Forced Relocation 3:
First Morning

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Jake woke after longer than usual to an exploring hand making gentle movements through the fur of his chest and abs, a small, pointed muzzle breathing quietly against his neck, and the very familiar feeling of an aroused male against his back, though it wasn't Chance this time. It took a moment for him to remember that Ebon was between them, but when he did, he turned to face the black tom, putting an arm around him even as the black one moved to his back. "You're feeling better," Jake said with a slight chuckle.

"Summ," he nodded. "Curius, sarry."

"Don't need to be," Jake said with a slight smile. "I don't mind."

"Morning, Ebon." Chance rumbled from where he was resting against the black tom's back. "Well, it's not really morning, but right idea." He chuckled. "Sleep well?"

"Yes," he nodded slightly.

"Good. So, what were you curious about?" Jake asked gently.

"That's good." Chance agreed softly.

"Fur. Fells gootd." Ebon said awkwardly.

Jake looked a little confused for a moment before a couple things seemed to fall into place. "Not used to fur?" he asked gently.

"Not like this 'for." Ebon shook his head slightly. "Shanged me."

"Who changed you," the cinnamon tom asked, his expression darkening slightly. "Hard Drive?"

Ebon shook his head. "Bot me. Al'ns."

"Did you want the change?" Chance asked softly, not wanting to jump to conclusions.

"No. Nice bo'dy. But no."

"You won't have to worry about either of them any more," Jake said. "You're not from this planet, then?"

Ebon shook his head. "Sim'lar, sort of."

"So, how much does this form look like the one you had before?" Chance asked curiously.

"Not much." He shook his head. "I can draw. I th'nk."

Chance looked around and spotted the pen and pad. He climbed out of bed, retrieved it and climbed back in next to Ebon. "Care to give it a try?" He asked, handing the pen and pad over.

"Can't hurt." He chuckled slightly and started to sketch. "Always a bett'r writur."

"Well that's ugly," Ebon muttered in his own language, but showed them the picture anyway.

"You were a fem before?" Jake asked curiously.

Ebon nodded.

"Whoa, guess it isn't much like your current form." The tabby murmured. "Your current form is really attractive by local standards, just so you know." He smiled warmly.

"If a bit dif'rnt." He chuckled softly. "I like it, I guess."

"That's good," Jake said, nodding. "I don't know if there's any way to change you back, honestly."

"I don't think we know anybody who does that kind of transformation." The tabby said thoughtfully. "Getting you home isn't too likely either, I'm afraid. Moon rockets won't go that far."

The athletic black tom nodded thoughtfully. "Can't go h'me, 'ther, then. G'ess could be worse, I've always liked cats."

"Thought you weren't used to people with fur," Jake asked, having the feeling that there was *something* he was missing, but not quite sure what, for once.

"Not 'eople," Ebon shook his head. "Little, four legs. Pets." He motioned with his hands. "I miss my Ricky."

"Were you talking small felines maybe?" Chance asked thinking that Ebon's grasp on the language might not be strong enough to hit the subtle pronunciation difference.

"Yes," the black tom nodded. "Not like ... us. They don't speak."

"We have them around here," Jake said with a nod. "Cats, instead of Kats. I'm sorry yours was left behind - I'm sure somebody'll take care of him."

"Cats, and Kats?" He pronounced the slight difference carefully. "I know he will be." Ebon nodded. "I had fam'ly."

"Good," Jake said, slightly relieved. "And you said it just fine that time. It's kind of tricky to tell sometimes, especially if you're talking to someone with an accent."

Chance nodded. "Yeah, usually you have to go with context to figure it out. Well, at least you don't have to worry about him."

"There are cats here?" He said carefully. "Pet cats."

"Yeah," Jake said, nodding. "We're a bit off the beaten path, so not too many strays wander this way, but we still get a couple every now and then."

"This isn't a really good place for them." Chance said quietly. "Salvage yard is dangerous for the little ones."

Ebon nodded quietly. "Not as dan'ous as the streets." He murmured, then glanced between the toms. "How can I get papers and such? To work."

"That could be tricky," Jake said, thinking. "I'm sure we can work something out. Though, we just might need to fudge a little on why you're here. Or see if some friends can help out. You can stay here, until you find a place of your own," he offered.

Chance nodded agreement, as he wondered if maybe Callie would be willing and able to help out with the paperwork end of things.

"Thanks," Ebon smiled. "I need to get back to school. Get my degrees again."

"What did you do before all of this," Jake asked. "Or, at least, what were your degrees in?"

"Comp'uters, mostly. Hardware, po'gramming, web stuff." He chuckled, stretching in place. "P'obably do something differ'nt, though. Maybe law enforcement, or something."

Jake chuckled slightly. "Well, I don't think you'd want to get mixed up in law enforcement around here. Probably not the same as it was back home, unless it was blended with the military. Computer though, that'd be something useful."

"Yeah, the head of law enforcement is a no-imagination, by the book, pain in the tail." Chance muttered darkly. "Those were his good points."

"To you?" Ebon asked quietly, uncertainty in his frown as he looked at Jake.

"About which? Feral's the reason we're both out here, honestly, so I have to agree with Chance's assessment. The computers," he paused for a moment, "we can get by on our own, though I wouldn't turn down the help from somebody who had a little more experience. Not like we use them for too much out here, most days. You'd make a lot more money working for some place like PumaDyne, though."

"I'd rather not work comps." He repeated quietly. "That's a hobby."

"Sorry, didn't quite get your reason the first time around," Jake apologized quietly. "I'm sure there's something else you can do around here, though - it's not like work should be hard to find for somebody like you."

"Hooker isn't my idea of a career." Ebon shrugged, then blinked. "You want me to stay?"

"Well, law enforcement probably isn't like what you're used to." Chance said quietly. "Anything else interest you, that you can think of."

"Just about anything." Ebon said quietly. "Work's just to make the money do to what I really want to."

"Well, hooker wasn't what I had in mind," Jake said. "I meant somebody as smart as you are. And if you wanted to stay, I don't think we'd object too badly," he said, smiling slightly, trying to leave it clear that it was only if he wanted to.

"Yeah, and well we could always use an extra hand around here." Chance suggested. "If you didn't mind working in a junkyard."

"I guess we'll see. I'll certainly help out until I'm on my feet at least." He said softly, still very unsure. "Are writers resp'cted around here?"

"That kind of depends on what you're writing, I guess," Jake said, thinking. "It's not what most people consider a particularly good career move, if you know what I mean, but they don't disrespect people who try it, as long as they don't forget that things like food and shelter are necessities."

"Male on male erotica," Ebon chuckled. "Just checking if it was diff'ent."

Jake chuckled and cracked a grin. "Well, I think I know a few people who'd certainly respect that," he said with a wink. "Though I'm not exactly sure what most of the people around here think."

"It's not a ca'eer for money, though." Ebon smiled softly. "Maybe pocket money."

"Erotica's not an easy area to make money in. At least that's what my sis who works for a publishing house says." Chance nodded. "You just don't get carried in the same volume as more mainstream writers. Unless you're writing formula romance novels."

"Not even close." He smirked. "About the same as Earth, then."

"Well, at least you have a few hobbies to work on," Jake said with a smile. "I'm sure we can find something once you're back on your feet - maybe keep an eye on the classifieds in the meantime, until you get your diplomas updated."

"And we can show you around too." Chance smiled. "More to life than work."

"Umm, how is ... sexuality," Ebon pronounced the word very carefully, "accepted around here?"

"MKC's not the most open city in the world, but nobody's likely to skin you or look down on you, except on an individual basis, if you're not het. Basically, if you don't hurt anybody who doesn't want to be hurt, and don't do anything illegal, you're fine."

"What's illegal?" Ebon asked quietly. "MKC?"

"MegaKat City, sorry," Jake said with a slight chuckle. "And illegal basically means don't mix sex with drugs or rape. Unless robbing banks turns you on, of course, then you've got a few more things on the list," he said with a wink.

"And don't mix sex and minors." Chance added quietly. "Don't pay no mind to the ones who can't handle anything not-het." He said stubbornly. "They aren't worth it."

"Good, because I can't be het." Ebon said softly, thoughtfully. "At least not inside."

"Uhm, this might sound like a strange question," Jake said quietly, "but do you mean before, or after you were changed?"

"I wasn't before, though I was close." The black tom shrugged. "Now ... it's just not possible. Male body, female head, for as long as it lasts. I go out with a female, it's still the female inside that finds her attractive. I go out with a male, it's the male outside that's with him."

Jake thought for a moment, sorting out just what Ebon had said. "Okay, that makes sense," he said eventually, nodding.

The black tom chuckled. "Sorry, I think too much."

Chance nodded, once he'd thought about it awhile. "Though most people judge on what they see. People will think you're het if you're with a shekat." He shrugged. "It's shallow, but that's how people are a lot of the time."

"I know," Ebon nodded quietly. "But that's how I'd have to answer the question. Which brings up one. Are sex change operations even known?"

"I think I've heard of them before. Don't know much about the subject, honestly." Jake said quietly.

"Just wondering how weird the looks will probably be when it comes out I used to be female." Ebon chuckled slightly. "Though with my luck, just as I'm getting used to this body, I'll get a new one." He rolled his eyes.

"Not unless you want it," Jake said protectively. "You might get some strange looks, but I don't think you're going to be committed for it."

"Probably not something to tell just everybody." Chance said quietly. "I mean, most folks don't really need to know. And telling people things they don't need to know isn't usually a good idea."

"And anyone who can't deal, probably isn't worth it." He murmured. "It's not like I'll be mistaken for a normal Kat. You guys know the truth, so you make the best place to find this stuff out. I don't intend to be alone the rest of my life."

"You shouldn't have to be," Jake said, nodding. "And I, for one, don't mind you finding out here. Just don't know all the answers," he smiled.

Chance nodded agreement. "Gee, he admitted to not knowing all the answers, I think we have to make a note of that." He smirked teasingly at Jake. "But seriously, you're welcome to figure things out here."

"Thanks, and I don't expect you to know everything, but you know more than me." Ebon smiled reassuringly at Jake. "And you have a better feel for society than I ever will."

Jake chuckled. "That's a first. People person I'm not," he said with a smirk. "That's the tabby's department, if you're talking about normal people."

"I don't hang with them much, but it's good to know what they want to see in their little sub-reality." Ebon chuckled.

Chance smirked. "Yeah, I do people, he does machines." He chuckled. "Between the two of us, we can handle anything. Except maybe politics."

"Why would you want to?" The black tom arched an eyebrow.

"Good question," Jake chuckled. "Though the Deputy Mayor's a good one."

"Who said we wanted to?" Chance chuckled. "Yeah, the Deputy Mayor's way better than the little coward who thinks he runs the city."

"You guys up for breakfast?"

"I think that can be arranged," Jake smiled. "What sort of breakfast are you interested in?"

Chance grinned at Jake without saying anything.

Jake rolled his eyes slightly. He had a feeling he knew what Chance was thinking - after this long, he should.

"Are either of you good at cooking?" He asked hopefully.

"I'm good enough to keep the bottomless pit behind you well fed," Jake chuckled. "Not the best, but I know how to use a reasonable well stocked kitchen."

Chance shook his head. "I can order out with the best of them. But I occasionally burn water."

"Would waffles with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream be asking too much?" Ebon looked at Jake with a decidedly hopeful expression in a submissive 'I just pushed it' way.

"Not unless we're out of ice cream," Jake chuckled. "Waffles aren't too hard, and cinnamon takes about as long to add as it takes to open the bottle."

"We're not out of ice cream." Chance supplied.

"I'd really like that," he murred in close to the same tone. "Chance can help with my shower while you cook." Ebon suggested. "I don't think I'm that steady yet."

"That'd work," Jake nodded. "Then I can grab one after we eat."

"Works for me." Chance nodded, agreeably.

"Then we should probably work on getting up," Jake chuckled, shifting the covers back as Ebon moved carefully to the edge after him and stood. While still shaky, he was considerably more steady.

"Might help." Chance chuckled, not making a whole lot of effort, which was normal for him, when it came to getting out of bed.

"Come on, tabby," Ebon chuckled at him with a grin. "We have a date with the shower to keep."

"He's right, Chance," Jake chuckled. "Besides, you only get to complain about getting up in the morning."

Chance grumbled and rolled out of bed. "Morning is when you get out of bed, even if it is in the afternoon."

"Night owl, or just hate ghetting up?" Ebon chuckled as he used the bed's metal headboard for balance.

"Hate's getting out of bed," Jake smirked, putting an arm around the black tom to help steady him. "Waking up isn't too bad, staying up late's fine, but he resents leaving warm covers and company."

"Even with things to look forward to?" Ebon teased.

"Got that right." Chance grumbled as he stretched. "Well, lets hit the shower, while the chef hits the kitchen." He chuckled lightly.

"Now that sounds good." Ebon purred slightly. "I feel filthy, and seriously rumpled."

"Have fun you two," Jake chuckled as he started towards the door to the room. "Just don't break the tabby," Jake teased, "he's got work to do today."

"I'm in no shape to break anyone." Ebon shook his head with a chuckle.

Chance chuckled. "You may feel filthy but you look fine." He smirked, on the way to the shower. "Though a day in bed can make anyone feel a bit funny."

"Yeah, I know. Start it with not feeling great and it's a guarantee for a less than stellar morning. Though I've had worse than this."

"I'm sure a shower and breakfast'll make you feel better," Jake said, nodding. "If the two of you aren't down by the time I'm done cooking, though, I might come looking for you."

"Promise?" Chance smirked, with a lusty grin for his mate.

"Depends," Jake smirked, leaning against the doorframe. "If I did, would you slow down so I do have to come looking for you?"

"I just might. If Ebon didn't mind."

"Maybe during his shower." The black tom said quietly. "I don't think I'm up for a threesome."

"No problem," Jake said quietly. "I'll see you two when you're finished."

"Yeah, we're just playin'." Chance smiled as they entered the bathroom. "You want the water same as last time?"

"Yes, that felt good." Ebon nodded, carefully pulling his shirt off while leaning against the counter. "Does he always have sex on the brain?"

"Yeah, cute isn't it." Chance rumbled as he adjusted the water till it felt like it did before.

"Different," Ebon chuckled softly as he eased the shorts and boxers from his hips.

"How much help you want with scrubbing this time?" Chance asked casually.

"Probably the same as last time." He smiled at the tabby. "If you don't mind."

Chance smiled pleasantly. "Oh, I don't mind. I just didn't want touch that much without permission." He said as he stripped down.

"I like touch," he purred. "Most of the time."

"That was the impression I got before." Chance smiled, as he guided the black tom under the water, and began the same strong, gentle, thorough scrub down as before starting with the tom's back at the shoulders. Though this time Ebon actively encouraged him with a deeply resonate purr and significantly more relaxed posture.

"Like that, huh?" Chance chuckled softly, as he worked down Ebon's back, across his ass and down his legs.

"Yes," he rumbled, his arousal growing heavy in water-laden air.

"Yeah, I can tell." Chance said, his own arousal beginning to join Ebon's in the humid air of the shower. Finishing the Kat's legs, he stood and stepped around to begin scrubbing Ebon's front.

As he reached the black tom's hips, Ebon leaned forward, shifting his weight and left arm to brace against Chance in a half embrace. The motion continued forward a little hesitantly until their mouths brushed against each other.

Chance put one arm around Ebon, and gently accepted what he interpreted as a hesitant kiss. With a low, murring moan the advance was returned as their bodies pressed together.

"Just let me know if I go too far." Chance whispered during a brief parting of mouths, and got a nod before Ebon lowered his head to kiss, nuzzle and lick along his neck.

Chance's hands explored the wet fur on muscled body with confident yet gentle touches, taking in the deference between the combat hardened and trained body he was most accustomed to, and the simply fit one that moved so willingly in his arms now. He tried to remember how to behave with an inexperienced partner, as he gently caressed the black tom's ass while their bodies pressed together.

"More," Ebon breathed against the tabby's neck as his hands worked down, caressing along Chance's back.

Chance nodded and slowly trailed a line of kiss down the tom's jawline and neck to vocal encouragement. He then gently licked a circle around each exposed nipple with his tongue before sinking to his knees to gently lick at Ebon's furry balls.

"Oh, gods." The black tom moaned under his breath and reached back to grab the bar for support as he shivered.

Chance gently teased at the swelling sheath, until Ebon's cock peeked from it. He then encouraged it with playful licks towards full hardness.

"Ohh, no wonder ..." the black tom's voice was lost to a shuddering groan as his body responded mostly on instinct to thrust forward, towards the source of pleasure.

Chance rumbled excitedly, and took the hard pink flesh in his mouth till the sheath was brushing his lips. With skill gained through much enjoyed practice, he licked, sucked and played the sensitive barb hairs with his tongue. He hadn't used even a fraction of his tricks before he was reminded just how new his lover was to this.

With an inarticulate cry Ebon went from enjoying the attention to mindlessly blissed out, his hips thrusting awkwardly forward as his body stiffened from memory-reflexes that no longer applied. As Chance easily swallowed his lover's seed, he made sure keep an arm around the tom to keep him from falling. As Ebon's orgasm passed, Chance gently licked and sucked the shuddering tom clean before standing to hold him against his chest.

"Wow," he finally managed between gasped breaths, leaning heavily against the broad chested tabby. "Oh, wow."

"You liked that, huh?" Chance grinned, as he nuzzled the tom affectionately.

"Yeah," Ebon murred, nuzzling Chance's chest in return. "That was incredible."

"That was kind of what was going through my mind the first time, but I didn't think you were ready for it." He rumbled gently.

"Me too." Ebon whispered. "And when you were holding me last night."

"I was trying real hard to behave myself then." Chance chuckled softly. "Sleeping is not usually the first thing on my mind when I'm in a bed with two attractive toms."

"I don't doubt it." Ebon chuckled. "Exhaustion does things to your priority list though."

"That and not wanting to take advantage of someone." Chance smiled.

"That would hardly apply if I was pawing you." Ebon smirked playfully. "I was just too tired to."

"If you'd been pawing me, things would've been different." Chance grinned.

"Well, what would you do if I tried now?" He purred, slipping a finger to trail down the crack of the tabby's hard ass.

"Depends, on far you want to go." Chance rumbled.

Ebon continued to play with Chance's ass as he considered. "I'm willing to give it another try."

Chance thought about it, as his hands caressed Ebon's ass. He hadn't seen any bleeding, so it was probably okay. "If you want to, I'm willing." He rumbled.

"No doubt." He chuckled with a purr. "If dealing with a virgin doesn't bother you, I'm game. Lube is a definite, though. I'm not much on pain."

"I'm not much on pain either. " Chance agreed. "Here, or the bedroom?" He asked, leaving the choice up to Ebon.

"Mmm, the bed's probably better, considering." He considered and stretched up to kiss the tabby gently as he reached to turn the water off and air on.

"Certainly more comfortable for the bottom." Chance rumbled as he helped Ebon get the water out of his fur.

"And right now, that is a serious bonus." He chuckled, playing his thick, Panther-like tail along Chance's body with only partial control. "The last couple times were not spectacular successes."

"With Hard Drive as a sex partner, I'm not surprised." Chance shook his head.

"Mmm? Oh, the guy who had me?" Ebon glanced at him. "No, I mean the willing tries."

"Oh, you mean back when you were a fem?" He said curiously. "You actually tried? Not something that goes over big with fems around here, or at least not with most of the ones I've dated."

"Yeah, I tried a few times." Ebon nodded quietly. "Not bad exactly, just not fun." He shrugged. "I figured I should at least _try_ what I kept writing about."

"Well, I've never known a shekat who enjoyed it as much as a tom." Chance shrugged. "Maybe its something physical, I dunno."

"The first I tried it with said I was built different than a guy." Ebon commented. "Worth another try at any rate."

"With a new body, yeah, worth another try." He smiled encouragingly, as they finished drying off. "Though you could always go as a top if you decide you don't like it." Chance suggested with a playful smile.

Ebon couldn't help the distasteful face at the thought, though he quickly suppressed it. "Yes, and I'll give that a try to."

"Well, one experience at a time." Chance smiled, as he stepped out of the shower, but staying close to support Ebon if he needed it.

"Usually good, unless it's a con." Ebon chuckled and walked close for contact, more than support.

"Con?" Chance asked curiously, not sure how fooling someone related exactly.

"Sorry, convention." He chuckled sheepishly. "Basically, cons are getting a year's worth of socializing and shopping done in two and a half days."

"Okay." Chance shrugged, not seeing the sense it packing it in like that. He smiled, and led the way to the big bed.

Ebon shifted to claim a quick kiss before he sat down, miscalculating the edge and his legs slightly and landing on his back on the bed with a startled yip.

"Careful there, Ebon." Chance said with a gentle smile.

"The legs take some serious getting used to." He chuckled self-consciously.

"I imagine they do." Chance agreed, as reached over to run a hand through the fur on Ebon's chest. Whatever the black tom was going to say was lost as his eyes closed in pleasure at the touch. "Like that, huh?" Chance rumbled with a grin as he continued to play his hand through the soft black fur.

"Yes," he willingly went lax under the big tabby's hands, utterly compliant to his lover's direction.

"So, you've tried this before? What position did you try it in?" Chance asked softly as he continued absently playing with Ebon's fur.

"Bent across the side of the bed." He chuckled. "Something different?"

"Well, top on bottom gives you the most control." Chance suggested.

Ebon smiled and purred softly. "I trust you." He brushed a hand along the tabby's cheek and shifted up the bed to roll over. He took a minute to get a pillow comfortably situated under his head and chest and then focused on getting the unfamiliar angles of his legs to settle in a workable position and looked at Chance invitingly.

"Guess so." Chance rumbled, as he retrieved the lube from the bedside stand. First he lubed his hard cock, and then generously lubed the three fingers of one hand. Getting up behind the tom, he gently pressed one slicked finger against the pucker of the Kat's ass until it passed the first ring of muscle, which tightened reflexively before Ebon relaxed, though the tom showed no sign of real discomfort.

"Good." Chance rumbled encouragingly, before inserting the second finger, and stretching the Kat gently. At first there was the resistance, then the simply tolerating it response he kind of expected, but as he worked, he could feel Ebon start to truly relax. By the time he felt that his third finger had been accepted, the black tom was purring lightly.

"Feel ready?" Chance rumbled softly, his breath hot in the tom's scruff as the tabby leaned along him.

"Yesss," Ebon shivered, suddenly extremely turned on.

Chance slid his fingers out, and then slowly, firmly slid his slicked cock in, until the barb hairs were past the first ring of muscle. The change was greeted with a lustful rumble as Ebon relaxed further, despite the arousal permeating his scent. Chance then slowly slid his cock deeper into his lover, until the tom's reaction stopped being one of pleasure. At that point he big a slow, deep fucking rhythm aiming for pleasure rather than quickness of orgasm.

For a while Ebon simply relaxed, basking in the new sensations and the absent surprise that it felt this good. Then he tightened his lower bowels slightly, testing for control as much as what it did for both of them.

Chance smiled as he felt the slight tightening, and ran one hand down the tom's side in an approving caress as he continued the slow, passionate fucking.

With a rumbling purr both for the sensations and caress, Ebon tried again, a little stronger this time, and focused on creating a pattern with the gentle alternation of pressure.

Chance began to moan passionately as the unexpected skill of his lover intensified his pleasure. Suddenly his hips began to buck reflexively as he roared his orgasm while his seed flooded into the tom beneath in gushes.

Ebon relaxed and let it happen, unwilling to try to match the erratic pattern of thrusts. Instead he made sure he provided Chance with a steady place to cum, and support as the big tom came down.

Chance was careful not to come down on the smaller Kat, instead tipping them to one side so he came down with his chest against Ebon's back. "You're a better bottom then some who've been toms all their lives." Chance purred appreciatively as the black tom relaxed from the controlled tension of letting another roll him to his side.

"Thanks," he reached back to rub Chance's hip, deciding it wasn't worth pointing out he had been, in his other body. "That felt pretty good."

"I'm glad." Chance rumbled sincerely as his lover relaxed.

"Jake really is going to be okay with this, right?" He asked quietly as he fingered his fresh erection absently.

"Yes, he is." Chance said quietly. "Doesn't matter who else we sleep with, we're still first in each other's lives. We've both had lovers outside of our mating." He nuzzled the tom gently. "He pretty much expected this to happen, well maybe not today, but it's not like he didn't see it coming."

Ebon nodded and relaxed a bit more. "I didn't mean earlier to sound like I was rejecting him."

"Oh, when you weren't up for a threesome? Don't worry, Jake didn't take that personal. We both know you've been through a lot, 'sides that was mostly me teasing Jake." He chuckled reassuringly. "He does find you attractive though."

"Good," Ebon murred softly. "We need another shower though." He chuckled weakly.

"Yeah, that we do." Chance chuckled softly. "A little calmer one this time if we want to make it to breakfast."

"I need to make it." The black tom chuckled. "Even if playing around if more fun."

"We can always play after breakfast." Chance rumbled and rolled off the near edge of the bed.

"I need practice walking." Ebon laughed and shook his head as he moved carefully to the edge and stood with caution born of experience. "And this isn't the way to do it."

"Yeah, you're not hardly walking." Chance chuckled, standing close enough for support should it be needed. "Shower and back isn't much distance."

"Grab clothes first and it's just shower and downstairs." Ebon smirked and made a very careful, if unbalanced, walk to Jake's dresser, thinking each step out before making it. "At least I've got the vocal cords working again."

"Definite plus." Chance smiled. "Guessing games aren't my strong suit."

"And masquerade isn't mine." He commented as he made a small pile of clothes, this time picking out a thong to go under the shorts. "It's why getting the letters down was so important to me. It's _some_ form of communication, when I wasn't sure if I'd ever be able to talk."

"Yeah, I imagine." He smiled as they headed for the bathroom. "Though I'd be in big trouble if I had to communicate by handwriting."

"I expect mine'll be improving, until I'm literate enough to type again." Ebon said softly. "Do you have a computer and internet here?"

"I think Jake does." Chance smiled. "Video games are more my interest, and motorcycles."

"And cartoons?" Ebon asked with a playful smirk.

"Of course." Chance grinned broadly. "And big explosion action films."

"So what are the good cartoons available around here?"

"Well, Scardy Cat is my favorite." Chance grinned. "And Robot Defenders is good, and the new one BattleMech X is pretty good too."

"Sounds like there's decent watching, then." Ebon chuckled.

"Now that we got satellite."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ========================= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jake pulled a sheet of waffles out of the oven and filled two plates, setting them down just as Ebon and Chance came down the stairs.

"I'll have the ice cream out in a moment," he said cheerfully.

"You're gonna love this." Chance smiled. "He's better than he lets on." He said as he made sure Ebon was seated before seating himself.

"Oh, this smells awesome." The black tom purred as he sniffed the air. "Every household should have at least one good cook."

"Thanks, but it's mostly knowing which cans to mix together," Jake chuckled, bringing over the ice cream and a plate of waffles for himself. "If anybody's feeling particularly extravagant, we have some apple-pie filling I could open up to go with this."

"Would you?" Ebon licked his whiskers hungrily. "That sounds even better."

"Nah, just maple syrup to go on the ice cream." Chance smirked.

"That's not bad either." Ebon chuckled agreeably.

"Suddenly, I have this sneaking suspicion I'll be dealing with a pair of sugar highs later," Jake chuckled as he went back into the kitchen. Thirty seconds of rummaging and a whirring can opener later, he came back over with the toppings and set them in the middle of the small table. "There's more waffles over there if anybody's interested," he said with a smile, "I'll just freeze the leftovers later."

"Leftovers?" Chance asked incredulously, as he poured maple syrup on top of the ice cream topping his waffles.

"Nah, I don't get sugar high." Ebon chuckled and reached for the apple toping to pour a good chunk of it out before adding ice cream. "I wouldn't count on leftovers though." He smirked with a look at the three plates before digging with a lot of appreciative noises.

"Right," Jake said, rolling his eyes as he started eating. "What was I thinking?"

"About what to watch later?" Ebon snickered between bites.

Chance chuckled, as he dug in and then looked at the clock. "Cool, Robot Defenders is on in forty-five minutes."

"Should be interesting." Ebon grinned. "Well see if we have the same taste in shows."

Jake gave a look of mock horror as he looked between Ebon and Chance.

"Bastet made two of 'em!" He managed to keep a semi-straight face for a matter of seconds before he started laughing and shook his head. "Guess this means we won't have tie votes over what to watch anymore, though," he chuckled.

"Oh, I don't know." Ebon smile. "I like a lot of things."

Chance chuckled. "You never know, Ebon might like Litterbin." He said rolling his eyes. "Being he's from another planet, some of Litterbin's material might be new to him."

"Sure, Chance, and Scardy Kat uses gags that weren't run into the ground 50 years ago," Jake teased, rolling his eyes.

"I'm sure we'll see soon enough." The black tom chuckled.

"Welcome to the war," Jake chuckled with a slight smirk. "One of few things we've decided we'll never agree on, and still argue about when the chance comes up."

Ebon lost it almost instantly, making a desperate but futile attempt to keep from spitting his mouthful out as he laughed.

Jake reached around and put a hand on Ebon's shoulder, trying to make sure he didn't choke while he was laughing.

"Careful, Ebon." Chance said softly. "I'm sure that form doesn't breathe waffle."

"Sorry, I'm sure you're sick of it." Ebon did his best to contain himself, eventually succeeding without choking.

"Nah, it's pretty much just something to raz each other about," Jake said with a smile. "Besides, the way I see it, if we have something to have small arguments about, it keeps us from having big arguments when the grease-monkey bit gets too mind-numbingly dull."

"But it's all in good fun." Chance chuckled. "And the VCR lets us record one, and watch it later, if they happen to be on at the same time." He smirked.

Ebon blinked slightly at Chance. "I meant the chance comes up thing."

Jake rolled his eyes and laughed again. "And I didn't even realize I was saying it, this time," he said. "Though that does explain why you cracked up like that."

Chance rolled his eyes much like Jake and chuckled softly. "There probably isn't a 'chance' joke I haven't heard, I don't even pay 'em much mind these days."

"Well, they're new to me." Ebon smiled apologetically. "It just caught me off guard."

"'Sokay, Ebon." Chance sat patting the black tom on the shoulder. "I don't mind, just might miss 'em on occasion."

"Good," he smiled, then grinned slightly. "You have a hell of a cook for a mate too."

"Thanks," Jake chuckled. "At least from the cook."

"Yeah, he cooks alright." Chance said with a wink for the cook.

"He's hot in other areas too?" Ebon purred.

"Well, Chance?" Jake asked, leaning back in his seat with a slight smirk.

"Oh yeah." Chance rumbled, with a lustful look at his mate. "That he is. And I'm not just talkin' his knack for fixin' stuff."

"Not that you mind watching me crawling around some of the heaps around here, of course," Jake said with a smirk.

"One of the few perks to this job." He grinned broadly.

"Gee, and here I thought the perks mainly consisted of having you bent over an engine in the garage."

Chance chuckled. "I dunno. Hardly competes with having you on your back on the garage floor."

"Yeah, but watching you slide in and out of the back end has its merits too," Jake smirked as Ebon snickered slightly.

"It's usually quite a stretch for you too watch that." Chance smirked playfully.

"Yeah, but you know we both like stretching things," Jake chuckled. "Besides, what else are the security cameras for?"

"A nice second and third angle on things?" Ebon suggested almost innocently.

"Video production." Chance chuckled. "I know we've both got some very interested home movies."

"That's putting it mildly, buddy. Of course, if some of the folks who come through here knew about them, that could make for an interesting change in the customers," he chuckled.

"Yeah, we could sell some of 'em copies." He chuckled. "It'd be an interesting side business." He smirked broadly.

"Yeah," Jake smirked, "but some of them'd skin us alive, if they weren't sure they'd be the only ones to get copies."

"And some of 'em would die of embarrassment just knowing they'd been on tape."

"Ah, mostly only because they wouldn't have seen the cameras before they got started," Jake chuckled. "Most of them pride themselves on being observant, after all."

"Not all of them. Some of them were just hot."

"This is true," Jake chuckled, shaking his head. "You know, the way you talk, it's a surprise we can actually make money off of this place."

Chance looked at him curiously, not sure what Jake was on about with that one.

"Come on," Jake chuckled, "anything cute comes in here, you start looking for ways to impress 'em. With the free fixes we have to give after one of your upgrades backfires...." Jake chuckled again and shook his head.

"Oh come on." Chance shook his head. "I've only done that a couple of times. It's not like you haven't given a cute one a few extras that weren't on the bill."

"Come on, Chance, you know I'm just razzin' you. Besides," he chuckled, "I don't think I've ever seen Callie actually go pale before that."

"You mean when we really did supercharge her engine." He chuckled. "She asked if we'd slipped a jet under her hood."

"I see you two have fun with your job." Ebon snickered and carefully stood before picking up his plate.

"Not as much as we'd like," Jake said with a slight sigh. "But we do what we can. Want some help with that?"

"But certainly more than some people would like us to." Chance smiled.

"Mmmm, yeah." Ebon nodded and sat back down. "Another serving."

"No problem," Jake said as he stood and took Ebon's plate, heading over to load it up again.

"Maybe we'll pull out the collection again sometime," Jake chuckled as he came back over with Ebon's plate. "Good way to get to recognize somebody," he said with a wink.

"Certainly an intimate way." Chance chuckled, as he helped himself to another plateful.

"And particularly entertaining." Ebon purred with a wink for Chance as he dug into his second serving.

"Well, I was thinking more along the lines of an entertaining way to get to recognize a few people in town," Jake chuckled. "But you're both right - kind of hard to not recognize somebody after that, unless you're one of those people who doesn't remember your partners."

Chance chuckled. "Haven't had that happen since Academy."

"And some of those nights were screwed up in more ways than one," Jake said, nodding as he remembered. "Sorry," he said to Ebon after a moment. "We're probably boring you, at this rate."

"Feel free to yawn broadly or simply whap one of us if we get too boring." Chance chuckled.

"Nah," the black tom grinned. "I like listening to folks banter like this."

"Good," Jake chuckled. "Because you're probably going to hear a lot of it around us."

"It's our second favorite hobby." Chance smirked.

"Right after screwing each other senseless?" Ebon smirked.

"Didn't take you long to figure us out, did it." Jake laughed.

"And screwing others senseless as well, is kind of a subset of that." Chance chuckled.

"It's a trait I happen to like." The athletic tom rumbled playfully. "Particularly when you don't mind a small audience."

"If I didn't know better," Jake said with a slight purr, "I'd think we were just propositioned."

"Yeah, but I think he wants a performance not a threesome." Chance chuckled.

"Who said you weren't?" Ebon licked his whiskers. "On both counts."

"Well, I certainly wouldn't mind an audience," Jake chuckled. "Though we should probably wait until you guys are done eating."

"Get kind of messy otherwise." Chance chuckled.

"I'm done." Ebon rumbled and pushed his empty plate forward a bit.

"That was fast," Jake smirked. "Guess the right motivation will help anybody eat fast, won't it?"

"You were just distracted while I was eating." The black tom snickered. "And good food."

"What kind of motivation is required for food?" Chance chuckled as he pushed his now empty plate away from him a little.

"Point taken," Jake chuckled while he collected the plates and took them over to the kitchen. "So," he asked when he came back in, "still interested in a show?"

"As long as you're still willing to have an audience." He purred.

"Never bothered me before," Jake smirked, looking over at Chance.

"After Warlords, why would an intimate audience of one bother us?" Chance smirked broadly.

"Warlords?" Ebon raised a curious eyebrow.

"Some clubs are for drinks," Jake explained, "some are for dance. Warlords - Warlords is for just about any sort of sex you're interested in. Great place if you're into that scene."

"Thunderbolt is fun too. No sex, but the some of the leather outfits are _hot_." Chance rumbled.

"I bet." He chuckled and shook his head.

"I don't know that Warlords is the sort of scene you'd want to hit any time soon," Jake said, thinking. "But if you're interested sometime," he continued with a smirk, "I think Chance has a lifetime pass to Thunderbolt."

Chance chuckled. "So do you, after the last few visits." He chuckled. "They figure anyone who can keep up with me deserves it."

"Cool." Ebon chuckled. "I never hit the clubs much before. Nice way to start over."

"That it would be. Guess we'll have to work on a few dancing lessons later. Vertical dancing," he said quickly, glancing over at Chance with a smirk.

"Even if the other kind are more fun." The black tom purred.

Chance smirked. "He's already pretty good at the horizontal kind."

"Why thank you." Ebon purred with a playful smirk.

"I guessed," Jake said with a slight snicker. "I heard you two down here. One of these days, we'll have to replace the soundproofing in the bathroom."

"I didn't know we ever had soundproofing in the bathroom, or the bedroom." Chance smirked.

"It's that big hinged thing," Jake smirked, "you know, some people call it a door? Of course, I don't think there'd be enough soundproofing material in the city to stop you from being loud, once you get going."

"And you love it." Chance smirked broadly.

"Door was shut, sweetie." Ebon snickered. "You need the kind that muffles jet engines to muffle him."

"Of course I love it," Jake chuckled. "Means there's somebody having fun, who might be in the mood for more later. And sweetie is a term I don't think I've ever heard used for either of us before. Not that I'm complaining," he said with a wink for Ebon.

"Been called worse." Chance chuckled. "And I'm usually in the mood for more later."

"All the guys I knew used it." Ebon shrugged. "Guess it's a cultural thing."

"Oh, I'm not worried about it - just that I'm not really the sort most people think of as a sweetie. That's the big kitten over there, until they find out about his bigger...appetites," Jake smirked.

"Or they see me fly a plane or drive a motorcycle." Chance smirked. "Ain't nothin' sweet when I'm racing."

"But I bet there's plenty that's hot." Ebon purred, racking the tabby with two-tone eyes.

"You think he's nice like this, wait 'til you see him in leathers sometime," Jake rumbled.

Chance smirked. "Speaking of leathers, I bet Ebon would look real good in leather." Chance winked at Jake.

"I'm sure he would," the cinnamon tom purred, looking over at Ebon. "So, guess we go wardrobe hunting sometime soon."

"This should be interesting." Ebon chuckled softly. "I've never worn much besides jeans and t-shirts, unless required."

"If you're heading out on a bike, they're required," Jake said. "Not legally, but they're more likely to keep you alive in a crash than a helmet is, most of the time."

"But wear a helmet just the same." Chance added. "Head injuries can leave you a living vegetable."

Ebon nodded. "Not something I did much of. The motorcycle riding, that is."

"We need to do that anyway." Chance nodded. "He should have his own clothes."

"At least it's shorts weather." He glanced at the two Kat's legs. "I don't think I could wear pants off the shelf."

"Likely to stay that way for awhile too," Jake said, "unless we have some sort of freak cold snap."

"Which you probably just guaranteed." Chance chuckled.

"What does cold mean around here, anyway?" Ebon asked curiously.

"It can get down into the 20's, but that's pretty unusual," Jake said, thinking. "Usually doesn't get cold enough for the rivers to freeze over."

"Unless something weird happens." Chance shook his head.

"How common is that?"

"Most of the random lunatics around here don't bother with cold," Jake said. "I suppose Past Master might try something, but he sticks to the middle ages and prehistoric times, when he isn't dredging up the remnants of mummies or something like that."

"Darkie might pull something like that." Chance added quietly. "But Pastie's never shown an interest in the Ice Age." He chuckled.

Ebon regarded them critically, trying to decide if they were serious or not.

"Unfortunately, there's a reason the SWAT Kats need to do what they do," Jake said. "Hard Drive's on the low end of the real threats around here, I'm sorry to say."

Chance nodded. "Yeah, the news will give a pretty good feel for it. But it's never dull." He grinned.

"Oh," the black tom said softly. "Terrorism with a twist."

"In Dark Kat's case, yeah," Jake nodded, "but I don't know that I'd call most of the others terrorists. That implies a level of planning and purpose that I think would turn their brains to mush."

"Yeah, Hard Drive is a mercenary and tech-thief, strictly in it for the money. PastMaster has an obsession with reenacting the Dark Ages, and the MetalliKats just want to get rich and get even, though no one's sure in what order, possibly not even them."


"It's a weird situation. I keep hearing that the rest of the world doesn't get bothered by the big villains, but we could probably make them our new big export, if we could find somebody crazy enough to want them."

"Well, there is that Siamese city on the other side of the ocean and their giant reptile problems." Chance shook his head. "But we have to settle for exporting our villains in feature movies and merchandising."

Ebon raised an eyebrow, now very unsure if they were joking or not.

"Wouldn't blame you if you didn't believe it," Jake said. "Some people from out of town think Ann Gora's an actress, instead of a reporter," he chuckled.

"Oh, boy." He shook his head. "'Corse, none of them have seen Hard Drive do that 'out of the wall socket' trick either, I bet."

"Probably not," Jake nodded. "Though I don't think he'll be pulling that trick again any time soon."

"Shows his face again he may be going into the wall socket, without his surge coat." Chance growled, then shifted to a bit of a smirk. "Ann would do well as an actress."

"Funny," Jake said with a smirk for the tabby. "Somehow, I don't think she'd be too interested in the type of acting I think you've got in mind."

Chance chuckled. "Actually I was thinking of real acting. She's too high class for the other."

"You're right," Jake smirked, "she is. I was just thinking along the lines of the sort of ad-libbing she might do if you ever played lead tom opposite."

"Rehearsals could be fun though." Chance smirked.

"Forget rehearsals," Jake chuckled, "imagine the cast parties afterwards."

"I think she'd go for a threesome with the two of us." Chance grinned. "Maybe pull in that cute camerakat of hers and make it a foursome."

Ebon chuckled and shook his head. "Are you that sure she even goes for guys?"

"Well," Jake chuckled, "if she doesn't, there's a few big names who've got explaining to do."

"That big sports star certainly talked like she did." Chance murred.
"Of course, he was better at talk than anything else."

"Not saying much, unless there's kids or some very interesting footage." The black tom smirked.

"Not that we know of," Jake chuckled. "So I guess it's possible, but I'd rather leave a few fantasies intact, makes it easier to pass the time for a couple mechanics."

"That and the Callie fantasies." Chance purred.

Jake rolled his eyes, rolled up a newspaper, and thwapped Chance playfully on the shoulder with it. "Quiet, you, or you'll be giving him ideas about us."

"And here I thought you two were hot enough to keep it going." Ebon snickered. "I guess you're not as good as I figured."

"See what I mean," Jake said. "Now we'll have to prove him wrong."

"That's what I thought we were going to do anyway." Chance purred as he stood, walked over behind Jake and nuzzled his neck. "So, here amongst the dishes or would you prefer another room?"

"Well, if you think you'll be able to get out of bed afterwards," Jake teased as he reached back to scratch the back of Chance's head, "I don't think the carpet needs that sort of punishment right now."

"True we did just clean it, didn't we?" He smirked. "Bedroom then?"

"Sounds like a plan," Jake rumbled, turning to give Chance a quick kiss. "Suppose the actors should get in place before the audience, huh?"

"I expect the audience will be right behind us." Chance rumbled, turning the quick kiss into a more passionate one.

"And cheering you on." Ebon rumbled playfully.

"Mrfl," came Jake's reply, though what he meant wasn't too clear through his lip-lock with the tabby.

Chance smirked and swept Jake up in his arms, apparently intending to carry him to the bedroom.

"If this is the sort of treatment I get when I cook breakfast, maybe I should put waffles on the menu every day," Jake purred as he nuzzled Chance's neck.

"Not that I'd complain." Chance chuckled as he carried Jake up to the bedroom, and laid him on the bed.

"No, you wouldn't," Jake purred, looking over at the door to see Ebon come in - but not seeing him. "I think we misplaced somebody," he said softly. "Which means one of us should make sure he didn't have trouble with the stairs."

"I'll go back and check." Chance said easily, heading back down the stairs looking for Ebon, who was making a careful way up, bracing between both walls as he climbed one step at a time.

"You gonna be okay?" Chance asked, genuinely concerned.

"Yeah. Walking just takes some effort still. My balance is not great."

"I'll just stay close then." Chance said with a smile, to which Ebon nodded and continued to work his way up the stairs.

"I'm going to need a damn shower even if I don't enjoy the show at this rate." He muttered quietly.

"Like you're not going to." Chance smirked. "Would you like a lift the rest of the way? No sense overdoing it and pulling a muscle."

"Sure," he smiled weakly. "No point to not having any energy left for the fun, after all."

"Got that right." Chance smiled and picked the tom up in his strong arms, and carried him into the bedroom. He gently deposited Ebon on the bed next to Jake with a smile as the black tom sprawled out playfully as he rolled out of the way.

"You know, it's a good thing you've got a good back," Jake chuckled. "Still getting used to moving around," he asked, turning to Ebon with an understanding look.

"You wouldn't think it's that hard to learn to walk on your toes when your legs are designed for it." Ebon chuckled in good humor. "But it 's _hard_ not to put my heel down."

Chance chuckled. "Once you learn to walk you never think about it 'cause its automatic...tough to figure it all out again. At least you didn't end up four-legged or something stranger."

"That is not even funny." Ebon pouted, though there was a bit of a smile behind it.

"Sorry, old trick I use for dealing with misfortune ... imagine how it could've been worse, and there's always someway it could've been. Makes things easier to deal with."

"Oh, I use that trick too." Ebon smiled slightly. "Though I would have picked something like a lizard, or fish."

"That would be worse," Jake nodded.

"Or a bug." Chance grimaced. "Or a mutant frog."

"Okay, that would have been _way_ worse." Ebon snickered as he reached out a hand to absently play with the fur Jake's loose shirt made visible.

"Fortunately, the big boy here got turned back before I had to get used to slimy skin," Jake chuckled and purred, enjoying Ebon's attentions. "Though that tongue of his had some interesting ideas running through my head for a while," he chuckled, reaching down to gently rub the black tom's thigh at the hem of his shorts.

"But being a frog wasn't worth it." Chance shook his head. "Besides, didn't sound like I was really interested in that kind of play while I was a frog."

"I bet." Ebon laughed and shifted closer to Jake to nuzzle the cinnamon tom. "I like him with fur, more than that tongue.

"Good point," Jake smirked. "Besides, I don't think I'd ever have managed to get used to fly breath." He shifted his hand to reach under Ebon's shirt, stroking his short black fur and nuzzling his neck.

Chance chuckled. "You think fly breath is bad, do you have _any_ idea how bad those things taste?" He said, making a face as he watched the two smaller toms together.

"No idea, and no desire to." Ebon began to purr under Jake's attentions and moved a little closer.

"Motion seconded," Jake chuckled, kneading the black tom's tight muscles as he leaned forward slightly to kiss him gently.

Though Ebon purred and rumbled appreciatively at the contact, sliding his own hands up Jake's shirt to run fingers through the thick, soft cinnamon fur, he didn't kiss back.

"Glad we're all in agreement on not eating flies." Chance chuckled

"Want to switch to watching the show?" Jake asked, continuing to work out some of the strain from the past day or two, carefully avoiding any old wounds.

"Assuming Chance wants to do something besides watch." He smirked and nuzzled Jake. "I rather like this."

"Don't stop on my account." Chance rumbled.

Ebon chuckled and kissed Jake very lightly on the neck.

"No complaints here," Jake purred appreciatively, running a finger lightly down Ebon's spine and drawing the first trace of arousal from the black tom, along with a slightly more aggressive nip to the neck, followed by a nuzzle.

Jake rumbled as he worked his hand down to rub the base of Ebon's tail, and returned the nuzzle and kiss as his bedmate moaned softly as his ass pushed back against Jake's hand. Chance rumbled softly, enjoying the show.

"Want to get out of these clothes?" Jake purred softly to Ebon, running his hand down further, rubbing the firm flesh beneath the black tom's shorts.

"Might as well." He chuckled and started to wiggle out of his shirt while Chance watched quietly, with great interest. "It's not like they'll stay on long anyway."

"I hope not," Jake rumbled, helping him to get the shirt over his head before stripping off his own. He played his hands down the lean muscle of Ebon's sides, and tried to kiss him gently again, only to have it avoided more abruptly.

"Sorry," Jake said quietly. "Something wrong?"

"Just doesn't feel right." Ebon shrugged.

"No problem," Jake nodded as Chance quietly watched, not saying anything. "Just don't like the kissing, or something more? I don't want you to feel pressured into anything."

"It doesn't feel right with you." Ebon said quietly, completely out of the moment again.

Jake shoved down a reflexive 'ouch' thought, and nodded quietly. "No problem. Not your type, I take it?"

"Really, you are more my type." Ebon murmured, shifting away. "I ... it's just not right, right now."

"No problem," Jake nodded, letting Ebon move back until he felt more comfortable. "Like I said, don't want you to do anything you don't feel comfortable with."

"Maybe if you didn't have an audience." Chance suggested, and started to back out of the room.

"Has nothing to do with it." Ebon shot the tabby a distinctly 'do not leave' look bordering on panic.

"Chance, don't," Jake said, reaching for Ebon's shirt. "Pushed too much, that's all." An uncomfortable idea was taking root in his mind, but he tried to ignore it, even if it did make almost too much sense.

Chance stopped, came back, and sat down on the bed next to the two smaller toms as Ebon let go of some of the tension he hadn't even realized had built up.

"Guess maybe things did get a bit rushed." Chance said quietly.

"Something else you want to do?" Jake asked Ebon, hoping that a change of subject would help him relax a bit further.

"You two were going to play." He said hesitantly.

"Yeah," Jake said, nodding. "Sorry, Ebon."

"So what we wanna do now?" Chance asked, suddenly finding himself not really in the mood.

"I'd suggest show me around town, but I need to learn how to walk around here first." Ebon said quietly, miserable that he'd ruined the mood, and determined not to show it.

"We could help you practice that for awhile," Jake said, thinking. "Or, if you'd prefer help from somebody a little more professional, we know a doctor who helps with physical therapy, among other things - might be a good idea to make an appointment, if you wanted."

"Someone that can hear the real story?" Ebon asked quietly. "All of it."

"She keeps bigger secrets for some of our friends, so I imagine she would keep yours, if you wanted to tell it to her."

Ebon nodded. "It's not the secret part, but much of what I need to talk about medically has to do with my last body and things that may be left over or have resulted from the change. She has to be someone who can handle it and not brush it off." He said with quiet need and a touch of fear.

"She should be able to handle it," Jake nodded. "She's a doctor in MKC -- the weird gets pretty normal after a few years."

With a quiet nod Ebon tried to relax a bit more, though the pain deep down that he'd alienated Jake wouldn't go away. Then he shifted forward to nuzzle Chance gently.

"I'll make the appointment later," Jake said with a nod. "Sorry about earlier."

Chance nodded quiet agreement, though he couldn't think of anything that seemed to fit in, or not sound stupid.

"So how about something at least mildly amusing?" Ebon suggested quietly and shifted to nuzzle Chance, and reached out to stroke Jake with one hand.

"Any suggestions," Jake asked, trying to shift so that Ebon could be more comfortable than the position he was currently in.

Chance gently brushed Ebon with one hand, while his other hand reached out to rub his mate's shoulder reassuringly. "We could see what's on TV?" He suggested softly.

"Or snuggle and relax?" Ebon murmured.

"Or we could do both," Jake said. "If you'd rather not snuggle on the bed. It's up to you guys, I think. Though snuggling appeals."

"Yeah, we could snuggle on the couch." Chance nodded, thinking it might make other things less likely to come up.

"I'm game." Ebon smiled hesitantly. "Sorry I ruined the mood."

"Don't worry about it Ebon," Jake said, smiling slightly. "It means there's a chance the two of us will actually get something productive done later."

"Not your fault, Ebon." Chance said gently. "Though I'm sure we can find better things than something productive to do." He said with playful grin, but only playful in a friendly manner. There was no evidence of lust or arousal involved.

"Well, _some_ productive things can lead to fun." He purred playfully, though it was a touch forced. "Once I figure out how to walk easily, there must be amusement and water parks around."

"That's true. Though the roller coasters are a little strange sometimes." Jake nodded.

"Roller coasters are a blast." Chance said with a grin. "Especially that new one that just opened, the Demon Comet. Almost as big a thrill as flying, almost."

"Hang gliders, ultralites or planes?" Ebon asked curiously with obvious interest.

"Well," Jake chuckled, "we both used to be fighter jocks in the Enforcers, and we never had the chance to get used to it. We do some gliding and the like when we get the chance, but it's not quite the same."

"Anything with wings." Chance said with broad, cocky grin. "And gliding can be a real rush, off of some of those peaks. The ones with the high winds."

"Maybe we can go up sometime." Ebon said with an eager, but uncertain grin. "I've always wanted to fly like that."

"If you decide you want to try it sometime, I think Chance'd be the one to handle those lessons," Jake said with a confident grin for his mate, "he's the pilot, after all."

"Be glad to." Chance smiled. "Though we'll have to start with easier places. The Black Shear is a bit much for beginners."

"Particularly beginners who are still shaky at walking." Ebon said with a nuzzle for the tabby. "Well, let's see what's on TV, and laze around for a while."

"Sounds good," Jake said, shifting to get out of bed. "How much help do you want getting down the stairs?"

"Just make sure I don't do a header into the floor." Ebon grinned. "The more I practice, the faster this will start being normal."

"That's the way to look at it," Jake smiled back. "And we *will* keep you from taking that header -- that wouldn't do anybody any good," he chuckled. "Least of all you."

"Yeah, the last thing I need is a cracked skull to go with the weird legs." Ebon smiled as he moved more awkwardly to get up with Chance's subtle help; though he brightened visibly at Jake's improved mood.

"Why don't I go in front so you've got someone to fall against if that happens." Chance suggested, to which Ebon nodded with a smile.

"Yeah, I might knock Jake down." He chuckled. "I think I outweigh him."

"Well, I'd rather not see if the old saying about 'the bigger they are' is true," Jake chuckled with a breath of relief at Ebon's improved mood as he went to hold the door for the two of them.

Chance headed down the stairs staying a step ahead of Ebon, so the tom would fall into him, instead of the hard stairs. Though slow, it was clearly to Chance going down was easier than going up, and they made it to the ground floor without incident.

Once there, Ebon leaned heavily on Chance's shoulder for support, and was shaking with exhaustion when he finally sat down in the middle of their worn couch.

"You did good, Ebon," Jake said, coming over to the couch, waiting for Chance to sit down first.

Before Chance sat down he realized he was kind of thirsty. "I'm gonna grab a cola, anybody else want anything?" He offered.

"Sure, nice water, if it's drinkable around here." Ebon nodded thankfully and patted the spot to his right. "Come and sit, Jake." He said quietly, looking at the lean tom. "I do like the physical closeness, just not the kissing."

"Okay," Jake said with a smile. "Just thought you might be more comfortable with the big guy over there first," he said as he sat. "And I'll take a milk, as usual," he said, looking over to Chance.

A few minutes later Chance came back carrying a tray with a soda, a large ice water, and a milk. He set the tray down on the worn coffee table between the three of them, taking his soda and handing the ice water to the tired black tom.

"Thanks," Ebon took a long drink before sighing and leaning against Chance after the tabby sat down, though his thick black tail was draped over Jake's lap.

Jake picked up the remote, and turned on the TV, absent-mindedly petting Ebon's tail with his other hand. "I don't suppose there's any use in trying for something intelligent, is there," he said, though his 'despair' was plainly faked.

"Depends, are there any intelligent comedians?" Ebon asked in honest interest.

"Yeah, Litterbin," Jake said, knowing full well where the conversation would wind up going, though.

"He asked about _intelligent_ comedians." Chance chuckled teasingly. "Kind of hoping 'Robot Defenders' is on." He grinned.

"That works too." Ebon rumbled, snuggling in as his muscles began to process the acid built up walking.

"Outvoted I guess," Jake said with a slight chuckle, passing the remote over to Chance. "If you start to cramp up, Ebon, let us know," he said, guessing that it was a real possibility from the way the black tom had been moving after the stairs.

Chance flipped through and grinned broadly when the opening them of 'Robot Defenders' came out of the television. "Jackpot." He rumbled.

"I will," he promised. then glanced at Jake, being the easier of the two to look at given his position. "Do you have a bathtub or something? A pool would be really good way to practice."

"We have a tub," he said, "but I don't think we have a pool - though that could probably be fixed. There are advantages to having heavy equipment around, and licenses to use it."

"Just a little thing, to strengthen my legs without risk of falling." Ebon commented. "It's not worth much trouble."

"Yeah, we could probably put a pool together in less than a day." Chance said agreeably. "And like anyone is gonna care what we do, this far out of town." He shook his head.

"Ebon, it'd be a welcome break from fixing cars and marking up wrecks," Jake chuckled. "Besides, we could all use a place to cool off on-site, surprised neither of us thought of it earlier."

"Not that surprising." Chance chuckled. "I haven't known how to swim all that long. Before that I sure wasn't going to suggest you put a large water filled hole on the grounds."

"Well, if you think it would be worth it, I'm hardly going to complain." Ebon smiled and gradually stretched his legs out so they lay across Jake's lap alongside his tail, and shifted his head to rest in Chance's lap.

"Definitely worth it," Jake smiled, shifting slightly so Ebon could stretch out more comfortably. "If for no other reason than to rub a few noses in it later on."

Chance absently stroked the fur on Ebon's head. "We'll want to work up a cover, and a filter system for it as well."

"And heat if we can. Even around here, it'll be nice to have warmer water." The black tom added quietly, his eyes slipping shut in pleasure.

"I think we could fix something out from the scrap we've got around here," Jake nodded as he scratched Ebon's stomach, not sure how well rubbing his legs would be taken.

"If there's a part in existence I think we've got at least one." Chance chuckled, as he continued absently running his fingers through the black tom's fur to increasingly vocal encouragement as Ebon relaxed further.

"Well, yeah, but they're usually not working too well by the time we get them," Jake chuckled, a little surprised that Ebon had picked up purring that loudly that quickly.

"Like that slows you down any." Chance smirked. "Hasn't been anything we've needed to get working that you haven't found a way to."

"Well, there's a reason I hung around the motor pool during Academy," Jake said. "Besides, it's not like you're any slouch yourself."

Chance chuckled. "I'm a decent mechanic, sure. But no way I could've gotten that beat-up TV to work."

"Well, I cheated on that one," Jake chuckled. "You can do amazing things with some of the Enforcer com-equipment."

"You certainly can." He chuckled. "Though it was pure luck, that that mostly intact satellite dish got dumped out here. Way better reception since you hooked that up."

"Yeah, that was luck. Though I'm pretty sure it wasn't meant to be a satellite dish," Jake chuckled. "I don't think PumaDyne builds those."

"I thought they tried branching out into some consumer markets." Chance shrugged. "It does get good satellite TV reception though."

"That it does." Ebon agreed absently, enjoying the easy way these two had around each other.

"Well, good to see you're awake," Jake chuckled. "And you're right about the reception. Just one of those hunches I get about some of this stuff."

"He's just overly modest. He's a genius with mechanical stuff." Chance stage whispered to Ebon, while grinning broadly.

"I figured as much." The black tom smiled back while Jake blushed deeply beneath cinnamon fur.

"He's really cute like that." Ebon smiled, flicking his tail up to brush along Jake's cheek.

"Yes he is," Chance smiled affectionately at his mate.

"Ah, c'mon you two," Jake said, enjoying the attention even as his cheeks glowed brighter.

Chance just chuckled with the broad smile that Jake blushing always inspired. It was an old game, one that had started when they'd been roommates at the Academy.

Ebon just grinned, running his tail playfully under Jake's jaw.

Chance chuckled. "And to think that I let this incredible cuteness sleep with other Kats." He purred amusedly.

"Because he lets his hunk sleep with other Kats." Ebon chuckled and nuzzled the groin so conveniently located near his nose.

"He's got you there, Chance." Jake chuckled, watching his mate's reaction to Ebon's attentions.

"I knew there was some reason." Chance chuckled, and gently massaged the velvety ears that were conveniently in reach, drawing a deepening purr from the black tom and more nuzzling, even as Ebon's tail flicked playfully across Jake's chest and neck.

Jake started purring a little as he shifted his hand down slightly to rub Ebon's hip, working lightly on his sore muscles, an attention that the black tom definitely approved of, given the deepening resonance of his purr.

Chance held the black tom gently, massaging the soft ears with one hand as he watched for any sign of the problem from before, which didn't seem to be forthcoming as the purr shifted to a soft moan of pleasure.

Jake worked his hand down the outside of Ebon's legs, trying to help him relax further. "If you want me to stop, just tell me, okay?"

Chance nodded. "Yeah, just let us know if you uncomfortable with anything." He said, as he continued massaging the tom's ears.

"I will," he promised. "That feels _good_, though."

"Which?" Jake asked with a slight chuckle. "The ears, or working the kinks out?"

"Good to hear that, whichever it is." Chance smiled, without stopping.

"Both," he moaned softly as his eyes fluttered closed. "Ears are sensual, legs ... just feels so damn good."

"Well," Jake said, continuing down to the bottom of Ebon's leg, and starting back up the outside of the other, "as much as you worked them, I figured they could use a little rest."

Chance smiled. "Not many Kats can say we both pampered them." The tone of his voice was light, clearly enjoying pampering the black tom.

"Mmmm, I'm counting myself lucky on a lot of ways."

"You deserve a little luck, after everything you've been through," Jake said sincerely.

"No kidding." Chance said agreeing emphatically. "Though we're lucky the SWAT Kats decided to drop you with us, you're good company."

"Very good company," Jake nodded.

"Thanks." Ebon purred softly, beginning to drift off despite the arousal his body was displaying.

"You're welcome," Jake chuckled.

"Yes," Chance said quietly.

Forced Relocation 3: First Morning

NC-17 for M/M sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

73 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written July 25, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response, Gender-shifting, Rape Recovery, Sex (First Time)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Chance Furlong/Ebon Black

Blurb: When Ebon wakes up between Jake and Chance, he's in a much improved mood. When talk of his past and possible future changes to breakfast and a shower, Chance finds out just how relaxed Ebon is about his body when pleasure is on offer.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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