Forced Relocation 1:
Beaten But Not Broken

by Fur and Fantasy
PG-13 for Sexual Violence
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Hell with picking the lock, Razor." T-bone growled. "Stand back, that door is going for a ride on the T-bone express." He stepped back to get some running distance, popped the shield on the Glovatrix to use it as a battering ram, and then put all his speed and strength behind slamming into the door.

The result was a door flying off its hinges into the room, with T-bone following it, rolling to the side as he cleared the door to leave room for Razor to open fire. Inside Hard Drive, wearing his coat and nothing else, looked up, startled and then enraged at the intrusion to his playroom. Beyond him, bound, bloody and singed was a lean, whimpering black tomkat with odd legs. His eyes squeezed shut as he trembled.

Razor growled as he quickly aimed and launched a mini-scrambler from his Glovatrix, hoping that Hard Drive would turn around enough that the missile didn't hit his back.

T-bone got one look at the bound and abused tom, and without looking to see what kind of damage the missile had done grabbed Hard Drive by the throat. He ripped the coat off, tossed it across the room and then debated briefly what to do with the sadistic scum as he struggled.

"Just don't kill him, he's not worth the hassle," Razor growled as he approached Hard Drive's victim.

"We're here to help you," he said gently; undoing the bonds holding the black tom in place, ready to grab him if he started to fall. The lean, glossy black-furred tom nodded as his body went lax, utterly unprepared to stand on his own as he began to tremble badly. Razor put an arm around him, supporting him as they moved towards a table.

"Yeah, you're right," T-Bone growled softly. "It's your lucky day, I'm not going to kill you," he said clutching the tom's throat tight enough to make him gasp and squirm. "But we can't have you running away and causing more trouble," he added dangerously. "I think it's time you got the receiving end of some of this equipment." The pilot said as he roughly slammed his prisoner on to an X-frame, and lashed him roughly in place using one hand to hold, while the other tied. "There, now you won't go anywhere until the Enforcers finally show up."

"Hey, Razor! You want this high-tech trenchcoat of his for study, or should I just shred it here?" The tabby said holding up the coat.

The cinnamon tom thought for a moment while he checked to see how badly Hard Drive had hurt his 'toy.' "Shred it," he decided, "where he can watch." Then he turned to the lax creature in his arms. "We're going to take you somewhere safe, see about fixing up what he did to you," he said to the injured tom, who finally looked up with frightened two-tone green and gold eyes before nodding.

"You got it partner." The tabby grinned as he set the trenchcoat on a table, and the proceed to cut into nice long slips using one of the sharp objects he'd found lying around the den of horrors. The distraught Hard Drive whimpered and whined miserably with every cut until T-Bone dumped it on the ground in front of him. "If you find a really good tailor, you might be able to make something out of it." He chuckled.

"So how's he doin'?" T-Bone asked his partner, looking over the battered tom sympathetically.

"Bad enough I'd say we should get a real doctor in to look at him as soon as we can arrange it, but we can handle it until we know where he's supposed to go," Razor said quietly. "We'd better get him somewhere better than this fast, though. Hope you don't mind carrying him." He turned to the lean black tom, and tried to get his attention. "Unless you'd rather walk, with help?"

The battered Kat made several mouthing attempts at talking before whimpering softly and shaking his head.

"Damn," Razor whispered. Not good. Not good at all. "T-Bone," he said more loudly, "can you get him? The sooner we're out of here and can get him some help, the better."

"Not a problem, buddy." The big tabby said easily and walked over to the smaller tom. "Okay, I'm gonna pick you up and take you out of here. To a much safer place." He said picking the long, lean kat up in his arms, and heading out. "Let's get out of here, Razor." He said as he made for the TurboKat.

"Right behind you, partner," Razor said as he took one last look around the room to make sure there wasn't any way for Hard Drive to get loose before the Enforcers arrived. Satisfied that there wasn't, he headed after T-Bone so they'd be long gone by the time that happened.

A few minutes later, the Turbokat landed in front of the Salvage Yard. Razor took off his helmet as the cockpit opened, and looked down at the exhausted black tom trying to curl up in his lap.

"T-Bone, you want to go wake our friends up, maybe send Chance out here to help?"

"It's afternoon, Chance should be up by now," T-Bone chuckled, as he jumped out onto the wing, and then down to the ground. "I'll send him out." He waved as he headed inside.

A few minutes later, a chocolate and gold tabby tom in mechanics coveralls came out of the front door. "Hiya, Razor. T-Bone said you needed us to look after someone."

"Murrr?" The black tom raised his head, looking between the Kat holding him and the one very far down questionably.

"Don't worry," Razor said reassuringly, "you can trust Chance and Jake as much as you'd trust us. And I'll help you down. Hold on," he said, waiting for his passenger to do so before reaching for the switch to shift his seat so it could be lowered to the ground.

"Seems Hard Drive's into more than just swiping software, though he shouldn't be doing any of that for a long time now." Razor commented as he helped the stranger stand. "Need you and Jake to help him out, make sure he has a roof over his head, that sort of thing," he explained, keeping up the ruse for the benefit of the lean tom who seemed to be having trouble with anything more than the simplest movements. When everyone was on the ground, he spoke directly to the stranger.

"You can trust these two as much as you can trust us, okay?" Part of him felt guilty for the admittedly elaborate scheme, but it seemed to be the best way to make sure their identities, and the black tom, stayed safe.

The black stranger nodded and reaching out for the sandy tom's shoulder for the support he still definitely needed to walk. His tail curled up between his legs to cover his nudity as he used his free arm and posture to cover his chest and ass as much as possible, clearly aware of and uncomfortable with, his nudity.

Razor followed slightly behind the two of them, watching the unsteady movements, each one making him wonder just how long Hard Drive had been torturing the Kat who was making them. He'd definitely have to get him to a doctor as soon as possible - somebody who understood physical therapy, at the very least, unless a number of improvements came fast. At least his actual injuries didn't seem to be too severe.

Chance unfolded the large blanket he was carrying, and offered it to the stranger. "Here, you can cover with this easier." He said in a very reassuring tone.

The black tom accepted it with his free hand with a clearly grateful smile and did his best to wrap it over his shoulders to hold closed in the front.

Chance smiled. "Why don't you come inside?" He said inviting the black stranger with an encouraging tone. "This way." He said gesturing toward the main building as he headed that way, careful of the tom leaning on him for support as he walked on shaky, uncoordinated legs. "You got time to stay for awhile, Razor?" Chance asked over his shoulder.

"Depends on whether or not anything comes up," Razor replied as the trio walked into the main building. As if on cue, the Turbokat powered up seconds after he finished speaking.

"Guess that answers that question," he said, a tone of irritation in his voice as he turned to run out. "Thanks for helping us out with this," he called over his shoulder as he ran out to the waiting jet, taking off briefly before coming back in for a quiet landing in the underground hangar.

"They never do have much time to sit still." Chance said, watching for a reaction from his guest. "Always someone else to protect or rescue." He smiled. "You want to sit down?" He asked indicating the couch in the living room.

The black on tom nodded definitively and moved with Chance's support. He let a grateful sigh out to be off his feet again and closed his eyes in relief briefly. He opened them a moment later to glance around, and pointed to a pad and pen laying on a small coffee table, then motioned to himself with a hopeful look on his face.

"You want to write something?" Chance asked curiously, as he picked the pen and pad up and handed them to the black tom, who was nodding. "Here you go." He smiled, and then sat down on the couch. He resisted the reflex action of turning on the TV.

A moment later the pad was shown to him. It had what was likely two short words written in what was probably a fairly neat hand under better conditions, but they weren't anything he could recognize, even as individual letters like the Kantin language was.

"Sorry, I get the idea you're writing but it's gibberish to me." Chance shook his head, realizing that this wasn't going to be easy.

A very startled look crossed the black Kat's face as he pulled the pad back to stare at it. He then looked around the room more closely, eyes widening in utter horror as he saw the calendar, then some magazines lying around.

The stranger bit his lip, staring for a long, uncomfortable time before writing something else down, something much longer, taking up three lines of widely spaced single characters with two blank lines under each. He handed it to Chance with the pen, pointing first to the first character, then to a magazine, then to the space under the first character and tried to mouth something, producing noises that even the stranger clearly didn't consider correct.

Chance wasn't the best at puzzle games, they were too much like school, but he'd have to try at least till Jake got back. "Okay." He said writing the first letter of the Kat language under the first character and then pronouncing it, while pointing to an object that began with that letter.

The black stranger put his claw on the letter, making several attempts before getting something that at least vaguely resembled what Chance had said. He took a deep breath and kept trying, eventually getting his vocal cords and mouth to produce what he had heard to his satisfaction. Only then did he look at Chance and pronounced the letter with a curious look.

"Yeah, you got it." Chance beamed encouragingly, as he patted the relieved and clearly pleased stranger on the shoulder. "Next letter?" He asked, not wanting to rush the stranger.

The black tom considered a moment before pointing to the pen and then the empty spaces, tapping each in quick succession.

Chance nodded, and wrote down the second letter. But when he said it, the black tom shook his head and held up his hand, then pointed to the empty spaces, then the pen.

"Okay, you don't want me to say them." Chance shrugged in good humor, and then just filled in the empty spaces as the black tom smiled at him. When Chance finished writing, the black tom reached for the page, which Chance handed him along with the pen.

In short order he created an alphabetic cheat sheet.


With some effort the black tom wrote out several lines of text, then translated letter by letter before handing the pad back.


Chance smiled, immensely pleased. "So do you understand what I'm saying?" He asked curiously.

The black tom smiled and nodded.

"And yes my name's Chance, and you're welcome, and certainly."

Just then, Jake walked in from the garage attached to the main building. "Are you the guy Razor and T-Bone dropped off?" He asked as he walked into the front room.

The black tom nodded as he looked up, and pulled the blanket a little tighter around himself.

Chance smiled. "This is my partner, Jake." He said to the black tom. "What's your name anyway?" He said, watching the pad.

There was a real hesitation in the black tom. He looked down at himself and the pad for a very long time before writing something in his own language, then translated it to hand to Chance.


Jake walked over and looked at the pad over Chance's shoulder.

"Nice to meet you Ebon," he said in a friendly tone. "Why don't we put dinner together for you?"

Ebon smiled and nodded eagerly, though he looked down at the lack of clothing a little uncertainly.

"Point taken," Jake said with a small chuckle. "Think some of my stuff should fit you."

"Name suits you, Ebon." Chance smiled, and received a shy smile in return.

"Chance, think you could help Ebon pick out something to wear while I put together some food? Unless you guys'd prefer pizza," he said with a slight smirk.

"Come on, Ebon." Chance said, standing but staying close enough in case Ebon wanted to lean on him. "Let's find you something other than a blanket to wear."

Ebon nodded and licked his whiskers at the mention of pizza as he stood with Chance's help.

"I'll take that as a vote for pizza," Jake chuckled, reaching for the phone and Chance's list of delivery places.

Chance led Ebon up the stairs to where their quarters were, and into Jake's room. "Well, I don't know what your taste in clothes is, so take a look. Better stick to shorts though, it's kind of warm today." Chance suggested.

Ebon nodded and set the blanket down with some hesitation, before looking through drawers. He kept one hand on the dresser for balance, the other pulled out a pair boxers with a curious look for them, and the first pair of shorts and t-shirt he came across. He set each on top of the dresser as he continued to search.

Chance watched without comment as the black tom looked, thinking that the tom looked pretty good without clothes. He immediately shoved that thought back, thinking it was way too soon for anything of the sort.

When he had a set, Ebon held them tightly in one hand and shifted to lean against the dresser before reaching out to Chance.

Chance stepped in close, so the tom could lean on him. "You want to put them on here, or did you want a shower first?" The tabby offered, thinking he'd want a shower after being with Hard Drive, probably several.

"Shrr," the black tom tried to say, nodding with a motion to the door, instead of the bed where he'd been looking a moment before.

"Pretty close to shower." Chance said approvingly, earning him a shy smile. "And the food should be here soon enough." He smiled as he led Ebon to the bathroom. "Hot", "Cold" He said pointing out the water controls on the shower stall. "Don't know how hot you like it, so I'll let you adjust it." He smiled, still standing close enough to be leaned on.

Ebon nodded and braced against the wall of the small tiled room that was a shower here and worked on adjusting the temperature until he decided he liked it. Then he looked very hesitantly at Chance.

"Hel ... helph ..." he tried several times before growling softly to himself. "Tu ... too ... puuu ... p ... help shoerr?"

"Need some help getting scrubbed up?" Chance smiled understandingly, and got a grateful nod. "Sure thing, Ebon." He SAID, and put the tom's hand on a towel bar in the shower. "Hold on to that while I get out of my coveralls. Be pretty silly to wear my clothes in the shower." He chuckled as he stripped down, surprised by the grin and chuckle in return.

"Okay, want your back or front scrubbed first?" He asked in friendly fashion.

Ebon hesitated again, then shifted to present his back, his tail rather carefully tucked between his legs as the water soaked into his short glossy fur.

"You just let me know if you don't like the way I'm touching you, or if I touch something that hurts." Chance said, trying to reassurance the black tom as he picked up the shampoo and squeezed a glob into his hand.

Ebon nodded, trying to relax at the same time he balanced on legs designed to stand on toes.

With strong hands, Chance gently worked the shampoo into a later and began scrubbing starting with the tom's shoulders, and working down being careful of any injuries he could see. As he worked, he felt the black tom a little shorter than himself began to relax in the pleasure of a gentle touch.

Chance became aware of the tom's arousal as he worked the shampoo into the sweat soaked fur, which still had the lingering smell of fear and pain from the earlier experience. He did his best to keep himself under control, which wasn't easy considering the heady smell of arousal and the fact that Ebon was attractive. The legs were a bit strangely constructed but they didn't detract from the tom's overall appeal. He gently worked his way from the tom's back, across his ass, and down his legs as the lean black tom began to purr deeply, going almost lax under the tabby's touch.

"Glad you like it." Chance rumbled. "Turn around, so I scrub the front of you, assuming you want me to." He said, keeping a grip on the tom as he turned around so he wouldn't fall, even as relaxed as he was getting.

With his front in view, Ebon's lazy smile of pleasure was as clear as his physical arousal in his swollen sheath and partial visible penis.

Chance smiled, realizing his own sheath was a bit swollen as well. But he tried to stay focused, and began working on the tom's front, starting with his shoulders, and working down his chest.

There was a slight shift of uncertainty under his fingers as Chance worked on the black tom's chest, but he quickly relaxed again, purring even deeper.

Chance worked as far as the black tom's abs, paused, and the slowly worked his way down, trying to scrub without fondling but finding that very hard to do. The partially erect cock and pleasured, encouraging purr were a distinct distraction as he worked down to the tom's legs.

"Thnik U." Ebon rumbled, breathing a little deeper as Chance stood to face him.

"You're welcome. Rinse time." He smiled as he helped Ebon get all the soap out of his fur to the black tom's increasingly relaxed posture.

Ebon reached for the shampoo, his legs spread for added stability as he squirted a glob onto his hand and went to work on his short, slightly wavy hair and face.

Chance caught the tom gently as he started to tip over. "Careful there, Ebon. You're still not too steady." He said as the tom finished up "Okay, now to dry off." He smiled as he shut off the water, let it drain for a moment and then turned on the warm air blowers.

The sudden rush of hot hair startled Ebon into jumping slightly, but he settled with a bemused chuckle and ran his hands through his fur, helping it dry off more quickly.

"Never used the air dryer before, huh?" Chance chuckled as they dried off.

The lean black tom shook his head with a chuckle. "No frr."

Once they were dry, he stepped out first, still staying close enough for support, which was needed, though Ebon was noticeably more steady.

"Pizza," he grinned sniffing the air.

"Good nose, Ebon." Chance smiled encouragingly. "So let's get dressed and get down there. You better get dressed first, then you can lean on something while I get dressed."

Ebon nodded and picked up the boxers from the counter first, counting on Chance to hold him while he used both hands to pull them on with only one leg to balance on. A shirt and shorts later, and the black tom was looking much better, and finally curious about the reflection in the mirror.

"Very attractive." Chance commented as he slipped back into his coveralls, and zipped them up. "Yep, you clean up quite handsome. Ready to go get something to eat?"

Ebon smiled shyly and nodded eagerly as his stomach seconded the suggested.

"Okay, let's go see what my partner ordered." He smiled offering Ebon his shoulder to lean on as they headed back downstairs.

They got down just as Jake finished opening the two boxes. "I hope you like pepperoni and sausage," he said as the two of them walked into the room. "Though I know at least one of you'd probably eat it if I ordered tuna and chocolate sauce," he smirked as he looked at the tabby.

"I've ordered that before. It's okay." Chance chuckled. "But the tuna goes better with peppers and onions."

The exchange earned Chance a particularly skeptical look, but Ebon's hunger quickly overcame any real interest he had in the conversation as he sat down with a grateful sigh and pulled a piece of pizza out, careful of the hot cheese and sauce and started eating with the enthusiasm of extreme hunger.

"Good thing I ordered two pizzas," Jake chuckled, passing a plate over for Ebon to use with his next slice before pulling one out for himself and sitting down, making room for Chance to sit next to either one of them.

Chance grabbed a plate and dropped two slices on it and began eating as he sat down, kind of next to both of them.

"Thnk you," Ebon said with slightly more ease when the pizza was gone, though the words were still not well formed.

"You're very welcome," Jake said; glad to hear Ebon talking, even with a bit of difficulty. "Feeling better, then?"

"You're welcome." Chance said pretty much at the same time.

The black tom nodded a definite yes. "Slppp?" He asked.

"Sleep? No problem," Jake said with a nod, hoping he'd guessed right and trying to remember where they kept the rollaway. "We'll probably have to pull the spare bed out, unless...." He thought for a moment, trying to decide if it would be wrong to ask if Ebon wanted to share their bed - given the circumstances, it was a tricky issue at best.

The black tom cocked his head curiously at him.

Chance wasn't entirely sure, but he figured it wouldn't hurt to leave the offer open. "Unless you prefer company when you sleep." He suggested softly, and very clearly leaving it as only if Ebon really wanted to.

Ebon nodded almost immediately, his eyes staying mostly on Chance. "Lyk beng hld."

"Okay," Jake said with a nod. "You two want to head up, I'll clean up and follow you in a few minutes?"

"Sure." Chance smiled, and stood, reflexively offering Ebon a shoulder to lean on as the moved upstairs. Even this soon after eating his gate was much more steady, though it was still awkward.

"In here Ebon." Chance said opening the door to his room, which had the larger of the two beds, and was much more suitable for three. "Make yourself comfortable." He smiled.

The black tom nodded and crawled under the covers, settling in the middle of the bed and relaxed on his side. His eyes closed with a groan of pleasure and relief, and was almost immediately asleep.

Chance quickly switched to shorts and a t-shirt, and crawled under the covers behind Ebon. The black tom had said he liked to be held, so he gently draped an arm over him and was quickly rewarded with a content sigh as Ebon snuggled back against him a little.

Jake came up a few minutes later, and changed before climbing in on the other side of the bed. He put an arm over Ebon, resting his hand on Chance's side as he watched the sleeping tom.

Forced Relocation 1: Beaten But Not Broken

PG-13 for Sexual Violence
Het Level is None
Slash Level is
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

24 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written July 20, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Hyena, Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response, Rape (M on M), Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong

Notes: Wielder proposed a concept for a story. A dark story. After Teveris, we figured we could do that. I'm not sure we are doing dark, but it is being written.

A human is captured and then transported to an alternate dimension where he is forcibly transformed into a Kat. He is sold as a sex slave and spends a few months as such. He is rescued by the SWAT Kats, but for whatever reason he is unable to return home and then has to adapt to life as a feline in a new world. (At this point the spooge could hit the wall with a guy sleeping near those two.) :)

Blurb: The SWAT Kats rescue a not-quite-Kat from Hard Drive's playroom, and get more of a surprise than expected when they asked Jake and Chance to take him in for a while. And the resquee, well, he's counting his blessings on a lot of levels, and trying very hard not to think about what got left behind.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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