time."

"Yes, master." The Kantin's voice echoed a trace of disappointment at the realization.

Feral laughed, squeezing the cock in his hand gently. "Don't worry, I'm sure you won't be too disappointed."

"You could never disappoint me, master." Roy rumbled with absolute certainty, gasping quietly.

"I think I'm just going to fuck you," the kat decided, shifting slightly to bring his groin against his pet's rump, and received another eager moan for it as Roy shifted to give his master a perfect opening to enter him.

Feral sank his cock into his pet's waiting body, lowering his body over Roy's in a move that usually left his pet's entirely covered, though Roy's frame was large enough that even Feral couldn't cover him completely. That hardly registered though, as the sensation of the Kantin's body over-rode his lust-fueled brain and he started to pound his hips against the wide black ones below him.

"Oh, master." Roy moaned, tightening his body around his master's shaft in a rhythmic pulsing as he tried to hold still. The tightening of Roy's body only encouraged Feral to drive deeper and deeper inside him, each stroke accompanied by a rough moan from both of them.

It was only a matter of time before the pounding rhythm and the incredible ass he was thrusting into pushed Feral over the edge, and he roared with abandon as his cock began pumping his seed into Roy, bringing needy whimpers and moans from the big male.

Feral paused for a few seconds after he came, sliding his cock in and out of Roy slow and easy as the Kantin moaned, arousal soaking his fur. Then the demands of his body had him increasing the pace again, pounding his cock into Roy with all the force he could muster as it tightened around him, milking him eagerly for another load.

Feral's next orgasm was even quicker in coming than the first was, as was accompanied by another roar of ecstasy. More of his thick, white seed poured out into Roy's eager passage.

"Ooo, more Master, please ... fuck me harder." The big Kantin whimpered in his need. Feral showed no sign of letting up, even as his third and fourth moments came and went he continued to fuck his pet with a force that was almost brutal. Drops of seed began to fall from the Kantin's stretched ass as Feral filled him and then kept on going, tireless in his passion and lust.

When Feral finally lifted himself up of his pet neither of them could say how many time's he'd cum, or how much time had past in the blur of flesh and lust. Feral's shaft retreated back into it's sheath as he stood, panting, and looked down on his new pet sprawled on the floor, his fur soaked in sweat and cum and looking up at him longingly.

Feral chuckled softly, his eyes taking in the delicious sight. "I don't believe you came not once during all that. I'm impressed."

"Thank you master." Roy panted quietly, something complex going on behind his eyes at a hundred miles a minute.

"Do you want to?" Feral asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Y-yes, master." He answered with a soft whimper.

"Do you think you deserve it?" Feral asked with a wry grin.

Roy paused, actually thinking about it. "Yes, master."

"Then you may, once, spilling your seed into your fur."

The big male nodded and took himself in hand, closing his eyes as he worked himself hard, still managing to position himself for the best display without thinking about it. His breath came in deep, jerky cries as he stroked himself, passing the point they both expected him to cum several times without actually making it.

With a soft whimper of resignation and exhaustion Roy's hand stilled as his great body trembled with its exertions to no avail.

Feral's own cock was stirring by the time Roy gave up, though he barely paid it any mind. "How ... interesting," he said as the black furred chest heaved to take in enough air. "Perhaps you need to see a specialist."

"Yes, master." He managed to get out between deep breaths that were only beginning to settle, along with a quiet resignation in the very back of his mind.

"You don't have any idea why you might be having this ... problem?"

"Beyond what I wasn't planning on talking about again, no, sir." He drew a deep, shuddering breath and settled.

"The aliens, yes. Well even if that is the case it won't help us fix things. I'll arrange for you to see Doctor Black in the morning."

Roy nodded and slowly lumbered to his feet.

Feral reached out, setting his hand against his big pet's cheek. "You were immensely enjoyable," he said with a grin.

The praise brightened the big Kantin considerably, putting his frustration almost completely out of his mind as he leaned into the contact. Feral chuckled and smiled, pleased to see the way his words brightened Roy's face.

"Would you like dinner, master?" He asked with quiet contentment.

"I think so, yes. Is there anything in particular you feel like?"

"No, master." He rumbled with a smile. "I am curious what you like to have, though. I had very little luck figuring it out."

"Ah, you see I never cook for myself. I can have the best of just about anything you care to name delivered up here, and I rarely have the time for it. I feel like something a little exotic tonight though."

"I'm game, sir." Roy grinned.

"So, pork, chicken, beef? You're not vegetarian, surely." Feral smiled as he picked up the intercom to the desk downstairs.

"It all sounds good." Roy's grin widened. "Good food is good food, sir."

Feral chuckled and picked up the intercom. "This is Commander Feral. Yes. Lanna Thoi, one each of beef chicken and pork. Yes. No, I can take care of that." He smirked as he set the intercom down. "The staff here are so helpful."

Roy chuckled and knelt to nuzzle Feral's crotch hopefully. "May I clean my master?"

Feral laughed, surprised by Roy's eagerness, and nodded. "Yes, although at least one of us will have to be dressed for when the food arrives."

"Yes, master." He rumbled and licked the drying cum from the dark brown fur, leaving it wet but clean.

Feral grinned and ran a finger underneath Roy's jaw. "Now go fetch me something I can go downstairs in. Not my uniform."

"Yes, sir." He smiled, the pleasure shining in his eyes as he moved off quickly. He returned in a time short enough to display knowledge of not only where to go for the clothes, but what he wanted to bring. "Will this do, sir?" He asked and offered a tight pair of jeans and black muscle shirt.

Feral grinned, slipping the shirt over his head. "That will do very nicely."

"They make you look even more, than you're uniform, sir." He rumbled, eagerly taking in the sight of form fitting denim and cotton on the giant brown tom.

Feral raised an eyebrow. "Even more what?"

"Hot, virile ... incredible." He rumbled, searching for words to describe what the look did for him.

Feral grinned. "Well, perhaps I'll have to make sure I've got more of them."

Roy licked his muzzle. "That would be delightful, master."

"Then we'll go shopping. Now I need to go downstairs before I throw you against the wall and screw you again." Feral turned and was out the door before Roy had a chance to reply.

He was only gone five or ten minutes or so before he came back into the room, carrying a great deal of food. "There's milk in the fridge, I'll have one, you can have whatever you like."

Roy nodded, eager and wagging his long bushy tail at a nearly frantic rate as he returned with the milk and a soda. "It smells fantastic, sir."

"It's from this place just down the road," Feral told him as he took his drink, setting the food down on the table. "I got a variety of things and there's plenty, so you can try whatever you feel like."

The big Kantin grinned and fetched two plates and silverware, offering his master a set before putting his own down and talking roughly half of each offering. Feral waited until Roy had served himself and then took what remained, digging in with obvious enjoyment that was clearly mirrored in his pet, if the happy munchies noises were any indication.

About halfway through the meal Feral stopped eating entirely, and just watched as Roy shoveled an impossible quantity of food into his large, droopy-sided mouth with obvious enjoyment well past the simple intake of good food.

"Clearly we'll have to eat here more often," Feral said with a wry smirk.

"Hurr?" Roy looked up, his fork halfway to his mouth as he froze.

"Nothing. It's good to see you enjoying yourself."

Roy grinned at his master before returning to his dinner with the same relish as before.

"So," he said as he set his cutlery down. "Have you thought about what you'll do tomorrow?"

Roy politely stopped eating, though he wasn't finished. "If there is a good chunk of time you won't need me, I was thinking of checking out Mall West, or maybe one of the amusement or water parks. There is a lot in the area. I need to pick up a few more clothes and some grooming supplies more suited to my coat than what's here too, sir."

"That sounds like a good plan," Feral nodded. "I'm not expecting anything out of the ordinary tomorrow, but I'll still have to be at the office for most of the day."

"Are there small portable phones?" Roy asked. "That way you could call me if you get off early or want to see me at headquarters or something."

"I think we should probably not make a habit of relieving ourselves in my office," Feral said with a smirk, "No matter how tempting it may be. That's something we can work out. I have to arrange a line of credit for you too."

The big Kantin nodded. "I'd like to learn how to drive as soon as is reasonable, sir. The cab looked reasonably similar to what I'm used to, but I'll need some practice before I try for a license."

"Well, you've certainly got a better idea of what to do with yourself than you did the other day. Excellent."

"I did a lot of thinking, and information digging, this afternoon, sir." Roy inclined his head. "I can learn to love living in this city, and have a good life outside this apartment too. There's so much worth checking out, and feeling sorry for myself isn't going to do the rest of my life any good."

"I'm pleased to hear it. I have a feeling you'll adjust very easily."

"It's not as hard as I imagined it would be, so far sir." Roy said with a touch of bemusement in his voice.

Feral smirked. "I can imagine you might think things would be difficult. Given everything."

"Well, waking up and not being able to talk wasn't a great start for the 'this will be fun' theory." He chuckled. "For all the differences, there's enough similarities to what I was used to that it's not so bad, sir."

"I'm glad you're comfortable. Your well-being is my responsibility now, and I take my responsibilities very seriously."

Roy smiled softly at his master. "You're something of an inspiration for it, sir. It didn't feel like you'd tolerate me moping around feeling sorry for myself much, if I wasn't also trying to get a life together too. It tipped the balance in my mind towards getting over the bad parts."

"Some degree of moping would probably have been tolerated," Feral said with a smirk, "Although I do tire of that sort of thing fairly quickly."

"I intend to keep it to times I'm alone, and have some accomplishments done with the day, sir." Roy inclined his great head. "Grief has its time and place."

Feral narrowed his eyes as he looked at his pet. "You needn't hide it from me ... in fact I would be very upset if I thought you were keeping things from me. If you have these feelings then you have them, and you have to deal with them."

"I didn't mean it like that, sir." Roy said, quietly apologetic.

"I'm sure. If you need any help be sure to let me know."

"Yes, sir." He nodded easily. "Same with any other problem."

"Precisely," Feral nodded. His smirk returned as his eyes wandered and he noticed the food still sitting on Roy's plate. "You are allowed to finish eating," he reminded the big canine gently.

Roy ducked his head a little. "I'm not multitasking very well yet." He said sheepishly and dug back in, almost instantly forgetting everything but the food.

Feral's Newfoundling 3: Coming Home

NC-17 for M/M Sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

17 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written July 30, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Vorex

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kantin, Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Dom/Sub play, Fraternization, Master/Slave (Consensual), Masturbation, Sex (First Time)

Pairings: Ulysses Feral/Roy Sadrone

Blurb: Ulysses Feral comes home, to learn just how seriously his new pet takes his master's care.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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