Forced Relocation 6:
A Shower for Three

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Who's joining me for a shower?" Ebon asked from where he was curled in Chance's lap with a mixture of exhaustion and good humor as the three of them pulled into the Yard. "I have got to get the chlorine out."

"I think we could handle that," Jake chuckled, turning off the truck and pocketing the keys.

"Definitely." Chance murred, as he opened the door and helped the black tom out as he existed. "Though we may want to look into adding a large shower." He winked.

"No objections from me." Ebon smirked, his mood lightened significantly from before.

"Well, once we've got the pool put in, we'll have to see about that," Jake said with a smile.

"Fortunately, we've a water main to work from, so water use isn't a problem." Chance chuckled.

"One benefit of living here." Ebon purred as he leaned heavily on the tabby, his legs worn out by all the work he'd done in the therapy pool.

"There are a few," Jake agreed, hurrying ahead to get the door for the two of them.

"Can't get a much shorter commute." Chance grinned broadly, as he helped Ebon inside, and directly upstairs to the living quarters.

"Or fewer neighbors." Ebon added with a nuzzled for the tabby he was leaning against before falling silent as he had to focus on the stairs.

"You want to sit down for a bit before your shower," Jake asked once they were upstairs, concerned that Ebon might be pushing himself too hard. Chance provided as much support as the black tom needed. He also wondered if Ebon was overdoing it, but didn't want to discourage him.

The black tom nodded. "Maybe a little pre-shower fun then, while I relax and watch?"

"Well," Jake smirked. "If a certain tabby doesn't think he'll be tired out before we get to the shower...."

"Just what's gonna tire me out?" Chance smirked back, teasingly.

"Oh, I don't know," Jake chuckled, swatting at Chance playfully with his tail. "Just making sure you thought you could rise to the occasion."

"As long as there's something worth rising to." He grinned broadly, still supporting Ebon as they moved to the bedroom.

"Oh, that had better not be a problem." Ebon chuckled.

"Not after six years together," Jake said in mock-indignation, following the two of them in.

Chance chuckled. "With both of you in the room, its hard not to rise." He smirked broadly while Ebon found his spot in the bed near the wall.

"And this time, I'm just a spectator." The black tom chuckled. "I'm supposed to be resting, after all."

"Good point," Jake chuckled, stripping off his shirt. "Besides, this'll give us another reason to join you in the shower."

"As if we needed one." Chance smirked, as he slowly stripped down. He did it with a slow, sensuality designed to tease the other two toms. It was a show that clearly got and held Ebon's attention, and rumbled appreciation.

"Point," Jake purred as he tossed his shirt off to the side, and started slowly working his pants down as he shifted into a mood matching his mate's.

"Nice moves." Chance rumbled watching his mate. Once the tom was naked, Chance stepped behind him and put his strong arms around him in a loving embrace. As he nuzzled the lean tom, his hard cock rubbed against his back.

"Mmm, glad to know you approve," Jake rumbled playfully, pressing back against Chance as his own shaft lengthened. "You've got a pretty good set yourself."

"Glad you like 'em." Chance rumbled, as he reached one hand down to fondle his mate's cock and balls, still rubbing his shaft against his mate's back while Ebon watched in rapt fascination and clearly very turned on by the sight.

Jake moaned slightly as he reached around behind himself to play his hands along the tabby's legs and ass.

One hand still fondling his mate, Chance slipped the other between them to stroke the pucker of Jake's asshole teasingly.

Jake brought his tail up to tease at Chance's cock and balls as he pressed back against Chance's hand. "Toss me the lube that's in the nightstand, would you?" He smiled at Ebon, as he continued the teasing strokes.

"Sure," he grinned, his eyes never leaving the scene until he had to, and quickly focused back on it as he tossed the tube to Chance with a light underhand.

"Took you long enough to think of it, Hotshot," Jake purred, still rubbing the tabby's well-muscled body.

Chance chuckled as he slicked up two fingers and his hard cock. "Thought of it before, just didn't want it till now." He said as one finger pressed firmly against the pucker until it slid inside his mate, and slowly finger fucked the lean tom while Ebon watched in obvious fascination.

Jake moaned, shifting his legs slightly to let Chance get at him better as he leaned forward against the bed, moving his tail off to the side.

Chance slid a second finger in next to the first, continuing to finger fuck his mate while stretching him. When he felt his mate was ready, he replaced the two fingers with his cock, sliding it in until the sheath was brushing Jake's ass, drawing a contented moan from the cinnamon tom as he pressed back against Chance, squeezing down on the thick shaft inside of him.

"Oh, yeah." Chance rumbled hotly against Jake's neck, as he began fucking the tom with a slow, deep rhythm. His hand stroked his mate's cock in counterpoint to the fucking as Ebon's low sounds of excitement and pleasure added to the mix.

Jake continued to tighten around Chance's shaft every time the tabby drew out of him, alternating between moans and rumbles as he concentrated on trying to pleasure his mate and put on a good show for Ebon.

Chance moaned and grunted, becoming quite vocal as he fucked his mate, shifting to hit the tom's special spot occasionally. His hand gently played at the sensitive barb hairs on his mate's hard cock. A dribble of pre-cum leaked onto Chance's hand as Jake moaned lowly, closing his eyes as Chance thrust into him, sending bolts of pleasure through his body, Chance's skilled touch adding to the sensations.

As the mate's saw to each other, Ebon fought to keep his eyes open to watch the entire scene as his own cock pulsed hot and needy in his hand, pleasure and fascination for the different feelings of the full hand stroking, fur and barb hairs all competing for his attention.

Chance moaned and rumbled in excitement as his breath became ragged and quick as he approached his limit. The pace of his thrusts became quicker and less regular though still as deep. Jake's fought to hold back his own climax, sensing how close his mate was. He panted through clenched teeth, squeezing his ass around Chance's shaft.

Chance threw his head back and roared as his orgasm ripped through him in bolts of pleasure. Muscular spasms jerked his hips, driving him deeper into the lean tom as he filled him with his seed and barely preceding Jake's own cry of pleasure as he came, shooting his seed over the bed, his ass spasming along with his cock, milking the tabby of his seed.

"Oh, yeah." Chance rumbled breathlessly, as his hand milked the last of Jake's orgasm from his cock. "Good as ever." He murmured in Jake's ear as the sounds of a tom very close to his own moment drew their attention upwards a little just in time to see the black tom arch up and roar as his head was thrown back and white spurts of cum raced over his black body to discolor his soft black fur.

"Looks like somebody liked the show," Jake chuckled after they'd all caught their breath.

Chance chuckled. "Definitely needs that shower now. Of course, so do we."

"Now I just have to remember how to walk again." Ebon chuckled between pants, staring up at the ceiling. "You two are hot."

"You'd better remember how to walk again," Jake chuckled. "Or the Doc's gonna kill us. And you're no slouch in the looks department either, you know."

The complement tried to draw a blush from Ebon, but didn't quite manage it.

"And you lying there gives me ideas other than worrying about walking." Chance smirked lustily, drawing a playfully inviting look from the black tom as his hand beaconed the tabby over.

Jake chuckled and shook his head slightly. "Think I get to watch this time," he smirked, looking back at Chance as well as he could.

Chance chuckled as he withdrew from Jake, who moved to sit near the head of the bed while the tabby climbed onto the bed, next to Ebon. Chance pulled the black tom close for a passionate kiss that was eagerly returned while slightly unsteady, cum soaked hands moved over his body.

Chance's hands began to explore Ebon's cum soaked fur, gently caressing the muscles beneath. One hand moved down to gently fondle his balls while claiming another kiss that was eagerly returned as the black tom spread his legs further apart.

"You want what I gave Jake?" Chance rumbled hotly in Ebon's ear, as he gently rolled the black tom's balls in his hand.

"Oh, yealsoundsgood," he moaned softly, closing his eyes for a moment before focusing on the tabby's face.

Chance smiled and leaned back to grab the lube. "You feeling up to being on knees and elbows, or would you rather stay on your back?" The muscular tabby asked as he put a bit more lube on his fingers.

"Stay," he murred, spreading his legs and shifting his hips upward to give the tabby better access.

Chance nodded, and slid down so he was kneeling between Ebon's legs. He placed one well-lubed finger at the well-used opening, and slowly worked it till it slipped inside. He leaned forward to claim a passionate kiss, while he finger fucked the black tom. Though Ebon moaned softly, it held the edge of uncertainty to it as well.

"Are you alright with this, Ebon?" Chance asked gently, as he caught the uncertainty.

The black tom nodded. "Just still a little weird with fingers."

Chance nodded. "Okay, I'll just make sure you're stretched and then I'll give you something better than fingers." He winked, as he gently stretched the tom's asshole with two fingers, before sliding his cock in just until the barbhairs were past the first ring of muscle, drawing an eager shiver and low moan from Ebon.

The tabby then slowly sank himself the rest of the way into the black tom, brushing his furry sheath against the tom's ass. Once in position he began a slow, gentle fuck that was paced to last.

That was not in Ebon's plan, however, and he turned his attention to milking the cock in him with his muscles and practiced knowledge that only required minor shifts to apply. Chance moaned and grunted as he fucked the black tom, before leaning forward to claim a passionate kiss that was hungrily returned. As his lover's attentions pushed him closer to his limit, he found the black tom's special spot and dragged his barb hairs across the sensitive gland.

Ebon suddenly arched and cried out in raw-edge pleasure under him, his legs tightening around the tabby's ass.

Jake watched with as much interest as Ebon had earlier, surprised they seemed to be going so fast after what they'd just finished.

Chance felt himself go over the edge, right before the power of his orgasm threw his head back in a roar, as his hips jerked burying him deeper in Ebon while filling him with the tabby's hot seed. He barely managed to slide out and roll to one side next to Ebon, as he came down. He leaned over to kiss the black tom gently and Ebon purred softly and relaxed back.

"Looks like you're the one who needs a little more attention this time," Jake purred as he watched the two of them. It took him a short moment to realize that he might as well be talking to the wall, before he settled in behind Chance with a slight chuckle to watch and rest with them.

Chance smiled, and put his arms around Ebon to pull him close. He purred deeply, since being between his mate and another attractive tom was extremely satisfying.

"Feel up to that shower now?" Jake asked pleasantly when Ebon woke from his nap.

"Up for trying." The black tom chuckled. "I need one bad."

"You're not the only one," Jake smirked, climbing out of the bed. "So, grab a tabby and let's go?"

Chance chuckled as he rolled out of bed, and stood next to it in case Ebon need someone to lean on.

"More like convince the tabby to grab me." He snickered and moved to get up. "God, but I will be glad to walk normally again."

"It'll be soon, Ebon," Jake nodded understandingly. "But you have to admit, there are fringe benefits, like having an excuse to lean against a hunk like that."

Chance smiled and gave Ebon a strong hand up. "I'll say there are." He murred, with his arm around Ebon supportively.

"Who needs an excuse?" Ebon demanded with mock distain and a grin as he took the tabby's support with more physical contact than required. "I think he rather likes the job."

"That he does," Jake chuckled, going to get the door for the two of them.

"Beats my regular job." Chance grinned, giving Ebon a brief hug before they headed for the door, the black tom at his side.

"Though you've found a few fringe benefits with that too." He winked at the tabby. "Your mate has a gorgeous ass, you know."

"Thanks," Jake smirked. "And the fringe benefits are mutual."

Chance chuckled. "Though we already had them before this job."

"Yeah, but it's a lot trickier to take advantage of them around a duty roster than it is around here," Jake pointed out.

Chance chuckled. "True, though we did find some clever ways to fit it into the duty roster."

"I think we found more ways to abuse that schedule than anybody else did," Jake chuckled, winking at Chance.

Chance grinned. "Yeah, but we had the combat record to let us get away with it."

"Still do," Jake chuckled. "Feral couldn't get rid of us that thoroughly."

Chance shot Jake a discrete but surprised look as he chuckled. "Yeah, our record still hasn't been beat."

"What happened?" Ebon asked quietly and urged Chance to get in the shower, though he couldn't conceal his uneasiness completely.

"Eh, foul-up that Feral didn't want to take credit for," Jake grumbled as he waited for Chance and Ebon to get in. "Still hasn't found a better team than us, though. You okay, Ebon?" he asked, noting the black tom's uncertainty.

Chance nodded agreement, as he got in after Ebon. He wondered about the black tom's unease as well.

"Yeah, umm, just not used to thinking of the cops or military as less than a good thing."

"They're mostly good Kats; just a few that screw it up for the rest of 'em," Jake explained, following them into the shower. "Feral's problem is that he's got a major vendetta against Dark Kat, and too damned proud to admit he screwed up. We're just paying for it," Jake shrugged, trying to shelve his resentment about the situation for Ebon's sake, if nothing else.

"He also doesn't like hotshots, which we were." He said quietly. "But Jake's right, most of them are good Kats. Badly underfunded good Kats though."

"The CO is a combat officer?" Ebon blinked in real surprise.

"I don't think there's been a desk jockey Commander around here for longer than Manx's been in office. And Feral's good, when he's not too busy trying to be the Commander *and* a fighter at the same time," Jake admitted grudgingly.

"And especially when Dark Kat is involved." Chance nodded. "His judgment is seriously clouded on that subject."

"What happened with him?" Ebon asked curiously as he got his fur good and wet.

"Not sure," Jake shrugged. "Not something he talks about, and I don't remember ever hearing anything from his niece, Felina, assuming she even knows. Want me to wash your back," he asked, taking the shampoo from its usual spot.

"Mmm, yes." Ebon purred.

"But the two of them having facing off for well over a decade." Chance said. "And I can get your front." He suggested with smile for the black tom, who grinned back. Jake chuckled as he squeezed out some of the shampoo, and passed the bottle over to Chance, before starting in on Ebon's shoulders and back, kneading them as he cleaned the short black fur.

Chance squeezed out some shampoo and started on the black tom's shoulders and chest, massaging as he slowly worked his way down while Jake worked down Ebon's back, keeping roughly even with him as he cleaned the sweat from the day's exercise - and play - from the black tom. Chance gently scrubbed the sweat and seed from the black tom's fur, his touch becoming very gentle as he washed Ebon's sheath and balls, drawing a soft moan as Ebon closed his eyes before the tabby moved to his legs.

"Okay, front is ready to rinse." Chance said as he finished the black tom's lower legs and feet and stood, shifting away while still helping Ebon balance on unsteady, well worked legs.

"And so's the back," Jake chuckled, doing the same and moving to let the water rinse the shampoo from Ebon's back while the black tom soaked up the heat and water.

Chance applied gentle hands to making sure the soap rinse thoroughly from Ebon's fur as the water ran through it, drawing a deepening purr from the tom as his body responded and Jake did the same to his back.

"That's one down, and two to go." Chance smirked, as he picked up the shampoo. "Scrub your back, Jake?" He murred.

"Leaves the front for me." Ebon grinned and knelt in front of the cinnamon tom to give his legs a rest.

"Works for me," Jake chuckled. "You could take a break if you wanted Ebon. Don't want you to overdo it too soon."

"Yeah, you can watch if your legs start bothering you too much." He smiled, as he started on his mate's back.

"If I have to sit anyway, I might as well do something while I'm at it." He chuckled and accepted the shampoo from Chance. "It's not like it's an unpleasant view."

"Thanks," Jake chuckled, looking down at the black tom as he rolled his shoulders under Chance's touch.

"Just a good view all around." Chance chuckled, as he slowly worked down Jake's back, carefully working out any tension knotted muscles.

"Very true." Ebon nodded as he stretched up to work Jake's upper body, enjoying the stretch as much as the contact as the cinnamon tom purred, enjoying the touch of the two toms with him.

The big tabby gently scrubbed and massaged his way down, until he reached his mate's ass. He then scrubbed with lingering caresses the globes of his mate's ass, before his fingers moved lightly across the furless pucker between them.

While the tabby began to work Jake's backside, Ebon was exploring his groin with considerably more attention than required to clean it. The two of them drawing a low moan from him as he completely forgot his thoughts about trying to keep the shower from getting too heated.

Chance smiled, and continued to run his finger in a circle around the sensitive flesh, while his other hand worked on scrubbing down the one leg. Ebon had no such split attention as he focused on the musky sheath, nuzzling it as his hands moved to roll and fondle Jake's balls. Between the two toms attentions, it wasn't long before the cinnamon tom's sheath began to swell. Chance chuckled lightly, splashed water under Jake's tail to rinse away the soap. He then knelt down, and traced his tongue around the furless pucker of Jake's ass teasingly.

"Oh gods...." Jake moaned as he felt Chance's tongue against him, opposite Ebon's tentative nuzzles. Chance folded his tongue to a V, and pressed against the pucker with firm licking motions.

Jake moaned, relaxing to accept the tabby's attentions as Ebon's nuzzles became interspersed with licks. Chance purred deep in his chest as he pushed his tongue deeper into his mate, drawing a loud moan from him as his shaft hardened and slowly extended from his sheath, encouraged by Ebon's tongue.

"Want something longer than a tongue?" Chance rumbled hotly behind Jake's ear, his hard cock brushing the tom's ass as he stood.

"You have to ask?" Jake purred back.

Chance chuckled and pressed his cock into the already stretched passageway, until his sheath brushed his mate's ass. He then began thrusting slowly, intending to draw things out. Jake moaned needily, pressing back against Chance as his cock quickly hardened the rest of the way. The Tabby continued his slow, rhythmic thrusting while he reached one hand around to gently trace teasing circles around his mate's nipples as Jake shivered slightly, squeezing down on the shaft inside of him.

Half watching and half trying to convince himself to join in the way he wanted to, Ebon ended up half way between with nuzzling and licking the cock in front of him, drawing a surprised, but pleased, moan from its owner. Chance shifted his angle slightly so his next thrust ghosted over his mate's special spot, just lightly enough to be noticed.

"Tease," Jake growled playfully, breathing harder now.

"And you love it." Chance rumbled hotly in his mate's ear, as repeated the feather light contact.

"Mmm, damn right I do," he purred back loud enough to be heard over the falling water around them.

Chance nuzzled Jake's neck roughly, as he changed his angle to brush his barb hairs solidly across the special spot, drawing a ragged moan from the cinnamon tom.

With most of their attention elsewhere, Ebon worked up the courage to take the tip of Jake's cock in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the smooth, cylindrical tip before he couldn't stop the gag reflex and backed off to nuzzling, even that little attention drawing a startled gasp and louder moan from Jake.

Chance's own breath became ragged and quick as he began to approach his limit. His thrusts became quicker, deeper and more urgent and he hit the special spot square on once before changing his angle. Jake gasped for breath as he felt his mate's approaching climax, squeezing down on Chance's cock, his own shaft throbbing against Ebon's face.

Despite his intentions, the combined musky arousal of the three toms added to his mate's squeezing pushed Chance over the edge. His hips jerked burying him deeper in the lean tom as he sprayed his insides with seed. A deep, bellowing roar echoed in the shower in sync with the first gush of seed, triggering Jake's own climax as his juices shot onto Ebon's face to a somewhat disgusted squawk from the black tom as he back off fast.

"That was gross." He muttered in good humor and quickly washed his face.

"Sorry," Jake said sheepishly when he could talk again, rather than barely remembering to breathe.

"Guess facials aren't his kink." Chance rumbled, still holding Jake with his cock in the tom's ass.

"That would be a no," Ebon smirked at the pair. "But that's what I get for sitting in front of him."

"Should have warned you, I guess," Jake chuckled. "You know, this means we're probably all going to need to wash up again," he said with mock-concern.

"Good thing you installed that widget that gives us unlimited hot water." Chance rumbled. "This might take a few tries."

"Such a terrible fate." Ebon snickered.

"Could be worse," Jake smirked. "We could have managed to get Chance all washed up first too."

"Or Ebon could've been in front of me, when I came." Chance smirked.

"I'll make a point of avoiding that, then." The black tom chuckled.

"Oh, I don't know. Sometimes he likes being in front of me when I cum." Chance chuckled lustily. "And under me."

Forced Relocation 6: A Shower for Three

NC-17 for M/M sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

25 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written August 2, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response, Romance, Sex (Threesome)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Chance Furlong/Ebon Black, Jake Clawson/Ebon Black

Blurb: One day after physical therapy, the guys share a shower to clean up, but only after they all get sweaty and cum-soaked first.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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