Forced Relocation 2:
Partner Discussions

by Fur and Fantasy
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About ten hours later, Jake walked into the garage from the hangar, stretching as he did so. He saw Chance bent over one of the cars that was waiting for a tune-up, and grabbed a wrench as he went over to help out, and talk about their new visitor.

"So, what do you think about Ebon?"

"He's cute and cuddly." Chance chuckled. "And probably really smart. High grade sparkplugs." He finished with a request for a part from the parts box Jake was closer to.

"What, not borrowing parts from the Turbokat this time?" Jake teased as he passed over the set and started checking the belts. "And I'd say you're right on all counts. Especially being smart, to judge by what I saw of that notepad earlier. I wonder where he's from." He mused.

"That was special for Callie." Chance smirked. "This is just some random paying customer, who happened to pay for a high-end tune up. It's a waste on the this car, but there's no telling him that." Chance chuckled as he put the plugs in. "Don't know, but he's not a Kat, just look at the legs. Not that they make him any less attractive."

"No, they don't," Jake chuckled slightly. "I want to take him to see Tessa when he's doing a bit better on his own. With the way he was moving, I'm wondering if trashing Hard Drive's coat was going too easy on him," Jake finished with a slight growl as he grabbed a new fan belt.

"Yeah, me too." Chance growled in agreement, as he grabbed a new distributor cap. "I was real tempted to put him on the receiving end of some of those toys of his. Especially the big one."

"That would have been tempting. Probably have Feral putting out more charges on us afterwards, but it might have been worth it." Jake replaced the worn belt and threw the old one out. "Besides, I have a feeling Ebon needed to get out of there more than he needed to hear Hard Drive screaming."

"Actually, I don't think Ebon needed to hear any more screaming at all." Chance said softly, as he replaced the distributor wires. "As for Feral, who cares about him and his charges. If he'd kept Hard Drive in prison it wouldn't have happened."

"Have to agree with you there. Still hasn't figured out the best way to get rid of us," Jake said, shaking his head. "I wonder how Ebon got here - I'd say it's a good bet he's not local, and Hard Drive doesn't usually leave MKC, at least not physically. I don't like what that might mean," he admitted.

"He found an online trading site for sex slaves?" Chance suggested, chuckling darkly. "And I'm sure he's not local; the legs and the language both say that."

"We've seen stranger things that were local," Jake pointed out. "And that crack about the trading site is exactly what I'm afraid it might be. If there's a group like that around here, that means there could be other people going through the same thing because of it."

"Not that started out that way." Chance murmured. "Though I wouldn't put past Viper to have screwed somebody up in the process of one of his experiments." He said. "Maybe I ought to see if Rafe's heard anything, since he's one of the big shots in the cybercrime division."

"If you can find out something, it'd probably be a good idea. Maybe point him towards Hard Drive as the person to hit up for information if he has heard something. Could be somebody pulling an immigration scheme, too."

"That's possible." Chance nodded, as the last plug wire was in place. "Funny thing is that he's understood our language all along, but couldn't read or speak it. Though he's making fast progress on both."

"That is strange," Jake nodded. "I think that not being able to speak it had more to do with what Hard Drive did to him, more than not knowing how. He looked like he didn't know how to walk at first too, but he was getting a lot better after he'd gotten some food and a little rest."

"Yeah, that's true." Chance nodded. "Assuming Hard Drive gets out again, I think killing is too good for him."

"If he gets out again, I think a little computer bug's in order if he gets his mitts on a new surge suit. It'll take awhile to get it put together," Jake said with a slightly evil smirk, "but it'd be worth it."

"I just wonder who he keeps stealing them from. No way did that twerp create the surge suit himself." Chance shook his head. "If we could find his source we could get the bug it in advance."

"Maybe we should check to see if it's one of Hackle's projects," Jake said, rolling his eyes. "He's a nice guy, but you'd think he'd quit rebuilding things that get loose."

"Actually, no I wouldn't." Chance rolled his eyes. "How many times has he rebuilt the MetalliKats?"

"Brilliant inventor, but zero pattern recognition skills," Jake chuckled, shaking his head. "On the other hand, you have to admit he's sent some good stuff our way, once you sort through the pieces that got trashed by whatever tore it apart."

"Yeah, and he hits the jackpot occasionally. What was little robot he gave us called, the one he's still rebuilding?"

"Cybetron," Jake said with a little smile. "Yeah, when he gets a good idea, it's a real life-saver. Just glad we managed to wave off the replacement."

"That replacement was bit much. I could just see it going haywire." Chance chuckled. "Any example of when he gets a bad idea, it's a doozy."

"That'd be fun. In the middle of having it move a load of missiles, and it decides to take up juggling," Jake shuddered slightly at the thought, even though he was chuckling. "So, we'll check with Hackle to see if he knows who designed the surge suit, see if they'd be willing to build in a nasty little safeguard for Hard Drive's next grand escape."

"Better juggling then say javelin toss." Chance smirked. "I don't even wanna think about how far that contraption could toss our missiles. But talking with Hackle is a good idea."

"I'd rather he threw one low-payload missile into the desert, than dropped a bunch of them here where they might detonate everything else. I'll call Hackle tomorr -" Jake paused as he noticed the clock and chuckled slightly. "Later today, if I can."

"Oh I was figuring he'd lob them into the scrap piles, and leave us with a major cleanup job." Chance chuckled. "You know, we're gonna be on screwed up schedules for days now." He smirked looking at the clock.

"Ah, c'mon, Chance, you know as well as I do that we don't *have* schedules around here," Jake smirked, rolling his eyes. "Any time, any day, somebody's going to have a breakdown, and MegaKat Auto forgets to check our contracts. Besides, this way we'll be ready if Dark Kat decides to go after another night target sometime soon."

"I meant sleep schedules." Chance grumped. "Sleeping during the day just doesn't feel right."

Jake chuckled and patted Chance on the shoulder. "May not feel right, but you'll get over it, buddy. Look at it this way - looks like there'll be three of us getting over it at the same time."

"No complaints about that." Chance murred happily. "This is one rescuee I wouldn't mind keeping. I mean, if he wants to stay that is." Chance amended quickly, not meaning to sound as possessive as he had.

"I figured you meant that," Jake reassured him. "I have a feeling he might not mind sticking around himself, though there's a lot of gray area dealing with that right about now. And, for the record, I don't think there's a rescuee you wouldn't have minded keeping for a few days," he added with a wink at the tabby.

Chance blushed a little, not thinking he was that obvious. "Well, yeah. So we've had good luck as far as rescuees go. Though this is first tom we've rescued that I can think of." He rumbled. "But you're right we gotta be careful not to take advantage of him. He's probably a bit vulnerable after what Hard Drive did."

"Except for Feral and Manx. Though I'm pretty sure they could be listed as talking fungi, some days. That's the main reason I wasn't sure about asking if he wanted to share a bed, honestly. But I'm glad you did, and I'm sure he is too."

"I thought maybe he'd want the company." Chance said quietly. "After what he'd been through he might not want to be alone right away. And he really liked my touch in the shower."

"Well, that explains why you two weren't back down before the pizza got here," Jake smirked, before becoming more serious. "I'd say you were right about all of it, and it's definitely understandable. After going through something like that, having somebody to make you feel safer would be important."

"Well, he was still having control problems and asked for help with the shower, so I scrubbed him down." Chance said softly. "Damn if it wasn't tempting to go further. He got really turned on, and I wasn't even trying to."

"Chance," Jake said, rolling his eyes slightly, "if he's got good taste, it wouldn't take any effort. And from the way he was moving on the way up, I'd be more worried if he'd tried to shower by himself - too likely to slip and hurt himself more. And you didn't go further, so it's a good thing you helped him. I'm sure he felt better once he had everything out of his fur."

"Yeah, though Kats it was tough washing the front of him." He smirked. "Felt way too much like I should be doing something else."

"Maybe he'll give you a chance later," Jake said with a matching smirk. "After he's gotten a bit more rest."

"Well, I'm not pushing it." Chance said quietly. "He's been roughed up enough. But if he wants more, I sure wouldn't complain. Wouldn't be surprised if he was interested in you too."

"If he was," Jake said quietly, mentally emphasizing the 'if,' "I can't exactly say I'd be using a club to drive him off myself."

"He is really attractive, and the modesty thing was kind of cute too." Chance smiled.

"Seems to be a universal fact - the more somebody blushes, the cuter they are," Jake nodded. "Just glad we had clothes that fit him - probably going to wind up going out shopping in a few days, if he stays around here."

"Though any pants longer than shorts are going to be special order only." Chance observed. "Watching him try on clothes could be fun." Chance grinned.

"C'mon, Chance," Jake smirked, "I already told you - the remote cameras are for surveillance only. Dressing rooms are strictly off-limits."

Chance smirked. "I meant seeing him in different clothes. It's not like a camera is gonna show me anything I haven't already seen."

"You have a point there. I think it's agreed then - we'll take him clothes shopping as soon as he's in the mood to head out. In the meantime, I guess we do my laundry a little more often," Jake chuckled.

Chance chuckled. "Well, I think we'd lose him in my clothes."

"Oh, I don't know, there could be advantages to dressing him in a tent," Jake said with a grin.

"Certainly, if he decides he wants to play." Chance smirked lustfully.

"Down boy," Jake chuckled. "Remember, *you* couldn't fit into your own clothes with him."

Chance smirked. "But wearing them after you two had played in them. Wow, intense." He grinned.

"That it could be. Though I think we'd all prefer it if we wound up wearing less, rather than trading outfits."

"Well, there's that remote uninhabited island we've made use of on occasion." Chance grinned.

"There is that," Jake said, nodding. "Though I think only one-and-a-half of us would fit into that swimsuit of yours," he smirked.

"I wouldn't mind seeing either of you half out of a swimsuit." Chance grinned playfully.

"That'd depend on which half was sticking out now, wouldn't it?"

"Back half, front half. Either would do." Chance grinned playfully.

"I'm sure they would," Jake chuckled. "But you might have trouble if it was just the left or right."

"Guess I'd have to improvise." Chance smirked.

"Like you'd mind doing that," Jake chuckled, moving around the car and swatting at Chance with his tail while he checked that the lines were tight. "You've always seemed to enjoy improvising."

"Hey, 'ya stick with what works." He smirked, as he checked the air filter and decided it was way beyond needing replaced.

"And it works quite well," Jake purred before looking at the black filter. "Yech," he said, wrinkling his nose as he quickly grabbed a replacement.

"No wonder he wasn't getting any power out of this engine." Chance shook his head as he tossed the old, and took the new from Jake. "Probably first tune -up this car's had in thirty K."

"Enough money to buy it," Jake grumbled, "but not enough to keep it up. Better change the oil filter too, and make sure he's got decent brake fluid," he finished, grabbing the necessary supplies.

"Not enough sense to keep it up." Chance growled. "Put two hundred in cash on this up front. Better check the fuel filter as well, and it'll probably need the fuel injection system flushed as well." He commented mostly to himself, as he grabbed the equipment for doing the fuel injectors in addition to the fuel filter.

"He'd better be willing to put more into it. Poor thing's been through more than $200 worth of trouble and time," Jake grumbled.

"And I don't think we're done." Chance muttered. "Bet the transmission's not in great shape. Saw him driving up, does not know how to drive stick with any respect for the vehicle."

"Crud, we might as well take the chassis off and stick it on another car. Anything that needs to be taken care of before this thing? I'm guessing this'll take at least another day or two to finish, assuming we can find all the parts on stock. I'm sure he wants everything new."

"Oh he was quite clear about that." Chance muttered. "And that price was no object. I don't think he managed to screw up the exhaust system, though it may need simple wear and tear replacement. Oh, there's a high end stereo system in the trunk we're supposed to install."

Jake added up numbers in his head and whistled long and low. "Well, I think we might have Feral's next payment taken care of, by the time this is done. Assuming he doesn't try saying we did things it didn't need."

"Heh." Chance smirked. "Take a look at the repair contract he signed. He wants it restored to factory specs or better, whatever it takes."

"Oh yeah, we've got our payment taken care of," Jake chuckled. "Serves 'im right for treating it like this."

"It's handy having Callie send us clients." Chance chuckled.

"Yeah, that it is," Jake chuckled, thinking for a moment. "This isn't Manx's car, is it?"

"Nah, one of the city's new hotshot lawyers." Chance chuckled.

"Ah, okay. If it was Manx, I was thinking of including an ejector seat for him. He'd probably get some use out of it."

"Nah, Manx never drives himself. Except in a golf cart." The tabby chuckled. "Arguably, this joker shouldn't either."

"At least not in something besides an old junker that needed to be crunch-customized," Jake said, smiling slightly.

"Well, if he keeps driving like he does, we can make some serious money off him." Chance smirked. "Especially if he blows the engine and we have to tow him."

"Just hope he's not a defense attorney," Jake said as he rolled his eyes. "Mixed feeling city, if the guy we were making that much money off of was the guy who managed to find a loophole to get Mack and Molly out of the evidence impound."

"Hey, he'd do it anyway. At least some of the money comes to us so we can put them back in the evidence impound where they belong." Chance shrugged.

"I wasn't really being serious," Jake said, chuckling slightly. "Just an odd thought that came to mind. You know how I am about those."

"Yeah, too much goin' on up there." He chuckled playfully, and reached over to muss the fur on Jake's head with one big hand.

"Ah, c'mon Chance, watch the grease," he protested playfully. "Besides, just because there's a lot going on up here doesn't mean it keeps things from going on elsewhere," he teased.

"Don't I know it." Chance winked, lustily, as he opened the trunk. "Sweet Bastet, he could use this stereo system as a jet engine."

Jake walked around to look at it himself. "Crud - you could probably use that thing to build a new set of Banshee missiles," he said incredulously.

"Well, unfortunately we gotta install it in this abused piece of machinery. Even if we could find a better use for it." Chance chuckled.

"I wonder if he knows how to do his own pre-sets," Jake said with a smile that Chance was almost too familiar with.

Probably not." Chance looked at Jake curiously. "You gonna give him a few to start with?"

"Oh yeah," Jake said, purring slightly. "I think we could find some truly annoying stations if we tried hard enough. And he couldn't really trace it to us," he smirked.

"He's a stuffy lawyer, give him one of those techno stations." Chance chuckled darkly.

"With a capacitor like this," Jake said as he picked up the heavy piece of equipment. "There's an off-chance he might like that. I was thinking more like some nice sappy country. Or someplace that plays Weird Al Yankatvic regularly."

"Country works." Chance smirked. "Or how about of one those weird ethnic music stations, the ones that only play music from overseas."

"Plenty of presets, plenty of fun to be had," Jake chuckled. "Of course, we could just set them all to one particularly annoying thing - let him try changing the station, and everything's the same. That's annoying in its own way."

"But maybe too obvious. Factory presets are usually on different channels." Chance pointed out.

"You've got a point. I wonder if there's any way to set it to change every time he hits them, it looks like a digital tuner," Jake said, inspecting the system in a little more detail.

"Buddy, you could probably make it drive the car if you wanted to." Chance chuckled.

"If you want less to be going on up here, you've got to stop giving me ideas," Jake said with a smirk as he tapped his head. "Besides, I don't know how we could make that look like something billable. Changing his presets or reprogramming his tuner, that's something I could chalk up to installation time."

"Well, it's digital. Doesn't that mean there's a little computer in there somewhere?" Chance said looking at the mammoth stereo.

"That's how I'd make it do things at random. But I don't think I'd want to do that today, I've got better programs to work on instead, really. I think we'll just reset them for now, hope he's inept enough to not know how to change them."

"Probably is." Chance chuckled, as hefted the box out of the trunk. "But first we gotta install it."

"Watch it, Buddy, we've got to get the old one out first," Jake chuckled. "Unless you want to try and climb into this thing with that monster in your way."

"Whatd'ya mean? He's got another big one in there already. Sheesh." Chance muttered as he set the large box on the floor of the garage.

"That'd be even worse," Jake said, moving around to the front. "Trying to get that one out, and this one in, with two of them in the way sometimes? Can't believe this guy, though - blows that much cash on the stereo, but wouldn't spend the money to keep it up decently. I hope he at least had the decency to get his oil changed regularly."

Chance chuckled darkly. "That's right, you didn't see the goop I drained out of the oil pan. I get the distinct impression this guy is one of those 'too busy' types."

"Crud," Jake grumbled, "even Callie can spare 10 minutes once every coupla months, you'd think this guy could take a cab or something once in awhile if he had to. He'll almost certainly have to with this one, at this rate."

"Oh yeah, I think this is a two day job maybe three, parts depending. And I'm not sure we have some of them, may have to make a run into the parts store." Chance nodded.

"Maybe wait for delivery," Jake grumbled, "teach him to appreciate having his own wheels. Besides, they deliver pretty fast, once you've got the complete list for them."

"True, then we can bill him for added cost of delivery." Chance chuckled.

"Well, compared to replacing the shocks on the truck after you take your shortcut," Jake teased, climbing into the front seat and starting to undo the front mountings on the stereo.

"As opposed to the extra time taken when you drive." Chance teased, as he began disconnecting the old speakers in the trunk.

"What can I say? If I'm going to be in a car that's rocking that badly, I'd rather it wasn't the road that was shaking my teeth loose."

Chance snickered. "There are much better ways to rock a car."

"Just what I meant," Jake said. "Probably one thing we'll agree with that lawyer on, though he might be too stuffy to realize it."

Chance just chuckled as he finished pulling the old speakers out.

"What, no witty reply," Jake asked as he finished taking the screws out. "Or do you have something else on your mind?"

"Just putting lawyer and sex in the same sentence was kind of disconcerting." Chance smirked. "Kind of like Manx and bravery."

"Could be worse," Jake chuckled, making a face. "I could have put Manx and sex in the same sentence. Not that that's an image either of us really needs."

"Geez, Jake, was that necessary?" Chance protested. "That's definitely an image I didn't need. That's almost as bad as some of the suggestions on how Steele got to be second-in-command."

Jake shrugged apologetically. "Sorry. I'm sure there's something worse out there, but I'd rather not think about it, myself."

"Yeah, like PastMaster and his interest in Callie."

"There's a reason we're all glad she didn't have to go through with her deal back in the pyramid, buddy." Jake said with a shudder.

"No, kidding." Chance shuddered. "Night of Living with the Dead."

"If you start pulling out bad movie references," Jake said dryly, "I get to start pulling out bad jokes. And I don't think you want that to happen, given the subject matter," he said with a slight chuckle. "Come on - let's get this thing out of here."

Chance chuckled. "Okay. If we're careful we might be able to resell it. He said to get rid of it when I asked if he wanted the old one left in the trunk."

"More money than sense," Jake grumbled as he waited for Chance to get into position to take it out.

Forced Relocation 2: Partner Discussions

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Written July 21, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response, Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong

Blurb: Jake and Chance discuss their new roommate and life in general as they work on a car that has seen far better days.

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