Forced Relocation 8:
Flashback and Stubborn Desire

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M Sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

Jake walked into their basic weight room to see Ebon working on the leg press. The black tom had found the weights very much to his liking, both in recovery, and after he could walk normally again.

"Want some help there, buddy?" Jake asked casually as he tossed a towel off to the side as he made a discrete check to see that the black tom wasn't over-doing it.

"You game for spotting me on the bench?" Ebon waved at it as he finished up the set.

"Sure thing," Jake nodded. "You know, at this rate, you'll out-buff Chance," he smirked.

"Not a chance in hell." Ebon chuckled and walked over to remove several weights from the bar to bring it down to his range. "I don't have the build for it, or the inclination."

"Just as well," Jake chuckled as he put the extra weights back on the rack. "I don't think we'd ever get any work done around here if you did."

"We're damn easy to distract as it is." Ebon smirked and settled on the bench, his legs spread as he set his toes flat on the ground, stretching his running shorts taunt as he got his shoulders directly under the bar.

"Like any of us really mind," Jake grinned as he moved to stand just above Ebon's head and set his palms inside the black tom's grip on the bar. He purred appreciatively at the view it gave him of the toned male body whose minimal clothes were concealing very little.

"Not in the least." Ebon grinned and set his grip to lift the bar off its rest.

"And here you're trying to make yourself even hotter," he smirked. "Ready?"

"Yes," the black tom purred and straitened his arms in a choreographed motion to make best used of the resistance as he brought the bar up and out, then down until his arms were parallel to the floor and back up. "I've got a nice body, I just want to keep it."

"You've got a very nice body," Jake purred as he watched Ebon work. "And I don't think you'll have a very hard time keeping it around here."

"It helps to be with guys who are into fitness." He nodded as he set the bar back in its rest to break the set before the next one. "Though that obstacle course looks downright fatal."

"Not literally, unless you don't know how to swim," Jake shrugged. "But you're right, it's more of a workout than you probably want right about now. Unless you're trying to get into the Enforcers and haven't told us about it," he chuckled as he waited to for Ebon to start his next set.

"No, I'm not looking to get into the action." He chuckled softly and lifted the bar again. "Though I'm to the point I really should find something to earn a paycheck with."

"Well, I wouldn't rush it - but we probably should work on getting Callie to clear those papers for you. Feel like talking to her some time, if she wants to meet you before making sure you're legal?"

"Not a problem." Ebon said as he finished the set, and decided against another.

"So, want me to call her about that sometime soon? And what part of the weight room are you planning on hitting next?"

"That would be good, and the shower." Ebon chuckled and sat up. "Unless you'd like me to spot you first."

"Actually, I was going to hit the punching bag myself. Unless you'd like me to wash your back first," Jake winked.

"When have I ever turned down that offer?" The black tom smirked and swished his thick, hard tail teasingly.

"I think I'd rather do my part than try to remember if it ever happened," Jake chuckled. "After you, then."

Ebon smirked and slipped out of his shorts before walking with a purposeful sway in his hips to the shower room the toms had built to handle combat grime as well as workout grime. As the water heated he went quietly serious. "I don't think I've managed to say just how much I appreciate what you've done for me. I'm very grateful for the time to get on my feet."

"Ebon," Jake said softly, "it's the least we can do. Besides, it's nice having the company out here, even if you do head out on your own. I'm just glad we were able to help."

"You have, a lot." The black tom stepped under the water and basked in the warmth he never seemed to get enough of. "Not many would take a stranger in and do everything you have."

"Well, I guess not many would take on the craziness around here either," Jake pointed out as he stripped down and stepped in behind Ebon. "You're a good kat, Ebon, even if you didn't start out as one. We don't leave good Kats hanging out to dry when we can help it."

"I guess that's why you guys are the heroes." He smiled with a soft chuckle and picked up the shampoo. He squirted a glob in his hand before handing it to Jake.

"We try," Jake smiled softly, squirting some of the shampoo into his hands, and starting to work on Ebon's back, slowly working it into his fur as he kneaded any stiff muscles he came across.

"Mmmmm, sometimes I almost feel clean after you've washed my fur." Ebon purred as he relaxed into the humid heat and massaging touch.

"Almost?" Jake asked softly as he worked his way down Ebon's body.

"I don't think anything will take that smell off me." He shivered slightly, then relaxed again. "I like smelling like the two of you instead."

"I'm sorry we didn't find the bastard sooner," Jake said with a slight growl under the apologetic tone of his voice. "And you smell pretty good too," he said with a smile, leaning forward to nuzzle Ebon's shoulder lightly, getting some of the soap on his cheek.

"Thanks," the black tom leaned into the contact slightly. "I know it's just in my head," He murmured softly, "but it doesn't seem to help."

"It's pretty normal, from what I understand," Jake said quietly. "Honestly, I'm surprised how well you've been handling it myself."

"Survival trait." Ebon chuckled without humor. "It'll hit me when it sinks in that crisis-time is over."

"Well, I hope you'll let us help you when that hits too," Jake said quietly. "Something like that hits you, you need someone to help with it."

"I bet." He shuddered despite the heat. "I don't like what's hit already. Helpless is not a state I handle as well as it looks."

"Just let us know if something sets it off, okay? Especially if it's something we're doing - last thing we want to do is hurt you."

"Thanks." Ebon turned around to hug the slightly shorter Kat and burred his muzzled against Jake's neck. "It helped that he hadn't gotten very creative yet. Hasn't broken most of my natural interest."

Jake nodded as he returned the hug. "He ever shows his face again, we'll show him creative, even if not quite that way," he muttered darkly. "And I'm glad he didn't," he said as he nuzzled Ebon's head affectionately.

"Me too." the black tom murmured, purring very slightly. "That'd hurt too much." He shivered, pulling Jake closer against him. "Bad enough as is."

"You'll get through it," Jake said quietly as he rubbed Ebon's back comfortingly, the water rinsing the soap out of his short black fur.

"Nothing else is an option." He said simply, enjoying the heat and affectionate contact. "Still irritating what he took." He murmured, drawing closer to Jake as memories washed over him without regard for the difference in situation.

"It's okay, Ebon," Jake said quietly, holding him securely. "Won't let you get hurt again."

The black tom could only nod against Jake's neck for a long moment before the past let him go just as abruptly. He drew a deep breath and relaxed against Jake as his eyes closed.

"Want to go lie down?" Jake asked softly as he reached around to turn off the water, then went back to holding him gently.


"Okay," he nodded; hitting the air blowers and helping Ebon dry off as the tom worked to come to his scenes and help out despite the physical and mental exhaustion sapping his strength and focus.

"Coming down off crisis mode?" Jake asked gently as he cut the blowers once both of them were dried off.

"Probably starting to." He nodded weakly. "This is the sucky part."

"And we'll get you through it," Jake said again. "Want Chance's room, or mine?"

"Whatever's closer." Ebon mumbled with a decidedly sick look on his face as he closed his eyes again the physical pain trying to draw a whimper from him.

"Mine then," Jake said quietly. "Want to try making it on your own, or do you want some extra help?"

"Just a shoulder should be fine." Ebon mumbled and leaned heavily on the shorter but stronger tom.

Jake just nodded, working on supporting Ebon as well as he could until they were both in his room, where he helped him onto the bed, sitting next to him as the black tom laid down, and rather promptly curled around a pillow.

"Want me to stay here, or would you rather be alone?" he asked softly. His answer came without voice, just a death-grab on his arm that Ebon tugged down on. Jake laid down next to the lean tom, trying his best to comfort him.

"It'll be okay," he said quietly, rubbing his back gently.

Ebon could only nod with his thick, hard tail tucked tightly between his legs and around his muzzle as he trembled. As his scent shifted from distressed irritation to disgusted and sick, he began to tremble uncontrollably and whimper high in his throat. Jake just kept holding him, nuzzling his neck affectionately as he did so.

The back tom suddenly made a gurgling moan and tore from Jake arms in an uncoordinated bolt for the door. Jake's surprised was replaced with a wince as he heard Ebon retching in the nearby bathroom a few seconds later. He got up with a slight sigh to go check on him and found the black tom panting over the toilet, most of his weight on his forearms and the toilet seat as the water washed his stomach's contents away.

Despite his closed eyes and trembling limbs as he worked on not loosing it again, Ebon tweaked one ear towards Jake when the lean tom came in.

"Anything I can do to help?" Jake asked when he thought Ebon would be okay for a few minutes. "I'm kinda out of my depth here," he admitted.

"Something with a strong taste, please." He asked between shallow breaths as he stood shakily to wash his face and rinse his mouth. "Get the taste out of my mouth."

"Sure thing," Jake said, going downstairs to pour some soda for Ebon, stirring it to flatten it out while he brought it up to him. "There should be something for nausea in the cupboard, if that'll help," he offered as he handed the glass to Ebon.

"Thanks." He mumbled with a damp face and downed half the glass before gurgling it. "I don't think meds'll help. It's not exactly physical."

"Sorry," Jake said with an apologetic expression. "I just wish there was something else I could do to help."

"I know," he reached over to squeeze Jake's shoulder. "You're helping me a lot. Both of you."

"Thanks," Jake said with a smile. "Want to go lie down again?"

The black tom looked uncertain. "I think I'd like to try that shower again, maybe actually dry off this time."

"No problem. Maybe we can keep the conversation on more cheerful topics this time," Jake said, putting an arm around Ebon gently as then walked into the class brick enclosed shower stall.

"Yeah, I could stand without doing that again today." He smiled weakly and turned the water on. "How's the work load going?"

"Not to bad, thankfully," Jake chuckled. "Probably get the backlog cleared out tomorrow, if nothing comes up."

"Good." He smiled and stepped back into the hot spray. "And downstairs?"

"Finished putting a few new designs together before I came into the weightroom," Jake grinned as he helped Ebon was the smell of distress and anger out of his fur. "Blackie's ready to go whenever she's needed, and we shouldn't have anything major to do for until then, unless inspiration strikes suddenly."

"Which will no doubt be five minutes before you're needed somewhere." He smirked knowingly.

"Hey, as long as the inspiration isn't what we need to handle the trouble, five minutes is long enough."

"Only sometimes." Ebon smirked, running his tail up between Jake's legs and all the way up to his chin to rest across Jake's shoulder.

"That's just because the latest inspiration's usually the most useful," Jake chuckled as he started working on Ebon's back again, leaning his head over to nuzzle the tail on his shoulder.

"Or at least the most irresistible." He purred under his snicker.

"Speaking of inspirations," Jake smirked, "you have any interesting ones lately?"

"Oh, bits and pieces." He purred teasingly. "You to do provide some lovely visuals."

"Not to mention some hands on research," Jake rumbled as he worked down towards the base of Ebon's tail.

"Oh, yes." He rumbled, his tail flicking over Jake's chest. "Though it's very difficult to take good notes with all that activity."

"Funny," Jake chuckled, as he worked his hands around the base of Ebon's tail, then down over the black tom's ass. "I don't remember you taking many notes while you were watching either."

"Oh I was." He smirked knowingly. "Just check out what I've done recently and you'll see."

"Oh, we've noticed," Jake chuckled as he nuzzled his neck. "You know, though, you could've asked us to help set the scene up, instead of springing it on us like that."

"But it's so much more honest when you don't know it's an experiment." He chuckled and leaned back into the contact. "And you hardly complain when I get inventive."

"You've got a point," Jake rumbled, remembering some of the scenarios they'd 'played' for and with the black tom, "but we've still got the moral high ground this time."

"How so?" He twisted his neck to look at the cinnamon tom curiously.

"Ah, c'mon, I was joking, Ebon." Jake chuckled.

"Oh," he shook his head and chuckled. "Sorry."

"No problem," Jake smirked. "I'll just remember to do it more often until you start recognizing it."

"That could be a long time. I've got a strange sense of humor."

"So do we, according to most people," Jake chuckled. "We'll meet somewhere in the middle."

"I expect so." He rumbled softly at the hands still rubbing his ass.

"Any interesting shower scenes you've been coming up with?" Jake rumbled quietly into the black tom's ear.

"Oh, a couple." Ebon smirked as he turned, his heavy tail drifting down across Jake's body as it followed Ebon's ass around. "I've always got ideas."

Jake smirked back as he rested his hands on Ebon's hips. "Any you care to try out?"

"Oh, I can think of a few," he purred with an aggressive, predatory flicker in the back of his blue-gray eyes and slid his hands hand to explore the tight space between the globes of Jake's ass. "Most of them with you under me."

"Well, that's new," Jake purred. "I'm certainly not going to complain, though."

"Good." The black tom smiled as he pushed a lot to the back of his mind and lowered his muzzled to kiss the slightly shorter tom. He snaked his tongue out after a moment, seeking entrance to Jake's mouth. The cinnamon tom's lips parted after a moment of surprise, wrapping his arms around Ebon and letting him take control.

Despite the momentary tensing, Ebon held the kiss several moments as he explored Jake's mouth, his confidence in his own control growing a bit as his lover simply purred and fought back the temptation to return the exploration, remembering the first time they'd tried this.

Ebon made a soft, strange sound half way between a whimper and groan as he drew his mouth away, pausing before he nosed Jake's jaw up to kiss down it. Though it was liberal in the touch of his sharp teeth, he neither drew blood or hurt. Jake rubbed Ebon's back and moaned softly, his shaft hardening against the black tom's abs as the predatory kisses continued down his throat with a rumbling growl of desire slowly growing in Ebon's chest.

"Side of you I haven't seen before," Jake rumbled a little jokingly. "I like it."

"Shuu," Ebon's voice was soft as his jaws closed slightly around Jake's neck before he relaxed and slipped behind the cinnamon tom to nuzzle his neck. As he pressed against Jake's back, he slid one hand over Jake's hip to cup and fondle his balls with a lustful rumble. Jake shuddered at the feel of Ebon's fingers, part of him eagerly submitting to the black tom, while another part - cheerfully ignored - wondered what had brought about the sudden shift.

"Lube?" He purred in Jake's ear before grazing his teeth down the thick muscle along his neck.

"Medicine cabinet," Jake purred between deep breaths. He was alone in the falling water for only a moment, then Ebon was against his back again and a strong hand guided Jake to his knees. The cinnamon tom dropped willingly, his tail flipping out of the way, sending a few beads of water flying through the air as the rest cascaded across his back and shoulders.

"Your ass clean?" Ebon asked as he went back to playing with his teeth along Jake's neck and his hands found balls as pucker to tease.

"Of course," Jake rumbled, then moaned as he felt Ebon's fingers against him, then one slick finger inside him, slipping in and out easily of the experienced, eager tom. The cinnamon tom groaned at the welcome intrusion, squeezing down around Ebon's finger slightly. He felt the black tom weird out slightly before relaxing again and carefully pressing a second finger in, and made a mental note not to do that again if he could help it, unconsciously pressing back against Ebon's hand slightly.

"Good enough?" Ebon asked uncertainly, still moving his fingers in and out with the shifting angle of seeking Jake's spot.

Jake nodded, gasping as he grazed the spot slightly and his cock twitched beneath him.

"It is intense, isn't it?" He rumbled hotly, grazing that spot again before drawing his fingers out.

"You are damned good for not having done this before," Jake chuckled between heavy breaths.

"Ten years of intense theory finally has a use." He chuckled before closing his jaws on Jake's scruff and guided himself against Jake's relaxed and slicked ass. With a gasp and involuntary shudder he sank into the cinnamon tom slowly, drawing a moan from deep inside his lover. When he was finally buried up to his sheath, his balls rubbing against the pair in his hand, Ebon paused. His eyes squeezed shut against the intensity of the sensations he'd only really fantasized about.

Jake swallowed, and focused on enjoying the feel of the black tom's cock inside of him, the barb-hairs prickling the inside of his body as his own shaft throbbed, it's root rubbed by two fingers of the hand holding his balls. His ears flicked back for a second at the desperate cry that was torn from Ebon's throat as he drew out, shuddering as his body tightened and claws unsheathed involuntarily. Jake winced as the claws pressed into him, trying to stay calm.

"Oh, gods." The black tom moaned and relaxed with another shudder as he pressed back in. Jake relaxed himself as he felt Ebon's claws retract, remembering that it was his first time topping, and tried to make it as easy as possible for him. By the time Ebon hand sunk to his sheath again his muzzle was pressed tightly against the crook of Jake's neck and his hands hand moved; one across Jake's chest, the other across his hips. He was breathing sharply, trying hard to take this in and not cum from the heat and tightness.

Jake moaned again as he felt the length inside his body, the new sensation of Ebon's body against his adding to the familiar feeling of being taken like this as he closed his eyes and let their arousal fill the muggy air lf the shower while the hot water poured over them. It wasn't long, only a couple more thrusts before Ebon grunted and trembled, his voice and body taken over by the intensity of the pleasure stimulating him.

Jake squeezed down slightly on Ebon, trying to bring the black tom to his climax before his own hit. With a grunt and half-roar Ebon drove deep into his lover and came hard, his body stiffening against Jake's back as the embrace pulled them even tighter together. The feel of the black tom's cock sliding along the spot inside of him was enough to push Jake over the edge, drawing a roar from deep inside of him as his ass clenched down around the length inside of him and his seed sprayed onto the floor of the shower.

Ebon cried out again and shuddered as most of his weight slumped against Jake's back as the tension seeped out of him. The cinnamon tom took a few moments to catch his breath before reaching forward to turn off the water, the movement dislodging Ebon's only partially conscious grip on him.

Jake tried to keep himself balanced so his lover wouldn't fall off of him, not wanting him to get hurt if he hit his head. "You okay, Ebon?"

"Yeah," he mumbled, squeezing Jake slightly. "Damn."

"Yeah," Jake purred softly. "Want to dry off and take this back to the bedroom?"

"If I can r'member ho'to stand." Ebon chuckled slightly, then moaned with a whimper as he pulled out, shuddering again as the sensitive barb hairs were pulled back.

Jake groaned slightly at the feeling of Ebon pulling out, then helped the black tom back to his feet. "Yeah, that does help," he chuckled. "Should probably finish washing up again, too."

"Yeah," he murmured as his coordination began to return. "A nap is looking very good right now."

"Just as soon as we're cleaned up again," Jake purred, nuzzling the black tom's neck. "Your ten years of theory worked very well."

"Nice to know it was good for more than getting off too." He smirked and reached for the shampoo, while Jake turned the water back on.

"Still getting off to it," Jake smirked. "Just in a more entertaining way."

"Just not by yourself." He chuckled.

"Like I said," Jake smirked, "more entertaining."

Forced Relocation 8: Flashback and Stubborn Desire

NC-17 for M/M Sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

23 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written August 2, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response, Rape Recovery, Sex (BDSM)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Ebon Black

Blurb: While Chance is out in a very tight pair of jeans to get some material from Spartacus Video for Ebon, Jake and Ebon spend some time bonding.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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