Halloween Party
by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M Sex
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"Tell me again how you talked me into this." T-Bone growled from the front seat of the TurboKat as they neared the Clawson family ranch just after dusk.

Razor couldn't help but chuckle. "I believe it went you said no, I batted my eyes and asked with a please, you growled, I knocked you on the bed, kissed you and you stopped arguing."

"Very funny."

"Ya, it was." Razor suppressed another bout of giggles. "I think that you haven't met my family and we've been mates for over four years had something to do with it too. Land by the barn, on the katshead outline."

"Did you get into the punch bowl early?" T-Bone set the TurboKat into VTOL mode and landed without a soul in sight.

"No, I'm sober." Razor just barely held back his grin. "Not planning on staying that way though. There is nothing like Aunt Mara's punch."

"Shouldn't your family be out to greet us?" T-Bone asked nervously as he cut the engines.

"Naw." Razor opened the canopy. "They'll be inside. The greetings will be there." He realized T-Bone hadn't moved as he landed with a soft thud in the dust. "Nervous?"

"Kind of."

"My family's nice and I'm hardly the first kit to be gay." Razor huffed, then smiled conspiratorially. "Come on, I know what'll relax you." He made easily leaped to the front seat and pulled T-Bone into a quick kiss as he balanced outside the frame. When his mate still refused to budge he murmured deep in his throat. "Move or I'll do you right here."

"You wouldn't."

Razor smiled at the mix of disbelief and desire in T-Bone's voice and tugged the bigger toms flightsuit's front. "Come on. I'll introduce you to someone who won't ask any questions first."

T-Bone grudgingly followed Razor down. "Who?"

"Tangrin." Razor chuckled and all but hauled T-Bone into the barn by the wrist.

"In the barn?" T-Bone demanded as he was pulled through the warm building, the air heavy with animal smells. He caught glimpses of the Clawson family legacy, the finest racehorses on the continent, if not the world. At least according to Jake.

Razor remained silent until they were more than halfway down the wide central corridor. "Yes." He purred as he twisted, nearly throwing T-Bone against one of the stable doors and pressed forward with a breathtaking kiss.

"Jake." T-Bone pulled away enough to talk. "We ..."

Razor cut him off, the musky heat of the barn bringing back waves of memories. "Did I ever tell you how hot you look like this?"

"No." T-Bone stammered, his eyes widening as Razor claimed his mouth again. "Razor. Someone ... come looking."

"They know." Razor opened the stable door with one hand and pulled T-Bone in. He was unprepared for the strength T-Bone yanked back with. "What?"

"It has fangs." T-Bone sputtered.

Razor wasn't sure what in the scene could make his partner's eyes go that wide, almost ... fearful? "She's an Equs. This is Tangrin, she won't hurt you." He wrapped one arm around the beast's neck and scratched her right ear.

T-Bone managed another step back, making it completely out of the stable without tripping in the deep hay. "Come here, Razor." He held his hand out.

"T-Bone, she's mine." Razor leaned back a little, most of the heat gone in face of this turnaround. "What is with you?"

T-Bone took a deep breath. "Just come out and let's meet your family."

"T-Bone, come in here." Razor called softly. When he didn't get a response he tried another tactic. "You'll follow me into a live volcano but not into a horses stable?"

"That is not a horse."

Razor dropped his eyes, not even trying to hide his disappointment as he walked out with a final pat to Tangrin. "Ok buddy." He brushed T-Bone's arm as he swung the stable door shut and locked it. "Come on."

"Wait." T-Bone caught Razor's arm. "What did I just miss?"

"Nothing important." Razor smiled weakly before turning to go outside. "Just a little ... fantasy of mine." He shook off all signs of his disappointment, his grin didn't even look false in the dim stables. "We're late anyway. The party should be well underway by now."

"Ah, Crud." T-Bone growled to the empty air of his partner's retreating back. He could count the number of times Jake hade asked for something on one hand and he just screwed up royally. He reached out to grab him. "Jake, come back here." He pulled the smaller kat around. "You want to do it in a stable?"

Razor nodded noncommittally, his mood completely broken.

T-Bone tried to draw him back with a soft kiss. "That's doable."

"Maybe later." Razor broke away. "Come on. Just remember that my family is very physical in their greetings. Try not to take offense, they'll try not to do anything you're not comfortable with."

"I'll be fine." T-Bone automatically assured him, not believing it could be anything that odd. 'Well, if he's planning on getting drunk it won't be hard to seduce him later. I just have to find out what exactly he wants. I really hope it doesn't involve that beast as anything more than an observer.'

T-Bone followed his partner to the huge main ranch house in silence. He took in the subtle sighs of wealth -- a large, well cared for and decorated house, the lands that had taken almost half an hour to fly over, the number of beasts and the quality of the structure they were in. He slowly assessed what his partner had never said, that Jake was accustomed to wealth and privilege. 'The Salvage Yard must be humiliating for him to live in.' T-Bone tried to ignore the icicles of fear closing in on his heart as the comparisons between Jake's family and his own continued relentlessly. 'What in the world does he see in me?'

A shifting of light from the front door focused T-Bone's attention fully on the living as a she-kat dressed as an Egyptian Queen stepped into the night to greet them. Her dark cinnamon fur, sprinkled with silver around her muzzle and wrists and lanky build marked her clearly as one of Jake's relatives. Her bearing reminded Chance of every CO he'd ever met. This was the family leader, no doubt about it.

"Greeting from The City, Mother." Razor gave a small bow to the radiant she-kat that stood several inches taller than him.

"It's been too long." She smiled at Razor, a playful grin he mirrored as they embraced, then kissed, their tongues sliding across each other for a slow moment.

Somewhere in the shock of watch his mate kiss his mother-in-law in such an intimate manner Razor's words came back to T-Bone 'very physical in their greetings.' 'No kidding, buddy. What you're doing's incest anywhere else on this planet.'

They parted without a visible cue and she turned to T-Bone with a brilliant welcoming smile and open arms. "So this is my new son."

"Yes, mother." Razor was grinning ear to ear, offering encouragement and a reassuring look to his mate.

"Umm, yes ma'am."

"Please, call me mother." She kissed T-Bone on the cheek with a small lick and inhaled deeply, then smiled again at his confusion and spoke in the softly commanding voice that broke no arguments. "We understand the cityfolk do are not as physical in their greetings as we are. Jake warned us and we will do our best to heed your wishes. You are not the first to marry into this family and we want this to feel like home to you as well."

T-Bone gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "I can adapt too ... mother." He couldn't miss the pure radiance in her approving nod as she turned back to the house. 'I guess I just passed some kind of test, and Jake seems thrilled with it, and me.'

"Please join us when you are ready." She turned and walked into the house, leaving them to follow in their own time.

T-Bone caught Razor's arm before he could follow. "What was that all about?"

"The kiss?"

"And married."

Razor shrugged. "The kissing is about tasting each other. It's just how we make sure it's the right kat when it's important to us." He hesitated a moment, then plunged on. "I do it with my siblings and a few others too, but I don't sleep with them anymore."

"That why you like tongue kissing so much?" T-Bone accepted the extra assurances gratefully, intentionally deleted the 'anymore' from the statement. There were just some things he couldn't stand to know.

Razor brush the back of his hand over T-Bone's cheek. "Yeah. Between alternate dimensions, sorcerers, mutants and robots, I like to know it's really you I'm going to bed with."

The soft admission warmed T-Bone more than any fire could as he pulled Razor into a satisfyingly deep kiss. No matter what, it felt good when his partner melted against him, letting him lead. 'I'm going to make up for earlier, whatever it takes.'

Razor smiled a little dreamily. "I should have dragged you here years ago. Now before someone comes looking for us ..."

T-Bone nodded and forcefully buried his rebounding nervousness.

The entrance room to the house was obviously designed to handle these gatherings but was still packed with gaudily dressed kats, most of them shorter than Chance. The Clawson family resemblance was incredible, and the she-kats were almost all taller than the toms, though not by that much. Greetings and names blurred in the next couple hours. Razor happily frequented the punchbowl and chattered a mile a minute with relatives. He must have done two years worth of talking that night.

Three hours after their arrival T-Bone finally caught one of Jake's sisters a little separate from the gathering near a refreshment table while Jake was busy catching up on gossip or something with a small group of Clawsons. "Patti, right?"

She glanced up and smiled. "Yes, and you'd be Chance, Jake's mate."

T-Bone nodded, not willing to being up the issue about his mask. It was Halloween. She probably assumed it was just a good costume despite Jake amused assurances that his family knew what they did for a hobby. "I was hoping you could tell me what's so special for Jake about sex in his horses' stall?"

Patti grinned a little mischievously, but sobered almost a moment latter. "As far as I figured out, it's his way of double checking his choices."

There was no other way to respond to that statement. "I don't understand."

"Has he told you about his earlier relationships?" She watched T-Bone carefully. "His mistakes?"

T-Bone shook his head. "I didn't really want to know as long as he didn't want to keep seeing them."

She nodded understanding and acceptance. "He's made some ... poor choices in lovers in the past." She paused until T-Bone nodded. "His first, Amanda, loved the Equs as much as he did. They were a good pairing. I don't know which one suggested it but they both enjoyed having Tangrin watch. She was sweet girl, a fall broke her neck after they'd been together almost a year, it nearly broke his heart." She hesitated again, gathering her thoughts and allowing for the shift in mood she knew should happen. "His second made a habit of hitting him." She wasn't disappointed at T-Bone's reaction. "When Jake finally talked him into letting Tangrin watch he decided he wanted to play rough and she decided that her rider shouldn't be taking it. So she followed her training and ripped the bastard apart after the first blow landed."

T-Bone swallowed a little at the pride Patti held in that killing, and that Jake had been abused. It now was past time to find out just how many demons Jake kept hidden. "And now he trusts Tangrin's judgment over his own?"

"She's never failed him, or us."

"Do you think ... you could introduce me to her?" T-Bone fidgeted a little. "I've never got along well with animals."

Patti smiled sympathetically. "Sure." She glanced around, spotting Razor. "Now's a good time while he's busy." She deftly snagged a bowl from the table and scooped five candy apple halves into it. "Bribing never hurts. It won't help when he's with you, but it will now. She's very nice unless you're trying to hurt Jake."

T-Bone accepted the bowl and followed her out to the barn, absently wondering if there was anything he wouldn't do for Jake and coming up blank. 'I guess this is what love is about, going beyond duty and common sense for someone.'

T-Bone didn't have any problems luring a rather drunk but still coherent Razor out to the barn five hours later when the party had started to wind down. He'd thought that was fast until he'd been informed that the family had been at this for three days solid and they'd arrived at the very end. He also didn't miss Patti's smile and encouraging nod, or that of several other siblings and Jake's mother.

"Where we going?" Razor mumbled, stumbling a little in the darkness.

"To see Tangrin."

"I thought you didn't like her."

"Patti helped introduce us, with some candy apples." T-Bone nuzzled his partners' neck. "I think we're on pretty good terms now."

Razor stopped short, almost throwing T-Bone off balance. "Maybe it's better not to. She's got a temper."

T-Bone gave him a quick kiss. "Only when someone's trying to hurt you. She's just set on protecting you. Same as me."

"You have been talking to Patti." Razor didn't resist any more as T-Bone led them into the barn and opened Tangrin's stall.

T-Bone released his partner and offered his hand for Tangrin to sniff, then a pat to the neck and he turned to Razor for the one piece of information Patti couldn't, or wouldn't, give him. "Tell me what you want, or show me." He purred. "Anything." He couldn't suppress a slightly smug smile as Jake's surprise gave way to lust. 'Never seen quite that look before.'

"Anything?" Razor's punch-fogged mind struggled to accept that this kat that looked like Chance definitely wasn't acting like him. The words and friendly stance towards Tangrin just didn't match up. He really wanted to believe. It wasn't working but ... gods this kat was gorgeous. So much like T-Bone on his best days it made him ache. 'I can lie, he knows I'm drunk. I must be. Drunk, dreaming, or both. That's it, dreaming drunk. Enjoy it while it's here.'

He kept his eyes shut tight as he slowly logged the unfamiliar environment through a thundering hangover. He was in a warm, soft bed. It was daylight but the drapes were drawn from the defused light seeping through his eyelids. He head pounded more than it had after his twenty-first birthday. Someone bigger than he lay curled up against his back with one arm draped over his bare hips. He could still smell the residue of sex on his fur.

"Morning wonderful." A tom spoke in his ear far too loud for comfort as a gentle hand danced up his body from groin to nipples.

"No need to yell." He hissed, cursing his body silently for responding to the touch. Belatedly he logged the voice, and likely the body behind him as Chance. It didn't help much as bits and pieces of the previous night slipped into his consciousness, mostly a distinct impression that he'd need to lie about whatever he did. 'I need to lie, I had sex. I cheated, great. If that's Chance, why's he happy? If it's not ...'

The other kat chuckled lightly, kissing him softly on the side of the neck. "I've really got to get you drunk more often. Last night was incredible."

'Gods, what the hell did I do with who?' Jake shuddered, groaning as a new wave of nausea rippled up from his stomach. When it settled he took as deep a breath as he dared and went fishing for details. "Too bad I don't remember what I did."

"You were not that drunk." Chance snorted, sending a moist puff of air into his ear.

"I still am." Jake tucked his tail between his legs and tried to curl into a ball. Somehow it did make him feel better, at least it was dark with his arm covering his eyes. Once a decade was definitely too often to do this to himself. "Drunk, dreaming." And what was it going to cost this time? This either wasn't Chance, he didn't have a clue what his mate had done or he was being noble about it all. He couldn't stop the shame filled tremors anymore and just whimpered, playing for someone to make the guilt stop. "What'd I do?" came out relatively well, but the last bit "with who?" he wasn't sure was audible, and he wasn't sure he wanted it to be no matter how much he needed to know.

He felt Chance shift so the bigger kat was over him, purring in his ear. "What you did, in short, was give me the most intense orgasm of my life. I thought I'd managed to return the favor with Tangrin's ... assistance." A loving hand caressed his back, pausing to kneed his butt for a moment before continuing up his exposed side. "This is more than a hangover."

Jake really didn't know how to respond to that. It was true, but did he actually do anything wrong? Chance said they were together, but he might have said that anyway. "I ... I only remember" He took a shallow breath. "a need to lie for it."


'Why the hell am I doing this?' Jake curled tighter, he voice badly muffled and forced as much of a confession out as he could. "Not with you."

"Not with me?" Chance froze, his voice was carefully measured when he continued. "Then who else were you with?"

"Don't know. Like you, but not quite."



"Where?" Chance ask calmly.

"Barn, with Tangrin."

"Jake, baby, that was me." Chance nuzzled at Jake's neck, trying to get him to uncurl. "I just wanted to make up for earlier."

'If I'm in another alternate dimension, I can live with a Chance like this one.' Jake opened his eyes warily, uncurling enough to look up at his mate. 'He look, smells and sounds right. He knows how to touch me too.' "What earlier?"

"When we first got here." Chance offered easily, continuing a bit more hesitantly when Jake didn't seem to resister the event. "I ruined your fantasy. I stopped you from confirming I'm ... good enough for you. You ... You've asked so little of me. I saw the want when I pulled away and I still couldn't..."

"You're feeling guilty?" Jake broke in, his bloodshot eyes wide.

Chance managed to meet them without flinching. "Um, yes."

"I don't friggin believe this." Jake uncurled and rolled partway on his back, running his fingers though Chance's chest-fur. "We're quite a pair, aren't we?"

"I guess." Chance glanced down at the lean, muscular body below him and felt himself start to harden. 'Four years and just looking at him can do this to me. This is not fair.' "You really don't remember last night?"

"Not much past my second dance with Martha."

"Want to give it another go?" Chance asked hopefully.

Jake groaned and rolled back onto his side, facing away from the window and tried to block the light. "Raddy tom. Can you wait until I'm not hungover?"

Chance kissed him softly with a low chuckle and nestled against Jake's back. "Of course. Go to sleep."

"J...Jake." Chance grabbed his mate's hips and desperately tried to hold him still, leaning forward to pin him again Tangrin's ribs for more support. "Stop. Shuu." He murmured in his mate's ear.

A low, angry growl eventually formed into a one-word question as Jake tried to rock, his shoulder blades rubbing against Chance's taunt nipples. "Why?"

"I want to last more than five minutes." Chance panted, surprising himself that he'd managed to string that many words together as Jake continued to squirm, trying to impale himself further.

"I don't." The low growl spoke volumes of Jake's very short temper at the moment. "Fast and hard tonight." He thoughts were interrupted abruptly as Tangrin ducked her head, each breath that ghosted over his erection sent shivers through his entire body.

Chance could swear he saw the beast smile as a large pink tongue slipped out to lick Jake, balls to tip. 'Wonder how many other secret buttons he has?'

Jake's entire body contracted and a small sob escaped his throat, but he held back and managed to growl. "Move."

'New kind of threesome.' Chance shifted his grip to rest his palms on Jake's hip-bones, pushing down as he thrust up. A sharper movement than he liked, it almost hurt as he rammed Jake's prostate but it was worth it for the shaking moans he gathered with Tangrin's licking. It was so rare for his mate to be vocal, Chance desperately wanted this to last. He ability to choose lasted about six strokes, when Tangrin extended her tongue between Jake's wide spread legs to caress his exposed shaft as he pulled out. "Noooo." Chance could only groan, his face buried in Jake's shoulder as his body took over, spilling his seed in short, hot bursts deep in his partner's body.

Jake's high-pitched scream and fluttering contractions snapped Chance's attention back to the present in time to catch his partner before he collapsed. A gentle shifting and they both rested against Tangrin's side, unwilling to break the silence, or test their new understanding.

Halloween Party

NC-17 for M/M Sex
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Medium
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

23 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written January 19, 1998 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: SWAT Kats

Primary Races: Equs, Kat

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Abuse, Admittance Story, Angst, Bestiality, Challenge Response, Incest (brother/sister), Relationship (Established), Romance, Sex (Kinky), Sex (Threesome)

Notes: I know it looks like a lot of codes, but it's mostly background stuff. The Incest and Beasiality are only if you're sensitive, Jake abuse and murder talked about, Jake's family is seriously weird.

It's really about a sweet romance and acceptance. Honest.

This was my response to the October monthly challenge on the AdultFic List -- write a story set during Halloween.

Blurb: Three years after the series ends the guys go to Jake's families Halloween Party. Chance gets more than one revelation about his mate.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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