Full Moon 2:
Heirs and Ways

by Fur and Fantasy
G for Gen
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Listen children,
And I will tell,
of Her last visit.
It was to the sleepy town
of Little Hill.
In the words of a survivor,
She always leaves one,
To pass on the story
And show her to new blood.

This visit is important,
An unusual one.
The Queen chose an heir
And stole her away.

Crystal sphere of darkening night
Reflecting lost, shadowy light.
Three rainbow rings
        'bout the only light in the sky.
Three rainbow rings
        Warn of the evil about this night.

A frightened farmer
Knows the sign
Seeks to save a few

His sweating horse whipped faster
Spurred by pain and riders' fear
It pounds down Main Street
Sharp hooves heralding death.

"Ring the bells!"
"Wake the town!"
"God save us all!"
"She is out tonight!"
He cries

A small town hears and reacts
Closing doors and shutters
Locking them tight
Lighting every candle and lamp
Waiting fearfully
Praying to God for mercy and daylight.

Dark Queen.
Beast Queen.
Mistress of the Night.
Lord of all
That walks beyond the sun's light.

She is the One
        The legends speak of
She is the One
        The Fates destined
'Hunter of her own.'
'Killer in the night.'

She pads among her pray,
Soft and sleek,
Cloaked in shadow,
Dressed in light.

Down dark Main Street
She walks
As if in a trance.
At each house
She terns and looks
As if asking a higher power
"This one first?"

A warm, soft wind rustles the leaves
It makes the only sound
Other than the Courthouse Clock
Striking twelve.

Soft wind dies
Roars angry
Pounds on windows
Demanding in
Demanding access for its' Queen
Demanding the lights be killed.

Then Stops.

Dead Silence.

A light goes out
A terrified shriek
Cut off.

Across the street
A mother screams
For her child
In the arms of the Dark Queen

Rifle report rings out

Queen snarls in pain
        Clutches her side
        Nearly drops the babe.

Father curses
Mother lunges
Queen strikes and runs
With a babe in her arms
Leaving only a handful dead.

Blessed dawn
With the gathering light
Little Hill morns its' dead
And wonders' it's luck
If luck it be
That the Dark Queen took but a few
And a girl not even weaned.

Full Moon 2: Heirs and Ways

G for Gen

4 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written November 20, 1992 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Contents: Gen.


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