Forced Relocation 9.99:
Offerings from Spartacus

by Fur and Fantasy
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"Ebon, this is Terry Blackmane with Spartacus." Chance said easily. "Terry, this is Ebon Black."

"A pleasure, Ebon." The athletic gray and black tom smiled and extended a friendly hand which Ebon shook. "Chance says you've got something you'd like to show me."

"A few preliminary scripts," he nodded and handed over three black notebooks with clean computer printouts in the format of the examples he'd gotten.

"Pretty good for two weeks." Terry said as he sat down, and started reading through the scripts. "So you're actually from another world?" He asked conversationally.

"Yes," Ebon nodded slightly, much more relaxed than he expected to be given this was an interview for a very good job.

"Very cool." Terry smiled. "And this is very good for preliminary work. You've either led a very interesting life, or have one hell of an imagination, or both."

"That you," he smiled back. "It's mostly imagination."

"So how involved did you want to be with production? Some writers aren't interested at all, and others like to be on the set, and have creative input all through the process." Terry asked easily.

Ebon paused to really think about it. "Most of them, I'd like to see it through. I do know I can get overly possessive of my work when given authority, though."

"Well, authority is limited, but we do like to keep the original creative impulse involved if he or she is interested." He smiled, and looked through the scripts in more detail. "You were human originally, right?" He asked curiously.

That made the black tom blink and shoot a look at Chance. "Yeah."

"Never told him, honestly I'd forgotten what you were before." Chance shook his head.

"I see things, especially when it comes to people. And I've known a human or two so I know what one looks like. Reason I ask, is that some of them mention something called anime, specifically tentacle-porn. Ever heard of it?" He asked curiously.

"Heard plenty, seen some," he nodded. "Not my kink, but on a good day I can see it."

"Well, if you ever get an idea for live-action tentacle-porn you'd like to write, let me know. I've got a few actors for that kind of role." He smiled. "You just strike me as having the right imagination for it."

"Never met the subject I wouldn't tackle at least once." Ebon nodded. "I can write it easily enough, it's just not the kind of film I care enough about to watch it filmed."

"Oh, don't feel pressured." Terry smiled. "Just thought I'd offer it in case it was something that really interested you. I think there'll be enough other things for you to work with. I see a definite interest in odd pattern felines. Oh, just in case you were curious, we don't have any rules concerning writers getting involved with actors."

"Okay," he nodded, clearly not have actually thought of that.

"Of these preliminary scripts, which one would you like to work on first?" Terry asked easily. "To be honest, I happen to like all three."

Ebon ducked his head slightly and smiled. "Honor Guard has the most imagery I like."

"That has a nice feel, and we do need to broaden our fantasy offerings." The gray tom smiled. "But first, did you have any questions?"

"What are the insurance and education benefits?"

"Full medical, dental and vision. And if you come down with anything really serious, you have free access to Haven Medical Center, which is the premier medical facility on this coast." He smiled. "Education is provided for as long as you're working for us. Given you're a writer, it shouldn't be hard to work in full-time classes around your work." He smiled. "Any particular area of study you're interested in?"

"Right now, catching up on the basic courses I didn't get in high school," he blushed slightly, "and seeing what is actually interesting now."

"Not a problem." Terry smiled. "Its not like there's a limit on the number of courses."

"Just a practical one," he chuckled softly. "I like having a life, and sleep."

"I strongly recommend both." Terry grinned. "Tired minds may come up with bizarre ideas, but they're often not terribly coherent. And besides, having a life is the important point, as I keep reminding a certain tabby." He chuckled and looked at Chance who ducked his head.

"Jake and I do our best to keep him distracted," Ebon smirked playfully. "Though I think he was disappointed that I don't take play breaks when I'm writing a scene."

Terry chuckled. "I imagine so. So I don't suppose you see a tabby anywhere in the one you're going to do first." He grinned. "Been trying to get him on screen for years."

"Now just why wouldn't a handsome showoff like you refuse screen time?" Ebon turned playful eyes on Chance.

"'Cause my performing isn't something Jake really knows about." He said quietly.

"Oh," Ebon chilled instantly. "Just for money?" He asked quietly.

"At first." Chance said quietly. "Then I found I enjoyed the attention. I like being in the spotlight, with people wanting my attentions." He rumbled. "After we got booted from the Enforcers, I missed having people pay attention to what I did. I was used to being the showoff they couldn't ignore ...junkyard kat was just too anonymous."

"And the other isn't people talking about Chance Furlong." Terry said quietly.

"Are you ashamed of it?" Ebon cocked his head.

"No, not really." He shrugged. "Just don't know what Jake would think of it. Lot of Kats don't think very highly of it."

"Rather antiquated senses of propriety." Terry shook his head.

"I'd take an educated guess he wouldn't care," Ebon said softly. "He was pretty thrilled with that story about the three of us, and that went public."

"Hmm. What story?" Chance asked curiously.

"Ways and Means." He chuckled softly. "He was supposed to give it to you when he finished reading, and translating."

"I guess he hasn't finished with it." Chance smiled softly.

"Probably has to keep cleaning the spooge off the pages." Ebon smirked.

"That good, huh?" Chance smirked.

"So you ever consider getting published too?" Terry grinned.

"Not seriously," Ebon shook his head. "Back home there's no real market for what I write, and I like to keep a hobby clear of my livelihood."

"Not a bad idea." Terry nodded.

"It doesn't pay well either, at least what I'm used to." Ebon added quietly. "If I'm going to do something for nearly free, it's not going to be on the kind of terms publishers demanded."

"Sounds like you're used to a much different market." Terry nodded. "Still, you should be careful to protect your copyrights, in case you change your mind, or decide you want to get some of your stories filmed."

You've got a two of them there," Ebon nodded to the scripts. "I translated a couple short stories to scrip format, the third was actually written like that."

"You're very talented." Terry smiled. "But that's not entirely surprising considering the company you keep."

"Thank you," he blushed slightly under black fur. "The hardest part is wrapping the story up."

"A problem I've had in my few tries at writing." He smiled. "I'm beginning to think I've invented the run-on novel."

"Nah, it's a problem a lot of folks have. Just not many that think of writing professionally."

"No, folks trying to be 'professional', tend to be too terse, too dry." Terry chuckled. "Like they can't decide if they're writing a sex scene, or a chapter in a college physics book."

"Or trying to keep it rated R, and not making it." Ebon rolled his eyes. "Teasing like that isn't fair."

"Agreed. If you're going to write a sex scene, be honest about it." Terry smiled.

"And if you can't, don't come that close to one."

"At least in this industry." Terry smiled. "There are perfectly legitimate story reasons in mainstream film to come close to a sex scene without actually doing it fully."

"I was talking in general, what's shared for free." Ebon shook his head. "Like you shouldn't write a horror or mystery if you don't love the feel of them."

"Well, even in free writing you can have sex just at the edge of things." He smiled. "Sometimes what you imply is as powerful as what you show, unless of course you're writing pure smut in which case you do kind of need to have the sex on screen."

"Now I know we're talking about two different things," Ebon chuckled softly. "There's an art to the cutting it close fade to black. Those who aren't good at it can make things worse cutting it too close, or choosing the wrong moment to cut."

"Or not cutting close enough, and leaving it doubtful as to whether sex was going to happen at all. I knew one writer who insisted that you couldn't cut properly, except after penetration had occurred." He smirked. "Nothing worse than formulaic writing."

"Or more frustrating to realizing you've falling into it without noticing." The black tom made a face. "A good hint you're writing something too much."

"I've yet to write enough to have that problem." Terry chuckled. "But we've found that swapping people around on subject matter often helps."

"There's still only so many ways to put a worthy spin on a sex scene, when the character is stubbornly vanilla or similarly focused, and something of a sex addict," he rolled his eyes. "Muses can be a real pain."

"So I've heard." Terry chuckled. "I've never actually had one, so I don't know. Stubbornly vanilla would get kind of repetitive after a while."

"So how do you write?" He cocked his head, an intensely focused curiosity in those two-tone eyes.

"Just do. Most folks don't have Muses." He smiled. "They just write. You don't tend to be quite as focused on one character that way, keeps the piece more balanced."

"I guess so," he nodded, clearly not exactly happy with the answer but willing to accept that was how things are. "Are those too focused?"

"No, not at all." Terry smiled. "But then some people are better at Muse writing than others."

"Multiple character Muses help," Ebon smiled shyly. "It's hard to get too wrapped up with one when there are six others demanding their side gets told."

"That would do the trick." Terry chuckled. "Too many muse writers just have one per story."

"I never got that lucky for long," he shook his head. "It's even more effective when you can find a couple other character muse writers you mesh with." Ebon smiled softly, though there was real sadness in him too. "That was fun, if frustrating."

"I can imagine." He smiled. "Joint creation is often fun, even if it does easily get out of hand."

"If it was ever in control," he smirked with a real chuckle. "In that environment, I writers aren't in nearly as much control as most would like."

"So I've heard." He chuckled. "I believe I've heard comments about Muses inflicting stories on their writers."

"Stories, nightmares, the really insidious ones breed." Ebon chuckled in good humor, though he was quite serious. "The wrong kind of Muse can turn into forty faster than you can imagine."

"That would explain the complaints I get from some writers." Terry chuckled.

"Would also explain that pile of SWAT Kat sex fantasy film ideas you showed me." Chance chuckled.

"Amazing how that pair seems to inspire people." Terry chuckled, with a wink at Chance. "Though I think it has something to do with the tight outfits."

"And the good looks, blatant sex drive and hero status," Ebon added with a smirk. "I've got a good chunk to add to that pile."

"Well, if we can just get them on screen." Terry chuckled. "Actually, I've been thinking more along the lines of using actors to confuse the issue of who they really are. It's amazing how people will confuse film and reality."

"How's computer graphics coming on this world?" Ebon cocked his head, suddenly curious.

"Quite well, especially when you combine them with the advances in holography." Terry nodded. "Complicates things for law enforcement, because the phrase 'photos do not lie' isn't really true anymore."

"Why not use that?" He asked. "The model can be pushed just to the edge of not looking like the guys in real life, while staying true to what shows in uniform."

"An interesting idea." Terry smiled. "I think it's been considered, mostly we haven't done it cause I wasn't going to exploit the guys like the rest of the entertainment industry does."

"I really should tell Jake that you figured us out." Chance said quietly.

"Would you rather I tell him?" Ebon offered quietly.

"If you don't mind." Chance nodded gratefully. "I got enough to tell him."

"I don't mind at all," he smiled at the tabby.

"Well, if you're definitely interested, I can bring the paperwork by in a couple days. I should know which of the actors you seem to like are currently available by then." Terry said easily.

"Umm, sure," Ebon nodded. "Yes, I'm definitely interested."

"Okay, I'll stop by in couple days then." Terry smiled. "I think this is going to be fun. You've got some very interesting ideas."

"Thank you," the black tom grinned slightly as he stood and extended his hand. "Thank you for giving them a look."

"My pleasure, Ebon." Terry said as he shook he tom's hand. "It's always good to meet another artist."

"There's never enough of us around," he nodded and stepped back slightly. "I'll see you in a couple days, then, baring reality interfering?"

"Assuming no major crises, yes." He smiled. "Hopefully reality will behave."

"That may be a first here," the black tom chuckled and glanced at Chance to see if the tabby was ready to leave.

"Come on, Ebon." Chance chuckled. "Let's tell Jake the good news."

Forced Relocation 9.99: Offerings from Spartacus

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15 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written August 7, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka, Todd McCall and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Challenge Response

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Chance Furlong, Chance Furlong/Ebon Black, Jake Clawson/Ebon Black

Blurb: Ebon has as interview with the head of Spartacus Entertainment, and it goes quite well.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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