Fur, Fang and Claw
by Fur and Fantasy
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"Welcome, Mr. Dawson," Professor Charles Xavier greeted the gray haired gentleman. He was very professionally dressed in a light gray suit, complete with tie. His manner was very much reminiscent of an old fashioned butler, the kind who viewed what he did as far more than just a job.

"Thank you for seeing me, Professor Xavier." The gentleman said with deferential politeness. "I must admit, I don't know if I've come to the right person, but I've found no one else who might help."

"I am sure you have, Mr. Dawson." He said with a certainty that was from more than just self-assurance. "Please have a seat and tell me about it." He motioned to a comfortable chair across from his desk.

"Thank you." He nodded, and sat down. "I should state that I'm here only as a concerned family friend." He started, still less than happy about revealing what should be a family secret. "Six months ago, the children of my employer and good friend died in a plane crash. They were survived by their only son, Jason. I don't know how, but somehow he knew when his parents died, and it triggered a change. He can change back, but holding his human form is becoming more and more difficult, even with his medication."

That raised an eyebrow and Xavier nodded. "You have indeed come to the correct place, Mr. Dawson. There is medication that can help him control this shifting?"

"Yes, but he seems to be developing a tolerance to it. The stable period is perhaps half what it was at first." He said quietly. "But it's the only thing that's let him keep any semblance of a normal life."

"I can assure you that the Institute can assist him in that goal," Xavier's voice was soothing and sure of its words. "It is our specialty in a manner of speaking."

"I hope so." He smiled, feeling a bit reassured. "He just began classes at the local high school today. Hopefully it will go a little better than the last. He has a knack for attracting the attention of bullies, sometimes I think he enjoys knocking them down a peg or two." He said with a quiet note that indicated that perhaps the boy enjoyed it too much.

"I am familiar with the personality type," Xavier nodded with a metal smile. "He is likely to meet some of my other students today. Hopefully it will go well. If he does agree to come here, who has the authority to sign the papers?"

"He does." Dawson said simply. "He was emancipated by a provision in his parents' will."

"I see. It does simplify things to an extent, as he is the only one to convince. Do you have a picture of his human form?"

"Yes, of course." Dawson nodded, and pulled an envelope out of his suit coat pocket. Inside were two photos; the first of an athletic young man with bright green eyes and platinum blonde hair. His hair had a black streak on each side that appeared to go all the way back. He was wearing a gymnastics uniform with the words Eaton Gymnastics on it. The second photo was of a black feline anthromorph with digigrade legs and a noticeable white 'star' on his chest. The focus of the picture wasn't great, as if taken by a concealed camera.

"Thank you." The Professor said as he took the photographs in hand and concentrated.

"*Jean. I need you to pass this to the other students. Jason Merriweather is new at the high school today. He is also a mutant that needs our help.*"

"*I understand, Professor.*" She replied easily.

"A most distinctive looking young man." Xavier commented to his guest as he broke contact with his student.

"Yes, more like his grandfather than either parent." Dawson nodded. "That's actually his natural hair color."

"Is his shifting gift a known one in the family?"

"His grandfather had the gift, though I was never sure whether it was natural or caused." He said uncertainly. "There were, after all, a great many secret projects during the war."

"Most interesting," he nodded slightly. "Could his grandfather control it?"

"Yes, he could." Dawson nodded. "And had a few gifts beyond the shifting as well I believe."

"Very interesting. Any information you could provide me about him would be extremely beneficial to my assistance of his grandson. It is a most unusual situation."

"Well, I'm sure I don't know everything since much of what he did with the SAS during the war is still classified." He said simply. "But I know he had some sort of super luck, and a form of invisibility as well. Night vision and enhanced agility as well, and fully retractable claws as well, though I think those were only when shifted to either felinoid, or full cat mode."

Fur, Fang and Claw


5 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written September 9, 2004 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: X-Men: Evolution

Primary Races: Human, Mutant

Contents: Furry. Gen. Transformation, Weres

Pairings: None

Notes: A series we intended to take much further and never did.

Blurb: Xavier is approached about accepting a new student.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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