Forced Relocation 4:
Waking Hungry

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Chance was the first to become aware of the shift in Ebon's awareness, as the tiny movements of the sleeping tom became a more coordinated nuzzling of the tabby's crotch. He smiled, and rubbed Ebon's ears gently, drawing a deepening purr and slightly more active movement, though it was unlikely the black tom was truly awake yet.

Jake smiled as he noticed it, but kept his amused thoughts to himself, trying not to wake up the half-sleeping tom. Chance chuckled softly, as he continued rubbing the velvety ears while Ebon drifted awake, his legs and tail finding something to do next as he stretched, his tail playing along Jake's face, neck and chest, drawing a purr and chuckle from the cinnamon tom.

"Wonder what sort of dreams you were having?" Jake said to Chance's soft chuckle, once Ebon was slightly more coherent.

"Rather nice ones." He rumbled softly. "Nice dream to wake up to, even without the wings."

"Sounds very nice," Jake smiled at him. "Feeling a little more rested now?"

"Yeah," Ebon purred, though he didn't move, other than to continue his previous flirting.

"Wings?" Chance asked curiously, having had more than a few with wings himself.

"Mm-hum," he nodded, nuzzling the hot flesh under his nose. "It lunch time yet?"

"Close enough," Jake said, ignoring the comment that came to mind about the menu Ebon seemed interested in. "Any requests?"

"Mmm, tabby and cinnamon?" He purred teasingly.

Chance chuckled. "An interesting lunch to be sure. I guess you're going for a hot lunch."

"Yes, and a nice leisurely one." Ebon purred.

"Guess we'll be sharing cooking duties," Jake chuckled. "Somehow, though, I think it's one the tabby can handle."

"That kind of cooking I can handle." Chance grinned.

"And how," Jake smirked. "And I think Ebon's even got an appetizer picked out already."

"It smells good at least." The black tom purred, though there was a twitch of hesitation and tension in his body.

"Appetizer? I got the impression he was going right for the main course." Chance chuckled broadly.

"You really think you're that good, hotshot?" Ebon rumbled softly, nuzzling the tabby with small lick.

"Oh, he sure he thinks he is," Jake teased, watching for the uneasiness of Ebon's part again.

"Hey, when you've got it, you've got it." Chance grinned broadly, massaging Ebon's ears.

"And you've got it," Jake smirked, starting to rub Ebon's sides and legs again, remembering how much the black tom had enjoyed it earlier, and had that assessment reinforced as the attention drew a deep, happy purr.

Chance's grin broadened, and he slid the hand that wasn't massaging Ebon's ears, down to rub his back through his shirt. Between the two of them, Ebon was moaning softly much more than he was nuzzling very quickly, his arousal hard against Jake's thigh.

"I think somebody's hungry for something," Jake said with a smile as he tentatively shifted his attentions towards the inside of Ebon's legs, watching for any sign of the discomfort from earlier. Ebon's response left no doubt of his approval though, as his legs shifted apart and his purring resonated even deeper with the arousal now permeating his scent. Jake worked higher up his legs, stopping at the edge of Ebon's shorts before switching to the other leg and repeating.

"Maybe he did want an appetizer after all." Chance rumbled, though the tom in his lap seemed to be enjoying the attention too much to actually hear him. Chance just smiled and continued caressing the black tom as Jake worked his fingers up closer to the bulge pressing against his thigh through Ebon's shorts, drawing an erratic series of breathes from the tom as his eyes slipped shut in pleasure.

Chance gently worked the tom's shirt lose from his shorts, so that the one hand could run through the soft fur of his back and chest. That drew a deep moan while Ebon's tail wound up around Jake's neck to stroke his throat and face and his hands moved to worm under Chance's shirt.

Jake purred as he worked his other hand around to Ebon's tail, caressing the lean tom's ass, one hand brushing lightly against his groin on its way towards his waistband. His eyes closed and mouth slightly open, the black tom gasped in pleasure at the touch and arched slightly, bringing his hips around to give Jake better access.

Chance rumbled pleasantly at the hand under his shirt, and continued his caresses, working the one hand up to run a fingertip around the tom's nipple slowly while Jake worked his hand under Ebon's shorts, running his fingers through the short fur of Ebon's hips to a low, needy moan.

"Want to get these off?" Jake asked, bringing his hand around to the inside of Ebon's thigh again, letting the backs of his fingers brush up against his black-furred balls and sheath, drawing a gasp.

"Are a bit overdressed for this." Chance rumbled playfully, as his hands wandered under the black tom's shirt.

"Yes," he moaned softly.

"Shift your hips up, if you can," Jake said quietly, moving his hands to pull down Ebon's shorts and boxers as the tom obligingly shifted his weight.

"Arms up for a moment." Chance purred softly, slipping the tom's shirt off over his head when he complied.

Jake put Ebon's pants off to the side, before working his hands back up the lean tom's legs, tracing a finger along the sensitive skin surrounding his sheath and balls. It drew a gasp from Ebon as his hips arched up, into the contact, his breathing quickening. Chance ran one hand caressingly up the black tom's front, stopping to tease at his nipples with a gentle touch. Jake turned his hand, slowly and lightly running the tips of his fingers along the downy fur of Ebon's balls, trying to remind himself that the he wasn't used to this. He continued playing his fingers up along Ebon's erection, gently wrapping his hand around the hard spear of flesh, teasing at his barb hairs with his fingertips.

Chance continued his gentle caresses, while the hard tent his erection made in his shorts rubbed against Ebon, occasionally getting nuzzled or licked as the black tom remembered it through his own pleasure.

Far quicker than any of them were expecting, a deep moan turned into a startled cry as Ebon's hips jerked up, the dribble of pre-cum giving away to the first spurt of the real thing. Chance put his arms around the black tom, and held him gently while he came, and after, while he caught his breath.

"Oh, gods." Ebon mumbled as he found his voice again.

"No kidding," Jake said, reaching for a towel, not sure how Ebon would take him licking his fingers off. "You must have been more wound up than we thought."

"Yeah, you definitely needed that." Chance rumbled, brushing one hand along Ebon's cheek.

"Looks like our tabby is pretty wound up too." He chuckled and nuzzled the tented shorts next to his head. "And seriously overdressed as well."

"Agreed on both counts," Jake purred as Chance simply grinned encouragingly. "So, should we help him with that?"

"Well, of course, though it's be nicer if I didn't have to move." Ebon rumbled as he lifted his head, and managed to knee Jake in the groin with his heel as he rolled over, drawing a wince and sharp intake of breath from the cinnamon tom.

"Hurr?" Ebon did a fast body check and moved his heel to a safer place. "Sorry, Jake. Guess I don't have as much control as I thought."

"You okay, buddy?" Chance said, as he heard the familiar sound of his mate in pain.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Jake managed to chuckle a moment later, if a little weakly. "And don't worry about it, Ebon. If I thought you'd meant to, I'd have you sit on Chance's lap."

"And that is a punishment because ...?" He cocked a grin at the cinnamon tom as he maneuvered the tabby's shorts down.

"Good." Chance said relieved. "And I guess we knew you didn't have perfect control, so it's kind of an assumed risk."

"Well, at least I wouldn't get nailed," Jake smirked, reaching over to take Chance's shirt off. "Besides, he's always bragging about being able to take anything you can throw at him."

Chance chuckled as he put his arms up so Jake could get his shirt off. "And so far I have." He smirked broadly.

"Yeah, but nailing him would get rid of this pretty thing." Ebon snickered and nuzzled the now exposed length. "And you are big time over dressed now." He smirked at Jake.

"Oh, I don't know that it'd get rid of it," Jake chuckled. "You should see what he was like after a sparring match back in the Academy. So, am I going to be undressing myself? Not that I can't handle it, of course."

"You were the one always in hurry to get back to quarters." Chance teased playfully as Ebon grinned, twisted and pounced on the cinnamon tom, pinning him to the couch and waving his tail and ass in Chance's face in the possess.

"Oh, I think we can help with that."

Jake purred and brought his hands up to Ebon's hips. "So what're you waiting for?"

Chance chuckled, and leaned over Ebon to lift Jake's shirt off. As he did so his hard cock brushed across Ebon's ass, drawing a deep rumbling from the black tom as he worked Jake's shorts off, licking and nuzzling the groin he'd just injured. The cinnamon tom raised his arms so that Chance could take his shirt off, moaning slightly at Ebon's attentions.

Still leaned over the black tom, Chance played his hand across his mate's chest and exposed nipples, while his cock continued to rub across Ebon's ass until the black tom was panting and hard as a rock again. Jake was moaning loudly, arching into contact with the two toms on top of him as Chance deliberately rubbed his cock across the pucker of Ebon's ass.

"Want it, sexy?" He rumbled, leaning close to the black tom's ear.

"Yes," Ebon moaned softly and closed his eyes, letting the world narrow to the physical touch and continued to nuzzle the furry groin in front of him.

"Think we still have the lube in the cabinet," Jake managed to say between quickening breaths, as his shaft began to swell in response to Ebon's nuzzling.

"And over here." Chance said stretching back to grab a tube of lube from the compartment cleverly concealed in the end table. He carefully left the blaster behind, which was also concealed there. Twisting back he generously lubed up three fingers, before gently pressing one of them against Ebon's pucker firmly until it slipped inside with much more ease than last time.

Chance gently worked a second finger in stretching the tight ring until it seemed loose enough. He then generously lubed his hard cock and slipped it inside Ebon, until the barb hairs were playing against the tom's insides.

"Oh, god." Ebon groaned deep in his chest as his world narrowed to Chance's hands on his hips and the tabby's flesh inside his body.

Jake watched the two of them intently, licking his lips unconsciously as he responded to the increasingly hot scene while Chance began thrusting slow and deep, changing the angle of his thrust as he searched for that special spot that would send lightning bolts of pleasure through his lover. Even as he searched it was clear Ebon was enjoying the attention, and as the black tom opened his mouth and tipped his head to take the base of Jake's erection in his mouth as he used the cinnamon kat as something of a pillow/brace. Jake moaned and leaned back as Ebon's hot mouth engulfed his sheath and the base of his cock, fighting to keep his eyes open to watch them.

Chance smiled as his found the special spot, and rubbed across it gently as he leaned forward to nuzzle the back of Ebon's neck as the black tom moaned and shuddered, his arousal spiking at the warmth and weight on his back as much as the pleasure in his body. The tabby continued his slow, deep thrusting, shifting to hit the spot every so often to low vocal encouragement. He briefly shifted from nuzzling his neck to lick him tenderly on his ear as Ebon whimpered and cried softly in his pleasure.

Chance began to moan deeply, as his thrusts became less regular and his breathing quicker. He started to take Ebon's scruff in his jaws, drawing a deep, hungry moan and shift to accommodate the move even as the tabby thought about backing off that kind of rough play. Given the favorable response from his lover, Chance got a firm grasp on the tom's scruff with his jaws, as the pace of his thrusts became quicker and more urgent. Ebon moaned through his deep purrs and licking the sheath and cock base in his mouth, drawing matching moans from Jake as he played his hands up the sides of the black tom.

A deep-chested roar was the only warning when Chance came. His hips thrust involuntarily, burying him deeper in Ebon as he came, filling the tom with his seed as Ebon shuddered in excitement, moaning and whimpering his pleasure. Jake started rubbing his ears gently; waiting to see what Chance was going to do next.

Leaving himself buried in Ebon's ass, Chance reached under the tom with one hand, and began to slowly stroke his cock. The other hand stayed on the couch, holding him up as Ebon moaned and trembled. It wasn't long before he moved his head from Jake's groin to his chest as he embraced the cinnamon tom. Jake returned the embrace, rocking his hips against Ebon's abs as he rubbed the lean black tom's back.

Chance continued his slow, steady stroking of Ebon's cock, while he nuzzled the black tom's neck between Jake's hands. It didn't take much longer before the black tom shuddered along his entire body, and a half roar, half scream was torn from him with the first spurt of cum. Jake held him close as he spasmed, slightly unnerved by the intensity of his cry. Chance stayed like a large blanket along Ebon's back while the black tom came, nuzzling the tom affectionately, and occasionally licking his ear.

"Oh, god." Ebon finally gasped with a shudder as his body keyed down. "That was incredible."

"Very," Jake agreed with a quiet purr, nuzzling Ebon's front.

"Gods was it ever." Chance rumbled softly against Ebon's neck.

"Still not done," he murred, nuzzling Jakes chest.

"Any ideas for finishing up?" Jake rumbled, playing his hands done along Ebon's body, and up Chance's.

"There's always a Jake sandwich." Chance rumbled suggestively, having slid himself out of Ebon gently as the black tom chuckled.

"Kind of what I had in mind."

"Not gonna hear any complaints here," Jake smirked. "Suppose the question is who's going to be where, then."

"We'll let the guest decide." Chance nuzzled Ebon. "You want top or bottom, hotstuff?"

I'm not sure if I can get that hard again very fast." Ebon shrugged as though it was obvious.

"Doesn't hurt to ask, Jake purred, running his hands along Ebon's body. "So, care to get more comfortable?"

"Somebody's goina have to move." He snickered and shifted against the back of the couch to give Jake space to move, the tabby politely shifting upright with him. "You can't be in the middle on the bottom, last time I checked physics."

"Not really, but it's interesting how close you can come if you're creative," Jake smirked as he swung off the couch, letting Ebon move where he wanted to.

Chance likewise backed off to let the black tom move, as his cock began to swell to full hardness at the thought of the sandwich.

"Do you ever wear out?" The black tom laughed as he settled on his back on the couch and squirmed around to present his ass where Jake could sink into it.

"Not this soon," Jake chuckled, moving around behind Ebon, running his hands along the lean muscle and soft fur before gripping Ebon's ass and running a finger along the stretched ring of muscle. "Think the tabby's got you prepped enough to start, or need a little pre-treatment," he purred, leaning forward so Ebon could hear him.

"Oh, I think he did a good job." He shivered in anticipation and a tiny trace of nervousness.

"I think someone else needs a little prep though." Chance rumbled, moving behind Jake and running hands over his mate's ass, with a finger trailing across the pucker.

"Mmm, yes," Jake purred, pressing back against Chance's hand almost on instinct. "If you don't want to do this, Ebon, you don't have to," he said softly, noticing the nervousness and not wanting a repeat of earlier.

"I know," he smiled up and ran his fingers threw the thick cinnamon fur. "It's just a new thing."

"Okay," Jake nodded, smiling down as he rubbed Ebon's abs gently. "That I can understand."

Chance retrieved the lube from floor where it had fallen, and applied more to his still slick fingers. Gently, he worked one finger inside his mate, and leaned close slowly finger fucking the tom before moving on to a second finger as the cinnamon tom closed his eyes and moaned lustfully, pushing back against Chance's hand as he was stretched, somehow managing to position himself to press into Ebon when they were ready.

When he felt his mate was ready, Chance sank his cock deep into him the way Jake liked, all the way to the sheath, and paused for his mate to settle in the black tom. As he did, he placed his muzzle against Jake's neck, his breath hot against the cinnamon tom's fur. Jake moaned loudly and slowly pressed forward into Ebon's relaxed body, taking a moment for both of them to adjust once he was buried inside of the black tom.

Chance purred deeply as he made a slow, deep thrust into his mate; one that Jake answered by shifting back into him, before sinking into the black tom beneath him again. Chance followed by pushing forward into his mate, and pulling back when he felt his mate begin to pull out of Ebon.

For his part, the black tom tried not to think about the mechanics of the threesome too much and just focus on the pleasure flooding his body, and giving Jake the same treatment he'd given Chance to such effect, drawing a low moan from the cinnamon tom as he started to lose track of what he was doing in the intensity of the toms in and around his body.

Chance concentrated on trying to get a good rhythm going, though after a few strokes, he shifted his angle briefly to hit Jake's special spot. He'd gotten very good over the years at finding it, as the startled gasp from his mate proved, the bolts of pleasure running through his body as he tried to find the matching point in Ebon's body.

Chance grinned, and nuzzled his mate affectionately as he continued to thrust, drawing another ragged moan from Jake as he tried to hold back as long as he could, squeezing his eyes shut as he continued to thrust into Ebon in time with Chance's motions and the black tom's moans.

"Not going to last long," Jake moaned through gritted teeth.

Chance just smiled and continued deep, powerful thrusts though he avoided hitting the special spot again, so as to not push his mate over quickly.

"Then don't." Ebon panted and squeezed the muscles along his entire lower body, taking the choice away from the cinnamon tom as he gave a strangled roar and started shooting his seed into Ebon, his ass clenching around Chance's cock.

That clenching was enough to push Chance over. As his hips bucked involuntarily, he threw back his and roared while his seed pumped into his mate as their guest watched from under them in hungry fascination.

Several heartbeats of silence followed with just the lover's panting breath to break it, then a soft voice with a multitude of emotions in it said something from near the door.

"Hu?" Ebon tipped his head back and off the couch to see a very stunned blond shekat in a tight pink business suit. If he could have curled into a ball and disappeared, he would have, but the two toms on top of him stopped him from moving much at all, but to pull his face back out of her line of sight.

When Jake realized what was happening, and who was at the door, he alternated between trying to turn beet red, come up with some sort of explanation, and figure out what Callie was doing at the door staring at them.

"Hi, Ms. Briggs." Chance grinned, as he slid his cock out of Jake's ass. "Guess we forgot to lock the door." He said without a trace of embarrassment while Ebon tried to disappear under Jake's body, only his heavy black tail twitching embarrassedly off to the side.

"Or put the 'closed' sign up," Jake added quietly, not sure if he should try to get to their clothes quickly, or just stay where he was after he'd slid himself out of Ebon, who was apparently going for not moving, except for this heavily agitated tail.

Chance nonchalantly picked up Ebon and Jake's clothes and handed them to them, before retrieving his shorts. "So what brings you by, Ms. Briggs?" He asked as he slipped on his shorts, more out of politeness than any real sense of modesty.

"Ummm," she quickly recovered, except for the blush that was still rather noticeable on his pale cheeks. "My car's been rattling. When no one came out, I thought I'd wait in here."

For his part, Jake managed to look embarrassed with ease as he pulled on his clothes quickly, handing Ebon his. "Sorry - we were a little pre-occupied," he said, barely recognizing just how obvious the statement was as the black tom pulled his shorts on without seeming to lift his hips from the couch.

"I noticed." Callie nodded, fully in control of herself again, though she was still blushing brightly. "So who's your black friend?"

"No problem, Ms. Briggs." Chance smiled winningly. "Be out to look at it in a few minutes. Just gotta grab work clothes." He said as he ducked into the downstairs bathroom where his coveralls were hanging.

"Uhm, Ms. Briggs, this is Ebon," Jake said, trying to recover some semblance of dignity. "Ebon, Deputy-Mayor Briggs."

The black tom's eyes went wide in horrified shock as he looked at her, unable to move.

Jake kicked himself mentally for brining it up that way - and for not checking the door, but that was a moot point now.

"It's okay, Ebon." She smiled gently at him as he managed to kick his brain and body back in sync. "Please don't be embarrassed."

Chance came back out having dressed with the speed usually reserved for changing into T-Bone. "Okay, Ms. Briggs, let's see what the problem with your car is."

"Right." She nodded and walked into the workshop part of the garage.

"I didn't mean to embarrass them so badly, it was just a terribly hot scene." She said softly.

Chance chuckled softly. "No arguments here. Jake'll get over it, I'm sure." He said as they reached her car. "If you'll start her up, I'll take a listen." He said politely, as the mechanic took over.

Callie nodded and slipped into the driver's seat to turned the engine on.

Chance popped the hood open and listened closely. He nodded a few times, and then walked over next to the driver's side. "You can turn it off." He said loud enough to be heard over the engine.

"How long will it take?" She asked politely as the engine died and she stepped out.

"About an hour." Chance said easily. "Serpentine belt's worn, and the water pump has worked itself a little loose which was the rattle you were hearing."

"I'll wait here then," she nodded easily and headed for the waiting room. "Hopefully Ebon has calmed down enough to have a conversation. He's a most unusual tom."

"Yeah, and a really nice guy too." Chance said as he went to work.

"She gone?" Ebon asked very quietly as he peaked over the couch armrest.

"She's in the garage with Chance," Jake said, pulling on the rest of his clothes. "Sorry about that happening."

"Just help me upstairs, okay?" The black tom looked like he wanted to bolt, if he was physically capable of it yet. Instead he shifted to put his toes on the ground and pushed up off the couch.

"Yeah," Jake said, offering Ebon a shoulder if he wanted it on his way to the stairs. "Want me to go up first, or come up behind you?"

"Behind me," Ebon said quietly as he grabbed Jake's should to keep his balance on legs even more shaky than usual. "And a shower, if you can spare the time."

"Yeah, no problem." Jake nodded, putting an arm around Ebon's back to help steady him as they made their way upstairs. "If Chance needs the help with her car, it can wait until after that."

"Thanks," the black tom nodded. "Being able to walk on my own can not come too soon."

"I can understand that," Jake agreed. "But you've made a lot of progress in just a day or two - shouldn't take you too long to get the rest of the way, at this rate. Especially if you get some help."

"More than I am already?" He asked quietly as he tackled the stairs.

"Well, we help with what we can," Jake said, supporting Ebon as necessary, "but we're not really the best people for that sort of help."

"So who will be handling it?" He asked quietly, most of his attention on getting his toes to go in the right place.

"We can, but it'd be faster if a doctor helped," Jake said, watching Ebon's steps and trying to determine if Ebon wasn't comfortable with what he was saying, or just with the difficulty in walking.

"So who?" The black tom glanced at him. "If I make you uncomfortable, the shower can wait." He offered quietly.

"No, it doesn't make me uncomfortable," Jake said quickly. "I'm just thinking too much, I guess -- one of my bad habits."

"Worrying if I was uncomfortable with you?" He took a guess and sighed a deep breath of relief as they reached the top of the stairs.

"In part," Jake admitted, waiting for Ebon to rest before they continued. "Mainly trying to distract me from being embarrassed," he said with a blush.

"A worthy pursuit." He grinned back slightly. "How that tabby *does* that is beyond me."

"I think he had whatever part of the brain handles embarrassment surgically removed," Jake smirked. "Didn't fit the flyboy image."

"And replaced with an extra endurance part." Ebon snickered as he opened the bathroom door.

"Amen to that," Jake chuckled as he followed Ebon in.

"You know, I always thought that was something writers and porn filmmakers made up, not anything real people could *do*." Ebon shook his head as he pushed his shorts down with one hand while other help ahold of Jake's shoulder.

"What," Jake asked, waiting until Ebon was balanced again before stripping down himself, "Chance's endurance?"

"Yeah. Coming more than once that quickly." The black tom shrugged and made a careful path into the large shower stall.

"I mentioned that once when we were just getting together," Jake chuckled, following Ebon into the shower. "And he said something about lots of practice."

"Either he good at dating, or your home videos aren't the only ones he stars in." He snickered and set to work adjusting the water. How do you like it?"

"He's real good at dating," Jake chuckled. "Set it how you like it, Ebon, I take just about anything that doesn't blister. Would you like me to set it for you?"

"I got it, I think." He extended a hand into the spray. "Yeah, that works."

"Okay. Want to try washing yourself down as much as you can," Jake asked, his tone indicating that he didn't mind either way.

"That's one part of needing the help I like." Ebon chuckled and grabbed the shampoo. "I like touching."

"No complaints with that," Jake chuckled. "Want me to start on your back, or your front?"

"Both are fun." Ebon grinned at Jake and brushed his tail across the cinnamon tom's groin.

"You're in the mood for that type of shower already," Jake asked with a chuckle. "Well, we should probably get started soon then; I don't know that Callie can resist Chance's charms for too long," he smirked.

"Hay, if he can catch her, what's the problem?" Ebon smirked and moved close to Jake, draping both arms over the tom's shoulders. "I thing my back should be seen to first." He purred softly.

"I think that works," Jake purred, taking the shampoo and squeezing some out onto his hand, working it into the black tom's fur thoroughly, but gently, as Ebon nuzzled him within the embrace.

"You have a nice touch," the black tom purred softly and pressed close, his arousal growing as their bodies rubbed together.

"Thank you," Jake responded with a purr of his own, working down towards Ebon's tail and ass as the scent of their arousal mixed in the steam of the shower.

"Well, Chance, any idea what's wrong with Callie's car?" Jake asked, pulling his coveralls on the rest of the way as he hurried out to the garage.

"Serpentine belt and water pump." Chance said from where he was leaned over Callie's engine working. "I'm about half done. How's Ebon?"

"He getting over terminal embarrassment?" Chance asked as he looked at the water pump a little more closely. "Would'ya see if we've got another water pump for Callie's car in stock? Looks like some flying debris bounced up and embedded itself, could blow free anytime."

"That would not be good," Jake agreed, checking for and finding the pump, hauling it back over. "And yeah, he's getting over it -- he'd probably turn a beautiful shade of red," Jake grunted out the last word as he shifted the pump up next to Chance, "if we introduce them, but he'll get over it pretty soon. Did she have anything to say about it?" Jake asked, half-wincing at the expected answer.

"She thought it was a very hot scene, which it was." Chance smirked. "And she hoped Ebon wouldn't be too embarrassed to talk to her. She thought he was interesting." He said as he freed the old pump and pulled it out.

"I think it's equal parts too embarrassed and too tired," Jake said, grabbing the fittings for the new pump while Chance moved the old one out. "Though she's right about all of it - he's interesting, and it was a hot scene. Next time though," Jake pointed out quickly, his cheeks turning red again, "we check the door."

"Okay." Chance shrugged, as he set the new pump into place. "I thought it was kind of hot, her watching."

"Well, if we'd known she was there," Jake reached in to start attaching it, "that'd be one thing. Just a little strange to know one of our best customers was watching us. Besides, I don't think Ebon's that much of an exhibitionist."

"Yeah, doesn't seem like it." He said quietly, listening to the engine. "Yeah, that's got it."

"Good," Jake nodded, grabbing a towel for Chance to wipe his hands off with, and a second one for himself. "Didn't take too long, don't suppose Callie's still around here, is she?"

"You must have walked past her on your way out here." Chance said as he took the towel, and wiped his hands. "She was going to wait in the waiting room. About forty minutes, and I told her an hour. But then I figured you'd be busy with Ebon." He smirked.

"Well, he *was* pretty tired, Chance" Jake said, rolling his eyes as he threw his towel at the tabby. "Not up for more than a little playing around in the shower. I must have missed Callie on the way by -- that's what I get for heading down here in a rush." He grabbed a clipboard and marked down the parts they'd used for the inventory. "You didn't stick any extras in this time, did you?" he asked, looking over at Chance uncertainly.

"I guess we did kind of wear him out." Chance smirked. "And no, I didn't put anything extra in." He chuckled.

"Good," Jake chuckled. "Somehow, I don't think she'd take well to having her car super-charged again." He paused for a few minutes while he double-checked his math. "So ... think we should talk to her about trying to get Ebon the various papers he needs? Or leave that for some other time?"

"This is probably as good a time as any." Chance said easily.

"Kind of what I figured. So, any idea what we'll tell her about where he's from? I don't know that telling her the real story's the best way to go, at least not without asking Ebon first."

"Callie'd probably believe it though, given what she's seen." Chance said softly. "But probably not without asking Ebon. How about most of the truth? That he's someone the SWAT Kats rescued and left with us. We don't know where he's from but its not MKC."

"Works for me," Jake nodded, "keeps us from having to explain how he got here, too."

"Also means if Ebon's okay with telling her the truth, we won't actually have been lying, just omitting a few details."

"Always a plus; after all, we've made a bit of a career of that," Jake chuckled slightly. "So, should we go give her the bad news and explain the handsome stranger in your bed?"

"I think he's been in both our beds by now, or did you put him to sleep in mine." Chance smirked.

"Seemed more comfortable there," Jake chuckled, shaking his head slightly.

"Could be, it was the first bed around here he slept in." Chance said quietly. "With all the changes he's been through, probably something not different is a welcome relief."

"Yeah," Jake nodded. "Hard to believe he's holding up this well, really. Just hope he doesn't feel like he can't be upset about what happened around us."

"Probably not thinking that much." Chance said sympathetically. "He's still trying to manage walking on his own, probably has all his attention."

"I hope that's what it is," Jake nodded. "He should be able to get over that faster than not wanting to admit there's something wrong. And he's getting better at the walking; stairs seem to be the big problem now."

"We'll have to wait and see." Chance said quietly. "He's worth the effort." The tabby said, surprised at the attachment he'd already developed for the black tom.

"Yeah, that he is," Jake answered. "Funny," he mused, "we haven't known him a week and already we're deciding we'll do just about anything to help him through this."

"Yeah, and he hasn't known us any longer, and he's trusting us enough for sex after what Hard Drive put him through." Chance said quietly. "Doesn't hurt that he's also attractive and likable."

"Not a bit," Jake agreed softly. "Of course, the fact that we found him probably has something to do with it. I don't want to have rescued him from Hard Drive just to see him not handle life on his own after that."

"Yeah, that too." Chance agreed. "There's too many who'd take advantage of him."

"And that's assuming Hard Drive didn't try getting him back some time." Jake growled slightly. "Wonder what Feral thought when he found that scene."

"Depends on what his tastes are." Chance smirked. "He might found it a turn on."

"Chance," Jake chuckled, "as fitting as it would be, that's not an image I really needed."

Chance smirked. "Hey, I was being artistic. Didn't want Feral to have a completely boring day."

"Well, at least you didn't gift-wrap him. I think Feral'd try bringing us up on Hard Drive's charges if you'd done that," Jake said, rolling his eyes.

"Nah, I just made sure he wasn't going anywhere. And gave him something to keep his attention while he waited."

"Besides the shredded Surge Suit," Jake asked curiously.

"Yeah, besides that. I gave him an uncomfortable seat." Chance said simply.

"Just how uncomfortable? Not that it wouldn't be deserved, I'm just kind of curious if they needed to remove sharp objects from sensitive places he didn't want them."

"Not sharp, but it was a bit on the overly large size. Well, maybe a bit prickly since it was anatomically correct." Chance grinned.

"Ouch. Fitting, but ouch. On the other hand," Jake smirked, "if Feral decided he liked what he saw, maybe Hard Drive'll be thanking you for the advanced lessons."

"Maybe, maybe not. I've heard rumors that Feral likes his play rough, really rough." Chance said quietly. "Not sure Hard Drive wants to play the sub."

"Well I'm damned sure Ebon didn't," Jake growled.

"Hey, don't growl at me." Chance shook his head. "I'm not saying he doesn't deserve it, just that he might not thank anyone for it."

"Sorry," Jake said, shaking his head to snap himself out of it. "Just don't like the idea of somebody going through that when they don't want to at all. Still gets me wound up to think about it."

"Yeah, that kind of play is definitely something no one should be forced into." Chance said quietly. "Unless they're Hard Drive, and have earned a little pain." He grinned dangerously.

"Have to admit," Jake chuckled darkly, "never thought I'd wish something on Hard Drive that I'd be willing to save Dark Kat from."

"Don't know that I'd go that far." Chance shook his head. "Dark Kat's done some pretty horrid things too. Trying to nuke the city comes to mind."

"Killing him slowly, that's one thing. Letting him get raped, that's another," Jake shrugged.

"Of course, we don't even know what is under that cowl." Chance shrugged. "Maybe you can't rape it. Though I'd be curious to see what'd be strong enough to try."

"As long as it was on our side," Jake commented. "Suppose we should shelve this, go talk with Callie before she wonders if we got sidetracked," he smirked.

"Yeah, bizarre track too." He said as he opened the door between the garage and the waiting room.

"Hi, guys." The blond smiled up at them, noticeably not sitting on the couch.

"Miss Briggs," Jake asked as he walked into the waiting room, shifting back to his normal demeanor easily.

"Miss Briggs." Chance smiled as he walked in behind Jake. "Your car's done."

"Yeah," Jake nodded. "New water pump and belt, you had a little debris caught in the old one."

"Excellent," she smiled and stood up. "What do I owe you for this miracle?"

"Well, I wouldn't call it a miracle," Jake chuckled, scratching the back of his head as he offered her the bill. "Just a bit of debris caught in your pump - good thing you brought it down here, though."

"It usually is," she smiled and glanced down the bill. She nodded and took her checkbook from her purse.

"You got the show for free." Chance smirked.

"About that, is Ebon going to be okay?" She asked gently. "I didn't realize it would upset him like that, with where you were."

"He'll be okay," Jake said, blushing slightly. "Might take awhile, but he'll get over it. Actually, we'd like to talk to you about Ebon, if it's not a problem."

"Of course not." She sat back down after handing the check to him.

"Thank you," he said, pulling up a chair and sitting down. "I suppose I should get straight to the point - Ebon's not from MKC - we're not sure where he's from, but we know that much. SWAT Kats brought him by a few days ago for us to keep an eye on him, after they'd rescued him. He was in pretty rough shape," he explained.

"He seems to be adapting fairly well." Callie smiled slightly. "I can't say I'm surprised, given his legs. He needs papers and some red tape snipped?"

"Yeah," Jake nodded. "He wants to stay in MKC for now, but it's kinda hard to get a job, among other things, when you don't legally exist."

"Did the SWAT Kats, or Ebon, say anything about how he got to where they rescued him?" She asked gently.

"SWAT, no, they didn't know any more than we did about that. Ebon said he was kidnapped, but couldn't remember too many details," Jake answered. "Just that they weren't gentle with him, and it wasn't anywhere near here."

"Well, that should be more than enough to get him refugee status, though I'll play around to see which will be best after I get back to the office." She smiled gently at the usually silent tom. "Has he said anything about what he wants to do, once he recovers a little more?"

"He's come up with a few ideas," Jake nodded. "Going to college is towards the top of that list, once he's ready."

Callie nodded. "He'll need to take a few placement tests, preferably when his paperwork is done, so he can get what education he has credited. It's the best time to do it. I'll help out as much as I can, but it would really be helpful if he can come by the office in the next few days." She paused, cocking her head slightly. "Has he seen a doctor yet?"

"Not yet, but he hasn't been here too long yet. We were going to take him to see one soon. He's been making a lot of progress on his own, too."

"That is good, though a bit of advice. If know you one that can be trusted, don't have it logged anywhere. Anything a doc finds now could cause him grief later, even if it clears up quickly."

"We've got one who'll fit the bill," he nodded. "And we'll keep it in mind."

"Good." Callie smiled. "I hope he's feeling well enough to come see me soon, then."

"So do we," Jake said with a smile. "Thanks for being willing to help us out with this, Miss Briggs."

"You're welcome." She smiled and stood. "I see it as preemptive measures. It's much easier to help now, than later."

"Very true," he nodded, standing and extending his hand. "At least he's not a budding Omega," he chuckled.

"Maybe," she nodded and shook hands. "Though I wonder how many Omegas might not be out to kill everyone if they'd gotten a friendly welcome and help way back when, like you're giving Ebon. I can't think of better hands to put him in."

"Thank you," he said, blushing slightly as he nodded. "And you're probably right, even if it is too late to find out for sure with most of them."

"Unfortunately," she nodded. "I'll see you guys soon, in my office this time." Callie winked and walked back to her car.

"Have a good day, Miss Briggs," Jake said, hurrying to open the door to the garage. "We'll see you then."

"See you then, Miss Briggs." Chance added as she left.

Forced Relocation 4: Waking Hungry

NC-17 for M/M sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

42 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written July 29, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M).

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Chance Furlong/Ebon Black, Jake Clawson/Ebon Black

Blurb: As Jake, Chance and Ebon settle into a comfortable threesome, it's Callie who has the best seat in the house.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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