Forced Relocation 9.99:
The Fate of SWAT

by Fur and Fantasy
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Jake, Ebon and Chance were watching TV in the front room, when Brat jumped up onto the arm of the couch, and cheerfully walked across Jake to the black tom she'd attached herself to.

"You know, Ebon - I think Brat there needs a bath sometime soon," Jake said as he looked at the dirty cat, particularly the small black specks that occasionally jumped off of her and onto the them.

"Yeah, she probably does." Ebon regarded her with a careful eye as she glared and 'att'ed at him until she got the attention of both hands. "Do cats use different shampoo than Kats?" He pronounced the different names carefully.

"Not really. I've seen a couple different things, but I think those were for specific things."

"Then if you'll grab the chicken leftovers, I'll set up the bathroom." Ebon nodded and stood, scritching Brat-Cat attentively as he walked up the stairs. "Just don't open my room's door."

"Sure thing," Jake said, grabbing a couple of the leftover wings and following Ebon and his new friend up as the black tom set Brat inside his room and took a wing from Jake to put a couple pieces of meat down to keep her occupied as he shut the door.

"I just want you to feed her little pieces of meat, and let me handle her." The black tom smiled gently. "At least this tends to work. I need at least two plastic containers for enough water for the entire bath."

Jake thought about the ones that they had, and what was available. "About how big? And do they have to be plastic? I think a light roaster might work better for some of it, at least."

"A bucket will work. She's not going in it, just the water." Ebon chuckled softly. "One for soapy water, one for rinsing water."

"Oh, okay." Jake hurried back down to the kitchen, and grabbed one of the mixing bowls and a bucket he'd washed out earlier. He brought them back up and meet Ebon in the bathroom, where the black tom had stripped and was warming the shower water.

"Ah, good timing. Help me fill them both." Jake brought them in and started filling them, looking over at Ebon as the water ran.

"You're giving a cat a bath in the nude? Isn't that about one-step short of suicide?"

"Only if you do it by force." He smiled. "That's what the chicken and no running water is about. No dunking her either. I use the sponges to pet her with soapy water, and the same idea for rinsing. Doesn't work for all of them, but it's the least dangerous system short of sedatives."

"Hopefully we won't have to do this too often," Jake chuckled. "But it's good to know," he added as he turned off the water, the bowl and bucket filled.

"You might want to strip too." Ebon purred playfully as he soaked the sponges in warm water, and added shampoo to one of them. "You are going to get wet and dirty too."

"Good point," Jake chuckled, quickly shucking his clothes and putting them off to the side. "Hope you don't mind not getting a show," he smirked, "we can do that later if you want."

"I don't mind at all," he purred throatily and stood. "It'll be fun when the complaining kitty is clean. Just relax while I get her."

Jake sat down on the edge of the tub, putting the chicken up out of the way while he waited for Ebon and the guest of honor, who arrived purring at the attention she was getting.

"Shut the door and in the shower, handsome." Ebon grinned and walked into the glass enclosed space to sit down next to both buckets with Brat in his lap. He scritched and petted her until she settled down. Jake followed the two of them in, taking the plate with the chicken and giving a small piece to the purring cat.

With one hand half holding Brat down and half scritching her, Ebon got the water only sponge and ran it down her back, something the dark furball didn't even seem to notice.

"This is good, and she is filthy."

"Well, she has been making a living chasing things that live in old wrecks," Jake chuckled quietly.

"Not any longer, though it would be good to get real cat food for her tomorrow." Ebon smiled as he continued to wet cat fur, the trickles of water carrying away brown grime and rehydrated blood. "Nasty fleas."

"And a collar for those," Jake nodded, giving her another piece of meat when she was done with the first.

"At least the shampoo will deal with this batch, and we take plenty of showers." He grinned and switched to the sponge with suds as he held Brat in place with a hand on her chest and leg behind her rump. "I think she's a calico under all this."

"Yeesh. And I thought she was just naturally brown," Jake frowned slightly. "Definitely time she had a bath."

"She'll need a vet visit ... and who handles animal control? Keep feeding her, this is working very well."

"Honestly, I have no clue who handles animal control. Never really came up. Vet we can arrange, though," Jake said as he gave some more chicken to the soaked and purring cat.

"Something I did back home was help out at animal shelters." Ebon said as the cat's color started to show a fair amount of white and orange.

"Maybe you can get back into that soon," Jake smiled. "After all, you need some hobbies that don't involve sex in one form or another," he smirked.

"Hay, I have hobbies." Ebon protested with a grin. "They just don't involve other people. Oh, no you don't sweetie." He stopped Brat from ducking under his hand to get away.

"Still wouldn't hurt - I'm sure they'd welcome the help," Jake chuckled as he gave her another piece of meat to try and calm her down.

"Volunteer organizations always do." Ebon nodded. "Especially one who's computer literate. A big success back home was a website for the adoptable animals."

"That would help," Jake smiled. "We'll find out who to get in touch with when we take our Brat to the vet."

"Yes," he grinned down at the slightly irate but distracted feline that was turning out to be a mostly black calico with white markings and orange patterning. "I'm not much on doctors, but a check for diseases and getting her sterilized is important. No need to add to the population."

"Especially since she'll probably be an outdoor cat, unless she changes her habits," Jake agreed.

"Even an indoor cat will roam for that." He said quietly as he continued to scrub. "I'm a big believer in it, especially when it helps them live longer and healthier. Definitely need a couple combs too."

"I think we'll be taking your word for a lot of the details," Jake mused as he gave Brat-Cat another piece of chicken. "I don't know about Chance, but I haven't had a pet of any sort in a very long time."

"I don't think I could stand that." Ebon admitted softly. "But I've always had cats around. Since I was five, at least. Except for a short stint in the military, and I visited them pretty often even then. It was miserable without the company."

"It usually is without your family," Jake smiled. "And that's how a lot of people with pets talk about them, so I guess it makes sense."

"Unconditional affection can do a lot of good." He smiled softly as he started to rinse the suds and more dirt and blood from Brat's body.

"Looks like she's had one of the rougher lives before you found her," he said quietly. "Or did she find you?"

"She came to me, like all our cats." He chuckled softly and carefully rinsed the feline's face. "It's how I kept it to two, working around the strays all the time."

"That would slow down how many you bring home," Jake chuckled. "But they'll all be ones who like you as much as you like them. Good system."

"Not perfect," he smiled and picked up a piece of chicken for Brat-Cat. "Get the towels, will, yeah? Sometimes one does well with me, but not everyone else."

Jake stood and reached out for the towels, opening the shower door slightly so he could grab them before pulling them back in, hoping she was comfortable enough with Ebon not to make a break for it.

"Thanks," the black tom smiled and covered Brat with a fluffy towel as she crunched on a chunk of meat. That was enough to draw a 'rratt' of protest and slight struggle as the rubbing began in earnest.

"At least the tough part's done before she started to complain," Jake chuckled. "Though Chance'll probably kill us if she gets loose like that."

"All rumpled, or wet?" He asked as he shifted to grip the dark calico's scruff to hold her as he reached for a second towel from Jake.

"Wet," Jake chuckled as he handed Ebon the towel. "With our luck, she'd jump right up on him to dry off."

"Nah, I'm going to stay with her in a closed room until then." He grinned and wrapped her in the towel to vocal complaints but little else to dry her belly. "Though I'd welcome your company."

"I think we can arrange that," Jake grinned. "With, or without the clothes?"

"Preferably without." He purred and stood; the squirming, complaining feline in his arms, and still securely wrapped in a towel.

"No problem," Jake rumbled, opening the shower so Ebon could climb out. "I'll just empty the rest of the water and join you - whose room?"

"Mine," he grinned at the cinnamon tom. "I can show you some of my new scribbles when we've dried each other off."

"Sounds fun," Jake grinned as he climbed out and emptied the bucket and bowl. "You bring the kitty, I'll bring our clothes?"

"Definitely," Ebon winked at him before ducking out.

"So what is the deal with Feral and these changes?" Ebon asked after the worst of their morning hunger pangs were sated.

"He managed to figure out who we are," Jake explained, "and wants us to become part of his commando unit - CLAWS. That's the basic info, right Chance?"

"Yeah." Chance nodded. "He wants to be able to count on us to support CLAWS, and wants us to have support and backup. As he pointed out, we don't have any field medicine capability if one of us gets hurt on a mission."

"What was the part about me being a manger?" Ebon asked as he went after another waffle.

"Every CLAWS base needs a manager." Chance said easily between bites. "Somebody to keep track of equipment; what's on hand, what's needed, that sort of thing. Plus periodic mission stats and miscellaneous reports. I figured since you're already here, and you know us and we know you, and you can use a job, it might be a good fit."

"Big time not my strong suit, but I'll try." He nodded. "Certainly don't have a better idea right now."

"You wouldn't have to do it, Ebon, but it's an idea. Never thought we'd be talking about turning Callie down in favor of Feral," Jake chuckled slightly.

"So why are we?" The black tom asked. "And I might as well try. It's a good job, at least until I can get back in school and see if I'm still any good at other things."

"Yeah, it was just an idea." Chance smiled. "I had one other, but I'm not really sure you'd go for it." He said uncertainly.

"The worst I'll say is it's not for me." Ebon promised encouragingly.

"Why don't you give us your other idea, Chance, then I'll go over Callie's offer and see if it sounds better -- but it's a lot like Feral's, really, just with a few different details."

"Well, Ebon's so good at writing hot scenes. I thought maybe he wouldn't mind getting paid for someone else to make use of them." Chance said quietly. "I've got a friend who produces that sort of film, ones with plots even." He chuckled.

"Oh, hell yes." The black tom rumbled eagerly. "Even just on the side, I'd love that."

"Well, looks like you've got employment," Jake chuckled. "Probably pay better than Base Manager would anyways."

"You're kidding?" He looked between them. "That kind of pay, for smut?"

"I'll have to introduce you to the tom who runs Spartacus Video, Teremin Blackmane." Chance smiled. "And he's got some really hot actors too. He's kind of attractive himself, actually."

"I hope he doesn't mind parting with a fair amount of photo references and profiles." Ebon purred. "I can't write like that without knowingmy subjects. "

"He'd probably even be willing to let you meet some of your subjects." Chance chuckled. "And Teremin pays well, definitely better than the Enforcers. Could probably even wrangle education benefits out of him, if you wanted to go to college while working for him."

"I definitely want to go back to school. Even if I don't get anything more than a brush up of what I already know into Kat terms. I need to work on reading first though.

"I'm sure we'll be able to arrange for all of that," Jake smiled. "Well, at least we know who one of us'll probably be working for now."

"Yeah, and who'll probably have the most fun at work." Chance smirked.

"Writing on deadline isn't nearly as fun as it is to read." Ebon retorted with a rueful chuckle.

"Yeah, but imagine all the hunks you'd have to set scenes with," Jake smirked.

"And given some of the stuff Spartacus produces, you can just let your imagination run wild." Chance grinned.

"Oh?" He rumbled with a daring grin. "Now that is an impressive claim."

"And a dangerous one to see come true, but I think it'd be fun," Jake grinned as Ebon licked his whiskers eagerly.

"Well, I haven't seen the entire collection but they don't seem to shy away from anything." Chance smirked.

"Have you seen a script?" He asked seriously. "I don't usually write that way, but I can translate easily enough. Seeing some of the more extreme ones would be useful to. I want to go with something they'd actually like."

"I'm sure I can get one easy enough." Chance smiled. "I know they're big on having decent plots. They prefer leaving gratuitous smut to the other studios. With the exception of some of the extreme kink stuff that they produce because no one else is producing that kind of gratuitous smut."

"Sounds very interesting." Ebon purred. "I'm serious about watching, though. I want to get a feel for what they're like."

"If the tabby doesn't mind breaking out some of his collection, we can probably arrange for that after breakfast," Jake rumbled. "Just have to focus on watching, instead of playing along."

"Just play with each other, while I watch." Ebon smirked.

Chance grinned. "I've even got a new one, that Jake hasn't seen yet."

"You've been holding out on me," Jake pouted playfully, though he couldn't hold it long before he started laughing.

"How far into the fantasy/ sci-fi realm is it?" Ebon purred hotly.

"I haven't watched it either, it was a gift from Teremin." Chance smirked. "But it looks like it's in the fantasy realm."


"We're definitely going to be watching that soon," Jake smirked.

"After breakfast?" Chance suggested with a smile.

"I'm definitely game." Ebon grinned. "And done."

"So as soon as the bottomless pit's finished, we can go watch," Jake smirked with a glance at Chance.

Chance deliberately shoveled the last quarter of a waffle and washed it down with milk. "I'm finished." He grinned. "I'll get the video from my room." He smiled as he disappeared upstairs.

Forced Relocation 9.99: The Fate of SWAT

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Written August 3, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response, Pets

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Chance Furlong/Ebon Black, Jake Clawson/Ebon Black, Chance Furlong/Ulysses Feral

Blurb: The guys discuss what to do with their competing offers for the SWAT Kat's future, and Ebon's new pet brings him some comfort in the familiar.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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