High School Dreams 3:
Collage Surprise

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/M
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

A sharp series of knocks on my door. I swear if that's Ricky from down the hall again I'm going to do something unspeakable to his balls. Some of us have mid-terms in a few days.

"Now look ..." I'd started chewing him out before I even saw who was there and, of course, it wasn't Ricky at all. Guy looked like a messenger of some sort.

"Tydin Swala?" I nodded. I'd never gotten a delivery direct to my door since I moved into the halls. I didn't realize they did that sort of thing.

"Sign here please." I did, and then he was off, leaving me holding a small square envelope with my name typed on the outside.

The oddness of it keeps me standing there in the open door with the envelope in my hand for a moment before I shake it off and close the door, and sit at my desk to open it.

It's just a scrap of paper inside, makes you wonder why anyone would bother sending it courier at all. Well, a scrap isn't really an adequate description. It's actually a square of very white, very nice quality paper, that's been folded over once. When I open it it turns out to be embossed with the logo of the Grand Chancellor hotel, and has 'Message for you at front desk' scribbled across in a casually elegant script that probably took some kat ages of practice to perfect.

Too weird.

Kinda suspicious too, but it's not likely anyone's likely to try something in that public a place. Grand Chancellor's are high class. I only look at my books for a minute before setting the message on top of them and pulling a loose muscle shirt on to run over to the hotel to see where this led.

I feel a bit odd crossing the foyer of the Grand Chancellor in trainers and a muscle shirt, but I try not to stare back at the fancily dressed people. Meeting their gaze would probably just embarrass everyone concerned. I'm sure any given outfit here, without jewelry, is worth more money than I'll see in the next four years.

Thankfully, it's not a far to get to the front desk.

"Can I help you?" the kat behind the desk asked, his tone suggesting that there was probably very little he could do to help me.

"I understand there's a message for me," I ignore the attitude and hand him the note. "My name's Tydin Swala." The transformation is so instantaneous it's almost funny. Though I still wish I knew why all this was going on.

"One moment please Sir." He picks up the house phone and dials quickly. "Yes," he says to the person on the other end. "Mr. Swala is here. Of course. Yes Sir, at once."

He sets the phone back in it's cradle and spends a moment leafing through a file full of envelopes just like the one the note came in. "A security pass Sir," he explains as he passes it across. "Just swipe it through the lift console and it'll take you up."

"Thank you," I nod, remembering my manners even as I hide the voice in my head that's screaming 'trap' at me as I walk at a more mundane pace to the nearest visible elevator. It takes a minute to figure out which direction to swipe, thankfully I'm the only one there to see it, and security has probably seen far more interesting things than a slightly confused Cheetah in running clothes.

The lift seems to go up forever and eventually, when it does stop the doors don't open out into a corridor I was expecting. Instead it looks like an entryway. There's an umbrella sitting in the coatstand, although I don't remember it raining this week.

It takes almost everything I have not to start punching buttons until the lift takes me somewhere with people, then my nose catches a scent lingering in the lift, and much stronger in the entryway. A scent I never really expected to smell again.

"Darren?" I call out and cautiously step into the entryway.

"Now that is not fair." Oh that voice, that smooth, deep voice. I'd forgotten just how much it can get to me. "I was supposed to surprise you."

"You did, Darren, you did." I feel the tension drain out of me as I follow that siren song of my Panther's voice.

It's only a few steps out from the entryway and into a living room larger than any three rooms back at the hall put together. He's lounging there in a suit. A suit. He's got his shoes slipped of and his tie hanging around his neck in that elegantly disheveled way. I have to wonder if there is anything he can't make look impossibly good.

"That's a new look," I venture uncertainly and come closer. I can feel my eyes flutter slightly when a get a full nose full of his scent up close.

"Only in comparison to the last time we saw each other," he replies with a shrug. He hasn't been slacking off his workouts, that much is obvious. You're not meant to look that buff in a suit. I'm sure you're not.

I'm not sure he could not look buff, but still. In a suit?

"You still look incredible." I know my voice is soft, my body remembering the last time we touched, our last kiss, the way he made me feel on my birthday, his moans the first time I took him in my mouth.

"You still make me feel incredible," he replies with that devastating honest intensity. "I've missed you a lot."

I feel myself sit down on the couch without really realizing what I'm doing as I lean forward to all but lie on top of him. "I've missed you more than I thought possible, Darren."

"Is it too selfish if I say I'm glad?"

"No," I murmur as I stretch along his body and guide that beautiful face towards mine for our first kiss in months.

His body slips in against mine, his arms cradling me as though we'd never been apart. The kiss is long and slow and tender, almost as sweet as our first.

"I wasn't sure you'd still want to," he whispers softly as our lips part.

"I'm glad you still do," I breathe and nuzzle against his neck, taking in the full power of his scent with a moan as his essence floods my senses. "I'm so glad you're here."

He wraps his arms around me and holds me close against his body, just like he used to, gently rocking me back and forward until we both manage to recover some degree of control over ourselves. I am so glad he still wants me.

"How long will you be in town?" I manage to ask as we lay together, still dressed and as content as ever.

"Just a couple of days," he says softly, brushing his fingers against my cheek. "Besides, you've got mid-terms. At least, I assume you do."

"Next week," I nod with a sigh. I can't slack on them. Not even for this. "But I can find some time, even if it's just to sleep with you. I'm doing pretty good in class."

"Think you can stay here tonight?" he asks softly.

"Yes, I can manage that." I smile up at him. "My first class isn't till nine tomorrow."

"Good," he purrs softly, nuzzling at my neck. "You have no idea how good it is to have you back."

"Probably as good as it is to have you back," I shiver slightly at his touch. "Gods, I've missed you."

"Yeah," he murmured softly. "Me too, it was driving me completely round the bend. Mom said I should come over and see you."

"I'm glad she did," I smile. She probably knows, and approves. At least that it makes her son happy. "Maybe you can come by between terms, when I have nothing to do."

"I'm glad she did too," he nods, "Although it was a hell of a conversation."

"She figured it out?" I ask softly.

"Yeah. She's pretty sharp, my Mom."

"And I guess this all means she's okay with us, too." I venture with what I'm really hoping for.

"Yeah." That smile he's wearing may just have been worth all the secrecy and creeping around we had to go through to get here. "She didn't really tell me to jump into bed with you, but it was pretty obvious what she meant when she reserved this for us."

"Most mothers are happy to have their kits happy," I purr, smiling. "She's a good one too."

"And she likes you," he grins. I can't help but smile, especially when I remember how anxious the first time I met his parents.

"Good," I murmured and nuzzle him. "So what have you been up to that a suit is normal?"

"Business Management, at Dunnmore. The coursework is as boring as all fuck, but when we actually get to do stuff it's pretty cool."

"What kind of stuff do you do, besides try to keep your eyes open in class?" I purr over a soft chuckle. I can't imagine him enjoying the kind of things the business majors here do.

"All sorts of stuff, none of which you'd find even remotely interesting, I'm sure. The hands on parts are more fun though. Reminds me that it is actually worth going through the rest of it."

"Sounds like my schedule," I have to laugh. "Half the classes are beyond mindless, but the dig I get to go on this summer is going to be worth it all, from the couple I've helped with so far."

"It does sound awfully familiar," he agrees with a chuckle, and squeezes me gently in his arms.

"I think it's a collage standard. They have to teach boring, useless stuff to fill out the schedule."

"Wouldn't surprise me. At least I don't have to go far for work over the summer."

"Always a plus," I smile at him. Though I'm sure my idea of 'not far' and his are drastically different. I'm still on the same continent this summer.

"So what else have you been up to?" he asks, although my mind's less on his words than the way his fingertips run through my fur.

"Trying to get through the required classes as fast as I can, so I can have fun my last couple years with fieldwork," I murmured and snuggle against him. "Competition on the track is a hell of a lot stiffer at this level."

"I bet you're still kicking their asses though."

"Always," I smirk up. And it's true for the most part too.

"They're probably not too crushed," he chuckles softly, "Given the view from behind you."

"The one thing I miss out on, always being in front," I tease him back. And I've got a couple teammates that have a very nice view from behind, too.

"Yeah, well, as I recall you like having a guy behind you," he chuckles softly.

"But only special ones get the really good view," I purr and nuzzle him. I can't believe how much I still feel for him. I so love him.

"Just how special?"

"Very special," I murmur with another nuzzle. "A very select few."

He wraps his arms tight around me and rolls us both over, sealing his mouth against mine as we come to rest. This time the kiss has more heat, more hunger, waking something inside me besides tender emotions.

It a response I made no effort other than to encourage as my hands find the velvety fur of his back under suit jacket and shirt and our tails lash and twine together.

"Gods I've missed you. They way you feel, the way you taste."

"So have I," I feel myself rumbled and press up against him. "I'm go glad you're here." I say as I pull him down for another kiss.

"Me too," he purrs, then claims the next in a series of increasingly heated kisses. He takes my breath away. "I think I love you Tydin Swala."

Did he just say what I think he said?

"I do love you, Darren Pending." I breathe between the distractions of his mouth and body claiming me so intensely.

"It's been maddening being apart from you," he murmurs, kissing his way down my neck. "Dreaming about you, wanting you so much."

"I know, love," I moan and arch into his touch, wanting him so much. Months of burying and subverting unravel in a moment as he worked down my body passionately, saying things I've wanted him to since I first touched him.

His mouth reaches my crotch and I'm in heaven. He doesn't even attempt to swallow me, just teasing me with his lips and the tip of his tongue as I moan and squirm.

"Oh, gods, Darren."

His tongue curls around one of my balls and lifts it up though his lips. He rolls it slowly around the warm, wet vault of his mouth. "Damn but you smell good," he rumbles as he finally drops it.

I'd answer him, if I had vocal capabilities. As it stand I try to use moans and my hands show him what I mean. Just how exquisite his touch is. What he does to me.

I think he gets the message. With that sound I make as he slowly, slowly licks his way up along the solid length of my shaft he'd have to. I'm so close to cuming it's ridiculous.

I can only twist and moan and beg wordlessly as his tongue flicks across the tip of my cock, licking away the precum dribbling down the side. Oh gods, no-one else gets to me so easily. No-one. No one but him. And I love it. Sweet gods I love that he can do this to me so easily.

A wordless cry escapes me as his mouth makes it's way down the other side of my cock, his tongue following the path that dribbling precum has made. I'm going to cum, I can feel my balls drawing up, my cock twitching. I wish he'd just take me in his mouth, but at the same time I love the playfulness.

I feel the roaring scream tear from my throat as my hips buck wildly, the hot cum pumping through my cock to splash my best and abs, with no small amount of it ending up on his face. Of course that isn't obvious to me immediately, as I lie there panting. It's only when I finally look up to see what he's laughing at that I see the white ropes of my seed lying across his pristine black fur.

"Like the look," I have to grin up at him.

He grins and licks his lips, cleaning a few drops of the white liquid away from his fur. "I don't mind it myself," he chuckles softly.

I love how much he has relaxed. I just love it. Hell, I love everything about him, especially his voice and looks.

"Though now you're all messy," and completely dressed, I might add, unlike me.

"Oh like that was ever a problem for you," he chuckles, lifting himself up and throwing one leg over me to straddle my hips. He leans forward and kisses me, his lips still sticky with the reside of my cum that I eagerly lick off before moving on to clean the rest of his face and try to ignore the effect having his crotch right above mine is having. I can feel his cock inside there, the thickness and hardness of it obvious despite his pants.

I want him so much. It draws my hands to his belt to hurriedly fumble with it, my breath heavy in my own ears as I kiss and lick him with an abandon I've rarely known and relish in.

He stays still and lets me clean his face off for a few seconds but then he starts returning the treatment. Soon we're licking and laughing exchanging searing kisses in those chance moments when out lips come together. It makes it hard to concentrate, even on a task so simple as getting his belt open. I manage it though, and then I've finally got my hand in there, fingers curling around the warm, still flesh of his cock and my entire focus is there. On the warmth and weight in my hand, and in getting his lands the rest of the way off his hips.

He lifts himself up to make it a little easier, the flat black of his suit giving way to the flat black of his bare fur. "Always wanting to get into my pants, aren't you Ty?"

"And get you into mine," I rumbled hotly as my fingers pass through his thick, warm fur. "I love how you feel in me."

"Oh gods yes," he agrees, his voice dropping to a lusty purr as he works on the buttons of his shirt and I shift to my feet to get his pants the rest of the way down, having kicked my shoes off at some point. "You've got an incredible ass Ty."

"You have an incredible cock," I lick my lips and get to work getting my shirt and shorts the rest of the way off.

"I want to fuck you," he says with that blunt hunger I always guessed he picked up from those soccer meatheads. "I want to be deep, deep inside you again."

"Yesss," It still sends a shiver of anticipation through me. It hardly matters to my body that it's not his usual mixture of refined and innocent. He's promising what I want.

Just a couple more seconds and we're naked, and I'm falling back into his arms. He's got such a strong, confident touch now, and the last kiss is almost as good as sex. He hasn't forgotten the way I like to be touched, and he takes the lead, pressing my back into the bed and lowering himself down on top of me.

I know I part and raise my legs for him mostly because I feel him against my ass, but me hands and mouth focus the demands of my entire being as I draw his face against mine and open my mouth to claim and be claimed. He's so incredible, so hot and strong. I want him so bad.

His hips shift up and down, drawing that heavenly length across the fur of my rump, his tongue delves deep into my mouth, twisting against my own. One hand slides down my side, strong, possessive, the other tangled in his jacket for some reason.

Lube, a long distant corner of my mind realizes.

I'm wound up enough to tell him to just do it, not worry about prep. But my voice isn't working for more than needy moans into his mouth and the rest of me is just trying to get closer to him as he rubs against me.

Then it doesn't much matter, two slick fingers pressing at my entrance and opening me up. It might not be his cock but he's inside me again, and it's everything I ever wanted. I moan and whimper, clamping down around his fingers, trying to draw him deeper inside me as I push upwards.

Curse his restraint! How the hell does he do it? All I want is for him to bury himself deep in my warm, welcoming flesh, but he remains doggedly fixed on his objective, his fingers staying beneath the surface as they stretch me in preparation for his cock.

"Take me!" I finally manage to get the words out. As scattered as my brain is, at least I think that's what I say.

"You're mine," he whispers, that voice soft and smooth by my ear as his fingers slip away from my ass and something more satisfying comes to rest against the opening. He holds the position for just a moment then pushes into me, spreading me even wider and drawing a deep, needy moan into his mouth as we join their too.

His cock drives deep into my body, his hips setting up a deep, smooth fucking rhythm. It's incredible. My body arches up against his as the entire world contracts down to the spear of flesh sinking into my guts again and again and again.

I can't remember ever feeling so good. All I can sense anywhere is him. Over me, around me, in my ass, my mouth ... even his scent is all I can smell, his breath and movements all I can hear and feel. No one's ever contained me so completely. It's so total, so incredible; my balls start to tighten already, pressed between my cock and his when he thrusts into me.

His breath is racing, pants and deep moans escaping through his lips as restraint crumbles and he drills down into me. He fucks me, thrusting in deeper and harder with every thrust of his hips, reaching towards that burning moment of ecstasy. It's only a matter of whether I can hold off until he roars. I want to feel him come in me so bad.

I shouldn't have worried, it's only another couple of thrusts and I can feel his body bucking on top of me, driving himself in to new depths. I don't know if it's a roar or a scream or the end of the world that I hear, but I can feel the twitching of his cock inside me as he fills me up with his thick, hot seed, gods so much of it.

It's more than I can take and I feel my voice join his and my body clamp down on him, drawing his pulsing, demanding cock deeper and tighter in me as my seed spays between us, soaking our fur.

He body shudders and trembles above me, and then there's that incredible moment when it all seems to drain out of him and leaves him warm and relaxed, snuggling down on top of me. Somehow I manage to put my arms around him. I never want him to move. He's so warm as a blanket, the scent of our mating and release intoxicatingly sleep-inducing.

"I love you, Darren."

He smiles and nuzzles my cheek gently, the warm, heavy lethargy obviously effecting him too. "I bet you say that to all the boys," he purrs softly.

"No," I hear myself murmur, even as I realize I haven't said that to any male yet. "Only you, and Jaycee."

"Stay here with me tonight," he purrs, kissing me softly. "Please."

"Yes," I smile and pull him a little tighter against me.

I'd forgotten what it was like to sleep beside him, so simple and yet so wonderful, and then watch him slowly wake in the morning. Those big, liquid eyes open slowly and a smile spreads across his face as he recognizes me. It's better than a sunrise.

"Morning, handsome." I smile down at him.

"I wish I could see you every morning when I wake up," he replies softly.

"So do I," I murmur and lean forward to kiss him gently. "But it would cost one of us our future right now."

"I don't know if I can do this for three years Ty," he says, drawing me down close to him. "I want you so badly."

"We'll manage, Darren." I tell him with much more certainty than I possess. I don't even want to start trying to explain to him just what an anthropologist-archeologist does for a living.

"I guess we'll have to," he sighs softly.

"And what we have to, we will." I promise him. "Between breaks and visits, we'll just have to."

That brings a playful smile to his lips. "At least I'll be able to spoil you rotten ... even if that does just mean a big soft bed for a weekend when we can't get ourselves out of it."

"You aren't going to hear any complaints from me," I grin. I couldn't understate that more. Though even my dorm room with him in it is all I could want.

"For weekends when I don't want to be out of you," he says, his voice softer, more intense as his hands find my body.

"That is always," I murmur and explore the thick fur of his body again.

"Well can you blame me? Such a hot ass."

"Such a hot cock for me," I murmur and press close. "No one has ever made me feel like this."

He replies by sealing his mouth over mine and kissing me. We draw the experience out, deliciously relaxed and carnal, our hands playing across each other's bodies as our tongues wrap around each other. Gods how I love this kat.

High School Dreams 3: Collage Surprise

NC-17 for M/M
Het Level is None
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is High
Femslash Level is None
Herm Level is None

26 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written April 2, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Vorex

Setting: Generic Furry

Primary Races: Cheetah, Panther

Contents: Furry. Slash (M/M). Romance (Teen)

Pairings: Tyden Swyla/Darren Pending

Blurb: When Tyden is studying for midterms, he gets the surprise of his life.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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