From The Touch of All
by Fur and Fantasy
G for Gen
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The Bards
First on the sene
Careful with their gifts
Liked me well at birth
And touched my heart
With ryme and word
Eternity to be preserved.

The Gods of Good
Much freer with their power
Cradled my soul at birth
And soothed me
Telling me everything
Would be all right
No matter how strange
This world was
You will always preservier.

The Gods of Evil
Late in coming
Spoke to my mind
My soul taken
My heart gifted
They took what they could get
From their words
For they knew the Bards' Gift
They fasioned a song
One my heart would listen too
And couter the soul
A song of darkness and hate
A world destroied
"None are your friend
They are out to hurt you."
The song repeated
Again and again
Untill it was belived
And to this song
They gave a gift
Of clear thought
And starp wits
Forming a fitting mind
For a prize minon
Of eternities' kind.

From this begining
A mix of all
Heart of the Bard
Soul of Good
Mind of Evil
A match dested for self-destruction
But that was not to be
For the Bard's Heart
Gave another way
Make a song
Sing it well
Find the balance
Given there
So I did
And I live
But beware, Humans
I do not leave my evil
For it is part of me
So do not challenge me
Least I let it loose
In full fury.

From The Touch of All

G for Gen

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Written October 21, 1992 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

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