Forced Relocation 9.99:
Rebellious Spirit

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M sex
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

The intent behind Ebon's touch in the shower room of the hanger was unmistakable as he helped Jake wash off the sweat of a workout while Chance was out for the evening.

"Well, you're in a good mood," Jake purred, enjoying the attention.

"You and Chance are good at putting me there," he rumbled in the cinnamon tom's ear as he rolled Jake's balls in one hand.

"Mmm - you're a good part of that," he rumbled, reaching back to rub the black tom's hips.

"You like what I did last time?" Ebon whispered lustfully as his hand moved up to brush along Jake's sheath.

"Very much," Jake rumbled, rocking his hips back against Ebon's, his hands working back to the black tom's ass.

"Good," he purred, grazing his teeth along the back of Jake's neck and returned the rubbing of hips. "It has it's appeal, as do you."

"Good to know you approve," Jake purred, his tail teasing Ebon's balls and sheath between them.

"You are such a turn-on," Ebon whispered lustfully. "So unabashedly sexy and wanton."

"Learned from a couple of masters," Jake purred just as lustily. "Care to see just how well I've been studying?"

"Oh, definitely." Ebon grinned from behind him.

"Want to take me in here again, or take us to the bed instead?"

"I was thinking of the weight room bench, actually." He chuckled and cupped Jake's balls again.

"Mmm, keep doing that and I think I'd let you take me in the parking lot," Jake purred. "Suppose we should finish getting cleaned up, then, huh?"

"All the more time for you to show off that sexy body, and get me riled up to take you hard."

"Well, if you're looking for a show," Jake purred, trailing his tail between the globes of Ebon's ass and over his balls, "maybe you should back up enough to watch it?"

Ebon chuckled and backed away a couple steps, and right into the heavy, hot spray of water from one of the many showerheads drenching the tiled room.

Jake took the shampoo, and slowly washed his front and sides, displaying his body to best advantage the same way he'd showed off for Chance before. He took a particularly long time with his groin, fondling himself as he watched Ebon's increasing arousal and focus before slowly approaching the black tom.

"You wash my back, I'll wash yours," he purred suggestively, turning and flipping his tail off to the side, displaying his ass to his lover.

"I have a better idea," Ebon's two-tone eyes glittered with lust and determination as he gently caught Jake's wrists to guide the slightly shorter tom to the restraints hanging on the wall.

"Thought you were going to wait for the weight room," Jake rumbled as he let himself be taken to the restraints, putting his hands in place almost before Ebon moved them there himself.

"When we're done in here," he promised as he ran his hands possessively down Jake's body to cup the cinnamon balls in his hand and claiming a kiss that very gradually intensified until Jake's mouth was just as possessed as his groin, leaving him willingly submissive and compliant as he closed his eyes and pressed his body against Ebon's.

As he broke their kiss Ebon moved his mouth down to possess the vulnerable throat, his teeth threatening but never injuring. Jake held perfectly still as Ebon's teeth grazed his throat, making a mental note to check on why the black tom seemed to enjoy it as much as he did later as the teeth, and tongue, moved down to his collarbone and chest with special attention to the hard nubs of bare skin.

Jake gasped slightly, then purred at the attention as he let out a soft moan, his shaft hardening in Ebon's hand as the black tom continued to move down his body. With only a slight pause, Jake felt the rough tongue of his lover tease at the smooth tip of his cock as Ebon's hand continued to roll his balls around.

"Oh, gods Ebon," Jake moaned, almost as surprised by this as he was the first time Ebon wanted to mount him. The response was silent, but unquestionable, as that tongue slid down, smoothing barb hairs down before trailing back up the hot length of flesh, catching the sensitive hairs in the roughness of his tongue.

Several licks later, Jake felt the familiar hot wetness of a mouth close around him, though it was a very tentative contact that didn't go very far down.

"That's good, Ebon," Jake said between heavy breaths, focusing on not thrusting forward, and keeping his mind enough on what was happening to be able to speak. It was enough for his lover through, and Ebon took a little more into his mouth before bringing his head up a bit, and back down.

"Mmmm, yes," Jake moaned, tugging at the restraints slightly, though not really wanting to get out as Ebon grew a little more sure of himself as he continued. Through the pleasure and attention though, Jake could feel that his lover was more focused on himself, and the internal battle there, than on exactly what he was doing with the cock he was licking and sucking in his mouth.

"You're doing fine, Ebon," Jake said, trying to help the black tom through his struggle. "You'll be fine."

Ebon began to purr slightly, adding vibration to the attention to the top half of Jake's cock for several moments before be stood, the hot, pulsing flesh slipping from his mouth as he did so. "Here, or on the bench?" He rumbled softly against Jake's ear.

"You have no idea how much I hate you right now," Jake half-growled, half-groaned, though it was obvious he didn't mean a word of it.

"You can always pass on the choice," the black tom purred as his fingers played up the twitching flesh.

"Anywhere you want," Jake said after a sharp breath, managing to chuckle slightly. "Just fuck me, will you?"

"That I can do," Ebon chuckled and slipped the rest of the way behind the cinnamon tom, though his hand never left Jake's groin as the other steadied Jake's hips for him to press forward, sinking into the willing ass with much more ease than the first time, though it was still clearly a sensory shock.

"Oh yeah," Jake groaned, tightening his ass around the rigid length inside of his while his cock twitched in Ebon's hand.

"Tell me if I'm too rough," Ebon rumbled in Jake's ear as he leaned back against the shower walled and moved both hands to Jake's hips to sandwich himself between the two hard surfaces and closed his jaws around the ruff of Jake's neck.

"I will," Jake promised, pressing himself back against the lean body behind him as he was taken in the full sense of the word, the black tom behind him hard and hungry as their balls slapped together with each thrust. The cinnamon tom tightening around the cock inside of him every time it drew out as his cock throbbed and bobbed in the shower's spray.

Behind him, aggressively lustful and using his full strength to pound into the hot tightness before him, Ebon rumbled and growled as he let go in a way he hadn't dared to in years. With sharp teeth tight in Jake's scruff and his hands holding what little movement his bound lover had available in check, the black tom shuddered as he felt his body tightened in response to his pleasure.

Jake gave a slightly strangled cry of pleasure as his balls started to tighten, the feeling of helplessness before his lover adding to the already intense pleasure of the shaft ramming into him. Without warning Ebon roared through locked jaws and thrust forward hard as his hands pulled his lover back hard, loosing himself in the overwhelming pleasure of his orgasm.

That was all it took to push Jake over the edge, drawing another moan out of him as his balls emptied themselves into the hot spray of the showers, quickly being washed away as his ass milked more moans and grunts from Ebon, coating the cinnamon tom's insides with hot seed.

With Ebon's heavy breath hot against his neck Jake felt the black tom begin to thrust again with more force, but less desperation.

"Ebon," Jake managed to croak out as the black tom's shaft plowed into him again. "Time out, okay?"

The black tome took a second to process the request, then complied as his body stilled and he let go of the scruff in his jaws to nuzzle his lover.

"Sorry," Jake said apologetically as he brushed his tail along Ebon's body. "Need a bit of a breather first."

"Okay," he nuzzled the bound Kat.

"I thought Chance was the only one with that sort of stamina," Jake chuckled after a few moments, pressing back against Ebon as he did so, drawing a low rumble and thrust in return.

"Only sometimes," Ebon rumbled as he picked up the pace again and found Jake's scruff with his jaws almost blindly.

"Mmm - either I'm gonna have to learn to keep up, or you two are gonna kill me," Jake said with a slightly strained chuckle, before Ebon's renewed attentions started drawing deep moans from him again.

"Jake," Ebon nuzzled his lover as he held the cinnamon tom against his chest in the huge master bed, "have you guys decided what you're going to do yet?"

"Looks like we'll probably be going back to Feral," Jake murmured, nuzzling the black tom's chest. "Kind of strange, putting seven years of fighting behind because he didn't know who we were."

"But you haven't really chosen yet," he murmured, holding Jake close as the early afternoon breeze came through the open window. "Haven't told either of them."

"Like I said," Jake said softly. "Putting seven years of fighting behind because he didn't know who we were. And being kicked out here to scrounge for parts because he broke up with Chance. It's all little things, really. Probably should call Callie and give her the decision soon, though."

"Maybe after Chance gets home." Ebon suggested. "Make sure you're both playing the same plan."

"Of course," Jake chuckled. "If he's having second thoughts, it'd be a very bad idea to have already made the choice. He wants this, though - and there are less reasons to turn Feral down than there are to accept, honestly."

"Doesn't make it any less disturbing to think about, though." He said softly. "I guess I picked up a real distrust of him."

"Only one of us that didn't have a reason to was Chance - or maybe he had less of a reason to, in a way," Jake mused. "But I've never known Feral to break his word, everything else aside. That much I have to give him."

"Or he's just smart enough not to get caught by anyone that'll tell."

"Then he's good enough at covering his tracks to convince Chance," Jake pointed out. "That tabby doesn't trust easily, unless he has a reason to."

"You're probably right," Ebon sighed. "Trust doesn't come back easily to me, I guess that hasn't changed."

"Doesn't come back easily to most people - but if Chance thinks he can be that loyal to Feral again, I'll trust Chance."

"And I'll work on it," Ebon consented. "But it's not ... you trust Chance on a level I don't, maybe can't. Nothing against him, but partners like you two is something very special."

"It's hard to explain, but harder to do," Jake nodded. "The problem is, I trust Chance - doesn't necessarily mean I trust Feral."

"You just trust Chance's judgment, and that means not hating Feral anymore."

"Yeah," Jake nodded. "Given time I could trust him again, but there's a black mark there that it'll take a lot to erase. Like Chance said when he first came back, the offer's almost too good to be true."

"At least by taking his first, if he does turn on you, you can probably go to Callie. She does rank him."

"There is that," Jake agreed. "Don't like the idea of going into something like this already planning for it to fail, but there is that."

"It's not planning for it to fail, Jake." Ebon said seriously. "Just like the ejection seats in your jet, it's a contingency for when shit happens."

"Well, we'll make sure Chance still wants to go back later, then let Callie know. Let Feral know after that."

"And hope we made the right choice till we're sure of it."

"Well, at least that's out of the way, sort of," Jake said softly. "Mind if I ask a question?"

"Nope," Ebon nuzzled him.

"Kind of wondering why you like using your teeth so much when we're together," Jake asked gently. "Not that I don't like it, just not something I'm that used to."

"Ummm, cause I like it," he looked at Jake a little hopelessly. "I like how it feels."

"No problem," Jake smiled. "Just wondering if you thought I was expecting it."

"I wasn't thinking that far," he chuckled sheepishly. "Side's, Chance doesn't."

"Ebon, if you lived around here without being at least a little kinky, you'd be strange," Jake smirked. "Just means I can't be as loud as usual, that's all."

"Your scruff's attached to your voice?" He shifted to look down at the lean tom.

"Not literally, but if it's pulled tight, then your voice doesn't work quite a well," Jake said, demonstrating the result playfully with his own voice.

"Oh, I guess that makes sense," Ebon nodded. "I like the feel more than the noise, anyway."

"No problem, then," Jake smirked. "Maybe there's a bit of a dom in you somewhere."

"Always has been," he rumbled and pushed Jake to his back with a growl, though he looked significantly less sure of himself once on top.

"It suits you," Jake rumbled. "It's okay, Ebon - you're fine."

"Never got to actually play like this ..." he said hesitantly, a flicker of very old pain in his eyes for a moment before it sank back into the back of his mind.

"Something from before you were brought here," Jake asked gently.

"My ... mate didn't find it appealing." He said softly, settling on top of Jake. "Liked to laugh about it."

"I'm sorry," Jake said sincerely, nuzzling the black tom on top of him. "We won't, though."

"I've noticed," he nuzzled the cinnamon tom. "It still amounts to a drive, and no real clue what to do with it."

"As in what to do," Jake asked quietly, "or whether or act on it, or stick to writing it?"

"What to do."

"Well, there's a limited number of ways to learn," Jake pointed out. "If you want to experiment, I'm willing to let you know before you go too far with something."

"It's not that ... exactly." Ebon tried to work out just what the hell he actually mean. "It's ... embarrassing when I think."

"Ebon, I think we've all been through worse embarrassment since you got here than anything that could come up now," Jake smirked.

"That's embarrassment that came after," he tried to explain. "I get stuck when I think first."

"Oh," Jake said, finally realizing what the black tom meant. "Ebon, there's nothing wrong with that. A lot of people get stuck when they stop and think about what they're doing - I think it's half the reason for foreplay. And you're not used to being a dom - when you're more comfortable with it, you'll probably stop thinking about it as much."

"Like when I had you in the shower," he rumbled in excitement at the memory of it. "Fantasies I've had so many times I don't have to think about anything to get through it."

"That could explain how you managed three rounds before you quit," Jake purred, nuzzling the lean tom. "Give it long enough, and you'll be doing just fine."

"I'm actually starting to believe that," he murmured softly and leaned down to kiss the cinnamon tom under him softly.

"Good," Jake smirked when their mouths parted. "Because we won't let it turn out any other way."

"Are you this good to all the lost souls you come across?" Ebon chuckled, half serious.

"Haven't come across that many who weren't interested in blowing up large portions of populated areas," Jake replied, rolling his eyes. "But we'd be willing to provide the room and board, at least, until they were on their own - you're getting somewhat special treatment," he winked. "And for good reason, too."

"Oh?" The black tom purred back, carefully hiding the less than pleasant responses to the statement.

"We like you, Ebon - you're a good kat, and you needed a few extra breaks. It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that you're sleeping with us," Jake added, realizing what it might have sounded like. "You deserve the extra help."

"Just because I'm one of the off-worlders that wasn't trying to blow things up?" He asked softly, trying to work out something in his head. "Or something else?"

"I'm not sure," Jake said softly. "Maybe it's trying to make up a little for what you've gone through - we've had people come here because their ship was hijacked, because they crashed, for a lot of reasons. Most of them, though, had some way to get back if they wanted to, even if it would take parts that hadn't quite been invented yet. And none of them that I've known of have gone through as much as you have."

"Well, I appreciate the extras," Ebon nuzzled him, "and the relaxed playmates. You've done a lot to help me, just putting up with the mood swings."

"Mood swings we can handle," Jake smiled, returning the nuzzle. "Besides, you're doing a lot better since Brat showed up."

"She makes ... she can calm everything." He smiled at the memories. "My mind just goes smooth, like a ripple from her touch that leaves everything smooth in it's wake. Feels so good."

"Sounds like you found a soul-mate," Jake smiled softly.

"Maybe," Ebon murmured. "Maybe it's a cat thing. I've had that effect with other cats, my Dragon had the strongest effect, and some not at all." He settled on top of Jake, closing his eyes to bask in the wash of pleasurable memories.

Jake hugged the lean black tom, and glanced over to where the calico was sleeping on Ebon's pillow. "Glad you found her, all the same," he said softly.

"Me too," Ebon purred softly, his body and mind relaxing more than Jake could remember. "Thank you for letting her stay and caring for her too."

"Well, it looks like you'll be staying here for awhile longer at least," Jake purred. "Might as well be home while you're here."

"Feels more like home than where I was living." He shivered in pleasure.

"That's good to hear, Ebon," Jake said softly. "Definitely good to hear."

Forced Relocation 9.99: Rebellious Spirit

NC-17 for M/M sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

20 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written August 4, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response, Dom/Sub play, Rape Recovery, Relationship (Established), Romance, Sex (BDSM)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Ebon Black

Blurb: Enjoying the shower to themselves, Ebon is encouraged into indulging a long-time kink of his to the fullest.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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